The Stew of Life

Reviewed by: sukting

June 16, 2012

Rating: three-point-five


Everything seems to have happened too fast for this family of three but they are undeterred and face the challenges. How do they solve the problems?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Ng Man Tak – Chung King Fai
He is a senior officer of the agricultural department. Realizing that Siu Lai hasn’t gone on a trip since their honeymoon, he brings her on a trip to make her happy. Siu Lai obliges although Flora also approaches her to become a television host at the same time. She is willing to make him happy.

His superior wants him to retrench some colleagues. After consideration, he resigns so that they can keep their jobs. All along, he calls the shots at home. Now, he is forced to retire early and stays at home all day with nothing to do. He uses the style at work but it can’t be applied at home. He becomes overbearing but they tolerated it. He practically turns the house upside down with his 5 regular rules – even on the poor dog Jack. He doesn’t know how to use the microwave and burns it.

His home has King(himself), Queen(Siu Lai) and Jack (the dog). He starts changing all the things’ positioning at home. He also sets rules for others to comply but they find them unacceptable. Choi Nei then finds excuses to come home late to avoid that although she obeys one rule on recycling.

He feels that his self-esteem is hurt when Siu Lai works while he doesn’t. Siu Lai’s patience, however is not appreciated by him. The bickering continues until she eventually thinks of a good way to tackle him. She still gives in to him, to allow him to use their balcony as a greenhouse to grow his favourite plants instead of turning it into a cooking school. He later becomes a job consultant at the experimental farm.

His weakness is for food and he keeps it from his family as he can’t resist good food. He nearly has a stroke and Siu Lai decides to cut down her workload to watch him. She changes his diet completely. He is touched and gives in to her more now. Chung is a fantastic actor! No wonder he is the teacher of the acting classes and all respect him. They jump at the chance to work with him as he seldom acts in dramas.

2. Lo Siu Lai – Lee See Kei
All call her Ng Lo Tai. She is a cookery teacher and is able to come up with dishes at the lowest cost. No matter how busy she is, she will cook delicious food for her family. She is lucky enough to have the opportunity to host a culinary show on TV. This indicates that she has lesser time at home but she enjoys it. She starts becoming popular but Man Tak feels that she has changed into a spendthrift. His pride is hurt and so is she when he scolds her for giving too much tips as she doesn’t have small notes.

The change in Man Tak leaves her frustrated at times. She feels guilty as she has cooked fatty or oily food for him in the past to cause him to get high cholesterol. She tries to get round every problem with even more patience and dedication. This only pleases one party – either her sister or Man Tak. She pampers Choi Nei too much and doesn’t treat her like an adult. She also pampers Siu Mei too much to give in to her.

That is why Man Tak tries using the 5 regular rules on Choi Nei to want her to be more disciplined. She later becomes more firm herself but is still a dedicated wife and mother. Man Tak is always at the upper hand but normally surrenders whenever she retorts that Siu Mei is the only younger sister she has. She has cared too much for her family to the expense of neglecting her health and she has to operate on her spine. This causes her family to value her more.

3. Lo Siu Mei – Ng Wing Mei
She is a materialistic woman who still believes that she is still able to remarry a rich man at her age of 45.

She meets many associates when she is still married so she can help Choi Nei in her work when she fails to interview celebrities. She is also a spoilt brat wanting attention from her family members. You will laugh when she calls them to chase the moths away from her home but all are busy. Siu Lai will fly to her when she is in trouble. She often fails due to low sugar as she wants to maintain her figure.

She divorces Kar Hang (cameo appearance by Wong Chi Hung) after he cheats on her. So he gives her an apartment to stay, another apartment above Siu Lai’s unit to rent out and also a flower shop to manage. She never worries about money and dolls herself up, wanting to get another stable ticket. Man Tak has never approved her ways so they can’t get along well but they are still concerned for each other.

She overspends and will never put up with low class cafes. She even tells Choi Nei how to make Sing Kei spend lavishly on her. She has no choice when Kar Hang’s elder sister chases her out from her apartment and she has to stay with Siu Lai for some time till Kar Hang settles it for her. That is when Ka falls for her.

Knowing that Cho Tik is a rich friend of Ka, she makes use of him to know him. Then, she comes up with all sorts of ways to attract him. Sure enough, he invites her to shoot a commercial and also to a party on Valentine’s Day. However, her confidence is completely crushed when he has no interest in her and she is ‘outdated’ due to her age.

