The Legend of Love

Reviewed by: Tee Kayi

June 05, 2007

Rating: two-point-five

Deric Wan
Sonjia Kwok
Leila Tong
Stephen Au

Supposedly, a re-telling of the famous Chinese legend; a heaven weaver falls in love with a cow herder from the mortal world. Due to their different backgrounds, the two is forced to endure difficult challenges together as a couple.

[Deric Wan]
First of all I can't really get over the fact that he looks like he did when he just started acting. I watched "The Breaking Point" with my dad and he looked the same in both series; which is really incredible because The Breaking Point came out when I wasn't even born yet! Anyway, his performance was average to me. His crying scenes were some what convincing and his facial expressions did match the scenes most of the time. 4/5

[Sonjia Kwok]
I have never liked her acting; she always looks so stiff and unconvincing in all her roles. She sometimes exaggerates too much and makes the "Heaven Weaver" seem really annoying. She shed one tear when she was supposed to be weeping. I rather watch her play a villain. 2/5

[Leila Tong]
She is my favorite TVB actress, but she lacked some skills in this series. Maybe it is because it was one of her first main roles. Anyhow, her character is cute but then she turned, to be blunt, stupid. She started to annoy me a little to when she became completely manipulated by Stephen. 3.5/5

[Stephen Au]
This is the first series I've seen without him dying in the end. I liked his acting in here. His no emotional scenes, literally, were good and his evil scenes were also good. Great performance! 5/5

Positive Points:
The beginning when Sonjia and Deric just started to fall in love. Leila and Stephen's love story at the beginning and the end (the middle was kind of annoying).

Deric and Sonjia had good chemistry.

Negative Points:
The ending. I hated it! It ruined the famous legend. Why did TVB have to change it so much? I know they producers wanted a happy ending but if they choose to re-create this tale then at least have the decency to stick to the original!

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