Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love

Reviewed by: dna

October 19, 2004

Rating: four-point-five

Jason-Nick Cheung
Yama-Maggie Cheung
Ah Din(Christine)-Joyce Tang
Lau Wah-Steven Au

Plot: This story is about Yama, who broke up with her boyfriend on a cruise just before their wedding. She meets Jason and they fall in love. On the day of the marriage, Jason overheard Yama telling her former boyfriend that Jason was his substitute, hence Jason pretended to have an affair to hurt Yama. They went separate ways, meeting again 3 years later working on the same ship.

Note: Please don't read this review if you haven't watched the show as there are spoilers

This show is very funny during most of the scenes between Jason and Yama, especially the parts where Jason tries to get Yama together with Lau Wah so he can stop paying alimony to Yama, but the plans always fail and he ends up with Yama.

I kind of like Nick Cheung as Jason and his acting in this show is quite well. His singing is not bad either when he sings 'You'll be my love' to Yama during her birthday.

This character is okay but I feel she is overtly concerned towards Christine, her half sister, almost like a mother, but perhaps she was trying to make up for whatever her father did. But towards the end, you would be frustrated with her, wondering why she believed Lau Hua so much and failed to listen to Jason, and worst still, she actually agreed to marry Lau Hua later? And she would have married him if Jason didn't expose Lau Hua's scam. I didn't really like Maggie Cheung in some of her past shows but I think she acted well here.

I kind of liked her in the middle and towards the end of the show for she was self-sacrificing and didn't cling on to Jason, knowing that Yama and Jason liked each other. She also helped Jason win Yama back and exposed Lau Hua's scheme.

Jason + Yama
I felt that they were very cute as a couple.

Favourite Scenes:
- When Yama was in the cable car with Lau Hua and nearly 'killed' him
- When Jason sang the song to Yama
- When Jason let Yama sleep on his hand and didn't wake her up
- The parts when my favourite music comes up between Yama and Jason

Why I did not give it 5 stars:
The last 4 episodes were a killer...when Yama believed Lau Hua and Lau Hua managed to convince her that Jason was a bad guy when he was the one instead. It was kind of irritating to see him succeeding right after Jason and Yama got together.

Irritating characters:
Lau Hua
He was one character you would feel like killing.

Yama's mother
She was irritating, especially during Yama's birthday when she kept interrupting them.

I don't really like the opening themesong, but I do like the English songs played in the show a lot. Also, the background music is excellent in some parts of the show.

The ending was kinda funny, although I felt they shouldn't have let Christine do so much for Jason.

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