Reviewed by: sukting

December 11, 2008

Rating: three-point-five

How long
40 episodes

This is a story about an innocent girl who is transformed into a scheming woman to take revenge on her enemies. Do you wish to know how Bik Ha does in her debut drama? Is there chemistry between her and her male co-stars?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Ou Yeung Hoi Chiu – Wan Bik Ha
Hoi Chiu is sent to the orphanage after her family is broken up by Wing Fatt. She writes to the orphanage's sponsor, Uncle Rain whenever she has any difficulty. He will solve the problems for her and although they have never met, she regards him as her kin. She has two good friends, Kam Lin and Yat Chu. The three are to leave the orphanage as they have completed high school.

On the day they are supposed to leave, Hoi Chiu learns that Uncle Rain is visiting the orphanage nun. She wishes to meet him but is scared that he will damage her impression of him so she suppresses her urge. She keeps dreaming of a woman singing to her and also the fire. She is puzzled over her parentage.

It is Wing Fatt's marriage celebration dinner and Hoi Chiu works part-time as a kitchen helper. She is mistaken to be a thief when Chor Ngan's ring is missing. Her impression of Kiu family is bad and even worse when she learns of her past. She feels her whole world has collapsed after Bik Yuk's death and she has implicated Yau Wai to get jailed. She decides to plan for her revenge and cuts off all links with Uncle Rain. She works in Kiu enterprises but is unable to get close to them as her job is lowly.

Hoi Chiu even pretends that she has a change of heart to make Yau Wai give up on her. She finds a chance to get close to Yuk Lun after knowing that he likes car racing. She gets first in a contest to get his attention. She also reads up on flowers to gain his favour. She even sells away her parents' necklace to buy an expensive swimwear. All think that she has turned materialistic.

Yuk Lun is delighted when Hoi Chiu even manages to get his grandson to visit him. Ching also gets along well with her so both accept her as their god-daughter. She becomes their confidante and also capable assistant in his company. She tries getting evidence of Wing Fatt's illegal activities and is nearly discovered. Luckily, Lap comes to her aid. She is confused if he is a friend or foe. Hoi Chiu sets a love trap for Fai but he manages to stop on time so her plan fails. (That is surely a close shave and countless times to worry for her later as she sets different traps for others.)

She manages to have Fai arrested and knows that she will get her revenge soon. Thus she sends all her letters including her revenge evidence to Uncle Rain (or rather Lap.) Lei knows that Hoi Chiu hurts Fai but he is the one who kills him. So he frames her for the deed to send her overseas illegally. Lap feels a strong pang of regret after reading Hoi Chiu's letters and blames himself for committing the big mistake.

He knows that Lei has something to do with Hoi Chiu's disappearance and confronts him. Lei refuses to tell him and both brothers fall out. Hoi Chiu lands up in Cambodia and realizes that Lei has deceived her. It is too late as she becomes a sex slave for a general and his subordinates. She nearly wants to kill herself but later remembers that she still has to answer to Uncle Rain so she struggles to live on for revenge.

Hoi Chiu sees Uncle Rain's advertisement in the papers, looking for her. She tries sneaking away but gets caught to be tortured. One night, the government raids the place as it contains drugs. Hoi Chiu falls down the cliff and goes missing. Lap and Yau Wai are sad to know about it. Lap still firmly believes that she is alive and looks for her. He finds her and his earnest moves her. Lap wishes her to stop seeking revenge and he will take good care of her. She only gives a brief yes but she has not given up.

Lap is afraid that Hong Kong will bring sad memories to Hoi Chiu so he suggests not returning. But she insists of doing so as she wants to take care of Hoi Fung. Upon returning, she confronts Lei. Lei confesses his doing and Hoi Chiu already has a gun with her. She attempts to kill him before killing herself but luckily Lap stops her. Both start to compete with each other in the business world.

Both want to buy a piece of land. Hoi Chiu deliberately jacks up the price to cause Lei to suffer a loss. Lei is enraged and reveals to all what happens to her in Cambodia. This increases the fire in her for vengeance. After many deaths, Hoi Chiu analyses that many die because of her revenge. If she can't settle it, she will let them down. Thus she has to seek revenge on Wing Fatt and Lei.

