Till When Do Us Part

Reviewed by: SwordMaster

March 08, 2008

Rating: four

Vietnamese title: Oan Gia Nan Giai
Length: 20 episodes - 10 tapes

Lawrence Ng
Kenix Kwok
Emily Kwan
Melissa Ng
Ho Bo Sang

The story started when Kenix Kwok found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her (I think) and broke up with him. That was also when Lawrence Ng broke up with his girlfriend (Melissa Ng). Lawrence met Kenix when she was sitting out in the rain crying. Three months later, they got married. Emily Kwan plays the annoying aunt of Kenix. Emily always tells Kenix that marrying Lawrence is not a good choice. Kenix and Lawrence didn't live well with each other and seven months after they married, she decided to get a divorce with him and said it aloud at the wedding of Lawrence's brother. Emily was the first one to support the decision. Kenix and Emily got together and went to find a place for Kenix to live in but Kenix didn't have enough money so she moved back into the apartment that she and Lawrence shared. The story continues on how the two still love each other but they both can't admit it until the end.

- Lawrence and Kenix: The two love each other very much but they can't admit it. They got a divorce after seven months of marriage. They always remember the good times that they have together. Both of them are too stubborn to say that they still love each other. Until the end of the series, they were about to get married a second time but the death of one of the characters stopped it from happening. A year later, Lawrence asked Kenix to marry him again but it was too late, she said that if he could have asked her that a year earlier, she would've accepted. Another year or two goes by, the two met each other again on Valentines' day.

- Lawrence and Melissa: Melissa dumped Lawrence at the beginning of the series. But later on she regretted it and still loves Lawrence. Lawrence only pitied her because he only loves Kenix. Later on in the series, he felt sorry for her and told everyone that she's his girlfriend.

- Kenix and Ho Bo Sang (HBS): At first, HBS just wanted to flirt with Kenix because of a bet. As time goes by, he fell in love with Kenix but she doesn't like him. One time, when Lawrence knew that HBS is just trying to win her because of a bet, he was so angry that he punched HBS. HBS fell in love with Kenix and went to her designer school at the Hong Kong Art Center to learn to play the piano for her and to pick her up after his class.

- Emily Kwan and Lawrence's uncle: The two hated each other at first. When Lawrence's uncle saw this pretty girl, he pretended to borrow her phone to call his house to get her phone number. But he didn't know that it wasn't the pretty girl's phone, she was just bringing it to the owner, Emily. He began to call Emily and the two talk for every night. When they agree to meet each other, Emily found out that the mysterious person is Lawrence's uncle and felt sick. She never told him that she was the person that he calls every night. When she tells him, he didn't accept the fact. Later in the series, the two calmed down and went for a drink together. In the end, the two got married.

This series is a romantic comedy. It's a very good story but it drags on and on and on. Some of the parts in the story were really boring. The whole plot is about the two people loving each other but they're too stubborn to say it.

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