The Twins

Reviewed by: sukting

April 13, 2007

Rating: four

How long
20 episodes/11 vcds


I read this Gu Long novel many times and adore the story because it is so different from the usual boring style. That is why I set very high hopes and expectations on the drama editions. There are 4 versions altogether - 1979, 1988, 1999 and also 2004. Which do I like best? The answer is shown below.

Many thanks to SC for allowing me to purchase the 1979 version to recollect my memory. If you look for a true adaptation, the 1979 version will satisfy you more as 85% is close to the story. By retaining the plot and the dialogues, we can see how the twins' wits and charm are developed - unlike other adaptations where it is not completely explored.

Introduction/Comparison on performances in characters

1. Kong Siu Yu (nickname Xiao Yu Er or little fish) - Wong Yuen Sang
This man is a genius to slip into the role effortlessly! I give a score of 100! He displays so much charm even with the scar on his face. Be entertained by his endless jokes and humour (I laugh till my stomach nearly bursts). The playful smiles he throws, the wit that he presents and the different poses that he displays to show off his martial acts background wins all my votes. He is the best Siu Yu that I have ever seen.

Leung Chiu Wai - he is good but he has not done his best. It is the same way that he acts in 'Duke of Mt. Deer 1984'. I have the feeling that he is a bit tired here.

Lin Zhi Yin - he overacts in many scenes. It tortures me to see him twisting his face. Actually, he is the youngest and most suitable to play the role but unfortunately, he doesn't make use of this benefit.

Cheung Wai Kin - he is too old for the role. Many of my friends call him 'Lao Yu Er' (old fish). Knowing his acting style, I got bored or irritated by his babbling. I need to refer to the subtitles at times because he speaks too fast. Another minus point is that his fighting skills aren't that impressive.

2. Far Mou Kuet (or rather Kong Mou Kuet in the end) - Shek Sau
He is handsome looking and elegant, a sharp contrast with Siu Yu. Dressed in a white gown and armed with a fan, he battles with Siu Yu with his witty replies - although he gets tricked by him at times. He is the only one who can make Siu Yu angry and jealous. He shows agility in fighting scenes too. This is the Mou Kuet I have in mind - polite but doesn't give in easily except to the two princesses. However, I must complain that his scenes are too few – that makes up only 50% of the serial.

Ng Doi Yong - he is too weak and sometimes sissy. I can't tolerate the scene where he thinks he sees Sam Lan (in fact he doesn't), he quickly runs and falls into the pond and gets himself WET!!! The way that he answers Yiu Yuet is not with respect but with fear. But you will be touched on how he gets poisoned after saving Sam Lan.

Su You Peng - he is more sissy than Doi Yong in looks and character. I can't tolerate that. What's more, his character is even weaker than in the novel. However, his acting is okay.

Tse Ting Feng - Jin Yong can oppose to Ting Feng to act as Yeung Guo in 'Return of Condo Heroes' but the late Gu Long cannot protest against the director's decision. Maybe I am biased but I feel that he looks arrogant and haughty in every single work. There is no exception for this one. He only needs to act cool.

3. Kong Fung - Chu Kong
He shows his acting skills well although he is not exactly the charming looking swordsman I have in mind. He knows that Yiu Yuet only likes his face and is daring to save Yuet Nu when Yiu Yuet locks her up in jealousy. I like the part when he shows the sorrow when Yuet Nu kills herself. He uses his sword to slit his throat to be with her even when the two princesses disallow him to crawl close to her.

Miu Kiu Wai - undoubtedly a fine choice for this role too. He is young, tall, handsome and agile in many fighting scenes. So it is believable as to why three women fall for him. I like the part where he displays his sword skills while Mei Chun plays the zither by his side. They really look like a perfect couple!

Chen Jun Sheng – he is not really a good choice. After watching 'Dream of the Butterfly Couple', I watched this serial. He is okay but not that outstanding. His Kong Fung seems to like Yiu Yuet by offering her a flower. Later, he is nice to Yuet Nu. I must also protest that Lin Rui Yang is unfair to give him so little screen time. Lin's Nam Tien appears more often than him in the beginning which should not be so in the novel!

Wong Ho Yin – he behaves like an impulsive teenager although he looks dashing in the white outfit.

4. Kong Kum/Kong Biet Hok - Fung Chui Fan (If you remember him, he's the actor with the moustache in the 'Fok Sing' movies with Lau Tak Wah, TsangChi Wai, etc)
It is rare to see him acting in television dramas. I only remember him as comical roles. The other only Taiwanese television serial that I watched was 'Deity Father' with Lau Suet Wah. He gives a refreshing feel as a villain here. Vicious, cunning and also dangerous. My only complaint is that he is too easily killed by Nam Tien – only one stroke by the sword.

Yeung Chak Lum - fantastic as the villain who conceals his ruthless nature well.

Wang Dao - I remembered seeing him as the righteous Taiwanese version of Master Fok when young. I never know that he can portray a villain so well too.

Wang Bo Zhao – he is good although not that remarkable as Yeung.

5. Kong Yuk Long- Lee Kok Lam
He may not fit the novel's description as a good looking man but his remarkable performance make up the deficit. He is able to show you why he is versatile in playing villains or good roles today. I am so amused that he tries so hard but still fails to pit his wits against Siu Yu.

Kwan Lai Kit - his acting is only passable. I also find him a bit sissy looking. You will be disappointed by his lukewarm acting. The same scenes that he acts as Lee proves to be a letdown.

Cheng Kar Wing - he also can't reveal the wicked nature of Yuk Long although he has the looks. He is very wooden - my brother refers him to a dead man walking on stage.

Yang Xue – her role here is Kong Yuk Yin. She is a female and also a villain like her father, Kong Kum! She fails for Mou Kuet to kill Sam Lam to win his love. I feel so disgusted. How many times does Wong Jing want to destroy Gu Long's works? He even makes up another character Long Yuk Fung

6. Yin Nam Tien - Cheung Chong/Chan Kok Kuen who appears when Nam Tien wakes up
He is not righteous to me at all - when Kong Fung asks him to help Concubine Fei, he actually says that he only cares for his foster brother and nothing else? Is this what a swordsman should do? That is why I feel neutral when he gets maimed by the villains in trying to seek Dok Hok out. Moreover, this actor looks bored and tired. A stupid arrangement to let him killed by Fei Far easily. Can a Dai Hap be finished off easily?

Yue Wah - he is marvelous. Thumbs up for his acting! He shows adequate ruggedness and love towards Siu Yu. Although the killing of him by Dok Hok is also different from the novel.

Lin Rui Yang - definitely a lousy choice! He is using the same formula in acting Qiong Yao's dramas here. How can this work in a period drama?

