At the Dolphin Bay

Reviewed by: sukting

July 18, 2005

Rating: three

I dislike trashy idol dramas - a lot of them disappoint me. A Malaysian friend, Angeline coaxed me to watch this drama. She watched it in Malaysia before me. I read the novel before watching it. At first, I resisted watching it after knowing the sad ending. But curiosity got better of me when it is shown on television. So what is the outcome?

Story - I will relate the interesting scenes below as they are quite well shot

Interesting scenes

'Bottle cap' and 'dada' are from St Teresa orphanage. Both are close to each other when he protects her from being bullied from other children. When 'dada' gets adopted, he promises to get her. It takes a long time for him to come again and she decides not to wait, leaving her favourite dolphin toy behind. 'Da da' is named as Ze Ya keeps the toy while 'bottle cap' is adopted by Hui Lan to be Tian Bian.

After 20 years, Ze Ya returns to Taiwan after graduating from Cambridge University. He becomes SETTV GM and Shan Ni is displeased with Huai Gu. Li Ru consoles her and vows to fight a chance for her. I am impressed by the elaborate setting when Huai Gu announces Ze Ya as his successor at SET. Reporters cast doubts upon seeing him so young - one asks - how long does he know SET? Ze Ya throws back the question at him - how does he think since he grows up with it?

A very daring Man Qing to kiss Xiao Gang and announce in public that both are an item during her new album, Skywalk promotion. But he declares in public that he will search for a new voice as she is too perfect to shame her.

Ze Ya returns home to have a meal with his family. Li Ru notices that he is left-handed and claims that it is not a family trait to have this habit. Huai Gu states that he gets him home to foster better ties. Ze Ya gets Shan Ni a birthday present and she accepts it coldly. She will not congratulate him as there will be lots of hard work waiting for him. Ze Ya smiles at her remark and continues his meal.

Shan Ni gets fed up - Why get the illegitimate son to get the post? Just because she is a woman and Shan Ni is only given the programme manager post? Will Huai Gu look for Ze Ya if she is his grandson? She only treats Ze Ya as a stranger and not her elder brother. Huai Gu has not considered how Li Hong feels in facing her husband's infidelity, death and also Ze Ya's admittance into the family.

She returns to her room. Ze Ya notices that she hasn't taken the present and places it outside her room. He then looks through the files in his room. Li Hong wants to sell a piece of land without Ze Ya's knowledge. She will want it back later under her name. She believes that Ze Ya will not acknowledge them after Huai Gu's death and both will be left with nothing.

Ze Ya looks at the dolphin toy when taking a break and smiles upon recalling past, touching his small finger. He wonders if 'bottle cap' has kept her promise to be brave. Li Hong secretly watches how Ze Ya does his work. Ze Ya finds that it is illogical even though the price of the land is reduced for sale. He is about to consult Huai Gu's opinion and walk out of the room. Li Hong becomes nervous when he turns back. Since Huai Gu passes the files to him, he must believe his judgment.

Ze Ya contacts Zheng Dong to find out the details of the buyer and the land in 3 hours. Li Hong is wary and the next day, she cooks up an excuse to avoid going to the company with Ze Ya, saying that she has to see to something first. She reminds him not to be late for the meeting at 11 a.m. Li Hong bribes the chauffeur to release petrol from the car. Ze Ya is too busy reading the newspaper in the car to notice this.

When he finds that his handphone can't contact anyone in the dolphin bay, he walks into the boat hut. Tian Bian is practicing her love declaration to Zhong Ting. Without looking, she says all the words to discover the mistake. She chides him - sigh - Shao Han's tone is exactly the unreasonable way she talks to Prince in 'MVP Valentine' which doesn't show improvement at all. They bump to each other on the head when both try to pick up the dolphin bay story book from the ground.

He is equally shy but promises to forget what she has said. They cycle on the byte and he accidentally damages it. Both fall on the ground and Ze Ya quickly checks to see if she is alright, ignoring himself. She sees him wearing a trinket band that she gives him when young and finds it familiar looking. She blocks a truck from moving with her body to get him back in to the city. Ze Ya nearly freezes but is impressed with her guts to do that in order to help him out.

Ze Ya tells Zheng Dong to get all his documents ready for the meeting. He also reminds him to get a new bicycle to give to Tian Bian. Li Hong is about to get all shareholders to sign on the documents to agree to sell the land when Ze Ya charges in to stop them. Li Hong claims that he has no say since he can't be punctual. She is shocked when Ze Ya shows al lt he land evaluation price chart. This shows that they are selling it at a big loss. If he is treating it as a joke, he will not have to rush back.

SETTV is having financial difficulties but he will not allow it and promises to get 3 billion ready for the album promotion soon. If not, he will quit - SET will not need a GM who can't solve problems. (He looks so different and warm with Tian Bian but so firm in here.)

Ze Ya gives the new bicycle to Tian Bian and calls her 'bottle cap' naturally. The way that she prays is the same as her when young but dismisses it. She blames him for her blunder - it is said that when people declare their love in the hut to the first person, it will work but it backfires. Ze Ya then adds that he will be the one then…but he suddenly stops too. He sends her back to the noodle shop.

Xiao Gang checks through the tapes and is delighted to find Tian Bian's voice. But he is annoyed when the tape gets stuck but still adds her name in the candidates list. Ze Ya visits Tian Bian and likes her humming of the song. He tries to create a chance for her to declare to Zhong Ting but she gets rejected. Ze Ya doesn't know why but the way she looks at Zhong Ting hurts him for no reason.

Upon seeing her in tears over the rejection, he passes her his handkerchief. He places his jacket over her, not knowing what to say. At least she has tried so she should have no regrets. Hui Lan treats him coldly but he is still polite to her. He even writes words - work hard for the auction with his handphone number on his handkerchief before wrapping it with a stone to throw to her through her window.

Manager Weng wants to shoot a scandal but Ze Ya thinks showing news on an oil tanker trapped on the expressway is more important to warn the public not to use it. Both are at loggerheads because the fellow wants to raise viewership and thinks that no one will watch it during lunch hour. Ze Ya overrules the decision to go ahead with it. He also considers that not many commuters will be informed during rush hour. So he wants the crew to call other stations to liaise report with SET to make the live coverage.

Sure enough, the oil tanker explodes and many call in through the hotline to thank the station for the warning. There is no casualty due to their timely report. Ze Ya praises all for working hard. Manager Weng thinks that Shan Ni will be unhappy over Ze Ya's decision. But to his surprise, her reaction is she isn't a news reporter and she dislikes the GM, she will prefer the news too instead of the scandal. Ze Ya leaves but still feels uneasy to look into Shan Ni's eyes.

Ze Ya is supposed to meet a client, Tai Shan Bank's Vice President Fang to borrow a loan. Suddenly, Ze Ya gets a call and sees that it has no number. It is from Tian Bian because she is late for the auction. Suddenly, the line is dead. Worry is written on his face and Ze Ya can't call her back. He gets anxious. Poor Zheng Dong - he keeps telling Ze Ya that Wang is waiting for him but he signals him to stop talking.
When Tian Bian calls again, he wants her to tell him which telephone booth she is so that he can go to fetch her. Can you believe that Ze Ya even borrows Zheng Dong's car to leave Fang waiting for him??!!

Tian Bian is waiting anxiously when a Mercedes convertible suddenly stops in front of her. He stops the car quickly at the car park entrance. She looks at him in shock - what is his job to get into SETTV easily? He answers that he is familiar with every department because he works here. She guesses that he is one temporary staff so he has to decide which department is suitable to get in. He doesn't know how to answer her and smiles - err - does this sound familiar to you??

He tells her the way to get into the studio. Tian Bian tries to open the door in vain but can't get in embarrassment. Ze Ya smiles and keys in his password on the scanning machine. He tells her that he is her first fan (this should be clear to all now what the other serial is.) and he gives her a handphone to wait for her good news. He then rushes to meet Fang.

Xiao Gang is angry that Tian Bian is late and disqualifies her. She requests him to listen to her singing but he refuses since she is not taking the competition seriously. I dislike her reaction - as if he owes her - it is his loss if he doesn't listen to her! How arrogant can she be! Hello - excuse me - she is late in the first place. If I were Xiao Gang, I will not bother to give another chance too. Moreover, although she is dressed fine, she looks awful with the cap!

Ze Ya is talking to Fang when his handphone that he passes to Zheng Dong rings. Both look at him and she is puzzled not to hear Ze Ya's voice. He is about to reveal Ze Ya's identity when he signals Zheng Dong to pass it to him. He quickly gets into a corner and answers it. She nearly cries upon hearing his voice (Does this remind you of someone's failure in a trial test but the guy is the first person to call her instead?)

Has she given up? He quickly walks to the studio - forgetting his important guest in the meeting room. Does she wish to escape? Why doesn't she try singing on the stage now? He promises that he will not hang up to listen to her. He gets into the control room and discovers that she sings Xiao Gang's 'skywalk'. He wants Xiao Gang to go to the studio but he refuses. So Ze Ya switches on the control button to let all hear Tian Bian's voice. Xiao Gang is so delighted - he must be a music craze to discard his dislike towards Tian Bian to claim her as his new voice. Man Qing is angry over it and insults her for being poor.

Ze Ya and Fang shake their hands together after settling the issue. Suddenly, the handphone rings again and he has the urge to touch it but he stops. I really laugh when he looks so awkward like a child. Fang jokes that he has so many calls today. He is so anxious but doesn't know what to say. He then tells Zheng Dong to get his chauffeur to fetch Fang back in his car.

When he answers it, he finds it strange that there is no voice and calls back. Tian Bian then scolds herself for only knowing how to complain. He then walks to the glass stairs and happens to see her standing below. His voice turns gentle - what happens - she sounds that she is crying? He asks her to guess what he sees - a cute girl wearing a white shirt and looking like a dolphin coming out from the sea. He is very worried because she is standing near a pool and doesn't know if she is too upset to jump into it. She is surprised and looks around, making him smile.

She also smiles and makes him assured. He knows that she is brave. He jokes that she can see him if she looks up but she sees nothing. However, a car stops near her and he sends her home. She thanks him although she fails to win the money to help her mother. He feels bad for not being able to fulfill her 2 wishes. As if she has nothing good after meeting him. But she thinks it is good to know him. Ze Ya's face turns red and his heart beats hard. He turns his head but can't hide his smile.

No one has tried helping her but has not asked anything in return. She recalls the last time she even takes some money from him for helping him to rush back to office. Suddenly she says goodbye and wants to go in. He wants to make her stay but is unable to say it. He chides himself for being timid when she returns the handphone to him. He has thought that she wants him to stay and is disappointed, neglecting her earnest look. She sees that Ze Ya doesn't say much and is lost too.

His car engine doesn't work and she suddenly invites him to have noodles with her. But upon walking in, they see Hui Lan fainted on the floor so Ze Ya sends her to hospital. She recalls how rebellious she is and how Hui Lan hasn't given up on her. Her tears flow down her cheek (sorry to offend Zhang's fans but I think the way she acts here is exactly the same in 'MVP Valentine'.)

Her hand trembles but Ze Ya's warm and firm hand gives her assurance. He knows the feeling of being deserted and is sure Hui Lan will not do that to her. Hui Lan is saved and he sends her home. One recalls that she hasn't cooked the noodles while another wants to give her back the handphone. Both turn around and suddenly their lips touch. He asks her whether she wants him to help her as he can do it but she says it is not nice to do it since he is a temporary staff who can get fired anytime. (Sigh - she is so gullible!)

She can't make him lose his job. She still doesn't believe that he can do it. The poor man wants to tell her but can't say it. He wants to make a lookout for other jobs but she knows that she has little capability. She will disgrace him and is also unwilling to do something that will make her give up easily. Thus he wants her to approach him when in trouble. He puts the handphone into her hand as a promise. Laugh at this scene - at first he carries the umbrella to shelter both of them. Then he walks to his car with it, leaving her in the drizzle!!! Later, he realizes what he is doing and hurries back to give it to her. He can be so blur!!!

