The Reincarnated Princess

Reviewed by: sukting

March 22, 2009

Rating: three-point-five

How long 10 vcds

This drama made Chiu Ngar Chi scale her career to greater heights. Do you wish to know why? It talks about the kindness and benevolence that the goddess of mercy has shown to all to be respected by millions. It tells about her life on how she is banished from the palace because of her belief and how she attains enlightenment. She has gone through a lot – including sacrificing her love for a man.

Do you also want to find out how Yam Tak Wah acts the brave general who saves this damsel in distress? Unfortunately, his love is unrequited but it states on how he helps her to go through the 18 levels of hell to save her father from torture and how both destroy a devil.


It starts with a devil which is in a pearl sachet in front of Buddha Yu Loi. It is determined to compete with Yu Loi. Although it loses, it meets Emperor Miu who is just a prince then. He is on the verge of death after losing a battle. It passes the inner evil into him to make him relive again. But this man changes completely into a wicked man. The ailing emperor (cameo appearance by veteran actor, Kwan Hoi San) has chosen him as the successor to his throne.

However, many dislike him as he keeps on burning temples, kill monks and also start battles with neighbouring countries. Thus the emperor wants to change the successor to the second prince. Unfortunately, their conversation is heard by Miu so he kills both. He then chooses Lung to be his prime minister – who is equally vicious.

Prince Miu also knows that his cousin, Yip is capable and summons him to the palace. Knowing that he will meet his doom soon, he manages to get his wife to send their only son, Tin Long away to his foster brother, San. Yip is killed and Mrs Wan is imprisoned in the palace. To save her own life, she pretends to be mad after the torture. She never gives up hopes to see her own son again.

San establishes his own sect, Sam Shing – to rob the rich and help the poor. He becomes Tin Long’s foster father and is extremely strict with him. Tin Long grows up to be knowledgeable and also skilled in martial arts. San lets him know about his parentage and he tries to find a way to search for his mother in the palace. He also vows to kill Emperor Miu to give the commoners a better life.

The continuous battles leave the country weakened. Emperor Miu’s only son is killed in war so he pins all hopes on the empress to produce a son. Seeing the country in chaos, Buddha Yu Loi sends another pearl into the pregnant empress’s womb. He bans all teachings and anyone who practiced Buddhism will be be-headed. Because of this, he is condemned to have no son but only three daughters. He nearly wants to kill her. He hates daughters and believes that she is his nemesis. Luckily, the empress stops him.

The third princess is named Miu Sin. She cries non-stop till an old man in a yellow robe recites a line to her – the Buddha is in Ling San which is on everyone’s mind. Everyone has a Ling San pagoda and should learn the ways from there. She then stops crying. From then on, Miu Sin becomes Emperor Miu’s favourite child with her wisdom and beauty. She solves many problems for him but he frowns as she is a vegetarian.

Miu Sin’s two elder sisters are jealous of Miu Sin to be often in the limelight. Lung persuades Miu Sum to try to get rid of Miu Sin by luring her out of the palace so that she can have more time to get Emperor Miu’s favour. Miu Sum is threatened by the fact that Miu Sin may be the heir to the throne instead of her. Although Miu Yuen doesn’t like Miu Sin, she starts to feel that Miu Sum is too eager to dispose their little sister and her heart begins to soften.

Miu Sin gets along well with Mrs Wan in the palace. She is puzzled why no one tells her what Buddhist sutras are. Seeing how Miu Sum tortures Wing Lin by beating her with a pole, she accepts her as her maid. She wants to know more about the commoners’ life so she goes out of the palace with Wing Lin and Kuan. Her money is stolen and Tin Long manages to get it back for her. He shakes his head when she gets attacked in the forest again. It looks like she is often in trouble. He can’t rest his mind and stays by her side.

Seeing how the commoners have suffered, Miu Sin decides to persuade Emperor Miu to reduce the taxes. During a night, she is nearly killed by an assassin but Tin Long saves her. That is actually San and he hits Tin Long on the chest, angry with him for stopping him. Tin Long has to let him know that Miu Sin is different from her father so San realises that he has made a mistake.

Miu Sin brings Tin Long back to the palace. Tin Long is made the top imperial guard. He checks the books to find out more on the palace history and also seeks out the different places in the palace. Till this time, he has fallen deeply for her after seeing how adorable and kind Miu Sin is. Lung is enraged when he can’t get a chance to harm Miu Sin with him around. He gets his disciple, Dou Lui to stay with him.

