Down With Love

Reviewed by: sukting

June 06, 2010

Rating: three-point-five


As the title suggests, it is on how a lover depends on another. Are Yang Guo and Yu Ping able to get together although a lot of things get in their way as a couple?


Guo is an ordinary girl who is easily satisfied although she is often in debt. She can take up any job – even in delivering a fridge just to get more money. She stays with her calculative sister, Duo who is Yu Ping’s secretary. Both are rich when young but their father’s wrong investment to run away cost both to skim.

Yu Ping is a lawyer whose license allows him to work freely in Taiwan and China. His forte is handling divorce and bankruptcy cases. Whatever he wears are branded – which is so unlike Guo who buys roadside stall clothes. Many label him as the poison tongue while others find his tone sharp. Yet, no one can deny that he breezes through any case that he handles.

This day, he helps a Hang Zhou client to bargain with her ex-husband in getting more money. He wins the case and wants Duo to arrange a grand meal for his subordinates. Duo joins an eating contest and loses. On the same day, her boyfriend Ah De cheats on her to be with a rich girl. He ditches her as he finds her poor and not feminine.

She works as a part time waitress with Yan Ling. The fussy Yu Ping criticizes her attitude as she doesn’t know how to difference from pork chop and steak. As a result, she loses her job. Guo helps Yan Ling to shake off a lecher by claiming that both are lovers. Not that she wants to but Yang Ling kisses her lips. Yu Ping is startled to see that and he thinks that both are lesbians. She then asks Yan Ling to go for a drink with her at a pub. She meets Ah De with his girlfriend. Yu Ping’s friend, Ke Zhong helps her out this time.

Guo cries after getting drunk and Ke Zhong consoles her. She passes him the sweater she has knitted to Ke Zhong. Duo sees that Guo isn’t in a good mood and decides to call her boss to apply for leave. Upon knowing that she is dismissed, she presses her to look for another job.

Guo’s bicycle chain is broken and her crystal lucky ball given by her father rolls to the road. When chasing it and finally getting it back, she is nearly knocked down by Yu Ping’s car. Both quarrel again. Yu Ping’s divorced elder brother dies in a car accident. He leaves his children, Yu Ting and Yu Fei in Yu Ping’s care. Yu Ping is a ‘golden’ bachelor but he has a worry. He is helpless facing these 2 kids.

They are smart but also cheeky to cause him to change 27 nannies in 3 months. He is also a boss who is hard to please and his name has left a black mark in the nanny profession. Still, he believes that no one will reject money so he offers a high price. Duo’s eyes lit up when Yu Ping wants him to get a nanny again. He strongly recommends Guo.

Guo comes to meet Duo to see Yu Ping. Although both deny to be related, Yu Ping sees through their scheme. He sets up an unfair contract to make Guo work for him. Guo has to pay him thrice the amount if she breaks it. Guo is anxious when she doesn’t see the children after school and worries on how to explain to Yu Ping. When she rushes to his law firm, the 2 kids are there. The two never stop torturing her.

Yu Ping has a headache handling a gay teacher being fired from school and discusses with Guo. Guo doesn’t know how to answer him and flees. He is still a heartless boss to her. Yu Ping has believed that she is a lesbian. He invites Guo and Yan Ling to talk to his client. He knows that Guo is hungry taking care of the children and tells her that she can eat anything from the fridge.

Guo frowns upon seeing all the microwave food. She uses the leftover food to cook into delicious porridge. Yu Ping never expects her to eat so much. He even licks his own lips, tempted by the smell but tells her politely that he is fine with his instant noodles. The two children have used up all their tricks but Guo refuses to quit because of the pay. Yu Ping is quite grateful to Guo as she creates a chance for him to destroy the agreement that the gay teacher is forced to sign in order to resign from his job.

She can’t control her temper and wants to hit Yu Ting for hitting her head. She ends up damaging Davis statue’s hand. That is Yu Ping’s favourite statue. She is about to quit when Duo forces the two to let Guo continue working for them. A famous actress, Hui Fan is Yu Ping’s girlfriend for 7 years since university days. She is often busy and Yu Ping sulks when they have to meet in hotel rooms every time to spend a moment together as she needs to hide from her fans.

There is no exception for this time when she leaves hurriedly again. Yu Ping has a successful career but he doesn’t like to be a secret lover for so long. Guo plays with her crystal ball and wonders when she can meet her prince charming. She accidentally swallows it and gets choked.

Upon returning home, Yu Ping sees her in pain. After realizing what has happened, he hugs her and forces the ball out. He suddenly sits on the sofa, clutching his stomach. He has an old gastric ailment and he has no appetite at all. He sees that the statue is clothed. He knows that the two kids are up to something again. Guo has to admit her mistake when he sees it ruined but Yu Ping does not blame her.

Yu Ping instructs Guo not to wake him up after he takes sleeping pills. Yu Fei gives Guo an overdose of the flu medicine to drag her with Yu Ting to Yu Ping’s bed. Hui Fan arrives to see the two in bed and flies into a rage. She can’t bear the thought of seeing him with a plain looking nanny.

She refuses to listen to Yu Ping’s explanation and accuses him for being unfaithful to her. She also says hurtful remarks to Guo. Yu Ping is already ill and he has reached his limit. He tells her off – they can break off if she doesn’t trust him. She leaves in a huff. Guo tries to explain to Yu Ping that she has no idea why she is in his bed. He knows that it is the kids’ doing and scolds them. The two are not appeased even though Guo manages to get them home.

Guo tells the incident to Duo. She learns that Yu Ping has snatched Hui Fan from his friend. No matter how true this is, Hui Fan is important to him although he is the one who raises the break up issue. Duo often goes to her old home and is sad to learn that it is being sold to Hui Fan. The architect, Ke Zhong allows her to go into the house to dig out her childhood things from a tree.

The two recognize each other through the pub incident and become good friends. There is Duo’s book in the box and Guo returns it to Duo. Duo recalls how she befriends a boy, Lawrence who introduces her to classical music. She misses him till now. The relationship between Yu Ping and the kids is bad but Guo doesn’t know how to help them. Yu Ting is closer to Guo after she calms him when he has a nightmare but Yu Fei is still hostile to her.

Ke Zhong comes to visit Yu Ping after learning that Yu Fan has parted with him. The three are university mates. Yu Ping tells Ke Zhong that Guo isn’t interested in men. Ke Zhong gets confused as he recalls the past. Guo only realizes now that both guys are buddies. She pleads with him not to tell Yu Ping the truth. Upon knowing that Hui Fan has wronged Guo, he brings Guo to notify Hui Fan that she is a lesbian.

Even after knowing the truth, Hui Fan is determined to pursue her career. Yu Ping takes pains to bring her to her favourite restaurant and proposes to her. Hui Fan returns the ring to him and blurts that she wants to break up with him. This is not what she really means and only decides to explain to him when she is back from filming in Hang Zhou.

With his romance reaching a dead end, Yu Ping’s moods sink rock bottom. He staggers back to his car as his gastric ailment is back. He pours his woes to Ke Zhong and both play basketball. That is his way of venting his frustration. He is sent home when his gastric problem persists and Guo takes care of him.

Yu Ping gets a new case of an unfilial son trying to seize his father’s company. This man is also an underworld boss. He concentrates on his job to forget his troubles and tires himself out but this also implicates his subordinates too.

Guo has thought that her explanation can cause the two to reconcile but since it doesn’t work, she tries hard to make sure that he gets along better with his kins. But he is only back home late and doesn’t ask about the children when back. Guo gets mad and feels that he is irresponsible to use money to settle matters. He doesn’t shower the children the love they need. Both are going to perform at a school function so after Guo’s persuasion, Yu Ping promises to find time for them.

Fei pretends not to take it to heart but she is actually looking forward to it. The time is approaching but they do not get to see him. Why? Before Yu Ping sets off, a group of gangsters come to destroy his office. He has to forgo the performance to stay back. The children are disappointed and Guo vows to beat him up. Yu Ping watches a rumour on television on how Yu Fan is being courted by her movie director. His subordinates observe him but he says nothing.

In reality, he is exhausted and also affected by it. He is reprimanded by Guo when he reaches home. He protests weakly that he only says that he will try to make time for them and this isn’t really a promise. Suddenly, he lies on the floor. Guo says that there is no need for him to kneel. Upon seeing him in pain, she realises that his old ailment affects him again.

When she is back with his medicine, he is already motionless. He has fainted – not asleep. Guo panicks and quickly sends him to hospital in a cab. She stays by his bedside the whole night. Upon seeing how she is concerned over him, Yu Ping is touched as he has thought that she dislikes him. Yu Ping is diagnosed to have stomach ulcer and needs to be hospitalized.

