Your Class or Mine

Reviewed by: sukting

June 16, 2011

Rating: three-point-five

How long
20 episodes


This drama is on how a man becomes the operation director of Keegan football team to clear his debts. He doesn't expect his destiny to change after that. He not only gets a new job, he also gets new friends, family but also a gal. His life becomes meaningful now.

1. Pang Kum Chau - Ou Yeung Chun Wah
Kum Chau is broke after his ex-girlfriend causes his pirated goods to be detained by the authorities. He hides in a football stadium to run away from the loan sharks. He overhears Kok Chu discussing with a business partner on sponsoring the Keegan Spirit soccer team. He helps to get the deal and becomes the Operation Director of the football team through his confidence and eloquence.

With the win in the second quarter, Kum Chau promises to make the "three treasures" of the team, Yik Dan, Lik Ban, and Pui Tung into academically fit players and bring the team to the A league. The guys call him Chau Goon - but he is not Cheng Siu Chau. They dislike him for being an opportunist to make use of them. He becomes like this after losing his trust in his mother and ex-girlfriend.

They agree to sponsor and Kum Chau gets Ka Lai, who is nicknamed "A goddess" to help them for the national examination. Ka Lai finds them cheating on the exams, and she refuses to continue but cannot back out as Kum chau gets reporters. She later claims that they must achieve a grade of 20 points or Kum Chau will have to resign. Kum Chau's jaw nearly drops but tries hard to get them to be sports stars.

Kum Chau and Ka Lai often quarrel, but always put the benefits of the three treasures in mind. He teaches them economics while he tries others to teach them other subjects - for free! One day an intimate photograph of Ka Lai and Kok Chu is published in a magazine due to Kum Chau's carelessness in leaving his handphone in the hands of reporters. He knows of their affair and has taken photos of them, threatening her to work for them. He feels remorseful and treats her better.

Kok Chu's father is outraged and demotes him, giving the responsibility of the soccer team to his younger brother, Kok Ho. The 3 are trapped in a love triangle and has to be settled in a soccer game. Kum Chau has misgivings over Dai Wai and Pui Tung to stay in their home shamelessly. He has thought his mother leaves him and his father for Dai Wai due to money.

Having to take care of his dying father,he misses his national exam. Kok Chu suspects Kum Chau of loving Ka Lai and finds faults with him. Ka Lai learns of his past and adds him to her tuition class when seeing how desperate he becomes to tape her lessons. You will laugh when she has thought of him to be a sex manic initally. Their relationship becomes better when the soccer team faces the event of disbanding.

Kum Chau understands the importance of kinship and accepts Dai Wai. Dai Wai becomes like his father now. He even forks out his own money to buy soccer balls for the team when they run out of funds. The guys start to accept him. When knowing the truth of Pui Tung of being his younger brother, he protects him well. Due to this crisis, he gets to love Ka Lai but he doesn't dare to disclose it to her.

He only lets her know by tapiing it down. Ka Lai is about to tell him that she accepts him when they are all kidnapped. Kum Chau injures his head and goes into a coma. The others score 20 or below, to make his dream come true while he is the only absentee. He awakes and takes a group photo with the soccer team. Ka Lai is relieved and both become a couple. He promises to take the exam the following year but he is overjoyed to score As for now after winning her heart.
Chun Wah is terrific in the role. He can be cheeky and also serious, showing how versatile he is in acting. There will also be rare occasions to see him running in a jersey on the field so don't miss this. You will simply crack up upon seeing how he provokes his opponents to cause them to get fouls to help his team win.

2. Yim Ka Lai - Tang Shui Mun
Her nickname is A goddess. She is good in Chinese literature. She is a tuition teacher but doesn't open a tuition centre so that she can select her own students. She produces many talents but doesn't want to help weak pupils. She is strict and upright to have high demands on herself. She looks tough to take care of her family after her parents' death but she yearns to be taken care of. She is second at home but acts like the eldest child.

Kok Chu knows of her plight and helps her to complete her studies after solving her financial problem. She becomes his mistress for 12 years. She only likes crystals and not jewels. Kok Chu approaches her to tutor the 3 treasures so as to clinch the contract. She is willing to help but doesn't like Kum Chau to use short cuts. Upon knowing that Ka Lok takes up Thai boxing to release stress, she reflects her treatment towards her sisters. Kum Chau finds her teaching boring and teaches her to tell the pupils jokes and dresses more lively to attract their attention.