Xiao Gang discovers that Tian Bian doesn't know how to read notes and frowns. But he is willing to train her. Ze Ya sends 2 clients out and happens to see Xiao Gang holding Tian Bian's hand. He stands there and has mixed feelings when the lift door closes. He calls her and sees her from the opposite block. He asks how she feels for her first day at SET.

She is afraid but is relaxed with him around since they are colleagues. Ze Ya senses that she is happy and so is he. Xiao Gang grabs the phone and chides him for calling at work. He doesn't know that Ze Ya is the caller. Ze Ya is stunned when he hangs up. He wants no interruption at all. This scene is quite good to show how serious Xiao Gang is at work - he doesn't even care who the one is calling.

Ze Ya then gets flowers for Tian Bian from the company florist. She gets him a bouquet of blue iris. Ze Ya wants her to write 'when there is belief, you will succeed. Congratulations!' He wants it anonymous to Tian Bian. He is overjoyed when Zheng Dong tells him that Xiao Gang brings the new voice to see him at his office. But he suppresses his excitement over the phone. He keeps his handphone and can't resist smiling.

He walks fast to his office but he only sees Zheng Dong alone. Where are they? He is disappointed upon knowing that Xiao Gang brings her home. He is about to go after them when Zheng Dong says that he might not be able to catch up with them. He can arrange them to meet then. Zheng Dong is observant to see how anxious he is. Ze Ya stops walking and smiles, chiding himself for getting excited for nothing.

Xiao Gang brings Tian Bian home and she is overjoyed to see the flowers, knowing that they are from Ze Ya. Later, she plays with Xiao Gang's cat, Cleopatra. Please do not be mistaken - it is a male cat and Xiao Gang is puzzled why the fierce Cleopatra is attached to her as he will usually scratch strangers. It is brought home by Man Qing. Tian Bian later calls home to ensure Hui Lan that she is fine but bursts into tears as she misses her. Xiao Gang gets soft and dries her tears. (Very touching scene.) Man Qing comes to visit him and is dismayed to see that. She quarrels with him.

Shan Ni walks into Ze Ya's office with a gloomy expression and wants all to decide if Tian Bian is suitable through a trial. Ze Ya sits on his chair and the anxious expression vanishes completely, back to his business-like self. He raises his eyebrows - she disagrees? Shan Ni is neutral but the decision gambles with SETTV's fate. Although Ze Ya believes in Xiao Gang's foresight - just like how he chooses Man Qing 6 years ago, she wants to be cautious. He looks at her - why doesn't she listen to the voice? She is suspicious - does he know her? (This line sounds familiar, isn't it?) It is fairer for others to decide.

Ze Ya listens to her and nods - getting all involved to produce a perfect album is most important. He thanks her for reminding him that work concerns teamwork. Shan Ni is taken aback as she never expects him to agree to it. At least he has the intelligence not to depend solely on Xiao Gang's intuition. He then calls Tian Bian after considering for a long time and looking for her name through the phonebook in his handphone. He is surprised to hear sounds from the waves and her reply that she is busy.

He suddenly feels shy as he has the urge to see her. He sees her searching for a purple seashell for an old man staying in the hospital and helps her. How he has changed - he rolls up his sleeves and walks barefooted, keeping his tie away and releases a few shirt buttons as it is too hot. But this is a tough mission as the old man wants to find it for his dead wife to keep his unfulfilled promise. Ze Ya recalls of his same promise to 'bottle cap' and defends him - maybe he has tried but he has no chance to do it.

Tian Bian recalls her past and says that it is only an excuse. Ze Ya tries to make her understand that if it is so easy, the old man will not have waited for so many years. They finally decided to take a pair of white seashells to spray them purple. Both bring the present to the old man, Yang Jiu Bao. Both look at him anxiously and he is overjoyed. Tian Bian doesn't want any reward from him.

Yang looks at Ze Ya and his eyes suddenly shine a twine of wisdom. His smile is broad when Tian Bian introduces Ze Ya as SETTV's temporary staff. Ze Ya looks into his eyes. Yang wants Tian Bian to find flowers to match the shells. Jiu Bao tells SETTV GM to sit down - how amusing. Seeing Ze Ya so open with his remark, he wonders why Ze Ya isn't surprised his identity is revealed. Ze Ya replies he doesn't mean to hide from Tian Bian but he will find a chance to explain to her but he has no chance to do it now.

Yang praises Tian Bian for being innocent and kind. Ze Ya smiles upon listening to his praise. Yang recalls that he has a harsh temper but is mild mannered after meeting her. Upon seeing that he is unhappy with what she has chosen, she looks for more. Even his own children are impatient with him. Ze Ya recalls all times being with her and sweetness rises in him. Yang is relieved that he loves her so much so he is relieved as he is worried that someone will bully her upon seeing Ze Ya's expression.

Ze Ya tries to deny it but Yang says that Ze Ya is too oblivious to notice it. Money and position doesn't mean anything as compared to having the lover by the side. Don't regret after losing so he should make his thoughts clear to her now. Yang regrets not saying the word love to his late wife and regrets till now. Ze Ya sends Tian Bian home and she worries that Yang will notice that the shells are unreal.

Ze Ya consoles her that Yang looks happy to see her matching them with the iris flowers. The florist tells her that iris represents sincere and unchanged love. This matches Yang's love. This reminds Ze Ya about the flowers that he bought and becomes shy. She is about to release the seatbelt when it is too tight. He helps her and leans closes to her. She lifts her head to look at him and both are shocked to see themselves so close to each other. They quickly shift aside (That scene is sure funny.)

Ze Ya offers to send her to the door. She is about to reject when Ze Ya gets off the car, wanting to open the car for her but she opens it on her own. They stand close to each other again and quickly retreat their hands from the car door. (That is another funny scene.) She then asks how he knows she stays at Xiao Gang's place. He replies that it is natural for Xiao Gang to train her because Skywalk is a big issue. Tian Bian doesn't think too much and says he must have known about the coming trial.

She has heard that the GM approves it and she doesn't know how she has offended him to let him torture her. Ze Ya is taken aback - this isn't his intention. She asks Ze Ya if he has seen the GM. (What a stupid question.) He stammers now. She guesses that he is a petty man with a strawberry nose and is bald. He must look fat and round with thin legs - like two fishballs standing on toothpicks to brag and also pick on others. She keeps cursing the GM who gives her life hell. (I hope this is no longer a hint to all.)

Ze Ya is at first guilty and embarrassed but later after listening to her description, he gets interested. His tone sounds like an elder now. Tian Bian has never seen him - why is she so harsh? What happens if it doesn't turn out this way ? Tian Bian replies that anyway he can't hear her (even this line is copied.) unless he reports to the GM. Ze Ya smiles and asks if she dislikes people with high positions. Who knows she might like him one day. She replies that she will not like the GM unless she has brain damage.

Ze Ya is embarrassed by her remark and sees her walking in. He recalls Yang's words and invites her to have sandwiches at the rooftop the next day. (Sigh - even the venue is the same.) Tian Bian agrees and he plucks up his courage to ask her whether she finds it inconvenient to stay at Xiao Gang's place. He can help her to look for another place which is cheap and convenient. Tian Bian rejects him as she owes him too much and she will become overly dependent on him.

Ze Ya smiles but when she mentions that Xiao Gang is actually nice to her to teach her how to brew coffee and knows how to look after her. Ze Ya feels sourness and jealousy rising in his heart but he can only smile in despair. Tian Bian corrects the rumour that he is a womanizer but he separates work from private matters. Ze Ya wonders why she knows him so well after a day. She replies that she also knows Ze Ya for a few days too and does he know her well? (She is as rude as Xiao Xi who talks back at Prince.)

Ze Ya can't answer this question too. She is still right in a way. Tian Bian returns home and sees the card and iris. She is touched and recalls her words. If she knows it, she will not tell him. Ze Ya must be shy over it and how is she going to face him tomorrow? She then recalls how unreasonable she is and how Ze Ya has helped her without complains to put up with her bad temper too. She starts to regret as he thinks for her - will he get angry and not talk to her anymore?

Tian Bian goes jogging and nearly trips when a bicycle knows into her. Xiao Gang quickly hugs her tightly (very romantic) and Tian Bian finds her heart beating fast. He tells her in a stern tone to take care of herself after massaging her ankle. He even helps to blow her hair after she washes it and teaches her how to brew coffee. (All Huo's fans will wish to be her at this moment.)

Ze Ya is with a paper bag, standing at the rooftop. He recalls Yang's words and also the incidents with Tian Bian. He smiles but Tian Bian's words are hammering his fragile heart. He waits for her for a long time - what is he waiting for like a fool? Is it the person or love? Or hope that he is unsure of? Ze Ya decides to give up when Tian Bian calls him. She loses her way. He is about to fetch her when she arrives.

She apologises for her attitude but he also apologises to her for bothering too much. She is delighted that he gets strawberry juice for her. Ze Ya sees her opening the package like a child and he looks at her tenderly to tell her that he likes her. He finally reveals his true feelings and she is shocked. The plane flies to make noises at this time (Just like what happens in 'Meteor Garden' when Daomingsi does the same thing to Shan Cai) but she can hear it. Xiao Gang calls her to find out where she is.

Ze Ya is gentleman to stand aside and she tells him what she is eating - beef cookies and also Italian cheese rolls. Ze Ya can't help listening to her. Xiao Gang has placed strict rules on what she should eat to prevent damage to her voice. Ze Ya starts to feel that both don't allow his existence and gets jealous because Xiao Gang takes good care of her. Tian Bian confesses that she worships Xiao Gang but doesn't dare to tell him. She asks whether he likes her. He suddenly loses his courage and lies that he likes her to be his friend.

She is disappointed but she will not be here if not for him. He returns to his self and smiles - how is her first day? She complains that she works too hard. She is tense over the performance. Ze Ya explains to her. SETTV will hold a big album yearly. This year is very important as it concerns the changing of SETTV's image. Why doesn't Xiao Gang use Man Qing? The reason is the same as SET - they only inject new blood to continue their route. If not, his music will not have any change too.

Xiao Gang insists of using her because she has the talent to burn others. Tian Bian doesn't know anything else besides singing so she should work hard. He wants her to improve and never give up. Suddenly, his handphone rings and he is shocked by the news told. He wants all not to do anything and he rushes there,
dropping the paper bag in his haste. Man Qing's fanatic fan holds a compere hostage and demands to see Man Qing. If not, he will pull off the bomb. Shan Ni offers to exchange as the hostage. (By the way, the extra found to be the hostage has zero talent for acting as she doesn't look frightened at all.)

Ze Ya arrives to see both on the television monitor from outside the studio and frowns. He decides to walk in although Zheng Dong tries to dissuade him. He is the GM and he must settle it. He tells the rest to leave and Zheng Dong to call the police. He sees Shan Ni with the bomb on her and tells the fan to come to him since he is the GM. He even gets Xiao Gang's assistant, Peggy to impersonate as a reporter but she is too nervous to drop her work pass to make him know that he is tricked. Ze Ya quickly knocks him out but Shan Ni accidentally knocks her head on the chair during the commotion.

Ze Ya sees her hand shivering and can't remove the bomb by herself. It shows 15 seconds left and tries to help her. He can't release the last button and it shows 10 seconds. Shan Ni gets nervous and tells him to leave her alone. But he refuses to leave to get firm and angry - even though it shows the last second, he will not give up. Shan Ni is touched and he manages to unbutton it to throw the bomb aside. He protects her with his body while the others look at the monitor nervously.

The bomb only explodes like a normal firecracker and all are relieved. Ze Ya sighs and Shan Ni is touched when he brushes her hair from her face. Shan Ni insists that she is fine but is shaky to faint. He catches her in his arms and carries her. His tone becomes stern - why is she still trying to act tough at this moment. At first, he wants Zheng Dong to call the ambulance. But it might be too late and he wants the driver to stop the car at the door. He tells Zheng Dong to tell PR department to block the news. He will question responsibility if anyone leaks the news to avoid hurting Man Qing or Shan Ni.

Shan Ni rests her head on his shoulder. She sees Ze Ya calm and can still give orders after the commotion. She feels a sense of security to be taken care of and closes her eyes. Tian Bian and Xiao Gang happen to see this. Tian Bian freezes upon seeing Ze Ya looking serious and bringing Shan Ni out. Upon seeing through the car glass window on how their heads are close together, she suddenly feels that she is short of breath. Ze Ya sees her too but is unable to explain to her now.