They are out of palace again. The old man is on the street again to give her a book. It has nothing in it but when she thinks of the people’s sufferings, words start to form and it becomes a sutra book. So she sets her mind to go into Buddhism. Knowing that Tin Long is looking for Mrs Wan, she offers to help him but he declines as he doesn’t want Mrs Wan to come to harm.

A Manchurian envoy is here to give a gift to Emperor Miu. This man actually wants to assassinate him. Miu Sin shields him from the attack and the killer pierces his sword between her eyebrows. Tin Long is too late to rescue her and her life is hanging on a line. Lung states that the only way to save her is to get the golden flower from the west mountains.

Tin Long sits by Miu Sin’s bedside, promising to save her. On the way, he is attacked by Dou Lui. Although he manages to break his traps, he is ambushed unexpectedly and falls off a cliff. Tin Long is injured but manages to get into a cave to get the flower after killing some demons with the old man’s aid. He rushes back to the palace with it but Lung manages to make the switch so Miu Sin can’t be revived.

Miu Sin is lured to the western state by Arhat Ah Nam to meet Buddha Yu Loi. She learns a lot from him but he decides that it isn’t time for her yet to join the deities. Thus he sends her back. Lung is afraid that things might change so he coaxes Emperor Miu to burn her corpse. Miu Sin returns, puzzled that no one can see her and Tin Long is extremely upset, as like her parents. It is too late when she returns to find her body burned to ashes. The old man tells her to give a dream to Kuan.

Why not to the rest? Because he is the most unlucky person around in the palace. All have to think of a way to let the flowers blossom in the imperial garden the next night or she will lose her chance of reincarnation forever. Emperor Miu doesn’t believe Kuan and almost beheads him if not for Tin Long’s intervention. Tin Long decides to give it a try.

All the court officials assemble at the imperial garden the next night. Seeing that it is nearly dawn and nothing happens, Lung smiles to himself. He chides Tin Long for bringing the wrong antidote back and since he is so capable, he should be able to come up with a way to bring Miu Sin to life.

He throws the question to Tin Long. The poor man can’t utter a word. Neither has he a solution to it. Burdened with guilt for being unable to save her, he jumps into the pond, attempting to kill himself. (One of the funniest scenes that I have ever seen as it is so shallow.) The old man exclaim that this is Miu Sin’s chance to living since someone is willing to sacrifice for her.

There are waves in the pond. Many lotus flowers grow and Miu Sin returns to life. She is grateful to Tin Long for saving her. He also realises how important she is to him from this incident. Miu Sum has fallen for Tin Long. But from this incident, she knows that he is in love with Miu Sin. Thus she is even more determined to get rid of her youngest sister and plots with Lung against her. Emperor Miu decides to get a consort for Miu Sin.

Miu Sin summons Tin Long into her chamber. She asks Tin Long if he finds her pretty. He answers that all the princesses have their unique looks. She then wants to know if he is ready. He replies that preparations are undergoing so all should be fine the next day. She demands to know if he is ready – when will he go on stage to get her hand. (That is surely not the kind of behaviour that we expect to see from a princess.)

He avoids looking at her, replying that he isn’t good enough for her. She then threatens to shout that he tried to take liberties with her if he doesn’t obey her. Tin Long frowns but gets out quickly before she can do that. (I know that this is supposedly to be a serious drama – but because Kwan Yu is as Miu Sin, it makes this part extremely funny as she isn’t demure with her husky voice. She is obviously the most rugged princess played in TVB history. )

Tin Long informs Miu Sin what has happened. Miu Sin feels indignant for him and is about to tell Emperor Miu about it when he stops her. He doesn’t wish to blow up the matter and Emperor Miu might not believe him. He is aware that Miu Sin will not approve of him to be on the fighting ground so he decides not to do it. Miu Sin tries hard not to show that she likes him but he has detected it.

Here comes the day of Miu Sum’s bridal challenge day. The imperial family sits near the stage, with Tin Long sitting beside Miu Sin. Upon watching Dou Lui’s stances, he reminds Tin Long of the assassin who tries to prevent him from getting the antidote. Miu Sum signals him to go forward but he sits still on the chair. (I can assure you that it is very funny.) Miu Sum gets so annoyed that she stares at him. After observing for some time, Tin Long decides to exchange pointers with Dou Lui.

