The Link

Reviewed by: hkopinions

March 08, 2008

Rating: four-point-five

Eddie Kwan as Lam Ka Wai
David Siu as Ah Chun
Gigi Lai as Ah Kei
Amy Kwok as Lam Zhi Shan
Ada Choi as Chai Suet Yee
Lam Ka Wah as Lam Ka Dat
Lam Kei Yun as Ah Hing


"The Link" is a series about the Lam family--the struggles within themselves and their struggles with the rest of the world. The Lam family has four children: Lam Ka Wah, Eddie Kwan, Amy Kwok, and Lily Chung. Ada Choi is the villain in this series. Wow! This is very rare but she did a great job. She has an affair with Lam Ka Wah and destroys the Lam family from within. Overall the series contains many smaller stories about each of the members of the family.

What about the story

If you don't want to know what happens in this series, please refrain from reading this section. Here are some key events in the series.

Eddie and Gigi get married but the Lam family despises her, forcing the two to move out and start their own trucking company.

Lam Ka Wah has an affair with Ada causing her to get pregnant, and this leads to a divorce between Lam Ka Wah and Lam Kei Yun.

David and Amy also get married but they get a divorce after some family problems.

Amy is pregnant but her baby dies because of David; she decides to become a nun but David falls into a coma causing Amy to realise that she still loves him.

Lily gets pregnant and gets kicked out of the house.

Ada tries to hurt Gigi's baby and kills her father.

Ada is a fugitive on the run and tries to set fire to the Lam business with the Lam family inside.

Gigi is held hostage by Ada but Ada falls off a building and dies.

The family reconciles and buys a new business.

What about the cast
Everyone did a great job in this series, especially Ada and Amy. It is rare to see Ada as a villain but she did such a great job that this series was such a hit.

Best supporting actor
David Siu

Best supporting actress
Amy Kwok

Best villain portrayal
Ada Choi

Watch it or forget it
Although some scenes were a little dragging, this series was good overall. A great performance by Ada Choi. This is a good series for Ada Choi fans because you can see her as the bad girl.

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