Where I Belong

Reviewed by: sukting

December 19, 2008

Rating: three

How long
30 episodes


Do you wish to see how Hoi Mei acts as a couple with Man Tse Leung before ‘The Feud of Two Brothers’? This drama will be able to satisfy your curiosity.

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Hui Chung Shun – Man Tse Leung
Chung Shun is an ex-secondary school teacher and leaves for Australia, planning to migrate there with his wife Suk San. He doesn’t know that she has an affair with Sai Kit and returns to Hong Kong as he misses Suk San. He meets Jing at the airport and both have a bad impression of each other. Chung Shun is unable to change her mind and she leaves abruptly.

Chung Shing helps Kei to bring her books home but his head is stuck in the window. Chung Shun helps him but Jing misunderstands him again. Knowing that Chung Shing likes Kei and fears that he has evil designs on her, Jing demands Chugn Shun to control Chung Shing. Both quarrel and just then the underworld quarrel, Chung Shun gets hurt while trying to protect her. Although she visits him in hospital, she hopes not to see him again although she is grateful to him.

He shoots a wedding video and the response is good. He then decides to open a company. He goes to a night class and wants to learn Mandarin. He is shocked that the teacher is Jing. She joins a swimming class and he is the instructor. (You will really have a good laugh at this.) He helps to film a promotion video for her company products. Both stay overnight at the company to get robbed. They accused each other for their plight. Both start to feel positive towards each other as time goes by.

Chung Shun works hard and pays back the loan. Sai Kit sends people to burn his machines and the insurance company refuses to pay him. Jing knows that he has a crisis and introduces clients to him. Heung Dong gives the insurance company pressure to force them to pay up. Chung Shun’s brother-in-law runs away after his business fails, leaving the factory in debt. His sister begs him to take over and he agrees. Chung Shun is inexperienced but Jing helps him out.

He gets a U.S. deal and decides to work on it. The U.S. stop foreign goods from entering the market so Jing suggests sending the goods to the mainland. Both meet robbers before leaving the company and both fight to protect each other, showing their concern. (Getting robbed again?! How can they be so luckily?) His brother-in-law returns and Chung Shun assigns a position to him.

The tortoise wear that the factory produces is a success so Chi Kuan gets him to shoot a commercial for her company. Chung Shun is selected as the business talent and meets Chi Kuan and her father, Bak Tong at the ceremony. His greedy brother-in-law wants the factory so Chung Shun has no choice but to see him in court. Chung Shun loses the case but it is now that his brother-in-law finds that he is tricked by Sai Kit. He falls off the cliff to his death. This news affects the business so Chung Shun sells the factory to Bak Tong.

He keeps getting busy and Jing finds a gap between them. All are free and play a game. They discover that Chung Shun knows little of Jing. Jing is disappointed and asks him out on Valentine’s Day. He remembers the wrong venue and she is nearly raped by gangsters. That makes her utterly upset with him. He is too shy and doesn’t take initiative to coax her. It upsets him when they break up. He tells Chi Kuan that it is impossible between them.

Jing and Chung Shun do not tell each other that they are still in love. They have to get others to tell each other – what a waste of each other’s time! I find that Tse Leung’s role here is the same as Yin in ‘Keyman’ – responsible, an introvert, a workaholic and also an unromantic. But I will prefer his role there than in here. His businessman look is hardly formidable as he doesn’t gel his hair and he only wears a bowt ie. He also gives his brother-in-law too many chances and almost brings his own downfall because of this.

2. Yau Heung Dong – Ng Chun Yu

He sneaks to Australia from China and is an illegal worker at Sai Sai’s father’s shop. He gets to befriend Chung Shun and both become buddies. He refuses to marry Sai Sai and surrenders to the custom officers on Chung Shun’s advice. Heung Dong is angry with Sai Kit over Chugn Shun’s divorce and gets men to beat him up. He meets Sai Sai for a dating procedure and although she wants to keep it a secret, he spreads the news around the neighbourhood.

He agrees to the marriage unknowingly but later uses Chung Shun as an excuse to stall it. Thinking that Chi Kuan is in love with him, he woos her but is scolded by all. Sai Sai moves to stay with Yu Yuk. Chi Kuan tells Heung Dong that he has no hope so he returns to Sai Sai. They get married but she reverts to her true colours and he regrets his decision.

I am so annoyed by his rubbery expressions. Is Chun Yu trying to be another Jim Carey? Luckily, he doesn’t reprise this method in other roles or else all of us will suffer.