Her affair is exposed and Kum Chau advises her to start life anew. She leaves Kok Chu and concentrates on opening a tuition centre. Kum Chau gets average pupils for her, urging her to try out. He even persuades her to accept Kok Chu's friend, Vincent who is a rich banker as her new boyfriend. She listens to him but finds herself going to him when she is troubled and consoles him when she is down.

Although the tuition centre is everything to her, she is willing to give it up for Kum Chau's sake. Kok Chu has wanted her to use it to exchange for Kum Chau's sake when he sues him for assault. Kum Chau is too angry when Kok Chu tries to pull Pui Tung into his new team and also says nasty things about Ka Lai. Kok Chu tries his best to woo her back but she doesn't change her mind. She stays by Kum Chau when he is in a coma. Both finally become a pair after many ups and downs.

Chui Mun is cool in the role as the knowledgeable tutor. She is so confident of herself. This is the third time she works with Chun Wah. However, she has little chemistry with Chun Wah as a love couple although excellent as a working pair. Maybe due to the script writing in this way.

3. Yim Ka Ming - Yeung Lok Ting
She is third in the family. She is a kind introvert. Ka Lai sends her overseas and she completes her masters course to get into Kok Chu's company as the planning assistant. Ka Lai doesn't want her to work there as she has owed Kok Chu too many favours but Kok Chu insists of helping her.

She helps out in managing the soccer team. You will laugh upon seeing how Kum Chau getting her to teach the treasures English for free. Being a kind person, she agrees to help. He gets the guys to work in a western restaurant to try speaking in the language. Ka Ming doesn't mind as she enjoys teaching them although Ka Lai reprimands Kum Chau for making use of her.

The goalkeeper, Cheung Shing falls for her and beats a man who tries to get fresh with her. He declares his affections for her and she gets a big shock. Upon getting along with him, she gives him encouragement. She is badly affected over Ka Lai's affair and moves out. But seeing how her sisters are nice to her during the training camp, they reconcile. She promises to go out with Cheung Shing if he does well. He passes the exam and both go steady.

4. Yim Ka Lok - Lee Yee Mun
She is Ka Lai's youngest sister. She is smart and has a mind of her own. She works hard to achieve Ka Lai's expectations. She is under a lot of pressure in her studies so she takes up Thai boxing. Pui Tung is her sparing partner and is impressed when he loses to her. Kum Chau discovers her secret too and wants her to help the guys in their tuition. She has no choice but to agree. Ka Lai gets to know about it and becomes mad. The brothers help the two to reconcile over their differences.

Ka Lok is touched when both sisters come to support her in her Thai boxing competition. She nearly loses but wins due to them. She is also badly affected by Ka Lai's affair but she helps Ka Lai to help Ka Ming forgive her. She becomes good friends with the guys and likes Pui Tung. Both go steady after the exam.

5. Yim Ka Fai - Chan Wing Chun
He is the sisters' good-for-nothing eldest brother. He often goes for the wrong investment and loses money. Whenever he visits his sisters with gifts, he needs Ka Lai to settle debts for him. Ka Lai is too used to this and helps her voluntarily. Even his other sisters look down on him. This shameless man even borrows money from Kok Chu after Ka Lai breaks up with him and gets her to meet him! What kind of brother is this to ‘sell' his sister away?

6. Cheng Kok Chu - Kwok Ching Hung
He is Cheng Company CEO. He is capable but he must get what he likes. He is very self-centred and hates the feeling of losing. He holds a high position but he must obey his father for the company's benefits to marry Ya Yin. Both have a 12 year old daughter, Long. He only shows her concern but really dotes on Long.

His feelings towards Ka Lai are true but he wants the best of both worlds. He feels threatened when Chun Hing gets Kok Ho to help him out in the company. His demotion due to his affair almost ruins his reputation. Thus, he decides to come clean with Ka Lai to be with her. Ka Lai knows that he loves himself more than anyone else and breaks up with him.

He refuses to give up and finds Kum Chau the third party. He gives him hell, not knowing that this hurts everyone. He tries all means to want to put Kum Chau into jail upon knowing that he is chased by loan sharks and for assaulting him. He stops his sponsorship for Keegan and buys a new team, Long Shing. In order to destroy Keegan's chance to get into A league, he fixes a match so that his new team can eliminate him, he doesn't expect Keegan to win instead.

Both teams get into A league but he isn't happy to get drunk. He loses his senses when he is drunk and bribes someone to burn Ka Lai's tuition centre. The man pours kerosene and holds all as hostages. Kum Chau becomes comatose when saving them, He realizes his wrongdoings and owns up, declining the lawyer's help. This wins Ya Yin's love back.