Guo requests Duo to take care of the kids. Yu Ping finally reveals that he has not wanted to upset them and Guo agrees to explain to the children for him. Yu Ping intends to give her a raise but this makes her mad instead. She isn’t doing this for money and the kids make the nannies leave as they want his attention. Yu Ping is moved by her words when she doesn’t want a reward.

Yu Ping falls back to sleep and Guo admires his perfect features. (Many women will be swept off their feet too when watching it too.) She has seen that he can be weak at times although he is upright and charming. However, she has to suppress her feelings as Duo has reminded her that she has to pay damages if she falls for him. Duo happens to meet Ke Zhong when he stops by Yu Ping’s home. He is Lawrence from her past but he doesn’t recognize her. She falls for him helplessly.

Guo goes to fetch the kids from school and the three are kidnapped by the rich man’s son. The kidnappers use them to threaten Yu Ping to hand over the will o change the contents. Yu Ping still feels unwell but he sneaks out of hospital. The adults help the children to escape but the kidnappers places a bomb into Yu Ping’s mouth and tie them in a hut to run away.

Guo bites the bomb to throw it out. Both are saved while the rest are captured. However, her magical crystal ball is lost in the process. The kids discover how their uncle is concerned about them. Yu Ping asks Guo what reward she wants. He is amused when she only wants to spend a day at the amusement park with them. Yu Ping notices that his eyes are fixed on her now.

He can grin when seeing how she eats a Taiwan local snack heartedly. She also can’t resist his charm and also discovers his secret. When the three are enjoying a horror movie, he is the only one hiding in the kitchen as he is scared to watch them! Yu Fei knows that both like each other and creates chances for them. Ke Zhong and Duo celebrate Yu Ping’s recovery. They are curious to know how both escape from the kidnappers. They blush and try avoid answering.

A woman approaches Guo when she brings the children to school. Guo is alert after the kidnap but sees her at Yu Ping’s office later. She is the children’s mother and is here for their custody. Yu Ping also knows of this fact now. The couple is divorced after Yu Tings’ birth and his brother lies to the kids that their mother is dead. She is here after knowing his death. She has not been doing well in the past but can afford a good life for them in the U.S. now.

Guo is taken aback by Yu Ping‘s reaction. He has not been close to the children in the past but now he is firm not to hand them to her. He even tells Guo to keep her existence from them. Guo knows that they yearn for motherly love and asks Ke Zhong for help. Ke Zhong also thinks that the children should be given a choice. Duo sees them meeting and is worried that Guo will fall for Ke Zhong. Guo denies it as he is like an trustworthy elder brother to her.

When seeing Guo’s favourite snack on the street, Yu Ping has forgotten about himself wearing a business suit. He queues up like the others to get for her. Just then, he sees Xiao Lei with Yan Ling. He suspects her for betraying Guo. He jumps at the fact that Guo is betrayed. But he is afraid that she will be badly hit by it.

Guo meets the mother and let them meet. Although she hasn’t revealed her identity, Yu Fei detects it but pretends not to know it. Duo is thinking of Ke Zhong when Yu Ping asks her if Guo has fallen out of love before. Duo answers that she hasn’t confessed so she has not fallen out of love. Yan Ling comes to look for Duo and Yu Ping reprimands her for not spending time with Guo.

Yan Ling mistakens that Yu Ping likes her and hopes Guo will mention their ‘breakup’ to Yu Ping so that they can start a new relationship. Guo rejects flatly but also wonders why Yu Ping is so concerned for her. She gets troubled, thinking that Yu Ping is really interested in Yan Ling. Yu Ping is about to let Guo know that Yan Ling has a boyfriend now when he learns that the kids has met their mother. He gets worked up – she isn’t fit to be their mother as she has not met them for so long.

He chases her home and receives Hui Fan’s call. He is puzzled that the breakup seems not hurt him that much and he can keep his cool. Hui Fan is also cautious on how indifferent he sounds even though she tells him to take care of himself. How can he forget their 7 year relationship so easily? He starts to discover that he treats Guo differently now but he can’t accept it. Guo can never like a man and he treats her like a man.

Yu Ping asks the kids if they want to stay with their mother. They are sensible and reply that they prefer to stick with him. Although he is rest assured, he can’t forget how Guo reminds him. After a talk with the kids, Yu Ping decides to let them meet their mother.

Ke Zhong explains why Yu Ping has difficulty dealing with kinship. His parents divorce when he and his elder are young. His brother follows the father while he with his mother. His mother remarries and wants him to move out after his high school education as there is no more space for him at home after his younger siblings are born. Guo starts to feel sorry for him as he fends so hard to achieve success. Ke Zhong finds her too formal and wants her to call him ‘Elder brother Qi’. She obliges.

Guo tells Yu Ping about her past. Her family becomes poor after her mother is dead and her father squanders all the money to run away. Although their father leaves them a lot of debts, she still hopes to see him one day. So no one can stop children looking for their parents.

After consideration, Yu Ping only allows the kids to meet their mother during their vacation. This is the biggest step he has taken. The woman is knocked down by a car when protecting Yu Fei. Upon seeing how the kids need her, he gives up their custody and allows them to go to U.S. with her. The children can’t bear Guo to resign and requests her to marry Yu Ping. Yu Ping overhears this and blushes like Guo to hide aside.

Guo has no reason to stay as Yu Ping has no intention to make her his housekeeper. He has not wanted to end their affinity like this but he doesn’t want to be in agony again. So he decides to tell her the truth before they say goodbye. He hopes to be beside her when she is upset.

Yu Ping takes Guo to see that Yan Ling has a boyfriend and even beats him up till he has a nose bleed. Guo is speechless upon seeing this. Thinking that she is upset and is suppressing her feelings, he brings her to play basketball to release her emotions. He also hopes to cheer her up by looking for the magical crystal ball with her. Guo asks why he treats her so well.

Yu Ping nearly reveals that he likes her now but he gives up telling her. He replies that she is his life saviour. So he has treated her like a buddy all along. Guo doesn’t know how to tell him the truth after seeing that he has done so much for her. Yu Ping has trusted her and is so concerned about her so much so he can’t know the truth. She is bitter and lost by his answer.

Guo keeps her resignation from Duo. She pretends to still work for Guo while looking out for new jobs. Ke Zhong hires her as his assistant. Guo is scared that she will screw things up as she has no experience but Ke Zhong assures her that he will lead her all the way.

Knowing that Duo will not let Guo off easily, Yu Ping intends to hire Guo again. He finds himself missing her badly. He asks her out to buy birthday presents for the kids. He then wants to give Guo a treat to thank her. He is dismayed when she receives a call and wants to leave immediately for a temporary job.

Yu Ping wishes to spend more time with her so he offers to help her to distribute flyers. He is surprised that she is doing a survey for sanitary napkins! All the women of different age groups flock to him when he conducts the questionnaire. Yu Ping blushes upon seeing the commotion he causes while no one bothers to get the samples from Guo.

The two run away upon seeing Duo on the street among the crowd. It never comes across Duo’s mind that her boss will help Guo to do this. She flares up upon knowing that Guo loses her job but is delighted to know that she is working for Ke Zhong soon.

She intends to thank him personally. Although she is thrilled that he is Lawrence, she knows that she is a miser to him. How can she match him now since he is a famous interior designer now? Yu Ping is badly affected when his lady client wants to divorce her husband as she is in love with a woman now. Yu Ping is aware that he likes Guo but this is most likely the answer he will get since she is a lesbian. So he goes speed dating to know 6 women a day.

One of them is Sandy whom is swept off her feet by him. Her frequent mentioning of buying branded products make him miss the simple Guo. He gets Guo to come to his home to repair his vacuum cleaner, which he dismantled secretly in order to see her.

Guo then asks how his matchmaking session goes. Yu Ping doesn’t wish to admit it and replies that he is only trying to make more friends. Guo implies bitterly that it looks like he has recovered completely from his breakup. He is not like her to treat every relationship seriously.

Yu Ping mistakens that she is jealous that he is sociable and offers to introduce more friends to her. Guo leaves in impulse and complains to Ke Zhong. Ke Zhong smells a rat as this is not Yu Ping that he knows. He is appalled when Yu Ping approaches a woman right in front of him!

Hui Fan appears at Yu Ping’s law firm. This causes a commotion as she has never there before. She is here to reconcile with him but he does not react as predicted to comply with her wishes. He wants her to give him more time to think over. Hui Fan is enraged but still asks him not to let her wait for too long. Sandy comes to Yu Ping’s law firm to claim to be his girlfriend.