3. Hau Sai Kit – Cheung Siu Fai
He is Chung Shun’s friend but he seduces his wife. Can you imagine him inviting Chugn Shun to his company ball and yet flirts with Suk San? That makes Suk San determined to part with Chung Shun. This terrible man even turns up when Chung Shun and Suk San sign the separation papers. But Chung Shun is very calm to tell him to take care of Suk San.

Chung Shun gets an assignment to shoot a video for Sai Kit’s company’s anniversary. Sai Kit sneers at him and Heung Dong films it down to show it right on the spot to disgrace him in front of his colleagues. But Heung Dong is worried that Sai Kit will seek revenge on him and makes Chung Shun tease him. Sai Kit is sore when Chung Shun becomes a commercial talent. He does well in his handphone promotion but is still overshadowed by Chung Shun.

He comes up with KY fashion to affect Chung Shun’s business. Chung Shun then mortgages his factory to the bank to produce childwear. Bak Tong decides to end KY production to prevent further loss. Bak Tong later buys over Chung Shun’s factory. Seeing that Chi Hin is out of the country for holiday, he tries to control Chung Shun’s factory but fails.

He keeps creating discord between Chung Shun and Chi Hin. That also includes Chung Shing. Chung Shun discovers that he embezzles the company funds. Chung Shing admits his mistake to Chung Shun and decides to surrender to the police. Sai Kit tries to stop them and the men meet with a car accident. Although Chung Shun risks his life to save Sai Kit, Sai Kit hates him as he becomes impotent. Sai Kit is dismissed and gets angrier upon knowing that Chi Hin has appointed Chung Shun to become the president of Canada’s branch office. He beats him up and he is finally jailed for his misdeed.

Siu Fai often gets goody roles so this is a turning point for him. I must compliment him for acting well in here. But he can be more evil than this.

4. On Jing – Chow Hoi Mei
She is back because her boyfriend pretends to be sick. He proposes to her and she agrees to it. But he ditches her upon discovering that she is infertile. Although it turns out to be a misunderstanding, she decides to concentrate on her career and break up with him. Jing’s boss starts to spread negative news after her as he fails to win her love.

She is disappointed when her ex is going to be a father soon and drinks at the pub. She meets Chung Shun there and both agree that they have regarded love too important to get hurt. Thus both can only be friends. It is Valentine’s day so both decide to have a meal at a restaurant. They are chosen as the best couple.

On Jing learns that Kei is still with Sai Kit and Kei ignores her. Chung Shun intervenes and asks Sai Kit out. Both end up fighting. Jing overworks till she gets ill. Although Chong Fatt tells Chung Shun to hint that he likes her, Chung Shun is too shy and she doesn’t take the hint. She even thinks that he is reconciling with Suk San and decides to transfer to work in Singapore. This makes Chung Shun disappointed but he still doesn’t voice out his feelings.

She gets on the plane, disappointed. The plane loses control and she writes her last words. Chung Shun reads the letter and regrets his action. He is overjoyed to find her alive and both become a couple. Jing perms her hair in order to attract Chung Shun but he is too busy to notice it.

There is a typhoon so Chi Kuan and Chung Shun go to an old employee’s home to help him out. Jing is worried when he isn’t back the whole night. Upon knowing that he is with Chi Kuan, she starts to doubt him. She asks him to attend a ball with her but he has to meet Bak Tong. Bak Tong later gets him to attend the same ball with Chi Kuan. This causes another misunderstanding. Although he proposes to her, she still needs time to think over. She goes on an overseas business trip and falls ill there.

Chung Shun is worried upon knowing this. When she returns, Sai Kit tricks her to think that Chung Shun is in love with Chi Kuan. She breaks up with him and both are in cold war. Chi San tells Jing about this after reading his diary and she comes to visit Chung Shun at the hospital. He is badly beaten up by Sai Kit earlier. She is kidnapped by Sai Kit on the way and he wants ransom from Chung Shun.

Although Chung Shun is still unwell, he sneaks out of hospital to try to save her. He is shot by Sai Kit in the leg while she is shot in the stomach when both struggle to protect each other. Luckily Chi Kuan informs the police to rescue them on time.

I don’t like Jing to keep questioning Chung Shun. It is widely known that he is forgetful and not very caring. But when his mind is set to like someone, he will not change his mind. Hoi Mei is at her best in this role here. She finally gets the role of the elder sister for the first time as she is often given younger sister roles. The perming of her hair makes her more mature and matches Tse Leung better.