Wu Qing Zhe – this role is supposedly to be for Miu Kiu Wai but he was too busy so he turned it down. It could be our fortune as he is not involved in this lousy drama. This actor is only passable in his acting.

7. Man Chun Lau – Yuen Siu Fai
He stays in the Villain valley and tries to atone for his mistakes by curing the others. He is a good physician and tells Siu Yu about his past to make sure that he doesn't lose his kind self. Without him, Nam Tien can never survive after the torture. Satisfactory acting.

Yau Sam - a verteran actor whom you can trust to act convincingly.

Liu Shan Xian - only okay in it as the role is small.

Zhang Shuang Li –also delivers a passable performance.

8. Wai Mou Nga – an unknown
The VCD doesn't show the name in the ending credits - what a pity to leave him out! He is fascinating as the ugly but having self-esteem man who craves for love. To think he falls for the two princesses although he is very ugly looking. He claims to have the brains while they have the looks. The twins nearly die of laughter upon knowing that he proposes to both and gets rejected. Be entertained with his dialogues.

Wong Ying Choy - why is he here as a member when 'Yee Far Palace' is only accepting females? This is sure a big overlook on TVB's part. But he acts well as the person revengeful to spite back at Yiu Yuet.

The Taiwanese version also got a fine extra for this role.

9. Far Yiu Yuet - So Hing Yin (as mother of Kong Shing Yu in 'Files of Justice')
I wonder why she wears the veil in the first place. To conceal her beauty? I didn't get to see her face even though she speaks to Ling Shing! She is never the pretty princess I imagine to be. She was simply too plain looking. But her cruelty is shown obviously. She placed the baby Mou Kuet in front of the sect ancestor's portrait. She vows to teach him the skills and treat him like a prince. But when the truth is revealed, she will make sure that he falls right to the bottom and destroys his skills. Why?

This is to make sure that dirty men will not get to learn anything! She is also wicked to kill her maid when they talk to Siu Yu as this reminds her about the sad past. But the change of her to become a person immune to feelings is too fast for me to accept in one episode.

Chan Mei Kei - she has both qualities and is excellent - pretty and vicious! Cheer for her! She is very possessive - she doesn't allow others to love Kong Fung. She even drives Lin Shing away for loving him. The way that she laughs hysterically upon imagining how the twins kill each other makes your blood run cold. But you feel sorry for her when she kills herself at the end to prevent being raped by Kong Duk Hok.

Yu Li - also another good choice as she is remarkable. Pretty, cold-blooded and engulfed by jealousy and hatred, she makes a good choice. She looks so elegant practicing the 'bright jade' skill. But I dislike the arrangement of her liking Nam Tien. It sure doesn't make sense!

Kong Lin – she is so pretty and elegant! Her icy glare simply steals your breath away and we will not doubt her love for Fung when she kills him by mistake when he tries to protect his wife.

10. Far Lin Sing -Wan Lau Mei (She is as Lau Ching Ching/the flower widow in Luk Siu Fung)
She is also not the beauty that I have in mind and definitely not good enough for crying scenes. The scene where she misses Kong Fung is sure bad. No wonder I don't get to see her face till the end.

Lam Heung Yee - the role here doesn't miss Kong Fung at all because she becomes a queen and the arrangement is for her to be Cheung Jing's mother. Her acting here is also okay.

Zhang Rui Zhu - only passable too although she is quite pretty. Lin Sing isn't weak but she portrays her to be weak. She doesn't show her affections for Kong Fung openly and appropriately.

Ni Jing Yang – passable but she looks like the elder princess instead.

11. Far Yuet Nu - Lui Yau Wai
She acts well as the suffering wife and mother. Too little exposure, though.

Chek Mei Chun - definitely the best! She is not only pretty but excels in sentimental scenes. No wonder she leaves a very memorable performance here with Kiu Wai.

Xiao Qiang - she acts the same way as the demure roles well in Qiong Yao dramas. Sad to say, although she is reputed as Taiwan's no. 1 beauty in the 90s, I don't feel it that way as she wears too revealing clothes and tons of make-up that doesn't show Yuet Nu's innocence

Sun Fei Fei – she looks like a simple-minded person, only trying to act cute.

12. Cheung Jing - Ko Miu See (Lee Hong Jau in '79 Chor Lau Heung')
I have never seen such a good spitfire! Her costume and hair are all in red, which fits novel description. She is also talkative and is Gau's good friend. With a whip and riding smartly on horseback, she makes the character come alive. Splendid as the unreasonable brat!

Lau Mei Kuen - she has the whip but her identity is different. She is a princess who uses to get anything that she wants. She roams around the country and falls for Mou Kuet. Later, she hates him and tries to destroy him. Many will pity her when Yuk Long cheats her. Lau seems uncomfortable in period dramas and she looks uneasy in many scenes although her presentation is okay.

Lee Yee Hung - she has another nickname here - little chilli. Her role here is to fall for Siu Yu. Although the facts are twisted, she does it quite well as a woman who loves him and pesters him continuously.

Bo Xue – acceptable but definitely not the person you have in mind due to her outlook. I find her too soft.

13. Tiet Sum Lan - Wong Hing Sau
This is a weak role from the beginning to the end with lots of crying. I don't know whether you will get impatient with her for pinning for Siu Yu all the time to upset Mou Kuet. I am confused how fast she loves Mou Kuet. Maybe the director has cut the valuable scenes in the vcds. But in certain scenes, she shows her wits and daringness. She is more experienced than Siu Yu with the pugilistic world and isn't afraid to handle a snake! Hing Sau is formidable as always to make you believe why the twins fight over her.

Lai Mei Han - she is most outstanding among the others to disguise as a man. Luckily she doesn't have too many crying scenes. But she is weaker than usual to get scared by villains or poisons easily. I don't like the way Sam Lan turns out to be here although Mei Han still gives her best shot.

Chan Tak Yong - she cries far too much until I can't take it. It may not due to her fault but the producer's doing. I already dislike this role but she makes me hate it even more! Her makeup and hairstyle are also inappropriate.

Fang Bing Bing – she does her role well, especially in fighting and also sentimental scenes.

14. Mou Yong Gau - Chan Yuk Lin
She is the ninth and youngest daughter among the family of girls who are famous for different martial arts skills. She is icy through learning the unfeeling skill and conceals her feelings. Daring as she may seem, she is so shocked upon seeing Siu Yu's 'ghost' that she becomes retarded and loses her senses to be demure and innocent. She is later saved by Black Spider and loves him. This is a warm up for Yuk Lin for her role as the cold Siu Long Nui in 'Return of Condo Heroes' but she is still a bit raw here.

