The Legendary Ranger

Reviewed by: hkopinions

December 31, 2007

Rating: two-point-five

Leon Lai as Yuen Zhen Hap
Michelle Reis as Wong Guen
Athena Chu as Wan Choi
Catherine Hung as Lam Ling
Marco Ngai as Yuk Yat


Supernatural or sci-fi series have never really caught my eye. They just don't appeal to me as do martial arts or ancient series. In this series, Leon is a brain surgeon who tries to solve the mystery of the deaths of his patients. While performing an autopsy, Leon uncovers that the cause of his patient's death is beyond that of medical explanation. Leon meets with a beautiful model, Michelle, and falls in love. However, Leon discovers that she had killed her father and some other people. Leon finds that she is affected by the same disease and someone or something is controlling her. Catherine is a director. Leon falls in love with her only to find out that her brain has been replaced with a murderer's brain. This continues on and on, and there is no point for me to go on.

What about the cast

Unfortunately, this series failed to appeal the audience. Just the sci-fi classification alone scared many potential viewers away. Leon did an okay job for a horrible storyline. He had to fall in love with every girl he saw. Depressing huh? Leon just had no luck in this series, because all the girls who fell in love with him either ended up dead or they disappeared. Catherine and Michelle also did an okay job. Their talents are not being questioned but the storyline. Come on, brain cell transfers and murderers? Not convincing at all. Leon's weak character and horrible storyline prevented him from having any chemistry with the other cast members.

Best supporting actor

Marco Ngai

Best supporting actress

Athena Chu

Worst character portrayal

Hugo Ng

What about the ending

Depressing and a bummer. Since the series was sci-fi, I expected a good ending but it proved otherwise. Michelle couldn't be cured and she disappears. What? Huh? Now I was lost. Since all the female actresses died or left, there was no point in watching. What was TVB thinking when they made this series? The cast was so strong but the storyline was so weak. Sadly, this series became a series that I regretted watching.

Watch it or forget it

Definitely money should not be wasted. Too bad, this series just gave the cast a bad reputation. Catch some of them in their other series/movies.

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