5. Lok Suk San - Lam Kei Yan
She is Chung Shun’s ex-wife who can’t succumb to Sai Kit’s wooing. Thus both are in bed and she decides to divorce Chung Shun. Chung Shun is back and she throws tantrums at her. He bears with her without knowing why. Sai Kit is sick of her and treats her coldly after her divorce but she bears with it as it will be disgraceful. She learns that Sai Kit has harmed Chung Shun to scold him but he scolds her back. She then regrets her choice.

Sai Kit makes use of Suk San to forge the accounts in buying shares. She does it to please him. She learns that he is dating Kei too. She begs him to stay with her. When she is checked by ICAC, he immediately breaks up with her. Yu Yuk hopes that she will reconcile with Chung Shun. Suk San tries to kill Sai Kit but Chung Shun stops her. She suffers from depression and Chung Shun takes care of her. This rekindles her love for him. She soon knows that she has no hope. She is let off with a fine and thus migrates to Australia.

6. Tse Sai Sai – Mui Siu Wai
She is a Chinese Australian. She falls for Heung Dong at first sight. Heung Dong later woos her as he hopes to become a legal immigrant. She spreads news that both have slept for the night and he has to set a date to marry her. It is Valentine’s Day and she forces Heung Dong to celebrate with her. Siu Wai makes Sai Sai to be a woman overly desperate for men. She is overly exaggerating in here. Her pairing with Chun Yu is the worst combination ever. I often leave the set whenever they appear on screen.

7. Song Chi Kuan – Chu Kit Yee
She is pampered since young and is jobless. Seeing that she is restless, Bak Tong gets her to work with Chung Shun. She has no working experience and looks like a lady. (Doesn’t this remind you of Hung Chi Ching in ‘Keyman’ too?) Chung Shun doesn’t know if he should laugh or cry over it. She keeps absenting herself and Chung Shun scolds her. Chi Kuan vows to work hard and he is contented that she can become the designer now.

Sai Kit decides to woo to stabilize his position. He gives an important task to Chi Kuan to promote youth wear. She wins and is grateful to him. However, she can’t forget Chung Shun. After getting rejected, she accepts Sai Kit. Despite Chung Shun’s opposition, she decides to get engaged to Sai Kit. Actually, she has seen through him to expose his real motive to shame him in front of all.

Being the first runner-up in the Miss Hong Kong pageant, we will never doubt her beauty. We can also forgive her as she just started out too.

8. Hui Chung Shing – Lee Chong Ning
He is an over-aged university student and all sneer at him when he attends the first lesson. He tolerates it. he falls for Kei but she only treats him as a normal classmate and a father. Although disappointed, he still pesters her and hopes that she will change her mind. His ways of wooing can definitely scare any woman away. You will wish that he exchanges with Chung Shun. Chung Shun is too quiet and he is too talkative.

He joins Chung Shun’s company after his graduation. He believes people easily and becomes Sai Kit’s friend. (Hugh – I thought they are love rivals – has the producer forgotten about it?) He changes a lot and refuses to listen to Chung Shun. He changes to automachine under Sai Kit’s advice. He makes a wrong calculation so Sai Kit pursues damages. Chung Shun takes up the responsibility and manages to sell all the goods with Chi Kuan’s help.

Sai Kit stirs up ill feelings between the brothers, causing Chung Shing to resign to work for him. He tricks Chung Shing to buy shares for him illegally. I am irritated by this man. He has studied so much but his intelligence is worse than a child. How can he not know that Sai Kit is all out to frame him? Chong Ning is known as the bigger size Chiu Wai. But unfortunately, his acting skills are not at par with him.

9. On Kei – Yu Sin Mun
She is Jing’s sister and is a university student who changes boyfriends frequently. Jing warns her not to play with fire. She only changes when a guy fails to woo her and commits suicide. Sai Kit comes to the university for a talk. Kei is attracted by his appearance and gets close to him. (Will all remember that Kiu Lek also came to Yau Bo’s university for a talk and make her attracted to him in Vengeance too?)

Sai Kit also finds her adorable and is drawn to her. It is her birthday and Sai Kit arranges a party for her. She just ditches the special gift that Chung Shing gets for her.

He is angry with Sai Kit for cheating on Kei and exposes his deed. Kei then breaks up with Sai Kit. She also dislikes Chung Shing. She can’t stand Sai Kit’s constant begging and returns to him again. They cohabit and she refuses to listen to Jing. She sees Sai Kit killing Chung Shun’s brother-in-law but keeps quiet over it. He keeps neglecting her to woo Chi Kuan but she doesn’t know it.

