Witness to a Prosecution II

Reviewed by: Aquarius

September 07, 2003

Rating: three

The story starts of when Sung Chi (Bobby Ouyang) goes to the palace to recieve his title of Chief Coroner. Both his wives (as in part 1), Tang Shi and Nie Feung, follow him there. On the way back, however, they are both killed in a fire set by a vengeful arsonist. Sung Chi becomes very depressed and tries to end his life by jumping into the sea. He survives and ends up in Songshan County where he meets new people and this is where the story continues.

He makes new friends with Ruan Yui Zhu (Charmaine Sheh), Zhou Zhi Long (Stephen Au), Yang Dan Feung (Joyce Tang) and a few more characters. He also makes a few enemies: Ruan Yui Bao (Halina Tam), half-sister of Yui Zhu, and the Princess Zhi Xia (Jay Lau). Along the way, there are many cases which he manages to solve. He also makes Zhi Long his disciple.

Yui Zhu is in love with Sung Chi but the latter still cannot forget his dead wives. Zhi Long has a crush on the hypocritical Yui Bao. However, she does not like him and also makes use of him to commit crimes. In the end, Zhi Long falls for Dan Feung. Sung Chi only starts to have feelings for Yui Zhu when the latter is accused of murder. After she is acquitted, Sung Chi leaves Songshan County. Yui Zhu goes to look for him.

The love story between Bobby and Charmaine sucked. TVB is merely trying to bring these two jinxes together. It was also a convenient way to omit the two actresses (Jessica and Marianne) who made the first series such a hit. Face it, there was very little or no chemistry between Bobby and Charmaine compared to the first part with his two wives.

The last case was rather draggy... over 4 episodes long. As the first few cases take a average of 1 episode to solve, the last one almost made me smash my TV set!!! Also, with reference to the first few cases, some seemed way too short with Bobby was solving them in like, 15 minutes? The time spent was inappropriate for the cases.

However, there were some good points in the show which I would like to bring up. Scenes with Bobby and Stephen cracked me up, especially those where Bobby would use his disciple as a guinea pig in his experiments. Also, Stephen was an unpredictable character and he had better chemistry with Bobby than Charmaine. Without him, I doubt the series would have been successful.

Though draggy, the last case was the most exciting. I couldn't tell which side Stephen was on, the Princess or Bobby's. With a twist, he could seemingly double-cross both parties. Also, one question is still bothers me: Did he really rape Joyce?

My favourite case is the second-last one, where Halina murdered her husband with the help of her brother-in-law. It was quite ingenious, using only spices as the murder weapons. No one could have dreamed that a combination of 3 harmless spices: Ylang Ylang, Pechiolli and Yidosan could be so deadly (except Sung Chi). She also used Stephen as an alibi to cover up her act of arson. Very well-planned indeed. Of course, she got her just desserts in the end. Congrats to TVB.

Bobby Ouyang: He was the same as in part 1; nothing special.

Charmaine Sheh: A big improvement since Seven Sisters. Her character still lacked chemistry with Bobby's. On the whole, still acceptable.

Stephen Au: Excellent. Though a supporting role, he still brought out the best in his character. He was very unpredictable towards the end, but very funny in the beginning. I enjoyed his scenes with Bobby best.

Joyce Tang: Good, solid performance. Her love story with Stephen was a little better than Bobby's with Charmaine. I liked the scene where she was giving Stephen a haircut. Towards the end, I felt really sorry for her as Stephen instigated her to betray Charmaine, her best friend. However, all's well that ends well as her betrayal was only a plot to trick the Princess.

Halina Tam: Not bad for a newcomer. Her acting is still a bit raw; that can be worked on.

Jay Lau: She marks her return to TVB with her portrayal of the evil Princess Zhi Xia, wanting to exact revenge on Sung Chi. Her acting was very convincing and real. I haven't seen her since Working Women and her performance was much better here than in the former series.

On the whole, a good series, but not worthy of its predecessor. The first part was miles better. Unless you have watched the first Witness to a Prosecution, I recommend you not to watch this series yet. This way, you can compare the differences better.

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