Seeing how Lei falls to his death makes Lap realize that Hoi Chiu hasn't given up on revenge, he is very upset and asks her to give up. She lies that she will. Wing Fatt ages within one night but Hoi Chiu doesn't stop tormenting him and almost pushes him down the stairs. Lap finally understands that Hoi Chiu has become a revenge machine. He becomes very upset and leaves Hong Kong.

Hoi Chiu then realizes what she misses in life after he leaves. She becomes a better person and hopes that he will forgive her. Although he never shows his face when he still leaves her to be alone at the post office, all will assume that she is forgiven.

Hoi Chiu is considered to be a villain as her hatred is too great to seek revenge. But if she isn't cold-blooded enough, Bik Ha will not become a household name in her debut. She is not used to the drama schedule as she is too used to shoot movies. She still doesn't have enough experience to handle this complicated role but she is photogenic and has a natural air. This makes me accept her as Hoi Chiu.

2. Kiu Fai – Lee Shing Cheong
He is Wing Fatt's eldest son. He dislikes his younger brothers as he thinks that they endanger his position at home. He is attracted by Hoi Chiu's beauty and finds chances to get close to her. Hoi Chiu sees that he is only acting as a gentleman and thus attacks his weakness to seek revenge. He is brought up through strict upbringing and never has so much fun with Hoi Chiu.

Seeing her always with Lei torments him. Hoi Chiu keeps comparing him with Lei and hinting that she could have chosen him if not the fact that he is married. Fai is totally obsessed with her and is more hostile towards Lei. Fai learns of Hoi Chiu's coming engagement to Lei and tells Kam Lin. Kam Lin confronts Lei but is fooled by him again. Kam Lin gets his criminal evidence and passes to Hoi Chiu to hand over to ICAC. Fai is then charged for forging accounts to become the top news.

Fai discovers that Kam Lin betrays him and she admits that she is under Hoi Chiu's command. Upon knowing that he is cheated by both, he attempts to rape Hoi Chiu. The two women accidentally hurt Fai and Lei comes. He feigns that he loves Hoi Chiu and will help her to escape out of Hong Kong. She is at her wits' end to agree to it. Fai wakes up and is about to tell Wing Fatt when Lei kills him. He also kills Kam Lin when she returns.

3. Kiu Lap – Wan Siu Lun
He is Wing Fatt's second son. He and Lei stay with Wing Fatt's family after his mother's death. He is very independent and thus works hard to become a successful architect. Wing Fatt wants Lap to give the art house project to Yuk Lun to get into his good books. Lap is in a dilemma but still gives the project to another company as he is a fair person. He quarrels with Wing Fatt over it.

Lap meets Hoi Chiu at a ball and he realizes Hoi Chiu's identity after the nun's introduction. He is attracted by her. He is actually her sponsor, Uncle Rain. She might be influenced by his identity so he decides not to disclose it. (What a wrong decision made!) Both have a dance but revenge floods her mind so she isn't aware of Lap's well intentions.

Seeing that Wing Fatt is recovering from a heart attack, Lap realizes that he fails to show him concern all these years and talks to him. But he thinks that he is like Lei to try to get into his good books to scold him. Lap gets so mad that he walks away. Lap can't suppress his love for Hoi Chiu after meeting her. He is puzzled why Hoi Chiu stops writing to him (as Uncle Rain) and why she isn't the same Hoi Chiu he knows from her letters.

Lap is away from Hong Kong because of a job assignment. He returns to discover that she becomes Lei's girlfriend. He is in the state of shock. He finds it unbearable to face the two and decides to leave Hong Kong. But he can't reject Yuk Lun's invitation to design a building for him to stay on. Hoi Chiu discovers that Fai uses illegal workers and she opposes to it.

The workers threaten to hurt her and Lap comes to her rescue. She feels secure when with him and falls asleep in his car as she is tired. Observing her perfect features, Lap begins to sketch her and keeps the drawing secretly. (Being an architect is like an artist to be able to draw everything at a fast rate. The drawing is really very beautiful.)

Lap is about to reveal that he is Uncle Rain and wishes to know why she gets close to his family. But he is afraid that this will damage their relationship so he stops probing. Hoi Chiu also senses that Lap knows a lot by her. She is attracted by his knowledge and mannerisms. But upon recalling that he is from the Kiu family, she stops herself. Both are unable to bare their feelings to each other. (Many beat their chests over this. She might have stopped if she knows his identity.)