Sai Kit arranges her to go overseas for 2 years. She suddenly returns as she is pregnant. She is robbed and trips down the stairs to have a miscarriage. She already feels bad and even worse upon seeing Sai Kit wooing Chi Kuan. She cuts her wrist but luckily she is saved by Jing and Chung Shun. The thick-skinned man even tells her to keep this from Chi Kuan.

Good grief – how many times must she get cheated? She gets deceived here to get a miscarriage and also in Vengeance the same way. Does this actress have the innocent look to make this happen again? She has the same expression as in Vengeance and I don’t see any improvement.

10. Ngan Yu Yuk – Lo Yuen Yan
She opens a dating agency. She knows of Suk San’s infidelity and hints to Chung Shun but he doesn’t understand it. She feels bad and tries introducing other girlfriends to him but he is now scared to love again. She laughs when Heung Dong comes to her, wanting a rich partner. Sai Sai also comes to make the same demands. She keeps matching for others but forgets about herself.

11. Hoi Chong Fatt – Cheung Ying Choi
He is the guys’ father and finds Jing a kind person when he meets her at the community centre. He makes the two embarrassed as he arranges her to meet Chung Shun. He works at Yu Yuk’s agency to pass the time but ends up liking her.

12. Song Bak Tong – Bao Fong
He is a successful businessman and has two children. He dislikes his son, Chi Hin to often listen to Sai Kit. He also shakes his head upon seeing him often chasing after movie stars. He dotes on his daughter, Chi Kuan more. But Chi Hin is also a person who admires talent. Thus Bak Tong handles his business to him and is semi-retiring.

Although Chung Shun sells the factory to them, he allows Chung Shun to continue running the factory. He supports Chung Shun for speaking up for his staff. He even gets him to join the directors’ board. This angers Sai Kit. He doesn’t want to quarrel with Chi Hin over the status so he decides to let him become the chairman. Chi Hin is touched and both reconcile.

It is ‘Who Is In Charge’ by Beyond. They are the best Hong Kong band so it is natural that they sing this song well.


The story isn’t as thrilling as I expect when I watch it. I am misled by the cast, thinking that a love triangle will be formed by Sai Kit, Chung Shun and Jing. I am caught off guard when Sai Kit doesn’t show the slight interest in the attractive Jing to woo Kei instead. Maybe she is too smart to see through him so he gives up? What a surprise in the end – but I welcome it. If everything follows the way the audience feels or plans, there is little luring factor left.

The development of events is very illogical. The ways Jing and Chung Shun keep clashing with each other is too hard to stomach. Chung Shun is once a teacher – I believe that he should know how to speak Mandarin better than Jing. He is initially doing video business and he suddenly becomes a factory owner. The turning of events is simply too much to absorb. How can he fit into different roles so quickly?

Since it is not easy to deceive Jing, how can Sai Kit trick Chung Shing as they are bitter love enemies? Why doesn’t the Huis question about the brother-in-law’s death when his body is found? These questions are unanswered. I must say that Siu Fai is quite good as the jerk, though – really plays a wolf under a sheep clothing well. It is a pity that Kit Yee and Sin Mun can’t act well when with him.

Chun Yu has painted an ugly picture of the mainland people. Seeing how he dresses and talks will make all shake their heads. This is simply the wrong direction of acting in addition to the green singlets he wears. Siu Wai is overly chirpy. I don’t think an immigrant will behave like her.

Man Tse Leung is quite fine in his acting but if you watch this, it makes no difference from where he acts in ‘Keyman’. His expression is always a bit blank – it might be that he has not acted in dramas for a long time. The only surprise comes from Hoi Mei – they look surprisingly matching as a pair and can be so funny. Her acting also shines to prove why she keeps getting meat roles then. Kit Yee is wooden in her acting but has managed to look elegant as a rich man’s daughter.

Are all younger siblings rebellious? We can see how much trouble they create for their elder siblings. Even Chi Kuan proves to be a nuisance at work initially for Chi Hin. Luckily, they know their mistakes or they will continue to cause endless heartaches to them.

I feel tired of the repeated misunderstandings between Jing and Chung Shun. If you watch this drama, you will find so many recycled plots that TVB overuses in other dramas. Even ‘Keyman’ and ‘Vengeance’ also use them. I wonder if the producer is the same person. Like the part on how the fathers spoil their children and need outsiders to show them the ropes. Thus TVB reaches a bottle-neck in the early and mid 90s when they run out of ideas.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

On song : **** (Scale of 5)

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