Devil Beside You

Reviewed by: dramas4lyfe

April 02, 2011

Rating: five

This drama was one of the best Taiwanese dramas out there! I heard about this drama years ago and it was always recommended by people but I wasn't interested in the plot. I was like meh..I doubt that its that good. Boy, was I wrong! I didn't have high hopes when I watched this drama. So many people recommended dramas like Summer's Desire, love or bread, corner with love and my girl (Korean) and I thought they were only okay and some were even below average. But, this one was different. I guess you can say I'm really picky when choosing which dramas are considered decent/good.

The chemistry between Mike He and Rainie Yang (the two main leads) were just amazing. After each kiss/make out scene, I kept on wondering when the next one was going to be. It looked real and it wasn't like an awkward peck on the lips/cheek. They both also looked like they were really enjoying it. (Maybe it's the acting?) I loved every scene with them in the drama. Together, they create hilarious scenes and some scenes also made me cry. Like the one when he leaves.

The music was fantastic. I was obsessed with the song 'Ideal Lover' by Rainie Yang for the longest time. At school, when we get to use computers, I would bring my headphones out listening to that song and everyone is just like WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I'm just like Taiwanese drama Ost.

The drama was perfect length but I felt like the ending was not at its best. The very ending with Mike's friends all gathering around talking about kidnapping Rainie so that she could see Mike wasn't necessary. I thought that after the makeout scene in the end was enough.

Rainie's Mom and Mike's dad in this drama was a little over enthusiastic and were very supportive that it was hard to believe. Although, I liked the relationship between Rainie and her mom and Mike and his dad because it is clear that they both have very different relationships with their parents but they both care about them so so much.

A lot of people think Mike He is hot with bobby pins but I DO NOT THINK SO. AT ALL.(He is super attractive but not with the bobby pins.) In fact, it looks really weird and I don't get why all Taiwanese actors are all about long hair. There was one (or more?) scenes that Rainie had her hair in braids but they were off to the side and super puffy so I was like wtf? Can't they hire a better hair stylist than that? Their clothes were also weird. At first, I thought that people in 2005 dressed like that but I re watched full house and the characters there have way better style and Full house (Korean drama) was made in 2004.

My favourite scene: In episode five, Mike finally forced Rainie to admit her feelings. When he laughed at her though at how she admitted them, she puts her hands down. But as she does, he stops it with his arm, brings it back up and slowly inches towards her hands, holding it.
This scene made me melt. It was so cute and original!

For those who want a drama to connect with the characters and to squeal at all the romantic moments, this is the drama for you.

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Devil Beside You

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