Lap sees Lei and Kam Lin together so he reprimands him for being a two-timer. Hoi Chiu knows that Lei is unreliable but she still makes the sacrifice to be with him. The two families then decide to hold the engagement for the couple. Lap senses that she doesn't love Lei but he can do nothing. He can only suppress his feelings and decide to work in Vietnam. He becomes drunk one night and goes to bed with Sam Mei. Lap learns that Fai and Wing Fatt are involved in the law suit and hurries home.

Wing Fatt blames him for being a busy-body to upset him. Lap learns of the reason for Hoi Chiu's change and is anxious. He also shows the letters to Yau Wai. Yau Wai also regrets his treatment towards her. Although the chance of finding her alive is slim, Lap puts down his work and goes all the way to Cambodia to look for her. Lap meets with a car accident on the road. A lot of beggars appear to snatch the dead's belongings. He recognizes one as Hoi Chiu.

Seeing how haggard she becomes because of circumstances and illnesses, it pricks his heart. He sends her to hospital. He learns from the doctors' reports that she has lots of diseases. He feels the anguish that she has been through. He isn't afraid of catching the viruses and takes care of her personally. His sincerity touches her. He tells her that he is Uncle Rain and reveals that he falls for her after the ball. Hoi Chiu is apologetic and agrees to move on.

Lap sees Hoi Chiu focusing her attention in managing Yuk Lun's business. He mistakens that she has given up her revenge thoughts and thus concentrates on his career. Lap is on an overseas assignment and arrives home early. Hoi Chiu is on her way to the airport and her car breaks down. She parks it on the roadside and takes a cab to the airport, forgetting her handphone on the car.

Lap nearly becomes a nervous wreck when he can't find the empty car. He thinks that Lai has kidnapped her and warns Lei not to do anything recklessly. When he sees her again, he hugs her tightly and refuses to let her go. It is like missing her for a lifetime and he decides to marry her despite Wing Fatt's disapproval. (Siu Lun is excellent in this scene on how insecure Lap becomes when Hoi Chiu goes missing.)

Realizing that Hoi Chiu has never changed, he leaves Hong Kong. He leaves a letter – he hates people lying to him and Hoi Chiu does it repeatedly to seek revenge. Not even showing mercy to his paralysed father. His heart has died. Maybe their relationship as a sponsor and the receiver is better. It seems that he wants to give her a last chance to see if she will regret these 3 years.

He also wishes to see if her love for him has diminished within this period. It proves that she still loves him as she doesn't attempt to know someone else. Lap returns to pay respects to Bik Yuk, Yau Wai and Chong Nam. He also takes his father away and takes away all Hoi Chiu's letters to him from the post office. Hoi Chiu should be showing repentance as she can never lie to Uncle Rain. Although the last scene is showing Hoi Chiu running out of the post office after discovering the letters missing and she has a lost expression as she can't find Lap, many believe that Lap has forgiven her and they will be together soon.

Siu Lun has maintained his standard in acting. I adore this role – mature, sensible, successful in career at a young age and kind. Who will expect Uncle Rain to be so young? He can act evil and good roles well. But unfortunately, his role is one-dimensional and fails to shine as well as Kar Leung.

4. Kiu Lei – Lo Kar Leung
Lei is Lap's younger brother but he is never important in Wing Fatt's eyes. He is eager to gain success and eyes for the bank loan manager post. But Wing Fatt has no confidence in him and Fai keeps saying bad words about him. There goes his chance. He then comes to the nightclub and has conflicts with Yau Wai. This causes both to be bitter enemies from then on. Lei misappropriate the funds to get more returns from investments to cause Wing Fatt to scold him again.

He is in low spirits to fight with others so Lap has to bail him out to console him. This evil man can arrange to kill Bik Yuk just to get Wing Fatt's favour. He then silences the killer but the killer tells Yau Wai about it before he dies. Although Yau Wai informs the police, both father and son are released as there is lack of evidence. Wing Fatt's treatment to him is even worse after this.

