The Winter Melon Tale


Section:TVB Series


Number of Episodes:20

Language: Chinese (Cantonese)

Chinese Title: 大冬瓜

Average Rating:       (out of 1 rating)


One of the the four deities under the Stove god, Fat tung is imprisoned for 500 years in winter melon after accusing the Queen Mother of the West of being ravenous. Tin Tai Kwai (Sunny Cha) and his Wife Chung Pik Yuk (Louisa So) free Fat Tung from the melon. After he is free Fat Tung Spirit accidently enters Tin Tai Kwai brother Tai Fu where he is now trapped. Tung then goes live with Kwai and his wife. Yuk soon suspects that she is not living with her brother in law and tries to unmask tung. Tung tries many things to escape his situation which leads to many adventures while he learns about human nature.


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01-15-2010 02:05 AM


Rather enjoyed the silliness. The kid in me liked it.


08-18-2009 10:55 PM


it looks like an interesting movie..i wouldn't mind watching it


05-06-2009 05:30 AM


oh, issit? it looks funny though in the poster


04-28-2009 10:17 PM


This is a drama for little kids.


04-17-2009 08:41 AM


how can i watch hong kong movies on here

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