The Vampire Returns

Reviewed by: sukting

September 28, 2008

Rating: two

How long : 20 episodes

We often see Sau Mun in movies but not in dramas. How about seeing her acting as twins in this ghost story?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Cheung But Ping – Chin Siu Hou
He is a ghost catcher but has to switch his job when business turns bad. He has more than he can bargain for when three women love him. Oh – I should make a correction – it should be two women and a ghost. He likes the demure Piew Suet but has to let her reincarnate for her good. He later develops feelings for her twin elder sister, Piew Hung. Tin Lai tries to come in between them and he gets very annoyed with her.

When she is dead, she creates a lot of trouble for him by turning many people into vampires. He has to seek help from his master and senior.

2. Cheung Nam King – Lai Yiu Cheung
He is But Ping’s senior who envies him for his good luck. He has wished to fall in love but no one gives him the chance.

3. David – Chan Kai Toi
David is a manager for a foreign company and is But Ping’s friend. If not for him, But Ping will never know that he loves Piew Hung. He likes Piew Hung and tries to date her. He showers her with gifts and also makes her gentle. But Ping gets anxious when Piew Hong seems to like David. David unwittingly becomes But Ping’s matchmaker instead.

4. Qu Yan – Lou Nam Kwong
He is But Ping’s superior who always throws his weight around. He likes Tin Lai but he is so pathetic to become a vampire like her when she is hungry for his blood.

5. Cheung Hor Yi - Chor Yuen
He used to be a famous ghost catcher but business turns bad. But after subduing Tin Lai, people flock to him to have their fortune told again.

6. To Tin Lai – Kwan Bo Wai
Her father is rich so he pampers her to be a conceited and spoilt brat. She likes But Ping and keeps on demanding for his attention. She is angry to know that he likes Piew Hung instead. She threatens to hang herself to scare him but a cat topples her stool to cause her death. Since then, she comes back to seek revenge as a vampire.

7. Piew Hung – Cheng Sau Mun
She is frank and behaves like a man. No one treats her like a woman although she ties plaits and that includes But Ping. But Ping enjoys quarreling with her. She is upset after Piew Suet leaves but tries her best to console him. She is flattered when wooed by David but discovers that they belong to two different worlds.

8. Piew Suet – Cheng Sau Mun
She is demure and soft-spoken. She dies when young as Yu Meng accidentally causes her to be drowned. She doesn’t blame her and helps her to get clients. But Ping falls for her immediately, not knowing that she is a ghost.

Even after knowing it, he doesn’t change his mind. However, their romance is short and she being aware that Piew Hung loves him, encourages But Ping to accept her. It takes him a long time as But Ping shakes his head over Piew Hung’s behaviour. Both are two totally individuals.

9. Yu Meng – Lo Yuen Yan
She is an old whore in the brothel and takes care of the twins. She is very remorseful over Piew Suet’s death and still needs her help even after that. Why is she the most popular courtesan and many men keep asking for her?

That is because Piew Suet blinds them with her appearance to trick them to go into bed with her. After Piew Suet’s departure, Yu Meng decides that she has earned enough money to retire from the job for good.

10. Fu Chung Yuk – Lui Yu Yeung
He is the police station inspector. As westernized as he might look, he slowly begins to believe the existence of vampires under But Ping’s influence.

The themesong is ‘Waiting Foolishly’ while the subtheme is ‘Finally Being Serious for Love’ by Sau Mun. Well sung by her and could be found in her 1993 album. They are very enjoyable to listen to.


This serial is trash. It has the same old storyline on how a man loves a pair of twins. Please go for ATV productions if you wish to watch vampire stories. I can’t believe that this sloppy drama is from TVB. The scary scenes can be so fake and the ghost catchers look so clumsy.

TVB has underused all its artistes. Siu Hou only shows his fighting agility while Bo Wai is still in her usual villainess role. The only surprise comes from Sau Mun who plays the twins of different personalities. So this drama is strictly only for her fans.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)
On story : ** (Scale of 5)
On songs : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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