Lei knows that Hoi Chiu is Yuk Lun's favourite and Wing Fatt has no chance to get close to Yuk Lun. Thus he dates her and Hoi Chiu accedes as she is also seeking revenge. Both start to appear in Kiu's home as a couple. Wing Fatt gets a contract from Yuk Lun so Lei is pleased that he is able to shine now. He wants to surpass his father so he has connections with the underworld. He attempts to rape Hoi Chiu without success. (I keep rubbing my eyes – is this man really Kar Leung? He is really good at it.)

He discovers her identity and knows that she is up to no good. Lei never change his attitude towards her as he still needs her to consolidate his position. He feels the pressure when Fai uses his position to threaten him because of her. He discovers Fai's affair and gets close to Kam Lin. Kam Lin is attracted to him and is willing to be his tool. Lei becomes the GM and starts to make life difficult for Fai. He later kills Fai and marries Yau Bo to spite back at Yau Wai. He gains control of the whole company after Fai's death.

Lei forces Wing Fatt to pass his authority to him and becomes a threat to Yuk Lun. Yuk Lun is old and doesn't have the energy to fight with him. Lei meets Hoi Chiu at a function and doesn't give up insulting her. She hates him but tolerates it. Lei becomes the President of the company and kicks Wing Fatt out of the management. Lei wants to have a share of the underworld to increase his wealth.

Yau Wai thinks that he can trick him but gets framed by him instead. He has to leave Hong Kong. He wants to kill Lei and Chong Nam fails to stop him. Even Hoi Chiu is unable to change his mind. He is of no match and dies in Lei's hands. (I can't accept this – isn't he a good fighter all along?!)

Lei thinks that he wins Hoi Chiu in everything and that clouds his judgment. Hoi Chiu aims at one attack and causes him to lose everything overnight. (a typical arrangement in all Hong Kong dramas – can all these happen in one episode?) Lei is accused of forging accounts and deceiving the banks. His reputation is ruined overnight.

Lei is angry and makes use of Lap's name to lure her out. He wants to kill her but luckily the police arrive. Lei falls off the building and dies while the other two are rescued. It seems that every actor must act as a villain to become famous. This is no exception for Kar Leung. He transforms so much to this man evil to the core and he has shed his shy image to become so daring. He really has Bik Ha and Kar Bo to thank to as both help him in emotional and sentimental scenes.

If Siu Lun is good, Kar Leung is excellent. It is so much easier for a pretty and innocent-looking woman to gain favour instead of a man. Hoi Chiu doesn't need to work so hard to get recognition but Lei always gets condemned for what he does. Life is unfair but what can we say?

5. Kiu Mun – Leung Pui Hu
She is Wing Fatt's youngest daughter. She disapproves of his ways and often goes against him. Although Suk Kuen is reluctant, she sends her overseas to study. She wants a year's payment in advance and Lap checks out that she doesn't get on the plane so he searches for her. She is uninterested in studies and works as a waitress in a bar. She is commanded to leave the U.S. as she isn't supposed to work as a student.

Wing Fatt scolds her but she blurts out his ugly past. She has to stay in a villa on her own but later migrates overseas as she can never agree to her brothers' doing.

6. Fong Yau Wai – Yin Yeung Ming
Yau Wai befriends Hoi Chiu when she is almost injured in a fight. They discover that they are neighbours and he works as a martial arts instructor. He is a boxer at night for a nightclub in protecting the dance hostess so Hoi Chiu has the wrong impression that he is living off women. He likes Hoi Chiu but fears that she will look down on him so he can only treat her nicely.

Initially, she rejects him as he isn't her type. He then proceeds to work at her factory to get a stable job. He knows that she is in need of money to pay her school fees so he borrows from a loanshark. He wants Yat Chu to lie that the money is from her. Hoi Chiu is touched to know that so they become friends. He feels insecure upon seeing her teacher treating her so well so he decides to become a stuntsman for a movie. She gets worried over his safety and both finally affirm their feelings with each other.

He finally becomes a chef to rest her mind. Lei then pretends that Yau Wai has hurt him to sue him for threatening him. Yau Wai has only Hoi Chiu as his witness as the others are bribed. A dance hostess, Ou Yeung Lei is mistaken as Hoi Chiu to get killed. Yau Wai knows that it is Kiu's family's doing so he gets his friends to prevent her to testify. He confesses to the crime to get jailed for 2 years.

