Triumph in the Skies

Reviewed by: Dragonfly

January 30, 2004

Rating: five

Francis Ng Chun Yu - Samuel/Sam Tong Yik Sum
Flora Chan Wai San - Isabelle (Belle)
Myolie Wu Hun Yi - Zoe So Yi
Joe Ma - Vincent Ling
Ron Ng Cheurk Yin - Issac Tong Yik Fung
Sammul Chan Geen Fung - Donald Man
Bosco Wong - Chris Tse
Shek Sau - Philip Tong
Hon Ma Lay - ??
Michelle Yip - Zita
Louisa So Yuk Wah - Ruby

Guest Starring:
Twins and Eason Chan.

Triumph in the Skies is basically about airplanes and airports. The show begins with Belle (Flora Chan) taping up a notice to search for a doll. Belle was a person who believed in Fate and Destiny, she believed the person who finds her 'Triangel' doll would be her prince. Samuel Tong (Francis Ng) and Vincent Ling (Joe Ma) were pilots, co captains who were in Rome. Sam was a goody-two-shoes while Vincent was a playboy and always needed Sam to help him get rid of his 'girlfriends', but they were both best friends. Sam was inspired by his mother to become a pilot, because he knew his mother left for Europe and he wanted to bring his mother back to Hong Kong in his airplane. Vincent on the other hand was inspired by Sam's goal to become a pilot. Sam found the 'Triangel' doll coincidentally while searching in an antique shop.

They returned to the airport to fly back to Hong Kong. On the plane there was a passenger with an appendix problem. To make the problem worse, the airplane started getting a little rocky which worried the passenger. To make her feel safe, a stewardess had Sam go and comfort the passenger. The passenger turned out to be Zoe (Myolie Wu). After talking to Zoe to calm her down, Sam returned to the front of the airplane, not knowing that Zoe had fallen in love with him. The plane arrived at the Hong Kong international Airport, where Belle (Flora) helped Zoe to the hospital.

Sam along with Vincent walked out, the 'Triangel' doll dropped out of Sam's pocket, Zoe who had noticed it picked it up and kept it due to her 'feelings' for Sam.

Sam realized that the doll was gone, called Belle, whom he called Miss X. Belle called him Mr. Y since they never met. She told him over the phone it was okay. Vincent then came and told Sam that he had news of Sam's mother: she was in Rome, Italy. Wanting to find his mother again, Sam flew to Italy to search for his mother. There he met Belle, after mistaking her for his mother. They fell in love at first sight, but separated due to misunderstandings. Both hurt, sad and upset, they returned to Hong Kong.

One Year later
Sam and Belle meet, but this time Belle is not only dating Vincent, but also engaged to him. The misunderstanding continues on. Zoe appears, it turns out after that event one year before she fell in love with the airport, because everyone was so nice to her there. So Zoe becomes a part of the airport, working in the patrol department with Ruby (Louisa So) as her head. Zoe is a very optimistic and klutzy girl. Another reason why she chose to work at the airport was to see Sam again. She does after a while and they become friends.

At the same time Sam's mother (Hon Ma Lay) gets back together with his father Philip Tong (Shek Sau). To make things more uncomfortable, Sam's mother brings Issac (Ron Ng) back, introducing him as Sam's uncle.

It turns out that Issac was NOT Sam's uncle but a younger brother. His mother had become pregnant after leaving his father, although she hadn't realised it at the time.

As rebellious as he was, Issac didn't like the fact that Sam was always on his tail, so he uses his 'uncle' status to threaten him. Issac also tries out for pilot training where he meets, Zita (Michelle Yip), Donald (Samuel Chan, Chris Tse (Bosco Wong) and other friends. Not wanting to make things worse Sam puts up with it until Zoe accidentally tells Issac he is actually Sam's brother. In anger Issac leaves with his pilot in training friends to Japan. Sam goes to look for him and the brothers make up with the help of Zoe and their friends. They return to Hong Kong, where everyone continues working while Issac, Zita and the others go to Europe for training. Sam at first doesn't want to train the pilots-to-be, but after Belle agrees to marry Vincent, he agrees to avoid that fact. The misunderstanding between Sam and Belle is finally solved right after Belle and Vincent got married.
Now Belle feels trapped between the feelings of the two men. Finally she and Sam choose to lead their separate lives. So they remain friends and Belle returns to Vincent.