The 88 version doesn't have this role - I wonder why? No suitable actress in ancient costume?

Hou Bing Ying - the choice is also appropriate since she acts well too as the cold young mistress. The part where Yu Lang falls for her to get poisoned is really hilarious. Unlike Siu Yu's scaring of her to make her retarded, she feigns to be mad here so as not to get engaged with Yu Lang.

15. So Ying - Mai Shuet
She is so adorable and makes an excellent pair with Yuen Sang. All should not miss her performance in here. Beautiful as always, she also demonstrates Ying's wits and crafts well. She seldom acts as a person who knows no martial arts so it is also an eye-opening experience.

Tse Ning - I see improvement in her acting! She has many scenes with Siu Yu that makes you laugh non-stop.

No role here in the Taiwan version - what a waste!

Yuan Quan – she looks like Hong Kong actress, Kong Yan Yin with her big eyes but her acting is less than desired. Maybe because she is only a newcomer.

16. Maiden Sam - Chong Mun Ching (sheung Gun Sheut Yee in 'Luk Siu Fung')
She is merchant Duen Hup Fei's only daughter but has to be firm with her men. Siu Yu teaches her to be more demure. Be really to faint of laughter when she tries to do it!

Ng Kwan Yu - I never know that she can act in a period drama. But definitely, she shines as a tomboy here.

17. Duen Far Fei - Wong Mun Wai (Mui Chiu Fung in 83Legend of Condor Heros)
A fiction character not in the novel. She is evil and is a master of disguise. She is the queen's younger sister who schemes to dispose her to get the riches and power. She locks her up and wants to get her unborn son to please the Emperor to take over her place. Later, she tries to find out from Yiu Yuet/Lin Shing the identity of the baby boy by impersonating her. Amazing - I am utterly impressed although this role isn't in the novel. She is absolutely irresistible.

18. Duen Man Fei - Cheng Hor Wai(Hui Mun Biew's mother in ATE)
Another fiction character. She is the elder sister and the real concubine. While trying to run away from Far Fei, she has a miscarriage. She gives her jade pendant to Kong Fung which is buried with Yuet Nu by Nam Tien. Later, Far Fei's henchman finds it but still suspects that she is alive. Well, they are wrong, she is safe often for a while and gets starved to death later.

19. Black Spider - Wong Ying Choy
He is a mysterious killer who is good in 'qigong'. He wants to befriend Siu Yu because he has a way with women but gets rejected. Amusing as he is the only actor who takes part in both 'The Twins' production but as different roles.

No role in TVB 88 version since Gau isn't around.

Chan Kok Bong - witty but produces the comical effect instead. But I like his presence. He really acts well.

20. Hoi Hong Zhu
One of the girls who fall for Siu Yu when he is on his run from reality when he feels humiliated to depend on Sam Lan to save him form Mou Kuet. He works in an acrobat group for a while and she is the chief's daughter. They are actually running away from enemies. Siu Yu saves them and leaves quickly. This role only appears in the Taiwan version. Lian Jing Wen

21. Tiet Ping Gu – Cheng Siu Fong
She is Dai Jiou's daughter but is brought up in 'Yee Far' palace. She hates her father and is very cold to him. However, she is very ignorant of the dangers of pugilistic world. That is why she is faithful to Yuk Long even though he ditches her. She does quite well although she is unknown.

San Ni – she has done adequate homework to create a deep impression too.

22. Duk Sat (Killer) – Ma Heng Shang
He is the leader of the 10 villains and is also a swordsman. He loses an arm to Nam Tien while he tries to kill him in the Villain valley. Unfeeling as he may seem, he thinks that Siu Yu is dying while trying to fight with the tiger and rushes to save him. This shows that he still adores this child after all. Well done!

Ng Yin Lip (Pong Fu in 'Legend of 'The Yang Family') - I am surprised to see him in the Taiwanese version but he is unusually cool and charismatic!

Sun Jiao Long – he does look vicious but Wong Ching only turns him out to be a comedian.

23. Ha Ha Yee (Smiling Face) -Ya Fung
One of the 10 villains who uses his smile to distract others before killing. Many might not know him because he was a Singaporean comedian. I find him convincing in the role too.

Wong Tin Yik - also plump enough for the role.

Li Shu Qun – also does a good job.

Lu Ding Yu - only passable in the role.

Sun Yi Peng – it is strange that this person seldom smiles. How to convince us?

24. Tiet Jien (fierce lion)
One of the 10 villains who is nicknamed the lion. He is Sam Lan's father. Fierce as he may seem but he really loves his daughter. He is supposedly to be fierce but he doesn't look this way here. A big letdown.

Ng Meng Tat - quite okay here. I only dislike the stupid part where Cheung Jing commands him to kill Mou Kuet and Sam Lan. Being unable to do it, he kills himself.

Liu Jia Rong - another stage-like actor who makes the acting unbearable.

Li Zhen Qi – I don't think he looks fierce at all.

25. Siu Mi Mi - Lau Ngar Lai
One of the 10 villains. She is a vicious woman who uses her beauty to deceive men to give her their property. Siu Yu seldom gets tricked by women by she is exceptional.Without her, she will not have introduced him to Yuk Long. Yuk Long steals the treasure map from Dok Hok, wanting to find the treasure. He is attracted by her beauty and becomes her sex slave. Certainly a wonderful choice to be the seductive woman!

Cui Hong Hong – she acts quite well. Very seductive

Ng Kar Lai (Golden horse award actress) - she is also suitable in the role too.

26. Xun Yuen Sam Kwong- Loi Hoi Pang
One of the 10 villains who is a gambler. He creates humour too.

Wong Yat Fei - he is a born natural so you don't have to doubt his acting skills

Lou Xue Xian - a lukewarm performance. Maybe I am not used to the way they act.

27. Yam Gau Yau (Spooky) – Cheung Mou Hao
One of the 10 villains. Half his face is white and another half black. He likes to scare others with his looks before killing.

Bai Yu – the makeup helps but you will laugh when Yu Er cites him to be short-sighted to shoot arrows in all directions when he can't see clearly.

28. Lee Da Joui (Big Mouth) - Wong Sam
One of the 10 villains who likes to eat human flesh. He has a sad past of eating his wife's flesh because she commits adultery but doens't wish to make his father'in-law upset. So he suffers alone.

Tam Yat Ching - quite scary with a big mouth too. Unfortunately, they don't mention much about him.

Li Li Qun - also remarkable in the role.

Cheng Long Kun – he looks like Ha Ha Yee instead.