Upon knowing from others that Hoi Chiu wants to part with him and she never visits him, he sneaks out of jail to confront her. Upon seeing how she has changed, he gives up and returns to the cell. But he still harbours hopes after his release but she keeps humiliating him. He knows of her engagement to Lei and thinks that she is doing it because of money. Luckily, Chong Nam consoles him.

Yau Wai is with Lap searching for Hoi Chiu when he gets his family's call to return home. He has a shock of his life knowing that Yau Bo is pregnant. She refuses to tell him who the culprit is and attempts suicide. Luckily, Chong Nam discovers her letter to know what happens and saves her on time. Yau Wai gets so mad to beat Lei up. The two nurse a bigger grudge against each other.

Yau Wai feels that it is time for him to marry Chong Nam and both start preparing for their wedding. Upon knowing Hoi Chiu's return, he goes to meet her. He learns of Lei's deeds and regrets implicating her. But he doesn't wish to let Chong Nam down and insists of marrying her. Lei forces him to leave Hong Kong so he wishes to kill Lei for Hoi Chiu but he ends up getting killed instead.

I don't know why but I feel that Yeung Ming's style is very similar to Yat Wah. Still, he must be commended for doing well as the rugged but devoted lover.

7. Dong Sam Mei – Mak Chui Han
She is Lap's friend and also shareholder in his architect firm. She has thought that she has found the right man, Philip to marry but luckily Lap discovers that Philip isn't sincere to her. She breaks up with Philip but he rapes her. Lap helps her to get back to her feet again and she falls for him. Philip spreads ugly rumours about Sam Mei and Lap. Although Lap doesn't take it to heart, she feels bad for implicating him.

Sam Mei persuades Lap successfully to continue his career in Hong Kong instead of returning to the U.S. She thinks that they have a chance to develop further but he only treats her as a friend. He can only pretend that he doesn't know. Sam Mei later knows Lap loves Hoi Chiu deeply and steps out of the love triangle. Chui Han seems too mature looking and it is hard for me to see her as Lap's girlfriend.

8. Tong Kam Lin – Tsui Kar Bo
She knows Hoi Chiu through her stay at the orphanage. She is materialistic and works in a commercial firm. She gets close to the manager. Seeing her with a lot of jewels, Yau Wai suspects her to become someone's mistress and asks Hoi Chiu to watch on her. But she will never listen. She is soon ditched and nearly kills herself if not for her two friends. Hoi Chiu arranges Kam Lin to work in Yuk Lun's company after she becomes Yuk Lun's god-daughter.

Kam Lin envies Hoi Chiu's life so she arranges her to become Fai's secretary to get business secrets. But she is still unsuccessful in getting more evidence. She knows that he is the sole successor to the Kiu business so she is willing to become his mistress. Fai knows that she sees through his affections for Hoi Chiu so he transfers his love to her. He doesn't know that he has fallen into her trap.

Lei makes use of her to know secrets of Hoi Chiu and Far. She is willing to be made use of as she falls for him. (If you see the scene of them in the lift, Kar Leung is really convincing here as the hooligan.) Kam Lin forces him to meet her on the night of his engagement to Hoi Chiu and later loses her job when her affair with Fai is exposed. Fai then keeps her as his mistress and refuses to return home. She later dies in Lei's hands without knowing why. Kar Bo is a born natural – younger actresses should learn from her.

9. Fong Yau Bo – Yu Sin Mun
She is Yau Wai's younger sister who stays with her aunt. She will avoid telling others about herself. Her cousin, Tak Kin is interested in her but she finds him irritating. She is a university student and loves joining debates. She wins a prize and Lei is the presenter. She falls in love with him at first sight upon seeing him so dashing. Lei knows that she is Yau Wai's younger sister and hatred rises in him.

He decides to seek revenge on her. Knowing that she is imaginative, he woos her. Although Yau Bo knows that he is Yau Wai's enemy and doubts him before, she can't help loving him. She ends up being pregnant and her family knows about it. She feels lost and is in a dilemma when Cheng advises her to abort the baby. Lei proposes to her and she accepts it readily. Knowing that he can't stop them, Yau Wai warns Lei to treat Yau Bo well. After marriage, he treats her like dirt but she doesn't dare to tell her family.

