Tiger Cubs

Reviewed by: juphelia

February 04, 2013

Rating: four-point-five

This is a refreshing show in that it is in a different format. Instead of the usual 45-minute episodes of 20 or 30 episodes as a whole, this show has only 13 episodes, each around 1.5 hours long, like a mini-movie of sorts for each episode.

Each episode features cases where the highly-trained SDU (consisting of operatives and snipers) goes on call to help the police solve cases and capture suspects, as well as the training behind the SDU and the relationship between Joe Ma (the commander) and his subordinates.

The show started off with two new recruits to the SDU, Him Law and Vincent Wong. The first case featured a gangster with his wife, Kenneth Ma and JJ Jia. This is the first time I see Kenneth Ma in this kind of role, and I must say, I still perfer him in those goody too-good-to-be-true perfect man roles. Not that he does a bad job here, but still, I think I like him better in goody roles. The first case ties in to the last case when Kenneth and JJ made a comeback after breaking out of prison to seek revenge on those who caused him to be in prison in the first place.

The show continued with the training and simulation exercises of the old and new members of the SDU. Him Law is the rich kid, arrogant and irresponsible. Come to think of it, somehow his roles all seem to be like that. In The Hippocratic Crush, Him Law is also the arrogant, who thinks he is always right houseman and thinks the superior is always picking on him, without examining his own attitude in the first place. In Tiger Cubs, his role is also the same - arrogant, thinks he can do no wrong and that the superior is always picking on him. It always takes some incident for him to be put back on track and becomes more humble and sensible.

Oscar Leung is also a nice character to watch, playful and cheeky. Although I think he really looks very young. He is supposed to have a few years of experience before Him Law and Vincent Wong, but he looks even younger than them! Hard to see him as a serious sniper as he always looks so playful!

Jessica Hsuan takes a first for her female police inspector role. I have seen her as strong career women, but this is the first time I see her as a police inspector. On the surface, it would seem as if she would go all out to pursue a suspect, but in reality, she was doing all kinds of suicidal stunts just so she can die and alleviate her guilt of her ex-boyfriend being blasted in a bomb blast some years back.

The cases are interesting and typical. Because each case lasts one episode, the pace is more intense and fast. The SDU came into action, does their job, the police shoots, and that's it. Not much talking or sob story of the suspect.

Which is why I like the show because each story is action packed, to the point and intense. Not to mention the love story between Joe and Jessica is again subtly played out with them getting together only right at the very end, as only a typical TVB plotline can do.

All in all, I give this show a thumbs up for the stories, pace and cast!

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