To Love with No Regrets


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To Love with No Regrets

Reviewed by: koolkat May 30, 2009

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

The Plot Amy Kwok is Kam Yuk, who is rescued by the kindly owner of a soya sauce factory (Felix Lok) from being sold into a brothel as a child. She becomes the child bride of Tau, played by Bosco Wong, who's the son of the factory owner. She's little more than a maid to the child, as she literally raises him. Tau is a spoilt brat and when his father dies, instead of helping in the soya sauce...

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To Love with No Regrets

Reviewed by: TVBzone June 28, 2004

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Warning! Spoilers Review To Love with No Regrets (Nguoi Chong Toi Non) 20 (Chinese) Episodes/ 32 (Vietnamese) Episodes Casts: Amy Kwok Evergreen Mak Bosco Wong Annie Man Wayne Lai Sherming Yiu Power Chan Chan Hoi-Yee Story Overview: WARNING! Spoilers! Amy Kwok is Bosco's child bride, and they have been married for 14 years. Amy raised him up and only treats him as a younger brother. Bosco, a rich spoiled kid, is very immature and likes to play practical jokes. Before his father died, he left the 'Soya Sauce Factory'...

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10-19-2007 08:54 PM


its so but its alrite


03-09-2007 05:47 AM


This series just couldn't click with me. In spite of multiple attempts to watch it, I have never been able to get past the first five episodes, and at one time, I just decided to fast-forward through the rest. I was right not to persevere, for it is not worth the watch. The story is tolerable, but the cast fails. Yes, Bosco is acceptable, but the overall chemistry is BAD. I just don't see anything worthwhile in the entire show.


02-24-2005 12:00 AM


i thought this series was funny.espcially Bosco's hair style


01-13-2005 12:00 AM


to tell the truth, i didn't expect much from this series. but when i started to watch it, i was so drawn in by the story that i couldn't stop watching it! i think this was bosco's first major role in a series and he did an excellent job! this series made me a bosco fan.


12-09-2004 12:00 AM


I loved this series because it was so funny. I also liked it because of the range of great actors and actresses at the best. They did their parts very well especially Bosco Wong, Annie Man and Wayne Lai. It was terrific!

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