He hints that both have not met the first time so Dou Lui gets uneasy. To Miu Sum’s dismay, Tin Long suddenly stops and returns to his seat! (That is an unexpected scene) Miu Sum has to resign to fate when no one else dares to challenge Dou Lui. She has to marry him that night and she sulks. Sensing that Miu Sin is unhappy, Tin Long leans towards her, wanting to talk to her but she walks away. (All these people are hilarious indeed – I can’t help laughing at this.)

Dou Lui is given the authority to train the soldiers. He enjoys hitting guards with a whip when they do not listen to his instructions. Tin Long sees this and stops this. One guard is grateful to him for doing that. The others look up to him instead and Dou Lui is annoyed.

It is Emperor Miu’s birthday and he is displeased that Miu Sin hasn’t arrived to give him wishes. Tin Long has accompanied her to the imperial garden to gather a basket of flowers for him. Just then, Lung sets up an altar, wanting to harm her. But the Buddha pendant that Buddha Yu Loi gives her protects her and he gets injured instead. Emperor Miu is enraged to see the pendant and treats her coldly after that.

Tin Long is finally reunited with Mrs Wan and plans her route to escape. She is discovered and killed. Tin Long is too eager to avenge for her. Thus he plans to assassinate Emperor Miu. Dou Lui is on the bed instead and injures him with the poisonous dart.

Tin Long escapes into Miu Sin’s room and she hides her. Dou Lui’s men search the room. One man discovers him in the closet. But he is the soldier who is hit by Dou Lui before so he decides to return him the favour. So he lies to Dou Lui that he can’t find Tin Long.

Tin Long’s life is in danger but Miu Sin sucks out the blood from his arm. She also assists him to escape out of the palace to return to San with Kuan’s help. She faints when the poison spreads in her body. Lung cures her but reveals to Emperor Miu over the matter.

Emperor Miu is mad over this and demotes her to become a maid. Miu Sum is still bitter over this. She gives her a bamboo basket to collect water from the pond. Buddha Yu Loi then uses the sacred fish scales to seal all the holes in the basket to help her out. Buddha Yu Loi also tests Miu Sin’s patience to pretend to be a difficult old woman to want to step on her hood in order to cross the puddles of water.

Although Kuan grumbles, Miu Sin doesn’t lose her patience. Her hood later has the imprintment of the Buddha statue to protect her from harm. Tin Long practises his skills and the old man finds that he has improved but there is too much hatred in it. Tin Long replies that is why he is living. Miu Sum is sore that she gets help so she says that she knows evil skills. Thus Emperor Miu banishes her from returning to the palace and she becomes a commoner now. Lung sends killers to harm Miu Sin.

Luckily, Tin Long comes to her aid. Fearing for her safety, he is by her side from then on. Tin Long hints to Miu Sin that he wishes to lead a peaceful life with her in the village and is dismayed that she hasn’t changed her mind of following the way.

He is determined he can change her. Miu Sin starts to give talks in the temple. Tin Long decides to leave soon. He is afraid that he will change his notion of killing Emperor Miu if he listens further. They bade each other goodbye but they discover a dying San in the bushes. He is attacked by Dou Lui and he passes the clan authority token to him. Miu Sin shakes her head upon seeing him more determined for revenge.

The empress is critically ill and still fears for Miu Sin’s safety. She passes her token of authority that will prevent Emperor Miu from killing her to Miu Yuen. Miu Yuen agrees to give it to Miu Sin. Emperor Miu doesn’t allow Miu Sin to see the empress for the last time before her death. She gets very upset but her filial piety moves everyone so the empress can rest in peace.

Tin Long’s clan wishes him to make use of this opportunity to kill Emperor Miu. Wing Lin and Kuan point to them that they should not take advantage of the situation. Tin Long agrees with them as he is an upright man. Emperor Miu gives away food to the commoners. Thus Lung and Dou Lui dislike to see him becoming kind. They decide to dispose him.

Lung is actually the disciple of the evil Sorcerer – the devil in the pearl. He overthrows the Emperor and put the entire kingdom in distress. Dou Lui kills Miu Sum when she wants to inform the court officials of his evil deeds. He also imprisons Emperor Miu in prison. It is only then he regrets his doing. Miu Yuen manages to escape from the palace to inform Miu Sin and others of what happens.

Miu Sin disapproves of using harsh methods and suggests using the commoners’ strength to force Dou Lui to give up his power. Tin long doubts that this will work. Sure enough, some commoners are killed and the two princesses nearly lose their lives when Dou Lui nearly kills them if not for Tin Long coming on time.