Yau Bo later has a miscarriage and Lei neglects her even more as he likes children. He keeps beating her up and she doesn't tell anyone about it to pretend to be blissful. She suspects him of killing Yau Wai and he confesses it – even the fact that he doesn't love her at all. During a struggle, she is pushed down the stairs and injures her head to become mad.

This character is a blockhead. How can she fall for her enemy? What is the point of her studying so much and is blind to tell the truth from the wrong? This actress's acting is also very wooden.

10. Fan Yat Chu – Choi Kar Lee
She also knows Hoi Chiu through her stay at the orphanage. Although she is quiet, she is down to earth. She works as a receptionist in an accounting firm. Although she feels the job is unsuitable, she still stays on as she doesn't want to burden her friends as they rent a room together. She likes Yau Wai when he fends gangsters for her on her way home. She mistakens that he is interested in her when he celebrates her birthday with her but is upset to know that he is interested in Hoi Chiu instead.

She is beside Yau Wai after his release but his mind is only on Hoi Chiu that saddens her. She later marries her superior who is in love with her all along.

11. Ng Chor Ngan – Ng Mei Yee
She is Fai's wife and has a son. They are married for a long time but their relationship is as stagnant as water. Plus temptation from Kam Lin and Hoi Chiu, their relationship becomes worse. He keeps saying that he wants to divorce her but Wing Fatt doesn't want his reputation to be tarnished to forbid that.

Lei wants to deal with Kam Lin and Fai so he deliberately lets Chor Ngan discover their affair. Fai doesn't admit his mistake and humiliates her to upset her. She is under so much stress that she blurts out this incident to Wing Fatt when he is meeting his client. She is willing to reconcile with Fai but he insists of divorcing her. Fai then has to eat the humble pie when Wing Fatt threatens to dismiss him.

Chor Ngan becomes daring and drinks daily. Hoi Chiu feels apologetic to implicate her and wishes Kam Lin to stop but Kam Lin wants to get more from Fai before she stops. Fai still wants to divorces her and she turns mentally unstable.

12. Kiu Wing Fatt – Wong Wai
He is a ruthless businessman. Afraid that Yau Wai will continue to harass him over Bik Yuk's murder, he sends men to beat Cheng up. Yau Wai goes to his office to disclose this ugly deed to cause embarrassment to him. He then scolds Lei for causing trouble. After Fai's death and although he is let off as a free man, he straightens his thoughts. He feels that Lap is the only reliable son. He wishes him to inherit his business but Lap can never rest his mind till he finds Hoi Chiu.

Wing Fatt is forced to hand out Fai's property. Yuk Lun approaches him at this time to buy his shares at a low price. He has no choice but to agree to it. He loses his rights to Lei and has a stroke to become wheelchair bound. He then regrets his evil deeds.

13. Wai Chong Nam – Yip Yuk Ping
Chong Nam's father is an underworld boss but she tries hard to make all businesses lawful. Her father and brother are killed by other triads. She has no choice but to manage the business with her sister-in-law. Yau Wai gets drunk at her bar and both quarrel. He ends up becoming her chauffeur. She dislikes him and forces him to sign a contract with her. He hates it but still bears with it.

Her uneven temperament causes her subordinates to grumble and she hates Yau Wai even more when he criticizes her. He understands her better when knowing about her family background. Chong Nam's business rival seizes many people to job-hop. Yau Wai manages to get his ex-colleagues to help out. Chong Nam admires his ability. He protects her from being attacked and gets seriously injured. She takes care of him and both fall in love after that.

Chong Nam knows that Yau Wai feels inferior so she often encourages him. But she gets jealous upon seeing how hard he and Lap search for the missing Hoi Chiu. She is aware that Hoi Chiu is still the most important person to him. Seeing how haggard he becomes, she gets her men to carry out the search. She learns that Hoi Chiu is brought to the open sea. Knowing that Yau Wai will not rest his mind, she allows him to go to Vietnam with Lap.

Yau Wai's death makes her learn about Yau Wai's deep love for Hoi Chiu. Knowing that Yau Wai has never seen her in a dress, she goes to his grave in one. Chong Nam doesn't wish to carry on living and kills herself in front of Hoi Chiu after Yau Wai's burial. This is another sad role that many will pity.