She wants Duo to hang her photo in Yu Ping’s office and asks him out for dinner. Yu Ping is frightened by her over-eagerness and lies that he is busy to reject her. However, Duo sells him out as she has enough from Sandy to claim that he has no client to meet that night. Guo works part-time for a florist to deliver flowers on her motorcycle. As a way of showing gratitude, Yu Ping wants Duo to send flowers to the 6 women. She gets Guo to do the job. Guo is upset but still takes up the job as she needs money.

This is Guo’s first day at work at Ke Zhong’s office. Go notices that although he is the boss, he has no airs – just like how he is like in private. This is so unlike the boastful Yu Ping. Duo comes happily after work to have dinner with them. She reveals how an over-enthusiastic Sandy is now clinging to Yu Ping. Guo replies sourly that Yu Ping must have loved hot chicks all along. Duo also reveals that Hui Fan is back.

Just then, Hui Fan arrives to ask Ke Zhong out. After they leave, Guo receives Yu Ping’s urgent call for help. Hui Fan questions Ke Zhong if Yu Ping is seeing anyone one. Otherwise, he could have been agreeable to their reconciliation immediately. The observant Ke Zhong has Guo coming to his mind immediately but he still stresses that he has not heard of that and wants Hui Fan to give Yu Ping a chance.

Hui Fan sighs and laments that she should have chosen Ke Zhong then. This sends ripples in Ke Zhong’s heart. He recalls how they are a pair during their university days but he has to give her to Yu Ping after knowing that Hui Fan likes him. Sandy is pestering Yu Ping like an octopus and Yu Ping has a hard time shaking her off. It scare him as Sandy describes how she has chosen names for their future children.

Guo arrives at the restaurant and Yu Ping is relieved. He hugs Guo close to him, citing that Guo is his girlfriend. Sandy recognizes her as the messenger in sending her flowers. If that is the case, it is unlikely that a girlfriend will send flowers on her boyfriend’s behalf to another woman. Moreover, Guo has a flat chest, unlike her with a 38C bosom. Yu Ping whispers in Guo’s ear to get her help. He will then let the sisters off for breaking his contract.

Guo has to act with him and also makes use of this opportunity to show her displeasure towards him. Yu Ping takes the chance to describe his feelings for love. Love does not include any requirement or reason. Even though everyone tells him not to like her, he is moved by her. He guesses this is true love. Yu Ping’s natural ‘acting’ drives Sandy away but he never expects Guo to storm out too.

Yu Ping runs after her and Guo points out that he lures Sandy. Yet, he is so eager to shake her off. Is this because Hui Fan is back and he can’t condone other women? Yu Ping is stunned that Guo knows that Hui Fan is back. Guo continues that Yu Ping should have asked his real girlfriend, Hui Fan to play this role. Yu Ping blurts that his relationship with Hui Fan is different.

Guo has mixed feelings – she is furious and also upset. Maybe he thinks that only Guo is capable of acting this comedy with him. Yu Ping explains that he has yet to settle matters with Hui Fan. Ke Zhong asks Yu Ping why he doesn’t reconcile with Hui Fan. Yu Ping doesn’t wish to talk more about it.

When Ke Zhong mentions that he gets Guo as his assistant, his curiosity is aroused. Yu Ping keeps asking about Guo instead and Ke Zhong realizes that Yu Ping has fallen for her. Yu Ping goes to Ke Zhong’s office to visit Guo. He wishes to know if she is still angry with him. Guo treats him politely but distantly. This makes him feel even more jealous.

Ke Zhong tests him by asking Guo to do household chores for him after work for extra allowance. Yu Ping can’t bear the sight to see the two of them together. He imagines Ke Zhong acting like a wolf to prey on her at home when she is in the maid uniform. (This scene is funny indeed.)

He protests strongly and reminds Guo on how many things she has broken at his home. he deliberately shames her in front of Ke Zhong to annoy her. Yu Ping’s reaction confirms Ke Zhong’s suspicion. So he insists to let her do the chores for him. Duo knows that Guo is so lucky and imagines how she herself will be like to please Ke Zhong with a gentle look in the maid uniform.

Guo meets a client with Ke Zhong. Ke Zhong gives up the project that he has spent months on as the client is too unreasonable. Ke Zhong takes Guo to the orphanage to meet a boy that he has sponsored for years. Guo offers to change the light bulbs and her heart races as he carries her up to reach the ceiling. Guo helps Ke Zhong to return the down payment to the fussy client.

She is curious on why Ke Zhong is still unattached. Ke Zhong guesses that she must have heard the story of Yu Ping grabbing Hui Fan from him. He smiles to say that he has not met the right person and Guo feels a sense of loss.

Guo sees a fengshui master in helping the client. He turns out to be her father. Both reconcile and she sees that he is doing well. Yu Ping takes time to select candies for Guo. He even asks the shop assistant to wrap it up nicely. He wants Guo to get delighted when seeing it. However, his enthusiasm is damped when Duo drags Guo out of the office in a hurry.

Hui Fan wants Yu Ping to give her an answer before she goes to China for filming. The two face each other, not knowing what to say to each other in a hotel. They were so much in love before. What has happened? Hui Fan wants to know if Yu Ping has considered seriously. He answers yes and he feels that it is best for them to break up. He even points out that they are not moving at the same pace now.

In a different room of the hotel, the sisters meet their father but it seems that only Guo is moved. Duo is more in a hysterical state. She takes a vase and wants to throw it at Bo Tong’s head. When Yu Ping is about to step out the lift, Hui Fan hugs him to beg for a last chance. He pulls her aside gently to get to see what is going on.

He notices that Guo doesn’t know how to respond. He is afraid that the commotion will bring trouble to Hui Fan so he asks her to leave first. However, Hui Fan detects that Yu Ping is overly concerned about Guo so she stays. True enough, he rushes to Guo’s side and tries to stop Guo’s head from bleeding further as she shields Bo Tong. He hugs her gently and assures her that he will handle it for her.

Yu Ping promises to be Duo’s lawyer and persuades her to let Bo Tong off. Hui Fan is in tears when leaving. Bo Tong and Yu Ping notice how the sisters stay in a scrambled place. Bo Tong blames himself while Yu Ping also feels sorry for them although this is his first visit. He demands Bo Tong to pay back whatever he has earned to his daughters. Bo Tong obeys him and Duo finally wants Yu Ping not to be too harsh on Bo Tong. Yu Ping and Guo smile – she has finally softened.

Guo is grateful to Yu Ping for clearing Duo’s hostility towards Bo Tong. She wants to do something for him to thank him. After serious consideration, he wants her not to address him as boss or Lawyer Xiang. She can address him as Elder Brother Xiang – Xiang Da Ge just like how she calls Ke Zhong as Qi Da Ge. Guo doesn’t understand that he is actually jealous and accedes to his request shyly. Yu Ping has felt that Guo and Ke Zhong are close while there is a gap between him and her.

It is only now that Yu Ping has the chance to pass the sweets to her. Upon seeing her contented smiling face and listening to her calling him as Xiang Da Ge, his happiness is unexplainable. Hui Fan tells Ke Zhong that she is sure that Yu Ping has fallen for Guo. Ke Zhong isn’t surprised as Yu Ping has not even admitted this fact to himself. He also reveals that Guo isn’t a lesbian.

Hui Fan cries helplessly as she can’t believe that she has lost to a plain Jane. Ke Zhong observes that Guo is alert to know what he likes to bring his favourite food for him. He is very touched and is in a struggle on whether he should help Hui Fan. Ke Zhong wants Guo to accompany him on a Hang Zhou business trip. Guo agrees readily while Bo Tong wants to check out Yu Ping’s office’s fengshui.

Although Yu Ping doesn’t believe in it initially, Bo Tong has guessed correctly on his love problems. Yu Ping even notes down the ways to ward off the difficulty. Just then, a man comes to look for Yu Ping to tell him that his wife has believed a fengshui master to invest on a strange fund and wants Yu Ping to check on it. When his client takes out Bo Tong’s business card, Yu Ping gets anxious secretly. At one look, Yu Ping can tell that all evidence is fake.

Bo Tong doesn’t know that he is now in trouble and leads his daughters to look for a new house. Guo still prefers their old home but it is already taken. Bo Tong wants to buy it back at all costs. Bo Tong gets a call from Ke Zhong’s fussy client. Guo gets Yu Ping’s call – Bo Tong is a cheat but Guo doesn’t believe him.

