A Chinese Ghost Story


Section:Taiwanese Dramas

Genre:Fantasy, Martial Arts, Supernatural

Language: Chinese (Mandarin)

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A Chinese Ghost Story: Eternity

Reviewed by: Whizzer_Kulit October 28, 2004

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

A Chinese Ghost Story: Eternity For the record, I’ve watched this series four times already and I can’t help but feel that I kept on missing something every time I watch it. It was badly chopped here in the Philippines but then I also watched it on a cable channel from start to finish. It didn’t do well here but it did very good in other countries in Asia and some parts of the world....

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A Chinese Ghost Story

Reviewed by: Lingz13 October 17, 2003

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

(Qian Nu You Hun) This Taiwanese serial (or strictly speaking, a collaboration again, between Taiwan, China and Singapore), A Chinese Ghost Story (Qian Nu You Hun), which even before its official release has somehow caused a stir and eager anticipation because of the 1987 highly successful movie with the same title (a sequel in 1989 too) starring the late Leslie Cheung and Joey Wong. To be more precise, the movie is a classic in...

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A Chinese Ghost Story

Reviewed by: sukting October 15, 2003

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

How long 40 episodes Foreword This is a confusing story with many characters on ‘the star crossed lovers’ and ‘lovers of 7 lifetimes’. The first couple accumulates their bitterness for 6 lifetimes because they can’t get married. ‘Lovers of 7 lifetimes’ are produced to dissolve the anguish. This serial is a joint production of Taiwan and Singapore. The story is well-written but very long-winded. It is repetitive with many flashbacks. It has a strong cast from Singapore,...

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Member Ratings


10-21-2009 05:46 AM


PLEASE anyone know the soundtrack in the 14 episode in the half when Hongye is practicing in her room and remembers Caichien?


03-06-2008 02:37 PM


is this movie good?


09-14-2007 06:57 AM


A Chinese Ghost Story 倩女幽魂
Tear factor: 2/5
Romance factor: 4/5
Laugh factor: 1/5
Horror factor: 3/5
Fresh factor: 2/5
Star appeal: 3/5
Acting: 2/5
Storyline: 3/5
Memorable: 2/5
Inspiration factor: 1/5
OVERALL Rating: 7/10

Note: This series is not the original making of Chinese Ghost Story. The best will forever be the classic Leslie Cheung version who plays a forever youthful and charming young tax collector who falls in love with a girl of the other realm played by Joey Wang. If you ever watch other makings of this story, you will learn to appreciate how much better this first making is. The theme song, sung by the talented Leslie Cheung is also one that will stick in your head for a long time.


02-06-2007 12:00 AM


this series was okay. though there are too many episodes. i got impatient and just watched the ending. my favorite character is Qi Ye...and i would have choosen him if i were Xiao Qian.


11-06-2006 12:00 AM


This production had made the movie a chinese ghost story really great.... I like the acting of the characters, its great.... you guys keep up the excellent work!!

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