Xiao Gang is unhappy over how Tian Bian delivers his songs and brings her to his ex-girlfriend's grave. It is full of cally lilies and she doesn't live beyond 20 years old. Tian Bian understands his grief and does better. Sad to say, I don't think Jian Hua is a good crier although he talks a lot on the past.

He plays the piano in tears when she sings the song. It also moves herself, Peggy and Ah Tang to tears. (But it doesn't move me because they look like they have used eye drops.) Xiao Gang hugs her in gratitude and Man Qing sees this. Rumours start spreading around that the GM helps Tian Bian to get the task. (Another copycat line again but I wonder how? Maybe someone sees them together.)

Ze Ya is relieved that Shan Ni is fine after seeing the doctor. He chides her for not listening to him - at work, he is her superior and at home, he is her elder brother. Why doesn't she discuss with him? He nurses her wound with ice. She will not let her subordinate be in danger and asks why he risks his life for her. He replies that she is his kin and he knows that feeling of being abandoned. She is touched when he mentions that being weak once in a while is her right as she doesn't have to act tough in front of him.

He happens to see that she still keeps the present that he gets for her from Cambridge. Li Hong hasn't gotten it for her but he remembers it. Shan Ni warns Ze Ya to be careful when signing the contract with Fang but he chooses to believe Li Hong. He wants her to tell him if she is unwell as he is in his bedroom.
He calls Tian Bian but Xiao Gang offs her phone. He wonders whether he is too late - just like how slow he is to get 'bottle cap' the last time as he touches the dolphin toy.

Ze Ya and Fang sit down to sign the contract but Fang says that he changes his mind. Ze Ya is calm and keeps his promise to resign from his post. Li Hong is happy over it but is dismayed when Yang's lawyer comes and offers to sign a new 10 billion instead of the 3 billion contract. She is dismayed but rejects it as the condition is Ze Ya must be the GM to sign it. Shan Ni is angry that Li Hong brings vengeance into work although Li Hong is happy that other directors agree to choose Shan Ni as the GM.

Ze Ya has chosen to believe his own family and doesn't blame Li Hong for betraying him. Kinship is more important than anything else and he believes that he can answer to Huai Gu. He leaves the building and is about to talk to Tian Bian when he sees Xiao Gang with her. He drives to the orphanage and plays soccer with the children. Shan Ni comes to look for him and sees him putting his shoes and jacket aside. He gets her to play with them by discarding her heels. She tells him that she hasn't told Huai Gu about his resignation and hopes that he can change his mind. Ze Ya doesn't reply to her.

Their happiness is short lived when he sees the Sister from the orphanage with 'bottle cap's family photo. Shan Ni wonders why her father has taken the photo with a girl. Ze Ya realizes that he is still an orphan after all. He stands in the rain in anguish and Shan Ni shelters him. He tells her to leave him alone but she will not - just like how he is beside her the last time.

When both reach home, Ze Ya shows Huai Gu the file. He is not his grandson but he is shocked that he knows it all along. He only wants to look for an heir and doesn't want to have any connection with his other granddaughter. Ze Ya's blood runs cold upon knowing that Huai Gu only wants a heir to inherit his business. He is worried - what kind of life 'bottle cap' is leading now? (Shao Yang is good in expressing sadness in this scene but unfortunately his Mandarin dictation needs polishing.)

Huai Gu reminds him that he owes his life to him. Li Hong dislikes him so he sends Ze Ya overseas for studies and trains him as his successor. Ze Ya hasn't disappointed him and has put up with Li Hong's nastiness. But he hasn't complained to him. Ze Ya feels life is unfair to him as he has endured 'Dama's' hostility for no reason. Huai Gu has no right to determine his life. Huai Gu brushes the file aside.

Ze Ya is disgusted that he is so against girls and kneels in front of the dolphin toy. He is apologetic to 'bottle cap' for depriving her of her happiness for 20 years. He weeps and Shan Ni happens to know about it. She feels sorry for him but still reminds him of the role he is playing. She doesn't wish to see him so dejected - this is unlike the confident Ze Ya that she knows but Ze Ya is still very upset over it. Ze Ya doesn't know Tai Shan's Chairman, Yang Jiu Bao personally and wonders why he puts him in charge of the loan. He has not been public for a long time because of health. Shan Ni is also puzzled.

Ze Ya has resigned from the post - how can he return to SET? He values promises and is persistent to keep his vow. Shan Ni tells him - he can make things work when he is back. His name may mean nothing to him but it is important to SETTV. No 1 -the contact needs him. No 2 - she can't think of a person better than Ze Ya to settle the fanatic fan issue. No 3 - he is SET GM - is it that tough to look for 'bottle cap'?

Ze Ya's eyes lit up - she is right and he hasn't thought of it. She is the programme manager and knows the media better than him. Ze Ya is impressed - when facing issues, she is more mature than him. She is more like an elder sister while he is no longer her elder brother at this moment. She smiles bitterly - he has forgotten that they are no longer siblings. He is shy too.

Tian Bian tries calling Ze Ya in vain. Peggy and Tian Bian see queues in front of a Mercedes from the glass staircase. A man steps out of the car and they clap to welcome him. What a gullible Tian Bian - is that an international star to have a grand entrance? Sigh - how can she not recognize him from behind? Peggy says he is the GM who has decided to resign verbally but Manager Xu manages to ask him to return. Peggy says Tian Bian should know him well since they have connections but she doesn't understand her. She runs down to see him as she is relieved that his leaving will cause chaos but Tian Bian still stays at the staircase.

Fang is in the meeting room with Ze Ya but now the difference is there is a lawyer sitting between them. Li Hong is unhappy to see Shan Ni with them. All shareholders are happy to see that the contract is sealed. How these people change - initially they chide Ze Ya for not doing a good job. Now they praise him for being the most effective GM to bring in a loan that triples the sum expected.

Li Hong is sarcastic - Ze Ya is indeed Huai Gu's successor. He can even survive through this crisis. She is happy to see him back and he must do well. If not, the employees will be uneasy with an indecisive GM who walks in and out easily. Shan Ni apologises for her attitude and promises to tell the truth to her soon.

Ze Ya reads the private letter that the lawyer gives him. It is from Yang to return the favour for getting the shells for him. Don't regret acting fast in declaring his love for Tian Bian otherwise it will be too late. Ze Ya wants Zheng Dong to cancel all his schedules and he goes to see Tian Bian. This scene is sure funny - his eagerness is so clearly shown on his face so Ah Tang and Peggy look at him in curiosity. And he doesn't walk to the music studio - he dashes there! He quickly becomes composed and returns to normal.

And these people sure know how to keep secrets well. They don't address him as GM in front of Tian Bian so she doesn't know his identity at all even though he comes to look for her openly. Tian Bian gets nervous - what goes wrong as he doesn't answer her calls? Does he forget to pay his subscription fee? He shows her the letter and is grateful to her for helping the company. He wants to bring her to see Yang. She is happy but later gets hesitant. Noticing her look, both turn to look at Xiao Gang who is solemn looking.

Ze Ya promises to send her back in a few hours' time. Xiao Gang warns him - he knows that Ze Ya is interested in his new voice but he doesn't wish both depend on ties to handle 'Skywalk'. Ze Ya maintains that Tian Bian has no connections. If not, she will not go through so many tries to get Xiao Gang's recognition. Ze Ya looks into Xiao Gang's eyes firmly to take up his challenge. Xiao Gang is taken aback - Ze Ya normally looks very refined but now the way he states his stand is becoming forceful and he can't answer him. This scene is great as both actors do their job well in presenting jealousy.

Xiao Gang thinks he is right as Tian Bian is gullible. Tian Bian doesn't understand what both are talking about. Ze Ya asks if Xiao Gang has any more questions. He doesn't back off and faces his hostility. Ah Tang and Peggy peep secretly but later hide when Xiao Gang stares at them. Xiao Gang wants him to keep a distance from Tian Bian to avoid her moods from being affected. Ze Ya suppresses his unhappiness - does he think that he affects her?

Xiao Gang states that he has to control her life - including her love life. Ze Ya's voice is calm but is obviously unhappy - Xiao Gang keeps stressing that he has bet his future on 'Skywalk'. But is the reason of preventing him borrowing Tian Bian so precise? Does she belong to him alone? Xiao Gang admits so as no one can take her away at this moment. So Ze Ya wants this to be taken as a command then. This scene creates sparks between the two men. Ze Ya is firm and doesn't allow Xiao Gang to rebuke. He suddenly realizes that he is SETTV's GM but he is now fighting for love with the music producer in public.

Isn't this comical? Xiao Gang gives in to him finally and he drags her out openly - with the hand with the band. Xiao Gang is very angry and complains that Peggy doesn't place enough sugar in his coffee. She is startled as she has placed in 5 cubes and this works whenever he quarrels with Man Qing - what does this imply now? Xiao Gang is taken aback too - but he soon dismisses his thoughts. He must have been too busy with the project and how can he like a green apple who knows nothing about love?

Both are in the hospital. Is Ze Ya clear of what he is doing? How can he speak loudly to the top music producer? What happens if he complains to his department? Tian Bian shivers upon recalling what has happened. Ze Ya loses his fighting spirit earlier but upon seeing her concerned about him, he tastes sweetness. He tells her not to worry as Xiao Gang isn't the sort to make complains. She is relieved as she doesn't wish to lose her only friend to lose his job. Tian Bian doesn't understand - why does Yang want Ze Ya to take care of her as stated in her letter? They discover that Yang is dead and gets the two shells back.

Yang has known that they are fakes but is touched by Tian Bian's thoughts. Ze Ya recalls how Yang mentions that he loves Tian Bian - he looks at her with tears in his eyes. He hugs her and consoles her, touching her hair. His eyes want to look into her eyes. He wants to give her one of the shells but later decides not to. He gives her both of them. It is unlucky to part. Tian Bian thinks that he must be shy and that is better as she doesn't know how to face him.

She blames herself for causing Yang's death but Ze Ya thinks that Yang may be free now to join his late wife since the shells are in his heart. She remembers 'Dada's' empty promise and relates it in bitterness. Ze Ya realizes her identity and he is in tears. Her hatred for him never subsides so he hesitates telling her about his identity. Huai Gu tells Li Hong to think about Ze Ya. Ever since he gets into the family, no one told him anything and he knew his family position.

He knows what he should and should not do. He is already very good at that when young and even adults are incomparable. Even his own son can't match him in his calmness and observational skills. They may have many family members but it is impossible to pick someone similar to Ze Ya in all aspects. The best is to get Shan Ni to marry Ze Ya to make him part of the family. Shan Ni is his precious granddaughter so he trains someone to fit her caliber.

When asked whether he will look for the illegitimate granddaughter, he refuses as he will never allow a crude person into the family. Shan Ni wonders why Ze Ya isn't back home - is he still upset that he is an orphan? How will he react to the elders' decision? Li Hong agrees to it after consideration. Ze Ya is in his office, looking at Tian Bian's singing auction tape. (Unlike the other male lead's office which has only one television, Ze Ya's office has 4 large monitors. Reminds me how advanced technology is in a few years' time.) He is in tears and touches the band - he will wish to return the 20 years to her but how?

The next day, Ze Ya sees Tian Bian practicing dancing in the dancing studio. Zheng Dong informs him that the news section becomes a problematic case and Manager Weng wishes Ze Ya to decide on the final meeting on focus. He gets distracted, without taking his eyes off Tian Bian but replies that he will be there shortly. (Does it remind you of someone else? But I think the arrangement here is more touching. ) Tian Bian suddenly trips and falls down. Ze Ya gets worried and nearly walks into the studio in anxiety but smiles upon seeing her standing up and continuing after brushing her knee.

Shan Ni approaches him as she wants to do a programme on society. She hands him a proposal on St Teresa's home. Shan Ni wants to make use of it as a special to seek out her half-sister and to see if those related to her to come forward. He looks at Tian Bian but hesitates telling the truth. He tells her that he will look through it and leaves with Zheng Dong. Shan Ni wonders he is so indifferent and peeps into the studio too to see Tian Bian in there.