Zoe and Sam exchange emails when he is in Europe training the pilots-to-be. Donald tries to court Zita, but Zita likes Issac. After the weeks of training, Issac, Zita, Donald and their friends officially become pilots. They then return to Hong Kong for more training to become more professional. Issac and Sam's relationship is getting better and better, as Issac is beginning to look up to his brother, but doesn't want to admit it. Zoe and her cousin Bal (Lam Hiu Fung, the dude in The super trio show) move in to live with Ruby after Flora moves out. Bal developes a crush on Ruby. Zoe starts dropping hints to Sam that she likes him but he rejects her because he thinks she is too young for him. Zoe then tells him optimistically that it's okay, but Sam feels guilty, so she tells him to make it up by buying her a chocolate from every country he flies to.

Vincent and Belle come back from their honeymoon. The company Solar Air that Vincent and Sam work for is now choosing between them for the first Asian Captain of Solar Air. The competition is great since they both have the skills. The Solar Air company is planning for another interview for the two, but before it can take place, Sam lands an out of control airplane in the storm safely and he gets the position. Vincent starts to get jealous of Sam, not only because of the captain position, but also he feels that Belle still has feelings for Sam. Soon enough he gets over it. Vincent now supports his friend, and even recommends the company to enter Sam in the competition for the most outstanding and inspirational person of the year.

However, things don't go so well for all of them. While pushing Belle out of the way of a motorcyle Sam gets hit in the head by a stone, which affects his vision. This leads him having to give up his pilot career until his vision is cured. Because of this, Issac works harder to become a pilot for his brother. Upset and frustrated Sam leaves for Italy. Zoe, worried that he might do stupid things goes there to look for him. Sam realizes how much Zoe has done for him, they start dating and return to Hong Kong. Instead of working as a pilot he works in the department of complaints and compliments. It is a department where people give complaints and compliments of Solar Air.

Vincent now becomes a captain of Solar Air, but still feels that he isn't as good as Sam. Trouble arises in Vincent's family, when Belle thinks she has contracted Aids. Not wanting to worry her husband she goes to Sam for help, but it turns out that she doesn't have Aids after all. Vincent finds out and is angry that Belle didn't trust him to tell him, but instead went to Sam. Their relationship begin to fall apart again and Belle moves out. She realizes that she really doesn't know if she loves Vincent or Sam. Vincent leaves in frustration just as Belle realizes that it is him she has loved all along. Sadly Vincent is killed while saving a little girl in Italy. Belle returns to Italy to Vincent's parents after the funeral.

Zoe and Sam's relationship is drifting away, but Zoe still doesn't mind for she really did love him a lot. On the other hand Issac finds out that Zita likes him, but because Donald is his friend Issac rejects Zita. Hurt and confused Zita starts going out with Donald. Days pass, Zoe and Sam's relationship starts to get better again and Sam's vision starts improving. He can now resume his captain position. Zoe's cousin starts going out with Ruby in secret.

Just as things start get better, Belle comes back and Zoe's heart attack comes back also. Zoe was born with a frail heart. Zoe's cousin, who is now going out with Ruby believes in fate and destiny. He is worried about Zoe and tells her that Sam and Belle are meant to be, and tells Zoe to leave Sam. Zoe's cousin believes that Vincent died because fate wanted Sam and Belle together and that if Zoe doesn't leave Sam, fate would also get rid of her. At first Zoe doesn't care because she thinks that all her dreams are fulfilled as long as she gets to be wth Sam, but as time passes she starts to have doubts about Sam and Belle. After finding out that her heart is not only weak but infected, Zoe breaks up with Sam. But Sam at this time has already fallen deeply in love with Zoe. Sam doesn't understand why Zoe wants to break up with him and goes to find out. But Zoe has left for Europe. He finds her in Rome and finds out that she has a heart problem, which is why she broke up with him. Zoe thinks that Sam wants to get back together with her because he pities her, so she rejects him. She finds out later on that he does love her after he does all these things for her. This makes Zoe want to break up with him more because she doesn't want Sam to be sad if she dies.

Belle sinks into a great depression after the death of Vincent and now hallucinates about him everyday, believing he is still alive. She also tried to get back together with Sam. Zoe finally gets back together with Sam, after someone reported a bomb on the plane Sam was on. This makes Zoe realizes how much she loves and needs him. Zoe and Sam are happily together, but Belle's depressions are getting worse. Zoe's heart attack comes back, and her heart is failing by the minute. Zoe finds out that she has a few weeks to live and wants to spend them with Sam, she also tells Belle that Vincent wouldn't want to see her(Belle) like this. Belle finally get on with her life, but Zoe's condition becomes critical. If she doesn't get a heart transplant by midnight she will die. But the doctor comes and told them that they have found a right heart. The operation is successful and Zoe is saved. Sam and Belle realize that the feelings they have for each other are not as lovers, but more of a brotherly and sisterly love. Belle returns to Italy and Zoe heals quickly.

