When a Dog Loves a Cat


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Number of Episodes:20

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When a Dog Loves a Cat

Reviewed by: vixstar1314 November 02, 2008

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

Characters: -Gallen Lo as Miu Jun 苗隼 -Myolie Wu as Chow Chow 周自喻 - David Lui as Chow Tze Tsim 周自沾 - Margie Tsang as Sui Tin Lan 水天蘭 -Bernice Liu as Man Chi Kei 文梓淇 -Raymond Wong as Carson 應海亮 STORY This drama as you can tell from the drama title is about cats and dogs or more specifically about pets and people. Chow Chow (Myolie Wu) is someone who loves animals. A few years ago she found a dog who was homeless, Dai Ba. But...

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07-22-2009 06:36 PM


This is an interesting movie but the director chose the wrong actors,like myolie and bernice. i like bernice's acting but not myolie. Bernice's makeup and thing is tooooo much, and Myolie's acting is bad!!! But Gallen Lo rocks !!!!!


08-18-2008 11:04 PM


A must watch show!!!!!!!!! This drama is very sweet and touching. In fact Gallen low and myolie wu make a good match (u wouldnt feel weird watching then act a s couple) Once again a must watch drama that will make u go crazy and keep wanting to watch till the end!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the crew production and of course the actors and actoress!!!!!!!! Myolie and Gallen JIA YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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