Yes Sir, Sorry Sir

Reviewed by: sukting

December 01, 2013

Rating: three

What happens when an ex-teacher becomes an undercover cop? Will he be able to fend off the triads from creating bad influence on his pupils and how is he going to protect them? He has to woo Kar-lam in order to get information on the triads although he likes Miu-suet. On one hand, Man-lik is attracted to Miu-suet but on the other, she only loves Yiu-Wah. All of a sudden, the four find themselves involved in a complicated love square.

Story/Introduction on characters
1. Chan Hou as Law Yiu-wah
Despite the fact that he comes from a family of soldiers, Yiu-wah is a teacher of a notorious school. One day, he is forced to resign after being framed by his students as a peeping Tom. The triads have expanded their drug network at local schools. Yiu-wah turns into a cop and is told to go undercover at his previous school.

He does with reluctance. He has to risk his life to get close to Hung and later Fung. He is impressed by the enthusiasm of a new teacher, Miu-suet. He also comes to realize he was too strict with his students in the past. When Yiu-wah learns about Ka-lam's triad background, he decides to go after her hoping to learn more about the triads. Yiu-wah also finds himself in a contest of wits with Man-lik.

He later becomes a cop but has internal struggles within himself as he feels bad hurting Kar-lam. All pupils worship him like a hero after knowing how much and hard he has done for them. Hou continues to present his comical skills here. He creates so much laughter in this drama although he goes overboard at times.

2. Yeung Yee as Ho Miu suet
Miu-suet can teach Band 1 pupils but she chooses to go to a Band 3 school as she herself gets help from a teacher to get a chance to further her studies. She works part-time as a waitress at a nightclub and nearly gets molested by clients there as she is shattered that her father only wants to send her younger brother overseas. Her teacher tells her to quit to introduce tuition kids to her and also applies for a bursary. Her own policeman uncle sends her to hospital when she has a high fever so she likes policemen.

With a determination to boost students' confidence, Miu-suet invites a bowling expert, Ka-lam to teach bowling at the school with Man-lik's help. She later transfers to another Band 3 school after Lam Tin Kwong becomes a Band 2 school. Yee's presentation is only lukewarm. I find nothing fantastic about her here.

3. Ng Cheuk Hei as Ching Man-lik
Inspector Ching Man-lik is young and many females like him. He uses to be in the criminal division but he has been assigned to work as a liaison officer at the school for a year. He doesn't like desk bound jobs but he has no choice as his superior tells him that he has to go to different units after his new promotion. He doesn't believe that Hung has turned over a new leaf and keeps tailing him. Neither will he let go of Yiu-wah either as he gets too close to Hung.

He changes his mindset about Band 3 schools after seeing how his Band 1 school nephew is being led astray. He likes Miu-suet after breaking up with his girlfriend but she only treats him as a friend. He learns from Miu-suet the importance of team-work and is no longer a lone ranger. Slowly, he gets along with the students. He later loves a nurse who goes through physiotherapy with him when his right hand is injured. Cheuk Hei is dashing but his role has no breakthrough.

4. Chung Kar Yan as Koo Ka-lam
Ka-lam's parents are materialistic street hawkers and they are often harassed by the triads. Thus, she hates them since young even though she is close to Kar-sin. Both sisters fall out after she marries Fung. She moves out to stay alone and becomes a bowling coach. She is very successful to lead school teams to win competitions. She is able to tame the arrogant pupils and she slowly opens up to them.

Miu-suet invites her home for dinner and she envies the family for their closeness. They are both Teochews and they enjoy the dishes. Thus, they become close. She has thought that Yiu-wah is truthful to her and feels betrayed when his cover is exposed. They break up and both leave the school after she realises that he actually likes Miu-suet. She feels betrayed and stays in Macau. Kar Yan only needs to look cool and it is a pity that Ka-lam's inner feelings are not totally explored.

5. Law Lok-lam as Chiang Hung
Hung doesn't receive much education and is an ex-triad head till his two older sons die of mishap. He feels that this is retribution and thus retires to make sure that Chun has a better life. He now gets into lawful mah-jong shops and spas. But many triad leaders still respect him while the police does not believe he is innocent now.