Yu Ping brings her to witness on how Bo Tong cheats the fussy client. Guo wants to find out if it is really true but Yu Ping doesn’t want her to deceive herself. He has already informed the police so that he will not escape. Bo Tong brings his daughters to buy expensive furniture. Guo demands to know the truth but he has yet to tell her.

Ke Zhong learns about Guo’s predicament. Duo sees that Bo Tong is pursed by creditors on the street and learns the truth. He even asks his daughters to run away with him but Duo scolds him. Guo wishes Yu Ping to help her to talk to his client so that the sisters can pay back through installments. Yu Ping doesn’t want to help as this will allow Bo Tong to get away again. The sisters will be tricked again to pay off his debt.

He wants Bo Tong to surrender to the police as new clients are going to sue him soon. He doesn’t wish her to get implicated. However, Guo refuses to listen to him. She feels that he is too harsh. At this time, Bo Tong is beaten by Yu Ping’s client at his office. Guo is furious that Bo Tong deceives her again. Duo refuses to help him. Only Ke Zhong withdraws money from the bank to help quickly.

The rest are not aware that Yu Ping also helps them out. He has offered 5 years of free services to his client so that he will not sue Bo Tong. But Guo has only seen what Ke Zhong has done for her. Guo and Ke Zhong reach Hang Zhou and is shocked by his family’s wealth. Mrs Qi tries matchmaking him with different rich girls and is unsatisfied that he brings a plain Jane home to tell her that Guo is his girlfriend. Guo is far from being her ideal daughter-in-law as she can’t comb her hair properly.

She tries to pair Ke Zhong up with a rich girl, Su Fei (guest appearance by singer Liu Li Yang but she did a wonderful job). Su Fei sings Cats musical theme song , Memory. Ke Zhong doesn’t like her attitude when she is snobbish to sneer at Guo for not furthering her studies overseas. Guo then sings S.H.E.’s China words. He breaks into a grin and Guo helps him to sneak away.

Ke Zhong visits Hui Fan and sends her to hospital when she faints suddenly. She is too troubled over her breakup with Yu Ping. Mrs Qi is displeased that Ke Zhong has visited Hui Fan as she has looked down on her actress profession. Guo can see that Ke Zhong is very concerned over Hui Fan but he maintains that he is only doing it as a friend. Guo recalls that Yu Ping will patch up with Hui Fan soon.

Seeing how Yu Ping and Ke Zhong fuss over Hui Fan, she thinks that a woman’s appearance is still important than internal beauty. Mrs Qi wants Ke Zhong to meet their relatives and he gets Guo a dress for the occasion. All of them do not like Guo as Ke Zhong keeps getting food for her right in front of Fei. Fei feels humiliated to be compared to her and storms off. Guo cries when Mrs Qi criticizes her further.

After being with Hui Fan for the night at the hospital, Ke Zhong is clear that he still loves Hui Fan. Yet, in order to protect her, he can still cover up the fact that Hui Fan has broken up with Yu Ping in front of Guo. He even decides to woo Guo so that Yu Ping will stop liking her.

In the meantime, Yu Ping is coming to Hang Zhou soon so that he can meet Guo. He completes his cases faster than expected. When he is about to set off, Bo Tong gets into trouble again. He has to rush back to the office to settle it. He tells his client that he will pay back the money first as Duo is unwilling to fork out money. Guo and Ke Zhong do not know about it.

Duo is in tears when she hands in her resignation. She has no face to stay but Yu Ping wishes her to stay to pay back his loan. Moreover, she has saved up quite a sum through office gathering functions. She bursts into tears – her boss has become so warm to his subordinates now.

Yu Ping is dismayed that he misses his flight. He offers to change his seat from business to economic class but he still has to wait for a vacancy. He buys Guo’s favourite sweets and is prepared to disclose his feelings to her. He waits till he dozes off and glides into the cabin when his flight is confirmed. Upon reaching Hang Zhou, he urges a cab driver to go fast.

The driver is smart to know that he is going after the woman he loves and agrees to help. Yu Ping arrives in Ke Zhong’s house. Mrs Qi mentions to him that Ke Zhong reveals that he loves Guo. Yu Ping gets anxious and asks where they are. After knowing that they are out, he disappears quickly. Mrs Qi wonders why Guo is so attractive to lure two men to fuss for her.

Guo and Ke Zhong are going to visit Hui Fan who has returned to acting. Guo is tongue-tied when Ke Zhong reveals that Guo is now his girlfriend. Hui Fan knows that Ke Zhong is doing all this for her and seizes this chance to congratulate them. Ke Zhong has dismantled the sweater that Guo has knitted to make it into an apple. He feels that her gentleness is unlike the snobbish rich women that Mrs Qi has introduced. Guo is hesitant to accept him and asks him why he is interested in her.

Hui Fan’s face comes to his mind and he feels guilty for deceiving Guo. However, he is prepared to give himself a chance to show her the concern she needs although he might never love her. Upon knowing that they are at the film spot, Yu Ping arrives. Ke Zhong informs Hui Fan about it beforehand and she announces that Yu Ping is her boyfriend in front of all the reporters.

Yu Ping’s face is as dark as charcoal. He has wanted to deny but doesn’t wish to embarrass her. He warns her in a stern tone to clear up the air soon before vanishing quickly. He doesn’t know that Ke Zhong and Guo are waiting from a distance. Seeing that Yu Ping doesn’t deny, Guo decides to accept Ke Zhong. Yu Ping returns to Ke Zhong’s home and is delighted to find Guo.

He hugs her and tells her that he is here for her. Just then, Ke Zhong announces that they have just started dating. Yu Ping is horrified and suddenly clutches his stomach again. He has not been resting throughout the journey. Ke Zhong rushes to get his medicine while Guo gets close to his side nervously. Although he has wanted to brush Guo’s hand away, he gives in immediately when she places his arm over her shoulder.

He anxiously asks if Guo likes Ke Zhong. When have they started? Why isn’t he aware? Guo doesn’t know how to answer and Ke Zhong interrupts him. He chides Yu Ping for not taking care of his own health and now he should leave Guo to him since he is making up with Hui Fan now. Yu Ping is annoyed when Ke Zhong keeps cutting him out and realizes that he stands no chance now.

Yu Ping asks if Ke Zhong is still bothered by the past. In reality, yes. He is still sore that Yu Ping doesn’t reject Hui Fan then. Confessing to Guo is like seeking revenge on Yu Ping. But he feels remorseful to Guo and promises himself that he will treat her well. So he wants Yu Ping to wish them well.

Yu Ping has dinner with them and detects that Mrs Qi is hostile towards Guo. He urges her to look into her merits and she will like her soon. Mrs Qi asks why Yu Ping arrives despite his busy schedule. He replies that he is now working on Bo Tong’s case and he is to inform Guo about it. Guo is grateful to him and her attitude towards him changes. He can’t bring himself to tell Guo the truth anymore and he has no courage to tell her even though he has the sweets with him.

Yu Ping’s face is dark again when Ke Zhong deliberately asks Hui Fan to join them for an outing the next day. He brushes off her hand as they can’t return to the past. Yu Ping then wants Ke Zhong to treat Guo well. Mrs Qi fixes another party again. Yu Ping is concerned but Ke Zhong snaps at him for caring too much for his girlfriend.

Ke Zhong and Yu Ping wonder why Guo hasn’t appeared. Yu Ping goes up and cracks up upon seeing her covering herself with a blanket. It is too revealing to her and she is still wearing her sports shoes too. He is attracted to her – she is beautiful to him in the short strapless red skirt. He gives her courage and helps her to put on the high heels, teaching her how to walk. His heart beats abnormally when she keeps falling into his arms. He promises to wait for her downstairs.

Ke Zhong is uninterested even though Mrs Qi keeps on introducing different women to him. The servant ruins Guo’s gown with red wine. Guo calls Yan Ling for help. Yan Ling suggests her to wear the leopard wear that she has lent to her. She has attracted many guys at the pubs by wearing it. Guo has no choice but to wear it. Many sneer at her and one woman even trips her. Ke Zhong is a step faster to reach her side to help her up. To Mrs Qi’s annoyance, Ke Zhong invites Guo for the first dance.

Guo shakes her hand as she doesn’t know how to dance. He then jokes that he is no good dancer himself and it will be shameful for him if she says no to him. Both dance together and this is too much for Yu Ping to bear. He goes to the garden to eat the sweets in tears. They are sweet but why they taste bitter? He decides to return to Taiwan the next day.

