War and Destiny


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Language: Chinese (Cantonese)

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War and Destiny

Reviewed by: juphelia April 06, 2009

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

The story was set in pre-war (late 1930s) to war torn Nanking. Being a history buff, I'm normally interested in shows like that, but somehow, no show of this genre can ever beat "The Bund" (also about the same era, perhaps a bit earlier). Anyway, this show is about the family of a rice merchant (Lau Dan) in Nanking. He had 3 wives (one passed away), and Ping Yee's (Myolie Wu) mum happened to be his lover at one time, but...

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War and Destiny

Reviewed by: Tee Kayi October 24, 2006

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Cast Myolie Wu Sunny Chan Ron Ng Leila Tong Mandy Cho Lau Dan Shek Sau Charmaine Li Halina Tam Plot (Spoilers) This drama takes place in China before and during WWII. Japan has taken over most of China and the Chinese are all suffering. Characters Sunny Chan is a wealthy businessman who has good relations with the Japanese leader, Shek Sau, so everyone in China hates him for betraying his country. But what the people don't know is that Sunny is actually only pretending to work...

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War and Destiny

Reviewed by: LittleLing August 24, 2006

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Cast: Sunny Chan - Poon Sai Cheong Myolie Wu - Koo Ping On Ron Ng - Seng Tin Hau Yee Leila Tong - Koo Yuet Fong Mandy Cho - Shum Yi Ping As with all reviews, spoilers are inevitable, so please do not read on if you're keen on watching the series with no inkling of what's gonna happen. Synopsis "War and Destiny" is set in 1940s China when the Japanese were launching invasions on various Chinese provinces. The story starts...

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War and Destiny

Reviewed by: kiss7 August 20, 2006

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Year: 2006 Chinese title: 亂世佳人 English title: War and Destiny Chinese translation: Loon Sai Gai Yun Number of Episodes: 30 Cast: Koo Ping On - Myolie Wu Poon Sai Cheung - Sunny Chan Chong Tin Hao Yi/Tin Hao Yi - Ron Ng Chong Tin Ngai - Sek Sau Cheng Yuet Fung - Leila Tong Sum Yi Ping - Mandy Cho Koo Man Chai - Lau Dan Supporting Cast: Lee Shing Hong - Ellesmere Choi Lam Jun Sing - Eric Li...

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Member Ratings

Elika Nguyen

05-27-2009 01:18 PM


to me this drama is retarded.

x Chloe x

04-19-2009 05:47 PM


I loved this film it's really good x x x Luv Chloe x x x


09-03-2008 10:57 AM


I didn't get to watch the last 2 eps of this series. can someone tell me what happened?
did myolies family become rich again?


03-24-2008 02:11 PM


war and destiny is good
i've only seen episodes 9 or something on TV
it's on TV right now
I LOVE the theme song, sung by myolie. yeah, lleila tong's face looks too young, so that's why she couldnt pull off that cold four mother. Does ron gn and her end up together? and myolie ends up with sunny right? gosh i hate the father he is such a azz. and lelia's brother is such a jack***


08-05-2007 04:23 AM


This is series is mediocre, the acting is pretty good. the one glaring flaw in my opinion is that this series is very un-believable, because the characters always meet each other in outrageous places. For examples, when they take a walk, they are walking in the Ming Tomb, which is miles away from the City... and characters often goes to the Mingu Temple, which is also far away, and i just didn't get why they would take a such long walk. Of course, i realize the producers really wanted to capture the old Nanjing background, but it seemed to me their intelligence/creativity is severely lacking, because they could've find better places to shoot some of the scenes.

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