Tian Bian returns to the music studio and finds that besides the MV tape, there is a small package. It has a small bottle of ointment and a small card. (What does this remind you of again?) It says 'it is good to work hard but you have to take good care of yourself. The trial is the first stop and I look forward to your 'Skywalk'.' She recalls how Xiao Gang takes care of her and is overjoyed. But Man Qing says that she is too gullible to like Xiao Gang. He has deceived many women by bringing them to the cally lilies field. She feels cheated and throws the ointment into the dustbin to watch the video, sulking.

Tian Bian is jogging at the rooftop and Ze Ya sees her there. He gets a small gift ready - it has the tape that he cuts the scenes for her. (Sigh - why is the present also the same??) He is concerned about her ankle and she realises that the ointment is from him. How can she be so stupid to think that it is from Xiao Gang? Ze Ya looks at Tian Bian and is about to give her the gift and sees her gloomy look. Is she unwell? She then explains that she has thought too much and asks if he has the experience of seeing someone to have a racing heartbeat and also a red face. She is like that but regrets it.

Ze Ya listens to her and it is like talking about him. He is unprepared and also embarrassed. But he tries to maintain his cool when looking into her eyes. No one can see that he is hiding his anxiety. He asks - why she is unhappy when she is supposed to be happy and shy? She cries and he gets anxious. Now, he turns panicky in a moment. Tian Bian senses his worry and tries to dismiss it. He guesses that it must be Xiao Gang. She doesn't know why he is cold but he can still tell her a touching love story and songs?

Ze Ya is silent - his heart is broken into a million pieces. He looks at her in anguish. Tian Bian says that everyone listens to his first love story and gets cheated. Ze Ya is dejected over his grief but he is more concerned about the hurt that Tian Bian is going through. She consoles herself - she isn't pretty and knows nothing. And Xiao Gang says that he will not like a green apple. If he still cheats her, she is being taken advantage. Ze Ya doesn't know how to smile or get angry at her remark.

Xiao Gang comes to take her away. He puts his scarf over her neck. What happens if she catches flu? He takes her hands and tries to keep them warm. (This man is actually warm hearted.) Tian Bian is touched and he pulls her away. He tells Ze Ya - even though it is a command, if it is without a valid reason, he will take her away immediately. Ze Ya suddenly opens his mouth - he sees how Tian Bian worships Xiao Gang and sighs. He feels the pain in his heart but rebukes - he can do whatever he wants. But if Tian Bian is hurt, he will not forgive him. Tian Bian is shocked.

Xiao Gang replies that he should be the one to say that. Ze Ya is about to go after them but stops. He looks at the present in his hand and sighs - she doesn't belong to him and he owes her. What right does he have to go after them? But at least he can help to see that she is blissful.

Tian Bian declares her love for Xiao Gang and gets rejected. Later, she finds Xiao Gang burning letters from his ex-girlfriend and realises that his story is true. She knows him well that he is protecting himself with a cold exterior but this is hurting her and Man Qing. SETTV reporters discover that Xiao Gang and Tian Bian are staying together. So they surround them for juicy news.

Manager Weng is talking with Ze Ya in front of the tv monitors when Ze Ya sees it. He demands to know what is going on. Manager Weng plans to make it the top entertainment scoop for the week. If they don't seize the chance, other stations will do it before them. Ze Ya opposes to it - this is going to tarnish the two's images and affects 'Skywalk' success. Manager Weng is angry with Ze Ya when he tells all to stop shooting. However, Ze Ya wants the tape although it is not broadcast on television.

Tian Bian tells the reporters that she hopes to sing all Xiao Gang's works but they twist it to be that Man Qing is not her match and she wants to surpass her. Tian Bian tries to explain in vain. All staff still gets to see the interview and Man Qing is very annoyed. Ze Ya watches the scene repeatedly in his office. He couches on the chair and closes his eyes in anguish. If this is Tian Bian's choice, he will be heartbroken. But he will still support her all the way.

He walks into Huai Gu's office and is annoyed to know that he still wants to control his life. SETTV is Huai Gu's empire and he places effort to train Ze Ya as his successor. He hopes that Ze Ya's life will be filled with beautiful colors. Ze Ya is angered that he doesn't give him choices. Huai Gu replies that he has given him the best choices. Shan Ni eavesdrops and smiles upon hearing it.

Ze Ya's questions what about the one estranged from the family? He objects to the pre-arranged marriage. He has only brotherly love towards Shan Ni. It has been so and will never change. Admiring her doesn't imply that he will fall for her and he is very certain of it. (He has a very determined look.) She weeps upon hearing his answer. Huai Gu wants love to be nurtured and if he is so stubborn, he will find ways to stop him. Ze Ya knows he uses the same way to lose his son.

Ze Ya knows the consequence and hands in the resignation letter (so fast to do this a 2nd time???). Even if he gives up everything, he will not marry Shan Ni unless he lets Tian Bian back. Huai Gu still refuses. Shan Ni sobs - why is her heart aching after listening to him? Ze Ya walks out and sighs - he looks into Tian Bian's image on his handphone which she sends him. His eyes turn gentle and he uses his hand to touch the image. His heart is filled with bitterness - what can he do to help her?

Xiao Gang sits beside Tian Bian to see how she takes notes of performances and recalls the past with her. He gets distracted. He gets Ze Ya's call and he wants to bring her to see Huai Gu. He wonders why he doesn't ask him about the interview. He asks what relationship Tian Bian has with Ze Ya. She replies that he is her friend and goes to meet Ze Ya. Xiao Gang looks at the purple shells and recalls her words - they help her to meet her first love. His music is sad so he is upset. He asks himself - why is he missing the skinny and dry green apple for no rhyme and reason??

Shan Ni leans against his car to wait for Tian Bian and frowns. Shan Ni observes him from the glass window from the staircase. She thinks of how he saves her and weeps - why doesn't he reply before she falls for him? Even if he doesn't love her, she doesn't want to lose him. There is nothing she can't do.

Ze Ya brings Tian Bian to the golf course. She is shocked to know she is meeting the chairman and wants to leave but he holds her back. How can she feel frightened as she has seen Yang, a person of an even higher authority? She is afraid this chairman is unfriendly but he gives her assurance by holding her hand. Huai Gu asks if she has tried golf but she replies that she only tries water polo to make the men laugh.

The two communicate well and after knowing that she loves dolphins, he recalls his son who also loves them. If hasn't stopped him, he could have been a dolphin researcher. Sometimes, a wrong decision can cause harm instead. Ze Ya tells her to wait for him in his car. Huai Gu wonders why Ze Ya brings her to see him. He replies that they are staking on her to succeed so it is best for him to take a look. Huai Gu's impression is that she is sincere, natural and frank. She seems to be brought up well.

Ze Ya gives a shocking answer - he is relieved now as she is his illegitimate granddaughter whom he deems uneducated. Huai Gu is shocked. Ze Ya wonders why Tian Bian doesn't wait for him in his car and she replies she wants to look at the scenery. He mentions that he has seen the sensational interview. She asks if he is in cahoots with the others to think that she pulls strings to trick Xiao Gang to give her the job. He knows that she isn't such a person and she is overjoyed as she worries that he will think the same way.

Ze Ya is overjoyed that she is concerned how he feels but asks how Xiao Gang thinks. Xiao Gang thinks she isn't clever and talented to do that. He feels down upon knowing how protective Xiao Gang is towards her. He returns to office and finds Shan Ni there. She asks - is it that difficult to marry her because of Huai Gu and SETTV? He is stunned - he doesn't mean this but feels that they should have mutual feelings. Shan Ni analyses that he can leave but “Skywalk' will stop and SET will have a major changeover. Both of them do not bother but how will Huai Gu react to lose him and SETTV?

Ze Ya can't deny this and holds his car key tightly in his hand. She sees that he is indecisive now. She suggests having a fake engagement. Although she doesn't wish to admit his importance to SETTV and her family and doesn't wish him to leave, she wants to manage SETTV with him. He looks into her eyes - she doesn't need to sacrifice herself. She is taken aback (perhaps remorseful for taking advantage of him) and doesn't mind it. He discovers that she is thoughtful for others and ignores herself so he loses to her.

She becomes warm - can't he take it that she wants him to stay - and if he sits comfortably on the GM seat, what is that he can't do? Ze Ya starts pondering her words - his mind is filled with Tian Bian although he looks at her. Ze Ya knows even though Huai Gu lets Tian Bian into the house, he will not treat her well. If he accedes to Shan Ni's suggestion, he can protect her. He agrees to it.

Huai Gu agrees to acknowledge Tian Bian - she does resemble his son in certain ways but never expects her to approach him through this method. Ze Ya detects that Huai Gu twists Tian Bian's personality and clarifies that she isn't aware of it and he only wants to return her home to her. He is overjoyed upon his decision and agrees to announce the marriage engagement. He has no other request. He is careful to deal with him or he will ruin all his chances. Huai Gu is happy and Ze Ya asks him why he changes his mind.

Huai Gu's reply is he doesn't want it to be published in the tabloid. Ze Ya's expression changes hastily from happiness to disgust. Tian Bian dances in the studio and trips as her mind is focused on Xiao Gang's dinner with Man Qing. Ze Ya stretches his hand to help her up. She notices that she never cares about her image when with him. Man Qing and Xiao Gang are having dinner in a Western restaurant and she is unhappy that he keeps mentioning on how Tian Bian is being attached to her cat, Cleopatra.

Tian Bian is uneasy when Ze Ya brings her into the same place - he is just a trainee and why must he be a spendthrift? (Sigh - why can't she tell after so long that he is too well-dressed to be a trainee?) She only wants stewed meat rice then. Ze Ya can't help laughing when she asks if it is fine to use the toilet without having a meal here. He points the way to her and waits for her outside the restaurant. Man Qing sneers - so the rumour is true - Although Xiao Gang is said to be her lover, the true person is Ze Ya. Xiao Gang gets so angry that he confronts her outside the toilet, demanding her to be back at 9pm and must be in bed when back home. Man Qing is in tears and leaves in haste. Poor woman…..

After the meal, Tian Bian is so full that she can't walk. Luckily they are not having steak or Ze Ya will be broke. Ze Ya is amused - it is an eye-opening experience for him because it is the first time he has seen a girl eating so much before him - demanding bowl after bowl. She laughs as he has to pay to watch her eat. He is glad that she is so relaxed but she pulls his sleeve. She is actually very nervous. He then encourages her to try singing right now. Has she forgotten that he is her diehard fan and wants to be the first audience?

She then sings for her best friend and 1st fan - Ze Ya. He uses fireworks to surround her when she sings and he is in tears upon hearing her singing. Her smile assures him that he has not done wrong to let her get back what she deserves. On that actual day, she runs to the rooftop to give Ze Ya a call. Ze Ya is having a meeting with the managers and Shan Ni is reporting to him about Skywalk promotion when his handphone rings. Her trembling and nervous voice transfers to his ears.

He gives all a 10 minute break. He looks at her at the rooftop through the window and smiles - she can just ignore the eyes looking on her and pretend that it is the same as last night when only he is round. She should not worry implicating Xiao Gang and his team if she doesn't do well. She feels better now and he smiles. She is really like a child - her temperament comes and goes easily. He is reminded of his promise to Huai Gu - if he can't talk to her anymore on the phone or look at her,…….

Shan Ni is approaching him and he is still on the handphone. She looks at his gloomy expression and stops to listen. Tian Bian is worried - he is leaving SETTV??? But hasn't he promised to watch her? He doesn't bear to make her feel worse - especially on this important day and stops talking. Ze Ya is reminded that 10 minutes is up and looks at the rooftop reluctantly before entering the conference room. Shan Ni finds it unbelievable that he is looking at Tian Bian and dismisses the thought.

Ze Ya is deep in thought. He has the dolphin soft toy in his office and wishes Tian Bian well secretly. His handphone rings and he answers it but his eyes never leave the toy. He replies to Shan Ni that he is too busy to turn up for the performance and wants the crew to transfer the trial live into his office to let him watch it. He places the toy near the window and sits back on his chair.

