The Partner

Reviewed by: sukting

October 06, 2008

Rating: two

How long
20 episodes


It is rare that Cheng Hou Nam acts in a drama as we often see him in movies. Do you want to see him paired up with Chan Sau Mun?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Fong Cheng – Cheng Hou Nam
He is a righteous cop with great aspirations. However, his superior only gives him minor duties to nap drug addicts. Why? It is easy to sue them because of their previous records. He grumbles but still obeys him. He becomes a vegetable for 2 years after being shot in the head when trying to nap a drug addict.

When he wakes up, he has to face the trial for being sued for killing the drug addict. He is more shattered to know that Shun Bong is the culprit. Although he faces lots of danger and contradictions, he insists to clear his own name to become a cop again. He knows that his chance is slim but is determined to achieve success. Luckily, he wins in the end.

2. Cheung Wai – Wong Shu Kei
He is Cheng’s partner and is equally unhappy with his superior’s arrangement. Still, he tries his best to hold up justice. Seeing Cheng being shot in the head, he rushes him to hospital but is shattered that he is in a coma but never gives up on him like the rest.

3. Chow Sing – Lau Kong
Through an arrest attempt, Cheng gets to know Sing and Sing becomes his informer. Both develop a strong friendship when he risks his life to obtain information for him.

4. Chow Ling – Yeung Yee
She is Sing’s daughter who nearly has to discontinue her studies because of her father. Luckily, Cheng helps her and encourages her. She finishes her studies and falls for him.

5. Hui Shun Bong – Lok Ying Kwan
He is a rich businessman who earns his wealth through drug trafficking. Through another attempt, Cheng witnesses Shun Bong bribing witnesses. Terrified, he gets his man to gun him down. Even though he is charged in court, he refuses to admit his mistake.

6. Ng Gong – Kwok Cheng Hung
He is Shun Bong’s capable assistant who is loyal to him and kills people without mercy. He is in love with Jing but she doesn’t reciprocate her love.

7. Lau Yuen Yee – Chung Sok Wai
She is Cheng’s wife who is a simple housewife. When he is in a coma, she feels very lost as she has been dependable on him all along. She starts to find Yuen a fine man and decides to remarry him.

8. To Yuen – To Dai Yu
He is Cheng’s neighbour who helps his family to go through the crisis. He and Yuen Yee fall in love and are about to get married when Cheng suddenly wakes up. Although Cheng is very disappointed over what happens, he still wishes them well. But Shun Bong doesn’t let him off by witnessing his drug activities so the newly-wed couple is killed.

9. Hui Mei – Chan Sau Mun
She is Cheng’s doctor who treats him. She is very close to Shun Bong and tries in vain to dissuade him to discontinue his illegal activities. Both fall in love as she helps him in his recovery process. However, she is sandwiched between her brother and boyfriend.


Do you find the story outdated? We have seen countless dosage in other dramas. I find that this story is so similar to ‘The edge of righteous’. It bores me down right from the first episode. Even the presence of Sau Mun, Dai Yu and Hou Nam fail to attract me because their roles’ fates are sealed. The only delight comes from Cheng Hung to act as a killer with a heart of gold beneath his cold exterior. Please only watch it if you really have no other dramas to watch.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : ** (Scale of 5)

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