Yiu-wah saves Chun one day and Hung regards him as his benefactor. He often asks him for help for his clan association duties and this causes Man-lik to misunderstand that Yiu-wah is involved with the triads. In fact, Yiu-wah is also impressed by Hung's chivalry that he doesn't bear to deceive him as this pricks his conscience.

Man-lik is against him as he misunderstands that Hung causes the car accident paralysis case of his superior. Hung feels guilty of implicating Yiu-wah into this and thus helps him out in any request. That includes joining the parent support group and checking out the school drug cases.

6. Chiang Chi Kwong as Poon Kwok-shing
Although Yiu-wah fails his fitness test for the inspector post, this senior superintendent from the surveillance division decides to make him go undercover. He often makes Yiu-wah write reports for him. Yiu-wah nearly blows his cover if not for him. Knowing that he has gone through a lot, he insists that Yiu-wah needs to go into rehab in order to face himself again before deciding which unit he is going to.

The many scenes of them meeting up are hilarious when they go on disguise to different places but similar outfits. The frequent meetings are a dig at 'internal affairs'. His advice for the next move is often wild. Chi Kwong really places in one of his best in this role – why is he deprived of a supporting actor nomination?

7. Lee Kok Lam as Ko Sun
He is the principal who wants nothing to happen till his retirement. He is once dedicated like Miu-suet but loses his will after so many years. His only motive is to help everyone to study in school. Due to his indifference, the pupils lack discipline.

Even though Yiu-wah wants a change, he doesn't give in and true enough to his expectation, Yiu Wah is forced to resign. His wake-up call comes when the school faces closure. He recalls the past of the bowling team's glamour and thus listens to Miu-suet to restructure the team. He is really wacky and be well entertained whenever he appears on screen.

8. Tsang Kok Kuen as Ngai Fung
He is cunning and also has leadership. He believes that knowledge can control the triads. He is romantic and loves his wife deeply to do everything for her. His only wish is to repair the sisters' relationship. Fung is Chun Sing's leader and befriends Kar-sin in prison. He tries very hard to please Kar-lam in vain till Yiu-wah's appearance. He is grateful to Yiu-wah. He is despicable to make use of the bowling teams' balls to smuggle drugs secretly.

9. Chu Wai Mun as Koo Ka-sin
She is Kar-lam's elder sister and doesn't know how to patch up with her. She is delighted to get Yiu-wah's help and encourages him to woo her. She has no regrets going to jail.

10. Law Kwan-moon as Cheung Pak-chuen
He is the head of 'killer 4'. He knows how to manipulate the rest and Yiu-wah has to thumb him now.

11. Kung Lok Tung as Chung Ka-bo
A member of killer 4 - she first starts as a rebellious teenager who keeps going out with guys. When falling out of love when her boyfriend learns of her past, she threatens to kill him and herself. Luckily, Man-lik counsels her and leads her back on the right track.

12. Chu Mun Hon as Mok Chak-kei
He comes from a single-parent home and his mother neglects him as a vegetable seller. He later gets involved in taking drugs and has to be sent to a boys' home.

13. Wong Tak Sang as Fan Tai
He is an expert in writing PC and later gets involved in gambling. He worships Man-lik and later becomes a good student.

14. Chan Wai Hung as Chiang Chun
He is Hung's youngest and only surviving son. Hung sends him overseas to study but he keeps fighting with others. Hung has no choice but to send him to this school. Yet, Chun only wants to be in the triad so Hung keeps on beating him. Luckily, their ties improve after Miu-suet and Yiu-wah help them. Miu-suet also discovers his talent and lets him join the bowling team.

15. Yeung Chiu Hoi as Ng Kar Yi
He is the informat who keeps meeting Yiu Wah secretly. He often worries for his own safety and keeps begging Yiu-wah to let him off. Yet, he can't contain his curiosity to keep asking him to confirm the school rumours.

16. Yeung Ying Wai as Mo Hau Lien
He is the vice principal who shares the same view as Sun. He is often pushed by Sun to face the public pressure but he is also timid as well.