Not giving up, Miu Sin set out on an adventure to the Seven Heavens to seek a way to revive and end her country's suffering. Travelling with her are her loyal servants are Wing Lien and Kuan. Tin Long who adores and loves her despite an unrequited love also follows her. Together, they embark on a dangerous journey to fight against evils and undergo lots of ordeals.

They are supposed to find ‘the upper person’ – Tin Long solves it by seeing how many pray to Buddha Yu Loi. The middle person is the old man while the lower man is someone is the tomb which is underground. They thus learn that they are supposed to go to the end of the world.

Tin Long senses the assassins’ presence and switches rooms with the women. He manages to kill them. There is one instance when they are trapped in a peach flower maze. Miu Sin manages to use the peach flower petals to find their way out. I will not go into much detail – Tin Long helps to kill the demons in water and also causes another to explode on his own when he manages to calm their nerves by getting all to sit down and meditate with him.

Upon reaching the sixth heaven, Tin Long is possessed by the Sorcerer. He urges Miu Sin to kill him as he can’t subdue it anymore. She is upset when she is forced to pierce the sword into his body. He assures her with a smile before his death that she has done the right thing. Miu Sin reaches the Seventh Heavens. Buddha Yu Loi gives her a lotus seat, a cloak and a white jade vase.

It will emit water if she has done enough good deeds and she can then join the class of deities. Buddha Yu Loi also returns Tin Long to life. He has many unsettled affairs and Miu Sin has only destroyed the Sorcerer but not Tin Long’s body. All reach the palace on time but Dou Lui holds Emperor Miu as hostage. Not willing to implicate the rest, Emperor Miu kills himself. He is sent to hell to be punished and tortured in the eighteenth level of the underworld.

Dou Lui and Lung escape to look for their master’s friend, the evil demon. The evil demon tries breaking the vase with his strength in the cave but fails. He instigates Dou Lui to steal the vase. Tin Long is on his guard and defeats him. He tails him to cave with Miu Sin. (Many fans will definitely not mind this as they will most likely complain of not having enough of him.)

The evil demon loses and is eliminated so Dou Lui and Lung are captured. Miu Sin intends to let them off. But seeing them unrepentant and afraid that they will continue to harm others, Tin Long kills them. Miu Sin sighs but can’t agree more with him that this is the best solution.

The country’s peace is restored so the court officials urge Miu Sin to become the next ruler. Miu Yuen has become a nun. Miu Sin suggests getting Tin Long to take over as he is the son of the Senior Prince Wan. All agree but Tin Long has resigned from his imperial guard post. Miu Sin goes after him but he declines it. He doesn’t want to be labelled a rebel as he is the one to lead the crowd to overthrow Emperor Miu.

However, Miu Sin manages to persuade him to accept it. He announces that he will not collect tax for 3 years and soon he becomes well-loved by the people. To make Miu Sin stay beside him, Tin Long builds a temple near the palace. Miu Sin starts to promote Buddhism but she misses her father. She attempts to save Emperor Miu from hell so the commoners decide to help her by burning clothes. But it comes to a stop when they have no more left and she isn’t back yet.

Miu Sin tries to take Emperor Miu away but she is constantly stopped by the hungry spirits. Kuan and Wing Lien are at their wits end but Tin Long manages to remain calm. He orders all to burn the clothes that they are wearing. Meanwhile, Miu Sin has to chop off her own arm to give to the hungry spirits in hell. However, because Emperor Miu has done too many evil deeds, he is unable to reincarnate as man and has to reincarnate as an animal to atone for his sins.

Miu Sin returns to the mortal world, unhappily. Seeing that she has lost an arm, he immediately gets the imperial physician to take care of her. Tin Long has built a white statue for her and it looks exactly like her. But the commoners contribute other white jade arms for the statue so it turns out that the statue has a thousand arms.

The evil demon challenges Miu Sin to another duel. Not wanting to alarm the rest, Miu Sin sets off alone to the purple bamboo forest. Tin Long is worried but without a word, he kneels in front of the white statue with Kuan and Wing Lien, praying for her safety. Miu Sin is at the losing end but with the commoners’ support, she gains strength. She subdues the sorcerer and proves that the evil can’t defeat the kind. After this ordeal, the vase does not emit the water.

Kuan lies that the water has been emitted after putting some well water into it. But this act proves to be genuine so Buddha Yu Loi makes them join the deities. The purple bamboo forest is the place for them to practice. Miu Sin brings a cow to Tin Long, hoping that he can take care of it. She has sensed it to be Emperor Miu’s reincarnation. Tin Long has to watch them leave on the clouds, reluctantly.

