The New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung

Reviewed by: onlyheaven

March 08, 2008

Rating: five

Michael Miu Kiu Wai (Mieu Kieu Vi) portrayed Chor Lau Heung (So Luu Huong) perfectly. Compared to Adam Cheng, MM captured the essence of Gu Long's character as a happy, carefree spirit. He is somewhat nomadic (free, loves to travel, doesn't like being tied down to one place) but he possesses the important values in friendship, loyalty, and even love. MM is also aesthetically much more handsome than Adam Cheng with his built and quick smile.

More than that, as one of the other reviewer so perfectly described, MM is a superb actor -- all you have to do is carefully watch the myriad of expressions that fly through his face. Watch the last 2 minutes of the series for the perfect example of his reception of Barbara Yung Mei Ling (On My Linh) in the role of Song Siu Jing (Tan Tieu Tinh). MM's face turns from surprise when he thinks he hears her voice calling his name, to excitement as he runs outside to ship deck, to disappointment as all he sees are his 3 "little sisters", to friendly surprise as he turns and see Hoa Tranh (the "too nice" girl who has a crush on him) and then invites her for tea, then to quiet pensiveness during the quick moment as he pours tea before looking up in pure surprise once again as he hears Song Siu Jing (Tan Tieu Tinh) softly says his name as she steps out from where she'd been hiding. The look on MM's face turns to ecstatic joy as Song Siu Jing runs to him and he folds her into his arms. They have perfect, really the most amazing on-screen chemistry I have ever seen (and I've watched alot of Chinese movies in all genres).

This incomparable chemistry claimed millions of fans and has been repeated through MM & BY's roles as couples in 3 other movies: "United We Stand", "The Fearless Duo", and "The Foundation". Unfortunately, as most fans know, Barbara Yung committed suicide in real life long ago and we will never see a 5th installment of their joint talent. It is in BY's memory and a testament to MM's enduring talent that I write this review of one of my favorite dramas of all time. Despite the fact that he's much older now, MM is still an amazing actor, an accomplished entrepreneur (he and wife Jamie Chik own an eyeglass/sunglass enteprise with many chain stores), and a loving husband and father to two children.

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