Her flower shop is losing money due to high rental and also poor business. Despite her unwillingnesss, she has to sell it to her ex-assistant, Angel to keep her expensive life going. She still wants to buy new clothes despite not worn clothes bought last season. Siu Lai finds her wasteful this time and tells her off.

She loses her savings due to wrong investment and is in low spirits. Even though she still gets rent from Ka, she is still unhappy. Ka cheers her up and they fall in love. However, they keep from their families due to Yee’s objection. When the truth is uncovered, she has to bear insults from Mrs Yau. She sets up an online flower shop this time as she wants to save money on rent.

She lies to Ka that she has a tumour in her head to escape from his marriage proposal. Kar Hang tries wooing her back and she becomes a two-timer. Ka gets disillusioned and breaks up with her. She realizes her mistake that money can’t buy love and manages her online business well to email with him daily. After serious consideration, she chooses to be with Ka.

4. Ng Choi Nei – Chen Fala
She is Man Tak’s only daughter who is a magazine reporter. She is very untidy and keeps throwing her things around. Her parents are shocked upon their trip return to find utensils unwashed and their washing machine damaged as she doesn’t know how to use it. Can you imagine that she still needs her parents to wake her up daily despite having an alarm clock?

She is forced to become a paparazzi and she is displeased with Chi Wai who often makes use of her. She often calls him Swine Lo and gets Siu Mei’s help to trick him. Pissed off with Chi Wai who frames others, she resigns to work in another company. Tak Yan also works here and she has thought of him to be gay. She lets down her guard to treat him like a sister. They later fall for each other. They cohabit despite her parents’ objection as she never discusses with them.

This is how they discover that they clash at work and at home. She becomes neat now to clean his home but he is untidy to keep asking his friends to dirty the place. He also keeps throwing the things around. They settle their differences with her parents’ help. She learns cooking to please him although he is disappointed that she isn’t pregnant and lies to him just to make him subdue to her just like her family.

5. Yau Ka – Mak Cheung Ching
He transfers to Man Tak’s unit and is his first deputy. Man Tak decides to resign as his superior has wanted to dismiss Ka as he earns the most among the rest. Thus, Ka is very grateful to Man Tak. He agrees to rent Siu Mei’s unit although the rent is higher than his expectation as the place is really good too.

Although he is only 35 years old, he is older than his age as he is very plump. Because of Siu Mei, he tries hard to lose weight and watch his diet. He also resigns to join his friend’s company despite a pay cut to have a better title. Siu Mei rejects him immediately as she finds him too low class.

He also withdraws his savings to deceive her that she has won money through lottery to make her happy as she loses money in investments. Siu Mei thinks that he pockets the money when the amount doesn’t tally. She confronts him to find out the truth. He refuses to take the money back and helps her to form an online flower shop. She can buy flowers from his company orchard which grows special flowers and to cut costs.

Even though Siu Mei tells him that she has a brain tumour, he decides to stand by her. He doesn’t even mind it even after knowing that she lies to him except the 2-timing part. It takes time for him to forgive her.

6. Yau Yee – Ho Kei Wan
She is 37 years old and is Ka’s elder sister but many have thought that she is his wife as she moves in to stay with her son. Her husband works in China so she is a housewife. She is a terrible cook and worships Siu Lai to learn tips from her. She is also a Korean drama fan but can differentiate story from reality.

Seeing that Siu Mei is elegant, she encourages Ka to woo her. A fortune teller has told him that he will marry a person older than him – he tells the same to Siu Mei so she thinks that Cho Tik is for her while Ka thinks that he is the one. He is down but Yee keeps giving him encouragement. But I can understand this as Ka is becoming foolish as he has little experience in love and she is afraid that he might get cheated.

She is frustrated to know that Ka withdraws money from their special account to please Siu Mei. She is even more fed up upon knowing that Ka changes their account password, disallowing her to check further. She is treating him like a child as she is also like a child herself.

After finding how nasty Siu Mei is, she changes her mind and tries ruining their dates by faking an injured ankle to lure him home. She is happy that Mrs Yau comes after getting her call and joins forces with her to want both to break up.

