Untraceable Evidence


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Untraceable Evidence

Reviewed by: Tammy March 28, 2008

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Cantonese Title: Gam Ching Sat Look Vietnamese Title: Truy Tam Bang Chung Cast: Flora Chan as Lip Bo Yin/Pauline Bowie Lam as Tseng Ka Yuen Lee San San as Choi Siu Tong/Siu Tong Choi Simon Lo as Tseng Ka Kiu Margaret Chung as Lip Chun Chun Character Descriptions Lip Bo Yin/Pauline - She is a medical examiner who works in the Hong Kong Forensic Department. She can be described as a woman in the new millenium. Independent and intelligent are two words to describe this woman. She has a...

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Untraceable Evidence

Reviewed by: seashell October 15, 2003

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Warning! *spoilers* (especially in the fav. scenes section!) Lip Bo Yin, Pauline…..Flora Chan Wai San Tsung Ka Yuen…………Bowie Lam Siu Tong Choy………….Lee San San Tsung Ka Kiu……………Simon Lo Lip Jun Jun………………Margaret Chung Lai Kei Lip Bo Yee………………Chan May Kei *Little disclaimer: I know this series is considered to be kind of old, but I really wanted to share my thoughts on it and give fans a thorough critique of the series. Although I’ve watched this series several times, it’s been about a...

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02-23-2005 12:00 AM


i prefer the sencond one to the first but i thought it was sad that Siu Tong Choy died in the end but i'm glad Lip Bo Yin and
Tsung Ka Yuen finally gottogether in the end

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