So this is how Miu Sin first starts as a mortal princess and this is her journey to become the merciful "GuanShiyin." She becomes Bodhisattva whom she is adored by the Chinese due to her great compassion and determination to save mankind and end their suffering.

Introduction on characters

1. Miu Wong – Lau Dan
He is a tyrant and all dislike the life under his rule as he believes in anything Lung tells him. He repents too late but luckily, Miu Sin rescues him from hell.

2. The Empress – Chung Yuet Ching
She is a kind person and always thinks the best for the princesses. She dotes on Miu Sin most as she is the youngest daughter.

3. Miu Sin – Chiu Ngar Chi
She is the youngest princess but she has no airs and is very considerate besides being wise. She likes Tin Long but decides that following the way is more important so she has to reject his love. I feel let down by Ngar Chi’s performance although she is elegant as the princess and her image fits. She can be fake and unnatural in many scenes. She looks terrible in crying scenes. Wang Ming Kuen or Chan Sau Mun will be a better choice for the role.

4. Miu Yuen – Liu On Lai
She is the second princess who is just a follower of Miu Sum to agree on whatever she does. She still preserves a soft spot for Miu Sin and will help her when the need arises. Her role is reduced to a minimal so she is easily forgettable.

5. Miu Sum – Ng Kwan Yu
She is the eldest princess who is spoilt and vindictive. She has no regrets harming Miu Sin every now and then to get the throne. It is love at first sight when she sees Tin Long accompanying Miu Sin back. But she has an unhappy marriage when she is forced to marry Dou Lui. No one can blame her hating Tin Long when he simply shoves her aside on this fateful wedding day to make Dou Lui the winner.

She is simply heartless to disallow Miu Sin to see the empress before her death. Upon discovering that Dou Lui is about to harm her father, she has the conscience to want to help him. But it is too late when she gets killed. Kwan Yu’s husky voice doesn’t give her the makings of a princess. However, I must say that she has done her part well.

6. Wan Tin Long – Yam Tat Wah
Tin Long has a sad past but this doesn’t turn him to an evil person who is all out to seek revenge. He is still able to distinguish right and wrong as not to implicate the hatred to the next generation. That is why he stops San from killing Miu Sin. He loves Miu Sin deeply and tries hard to win her heart. But his love rival is too strong – he loses not to another fine man but to her belief. This is so sad and all will feel how heartbroken he is when he gets rejected repeatedly.

There is finally justice after Tat Wah takes up so many villain roles. It is majestic to watch him here. Tat Wah is so suave and fit! He is brilliant in fighting scenes and presents the sentimental scenes well. I am won over by his spectacular performance. Who can forget the disappointed expressions when Miu Sin doesn’t listen to him? He completely overshadows Ngar Chi and should not be neglected as many have focused too much on her success.

7. Yik Dou Loi – Doi Chi Wai
He is Lung’s disciple who is highly skilled – so strong that he defeats Tin Long. He is also the evil consort. He regards Tin Long as his arch enemy and will never stop to find chances to harm him. Chi Wai shows why he is given so many baddie roles as he does well.

8. Wing Lien – Chu Siu Bo
She is Miu Sin’s maid. She has once betrayed Miu Sin to give the vase to the Sorcerer but realizes her mistake so she becomes her loyal servant after that.

9. Chow Kuan – Long Tin Sang
Knowing martial arts, his mission is to protect Miu Sin whenever she is out of the palace, he and Wing Lien make a wonderful pair so they are her servants.

10. Kam Lung – Tam Bing Mun
He is the prime minister. His real identity is the Sorcerer’s disciple and always creates evil suggestions to Emperor Miu to bring harm to his empire.

11. Yu San – Tam Chuen Hing
He is Tin Long’s father who is bitter for revenge. However, bringing the country peace is his top mission and he gets many skilled pugilists to join his clan. He brings up Tin Long as his own and regards him as the successor to his clan.

12. Buddha Sek Lee – Yu Chi Ming
He is the old man who often appears mysteriously to help Miu Sin. Strange that all of us can see through all his disguises as different people but the others don’t.

13. Buddha Yu Loi – Lo Hoi Pang
He puts Miu Sin through many tests to destroy the demons.

14. Miet Sai Mo Chun – The Sorcerer – Chu Tiet Wor
He is a demon who sets himself against Buddha Yu Loi to become supreme. He has many demons working for him and is dismayed when Tin Long destroys them one by one. Enraged, he possesses him and forces Miu Sin to destroy him. To his dismay, he ends up being the one getting destroyed.