7. Mrs Yau – Chan Man Na
She is the siblings’ mother but she looks more like their elder sister. Unlike Ka, she watches her weight and is very modern. She can sense immediately that Ka and Siu Mei are a mismatch. She is also direct in her speech to criticize Siu Mei during their first meeting. She knows that the two will rebel if she opposes openly so she pretends to agree to it. She wants Ka to know how dishonest Siu Mei is but tears her hair upon seeing how devoted he is to her to forgive all her mistakes.

8. Peter – Ng Nok Wang
He is Yee’s son who stays in the boarding school. He finds it unbelievable that Ka is very slim when young as he looks through his photos. He comes home during weekends and is amused on how Yee checks on Ka to see if he is dating. Yee jumps upon knowing that Ka spends HK$1000 at a restaurant and also has a long hair on his shirt. He finds that Yee is not treating Ka as her brother but her husband.

9. Lau Tak Yan – Hung Tin Ming
He is a photographer who seems to have special privileges wherever he goes. That is why Choi Nei isn’t happy with him in the previous company when he can excuse himself from meetings as he takes photos at night. He is an orphan and stays alone. He resigns with Choi Nei to protest against Chi Wai. Never does he expect to see her again.

He is amused that she thinks that he is gay when he tries to pick up Lei Ma’s key in his car. He decides to play along but later doesn’t know how to tell her. Seeing that Sing Kei still harasses Choi Nei, he pretends to be her lover and kisses her accidentally. But this proves that he loves her. Tak Yan makes a mistake at work and Choi Nei speaks to Lei Man. It is from here that she realizes that he isn’t gay.

She is angry with him for a while but Siu Mei points out that she also makes use of him too. Moreover, Tak Yan has not taken advantage of her all this while. Especially when she gets drunk one day to let her rest in his apartment and he also gets her her favourite star necklace.

They are sent to India to work and he falls critically ill. He blurts out that he loves her. Both confess their feelings with each other and they decide to cohabit. They have to work with separate partners due to clashes at work. He wants Choi Nei to be more mature. But he learns from Man Tat and opens his new photo studio to be his own boss to give Choi Nei a stable life.

10. Lee Sing Kei – Lee See Jit
He is the promotion manager in the same company that Choi Nei works. They normally pay their expenditure separately as Choi Nei maintains equality. Although his post isn’t that high, he plans for the boss’s mother’s birthday party yearly. Thus, Chi Wai tries to please him. Knowing that Choi Nei’s colleagues are unhappy with him for making them pay for it, Sing Kei tricks Chi Wai into passing the present back to him to exchange the money back for them.

The others trust him now but they are wrong later. Choi Nei discovers that Chi Wai bribes Sing Kei later into take her film evidence away which proves that Chi Wai is guilty. She can’t put up with such pretense as she has wronged Tak Yan for doing it. She breaks up with him and leaves the company.

He now joins another company as a senior promotion manager. He ropes in Siu Lai to shoot a commercial and tries to find chances to be with Choi Nei again. Choi Nei is peeved to get flowers and gifts from him but doesn’t know how to shake him off. He stands outside her company for a night to see her with Tak Yan. He becomes ill and is hospitalized for a month, missing to sign the company contract with Lei Man.

However, he is grateful for this arrangement. He gets to know a present girlfriend, a nurse there. As compared to Tak Yan, he is more attentive as he notices that Choi Nei is down with flu. He recommends a cure and Choi Nei wishes that Tak Yan can learn from him. He confronts Choi Nei’s client who molests her but Tak Yan hits him, thinking that he is the culprit. Luckily, the air is cleared.

11. Lam Tin Cheung – Wong Cheung Hing
He is a sissy cover designer in the magazine company. That is why Choi Nei thinks that this company only engages gay attractive guys while the female colleagues here can’t stay long. One female colleague even has the name Frankie and she thinks that she is a man when she is arranged to meet her for the first time for her job interview. But the finny part is he likes watching soccer like the rest. He consoles Choi Nei when she quarrels with Tak Yan to make her feel better and helps them to reconcile.

12. Ma Cho Tik – Wong Hup Hee
He is Ka’s friend who he knows overseas. He is 43 years old and single, owning a clothes company. Siu Mei is blown away by his sports car. Their first meeting is at a party and she recognizes his car, pretending to be knocked down by it. Later, through Ka, they go sailing but she accidentally steps on s broken shell.

Worrying for her injury, they send her to hospital and Ka dishes out her identity card quickly. That is how the guys get to know that she is 45 years old. He confesses that she manages well but he will not consider her as a girlfriend. She has thought too highly of herself as he prefers to be with younger girls.