His gentle look never leaves the screen - he will watch on her anywhere he goes as promised. (Just like another male lead who keeps on watching his beloved on television too.) All land their eyes on Tian Bian and Ze Ya seems even nervous than her. Tian Bian is unable to sing upon seeing Man Qing leaning close to Xiao Gang. Ze Ya sits in his office and is puzzled and also worried by her reaction. What has happened?

She recalls Ze Ya's words and tries hard but she fails. Ze Ya approaches the television screen and looks at her anxiously. When she runs away and a big commotion is caused, he opens his mouth wide but he keeps his voice calm to command all to have a meeting in the conference room after 30 minutes. Xiao Gang is so furious that he slaps Tian Bian. Hui Lan and her debtors are furious and her debtors (they become nice to them after pitying Hui Lan for being a diabetic.) nearly bash Xiao Gang up. Tian Bian protects him from them and he is touched. She goes out with them to the bus stop and decides to take a bus home.

After her departure, Xiao Gang gets into a bad temper and is troubled that she doubts him. He goes to his ex-girlfriend's grave. His treatment from Tian Bian must be due to him not believing in love. Ze Ya calls Tian Bian - he knows that she is crying but eyes are not meant for crying. He is waiting for her at the roof-top. He waits for a while and his handphone rings again. He answers hastily, thinking that it is Tian Bian. But he is disappointed to hear Zheng Dong's voice, telling him that the meeting on the trial is going to start in 2 minutes. He goes down reluctantly.

Ze Ya sits with all in the conference room with a stern expression. Shan Ni reports that Tian Bian isn't having a stable voice and gets fluttered easily. She is unsuitable for the job. Ze Ya is silent for a while and asks for others' opinion. All including Director Wang support Shan Ni but Xiao Gang insists of using Tian Bian. He nearly quarrels with Director Wang but Ze Ya tells him calmly to sit down and respect the Director. All want to use Man Qing but are surprised that she supports Tian Bian.

Man Qing hints that Xiao Gang will release a new album for her so Director Wang and others change their stand. Ze Ya gives his approval for Xiao Gang to promote Tian Bian. Although Tian Bian leaves SETTV, he wants Xiao Gang to bring her back before the next day's afternoon. Shan Ni sees Ze Ya still deep in thought after the meeting and informs him that Huai Gu wants them to announce their engagement the next day. He is dismayed and Shan Ni has the feeling that her love is one-sided.

He is only worried where Tian Bian has gone and leaves quickly. He searches for her number from his handphone and walks out of the conference room. Shan Ni suddenly feels faint. Ze Ya stops his car at the dolphin bay and dials her number again. She doesn't accept his call. He walks into a shop and sees a crystal dolphin musical box. Music comes from it and he recalls the legend that she tells him. She is sitting at the boat house and stares at the sea.

He sees that she is wearing a thin dress and takes off his jacket to cover her. He looks at her gently - SETTV is looking up and down for her. Is she feeling better now? She breaks down and leans her head close to his chest - this gives her a familiar and warm feeling. He pats her back and she mentions that why is he always around when she is sad. Why can she cry uncontrollably in front of him? (This is the same as the male lead in another serial who runs into every room in the station to look for his beloved after she makes a blunder in reporting the news although the setting is different here.)

He tries hard to suppress his reluctance and gives her the musical box. She should take it to leave here to explore her future. She can treat it as dolphin bay when she is unhappy. She likes it - the reflection on it shows his face clearly - it is like he will forever stand a place that she can see him. She feels insecure and wants him not to treat her too well. He becomes insecure and his fingers freeze when he ensures that the jacket covers her more to make sure that she doesn't catch a cold - why?

She doesn't like it and if one day she can't find him when she is unhappy, it reminds her of the sad past. It is like 'da da'. If she can't see Ze Ya again, she will be the most upset person on earth and she doesn't like it. Ze Ya is taken aback by her words and his eyes are wet. She doesn't notice his reaction and finds herself selfish. Why is he consoling her all the time and not her repaying him? Both burst into laughter. He seals the promise in silence that he will never upset her and will watch on her.

She is back to the station and recalls Ze Ya's encouragement. The others despise her and Man Qing's assistant spills coffee on her. Should she help to publisize on how Tian Bian gets the job through the GM's help? She denies having any connection with him and wants to see the GM now. She charges into the GM's office angrily without knocking the door. She sees Zheng Dong arranging the documents and thinks that he is the GM. She scolds him - why must everyone think that they are connected?

Of course, the ignorant Zheng Dong knows nothing about it. She suddenly sees the toy on the shelf and is stunned. Zheng Dong replies that the GM is not in and he is not sure about the toy. It may belong to the GM as it is there all along. She runs to the restaurant upon knowing that the GM is holding a press conference there. The reporters are happy with the news that Ze Ya and Shan Ni are getting engaged. Tian Bian is shocked to see Ze Ya. Why is he here and sitting beside Shan Ni and Huai Gu?

Huai Gu announces that Ze Ya is adopted from St Teresa's Home and Tian Bian is hurt by it - so he is 'da da'. The second news on the engagement and the next successor leaves her crushed. She pushes through the crowd to clarify with him. Ze Ya hardens his exterior and demands her to leave. Xiao Gang deliberately kisses her in front of the crowd and leads her out. Ze Ya weeps secretly but has to put up a forced front.

Huai Gu decides not to allow her into the home - she is rude, uncivilized and also impetuous. Shan Ni points out that Huai Gu is responsible for it to let her suffer for 20 years. Shan Ni also wants Tian Bian back home as an exchange. Huai Gu agrees but wants Ze Ya to end all ties with Tian Bian. If not, he will not allow her to enter SET. Ze Ya agrees to it reluctantly but Shan Ni assures him that she will help him.

Tian Bian comes with Xiao Gang to meet Ze Ya in his office. Zheng Dong notices that both have not arranged an appointment with him. It is difficult to meet him on this day because he is going to meet a foreign client soon and has to attend a few meetings. Ze Ya gives them 10 minutes and sits back on his chair. He looks unfeeling - what does Tian Bian want to say to him? She is hurt - he is like a stranger to her now. She bows to apologise for the commotion caused. He lets her off but hopes not to see it again. She is disappointed by his answer. Ze Ya knows her dejection but he suppresses himself from talking too much.

Both look at each other in silence. Xiao Gang deliberately holds her hand to give Ze Ya a big blow. Ze Ya sees both leaving but says nothing. Tian Bian sees the toy and asks if he has looked for her. Ze Ya's eyes lit with tears but he denies with a straight face after remembering Huai Gu's words. She weeps but tries bravely to force a smile before leaving.

After seeing her fragile frame disappearing, Ze Ya can control himself no more and closes his eyes. He feels countless stabs on his heart. Zheng Dong comes in and brings in a heap of reports. Mr Ronald's car is approaching in 3minutes and these are for the meeting. Ze Ya accepts them and suddenly thrusts the papers into the air even though he sits down. The papers become fallen leaves on the ground and Zheng Dong doesn't know how to react. Ze Ya scolds him - can't he give him 5 minutes of freedom?

Zheng Dong is startled and stares at him. Ze Ya feels his forehead and closes his eyes. Zheng Dong picks up the papers (poor man - it is not his fault) and decides to postpone it a few minutes later but Ze Ya decides to meet Mr Ronald immediately and apologises to Zheng Dong for his action. Tian Bian is near the pool and recalls how Ze Ya drives to her and weeps.

A Man Qing fan comes and pushes her into the pool. Both quarrel and Ze Ya happens to see this when he receives Mr Ronald. He gets Zheng Dong to bring Mr Ronald into the conference room and walks to Tian Bian. His cool voice fills the air when calling her name. Tian Bian closes her lips stubbornly. Ze Ya's tone is like a GM chiding a newcomer - doesn't she know that she has done something wrong? His anger is written on his face - how can she quarrel with a fan in public? She stares at him - why must she meet him and be responsible for 'Skywalk'? It is all her fault. Ze Ya warns her to care for her image and her action.

She replies that he will never understand the meaning of being abandoned. Shan Ni happens to hear them and comes. Ze Ya replies in anguish - don't always think that she is the only one getting hurt. She can't understand the agony on how a person is unable to keep promises too. She should watch herself before scolding others. Ze Ya leaves and his words cut her.

She returns to the music studio, completely drenched. Xiao Gang is concerned and gets a towel to dry her hair and commands Peggy to get her clothes. Man Qing sneers at him for being overly concerned. Xiao Gang is disgusted that Man Qing finds Eddy - his foe to produce her latest album. This is getting interesting - rivalry between 3 men now over love or work. Eddy is arrogant and sore over his defeat by Xiao Gang 2 years ago. (Siu Lun is great as the detestable man who humiliates Xiao Gang's team here.) Huai Gu is disillusioned upon seeing how terrible Tian Bian is and wants a parallel promotion of both singers' albums. Xiao Gang finds it a stupid idea but still takes up the challenge.

Ze Ya's car is parked near Xiao Gang's apartment in the drizzle. He dials Tian Bian's number and is at a loss when it is not engaged - he is relieved that it is the voice box and he leaves a message. She might not want to accept his call but he wants to let her know that he is apologetic over the pool incident. He wants to tell her that he hasn't forgotten about their promise. He has never given her up but he has given her the feeling. She rushes downstairs upon hearing it and calls him.

He returns to his car and sees her reflection in his car mirror. She demands to know why he hasn't come for her since she trusts him so much. How can he say that he hasn't forgotten their agreement then? Is she really the bottle cap to be thrown away? He is silent and walks out of the car, standing behind her and clutching the handphone. She discovers him and he replies that he can't explain to her now and she will know it in future. He can't keep any more promises to her.

Tian Bian sees the music score on the table and rushes to give to Xiao Gang. She sees the dolphin musical box on the table and dumps it into the dustbin. She rushes out and knocks into Ze Ya. The papers fall onto the ground. He puts up a cold exterior and ignores her, walking away with Zheng Dong. Tian Bian is hurt while Shan Ni feels sorry for her, telling Ze Ya that she will join him later. He nods and continues walking. (Just like another male lead who leaves his beloved with wet paper cups after knocking into her.) Shan Ni wants Tian Bian to stop hating Ze Ya but she refrains from telling her the truth.

After knowing that Ze Ya has indeed gone to the orphanage to look for her upon his return from his studies, Tian Bian is delighted. She picks the crystal ball from the dustbin. She runs to see Ze Ya and Zheng Dong gets fed up - why does she always assume that the GM will see her whenever she wants to see him? The GM will not see her casually and she decides to go to the rooftop.

Ze Ya doesn't let the business unit handle the proposal as it is SETTV's first collaboration with America's UBC Channel. He lies to Shan Ni coldly that he becomes motivated because of Tian Bian as he is motivated all along. It doesn't matter how she views him and assures her that he is fine. He wants to take a breather and walks out, telling Zheng Dong that he needs to be alone for a while. Zheng Dong tells him that the roof-top is a quiet spot and he goes there. He then lies to Shan Ni to go in another direction to look for Ze Ya.( Zheng Dong is such a nice chap but I don't think he should help an unappreciative Tian Bian.)

Xiao Gang is concerned when he learns that Tian Bian doesn't look too good after leaving the production centre. Ze Ya stands behind Tian Bian - keeping a few steps distance from her. He smiles upon seeing her with the crystal. Tian Bian sobs but promises him to be brave - they are close to each other but now there is an invisible wall between them. Shan Ni and Xiao Gang discover that both don't belong to them and are shocked. Tian Bian doesn't know why Ze Ya keeps the truth from her but still thanks him for taking care of her. Ze Ya describes how he imagines her to be like before finding her.

They can't return to the past - she wonders why the legend comes true to make him the first person she makes her declaration. Xiao Gang is only her idol and prince charming. When Xiao Gang tells her that he loves her, she discovers that it isn't love. It is like a fan getting praised by her idol. Xiao Gang is down - so she doesn't love him. Shan Ni still keeps a straight face.

Tian Bian has taken Ze Ya for granted so he has to leave her. Both agree to provide happiness to each other reluctantly. Ze Ya decides to stay overnight to handle the proposal. Shan Ni offers to buy food for him to keep him company so that Zheng Dong can return home earlier. Isn't this pathetic - she is easily satidifed with just having a meal with him. Ze Ya hopes that Huai Gu will keep the promise. Shan Ni clings to his elbow - it is normal to behave like a couple.

