War of In-Laws II

Reviewed by: kailor

January 08, 2009

Rating: four


A female police officer named Chow Lai-Man (MYOLIE WU) meets Kyle (BOSCO WONG), the son of Ophelia (LIZA WANG) who is the chief editor of Elva Magazine. Although Ah-Man is clumsy and inept at being a police officer, her sweet and charming personality catches the eye of Kyle. Having been controlled by his mother his whole life, he decides to take a leap of fate and pursues Ah-Man. Ah-Man & Kyle fall in love but must part due to Ophelia’s disapproval. Kyle however realizes that he has been under his mother’s thumb his whole life and soon reunites with Ah-Man. Soon after, they elope. Ophelia, who is now unable to salvage the situation to her favor, reluctantly accepts Ah-Man as her daughter-in-law.

Being frustrated as a housewife, Ah-Man soon decides to work at Elva Magazine as Ophelia’s second personal assistant. As she is lousy at her job, her naïve nature causes her to be taken advantage of by her fellow co-workers. She meets and gradually becomes friends with Ophelia’s first assistant Coco (JOYCE TANG) & the magazine’s art director C.C. Wong (DEREK KWOK). Ah-Man seems to finally get it right. She finally is on good terms with Ophelia and her career seems to be taking off. However, Ah-Man’s world is soon rocked by the appearance of Kyle’s ex-girlfriend Athena (VIVIEN YEO), who is set on winning Kyle’s heart back...


Liza Wang as Ophelia
Myolie Wu as Ah-Man
Bosco Wong as Kyle
Joyce Tang as Coco
Derek Kwok as C.C. Wong
Benz Hui as Pat Ping-Fan
Nancy Wu as Iris
Vivien Yeo as Athena
Patrick Tang as Lau Ching-Shan
Stephen Huynh as Ryan
Michael Miu as Himself (Cameo Appearance)

Story/Writing (3.5/5)

Following 2005’s hit War of In-Laws I, I was mildly disappointed by its modern sequel/spin-off. I felt that the story kind of ripped off the US film: The Devil Wears Prada. Although the story started strongly through the first seven episodes, it began to drag towards the middle, only to redeem itself towards the end. However, I found the drama to be extremely comedic and funny. Overall, it was a solid script even if it was partially ripped off.


Liza Wang’s Performance as Ophelia (2/5)
I felt that Liza Wang seems to act too preachy these days. Her performance was okay, but she seemed too wooden and stiff in her delivery of her lines. Liza could not deliver despite the fact that Ophelia was a beautifully-written character with a lot of depth. A surprising disappointment. I seem to agree with the majority that Liza is too overrated these days.

Myolie Wu’s Performance as Ah-Man (4/5)
Myolie Wu was fantastic as Ah-Man and she also looked stunning in the show. I hope TVB gives her more versatile characters to play as she is one of the few pageant queens who can actually act. Her chemistry with Bosco Wong & Joyce Tang is also top notch.

Bosco Wong’s Performance as Kyle (4/5)
Bosco Wong was solid as Kyle. His chemistry with Myolie is electrifying. He seems to have niches of success with comedies and romance.

Joyce Tang’s Performance as Coco (5/5)
Joyce undoubtedly delivered the best performance among the cast. Joyce carried off the fashionista role exceptionally well. She virtually upstaged the others, stole every scene she was in and was hilarious. Her romance with Derek Kwok onscreen was sweet and touching. In the end, Joyce made WOIL II more interesting with a scene-stealing performance. It would have not been as good without her in it!

Derek Kwok Performance as C.C.(4.5/5)
Derek was great as the sissy art director C.C. Also he had fantastic chemistry with Joyce Tang. A very underrated and talented actor who delivered a comedic and solid performance.

Benz Hui was fine as the janitor while Nancy Wu, Patrick Tang, & Stephen Huynh were good with the limited screen time that they had. Vivian Yeo was tolerable at best, considering she cannot act.

On a totally different note, I just wanted to say that Nancy Wu deserved winning the Most Improved Actress Award and thankfully she is finally being promoted in 2009 along with Tavia Yeung, who won Best Supporting Actress for Moonlight Resonance. I guess TVB is finally rewarding and realizing that it’ll get bigger ratings by promoting those who can act (Tavia, Selena, Nancy, Leila, etc.) rather than those who seemed to read out lines with no emotions (Charmaine, Kate, Bernice, etc.)

Is It Worth Watching?

Despite all of its draggy flaws, Wars of In-Laws II is worth watching. Although it is nowhere near its predecessor’s prowess, it is still better than most of the crap that TVB releases nowadays.

Interesting Facts

• Liza Wang, Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Joyce Tang, Nancy Wu, & Derek Kwok were all nominated for their performances, with Nancy Wu being the only one to win (Most Improved Actress 2008).
• The drama's ratings peaked at 41 during its finale and was the 3rd-highest-rated TVB series behind Moonlight Resonance & D.I.E.
• A third sequel is in the works with a vampire-themed storyline.
• Joyce Tang & Derek Kwok are rumored to be dating after meeting on the set of Wars of In-Laws II.

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