29. Bak Hoi Sum – Lo Dai Wai
A person who doesn't mind being taken advantage of because he does the same to others. He is the only person who tricks Siu Yu.

30. Tou Kiu Kiu – Chan Yee Heng
The only half-male, half female among the 10 villains. She is definitely great although she is an unknown!

Ng Lai Chu - suitable but can't surpass the former.

Gei Lei - only passable.

Tu Yong Qing – Wong Ching has gone too far as she looks like a lunatic with a hairstyle bombed with a large flower on the hair.

31. Ou Yeung Ding and Ou Yeung Dong – Lai Wing Keung and Liu Wai Hong
The two brothers are considered as one since they are twins. The other villains entrust the riches that they gain before going to seek refuge in the Villain valley. The two plump men are greedy and nature and decide to keep the fortune for themselves. Thus they starve themselves to become skinny.

Most favourite character
Siu Yu for being witty and Mou Kuet for being understanding.

Most hated character
Fei Far for ruining the Kong family.


The song is by Roman Tam - it is simply great as a classic! The sub theme song by Wong Ming Kuen is nice too.

The theme song and subthemes are from Chiu Wai. They are passable but not as fabulous as Tam's.

The theme song 'most happy' and 'strawman' are from Zhi Ying. It is without the traditional instrumental music but still acceptable to me.

The opening theme 'yellow people' is by Ting Feng. The song is quite fast-paced. The ending theme 'superman' is by Wai Kin. Both songs are only passable.

What is different from the actual novel/other versions

1979 version (20 episodes has the right pace) :

There are 10 villains and they managed to get all! Also the 12 zodiac clan members. I am very impressed!

Chu Kong's role in here is as a palace bodyguard who rescues the empress from Far Fei. I don't mind the change as the fighting scene of him and others trying to save her is enjoyable and impressive.

Far Fei is the first senior in Yee Far Palace who is expelled. She, Lin Shing and Yiu Yuet become Siu Yu's teacher but in the novel, Yiu Yuet and Lin Shing teach Siu Yu skills to defeat Mou Kuet.

Dok Hok guesses correctly that Fei Far impersonates as the empress and uses this to threaten her to give him a general post. He offers to kill Nam Tien for her in exchange. Both even go to the Villain valley to seek him out but discover that Chun Lau has taken him away. This arrangement is stupid – she has so many followers and she has to put herself in danger to do the dirty job??? But still, I love the fighting scenes – she is excellent with the whip in the killings!

Both find Siu Yu with a masked person (that is Yiu Yuet) and tries to use him as a bait to seek Nam Tien out. Both women spar with each other and guess correctly each other's identity. This scene is exciting.

Fei Far comes to ask for Siu Yu. I find the director stupid to let Yiu Yuet reveal to her about the twins parentage. Fei Far wants to take Siu Yu away but Yiu Yuet refuses. She wants the twins to pit against each other and let the remaining twin survive to a ripe age to regret killing his twin forever.

The ending part of Fei Far being the only villain to get killed takes up more screen time than the deaths of Dok Hok and Nam Tien. The reverse should be done instead.

1988 version (20 episodes is okay with a tight plot):

There are only 3 villains in here - how boring! No zodiac clan members around – how uninteresting!

Kong Fung is saved by Yiu Yuet. She nearly goes berserk when trying to save him. This is a graceful scene when she uses her long cloths to hit his acupoints. But alas when she tries to add a cloak on him when he is better, he avoids her and is cold to her. But he is so nice to Yuet Nu to tease her openly in the garden to make Yiu Yuet jealous! Marvelous acting from the 3 artistes.

Kong Fung and Yuet Nu are being poisoned to death by Dok Hok. Yiu Yuet gets hysterical when she can't seek revenge. Mou Nga (not Ling Shing here) becomes the one who thinks of the idea to separate the twins.

Yiu Yuet drives Lin Shing away after discovering that she loves Kong Fung. She escapes and marries an emperor but has Cheung Jing after loving his brother (cameo appearance by Lau Dan.) In the end, she gets killed by Yiu Yuet and is consoled that Cheung Jing forgives her infidelity.

Mou Nga can't suppress his love for Yiu Yuet and charges into her room when she is bathing. She pretends to submit to him and later injures him seriously. The poor man is thrown into a pool of mice and gets badly bitten. (This scene is real with the mice!) He becomes ugly in the end and has to sit on a wheelchair.

Cheung Jing falls for Mou Kuet. When her love is unrequited, she sends a monster killer. This monster sucks Mou Kuet's maids dry to turn into corpses. Sam Lan is poisoned and Mou Kuet transfers the poison into his own body. Later he even asks for the antidote from Yiu Yuet to save themselves. How shameful!

Cheung Jing later has an affair with Yuk Long and gets pregnant. She focuses her attention on the unborn child after knowing that Yuk Long isn't truthful to her.

So Ying turns out to be like Mok Yong Gau's character in here, practicing the unfeeling skill.

Yiu Yuet ages upon discovering that Siu Yu only pretends to be dead - not with white hair but with wrinkles on her face. Suddenly Dok Hok comes at this time to defeat her. She kills herself to preserve her chastity - he has sneered at her for not being able to enjoy men's company at this old age. But if I remember correctly, the man is still so furious to rape her corpse instead.

Nam Tien is killed by Dok Hok unexpectedly. Dok Hok practises the skills the wrong way and turns mad - eating his own son, Yuk Long. In the novel, Nam Tien strips their skills and makes them servants to hide from their martial arts enemies under Siu Yu's request. Siu Yu is forgiving to them.

The final is the countdown between the twins and Dok Hok. The villain dies, as expected.

1999 version (40 episodes is too long!) :

There are only 5 villains.

Yiu Yuet likes Nam Tien so she locks Kong Fung to lure him to save him! What a change!

I don't wish to mention the story line in here. The start is less than half correct but the development is terrible.

Tiet Chin is also killed by Biet Hok but he frames Mou Kuet for the killing. Nam Tien kills himself after finding that he owes Yiu Yuet too much. Can you accept this?

2004 version (40 episodes is far too long with imagination running too wild!) :

Please don't watch this version. The plot has nothing to do with the novel. Sam Lan marries Mou Kuet but she dies in Yuk Yin's hands after giving birth to a son. The finale has the twins killing Yuk Yin for revenge.

Interesting scenes that show excellent acting/are exciting

Siu Yu fights with a dog and later a tiger. The villains have wanted to train him to be the supreme villain. But the smart lad leaves the tiger to Sat to kill for him. Later he tricks Kiu Kiu into believing that she has eaten Da Joui's human flesh(but it is pork). This shows Siu Yu's wits well.