Xiao Gang is distracted to see how pretty Tian Bian is as an angel. She shoots the album cover and he even chooses shoes for her. Tian Bian discovers that Xiao Gang may look cool and doesn't seem to care, he looks into the details and fine tunes them. He gives her a sense of security. Ze Ya feels tortured upon seeing him putting his hand on her shoulder and kissing her forehead. Huai Gu is happy to see the engagement photos and cards. Now his final wish is to see them getting married. Ze Ya sees that the three are happy but he seems only to be an onlooker. He keeps mentioning about Tian Bian and Huai Gu is unhappy.

Li Hong doesn't know her identity as yet but is displeased after knowing. Ze Ya is apologetic as he doesn't know how the elders will react upon knowing that their engagement is a fraud. She asks him if he loves Tian Bian. Hasn't he considered that she may want to marry him and she hugs him from behind. She hopes to play by the rules but she is afraid that she can't suppress feelings for him. In his heart, he will always try his best to take care of her as a sister. He lets go of her hands but gets slapped by Li Hong.

Tian Bian is angry to know her parentage and insists that her surname is 'Yi' and not 'Xu'. She is not his granddaughter too. Huai Gu is enraged and Ze Ya asks why Tian Bian doesn't wish to return home. She doesn't see the need - an old man who doesn't look at her isn't her grandfather. He coaxes her - from Day 1 he leaves the orphanage, he pins for her and looks for her desperately. Upon knowing the truth, he is so remorseful to hurt her. She still rejects as she she doesn't see the need.

Ze Ya holds her hand tightly although she tries to retract it. Tian Bian sighs - has he forgotten that she has to call him brother-in-law? His eyes are filled with anguish and he releases her hand but touches her shoulder - if the engagement isn't true and he can face his feelings, what will she do? But she chooses to return to Xiao Gang's home.

Ze Ya checks messages from his email. He still treats Shan Ni normally -as if she has not declared her feelings to him. He has asked the housekeeper to prepare Tian Bian's room and he will persuade her to return. She wants to get married to him for real but he cites that he has the right to object. But she insists that he has the agreement with her. He stares at her - what happens to her - she is normally a reasonable person and why is she so different today?

Shan Ni smiles faintly but keeps her sickness from him. She is dying from leukemia. She wants to spend her last hours with him. He looks at the dolphin toy solemnly. He reconsiders Shan Ni's words, asking him whether he loves Tian Bian and Li Hong's objection. He decides that he can lose the whole world but he can't lose Tian Bian. He dials her number but her battery is flat. Xiao Gang thinks this is even better as this disrupts her work. He decides to not to show a full poster of Tian Bian as she is too short.

Ze Ya's client is late so he has half an hour for himself. Knowing that Xiao Gang's team faces fierce opposition from Eddy's team, he tells Zheng Dong to assist them as much as possible. He brings white iris to the music studio but Tian Bian is not there so he and walks to the rooftop. He can't believe his eyes upon seeing a beautiful Tian Bian who is 'packaged' for her debut album. He has never seen her with make-up and is stunned by her beauty.

She is stern when getting the flowers from him - is he worried that she will ruin the press conference again? He asks her what he should do to let her trust him again - to treat him as Ze Ya and not as SETTV's GM. She says that they are the same and he is not 'da da' anymore. He forces her to look into his eyes and admits that he is wrong. He wants to protect her to give her the best but doesn't realize that he hurts her instead. Upon knowing her identity, he is too eager to return everything to her.

He has not considered whether she needs it. But he doesn't regret telling her the truth because she has the right. They can't return to the past but it is the most memorable moment for him to meet her at Dolphin Bay. She screams at him - she has heeded his advice to forget him but why is he reminding her now? She throws the flowers on the ground and runs away. He is in despair - how can he make her understand him?

The press conference has poor turn up and Xiao Gang nearly gets into a fight with Eddy for stealing the reporters away from him to promote Man Qing's album. Ze Ya is having a talk with his client when he notices that his watch shows that it is 2.30 pm but the tv doesn't show coverage on Tian Bian's album promotion which is supposed to start at 2 pm. He calls Zheng Dong to know that it is cancelled and frowns when closing his handphone cover. He sees Tian Bian hugging Peggy to cry and feels upset too.

Ze Ya is going to send her an sms - one failure doesn't imply that it is forever, she must believe that she has a longer route to go. He will watch her forever. Ze Ya looks at the last line - will she hate him more? He deletes the last line before sending it out. Huai Gu knows that he is afraid that Tian Bian will be dismissed by SET to decide to take up the responsibility to explain to the other shareholders. So he forces him to marry Shan Ni. Xiao Gang begs Shan Ni for help as he doesn't want to see Tian Bian upset. She is surprised that he can discard his music future aside just to make her happy.

Tian Bian is apologetic for screwing things up again but Xiao Gang doesn't blame her. He is touched when she gives him a kiss on his cheek and doesn't call him 'Producer Zhong' anymore. He decides to try his best to write more music pieces for her to push her to popularity.

Ze Ya stands alone on the empty field after the shareholder meeting. He nearly can't handle the shareholders when they complain about throwing so much money down the drain and the reporters' turn up is pathetic. Only 3 turned up and Ze Ya decides to block the news from the public. They wonder how long he can keep it under wraps and Ze Ya assures that he will step down if 'Skywalk' fails.

Shan Ni comes to see him - she asks whether he is doing it for Tian Bian but he says that Tian Bian is only part of it. His main concern is still SETTV. Shan Ni wonders why two men sacrifice so much for her just to make her happy. He gets impatient - how can she say that as Tian Bian is her sister? Shan Ni suddenly feels faint and Ze Ya feels remorseful for being too harsh - he doesn't really mean it. She suddenly hugs him and wants him not to push her aside. She has put up a false front for too long.

Ze Ya puts his hands down to let her to do. Tian Bian smiles upon seeing his sms and stores it with other sms that he sends to her. She sees them together and walks away. (Does this remind you of something again? Ze Ya is alarmed upon seeing her but he can't push her aside.

Tian Bian wishes Tian Bian to return but doesn't wish her to look at Ze Ya lovingly. She tells her her illness. Tian Bian is surprised to see Ze Ya's car - he has come with Shan Ni to bring her home. He tells her to meet Li Hong. Tian Bian sees the toy on her bed - he is only returning what belongs to her and they have no connections after that.

Ze Ya demands to talk to Tian Bian - does she think that he wants to end their ties by returning the toy to her? He confesses his love for her. His biggest mistake is to enter Xu family to leave her. He wants to be with her the next lifetime. Ze Ya looks at her tenderly - Li Hong and Shan Ni happen to hear him. Tian Bian forbids him to say anymore but he continues - it is true that both are faking their engagement.

The only purpose is to bring her back. Now they can tell Huai Gu to return to past. This is why he returns the toy to her. Tian Bian is desperate - does he know that Shan Ni loves him? She has no more thought now. Ze Ya feels hurt and also gets anxious - Shan Ni is like his younger sister and he can't imagine how to get married to a younger sister. Li Hong and Shan Ni shed tears together. Tian Bian then reveals that Shan Ni is dying to shock both of them.

Li Hong slaps Ze Ya and vows that she will never acknowledge Tian Bian as part of the family. The two quickly go after Shan N in their cars. Ze Ya keeps her company at the lake. He recalls how sad Tian Bian is to see him leaving and feels upset. Tian Bian is upset to know Hui Lan leaves and contacts Ze Ya. Ze Ya is anxious and tells her not to cry and Shan Ni gets uneasy.

Tian Bian cries - she should not disturb him but she doesn't know who else can help her. He consoles her that he is back soon and she stays at home. Shan Ni holds his elbow - as if she is losing him. He looks at her and retreats from her. He quickly rushes into Tian Bian's room. She is clutching the toy and letter in one hand while another with the phone. She is shivering and doesn't know that Ze Ya enters. He pats her face and calls her name but she shows no response. He gets worried and shakes her shoulders.

She cries - what has she done to make Hui Lan desert her? He feels the sorrow and hugs her tightly to console her. Li Hong and Huai Gu are displeased to see this. Ze Ya quickly guards in front of her and holds her hand - they can blame him for doing it. He is wrong to use the engagement to cause sorrow to the sisters. They still press him and he wonders why they still do that as he doesn't love her.

Li Hong is angry to see them holding hands together so Tian Bian wants to let go of his hand but he holds it firmly. He doesn't want to cheat Shan Ni as he respects her. He has a struggle in himself - he has once tried to give Tian Bian up but fails. Huai Gu hits him and gives him a bruised lip - he doesn't want to hear this as he has placed all his hopes on him.

Li Hong demands to know why Tian Bian hides behind Ze Ya and robs Shan Ni of her last happiness. Huai Gu is shocked to know that Shan Ni is dying. Ze Ya runs after Tian Bian and sees the sisters talking. Shan Ni promises to help her. Ze Ya tells her that he can't marry her and Tian Bian is shocked that he is so direct. He is apologetic but is firm in his decision. Shan Ni supports him and will not tie a person who doesn't love her. She will help to persuade them. She feels weak but wants to keep from the elders.

Upon seeing how Ze Ya takes off his jacket to cover Shan Ni and helping her into the home, Tian Bian realizes that she can survive without him. But Shan Ni will die if he leaves. It is not that Shan Ni doesn't allow him to leave but she can't leave him. She doesn't belong here. Ze Ya is about to call Tian Bian to ask her whether she wants to leave the family with him when Huai Gu comes to see him. Ze Ya insists that he only loves Tian Bian even before he knows that she is 'bottle cap'.

Huai Gu begs him to give Shan Ni a last chance - Ze Ya will have lots of happy years with Tian Bian but Shan Ni has less than a year left. Huai Gu looks as if he has aged and this is the first time he weeps. He is no longer the chairman and needs Ze Ya to support him. What should he do? Tian Bian knocks on his door and he is about to open it when she tells him that she is leaving. He weeps - Tian Bian already knows his final decision to help the Xus to bury his greatest love into the bottom of his heart.

Xiao Gang waits for Ze Ya's car to get near and pushes the driver away to sit into the car. He demands to know why Tian Bian comes to stay at his home at 2 a.m. He sneers at Ze Ya - is he has no courage to protect her, he will. Ze Ya bears with the sarcasm and wants to return for his meeting. Xiao Gang gets so mad that he gives him a bruise on his lips. Ze Ya explains that he gives her up unwillingly. Xiao Gang wants to confront Shan Ni and chides him for making her staying in illusion. Ze Ya decides to take care of Shan Ni - she isn't as strong as she seems. Xiao Gang warns that he will never return Tian Bian to him.

Huai Gu decides to retract all the funds for Skywalk and gives Xiao Gang a week to see success. Ze Ya tries to help him in vain but still respects Huai Gu's decision. He tells Xiao Gang that this is the limit that he and Shan Ni can help him. 99% will do what Huai Gu does from the businessmen's point of view after seeing that Man Qing's 'The One' is getting great response while 'Skywalk' isn't selling well.

Shan Ni smiles - she understands why Huai Gu chooses Ze Ya as his successor. No matter how many head ons he has with Tian Bian privately, he is still able to face things objectively when it comes to work. Xiao Gang decides to borrow money for the loansharks and mortgage his apartment. Tian Bian has a new image - she gets into the crowd and tries to win them with her voice. (I must say the so-called neighbour girl image is a total doom/disaster - she looks like a cheapskate teenager with a pony tail and polka dot clothes - and sorry I don't like deliberate fake candy sweet images.)

Ze Ya sees that Shan Ni has a nightmare and wakes her up - she dreams of herself recovering but it isn't true. He decides to bring her to the lake and to Lake Titicaca when she is better. She knows that it is only a dream but she likes it. She wants to lean beside him to sleep. He is startled but agrees. He sees her closing her eyes and he sleeps but she only fakes it. She is contented but still upset.

She goes to the lake alone but she has no courage to commit suicide. Ze Ya is anxious upon only seeing her shoes and her footprints but is relieved she is fine. She thinks he should not have let her love life so much. She becomes weak and overly dependent on him but he still proposes to her. He promises to try to love her.

