You're Hired

Reviewed by: jackiebee

January 31, 2010

Rating: four

I wanted to review this series since it's fresh in my mind.
At first I was reluctant to watch this series because I felt that Charmaine Sheh and Dayo Wong wouldn't match as a couple. However, I was wrong! This is a show that made me laugh and smile. This show was clever and detailed, although not without flaws.

3 Random Comments:
The beginning of the series and the first 10 episodes were the stronger parts of the show. From the second half on-ward, the show began to lose its innocence. The story and plot line became complicated and took itself to seriously.

Plot: The story basically revolves around Dayo's character, his life, his friends, and how his life and other people's lives are changed by their relationships.

Dayo and Charmaine had a lot of on-screen chemistry. Their gimmicks, lines and teases with each other seemed natural and spontaneous.

Character Review

Charmaine: Charmaine demonstrated why she is the queen of TVB in this series. I felt this was a really refreshing role for Charmaine. I've grown bored of seeing her play innocent, goody goody girly roles where she has to overcome betrayal or another traumatic emotional moment. This is the only series where Charmaine doesn't have to cry and scream! Hurray! Her role in Beyond the Realm of Conscience is an example of those typical goody goody girly roles. In this show she played a feisty woman who wasn't afraid to tell people what she really thought. I think in a way we all want to be a bit of Charmaine's character, even when she is upset she shows it in a really cute distressing way. Her emotions were never truly developed and it would have been nice to see her have a serious emotional moment.

Dayo Wong: One word: boring! He's everyone's savior and he's the quick fix go-to-guy if you have any problems. You can use him and kick him, but he'll always give you a helping hand if you need it! He plays a pushover in this series whose a "loner" because of his broken family past. That was emphasized too often in this show which made it unrealistic. A guy who is so self giving doesn't end up being a loner. And if he does end up being a loner, it means he's a people pleaser without self confidence, which means he shouldn't get the hot girlfriend (which he does get in the end because she admires his business genius). He had too many scenes. Seeing him and him only in basically every single scene got boring really fast. His facial expressions and clothes were always the same. It was just really boring seeing him so much!

Power Chan: I don't think I'd be the only one when I say his character got annoying after a while. It's obvious from day one that he's greedy and petty. He would "change sides" easily if his friend was failing, which he did. However, his *perfect couple* image with Mandy is quite endearing. He also treasures his family which cancels out his greedy and petty side. I'm glad TVB didn't develop his character too much. I'm sure TVb would write him as having an affair if they did, which is way too overdone.

Mandy: Not much to say about her. Her role was as a supporting character and she didn't have much development. She's seen as as a woman who has the *ideal balance between love and career*. Her only distressing time was when she lost out on a real estate day and was in debt - but she was saved of course by everyone's savior....Dayo Wong! On appearance wise - I think she is fit for television, because she's beautiful on screen. She is photogenic and in the scenes with Charmaine, she looks more beautiful than her. However, her and Charmaine look like they could be best friends because they seem to match on the outward appearance, gestures and are equally girly.


Although I feel that the character designs and development definately have problems, the plot makes up for it. The lines are there to make you laugh and the plot is there to surprise you. This series deserves a watch, especially if you like Dayo, Charmaine, Mandy, Micheal or Theresa.


A memorable part for me was in the beginning of the film where Charmaine saw how his closet. It was explained then why Dayo always wore the same clothes. Throughout the series, he really only wore one set of clothes.

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