He reminds Guo that he is there for her if anything happens. Coincidentally, it is the same driver that sends him to the airport. He is puzzled that Yu Ping looks dejected even though he makes it on time. Fate really plays jokes on a dashing man.

Guo and Ke Zhong remain in Hang Zhou as he needs to build his uncle’s house. Mrs Qi keeps wanting Guo to keep her company. She wants her to turn to a lady since she can’t throw her out so she enrolls her for many courses. Guo is hungry at night. Ke Zhong waits for her to return for dinner but after looking into Mrs Qi’s face, she lies that she isn’t hungry. Yet at night, she steals the dog’s biscuits to eat.

Mrs Qi discovers that and scolds her for being so weak-willed. How is she going to assist Ke Zhong in future? Ke Zhong snaps that her behaviour has caused his father to prefer to stay in Shanghai. Is she going to drive him away too? Guo feels bad for causing the commotion. Ke Zhong cooks noodles for her and she eats hungrily. She discovers that Ke Zhong can be stubborn despite being easy-going while Yu Ping is approachable despite being nasty at times.

Yu Ping is back in Taiwan, going to work. He feels that his heart is empty and gives the sweets away to a child. After giving them, he regrets as it is like giving Guo away after recalling her face. He wants the sweets back but the boy refuses since it is a gift to him in the first place. He is going to use the law but suddenly recalls that he is talking to a kid. Despite using money, the boy refuses to give in.

Bo Tong appears and he has to stop doing that. He is here to return the money through installments. Now, he has set up a fortune-telling stall by the roadside and is independent. Guo has refused to see him so Yu Ping urges him to try further. Hui Fan comes to his law firm to look for him. Yu Ping is cold to her although she mentions that she has stopped work for one year in order to be with him.

Duo nervously asks Ke Zhong over the phone how things are going. He is about to tell her that he is dating Guo when Bo Tong comes to see her. He is leaving soon to be a sailor and has signed a 2 year contract. She doesn’t believe him. Yu Ping returns home, tired but he still calls Duo to remind her of her duties the next day. After that, he smiles bitterly to himself – why can’t he telll Guo that he loves her?

Hui Fan suddenly appears to tell him that he should not work so hard. Yu Ping has forgotten that he has given her his house key and has wished in the past that he will get to see her at home. Now, his feelings have changed. He even feels awkward when Hui Fan offers to massage his shoulders for him. He even wants her to return home immediately.

The next day, Hui Fan comes to Yu Ping’s workplace. Yu Ping’s face is darkened when his subordinates crowd around Hui Fan to take photos with her. You will sprawl on the ground when you listen to what he says – everyone says that he resembles Yan Cheng Xu but why wouldn’t they take a photo with him? They return to work hurriedly to avoid his glare. He softens upon seeing that she has hurt her finger when preparing breakfast for him.

She stays till 2pm at Yu Ping’s office so he has no choice but to have lunch with her at the same restaurant. He is still busy with work and wants to finish their food soon. Just then, Guo calls him to ask for his advice to help Mrs Qi. Yu Ping raises his voice – she often gets into trouble by caring too much about others. Ke Zhong’s parents have separated for 5 years and how is she going to help them. His tone suddenly turns soft – he is not blaming her but is worried that her effort will be fruitless.

Hui Fan is mad by the call. Yu Ping is so considerate that Guo might not be able to pay the auto-roaming bill so he hangs up to call her back instead. Moreover, the way he speaks to Guo is so different from the way he speaks to her. But she suppresses her anger to continue the meal. Guo mentions to Mrs Qi on how she controls 6 different dogs and Mrs Qi realises that her methods are too harsh. She starts to accept Guo now and reveals what Yu Ping has told her.

Guo is flattered that Yu Ping thinks so highly of her. Yu Ping wonders if things work well for Guo and can’t sleep. He sms her but seeing that she takes so long to return, he assumes that she is poor in typing. He has no patience to wait and calls her to find out. Both have a nice chat over the phone. Yu Ping is now back to work but he keeps making errors on a divorce document.

Yu Ping holds a meeting with his subordinates and gets Bo Tong’s call that he is leaving. Duo rushes to the harbour with him but he has left. She bursts into tears – how can he be so inconsiderate? She begs Yu Ping to get the ship back. Yu Ping holds her shoulders but he is tongue-tied – how can he? Bo Tong is later chased from the ship as he has lied that he is only 35. Bo Tong requests Yu Ping to return the money to him as he needs to pay for the captain’s demand for the petrol cost.

Duo finally forgives him. She takes out all her savings to return to Yu Ping. She also decides to return the money to Ke Zhong when he is back from Hang Zhou to start all over again. Hui Fan notices sweet wrappers that Yu Ping keeps on the table. He also keeps the fengshui things that Bo Tong has recommended. Hui Fan flies into a rage to strewn the wrappers while he is jotting the next appointment in his appointment book. Doesn’t he know that Guo is now with Ke Zhong?

Yu Ping picks the wrappers into the book and storms out. Duo runs after him to discover the truth of Ke Zhong being Guo’s boyfriend now. She is badly affected when Ke Zhong sends Guo home personally. Guo makes her burst by showing the love apple. Although Guo gets Duo a glass coin saving bear on Ke Zhong’s behalf, she breaks it to pieces and chases Guo out of the house. She will admit defeat if she loses to a popular Hui Fan but Guo is just as normal as her. How can this happen?

Yu Ping returns home, weary from work. He finds Hui Fan coming to look for him again. She wants him to forgive her for raising her voice earlier. She will not interfere in his affairs anymore. Yu Ping asks for his home key back since they have parted. Sooner or later, he will find another girlfriend. He doesn’t wish her to come in to see him with his new love. Hui Fan refuses and runs out.

Guo calls Ke Zhong for help but he is preoccupied with Hui Fan. Hui Fan is impatient – she has given up her pride but Yu Ping is still unmoved. What does he really want her to do? Ke Zhong wants Hui Fan to accept the fact that Yu Ping no longer loves her but she will not listen. This selfish woman can also detect that his tone towards Guo has changed and yells that she also forbids him to fall for Guo as she only has him now. Guo comes to Ke Zhong’s office and he isn’t there too.

She calls Yu Ping frantically as her handphone has no more battery. Yu Ping does not get to know where she is now as the line is being cut off. He goes out hurriedly to Ke Zhong’s place but doesn’t find her there. Guo is on the grass patch outside the office building and it is windy. Yu Ping touches her head and sighs – when will she stop worrying him? Doesn’t she know that it is dangerous for her to stay outdoors alone?

He brings her hot tea and puts his sweater over her. When Guo explains to him what happens, he analyses that Duo is in love with Ke Zhong. He informs Guo that Duo has returned the money to him. Guo then blames herself for being sensitive. No one will like to be called a miser upon seeing the present then. Yu Ping holds her hand to prevent her from hitting herself too hard but she soon withdraws from him as she feels shy.

Noticing that she is running a fever, he gets anxious. But he starts sneezing like her and she quickly puts the thermometer into his mouth. He protests and they argue. Guo grumbles that he hasn’t heed her advice to eat and she ends up carrying him to hospital the last time. He also retorts that he also prevents her from swallowing the crystal ball.

Guo insists that he has knelt to her due to his gastric pains. He replies that she even kowtows to him for help. She then blurts that she knows that he is scared of watching horror movies. She thrusts the thermometer into his mouth and laughs – it is not only that he observes her but she also watches him.

Realizing that she has not washed it before use, she blushes and decides that they should rest for the night. They keep tossing in bed. Guo wonders if he thinks that she is seducing him while he wonders if she knows that he likes her.

Yu Ping can see that Guo is no better the next day and offers to bring her to the doctor. She declines as she needs to work and Ke Zhong will bring her there. He insists as it is no trouble to him of making a detour. Ke Zhong thinks that it is a bad idea to visit Yu Ping right the next day as he should not be in a good mood. Hui Fan insists of going to make him breakfast so he drives her there. Both are stunned to see Guo stepping out with Yu Ping. All four face each other questionably.

Yu Ping explains that Guo comes to him when she can’t get Ke Zhong. It is only now that Ke Zhong discovers that his handphone battery runs flat. Yu Ping makes Ke Zhong feel worse when he doesn’t even know that Guo is ill. When Guo attributes it to the fact that she is tired from the journey home, Yu Ping snaps that it is due to wandering the whole night to catch the flu.

Hui Fan is uneasy when she prepares breakfast for them. She is disturbed to find out that Guo even knows that there are eggs and milk in the fridge just from staying overnight. She rejects Guo’s offer to help, citing that she should not get a guest to do this. Guo is affected by her remark.

