Wong Fei Hung - Master of Kung Fu

Reviewed by: cutepup

February 26, 2005

Rating: five

Bosco Wong - Wong Fei Hung
Keung Tai Wai - Wong Kei Ying
Rain Lee - Mok Gui Lan
Cerina Da Graca - Xiu Ting
Chan Kwok Pong - Dai Xiu Tin
Winnie Yeung - Bo Yi
Sammul Chan - Leung Foon
Kenneth Ma - Ah Gin
Li Ka Sing - Lum Sai Wing
Chan Kwan - Chan An So

The series' story is mainly about Wong Fei Hung and Wong Kei Ying. They have a place to help cure people, called 'Bo Zhi Lum'. Wong Fei Hung teaches a lot of people kung fu, but his father tells him he is still not a master to them. Wong Fei Hung and Wong Kei Ying live at Bo Yi's house. Together, they do many good deeds for the people of 'Fut San'. They help them with their troubles and make friends along the way.

Storyline - I think the storyline of this series is very good. It isn't too serious and has its funny parts. I especially like these humorous parts because they make the series less tense. The kung fu scenes are also really enjoyable to watch. I like the storyline because it flows very well and doesn't drag.

Bosco Wong -
I think that Bosco did a great job in this series! His kung fu was really cool and he acted out his character really well. I liked his kung fu fighting scenes a lot. His facial expressions also looked cute in the humorous scenes and he could also do the serious scenes very well too. He also paired up with Rain Lee and they looked quite cute together! He has improved from the series 'To Love With No Regrets'. I like his acting very much!
Rating - 4.5/5

Keung Dai Wai -
I really liked the character Wong Kei Ying because he was very wise. But sometimes he would annoy me when people talked to him and he just walked away. But I liked Keung Dai Wai because he was the serious one and the calmest character throughout this series and he had this serious face, which went very well with his character. He was a very good-hearted person who tried his best to help everyone. I think Keung Dai Wai was very good in this series. This is the first series I have seen him in and I wish to watch more of his series in future.
Rating - 4/5

Rain Lee -
In this series Rain did a fantastic job as Mok Gui Lan. She was very good and really funny sometimes. She also performed her character very well because she had really good expressions and her clothes were really nice too. I think that she improved from 'Dreams Of Colours'. In 'Dreams Of Colours' she didn't have a lot of screen time because she was a supporting actress and Myolie Wu was the main character. She was also mainly happy all the time in that series, but she performed many different scenes very well in this series. She had a number of different problems, which made her character continue developing.
Rating - 3.5/5

Sammul Chan -
I like Sammul Chan a lot because he is really good at acting different characters. In 'Survivor's Law' he was very different from this character as Leung Foon in this series. Leung Foon was a rich boy who always asked for money from his parents. Then he changed and relied on himself. He also really liked Xiu Ting. Sammul Chan is a fabulous actor who can be almost any character. I loved his acting because it was very cute and also he was very realistic.
Rating - 4.5/5

Chan Kwok Pong -
I really like Chan Kwok Pong. He was very good in 'Lady Fan' too, but he played a smaller part. In this series he was a bad and good person. People said he was stubborn but I think he had a lot of reasons for his actions. Chan Kwok Pong's character was a big thinker in this series. He was very angry with Wong Kei Ying because he thought he had stolen his father's book teaching a special type of kung fu. He was very angry at Wong Kei Ying for many years. He also cared very much for his sister. I really liked this character because he had a lot of meaning. Chan Kwok Pong did a great job at acting out Dai Xiu Tin because at times his character would be so stubborn and then at times so kind and caring. His body language and expressions were very good.
Rating - 5/5

Supporting Actors and Actresses:

Cerina Da Graca -
Cerina's role was the character Xiu Ting, who was Dai Xiu Tin's little sister. She started off as liking Wong Fei Hung, but then Wong Fei Hung told her he only treated her as a little sister. Then she ended up liking Leung Foon because he treated her very well and cared very much for her. I think that Cerina, throughout this part of this series, acted really well because she changed her feelings slowly and she had a lot of emotional scenes in this series. I really like her character and her acting.
Rating - 3.5/5

Kenneth Ma -
Kenneth also changed from a bad person to a good person in this series because he realised that he was doing really bad deeds and he wanted to change. I think it was a very cute scene when he told Gui Lan that he liked her! I also think he was sometimes funny in this series, like the way he talked and acted. He and his grandma were the ones who made the series less tense at the start.
Rating - 4/5

Chan Kwan -
Chan Kwan treated his mother badly, always asking her for money. He finally realised, before it was too late, that his mother did many things for him to have money and he changed into a good person. He also learnt kung fu with Wong Fei Hung and Lum Sai Wing. I think Chan Kwan acted okay overall, because he wasn't a main character. But his change from bad to good was done well.
Rating - 3/5

Li Ka Sing -
I think that this character was a nice person but he overreacted too much and this brought trouble to all. Li Ka Sing acted out Lum Sai Wing pretty well with his funny remarks and his fighting was well done too. I think that Lum Sai Wing was quite an important character but the series didn't really show it because when he was in a scene, the main characters did most of the talking instead of him. I hope Li Ka Sing will have a better opportunity in showing his skills in more series.
Rating - 4/5

Winnie Yeung -
I think that the acting Winnie did for Bo Yi was very good. She was full of wise advice and she helped Wong Fei Hung out in his troubles. She was great at being the understanding one. Winnie surely was fantastic because she added in some English in the series, which was heard from time to time. Her English is actually not bad at all.
Rating - 4/5

Favourite Scenes:
~ The lion dance competition
~ When Wong Fei Hung and his friends were practising for the lion dance competition
~ When Leung Foon saved Xiu Ting from bad guys
~ Wong Fei Hung using his jacket as an umbrella for him and Gui Lan
~ Bo Yi and her boyfriend Jean hugging, Wong Kei Ying covered Wong Fei Hung's eyes!
~ Ah Gin telling Gui Lan he likes her
~ Fighting scenes of Wong Fei Hung and Wong Kei Ying
~ Xiu Ting finally accepting Leung Foon as her boyfriend
~ Wong Kei Ying speaking English in his suit at the end
~ Gui Lan and Wong Fei Hung hugging at the end

I think that on the whole this series is definitely worth watching. It has its funny and serious parts. I especially like the cast's job in this series because they all acted out their characters wonderfully! Fans of Bosco Wong and Sammul Chan would love this series! This series is one of the greatest!

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