Ling Shing teaches Mou Kuet the 4th level of 'Yee Far' skill. She teaches him not to ask as she will tell him the details. So this is how he turns to be - when Yiu Yuet wants him to kill Siu Yu, he accepts the fate without asking why as he thinks they will let him know if it is necessary.

Siu Yu is forced to be with a Muslim girl after eating the chicken at a festival. He tries hard to get away and meets Sam Lan. He saves her from Cheung Jing by hitting a stone at her horse. Cheung Jing has wanted to get a treasure map from her. Later, he hits Sam Lan's acupoint and kisses her! Although he jokes that the best is to make women cry and ignore them, we can see that he is soft to return later. She is so angry that she faints when she tries to poison him to get away. He does the same to Cheung Jing later to slap her back. He lies to Sam Lan that he has searched her body for a treasure map (but it is Cheung Jing).

The poor woman gets so upset that she develops a high fever. He feels bad and takes care of her. Both disguise as old folks to get away from Cheung Jing. Using the same trick, he hits Cheung Jing's acupoint again and threatens to urinate on her if she doesn't call him 'uncle'. She vows to get her revenge.

The snake master threatens Siu Yu to pass him the map since he is poisoned by him. Siu Yu eats the map instead! Gau saves Siu Yu but he finds out that she is learning the unfeeling skill. He doesn't wish her to turn into a stone so he destroys the wall carvings in the ice chamber. Gau can't stop him as she is in the midst of practicing (moreover she is naked too although she hides behind the ice blocks). And indeed, she seals the door to prevent him from getting out. He only gets out when her enemies come and she flees.

The snake master places snakes on Siu Yu after capturing him. But he dies in a duel and Siu Yu has to bear with them crawling over him! Yuen Sang really has lots of guts to do that! Siu Yu manages to trick the others to kill among themselves over the treasure. Later, he sees more people coming so he lies that he kills all of them. He also lies that he is already 80 but he is youthful. I can't stop laughing when the man keeps introducing him to others with a long title - 'king of snakes, master of swords, fealess and invincible Prince Jade that surprises the world'. Siu Yu is so cheeky to say that although he misses some words, it is quite close. After seeing so many top opponents fighting with each other, he says their skills are only passable!

Siu Yu smells a fish as so many maps appear and the treasure site happens to be Ngor Mei's sect leaders' tomb. The sect members try to kill the pugilists but Mou Kuet settles the dispute calmly. Siu Yu is displeased to see Sam Lan impressed by him. He complains that he is sissy and imitates his voice! He then scares Gau with the snakes, pretending to be a ghost. Gau is too shocked to see him alive and waits. He wants to kill her but Mou Kuet stops him. He feels that Siu Yu should give in to women.

Mou Kuet's 2 maids also reprimand Siu Yu for not being a gentleman. Mou Kuet also adds that it is a blessing for him to get scolded by women because some women don't even bother to do that! Upon knowing his identity, Mou Kuet spars with him. This is so unexpected - Siu Yiu wants to use the snakes to harm him but gets bitten instead! Mou Kuet even removes the snakes from him which he can't do.

Knowing that Mou Kuet still wants to kill him, he takes a dagger and points at his chest. If he kills himself, Mou Kuet can't do anything then. Both spar at the cliff and Siu Yu falls! Sam Lan is sad to see this - she thinks that Mou Kuet pushes him over but he denies. Actually, Siu Yu falls deliberately to hold to a branch. He has already learned this trick when he was 15 years old. He meets Siu Mi Mi, to be captured to be her 'empress'.

He takes it easy to get the other 'concubines' to kneel to him. This is where he meets Yuk Long who is caught by Mi Mi after stealing the treasure map from his father's study. Siu Yu uses his wits to drown her upon knowing that she can't swim and both escape. But both are tied to a chain and have to be together to stay in Dok Hok's home. But how can a chain trap him? He releases it to check out the study and confirms his suspicion by finding many other maps which are just drawn. This 'Dai Hup' has actually wanted to cause dispute among the righteous heros by eliminating them one by one.

But Siu Yu really pales in wits to the old man. When he is back to relock himself, he is discovered and Dok Hok deliberately hits his acupoint and puts him into bed - to lure Sam Lan to kill him! Sam Lan has thought that Dok Hok kills her father, Tiet Chin and wants to seek revenge. Mou Kuet stops her in time and she hastily leaves with him. Siu Yu flees and is relieved that Mou Kuet doesn't recognise him so he lies on the beach. He jumps when Mou Kuet says behind him that he is lucky instead!

Once he moves, he can hit his 10 acupoints. Siu Yu chides him for being unfeeling - not knowing how to get angry, love or hate. He is like a wood craved by 'Yee Far Palace'. Siu Yu tries in vain to escape from him so he sits down. Suddenly, Sam Lan appears naked and hugs Mou Kuet. She urges Siu Yu to leave or she will kill herself.

That is sure a touching scene which shows good acting among the three. Sam Lan sobs, Siu Yu looks tormented while Mou Kuet hesitant to push her away. Siu Yu flees and chides himself for being useless.

Mou Kuet also blames himself for seeing Sam Lan and suggests her to join him on his journey since she is alone. She obliges although she feels shamed to see him again. Wan Fei sneers at Siu Yu for looking down on women but yet he is resued by them. She captures him and wants him to be his disciple. She wants him to learn all the ways to defeat Mou Kuet. He is curious to know that she is a concubine and makes the wrong guess that Nam Tien forsakes her. So after learning some skills, he escapes.

Mou Kuet's maids hand clothes to Sam Lan and comments that Mou Kuet treats them as his sisters. So Sam Lan need not feel uneasy in front of him. I really laugh when Sam Lan wants to talk to him but he declines. He has not looked at her in the eye because he feels guilty for seeing her naked earlier on! Siu Yu becomes a chef in an inn. He gasps in horror when the innkeeper tells him that Dok Hok and Mou Kuet wants to see him after finding his dishes delicious. He sees Yuk Long so he tails him.

Siu Yu pretends to 'drown' so that he will work in merchant Duen's medical hall. You will laugh at his remark - how can he not know the herbs well after being with Physican Man and have you ever seen a fish drowning in water? You will sprawl on the floor due to laughter when Maiden Sam tries to impress Siu Yu in a dress. When her father smiles, she says that he is smiling at 'them' but he corrects her, saying that he is smiling at her.

Siu Yu sees a group of men buying valuable herbs and Yee Far maids try in vain to get them later. He wonders why they want the heaty and chilly herbs. He smartly uses a dagger to poke a hole in one of the sacks to trail them. He then realises that they are sent to Mou Seung. Mou Seung is puzzled on why the herbs are there. He knows that Dok Hok frames him so that Mou Kuet can remove a rival for him.