Yu Ping gets Guo to shift her attention to the bedroom upstairs to get her handphone. Yu Ping then turns to Ke Zhong to want him to show more concern to Guo. She is now his responsibility. Since they have just started dating, he should give her his attention. (His tone becomes so businesslike as a lawyer. Probably to seek revenge for his treatment the last time.)

They sit together for breakfast. Although Yu Ping pulls a chair towards him, Guo prefers to sit in another direction that Hui Fan has prepared for her. All can feel Yu Ping’s anger when he puts his cup of juice hard on the table. The atmosphere becomes tense now.

When they are in the car, Ke Zhong doesn’t explain why he is with Hui Fan. He only says that he will treat her better as Guo gets even more upset to find her earring on the car seat. Doesn’t Ke Zhong know that this will give her the wrong idea? Yu Ping tone towards Hui Fan is equally harsh. He doesn’t wish her to see Ke Zhong again as this is hurtful to Guo since he has been in love with Hui Fan in the past. Hui Fan gets worked up – isn’t this the same thing that she tells him?

Yu Ping loses his cool finally – she should be clearer than anyone else to know why he has to fetch Guo in the middle of the night. He has not asked Ke Zhong that question in front of Guo to avoid hurting her. Yu Ping is now more than determined. He has decided to change the lock to prevent more misunderstanding. Hui Fan is offended and throws the key back to him. When reaching his office, he realizes that Duo isn’t at work. The other colleagues describe it to be rare as she even turns up when having chickenpox but she applies for unexplained leave this time.

Yu Ping comes to her home, threatening to force her for the day’s pay. He notices that her eyes are swollen from crying. He tells her to accept the fact as there is nothing they can do. Duo feels that their feelings are mutual – why he knows it so well? Yu Ping answers that he has gone through this before and since they have never had lunch before, he will give her a treat. He is amused when she still remembers to ask him to treat the day as applied leave.

Ke Zhong cuts the medicine tablets for Guo as he gets her to rest on the sofa. Guo is touched – no wonder Hui Fan says that it is blissful to be with him. However, he feels remorseful when she cites that she trusts him the way he trusts her. Guo is overjoyed when Duo comes to bring her home. Duo even buys a present for Ke Zhong, wanting her to treat Guo well.

Guo describes the whole incident to Yan Ling. Yan Ling finds it queer that Ke Zhong only holds her hand till now. They have not gone through the kissing stage. Is Ke Zhong too shy? Yu Ping’s reaction will be considered normal after knowing about Ah De as he babbles so fast in front of her. She decides to test Ke Zhong to mention about Ah De but it seems that he only replies that Guo is smart to ditch him.

Yan Ling then wants Guo to find out Ke Zhong’s likes to please him. So Guo seeks Yu Ping’s help – you will laugh - she reads the word ‘magic’ s ‘maggi’. Yu Ping takes her to the bookshop to reply bitterly that Ke Zhong loves doing magic tricks. He is the president of the magic society when in university to woo Hui Fan. Seeing that Guo becomes down, he cheers her up as it is in the past.

Upon knowing from Guo that the two only hold hands till now, he grins – that is good news indeed. When Guo relates that Yan Ling has described her to be not demure enough, he protests against it. He lies to be the vice president. Yu Ping’s trouble comes when Guo asks him to teach her magic tricks. He offers to teach her at his home but she prefers him to go over to her home.

He secretly buys some books and instructs his subordinates not to interrupt him while he learns in his office. He ends up cutting up his tie and can’t fix it back! He wishes to have a moment with Guo so he gives Duo 3 movie tickets, also wanting to cheer her up. Knowing that Duo will intend to sell the tickets away, he wants her to write the movie reviews to prove it.

Guo is impressed when Yu Ping teaches her and even gets the props ready for her. Yu Ping regrets not learning magic earlier to make her happy. Ke Zhong is cunning indeed in the past. He knows that Guo is afraid of Hui Fan by not coming over to his home and maintains that they can’t be together. Guo sulks – if they as the perfect couple parts like this, there is little hope for her and Ke Zhong who have just started.
Yu Ping is jealous to see how concerned she is over Ke Zhong.

Duo is tired after watching 2 movies and intends to sell the third ticket. But she gives it away after seeing Ke Zhong around. Ke Zhong is there to watch a movie with a client and is impressed that she knows a lot on interior design. If not for her working for Yu Ping, he could have hired her.

The next day, Guo performs some tricks for Ke Zhong and he is touched. Upon knowing that Yu Ping has gone to so much extent to teach her, he is alert. He vows to treat her better from now on. He invites her to go to a ice hockey match that evening. Meanwhile, Hui Fan still comes to get food for Yu Ping but he is busy holding a meeting with his subordinates. Strangely, he is the only one without the tie or the suit jacket to be more casually dressed but still, all look up to him as their boss.

He asks why his client has not received the information and they push to each other. He wants things to be done quickly. Just then, he gets Guo’s helpless call. She knows nothing about ice hockey and needs his help. Yu Ping looks at his watch – he will try to help her within 30 minutes to fax to her. None of his subordinates know baseball as he has hoped. He instructs them to get the teams’ particulars, rankings and rules information ready within 25 minutes and they charge out busily.

Hui Fan wonders what is going on when the meeting ends so soon. She tails Yu Ping to the car park, threatening to get Ke Zhong to leave Guo if he neglects her further. Yu Ping sneers at her – she has over estimated herself. She has not treasured their relationship in the past and now she also treats friendship lightly. He definitely despises her for that. He drives away, leaving her shivered.

Guo has a happy time with Ke Zhong’s friends and all tease her to be Ke Zhong’s wife soon. Ke Zhong is impressed that Guo knows the ice hockey players’ details within such a short while. He frowns upon knowing that Yu Ping is the one who helps her. However, he still hugs her as he is touched over what she has done for him. He is about to kiss her when Hui Fan comes to look for him.

Guo is terribly upset when Ke Zhong chooses to console a down Hui Fan. She is in low spirits when Yan Ling asks how far they have proceeded. She nearly cries upon getting Yu Ping’s call. Yu Ping has wanted to know if he has helped her but is puzzled as he detects a change in her tone when she switches off the cellphone abruptly. He calls Duo to find out if Guo has reached home. Duo tells him not to be a light bulb as Ke Zhong must be dating Guo now.

Duo is startled when seeing Guo returning home with sore eyes. So is Bo Tong as he starts to have a bad impression of Ke Zhong. Both tell Guo not to work the next day. Duo decides to confront Ke Zhong the next day. A new lawyer, Zhi Hao joins Yu Ping’s law firm. Yu Ping wants Duo to show him around but she wants him to venture on his own instead to meet her later at Ke Zhong’s interior design company instead.

Duo confronts Ke Zhong and he explains himself. Just then, Ke Zhong gets Yu Ping’s call that he is arriving. Duo gets frantic and hides herself. Yu Ping still knows about it as Zhi Hao is also there. He demands them to return to the law firm. Yu Ping tells Ke Zhong of Hui Fan’s threat and hopes that he will not listen to her. He also needs to be vary of Guo’s feelings now as his boyfriend.

Ke Zhong and Guo continue their cold war. Yu Ping arrives with cold dessert at Guo’s home. Bo Tong is puzzled why Ke Zhong doesn’t arrive to apologise to leave Yu Ping to do the talking. Guo comes to celebrate Da Shan’s birthday with him at the amusement park. Yu Ping sends them there and is down even though he wants Guo to inform Ke Zhong that they are reaching there soon.

Yu Ping needs to finish his work at the office. Guo loses Da Shan and Ke Zhong blames her. Yu Ping sighs when he is working overtime when the couple is dating. He can’t concentrate and a virus attacks his file, causing him to lose it. Guo calls him this instance, crying and telling him what has happened. Yu Ping rushes to her after contacting the police to help out.

Guo sobs in his arms, blaming herself for being silly. He strokes her hair, telling him of how he also loses contracts in the past when he first started out as a lawyer. Da Shan is finally found in the toilet. Yu Ping senses that Ke Zhong still blames Guo as he ignores her to bring Da Shan away. Both guys have a drink in the pub. Ke Zhong chides Yu Ping for being too nosey and showing too much concern to Guo.

Yu Ping admits that he likes Guo. He is also aware of Ke Zhong’s feelings towards Hui Fan in the past. That is why he gives them his blessings to help them. But if Ke Zhong still continues to be nasty to Guo, he will not hesitate to win her over. Guo feels that she is unsuitable for Ke Zhong. So she knits a pair of mittens without knowing his size as a parting gift. He hugs her, promising that he will treat her well.