Ze Ya discusses the marriage plans with others and Shan Ni suddenly has a nose bleed. Tian Bian demands to know why Huai Gu fires Xiao Gang but he insists of doing so. Ze Ya holds her by the elbow - afraid that she will vanish the next second. Xiao Gang must be thinking like him to have known Tian Bian to have wonderful memories. Because of her, Xiao Gang has 'Skywalk'.

Ze Ya brings Shan Ni to choose a ring but she faints at the shop. A famous product, Aqua Aura finds Tian Bian to be their commercial model. The producer has heard her singing on the street and recognizes her. (Maybe by her clothes because she NEVER changes it, appearing in all promotions in it! And in this scene she is going to another promotion with Xiao Gang in the same dressing and she walks past him. Good grief - this is like 5566 appearing in the same clothes for most promotions too….do they wash them??!!)

Ze Ya calls Xiao Gang up to congratulate them and requests him to return to SETTV. Xiao Gang and Tian Bian get Shan Ni a beautiful necklace. Xiao Gang has bought it as Tian Bian likes it and he trusts both sisters have similar tastes. Ze Ya puts it around Shan Ni's neck. Xiao Gang wants the two to be his witnesses to propose to Tian Bian. Tian Bian is surprised. Ze Ya is calm but his eyes show uneasiness. Shan Ni notices Ze Ya's response. Tian Bian accepts Xiao Gang's ring.

Tian Bian offers to be Shan Ni's bridesmaid. The music studio crew is happy that Tian Bian's album sells 35,000 copies. Ze Ya comes to send them the wedding cards. Shan Ni thanks Ze Ya for being willing to love her during dinner and wants to hold a world tour concert for Tian Bian. Shan Ni wants him to promise her that he will be blissful in future.

What a stupid Tian Bian - she thinks that by not holding the concerts, Shan Ni will have the will to survive. Xiao Gang is angry and wants to call Ze Ya since he is the only person that she will listen to. Tian Bian is very angry and throws his handphone on the floor. (She is so rude!) Why keep reminding her of him? Although she denies missing Ze Ya, her expression becomes hesitant….and this annoys me.

During the wedding match, Ze Ya is about to put the ring into her finger when she suddenly faints. Both fall to the floor. Shan Ni apologises to Tian Bian for breaking them up. Shan Ni doesn't allow Ze Ya to wear the ring on her. He is now free to choose who he loves. She wants Tian Bian not to reject Ze Ya as he needs her. She holds their hands and wants them to promise her to be together. They nod and send her to hospital. The two guys offer to send Tian Bian home but she wants to keep Li Hong and Huai Gu company. They are taken aback and are both disappointed. Xiao Gang suddenly smiles - she has chosen not to get into anyone's car. She can do well without any of them.

He has thought that Tian Bian either needs him or Ze Ya but maybe he is the one who needs her. Ze Ya feels that she is always firm in making decisions. Ze Ya knows that he can't love Shan Ni wholeheartedly. But he can't leave her now. Xiao Gang frowns - Ze Ya knows Tian Bian well that she is cheerful but doesn't take things lightly. How can he surpass Ze Ya then? Xiao Gang announces to Ze Ya that Tian Bian has already rejected him - Ze Ya need not take the wedding vows seriously.

Both guys see that Eddy is causing a commotion to humiliate Tian Bian in public. He has announced that Tian Bian deserts a diabetic Hui Lan in public after gaining popularity. Both men stand at the same time but Xiao Gang is faster. Ze Ya observes it and remains composed to sit back on his chair. Later, he stops Eddy from creating trouble and demands Eddy to resign. Eddy is furious that he finally speaks - no matter who wins, Ze Ya is still the greatest winner. Ze Ya is worked up - SETTV engages Eddy not to stir up trouble and it is not a stage for power struggles. He turns to Zheng Dong to call the security guards but Eddy chooses to leave to prevent disgracing himself.

Shan Ni is in her room listening to Ze Ya's description of Tian Bian's album. She wants to know Tian Bian's dream and he ponders over it. He stays with her for the night but is too tired so he falls asleep. She later wakes up from a nightmare and wants him to bring her to the lake. The lake has the same meaning to her of her father's memories - just like the significance of dolphin bay to Tian Bian. He evades the issue of accepting Tian Bian again. Shan Ni has blamed Huai Gu for making her the second at home and in the company after Ze Ya. She hates his existence initially but now she thanks him to be with her in her remaining days. She has not regretted loving him and he kisses her forehead.

Shan Ni sits on a wheelchair and Ze Ya is with her. He senses that she feels cold and gets her a blanket. When he walks out, she closes her eyes. He is startled and his eyes become red. When seeing her smile again, he is relieved. He goes to Tian Bian's concert with her family and recalls how he meets her. (This television station really knows how to get free promotion gimmicks - getting music groups, R & B, 5566 and Shin to act as Tian Bian's special stars for her concert. They don't just appear but also sing and dance too!) Man Qing also becomes the guest star. He smiles upon hearing her mentioning how she meets him.

Man Qing reconciles with Xiao Gang. All are sad after attending Shan Ni's funeral. The next year passes, the PRIME magazine has Ze Ya as the cover. He is named as Asia's famous figure to bring SET internationally to open the Chinese Media world. His office is now changed into the Chairman's office. He is now talking to reports when Huai Gu reminds him that it is the day for them to visit the orphans.

Zheng Dong puts a newspaper cutting on Ze Ya's table. It shows Tian Bian's 69 concerts overseas. She will return to Taiwan today to prepare for her new album from New York. Ze Ya is distracted but later regains his composure to talk to the reporters. Tian Bian sits with Li Hong and Hui Lan in the car. They are amused that she clings to them but she is hesitant to stay at Xu home. Li Hong asks whether she is still avoiding Ze Ya because of Shan Ni. She avoids answering them.

She feels strange when Xiao Gang sends a purple seashell to the orphanage. (She dresses like Man Qing now.) Xiao Gang feels that she needs it more than him and returns to her. They come in a pair and will be together in the next life. He thanks her for reminding him - if not he will be searching for something all his life. Ze Ya and Huai Gu are also going there. Huai Gu feels happy to be with the children to sponsor them.

Huai Gu also hands Ze Ya a box and a letter from Xiao Gang who wants him to pass to him. These young people are sure secretive. Huai Gu transfers his message that it is something that can help to look for his
fated lover. Ze Ya is stunned and recalls the past but the simple Tian Bian still doesn't know what it means. She only recalls the past and doesn't realize that the car passes by.

Ze Ya is too shocked by the shell and doesn't notice her. But when they miss each other, they suddenly sense each other's presence and lift their heads. But they don't look back as the distance between them gets wider. Ze Ya tells the driver to stop the car. Both finally see each other. He touches the car handle but has no courage to walk out. Huai Gu smiles and tells him to go. Both hold the shells tightly. Huai Gu encourages him - he has done enough for him, Shan Ni and Xu family to give up his first love.

It is time for him to put down the burden to make use of the chance now. Tian Bian is too far from them and can't see clearly - she smiles - she thinks too much and starts walking again. Huai Gu pushes him to go and when Ze Ya sees her walking further and further away, he gets anxious and walks out, calling her. She remembers Shan Ni telling her to follow her heart and not to be trapped.

Ze Ya runs and hugs her tightly. She leans against him and is overjoyed. She finally understands Shan Ni's feelings when saying that and thanks her. She can detect his harm hug and hugs him back. They are a pair of fated lovers and Huai Gu smiles upon stepping out of the car.

Coincidences (or copycats) from All about Eve and other serials

1. Tian Bian wants to be a singer while Shan Mei wants to be a good anchorwoman. Both have the luxury of two guys to help them in their career. Ze Ya is SETTV's GM while Xiang Zhe is the planning director of MBS. No wonder both are rumoured to get their jobs through connections.

2. The heated exchanges that Ze Ya has with Li Hong is about the same as how Xiang Zhe deals with his uncle. Both guys are careful not to offend both openly with rude remarks but face the challenge bravely.

3. Tian Bian hurts her knee in the dancing studio so Ze Ya gets her ointment. Just like Shan Mei practices her speech and forgets about taking her meal so Xiang Zhe gets her a burger secretly. Both guys leave notes for encouragement. The only difference is Ze Ya nearly charges in anxiously upon seeing Tian Bian hurting herself while Xiang Zhe smiles when Shan Mei laments how hungry she is.

4. Both guys will put their work aside to watch their beloved is on television. They do not know how to confess about their actual high positions at work to them. Tian Bian thinks that Ze Ya is only a trainee while Shan Mei thinks that Xiang Zhe is jobless.

5. Tian Bian relates on how she loves Xiao Gang to disappoint Ze Ya. Just like how Shan Mei tells Xiang Zhe how much she likes You Zhen too.

6. Both guys drive expensive cars. Xiang Zhe drives BMWs while Ze Ya drives the Mercedes. However, Ze Ya has the luxury as sometimes a chauffeur drives him to work. But Tian Bian is surely retarded - how can a normal person own an expensive car/watch and afford such classy dressing??? Xiang Zhe makes an attempt to make a disguise to wear casual clothes when Shan Mei is ignorant of his status. But Ze Ya appears in formal wear in front of Tian Bian every time - sigh - this woman has zero instinct.

7. Man Qing is like Yin Mei who is often around to ruin Tian Bian's chances of success.

8. Ze Ya cheers Tian Bian up after her failures and Xiang Zhe does the same. They fight for their own chances to return to the original position when being threatened. They also keep their troubles from their lovers. Tian Bian and Shan Mei are capable of hiding after their failures and their poor boyfriends have to search for them to give them consolation.

9. Tian Bian and Shan Mei have ugly comments about the GM and planning director. Ze Ya and Xiang Zhe are dismayed and yet amused - how can they pretend not to hear them??

10. Ze Ya is forced to resign from his post - just like Xiang Zhe nearly being forced out of the station too if 'Eve's morning' doesn't show progress.

11. Ze Ya write cards to Tian Bian to encourage her - just like the way Xiang Zhe is to Shan Mei. How on earth do they keep so many cards in their drawers???

12. Most serials have run out of romantic spots for lovers. Ze Ya and Tian Bian often meet at the rooftop - just like Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei.

13. Ze Ya cuts clips from Tian Bian's video to make it into a tape. Just like the same way Xiang Zhe does.

14. The way that Tian Bian gets jealous upon seeing Shan Ni hugging Ze Ya is exactly the same way that Shan Mei shows upon seeing Yin Mei walking into Xiang Zhe's room too. Both actresses give a very
shallow presentation but Shao Han looks more childish than Chae Lim.

15. Cleopatra reminds me of Xi Xi, the cat in 'MVP Valentine' with its white pearly fur. Don't tell me that this is the same cat?! If so, it has grown so fast to be fat too!! But still as beautiful as ever.

Interesting facts

Shao Yang and Wei Jun became an item after completing this serial. They have been discovered kissing in the car. This was said to upset her ex-boyfriend, Lin You Wei - ex-member of WeWe. She was later rumoured to be with Kun Da - an Energy band member. He denies being with her. You Wei also denies to have anything to do with the breakup. What a confusing relationship.

There is no Dolphin Bay but there is Ji Bei island - which Shao Han likes most. The place looks romantic but it isn't - whenever the cast opens their mouth, sand will get into them! Shao Han thinks that Tian Bian is the same as her in real life to present all her emotions openly. (No wonder I don't think that she is acting at all and she is just being herself.) She thinks that Zhen Hua is most different from Xiao Gang - Zhen Hua is very gentle - it must be difficult for her to act as Xiao Gang.

She has worked with Shao Yang in 'MVP valentine' - remember him as the hooligan who gets Xi Xi as the hostage to threaten Cheng Feng to spar with him and to make her smile? At that time, she has thought of him being a superstar and is distant. But after working with him, she notices that he is actually comical. Zhen Hua will be quite serious at first but it is just that it is tougher to make him smile.