15. General Hong - Yip Tin Hang
He is a very talented general but is upset when the crown prince doesn’t listen to him to lose his life in a battle. He is very impressed with Miu Sin’s wisdom. Although Emperor Miu looks down on daughters, he doesn’t and believes that Miu Sin will become a good ruler.

16. Wan Yip - Ha Yu
He is a senior prince and is also Emperor Miu’s cousin besides being Tin Long’s father. He is also a talented general. Incurring his wrath, he knows that he will not let him off. Sure enough, he meets his doom.

17. Mrs Wan – Lau Ngar Lai
She is Tin Long’s mother who is strong and brave. She goes through all kinds of suffering, believing that she will meet Tin Long again. Sure enough, they reunite but it is only for a short while.

18. Tutor Lau – Kong Yee
He is a person who is very fond of naps although he is very intellectual. He is pleased when Miu Sin learns fast from him. Miu Sin loves to scare him that her father is coming when he sleeps. He knows the Buddhist lines well but doesn’t dare to tell Miu Sin when she asks him as it is banned in Hing Lam country.

Favourite character
He is definitely Tin Long. He has the brains and the brawns. Miu Sin could have died numerous times if not for him. The two are so matching in appearance. My heart goes all out for him as he makes so many sacrifices but she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings.

Most hated character
Dou Lui, he is rotten to the core. Many will hate him for his deeds. A close second will be Lung.

The theme song is done by Chan Sau Mun – a staunch Buddhist. The music was by Mr Koo Kar Fai and the lyrics was written by Mr Tang Wai Hung. The song really tells of the hardship that Miu Sin has gone through to help the people. She did a wonderful job in the singing – but why wasn’t she chosen as the role as she will make a perfect choice? I am still scratching my head, clueless over it till this very day.

Interesting facts
It was Ngar Chi’s last work with TVB before she returned in 2005 after shooting many Taiwanese and China dramas. She felt stressful when this drama was shot in the same period as ‘Zhuge Liang’. Both dramas were fighting for viewership when aired at the same time. Luckily, Cheng Siu Chau and her are close friends and understood that this competition was inevitable so he did not hold it against her when her drama won the battle. (Sorry but I did not have the figures.)

Ngar Chi became a devoted Buddhist after reading the Buddhist books to get immersed in the role. However, no one would expect Chung to become a nun in real life.
It was fun to see how Shiu Mei Kei (as a maid to replace Miu Yuen to get killed by Dou Lui) and Ng Chun Yu (to be the second prince to get killed in the first episode) first started then. Ou Yeung Chun Wah was luckier, though – he acted as Arhat Ah Nam with more lines

How coincidental – Ngar Chi had worked with Ngar Lai in ‘The Hawk’ before this drama. But what a change within 4 years. Both acted as close sisters then but in here Ngar Lai was acting as her elder. Mun Ching also acted with Ngar Chi in ‘The Bund’ as her classmate but she became her mother in here. Many wondered how Ngar Chi became so youthful looking after all these years?

The clothes unit has recycled clothes again. Some clothes worn were seen by Miu Kiu Wai, Wong Yat Wah or King Doi Yum in ‘Legend of the Condor Heroes’ and ‘The Foundation’.
Bored with no nice Mou Hap drama to watch, I jumped to the chance when I saw the VCD on sale at S$8 in a second hand store. The series is well worth buying as I completed watching whole series within a week.

Many may find that I inject more enthusiasm in writing old drama reviews. I do not deny this as it is a fact that I love ancient dramas than current productions. TVB in the 80s, had a strong stable that could inject life to whatever script given to them. We can just pick anyone among the crowd and they can do a good job, unlike the shortage that causes crisis now. With experience that helps with cast having ancient looks, many TVB Mou Hap dramas become formidable and are so fondly remembered by many fans.

Every cast did a great job to prove how and why it is a blockbuster. This series is worth my money. I enjoy watching it and listening to the song. Although it is old and the visual effect is outdated, acting alone makes up the deficit. How nice if we can have the veteran cast to act again with a better plot and technology.

However, Ngar Chi's performance is very rigid and the story is too slow at times. The praises for her is over-rated. I find that the others do a better job than her. Maybe she is too pressurized to play this character. The others slip into their roles easily and that is why they shine. It is however, great in telling the true story of how the Goddess of Mercy is well respected. Not too many gimmicks and faithful to the truth – that si lacking in many current series now.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On songs : **** (Scale of 5)

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