13. Ha Lei Man – Gill Mohindepaul Singh
Lei Man is the owner of the magazine company. He has special taste in clothes and shoes. You will laugh – he even names a chair Eugene that he spends a bomb on and wants Tak Yan to take photos of it. He appears to be girly but he is no gay. That is why he is offended by Choi Nei’s remark when she suggests that he should be kinder to his boyfriend, Tak Man. There is nothing between them.

14. Angel – Cheung Shuet Kan
She is Siu Mei’s assistant at the flower shop and must help to chase her suitors away when she dislikes them. She is a dedicated worker to alert her when they arrive. William (cameo appearance by Cheung Tak Lun) is actually interested in Siu Mei initially when he comes to get flowers for his mother. Siu Mei looks down on him as he drives a company van.

He later dates Angel when she doesn’t mind it. He is actually the second generation owner of Loi Kat dumpling holdings. He is very busy and has to help out personally to deliver the goods to the branches. Siu Mei jumps upon seeing him driving a big car one day to fetch Angel. She has missed the boat as Angel not only marries William and William also buys「Mei Flower」from her for Angel. They also buy an apartment in the same building as Siu Mei sees how she is forced out of it at the same time.

15. Miss Leung – Lee Fung
She is Siu Mei’s previous rental client. She is very fussy to want Siu Lai to buy things for her and often complains that the paint in the apartment is old. Man Tak can’t wait for the lease to be up to rent it to someone else while Siu Mei prefers to rent it back to Miss Leung as she has no other one to rent to.

Man Tak often quarrels with Miss Leung. Matters become worse when Miss Leung accuses him of stealing neighbours’ lingerie. Luckily, he is able to clear his name when the culprit is caught on the spot. She feels remorseful and gives Siu Lai some tips for her cooking programme. However, they also find her too much to want them to renovate the whole unit when she signs the contract so the deal is off.

Man Tak boasts that he is resourceful but he also needs to seek help of a property agent. The agent finds that he is asking too much. Suddenly, Ka also calls him at the same time. Both men are strolling together and discovers this. Thus, they save their money to avoid paying this middleman to settle the deal themselves and they are happy as neighbours now.

16. Lo Chi Wai – Doi Chi Wai
He is a despicable crook so all his subordinates call him Swine Lo. That is why Choi Nei wants Siu Mei to teach him a lesson. It is love at first sight for him when they meet at the company party. She surely does, to trick him to order flowers from her shop to woo her. She also tricks him to wear trendy clothes that he isn’t suitable is for his age. After knowing that he is being taken for a ride, he cancels Choi Nei’s promotion and is nasty to her again.

The others fear for their future and orders flowers in Siu Mei’s name from her shop. Siu Mei forces herself to eat the humble pie for them to go out with him. However, he wants to molest her in the car. She retaliates and storms away. Choi Nei has to appease him although she is sick of him.

Choi Nei manages to get evidence that he makes a blunder to frame a colleague. She alerts the boss but Chi Wai gets away by agreeing to have a pay cut. He comes back to hound the rest. Choi Nei decides not to stay and resigns, preferring to pay damages.

17. Flora Chiu – Chan Kei
She is the television producer and is impressed with Siu Lai’s soup when she tastes it at Siu Mei’s shop. She then invites Siu Lai for her new programme. Siu Mei is more thrilled that Siu Lai to be a celebrity to get her clothes for her but she chooses to go on holiday with Man Tak as she values family more.

After Siu Lai’s return, she approaches her again. This time round, Siu Lai agrees and the programme is a big success as Siu Lai becomes famous. She also asks her husband to get Siu Lai to consider setting up a cooking school. Man Tak is formerly against the idea as he often says that Siu Lai is gullible to get cheated easily. He later finds Flora’s husband trustworthy and they find a spot for her to start her school.

18. Mou Yau Yau – Wong Chun Tong
Siu Mei is scared that Chi Wai will harass her so she engages a bodyguard. Yau Yau isn’t just dedicated on his job. He also likes Siu Mei to want to woo her. You will laugh at this scene – Siu Mei thinks that he has a car when he points at an expensive car beside the street light. It is actually his motorcycle after William’s car. However, she will never get herself to sit on his motorcycle, unless she wants to rush for time or to chase after Cho Tik’s car.