7. Cheng Kok Ho - Wong Ho Shun
He is Kok Chu's younger brother. Despite his wealth, he has no airs and gets along well with everyone. The soccer players are close to him and he gives them whatever support they need. His father often neglects him and he thinks of striking out on his own instead of working under Kok Chu. He helps Keegan by injecting his own funds. He also teaches the treasures physics and chemistry for free. After knowing how Kok Chu betrays Keegan, he moves out and supports the team.

8. Fan Dai Wai - Hui Siu Hung
Dai Wai is the team coach. When he is younger, he is known as the golden right leg and regards Pui Tung as his succesor. He is very optimistic but careless and trusts others easily. He doesn't look into small details and only focus on the training. This team nearly uses up all his savings. Thus, he is very grateful to Kum Chau for his help. His wife is dead for 10 years and he dotes on Pui Tung. He is also filial to him.

Kum Chau is hostile to him upon knowing his identity. Dai Wai has been looking for Kum Chau all these years after his wife's death to bring him to stay with him. Kum Chau is later touched by his love and makes Pui Tung to reaccept him as his father. Knowing that the soccer team is like his second child, Kum Chau strikes hard to keep it going.

9. Fan Pui Tung - Lo Chung Hin
Pui Tung is brought up by Dai Wai after his mother's death. He is well versed in sports but his liking for each sport only maintains 3 minutes. Dai Wai has to bribe him to stay on in Keegan but he is touched when his father buys a pair of boxing gloves for him as he contemplates of giving up soccer. He thinks that he is gifted and doesn't train properly.

There is an occasion when he injures his leg and he doesn't treat it seriously. He nearly becomes a cripple and his career till his friends support him for treatment. Yik Sheung is interested in him but he only treats her as a younger sister. He often quarrels with Ka Lok but his results become better under her guidance. He admires her guts to take up boxing like him and starts to appreciate learning.

Pui Tung also discovers that Kum Chau isn't a money-minded person as he seems when Kum Chau starts to buy things for the club. He feels betrayed when knowing his parentage. He nearly wants to give up his exams and join Kok Chu's new team. Luckily, he regains his common sense and sticks with Keegan.

10.Lam Yik Dan - Leung Ching Ka

Yik Dan is gentle and is a born peacemaker. He gets all the attention from his parents and feels apologetic towards Yik Sheung. He tries his best to study and ropes the other two to join him. he is the captain of the team and helps to iron out disputes among them. He treats Pui Tung like his idol and is more like a follower.

He is enraged when he feels that Pui Tung toys with Yik Sheung's feelings. Both get into a cold war. The accident leaves him paralysed and he puts the blame on Pui Tung. The guys help him to recover fast. Their chemistry is unspeakable when in the field as no replacement can do a better job. He returns to the team and helps them to get into the A division.

11. Lam Yik Sheung - Fan Hsuen Wai
She is the cheerleading team leader and also Yik Dan's younger twin sister. She often picks on Ka Lok as she senses that Pui Tung likes her. She gets the other cheerleading members to push her around but she doesn't know that Ka Lok has the ability to injure her as a boxer and chooses to tolerate her instead. She lies to Pui Tung that she is committing suicide. Yik Dan is worried and comes instead to get knocked down by a van. She is remorseful and turns for the better.

12. Chan Lik Ban - Leung Wai Lit
His father comes from the underworld so he worships him as his idol. After his father is jailed, he lives with his grandmother. He is impulsive and doesn't plan for himself. He boosts on wooing girls and often play truants. He aims to become a professional soccer player since he doesn't do well in his studies. The three guys have a close bond as they grow up together. He joins the tuition class due to them.

Kam Chau has his hands full because of him. He is very rebellious but Kam Chau alerts him to improve himself through sarcasm. After he sees how his father works hard, he follows suit. He scores 20 marks together with the other guys. They achieve their target after all.

13. Ko Ah Hin - Lo Mun Chong
She is Kok Chu's wife who stops working after their marriage. All along, she has thought that she has a happy marriage. She doesn't expect Ka Lai to ruin her marriage. Despite asking for a divorce, she still cares for Kok Chu and helps him when he runs into trouble in his business. She later moves back and is very patient with him but still fails to win his heart back.

14. Lin Cheung Shing - Yuen Wai Ho
He is the goalkeeper and is also Kum Chau's close friend. He provides his home for Kum Chau to stay as compensation for damaging his laptop. Soon, he discovered that he is deceived and chased him out. He has indirectly helped Kam Chau to work in Keegan instead. He has no talent in studies and fails the exam thrice. This affects his promotion and he can only work as a driver.