Although Yu Ping’s subordinates complain of how thrifty and nasty Duo is, Zhi Hao finds her a nice person and intends to court her. Bo Tong invites Yu Ping out for a drink to pay him part of the loan. He asks Yu Ping which of his daughters that he prefers. To hide his anxiety, Yu Ping ends up drinking too much and even calls him father. He gets drunk and Bo Tong has no choice but to bring him home.

Just then, Ke Zhong also sends Guo home. He asks Guo to give him more time to forget Hui Fan. Yu Ping and Duo have mixed feelings upon hearing it. Guo is shocked that both have heard everything after Ke Zhong leaves. Yu Ping tells her in a drunken state that she must treasure her happiness.

Guo meets Zhi Hao for the first time and is amused to learn from others that Zhi Hao is wooing Duo. She cracks up upon knowing that he gives her a cactus. Zhi Hao even buys a motorcycle to fetch her to and from work in order to save her time. However, he makes sure that they share out the cost. Bo Tong cooks dinner for Zhi Hao. Although he is unhappy with Ke Zhong, he also asks him to stay.

Yu Ping appears with a splitting headache at work. He regrets drinking too much. He also decides not to pick up Guo’s calls. He doesn’t want to be Uncle Long Legs anymore. Guo notices that Hui Fan looks terrible. Hui Fan requests her not to look for Yu Ping as he always comes to her aid after knowing that she needs help. Guo intends to pair them up again. So she bakes cookies, wanting Hui Fan to write a card to say that they are from her. Ke Zhong shakes his head, knowing that the plan will backfire.

Hui Fan gives Guo a hug – she never expects Sure enough, Yu Ping throws the card onto the floor. He has enough of this when Guo keeps sms him to tell him about the small things he needs to be reminded. Guo sees that she gets no reply and comes to his home. He flares up – it is good enough that she gets happiness and she can just leave him alone. How does she know what he needs?

He gets into the living room, throwing the briefcase aside. He takes a cookie and eats it in tears. How does Guo expect him to believe that they are from Hui Fan as so many are burnt? If not for Hui Fan, will he get this gift? Yu Ping then asks Hui Fan to meet him at his office. Hui Fan has sandwiches for him but he has no mood for that. She then eats alone. He tells her off for implicating Guo. Nothing will change no matter what she does. Doesn’t she think that she is too much?

Yu Ping has a big shock when Hui Fan suddenly faints in front of him. Upon sending her to hospital, he realizes that she suffers from anorexia and stress. Hui Fan’s manager chides him for being too much – Hui Fan has given up her career and he simply disregards it. Feeling apologetic, he makes her stay over at his home after her discharge. Guo feels that both are distant upon calling him to find out how she is. He has reminded her – isn’t this what she has expected?

Hui Fan hugs Yu Ping – it is like returning to old days again. He is neutral – only wanting her to concentrate to get well. He brings her for her checkup and learns that although her condition improves, she still needs time to recuperate. Hui Fan doesn’t want to be bored for too long and asks her manager to get her simple assignments. Yu Ping has a walk with Hui Fan in their university.

They recall their earlier days and she hooks Yu Ping’s elbow. Yu Ping withdraws from her and she also remembers that things are not the same anymore. Guo and Ke Zhong are also there as Ke Zhong has a proposal to renovate the university’s canteen. He teases Guo for wearing a dress to the presentation while she grumbles that she is only doing it for him.

The four meet and Hui Fan deliberately hooks Yu Ping’s elbow again, asking if they want to have a meal together. Yu Ping can take it no more. He says that the two must be busy to drag her away with him. This is the best ending for them after all. Yu Fei and Yu Ting are back for their vacation but they are dismayed that Hui Fan is still their uncle’s girlfriend.

Hui Fan is down upon seeing that Yu Ping’s face brightens with a smile upon seeing the three talking together. She deliberately says that Yu Ping will cook for her later as she can’t eat the oily food that they are eating now. She is further upset upon knowing that the children do not like her. Yu Ping requests Guo to take care of the children as he needs to send Hui Fan to her venue to shoot a commercial. Guo isn’t used to the polite way that he talks to her.

Ke Zhong is returning to Hang Zhou to finish his assignment. He is touched when Guo prepares things for everyone – even his pet dog. Zhi Hao asks Guo how he should woo Duo. Guo has no experience as Ke Zhong is the one who approaches her first. He then learns that he has to like what Duo likes – that is money.

Yu Ping accompanies Hui Fan to her commercial shot. Seeing that she isn’t focused as she has forgotten how to portray a woman in love, he gets her to be less tense. The shot is done but he needs to return to work as his client is involved in a fight. Guo is curious to know how a commercial is shot so she goes to the studio with the children. She calls Yu Ping but he is too busy to pick up the phone.

The children are reluctant to go but they comply for the sake of ice-cream. Guo takes the clothes to Hui Fan. She is shocked to overhear Hui Fan chatting with her manager that Ke Zhong only sacrifices himself to go after her so that she will not hinder her from reconciling with Yu Ping. She is so badly affected that she runs away. Hui Fan holds her back, trying to explain that she is not making use of her anymore as she has helped her so much now and Ke Zhong is now in love with Guo.

Duo is enraged when the cactus keeps pricking her at work. She nearly wants to dump it away. The colleagues coax Zhi Hao to ask Duo out for a meal. He asks her to comply as they can share money from the bets the people has for them if he fails. She gives in but they have to rush back to work soon.

Yu Ping only discovers the missed call after he settles the case. He calls back and Fei answers for Guo. Fei notices that the women behave strangely. She doesn’t off the phone and Yu Ping gets to hear the contents. He hurries back in his car and Guo finally answers now, requesting him to look after the children as she isn’t in the mood now.

Hui Fan and her manager then take care of the children at home. Yu Ping calls Duo and is more anxious when Guo hasn’t contacted her. Duo has thought that she might be at home whenever she nurses a broken heart. She is also appalled to know what has happened. Yan Ling grumbles when she continues to work as a waitress. Yu Ping taps her shoulder and she has a fright, thinking that her boss is going to scold her. She has a missed call from Guo. Guo doesn’t know who to trust now after this ordeal.

Upon hearing her sad voice in the voice mail, Yu Ping feels that his heart is pricking. He looks for her in all places that she might have gone but she isn’t there. Neither does she contact her other friends. Yan Ling even asks Guo’s ex-boyfriend to get no answer too. Yu Ping returns home with a solemn look – he can’t forgive Hui Fan now. Hui Fan also doesn’t know how to face him too.

He gets to Duo’s home the next morning and is alarmed to know that she hasn’t been back for the night. Where can she be? Bo Tong grumbles that she might not have lost her luck if she has the magical ball with her. Yu Ping then rushes to the old hut – there she is, searching for it the whole night. Yu Ping knows how important it is to her. So he gets people to help them out and she bursts into tears when she finally finds it.

Both sit together to look at the scenery. Her family is relieved that she is back. Yu Ping can’t rest his mind and sleeps over at her place. He even offers to prepare breakfast for her. Duo brings Guo and the children out. They make her spend money on ice cream.

He cheers her up by bringing her out. The two families have a good time and Bo Tong finds excuses for Yu Ping to send Guo home while the rest take a cab. The rest are fed up with Duo who keeps asking why they don’t take Yu Ping’s lift back as she is the only one who doesn’t know that Yu Ping is interested in Guo. Yu Ping notices that Guo is still in low spirits and all of them are deceived by her.

Hui Fan’s manager intends to delay the shoot but Hui Fan wants to proceed with the plan. She doesn’t have the courage to stay over at Yu Ping’s place anymore. She calls Ke Zhong, telling him what has happened. Ke Zhong is then shopping for a doll for Guo and he is writing a note for her. Upon knowing the news, he rushes back to Taiwan. Guo doesn’t pick up his call although he prays hard for it.

He reaches her home and Yu Ping is just back with Guo. Upon seeing Ke Zhong, Yu Ping can’t contain his anger anymore to give him a punch on his face. How can he hurt Guo? Guo has to stop him and wants to know what he wants to say to her. Yu Ping keeps his cool and decides to return home with the children. Ke Zhong tries to convince Guo that he has fallen for her but to no avail. She only blames herself for not detecting his feelings for Hui Fan but still thanks him for showering her with so much concern.

He reaches his office and looks at his mittens, recalling their past. It is not Guo who is silly but he is the one. Yan Ling comes to the office with Guo to pack her things. Guo returns him the apple as she can’t bear to throw it away. He runs after her, nearly getting knocked down by a motorcycle. He really loves her now but she avoids him to get away so he can only sigh on his own.