19. Kwan Bing – Ho Wai Yip
He is Tak Yan’s close friend and Choi Nei’sex-colleague.He is retrenched and is the only one besides Lei Man to know Tak Yan is an orphan. He helps to fix his camera when it is out of order. Choi Nei gets him to handle Tak Yan’s hospitalization to avoid him but will keep asking him how Tak Yan is. Knowing that he likes Choi Nei, he helps him to woo her. He later becomes Tak Yan’s new partner of the photo studio.

20. Jack
He is bought when Man Tak’s mother is dying to keep her company. He becomes a close family member but not to Man Tak. Man Tak has little affinity with the dog. It knows the temperament of everyone and knows how to complain to Siu Lai when Choi Nei keeps forgetting to feed it.

He is just an animal who doesn’t comply with his 5 practices so he throws his toy away. Siu Lai has to buy another one through online auction as the toy goes out of stock. It knows how to console Man Tak when he is lonely and he gets closer to it.

Interesting facts

Coincidentally, Fala, See Kei and Sin Mei joined beauty pageants before. Yet, they dressed simply and enjoyed the change here. Fala was overjoyed to be herself in casual wear. So was See Kei from the usual self-sacrificing roles and Sin Mei wanted to be a typical Hong Kong middle-aged woman, wanting to be a diamond lady to get Choi Nei to doll up but Choi Nei is often the reverse. It was Sin Mei’s first time working with See Kei so she was delighted.

Sin Mei was impressed with See Kei for making every motherly role comes alive to become classics. She called her a guru and she was like Meryl Streep to her. As she designed her own body language, she hardly had cuts to have Hollywood standard. She was happy to act with her and learned the ropes too.

She was familiar with Cheung-ching. He gave her many suggestions and taught her a lot. Many said that they created many sparks when filming and Cheung-ching was confident that they would succeed. Even the producer could not help watching their hilarious scenes that she increased from 20 to 30 episodes! She had worked with Chung before too once. This was her first time working with Fala and they hit off well as their birth dates were the same. They found time to celebrate their birthdays together during breaks.

King-sir was a professional to spot their scenes so working with him was comfortable. Many had thought of him to be very serious but all laughed when seeing him in this comic role. This was the first time See Kei worked with him although they knew each other for many years. See Kei also loved working with Sin Mei. She was like the rising sun and made everyone happy with her pleasant nature.

This was the third time Fala acted as her daughter. See Kei found her improving a lot. She was independent and smart all along to be strong. She would not be bothered by rumours to do her job. She found Choi Nei similar to Fala’s real self – direct and not pretentious. Meanwhile, Fala was also captivated by See Kei to let her hair down in this comedy. Funny and cute but not exaggerating.

Tin Ming was serious to act and Fala found him natural too. There were scenes that he needed to carry her as she fell from a tree. Tin Ming was outstanding in these scenes – he must have inherited the genes from his father, Hung Kam Bo.

See Kei loved Siu Lai as she is mild-mannered. Man Tak was 10 years older than her so she worships him to listen to him at all times. She was glad that there was no crying or quarreling scene. She was really happy throughout as the script was smooth too. She also agreed that cooking skills played an important part as a mother to let others like her. Siu Lai has this special card to make her family close-knitted so it is important to know how to cook.

See Kei felt that Siu Lai loves her family so the problems are nothing to her. But in the eyes of others, she is living a tough life. It is like Siu Lai solves problems all her life to get too used to it. She feels responsible when her sister and daughter do not feel happy so this is a heavy burden to her.

Siu Mei is sentimental like Sin Mei but she protests that she isn’t like this. She did not hit 45 years old so it was a bit tough for her. Especially on the party scene where Siu Mei met a balding man who was her ex-classmate but had a younger and prettier girlfriend. She must express Siu Mei’s jealousy. All laugh at the scenes of her with Cheung-ching as they found it similar to Japanese drama 101 proposals.

Some called Siu Mei’s swimming costume part a classic scene to pair with Ka’s fat belly. It was her first time wearing a bikini in a drama and all praised her. Sin Mei regards shopping life necessary but not important. It is fine to buy a Hermes bag but she regards loyalty and also substance important. Women must be independent to have their own jobs and share out the family workload and not to rely on men for everything. She quoted her good friend, Yuen Wing Yee as a good example.

