The Rough Ride

Reviewed by: hkopinions

March 08, 2008

Rating: four-point-five

Tony Leung as Chow Keem Hung
Barbara Yung as Tse Bik Wah
Ray Liu as ?
Lau Dan as father
Ha Yu as father
Chan Mun Yee as Ah Mun
Au Yeung Pui Shan as Pui Pui
Kwan Hoi Shan as grandfather

Surprisingly this series was very good. Not only did TVB put together a good cast, the storyline was very well written too. Although the glorious 80's were better known for ancient series and stars like Tony Leung, Felix Wong, and Barbara Yung, this series probably is one of the best modern series of the 80's. In this series, Tony has two fathers but he doesn't know which one is his biological father. Barbara is a cop who falls in love with Tony. Tony is in the family business which runs a jewellery/department store. Later on he becomes rich. The story is pretty much about Tony's success and his struggles in staying in business. Nevertheless, the series had a strong cast and storyline, making this series worth watching.

What about the story
If you don't want to know the details of the series then please skip this section. Here are some key events in the series.

Tony is a night school teacher who has two fathers, but he never finds out which one is his biological father.

Tony runs into Barbara when she was trying to arrest a prostitute.

Tony thinks that Barbara is a prostitute but finds out that she is a cop when his fathers have to go to the police station after they got into a fight.

Kwan Hoi Shan owns a jewellery store and Ray works for him there.

Tony's fathers fall in love with the same girl, Au Yeung Pui Shan, and so they are very competitive.

Chan Mun Yee dates Ray while Tony dates Barbara.

One of Tony's fathers is the son of Kwan Hoi Shan and so Tony goes to work for his grandfather.

Ray gets jealous of Tony and so Tony is transferred to another department.

Ray and Chan Mun Yee get married but he is involved in illegal transactions.

Tony and his grandfather help Ray to start over.

Tony and Barbara get back together.

Tony Leung
As always, Tony did a splendid job in this series. He had great chemistry with Barbara and his character was flawless.

Barbara Yung
I was rather surprise because this was the first and only series I have ever seen Barbara in a modern role. She had just the right attitude to play a cop.

Best supporting actor
Lau Dan

Best supporting actress
Au Yeung Pui Shan

Best villain portrayal
Ray Liu (although he wasn't really a villain)

Watch it or forget it
You should watch it because you can see Barbara in a modern series. The storyline was very well written and there were very little scenes that were boring. Tony's performance was once again beyond good.

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