She gives herself 60 marks. (Reporters ask why it is so low but I think she fits the mark.) She still has a lot to learn and is glad that she learns swimming in this serial. She didn't know swimming although she often cycled on Canandian beaches. This serial forced her to learn swimming with the dolphins. Jie Er is from Canada like Shao Han. But Shao Han has more experience in singing - she won a singing contest champion. She admits that the kissing scene with Shao Yang is improved - unlike the raw way she handled with Xing Shu in 'MVP valentine'.

When asked on what place he likes, Shao Yang was about to say Ji Bei island when he suddenly changed his mind. It is San Li's GM's office. Because it is not easy to get into there and that seat doesn't allow any Tom and Harry to sit on it. But he can be thick skinned to stay there because of filming. The most difficult part for him was to cry and sneer at himself for being Huai Gu's puppet for 20 over years.

Ze Ya's role requires many inner feelings so he did a lot of homework by watching movies by Leung Chiu Wai, Lau Tak Wah and Leung Kar Fai. He also watched lots of foreign movies too. He also agreed that Shao Han is the same as Tian Bian - very positive and talkative. He and Zhen Hua are too different from the roles. He gives himself 80 marks and hopes that all can recognize his efforts. He is very eager to become darker for sun tanning.

Zhen Hua filmed 3 serials at the same time - 'Beauty', 'My secret garden' and also 'Dolphin Bay'. To a newcomer, this is a fortune but he became confused easily. Especially when he had to change directly from a sunny youth into a mature music producer. All along he was given roles of nice guys. This is the first time he is given a yuppie role who is unfeeling. He found it difficult to adjust the change and had to imagine how he is like 10 years later. There was once he was unable to get immersed in the role - he felt like slapping himself as many waited him for an hour.

I saw the three artistes on 3 separate occasions when they came to Singapore to promote their albums. The first was Shao Yang - I must admit that he sang 'flower fragrance' and 'evening' (the original by Zhou Chuan Xiong) well. Shao Han's singing wasn't that impressive - I think her voice is weak. Zhen Hua's singing of 3 songs for his debut album are okay. The 3 look as fabulous as they are on television.

Introduction on characters

1. Xu Ze Ya - Xu Shao Yang
He is SETTV's GM. Although he is young, he is wise, decisive and also experienced in handling difficult situations. He is 2 years older than Tian Bian but he is so much mature than her. Having to deal with a 'da ma' who finds fault with him at work and at home is a tough task to handle. He has to oppose to all odds to think of the best solution to solve problems as many still deem him too young.

He is a devoted lover. Who is not touched to see him to be self-sacrificing and willing to do anything for Tian Bian? Ze Ya can be so gentle, boyish looking and caring when he is in casual clothes at home or without his glasses. The scene where he plays soccer with the orphans and when he is at home speaks best. (Just like Xiang Zhe who doesn't gel his hair too.)

But with his glasses and business suits, he changes so much! He becomes business like and also authoritative. The way that he saves Shan Ni is cool when he is still able to handle sticky situations. The tone that he gives orders is also remarkable. Upon seeing her hurt or worried, he also feels for her and the affections can't be concealed behind the glasses.

Shao Yang improves in his acting tremendously. My friends marvel at his flawless and fair complexion. (is it under the magic of the camera lights?!) He is one of those few young (not exactly very young because he was already 25 when he starred in 'Lavender') actors who are promising. His hard work for the role has paid off. He plays the task of a thoughtful lover and a leader at work well.

If not handled properly, he may only been seen as another Xiang Zhe in 'All about Eve' but he does it with more sweetness although with less authority. Park Yong Ha fails but Shao Yang craves a new, nice image. Probably his years spending in the US studying for a university degree helps in for preparing for this role. That is why he comes across very naturally and is at ease in speaking English with a clear accent. Moreover, his singing voice is quite good too. His only weakness is the Mandarin dictation which can be unclear or has a Cantonese accent at times

2. Zhong Xiao Gang - Huo Jian Hua
He is the top music producer in SETTV. Being overly upset after his first love's death, he only produces sad music and also doesn't reveal his feelings easily. Even Man Qing can't unlock the agony in his heart but Tian Bian manages to move him.

Jian Hua is okay in the role. I like the scenes where Xiao Gang is with Tian Bian and the heated arguments Xiao Gang has with Ze Ya. He shines as the unreasonable man but he may not be suitable for maturity as he is still too young. He can still be better in crying scenes.

3. Yi Tian Bian - Zhang Shao Han
Tian Bian persists her dream to be a singer. I simply dislike this character. She doesn't know that she worships Xiao Gang but loves Ze Ya so she hurts Ze Ya. Later, she realizes that she likes Ze Ya and hurts Xiao Gang. When Ze Ya finally makes his love known to her, she rejects him. After accepting Xiao Gang's ring, she says no to him later. This is making me giddy…..

Can't she stop tormenting the two nice guys? She also jumps into conclusions easily - Xiao Gang burns his first love's things because of her while Ze Ya hesitates telling her about his real status. I simply can't forgive her! She is also arrogant at times - as if they owe her their previous lives to do so much for her. Her supposedly pathetic past don't make me feel for her at all.

Maybe the producer is trying to create another Shan Mei but Tian Bian doesn't foot the bill. Zhang is only reprising her cute image as in 'MVP Valentine'. I find her pretentious and annoying - Tian Bian can't be so innocent - some can put across as stupid. The unreasonable ways that she talks to both guys puts me off. The way she always raises her voice to talk is rude. One question to the image consultant - why give her a horribly looking woolen hat for her to wear for the audition??? She looks so awful in it and plus a thick dollish fringe - it makes things worse. A simple cap that she wears looks so much nicer on her.

4. Xu Shan Ni - Lin Wei Jun
She is the planning manager for SETTV and hates playing second fiddle to Ze Ya. So she picks on him all the time. But after he saves her, she becomes soft and dependent on him. After knowing his parentage, she becomes hopelessly in love with him. Her courage in declaring her love for him is commendable but I don't think she should tie him down with her illness. It is too painful for the three of them.

Wei Jun gives a satisfying performance. Her crying scenes are quite alright but her voice is quite weak in reading lines - sounds like a school girl with a sharp voice. I also feel that she doesn't look frightened enough in the bomb scene. She looks strong when tying her hair and weak when letting down her hair.

5. Xu Huai Gu - Liang Xiu Shen
He is the Chairman for SETTV is only all set to control the lives of others. He has very high expectations of Ze Ya as his successor. He doesn't like Tian Bian although she is his granddaughter. He only likes Shan Ni as she is brought up from young. But after knowing that Shan Ni is dying, he is no longer the demanding person and is an ordinary old man.

By right, he should look fatter than in 'The Period of Time'. But I am surprised that he slims down and actually looks younger than before. His acting powers still stays.

6. Shen Man Qing - Xu Jie Er
She is a famous singer but Tian Bian becomes her fierce contestant. This is already giving her pressure and when Xiao Gang leaves her for Tian Bian, she becomes revengeful to even approach Eddy to spite back at Xiao Gang. She is temperamental but is punctual for all interviews and performances. She is picky because she wants the best for herself so she is very professional. However, upon knowing that Eddy has held Hui Lan hostage, she has the conscience to save her out. She finally reconciles with Xiao Gang.

This actress can really act! She deserves more attention and recognition than Wei Jun and Shao Han as she puts in a lot of effort in the role. The part where she deliberately sits near Xiao Gang to make Tian Bian unable to sing in the first trial is fabulous. She is just like her cat, Cleopatra - appearing in many forms in different clothing and makeup - showing the airs of a diva. She also sings 'journey' well 'live' in the last scene - in fact even better than Shao Han in the last episode.

7. Xiang Li Hong - Ke Wei Ru
She is Shan Ni's mother and is scheming to push Shan Ni to the top as the managing director. But her efforts prove fruitless when Ze Ya spoils all her attempts and she realises that she has hated the wrong person for 20 years. She is so pitiful - just as she is accepting Ze Ya as her son-in-law, she finds out Tian Bian's existence. She can't blame her for accumulating her hatred again.

She is protective towards her own daughter and can do anything to make her happy during her last days. Ke is quite a good actress in presenting anger and jealousy.

8. Yi Hui Lan - Liu Rui Qi
She owns a noodle shop and runs into financial difficulties to keep it going. She opposes to her foster daughter, Tian Bian for taking a hard route like her but gives in to her upon she succeeds. This actress has a very coarse voice but maybe this depicts the hard life she is going through.

9. Wang Zheng Dong - Ma Guo Xian
He is Ze Ya's capable assistant who knows his likes and dislikes well. He gives him ample time to cool off when he is angry, helps Tian Bian to get close to him (I still wonder why he must do this as this brat is ignorant of his efforts and she isn't grateful to him. Remember he gets scolded by him for no reason the first time they meet?) and helps Ze Ya to do his research.

He is also worried when Ze Ya is in danger with Shan Ni with Man Qing's mad fan. I don't think he treats Ze Ya like his boss - more like a brother instead. Maybe that is why he becomes Ze Ya's best man while Tian Bian is the bridesmaid in the wedding.

10. Xiao Ma - Ah Tang
He is Xiao Gang's capable assistant in promotion and stage management.

11. Peggy - Zhuang Pei Ru
She is Xiao Gang's capable assistant in packaging an artiste with make-up and also clothes.

12. Weng Ding Ji - Xue Zhi Tong
He is Ze Ya's rival in the company for always wanting to go against his policies. He is a manager in the programme unit too. He is always displeased when Ze Ya only opposes to his ideas in attaining scoops.

13. Eddie - Wan Siu Lun
He is a sore loser after losing the music award to Xiao Gang 2 years ago. He uses Man Qing to make a comeback and uses despicable means to win.

I was tongue-tied upon seeing his face in this serial - I have never connected his face to idol dramas. Siu Lun looks like a yuppie with bright clothes with two earrings and extremely short crop hair (looks like David Beckham's style like a rooster if you can recall). What a change to hear him speaking Mandarin in his own voice! But he is not in very top form here because of his age. His age actually suits the role but when he stands beside his younger counterparts, many can tell that he is at the losing end.

14. Jennifer - Yan Er
She is Shan Ni's good friend and also a doctor. I wonder why she doesn't press her friend to go for checkups annually. And tell her to come earlier for treatment. She could have survived!

Favourite character
Ze Ya for being so thoughtful to put others over self. A close second is not Xiao Gang but Zheng Dong. He has been Ze Ya's great helper in work and love (trying to lure Shan Ni away when Ze Ya is with Tian Bian.). The third is Man Qing - she is still kind after all to Tian Bian.

Most hated character
Huai Gu for despising against girls. A close second is Eddy for being so nasty to Xiao Gang and his team.


The theme song is 'I don't want to know' by Chen Wei. Although he is an unknown, I like this song very much. The subtheme song 'beside' is a nice song by Shao Yang. It is as good as 'flower fragrance' as delivered by him as in 'Lavender'. Shao Han's delivery of the ending theme 'the lost happiness' is only satisfactory. I prefer Jie Er's version. The English song 'journey'is worth listening, though.


All have to work harder on crying scenes - they torture me with their fake, excessive and unreasonable crying. And Taiwanese producers - Korean drama ingredients don't work on many of us. Please don't follow them to use cancer as a lame excuse to make the story go on and on. I am so sick of the ending - on Shan Ni's vomiting blood and also long speeches to tell others how she thinks of her illness. The story should stop at episode 20, not 28!

Although the other cast are keen (as seen from their faces), I believe most of us are not. Many will dislike this arrangement - just an excuse to separate Ze Ya and Tian Bian. Since Tian Bian is already so unlikable, why not continue making her indecisive on who to choose between the 2 guys? Or to make one of them suffer from an injury to make her realize who she really likes? Arrange another man to woo Shan Ni? Eddie to do something more drastic? Man Qing to hold a concert on the same day to ruin Tian Bian?

Many said how nice this serial is - I admit I do enjoy some of the moments in the beginning. The love between Ze Ya and Tian Bian is sweet and touching, although most come across touching because of Shao Yang. From where Shan Ni has leukemia, my interest diminishes totally. The pace slows down and the only main luring power is Siu Lun - but he is not evil enough in here to create enough trouble. What a pity! Credit must be given to the actors make this serial watchable - if not, this is still another trashy idol drama.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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