Fala was tired of acting as a slut, spoilt brats, brainless beauties or third parties. She had short crop hair for this drama with spectacles and she liked it. She was often asked to be feminine and sexy but she did not know how to show but to try her best. She liked Choi Nei for her stubborn and boyish nature. It took her some time to get used to the short hairstyle. The producer cut the wig for a few times before getting satisfied. It was her fourth year in showbuzz when shooting this drama.

She trembled initially as she did not know how to act in a comedy. The producer wanted her to watch the tape after their first day of filming to find out her problem. She wasn’t familiar and did not pause at the right time so there were some retakes. Tin Ming and See Kei assisted her and she started to catch the feel to act better and felt more relaxed.

She was in Hong Kong since 2005 and wasn’t fluent in Cantonese. Now she speaks better but reading the script still posed difficulty. She wanted to improve more to make others feel that her characters are locals and not foreigners. She hoped that her Cantonese would improve with every drama.

Award nominations for TVB Anniversary Awards (2009) :
Best Drama, Best Actress (Lee See Kei),Best Supporting Actor (Mak Cheung-ching)
Best Supporting Actress (Fala Chen and Ng Sin Mei), Most Improved Actor (Lee See Jit)
My Favourite Female Character (Lee See Kei, Fala Chen and (Ng Sin Mei)

Viership was from 29 to 38 points. Very sorry to all fans but none won. I feel Ng should win an award as she really makes Siu Mei very hateful. Why Chung is not nominated? He will definitely win hands down!

Episode 18 caused a big uproar on the part where Fala showed her bra and pulled down her trousers in the toilet – not once but twice! Netizens found this ridiculous – how could Choi Nei have no sense of shame? Even most women will not do this in front of each other. Moreover, this scene was unsuitable for children. But others praised her for having a good figure to raise the viewership.

Some noticed that the ending credits showed the name of a well-known Japanese lingerie brand. Was this a special promotion for the item to include this scene? Some said that they read reports from a magazine that See Jit deliberately became intimate with Fala due to her figure too and she had to avoid him. They wondered if the reports were true but they had no answer.

Most favourite character
Siu Lai, she is able to balance family and work. All will envy her for being able to handle her family crisis every time as she knows how to deal with her close ones.

Most hated character
Siu Mei, she is a direct opposite from her sister to care more for herself. You will dislike her for looking down on others but luckily, she still cares for Siu Lai.

It is compatible pair is sung by Fala. Just passable.


This drama shows how different people end up to be together. It takes time to accept one another. Man Tak and Siu Lai is the perfect example to show others how a model couple is to withstand all kinds of arguments and conflicts.

It is hilarious to see how Man Tak tries to set things right. He creates a big mess instead. So are Siu Mei and Choi Nei. Siu Mei claims to want to take care of the injured Choi Nei when her parents are away. She can neither cook nor wash dishes. Poor Jack also poos in Siu Mei’s room near her bedroom slippers as it’s normal schedule is completely forgotten by Choi Nei to suffer with them. Only Siu Lai is able to solve everything. Without her, everything is in ruins.

The ways that Siu Mei try to attract men are equally comical. She keeps thinking that she still has value and will never downgrade. She keeps wanting Choi Nei to be like her but unfortunately, Choi Nei doesn’t like to dress up often like her. Thus, she agrees to Ka to keep their romance under wraps as she doesn’t want anyone else to know that her criteria has changed so much. The part where her plan backfires practically makes me cheer as she deserves it!

The main attraction comes from Chung and See Kei. I must really thank that producer for this special arrangement. When you watch scenes of them together, you don’t feel that you are watching a drama. They make their characters come alive as concerned parents or as a loving couple.

Chung as the grumpy but no-nonsense type man is terrific. Yet he looks cute when he craves for food. The way he protests against taking a light diet is so real-like. He is the highlight of the drama. As for See Kei, no one can doubt her acting. She gives multi-faces to her role and you will be totally won over by her.

But when it comes to Fala and Tin Ming, I find them boring if not for the presence of Gill who make you laugh non-stop. His scenes are limited but he makes you want him to appear more often. So is Fung. I really adore Miss Leung although she is a complain queen. Her quarreling scenes with Mun Tak were hilarious as well. A pity that the producer did not include more scenes of them.

Another highlight is Cheung Ching and Sin Mei. They provide the most laughs although Ka comes across as very gullible and easy to be manipulated. All will be pleased with the happy ending. I wish there is a sequel on it – is this possible?

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On song : *** (Scale of 5)

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