War of In-Laws 2

Reviewed by: frostyredstonne

June 06, 2008

Rating: four

War of In-Laws
野 蠻 奶 奶 大 戰 戈 師 奶

Liza Wang - Ophelia Kwo Bik
Myolie Wu - Chow Lai Mun
Bosco Wong - Kyle Kwo Duk
Joyce Tang - Coco Ko Ka Po
Benz Hui - But Ping Fan
Derek Kwok - CC
Vivien Yeo - Athena Song Zi Kiu
Nancy Wu - Iris
Eileen Yeow - Carol
Stephen Huynh - Ryan

*I shall use the names of the actors/actresses to avoid confusion.

Liza is the editor of a very popular magazine, ELVA. Her son, Bosco, works in the same company as a manager of the advertising department. Due to a series of misunderstandings, Liza develops a very bad impression of Myolie, who is a policewoman who always gets herself into trouble. However, Myolie on the other hand, falls for Bosco and starts to woo him. Of course, Liza disapproves of Myolie being with her precious son. Bosco on the other hand, feels very comfortable with Myolie and wants to be with her. So, Liza goes all out to break them up. But, there wouldn't be this show if she had succeeded. Bosco marries Myolie without his mother's knowledge leaving Liza with no choice but to accept Myolie as her daughter-in-law.

Myolie gets super bored staying home all day so she applies to work at ELVA. She got the job by mistake and a lot of funny things happen while she is there. Things start to get a little complicated when Vivien enters the picture. She is Bosco's ex-girlfriend and Liza separated them from each other before they even had a proper chance to be together. As you know how it goes with ex-flames... yeah, you get the picture.

I shall not spoil the fun for those who haven't watched the show. Have fun and enjoy!

Character analysis

Liza Wang
Nothing much to say here. She is as usual, wonderful. Still the fiery mother in-law. In this show, her character doesn't deviate much from in the first series. She resorts to underhanded means and is rather self centered, leading to some rather serious consequences. But she was really smart. She knows exactly what to do to get what she wants. Her performance was very enjoyable. I love her accent when she speaks English.

Myolie Wu
A very good performance put up! Myolie was a pleasure to watch. She portrayed the character very well. Her chemistry with Bosco was wonderful! Myolie's character changes as the show progresses. By the end of the series, you will see some very noticeable changes in her character. At the beginning of the series, she is very happy and outgoing. She is very optimistic and very proactive. She was a little clumsy and seriously didn't know how to dress up. By the end of the show, she tones down a lot. She is a little quieter, more serious. She thinks more about her actions more and is no longer as spontaneous as before. She is also very strong emotionally.

Bosco Wong
Another splendid performance! He was rather cute in this series. His character was like a boy, still not grown up. He is unable to make important decisions and is unable to persevere in the things that he does. Fortunately at the end, he matures and sets his mind to do something without giving up for Myolie's sake.

Joyce Tang
I loved her performance in this series! Very refreshing and different from her other roles. Coco is a person who is a little like Liza. She looks after her own interests and also relies on underhanded means to achieve what she wants. She is not as smart as Liza. She does, however, have a conscience. She is also kind in her own way. I loved all her scenes with Derek!

Benz Hui
I love this guy! He is so funny! At first, he is obsessed with revenge until the point that it became his only reason to live. Then later he was given a chance to do an investment column in ELVA and subsequently became famous. It's so funny at the last part when he falls for Liza.

Derek Kwok
This guy was seriously good! He was so good at being a sissy. I really loved watching his scenes with Joyce. And his two daughters were so adorable! I loved that cute music that came on every time they appeared! He was really comical. I loved his performance.

War of in-Laws 1 vs. War of in-laws 2
I know that many people feel that the first series was much better than the second one. However, I feel that in many ways these two series cannot be compared and they both have their good points. One is an ancient series while the other is a modern one. The ancient one was very funny because the actions could be exaggerated. But if the same was done for the modern series, people will say that it's fake and stuff. The good thing about the previous series was that it was funny with a good storyline. The good thing about the second series is the nice clothes! You have to admit that the fashion part was good. Also, I feel that it was a little more emotional towards the end. So, both series are good in their own ways.

I found this series very enjoyable. It was funny, the cast was strong and the chemistry between the actors was wonderful. I would strongly recommend this series for people who love boscolie and want a good laugh. If you prefer sad dramas, this show is also suitable! It gets a little emotional towards the end.

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