Mou Kuet holds Sam Lan's hand and is at his wits' end. the antidote from Yee Far Palace doesn't work on her and he is at his wits' end. Duk Hok guesses that the person is knowledgeable. He intends to harm Mou Kuet but Sam Lan becomes his victim. They visit Mou Seung. At first, Mou Kuet is indifferent upon sitting down and says little when he is introduced to Mou Seung's friends - Lo Sam and Lo Bat. But his expression turns stern upon seeing the herbs. How he dashes there with a beautiful spin in the air! He takes the medicine home and is enraged to know from Sam Lan that the poisoned oranges that she has eaten are from Mou Seung.

Siu Yu becomes a masked man to clear the air. Mou Kuet spars with him upon finding him suspicious - Siu Yu mentions that he never wins Sam Lan's heart to make him angry. Siu Yu's identity is revealed and Lo Sam takes him away to stay at his home. He is stunned to see a dull-witted Gau. He tells her to remove her clothes and she suddenly uses a dagger to point at his throat. Someone has told her to protect herself. He lies that there is no need to do so since he is her husband. Black Spider says that he is despicable.

This pricks Siu Yu's conscience. When she starts to remove another layer, he quickly covers her with a cloth to say that men should take the initiative. Cheung Jing also knows Dok Hok's true colours when she comes to Mou Seung's funeral. Dai Joui sends a wreath - 'when you're alive, I feel terrible. When you pass away, I'm sad'. Dok Hok shivers while Siu Yu follows the messenger. The man pees on him to make Siu Yu angry.

Lo Bat hears the description and shows Siu Yu a portrait of the 10 villains. He is surprised to see 11 people - 2 of them are brothers - Ou Yeung Ding and Ou Yeung Dong. One is known as gaining benefits while the other never loses out. The man is also one of the villains - Bak Hoi Sam. He likes to make others losing advantage but he himself will not get any favour from it.

Siu Yu sits on the roof looking at Gau. To him, women can be cute but can be troublesome. He sees Black Spider looking tenderly too secretly and teases him for getting frozen in the wind. He suggests blackmailing Mok Yong family so that he can get her. Balck Spider is shocked to know her identity but still agrees to it.

Siu Yu disguises himself so that he can trick Hoi Sam. But he fails - he thinks that both old men are good friends but they turn out to be bitter enemies. Siu Yu is poisoned and panicks - is the no.1 wise man he claims to be is going to die like this? Luckily someone saves him.

Siu Yu is not feeling like a man after running away from Mou Kuet. He is in an inn when others see Mou Kuet with Sam Lan and praise Mou Kuet. His stomach nearly bursts and runs after then. Sam Lan is delighted to see him but he pushes her aside. The men spar and Siu Yu is not his match again. The guys decide to have their duel 3 months later. Siu Yu replies – they might become friends for 3 months. Duk Sat and Dai Joui blames Siu Yu for not running away but he says that he wants to be a honourable man for once.

Sam Lan sees Mou Kuet alone when back and wonders if Siu Yu is killed. He becomes quiet and informs her that he is still alive. She thanks him for taking her for 2 years. No one treats her as nice as him and no one treats her as harsh as Siu Yu. But why can't she forget Siu Yu? She feels letting him down. He says that he is like an elder brother to her.

Nam Tien overhears them and wants Mou Kuet to be frank. He can be the matchmaker to marry them on the spot. Having flowers around in the forest is better than facing the red candles. He laughs and says that he is exactly like Fung. He is shocked to know that he is not Siu Yu and his surname is Far. Then he says that Sam Lan should marry Siu Yiu since she can't forget him. Mou Kuet finds this a humiliation and spars with him.

Nam Tien says that he can let him off if he can endure two strokes. Mou Kuet soon finds t hat Nam Tien is too strong for him. When he knows that Mou Kuet is from Yee Far Palace, both fight fiercely. Siu Yu comes to stop them and Nam Tien tells him that Yee Far Palace is his parents' killer. Siu Yu still refuses to kill because of the arrangement made. When Nam Tien suggests him to talk to Sam Lan, he says that he doesn't know her and she cries to run away. Nam Tien then finds her and both decide to wait for Siu Yu's return.

A Master Bronze captures Siu Yu and wants Mou Kuet to kill him. He also refuses although Master Bronze says they are enemies from birth. Siu Yu jokes that Mou Kuet will find it unbearable to kill him then. Master Bronze decides to protect him for 3 months so that nothing happens to him. Siu Yu tells Mou Kuet to inform Nam Tien that he is unable to meet him. Both suddenly feel an closeness towards each other.

Master Bronze is so angry that he throws Siu Yu up a tree. He feels painful but pretends to enjoy the scenery up there. Later, she throws him on the ground and he lies that his leg is broken. Seeing that 'he' doesn't dare to touch him, he knows that 'he' is a woman. He then jokes that 'he' can't kill him otherwise 'he' can't seek revenge. Sam Lan looks at flowers and thinks that Siu Yu is back to see Mou Kuet instead.

She lies that she is still happy to see him but he knows that some people are hard to forget. Sam Lan asks why he doesn't scold her but forgives her. Nam Tien thinks that Mou Kuet is lying because he has never heard of Master Bronze. Since Master Bronze takes Siu Yu as a hostage, he will also do the same to Mou Kuet.

Yiu Yuet touches Siu Yu's face tenderly and recalls the past of saving Kong Fung. But later, she remembers the humiliation and breaks a table into two. Siu Yu wakes up and wants to go to the latrine. Actually, he wants to make fun of her to let her wait for him. Later, he begs to eat. If not, he will starve himself to death since he is not her match. Others are scared of her but he isn't since she is her bodyguard and he is her master.

Fei Far and Biet Hok try to get Siu Yu in vain from Yiu Yuet so they leave. You will laugh when Biet Hok thinks that Siu Yu is Fei Far's son when she scolds him for leaving her in the midst of learning martial arts and slaps him!

Ow Yong brothers' identities are uncovered and both suffer at the villains hands when they punish the two for keeping their gold from them. Very ruthless indeed when the usually honourable Sat doesn't keep his promise and allows the others to beat them up. The twins lie that the gold is at Mou Gar's place. Mou Gar is the top villain leader – represents the rat out of the 12 zodiac signs.

Siu Yu is rescued by Yiu Yuet's disciple, Ping Gu and both find the money and Gau in Yuk Long's secret hideout. Mou Kuet rescues him. Siu Yu is happy that his 'death' shows Mou Kuet isn't wooden. He wants him to accompany him for these 75 days to look for his masters. Mou Kuet says no and Siu Yu is sad. He is delighted when Mou Kuet wants to be friends with him for 75 years! Marvellous acting from the 2 actors.