Issac, Donald and Zita are stuck in a love triangle. Not wanting to hurt either of them Zita doesn't end up with them, but instead the three become best friends. Zoe's health became better and it is time for her to leave the hospital. Sam picks her up and takes her to the airport to propose to her; she accepts.

The wedding is planned just as Zoe dreamed it would be. They get married in the airport. Belle returns in time for the ceremony. After Zoe and Sam leave for their honeymoon, Belle visits Vincent's plane at the airport and tells him to rest in peace and not to worry about her. With Zoe and Sam's help she became a new person and will never do stupid things again.

One Month later
Zoe and Sam return from their honeymoon and there they meet Belle at the airport. They walk up the high balcony and look down. Belle says that the airport is like a real life theatre, everyday there's a new story taking place in it. Zoe and Sam agree with Belle and also add that they too are part of a story taking place in the airport.

It wasn't a surprise that Triumph in the Skies was considered one of TVB's best dramas. The casting and plot were just terrific. When my friend first recommended it to me, I was a little doubtful about it since I wasn't really a big fan of any of the cast except for Flora. But after I started it I couldn't stay away. It was excellent. You can really feel as if you were on the airplane with them. The costumes, set and everything were just great.

Francis Ng as Samuel Tong:
I thought Francis portrayed this role very well. I really look forward into seeing more upcoming tvb series made by him. It was hilarious how he's a good son while his father (Shek Sau) is immature, jazzy and wild. It was really sweet how he treats Myolie. I was also very surprised that there were chemistry between him and Myolie in the series since their age gap was rather large.

Flora Chan as Isabelle:
I thought Flora also did her role very well as a woman who relies on fate and destiny too much. You really can't pity her character when she sank into the depression after her husband's death.

Myolie Wu as Zoe:
I love her! From her first series A Colourful Life, I just like her a lot. She portrays this character well as an optimistic girl who likes a guy who's much older than her. Like I said it was a surprise that she and Francis actually have chemistry together.

Joe Ma as Vincent Ling:
I thought he was great portraying a good friend, good husband and a jealous friend, husband and brother. He was also hilarious in some parts. Like when he told Francis to bore his sister out instead of rejecting her. I am glad that tvb is starting to promote him more. It was sad that his character died just like that.

Shek Sau as Philip Tong:
I love this character! I just plain love this guy, but no I would never want him as a parent. Shek Sau did a great job as an immature father who plays the saxaphone that annoys his son(Francis) and goes out with younger sexy girls.

Ron Ng as Issac Tong:
I think he did pretty well too. His portrayal was pretty good as Issac the rebellious kid. The other series I saw him in was Find the Light. He didn't dissappoint me.

Michelle Yip as Zita:
I don't know what to say about her. She has very limited expressions and acting skills. She was okay as Zita but I found her character a little useless because she really didn't do anything to affect the series. But she's still cool.

Samuel Chan as Donald Man:
His portrayal as a rich boy was average. No comments.

Louisa So as Ruby:
I like her character and the attitude she has in the series. It was funny when she started going out with Zoe's cousin and all these funny things happen. She did her character Ruby well, portraying the different personalities Ruby has at different time.

Guest Stars:
I actually thought Gillian and Charlene's guest appearances were quite useless because they didn't really do much, but misled Myolie into telling Ron that Francis was his brother.

Eason's guest appearance was the best. It was hilarious. Eason played himself, in the series, he was signing cars of his fans in the parking lot. Coincidentally, Francis who was talking on the phone telling the workers in the airport to help him sign the contract, misled Eason to thinking that he also wanted and autograph. It was hilarious when Francis looked at Eason like he was crazy and asking him why he drew on his car.

There was another encounter with Eason when Francis was going out with Myolie. It was hilarious when Francis screamed Eason's name in the mall just to get the autograph for Myolie and everyone stepped aside for Francis. Eason had this hilarious look on his face when Francis asked for the autograph.

Good Scenes:
Any scene with Francis and Shek Sau together is hilarious.
Any scene with Shek Sau alone is hilarious.
Some scenes with Louisa So were funny.
Scenes with Francis and Myolie were very sweet.
Scenes with Eason were hilarious also.

Overall I thought this series deserves a 5-star rating


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