Witness to a Prosecution II

Reviewed by: laugh

April 14, 2008

Rating: two

Sung Chi - Bobby Au Yeung
Ah Choong/ Siu Loong - Stephen Au
Kit Siu - Ellesmere Choi
Yun Yuk Zhu/MeatBall - Charmaine Sheh
Sen Fung - Joyce Tang Lai Ming

This series is a great disappointment and not a worthy sequel to Witness to A Prosecution I. In fact, I was so annoyed with Witness to A Prosecution II that I wrote this review right after watching it, just to express my utter contempt for such a shoddy piece of work!

As a series on its own (without comparing it to its predecessor), it is average enough. That is, it is adequate but not up to standard. With just 20 episodes, they crammed in as many cases as possible with the solutions almost within 10 minutes of the murders. Each case, its investigation and its revelation, are so rushed and obvious that you could have blinked and missed the next one!!!!

Bobby Au Yeung, as usual, makes the main role his own. He entertains but that is about all that can be said. I couldn't help noticing that the actor has become rather chubbier since Witness to A Prosecution I (the fruits of prosperity perhaps?) but that is all right as it is not too noticeable and certainly doesn't affect his portrayal of the character. However, I was immensely annoyed at the way he mourned his wives and their deaths. He simply wasn't sad enough. It takes more than a bottle of wine and a day's worth of stubble on your face to demonstrate extreme sorrow, and there was no poignancy in his performance. I didn't sympathise much with him for his loss because his acting just couldn't squeeze any tears out of me. In fact, I thought his love for Yuk Zhu developed a little too fast for my liking too!

Charmaine Sheh acted exactly the same way she acted in Seven Sisters and The White Flame. In fact, her repetitive gestures and the way she speaks her lines are really rather tiring and boring to watch after a while. Also, she had no chemistry whatsoever with Bobby Au Yeung. When they actually had a kissing scene, I nearly retched right there and then. He is so old and she so young!!!! The only word to describe it was: Yuck!!!!!! No, I wouldn't say Charmaine has improved in any sense; she seems more stuck in a stagnant turn at the moment.

The only character I like in this dismal series is Stephen Au's character. At least his character was refreshing and he was the only one whose outcome I couldn't quite predict. He was pretty funny too although I thought the ending (for him) was a little too rushed and a little too sudden.

Joyce Tang turned in a good performance as Sen Fung, but then, she has always been a pretty consistent actress. I love the chemistry between Stephen and her!!! She saved the show somewhat from the depths of the highway.

The Worst Actress Award goes to Halina Tam who was neither outstandingly pretty nor charming in here. She was simply annoying!!! Maybe it's just her character or something as I loved her in 'Treasure Raiders'. Her hypocrisy made me thoroughly sick and I thought her sudden development into a murderess was rather too unbelievable. She was, after all, supposed to be a girl obsessed with riches and a high ranking for herself; why would she go and have an affair with her brother-in-law when her position was so stable? She would be risking the very things she cherished most! And to actually commit murder when she knew about Sung Chi's expertise! That took rather a lot of guts which I wasn't quite convinced she had!!!

This series also saw the return of Jay Lau who played the cruel Princess. I haven't seen her in a while although I knew she was in 'Family Man'. Her acting was, as usual, excellent and she looked as lovely as ever too.

If you're a fan of Stephen Au or Joyce Tang or if you haven't seen the first Witness to A Prosecution, this series is not too bad a watch. Otherwise, don't bother. Be content watching the first Witness to a Prosecution and leave it at that.

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