The Twins


Section:TVB Series

Genre:Martial Arts

Chinese Title: 絕代雙驕

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The Twins

Reviewed by: sukting April 13, 2007

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

How long 20 episodes/11 vcds Foreword I read this Gu Long novel many times and adore the story because it is so different from the usual boring style. That is why I set very high hopes and expectations on the drama editions. There are 4 versions altogether - 1979, 1988, 1999 and also 2004. Which do I like best? The answer is shown below. Many thanks to SC for allowing me to purchase the 1979 version to recollect my memory. If you look...

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Apop Harris

10-10-2011 08:14 PM


Wong Yuen Sun stole the show, I also like his chemistry with Michelle Yim Mai Shuet. This great classic of the Twins might be the reason why it is hard for me to appreciate the newer version/remake. A must see as a comparison to the newer versions.

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