17. Chow Chung as Law Cheng Bong
He is Yiu-wah's grandfather who has a strong backbone in disciplining Yiu-wah but he is often soft-hearted to let his relatives take advantage of him. He tries creating chances for Yiu-wah to be with Miu-suet.

18. Lee Chung Hei as Law Yiu Jo
He is the good-for-nothing cousin of Yiu-wah who keeps getting free stuff from him. He even makes use of Hung to buy out-dated computers from him and Yiu-wah has to pay the school damages.

19. Lee Sheng Cheung as Lee Cheuk Ho
He is a sergeant from the crime unit and is amused when Yiu-wah assists him in napping a drug suspect to find out that he actually also wants to catch a student buying cigarettes. He also wants to nap the triads and works well with the school.

20. Wong Kar Lok as Kong Dong Leung
He is another police liaison officer who works with the school. He teaches Man-lik the ropes and later transfers to the crime unit again.

Interesting facts – from wikepedia

43rd Ming Pao Anniversary Awards 2011
My Most Supportive Performance (Chung Kar Yan)
Nominated: Outstanding Actress in Television (Chung Kar Yan)

16th Asian Television Awards 2011
Nominated: Best Comedy Performance by an Actor/Actress (Chan Hou)

45th TVB Anniversary Awards 2011
Won: Most Improved Male Artiste (Jin Au-yeung)

Nominated: Best Drama (Top 5)
Nominated: Best Actor (Chan Hou) Top 5
Nominated: Best Actress (Chung Kar Yan) Top 5
Nominated: Best Supporting Actor (Lok-lam Law)
Nominated: Best Supporting Actress (Chu Wai Mun)
Nominated: My Favourite Male Character (Chan Hou)
Nominated: My Favourite Female Character (Chung Kar Yan) Top 5 Nominated: Most Improved Female Artiste (Kung Lok Tung)

Viewership was from 27 to 38 points. Another drama《Miss Cool外传》was considered as the sequel initially for 2012 but it became《护花危情》 in the end. Many grumbled as they thought Kar-lam's neighbour, Jack (cameo appearance by Ma Kok Ming) and Miss Koo will end up as a pair.

Netizens commented that some parts get ideas from Chow Sing Chee's movies and Japanese drama Gokusen. The title is so similar to ATV's drama《点解阿Sir系只鬼》.

Most favourite character
It is a tie between Cheng Bong, Hung and Kwok-shing. They are always serious but my goodness, they can make you laugh even though they keep a straight face!

Most hated character
Yiu-wah's relatives. All of them are scums – you will never believe this. Yiu-jo's parents take whatever canned food they see while Yiu-jo even uses Yiu-wah's printer to print café flyers to promote business.

The theme song《春风化雨》was sung by Cheuk Hei and Hou. It is quite catchy.

Many will have the wrong impression that there are 4 leads. But in reality, only Yee and Hou get the meat roles while Cheuk Hei and Kar Yan are the supporting roles. Aren't they as popular as the other two? I am very disappointed. The love relationship management is also another letdown.

Okay – arranging Yiu-wah to woo Kar-lam is fine but to make Man-lik to woo Miu-suet?! Their appearance simply don't match! Even if the plan is to promote Yee to become See Mun's successor, it simply backfires even though the three stars are being roped in. Her performance isn't as spectacular as expected. I simply shake my head – what a waste of the 4 talents!

As for the students, I find them exaggerating and they look older than their age. It is a repetitive of the rebellious pupils in the 2004 drama 'Shine on you'. The 'pupils' there do not just look younger but they are also more natural in their acting. I was impressed by Leung Lit Wai, Wong Kar Lok and Cheng Chun Hung.

I feel that it is a repetition to Lai Ming's 1995 drama Class of Distinction", the themesong is exactly the previous chosen drama title. The story is almost a replica of 'Shine on you' as the teachers there are also half-hearted to teach initially. Even the classroom and staff room look similar. I nearly think that I am being transported to the past when watching it. Did they recycle anything?

Luckily, Chi Kwong and Lok Lam provide lots of highlights for us. If not, it will still be our usual boring, predictable drama.

Sukting's ratings :
On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5) (sad but not due to the leads but the supporting cast)
On story : *** (Scale of 5)
On song : *** (Scale of 5)

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