14. Fu Yuk Lun – Bao Fong
He is a rich businessman who is in the top property business. Wing Fatt always to get into his good books to expand his business. His sons always do stupid acts to spite at him over Ching. Can you believe that both even sell the company shares to others? Luckily, he manages to get them back. He finally remarries and leads a quiet life. But he isn't muddle-headed as he knows Hoi Chiu gets close to him with a motive.

Lei gets close to him and Ching so that he can become the GM. Yuk Lun is very wary of him but his two sons fail him. They sell away his old house land to Lei to anger him. Hoi Chiu learns of Ching's death and consoles him. He is prepared to let Hoi Chiu take care of his business after her recovery to deal with Lei.

15. Wong Ching – Ma Ching Yee
She is Yuk Lun's mistress but has to continue this dark life after his wife's death as his sons disapprove of them together. Unlike other women who get easily jealous when women crowd around their husbands, she notices that Hoi Chiu is like her past. Both get along well and she treats her like a daughter. Unfortunately, her old illness has a relapse and she dies.

16. Chung Bik Yuk – Wong Mun Yee/Lo Lan
She is Hoi Chiu's mother who is angry that Wing Fatt causes Chung's death. She takes a chopper, wanting to kill Wing Fatt. But she ends up killing the gardener by mistake and has to be jailed for 10 years. When she is released, she becomes half blind and turns into a beggar. Hoi Chiu is hesitant to acknowledge her initially but blood is thicker than water so they are together.

She tells Hoi Chiu of their past but Hoi Chiu wants a peaceful life to tell her to forget about the past. She keeps fainting as there is a brain tumour. All are unable to raise the sum of money for her operation till Yau Wai becomes a stuntsman again. She recovers and finally sees the state Hoi Fung is. She gets mad when Wing Fatt and Lei come to observe the workers. She springs to them and gets kicked onto the floor. Hoi Chiu is angry over it when she comes after they leave.

Lei finds out the past and wants to impress his father so he sends someone to burn Bik Yuk to death. Bik Yuk's death upsets Hoi Chiu while Wing Fatt finds Lei too impulsive. Her death changes Hoi Chiu's outlook towards life to seek revenge.

17. Ou Yeung Hoi Fung – Wong Wai Leung
He is Hoi Chiu's brother who is retarded after the tragedy. He works in a small factory. Hoi Chiu finds him and decides to take care of him.

18. Fong Ching – Choi Kok Hing
He is an experienced pickpocket but doesn't take good care of his children. Thus both end up as delinquents. But he is very concerned about them and stay with them after they grow up.

19. Ou Yeung Chung – Liu Kai Chi
He is Wing Fatt's employee forced to embezzle funds. When the blame is shifted to him, he tries to burn the house down. Bik Yuk saves Hoi Chiu on time but is too late to save Hoi Fung. Hoi Fung injures his head to become retarded after that. Chung dies in the fire.

20. Lau Suk Kuen – Bak Yan
She is Wing Fatt's lawful wife. She allows Lap and Lei to stay with them after his mistress's death. After losing Fai, Mun takes her to stay with her overseas, leaving Wing Fatt to stay alone.

Interesting facts

This drama proved to be the turning point for Bik Ha's career. She was about to give up acting then. After acting, she realized that she preferred to act in serials as it gave her more time to get into her role. She was proud to have a successful work that could let viewers remember her for a long time.

Many viewers called her 'Hoi Chiu' and her fame spread to China, the U.S. and SEA. She received more opportunities for singing and opening ceremonies for shops. She admitted that her personality was close to Hoi Chiu and often could not differentiate from reality when she acted. But she stubbornly thought that there should not be a sequel as it was hard to surpass the former.

The Cambodia scene was shot in Thailand. Bik Ha had to dress like a refugee. It was tough for her to act as if she was tortured. But once she had applied the make-up, she would get immersed in the role completely.

Bik Ha blamed him for not getting immersed into the role. Both often quarreled over the set. She had voiced aloud that she could not act when he could not too. Yeung Ming was unhappy as he thought he wasn't a newcomer as he had acted for a few years. How could she say this to him? Yeung Ming grew so mad that he left the filming studio. This made the producer to come personally to settle the problem.

