War and Destiny

Reviewed by: Tee Kayi

October 24, 2006

Rating: four

Myolie Wu
Sunny Chan
Ron Ng
Leila Tong
Mandy Cho
Lau Dan
Shek Sau
Charmaine Li
Halina Tam

Plot (Spoilers)
This drama takes place in China before and during WWII. Japan has taken over most of China and the Chinese are all suffering.


Sunny Chan is a wealthy businessman who has good relations with the Japanese leader, Shek Sau, so everyone in China hates him for betraying his country. But what the people don't know is that Sunny is actually only pretending to work for the Japanese since he is an undercover spy for the Chinese government. He had been planning to get to close to Shek Sau so he could bring down the Japanese army.

Myolie Wu is a lost daughter of Lau Dan, who already has another family of 3 wives and 4 other children. She came to Nanking looking for her father but only finds a family that hates her. She tries her best to make them like her but always ended up accidentally making them hate her more. They even started to call her their bad luck charm and kicked her out of their house.

Ron Ng is Myolie's best friend since childhood and came along with her to Nanking. Since Myolie wasn't even liked that much by her family, he had to work at the Rice Factory for his own shelter and money. Ron has a strong patriotic spirit, so he and his newfound friends always find ways to attack the Japanese.

Leila Tong was sold by her brother to Lau Dan as his 4th wife. Even though she does not love him, she still stayed with him and his family because he treated her nicely and she was later pregnant with his child. Her life in the family is just was difficult was Myolie's, she was constantly the target of attacks by the rest of the family members until one day she decided to fight back.

Shek Sau is a Japanese commander who is in love with Mandy Cho, a Chinese agent disguised as a singer. He may be cruel but when he found his son, Ron, he is a soft dad. However, when Ron tried to stop him from winning the war, he returned back to his old cruel self.


Shek Sau loves Mandy
Mandy loves Sunny
Sunny loves Myolie
Myolie loves Ron
Ron loves Leila
Leila is married to Lau Dan
Myolie eventually loves Sunny
Leila and Ron eventually start a relationship


Leila Tong as Koo Yeut Fung
She is my favorite character in this series! I love how she changed from a weak pushover to this strong woman. Her character is so meaningful; Yeut Fung suffered so much in her lifetime but she never complained to anyone, instead she just kept it all to herself. That is what I call strength. I pity how she couldn't be with Ron because she was already married. Leila's acting had definitely improved; when she's sad her face shows it, and when she's happy her smile shows it too. 5/5

Ron Ng as Matsuda Hau Yee
I really like how he is Japanese but he still wants to help the Chinese and not his father. During the few episodes where he was struggling with who he really is, his acting was so touching. The way he delivers his lines is really good too, he emphasizes the right words to show his feelings. Maybe this is just me, but whenever his character looks at Leila's character, they have these moments of just looking at each other that makes you feel sorry for them because they like each other but can't be together. 5/5

Sunny Chan as Poon Sai Leoung
At first, I didn't really like him because he had this greedy attitude but towards the middle, he changed my opinion. His acting is pretty good in here; he did a good job as the good guy pretending to be the bad guy. What I really like about his acting is how his face looks when he's talking to Shek Sau. His face was basically nervous and calm at the same time which is really hard for a person to show at the same time. 4.5/5


Myolie Wu as Koo Ping On
Myolie is one of my favorite TVB actresses so watching this series was really disappointing for me. All Koo Ping On does is cry and beg people to help her. She is so weak! I do not like watching main characters that are weak and can't do anything by themselves. I think that all her crying were to show how hard she has it and the viewers should feel sorry for her but frankly it annoyed me so much.

Lau Dan's 1st wife, I think her name is Lo Yuen Yan
She is so mean to everyone in the house because he thinks she is in charge. At first she was so mean to Myolie and Leila because she feels threatened. Then she kept complaining when the Koo family became poor. Even when she was supposed to be nicer, she was still mean. When Halina Tam and Leila Tong both started to love other people she got so mad at them just because she thinks that they brought the family shame. She refuses to listen to reason!

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