Ping Gu is raped by Yuk Long but she still follows him. Mou Kuet returns to Yee Far palace to find both his masters out. He only discovers an unconscious Sam Lan who also wants to ask the same question. They rush to Mou Gar's place but he walks behind her. He avoids her because he is afraid of himself. She stresses that they are siblings so they are open. He is glad that she is braver than him and is relieved. They go for a drink and meets Black Spider.

They follow him into a mansion. Mou Kuet is tricked into believing that Madam Ma (who represents the horse in the zodiac clan) is ill treated by her husband, Bak(who represents the tiger). He is shy when she wants him to carry her. Madam Ma hits him with needles on his leg. Bak uses his magnet to remove one and leaves another near his itch acupoint. If he walks more than 70 steps, he will die of laughter.

Yuk Long captures Sam Lan and she discovers that Black Spider is also captured because he tries in vain to save Gau fromYuk Long. Mou Kuet rushes to stop Yuk Long and orders the three to escape. Sam Lan senses that something is wrong with him and wants to be with him. He feels the pain and laughs non-stop – why should she stay if she doesn't love him? He returns to see Bak dead and Ma gives him medicine to prolong his life for 3 days. She wants him to look for Ying. Their friend, Ng (who is the rabbit) is with them.

He has not wanted to ask help from her after seeing that she is young. She doesn't know martial arts as she thinks having wits is more important than having strength. Ying locks Siu Yu up to heal him but he throws tantrums. Ma wants Ying to make Mou Kuet to reveal the Yee Far skill secret. Mou Kuet has to reveal to her to get cured. He trusts her but after knowing that she tricks him, he is enraged and attacks her. But due to the drug effect, he faints. Ying refuses to tell the couple the secret.

Thus they decide to get Yuk Long to ask her. He pretends to be ill – only to get tricked to be poisoned instead. Ying likes Siu Yu so she saves him from Mou Gar. Mou Gar is her foster father so she learns healing skills from him. The villains come to save Siu Yu. Bak carries Mou Kuet with him. Ma wants Ping Gu to pretend to be in distress to trick Siu Yu. Siu Yu sees through their trick and nearly kills Yuk Long but is prevented by Ping Gu. Ying sees Sam Lan and after knowing that she is her love rival, she tricks her to look for Mou Gar.

The villains try to bully Ying but Mou Kuet stops them. The medicine is too mild and he is able to release his acupoint son. Since she knows his sect secret, he has to kill her although she will not master it. He is alarmed upon knowing where Sam Lan is heading and hurries away to meet her. Yuk Long tricks Siu Yu to eat a poisonous grass and kicks him down a valley. Ping Gu is sad and Ying jumps to join him in grief.

Siu Yu finds that Ng is actually Ma's ex-lover and is a kind man. He decides to pair him with Ping Gu if he has the chance. Both men hear Ying's voice and Ng is puzzled why Siu Yu doesn't shout out to her. Siu Yu says that she will not jump but is dismayed when she lands on him. She knows he is frightened of her because she is smarter. Ng laughs at them.

Yiu Yuet arrives at the cliff with Mou Kuet and Sam Lan. Yiu Yuet warns Ping Gu not to cry as men cheat women but Ping Gu cites that Siu Yu is the only kind man. Yiu Yuet is so angry that she slaps her – none of the Kongs are good. All are shocked to know that Siu Yu is dead. Yiu Yuet laments that she waits 20 years in vain. Suddenly they hear Siu Yu's voice to release Ping Gu for exchange. He is confused to see Mou Kuet saving him. Sam Lan doesn't blameYing for tricking her.

Ying feels that Siu Yu can't forget Sam Lan. She wants Siu Yu to make his own choice. Yiu Yuet forces the two to have a duel. Siu Yu wants Ying to marry another man before he starts fighting otherwise she will turn into an old freak like Yiu Yuet. Suddenly, he collapses and all are troubled to know that he is poisoned by Yuk Long. Mou Kuet refuses to fight an unfair duel runs after Sam Lan.

The others go to Mou Gar's place and are alarmed to be trapped by Mou Gar. This is the best highlight of the serial. Mou Gar is an ugly dwarf and has tried to propose to Yiu Yuet 20 years ago to get rejected. Siu Yu laughs at his wishing thought but Mou Gar insists that this is a perfect combination of wits and beauty. He makes them see his sculptures. He makes all of her kneeling to him. She is so angry that she destroys them to get trapped. Siu Yu makes a latrine with the coffins around.

Yiu Yuet refuses to use it at first but can't bear it any longer. This is sure a pleasure to watch her as a normal person now! Siu Yu tries to tempt her to tell him the secret when she is drunk without success. They suddenly blow all the candles to lure Mou Gar out to attack him. Mou Gar kills himself. Mou Kuet tries in vain to get the out and the villains attack him.

Sam Kong opens a gambling den with all the gold with Black Spider. Gau's sister comes to persuade him to marry Gau as she misses him after he leaves. Sam Kong gives all the gold to them as a wedding gift. Tiet Jien attends the wedding. He is rich now after visiting Dei Ling Palace. All villains also come with Mou Kuet and Sam Lan but flee upon seeing Nam Tien. Sam Lan is delighted to reunite with her father.Nam Tien comes to Mou Gar's place, wanting to rescue Siu Yu but he has already escaped. Nam Tien meets the empress and wonders why she isn't at Dei Ling Palace – the place he hides her.

He then knows that she is an imposter and spars with Fei Far. This is entertaining as she is so good with the whip that this Dai Hap loses to her! She offers to exchange Fung's enemy with the empress's hideout. Siu Yu is delighted to see Chun Lau but signals him not to acknowledge him. Chun Lau is out of the valley with Nam Tien and is shocked to know that Yiu Yuet is with him. Nam Tien finally kills Dok Hok.

Siu Yu, Ying and Yiu Yuet visit the injured Mou Kuet at Gau's home. Sam Lan wants Mou Kuet not to kill Siu Yu. He will not kill him even if she doesn't beg him. She assures him that she will follow suit if he dies. Ying comes after her – he laughs bitterly. Why don't they beg Siu Yu and not him? Ying wants to poison him in vain because Siu Yu stops her. Sam Lan loves Mou Kuet now and both feel letting Siu Yu down.

She tells Ying that Siu Yu loves her initially just to win Mou Kuet. Can Ying bury them together if they die? Ying agrees tearfully. During the duel, Mou Kuet is reluctant to spar with Siu Yu. He has wanted to give him the chance to attack him but he accidentally hits Siu Yu. Sam Lan tries to kill Mou Kuet but Yiu Kuet stops her to tell the truth of them being twins. I am not very happy with the way the director handles this scene as Siu Yu wakes up too fast! He gets the medicine from Chun Lau to feign death.