Cheung Shing is unhappy when a person who just passes his exams becomes his superior. He realizes how important the exam is and decides to retake it. He joins the tuition class and shows improvement. He falls for Ka Ming and reveals his feelings to her. This scares her instead but later agrees to date him when he passes. She is badly affected when knowing Ka Lai's affair with Kok Chu. He stands beside her and encourages her to reconcile with Ka Lai. Ka Ming is grateful and later accepts him.

15. Cheng Chun Hing - Lo Lok Lam
He is the typical traditional father who only treasures elder sons. He places all his businesses in his hands and totally ignores Kok Ho's efforts. Upon seeing that Kok Chu disgraces him, he demotes him but later promotes him again with Kok Ho's help. That proves that Kok Ho has made the wrong choice as Kok Chu has turned from bad to worse. Kok Ho has to return home when Kok Chu's case of injuring Kam Chau badly affects the company's image.

16. So Yau Mei - Yiu Ying Ying
She is Ka Lai's sister-in-law who sponges her dry. She has a son but she doesn't teach him to respect Ka Lai too. She is only touched upon knowing how she has sacrificed for the whole family.

17. Cheng Long - Lam Chi Yan
She is Kok Chu's daughter who finds school lessons boring and is disrespectful towards her teachers. Her parents are worried and get Ka Lai to tutor her. Ka Lai discovers that Long is a genius instead. Ah Hin is grateful to her and shares secrets with her. Long also starts to open up to her. Both feel betrayed when knowing that Ka Lai is actually Kok Chu's mistress.

18. Luk Yuet - Ha Ping
She is Lik Ban's grandmother who cares for him. She doesn't want her grandson to end up like her son so she urges him to study hard. She sets her own example by buying simple English books. She opens an eatery and the soccer players often go there for tea. Lik Ban's father helps her out upon his release and she is glad that both have changed for the better.

19. Lu Chun Hee - Chan Wing
Kam Chau ropes him to join the team when he finds the treasures to be too full of themselves. He uses Ka Lok's notes to tempt him. Chun Hee shows his skills and the treasures have to admit that he is good. However, he doesn't really get along with the team members. When Kok Chu bribes him, he leaves them as Kok Chu promises to finance his studies overseas.

Knowing that Pui Tung is down, he urges him to join Kok Chu's team. Pui Tung doesn't sign the contract when Kam Chau pulls him away just in time. This man can't be trusted at all.

20. Fong Dai Lung - Lee Yu Yeung
He is the forward of the team and works in a big investment company as an investor. No one can guess that he is a soccer player whenever he is dressed in a dark suit to be so refined looking. He is very loyal to Keegan and Kok Chu fails to bribe him. Overjoyed that they win Sing Long and get into the A division, he gets free concert tickets from his company to celebrate with all.

Most favourite character
Kam Chau. He is despicable at first but he truly cares for others. You can't blame him for losing trust in others in the beginning to only believe the power of money as he is deceived more than once. The team looks up to him when he tides over many crisis with them. A close second is Kok Ho who is also doing so much for the team - why doesn't he get a gal at all? This is so unfair.

Most hated character
Kok Chu, he is demanding on others and throws tantrums all the time. He refuses to admit defeat and causes harm to others for his personal gain. This stubborn man simply doesn't believe that money can't buy everything and only learns his mistakes through the hard way.

The song - continuous learning is a fortune is written by the late Mr Wong Jim. It is sung by the cast like a rap. I had mixed feelings listening to the song. The lyrics are excellent as it is based on Confusion values!

Interesting facts
The ratings range from 29 to 32 points. The drama was sponsored by Ka Siu Yip holdings. We can see how different it is from other dramas. They had Ying Wong Tuition expert, Siu Yuen and also Present English teacher Mr Patrick Chan as advisors. Many soccer scenes roped in Hong Kong Soccer Professional A division teams ‘Hong Wang Shing Hei' and ‘Fok Dai Pu' players to help in the shoot. Although the guys know the sport well, they still train hard in order to look convincing in their roles.


It has been long since I have seen a realistic and earnest production from TVB. I am sick of watching the over-the-top Although the part on all of them to get flying colours from the exam is too good to be true, the actors are convincing in their roles. the actors look surprisingly young in the high school uniform. They can be unknowns but they have given their best to promote the soccer spot and empathesizes how important team work is to get success.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On songs : **** (Scale of 5) (Not on the singing although passable but the lyrics are very well-written.)

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