Both agreed to continue filming but refused to talk off to each other off the set. Yeung Ming had expressed his disapproval over the drama only focusing on Bik Ha. Thus there was bad blood between them all along.
Yeung Ming read this report and thought it was far from reality. It must been cooked up by the producer. Yeung Ming knew Bik Ha for a long time. It was true that both of them lacked communication and she did mention that. But both knew each other well and did not fly off the handle.

He was unhappy over this so during the promotion period, he only stood beside her to hold her hand to look at her when taking photos. He is a man and how will he be so calculative with women? It was unbearable to listen to and it was hard to face her too. He admitted that Bik Ha was too tense over her debut. She asked a lot from herself and the others. She had once mentioned that she could not 'feel' his emotions twice. But she apologized to her over it. She didn't know how it made up to be a fiery argument between them.

Although Yeung Ming did not mind it, it was evident to reporters that Siu Lun took it to heart. Siu Lun was used to have equal attention with his co-stars and did not really fancy Bik Ha to be in the limelight. It was said that both Wans were lukewarm to each other off-screen. How contradictory – both have the same surname to suppose to belong to the same family hundreds of years ago but lack communication off-screen.

This was the first time Kar Leung acted as a villain and he jumped at the chance. This wiped away his past nickname of being wodden. He had wished to act as a villain all along. He believed that acting in a long drama helped to sharpen acting skills. For example, 'Seasons' helped him a lot as the late Tang Bik Wan was like a mother to assist him and he was very grateful to her. She let him understand what true acting was.

There was a promotion on 'who will get Hoi Chiu's heart'? Bik Ha, Yuk Ping, Sin Mun and Kar Lee dressed in their wedding/bridesmaid costumes to parade around. The groom was Kar Leung. All teased him to have the chance to be the only thorn among the flowers. He joked that the picture would be perfect with Kar Bo around but she was too busy filming another drama.

Kar Leung came to Singapore to promote the drama in 1993. I went to see him in person. he talked on how he acted this role and was pleased that all remembered how Lei died in the drama. A female fan rushed on stage to give him a peck on the cheek. It was an amusing encounter – his whole face turned red! We burst out laughing as he was so different from his womanizer role. I managed to get him to sign on my autograph book and also a postcard on his first Mandarin album that had his signature too.

Kar Leung acted as Siu Lun's younger brother in here but he became his elder brother in 'Golden faith'. Both actors were amused by the switch when they worked together again. This drama garnered very good viewership. Although many criticized the story, a pretty movie star was still attractive to all. She has the lustful look to sweep men off their feet.


The theme song is by Bik Ha while the subtheme song is by Siu Lun. Both act better than they sing.


There are lots of unreasonable points and familiar plots in this drama. It is overly dramatic to have many deaths or tragic scenes when it comes to the end. Once again, the younger brother is the villain to give the elder brothers tons of trouble and cause so much havoc. How can Lei be let off after killing so many people and there is no evidence against him?

We have seen countless dramas on how a girl (Hoi Chiu) seeks revenge or how a mistress (Kam Lin) tries to ruin a family. The highlight will be how Hoi Chiu and Lei try to outdo each other. Normally, we will see how two perfect-looking people ending up as a couple but these two are all out to see bloodshed from the other party. How interesting!

Nothing is original except that the cast is young and offers good acting. The first part is boring and slow. I am not interested to know about the history of the two families. Only when Hoi Chiu enters the Kiu family that it becomes exciting. Her beauty is unbeatable but if it comes to acting, Kar Bo has the upper hand and she overshadows her in many scenes.

Still, Bik Ha displays her charm to her maximum on how she sweeps the three brothers and Yau Wai off their feet. It also gives the 3 guys fair reasoning on why they get at least two women to love them. Let's see the pattern – Lap with Hoi Chiu and Sam Mei, Lei with Yau Bo and Kam Lin while Yau Wai is with Yat Chu and Chong Nam. Even though double Wans may not be on very good terms off-screen, they are true professionals to act as a couple in this drama.

More can be worked on the story. If not for the cast, it could have just been an average drama. I will urge all fans to watch it or you will miss the great acting offered. You will then get to know why the characters are fondly remembered for so many years.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On song : *** (Scale of 5)

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