After this ordeal, Yiu Yuet decides to place hatred aside to master the 9th level of the sect's skill to bring glory to the sect. Nam Tien is grateful to the villains for bringing Siu Yu up. So he allows them to escape after splitting the money. Tiet Jien captures Yuk Long and all demand the antidote for Siu Yu. Chun Lau laughs as he must have eaten the antidote beforehand because no one can survive for more than 3 days. Still, Ping Gu is softhearted to let Yuk Long leave.

Tiet Jien brings them to Dei Ling Palace. Nam Tien is shocked to see the empress starved to death because something goes wrong with the secret chamber's door. He is remorseful. Fei Far spars with Nam Tien again – I like this scene when her whip turns into a stick! Never have I seen a man being hit so hard. So…..Nam Tien dies after his head knocks against a jade chair. What a way to die! The twins are upset to see this and approach Yiu Yuet for help. Both are surprised to see her hair totally white.

She has no temper now. Since Fei Far is expelled from Yee Far Palace, she has no relations with her. Now she has no hatred for anyone and wants Mou Kuet to let go of everything. Siu Yu nearly bursts when she even smiles even though he scolds her! Yuk Long is killed by Fei Far when he wants to work for her ( or rather to try to seek revenge for Dok Hok). The trio manages to trap Fei Far in a hideout and chops her left arm. Finally they kill her with one stroke.

Interesting facts

Wong Yuen Sang shot to fame when this serial was shown. Some felt that he and Mai Shuet made a great screen couple. Shek Sau's role was more of a supporting one but he didn't mind it.

Many were mistaken that Mei Kei and Doi Yong were a couple. The air was cleared later. Many said he resembled Tong Chun Yip and considered him as his replacement. I don't think so - maybe I watched many of his Singaporean works before he joined TVB.

Doi Yong returned to Hong Kong to nurse his leg injury after a Singapore production, 'Dao Ri Ying Xiong Zhuan'. He didn't expect TVB to rope him to act as Mou Kuet. The fighting scenes were 5 times more than the Singapore production. He had not fully recovered but the crew understood his difficulty and assisted him.

He found Chiu Wai a genius. Chiu Wai was expressive, had a good memory and responded fast. Moreover, Siu Yu was a big attraction. So he must be a direct opposite. When he was more active, Ng would be more quiet to let his character shine. He learned a lot from him.

Many wondered how Kiu Wai and Mei Chun could agree to act in cameo performances. Mei Chun was not a person who wanted to contest for more exposure. She has even agreed to star as Hu Yi Dao's wife in 'Fox of Snowy mountain' earlier on. Many found her improving and said she immersed more in the role than Miu. She had matured and thus could handle these roles better.

Kiu Wai had started to star in movies and was able to find time. Some joked that it must be because they wanted to act as a couple here. Chiu Wai found Siu Yu similar to Wai Siu Bo so he was very cautious in his acting and wanted comments from others continuously.

Lin Rui Yang was the producer for the Taiwan version. It was a a joint production with a China company and worth NT$8 million. The serial was shot in Hai Zhou. He actually wanted Li Nan Xing to be Nam Tien, Guo Shu Xian as Sam Lan, Pan Ling Ling to be Yiu Yuet and Pan's husband, Huang Shi Nan to be Yuk Long. Unfortunately, all were too busy to take up the assignment.

The viewership for the Taiwanese version shown under ATV was a miserable 6 points. Why didn't it work since two top idols are here? Many said it had something to do with the bad storyline. However, it had good results when shown on the Taiwanese television at the 8 pm slot.

Many were impressed on how Zhi Yin acted as a woman and an old man. They could not even recognise him. Can you believe that the backstage crew even tried to drive him away?? That is why he was so confident to act well as Luk Siu Fung but we know the result now.

At first, the producer thought of getting Tin Lok or Hiu Dong to act as Mou Kuet but both were too busy. Tin Lok would make a good choice since he was fair then but Hiu Dong's wooden acting could have spoiled the broth, You Peng is a better choice.

Zhi Yin spent 3 sleepless days to complete important scenes. 921 earthquake happened at the time of shooting. Zhi Yin is upset and decided to use the time to promote his album to help the victims instead. Although he is similar to Siu Yu in character, he was upset to see the tragedy. The others also helped in the fund donation raising.

You Peng injured his left knee cap from HZGG but ignored it. But it became so painful when he could not stand during filming. It was found that a bone was broken. He had an operation to remove it in the morning and despite the doctor's protest, he returned to continue filming. He was limping on one leg but still shouted aloud that it was even okay for him to hang on wires. All were impressed by his professionalism.

There were rumours of the 'twins' quarreling with each other over acting parts and who should sing the theme songs. Both dismissed it as they did not even have enough time to sleep. You Peng was too busy to sing as he was also acting for other serials at the same time. Both were scared to see Yee Hung after work. They were so exhausted and wondered why she could look for them or others to jog with her during her free time.

The 2004 version became the 10th most watched drama in China in 2005. The serial was shown in 2005 over ATV to pit against 'Healing Hands 3'. I do not have the exact figure but heard that it did bring down TVB's viewership as many were curious to see how Tse would act in his debut drama.

Movie adaptations

There is one by the late Jenny Tseng Nei's late ex-husband, Fu Shing as Yu Yee and Ng Wai Kok as Mou Kuet. I heard that it was well received. Another one is a horrible 1992 version by Lau Tak Wah and Lin Ching Hsia. The thought of Mou Kuet becoming a woman and loving Siu Yu makes me feel gross.

It is a pleasure to watch 2 talented actors act in this serial. Yuen Sang and Sek Sau are definitely the best pair among all. My only complaint is the VCD version cuts many parts because many links are broken. Do try to get the tapes if you can to watch a complete version! It is a pleasure to watch although the pace can be slow.

The duel scene between the twins should be done in a more touching way. It is better to have a big crowd around. In the novel, the Nam Gong family, Tiet Jin, So Ying, Nam Tien, Chun Lau, Cheng Jing and the two princesses witness it.

The '77 version retains most parts but I am unhappy with the ending. It would've be nice if it has the same ending as the novel to have Nam Tien hugging the twins in tears while shouting aloud to others viewing the duel that Mou Kuet's surname is not Far but Kong. Yiu Yuet kills Lin Shing to prevent her from telling the truth when the twins spar. They still know it anyway and she disappears, laughing and carrying Lin Shing's corpse away.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)
On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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