The others wish her to consider Yu Ping but she doesn’t believe that he loves her. She is scared after being ditched twice in a year. Yan Ling points out that no one among them is like him to put the work aside to keep her company. Yu Ping comes with Yu Fei and Yu Ting as they ask for Guo. The rest push the two to go out to get something together. Guo walks in front of him and he wonders what she is thinking. Guo gets distracted on the way, pondering over the past. She is nearly knocked down by a car.

Yu Ping quickly pulls her close towards him. He asks if she remembers the four eateries that they have been to before. He has found a fifth one and they will be visiting it soon. Seeing that she yearns to eat a sweet, he gives one to her. She is delighted as she likes the taste. Duo insists to pay Zhi Hao the money even though he declines after sending her home.

Yu Fei gives Yu Ping encouragement to woo Guo although she also likes Ke Zhong. The guys have a basketball game and Ke Zhong knocks him down. He helps Yu Ping up and says that he will not give Guo up. Yu Ping chides Ke Zhong for not treasuring Guo in the past. He has missed his chance. Now, they must have a fair competition to see who can win Guo over.

Yu Ping wows that he will not relent this time. He calls Guo, telling her that he loves her but the receiver is Duo. Duo can’t stop laughing – this eloquent lawyer can be so awkward with words. He puts down the phone abruptly after realizing what happens. Ke Zhong calls Guo but she is lukewarm. Bo Tong mistakens that Guo rejects Yu Ping and calls him to give him encouragement.

Yu Ping is now outside Guo’s home – he hasn’t declared his feelings to her yet but will not give up even though he might be rejected 100 times. Guo comes out to overhear everything and becomes shy. She still can’t believe that he likes her who is so ordinary. She has thought that he will go for an outstanding person like Hui Fan. Yu Ping is desperate – what can he do to convince her now? She still wants to reconsider.

Duo is moody during lunchtime even though Zhi Hao is beside her. Ke Zhong comes to look for her, hoping that she can forgive him and persuade Guo to reaccept him again. Duo is still angry with him and asks him to leave. He then comes to Guo’s home, wanting to meet her. But she has already arranged with Yu Ping to send the children off at the airport. The children hint that she must be their aunt the next time they visit Yu Ping before they leave.

Guo returns to work at the café with Yan Ling. Yan Ling also asks Guo to consider Yu Ping and not Ke Zhong since Ke Zhong has deceived her. She has not wanted to forgive Xiao Lei for dating other women but later gives in to him when he pleads with her. Guo gets Yu Ping’s call that he has obtained a number at the supermarket to see if they are lucky to be chosen to form a team for the price guessing game for groceries. They get chosen and guess the price correctly to get the groceries home for free.

Unknown to Guo, Yu Ping has arranged this with the owner. He is actually paying for everything and the owner agrees to help as Yu Ping has assisted him to get back his supermarket in the past. Guo packs the groceries at his home and wonders what the secret is in the red cabinet in the kitchen as Yu Ting has told her. Upon opening it, she is astonished to see many sweets in it.

Yu Ping hears the commotion and hurries downstairs, wearing his singlet and not putting his shirt on as yet. He blushes when Guo asks him. He can’t stop buying the sweets every time he passes the store and ends up keeping them when he can’t give them to her. He gets impatient when she replies that she still needs to think over. They are about to kiss when her cellphone rings. A cheat has demanded money from her, lying that he is a detective and her mother owes him money.

How can this be when she is dead for so many years? Yu Ping gets fed up when he nearly gets the chance to kiss her that he snaps at the person to get knocked down by the car on the road. He sends Guo home and is still perturbed over what happens. What does Guo mean when she still needs time to think over? According to the law, they are less than an inch in distance and that is no difference from an actual kiss.

He gets so mad that he stops the car by the roadside. She then replies shyly that she still needs time to think of what to tell the others their relationship. He is overjoyed and looks at her tenderly. Ke Zhong loiters outside Guo’s home and Duo has to ask him to leave. When Duo mentions parts of the book, he then remembers her as the little girl whom he has met in the past. She sighs as she doubts he remembers that they have walked out of the forest together. Just then, he gets his mother’s call and rushes home.

Duo is worried for him and comes to his workplace the next day. Ke Zhong has gone to fetch Mrs Qi. Mr Qi has lost his fortune overnight and luckily they have entrusted one building to Ke Zhong. Otherwise, they have nothing left. Duo is shocked to know that and Ke Zhong requests her not to tell Guo. He doesn’t want one more person to worry and he will explain his relationship with Guo to Mrs Qi later.

Yu Ping is back at work at the law firm. He recalls how he gets close to kiss Guo and laments how he loses the chance. He is then with his subordinates at the law firm for a meeting. He announces that they have won a case and now they can analyse how to take advantage of the rival firm who requests to cooperate with them. The other colleagues tease Jia Hao for being too slow in wooing Duo. One even say that Miss Yang possible – which means mission impossible.

Yu Ping shakes his head – the rest should have helped Jia Hao since he is so shy. One of them describes how to win his wife by feigning ill. This gains sympathy from her immediately. Duo is not in the mood when recalling Ke Zhong’s problems. Jia Hao then asks her what if he tells her that he is ill. She yells that she will then call the ambulance instead.

True enough, Yu Ping does the same to lie to Guo that he is ill. She gasps in horror – is his gastric problem acting up again? He then lies that he is feverish and wants her to visit him at home. He claims that his eyes are dilated and his temperature is getting very high – he has dipped the thermometer into hot water. She immediately hurries over, putting on the hairclip that he has bought on her hair. He recalls how he comments her to look cute.

Only Bo Tong sees through his lie – he might be an eloquent lawyer but what a lame excuse he comes out with! Duo gets the fax on Ke Zhong’s family problems and comes over to Yu Ping’s place with Jia Hao. Guo sees the fax and rushes off to see Ke Zhong. Yu Ping has disguised well in shades and also a mask to pretend that he is critically ill. He is surprised to see Duo and Jia Hao instead of Guo. When reading the fax, his expression becomes stern.

Guo asks Ke Zhong how he is. He only asks her if he still stands a chance. She replies that she has chosen Yu Ping as he has accepted her as what she is although she is clumsy and isn’t pretty. Ke Zhong has to admit defeat reluctantly. She happens to see Mrs Qi at Ke Zhong’s place. She intends to let them marry soon and wishes to meet Bo Tong the next day. Guo has to play along under Ke Zhong’s request when Mrs Qi asks the two to hold each other’s hands as they do not look like a couple.

Just then, Yu Ping asks Ke Zhong to come over to his home to discuss about the matter. How can he keep the matter to himself as the debtors are asking for a big sum of money? It is the same way that he doesn’t tell him about his affections towards Hui Fan too. He offers to help him but Ke Zhong wants to be independent to settle this on his own.

Just then, Guo calls Yu Ping and Yu Ping pretends that he is better. He is annoyed to know that Guo has agreed to Ke Zhong’s request. He turns up at her door step early next morning and reminds her that there are some things that she must not do. He demonstrates by holding her hand and fondling her hair. She suddenly kisses him – so this is also restricted? He smiles heartedly and demands that she does it a second time as it is too fast!

The two families meet and all do not know what to say when Mrs Qi keeps mentioning on the planned wedding. Yu Ping suddenly arrives and Bo Tong announces him to be his godson. Yu Ping sits beside Bo Tong so that he can see Guo directly opposite him. Mrs Qi then suggests matchmaking him and Duo together so that the two families will be closer.

All nearly throw their forks in shock and just dismiss the whole thing as the two dislike office romance. When all walk out, Bo Tong is struck by how Mrs Qi resembles his late wife. So is Duo but not Guo as she has little recollections of her mother as she died when she was young. Bo Tong suggests showing Mrs Qi around. He vouches to Yu Ping that he will watch on the two to make sure the love will not rekindle.

Yu Ping returns to work with Duo, feeling ill at ease. He even spills hot coffee over his hand without noticing and Duo has to get him a plaster. Seeing him out of sorts, she shakes her head and suggests him to look for them. Upon knowing that they are near the beach, Yu Ping quickly gets a bicycle after parking his car. Strange as it may seem, the two walk slower than the old people.

Yu Ping sms to Guo to wipe her own mouth instead of getting Ke Zhong to do it for her after they eat ice cream. Guo is startled that he is spying but has no idea where he is. Ke Zhong gets Yu Ping’s call and also knows it. He deliberately pretends that he is going to kiss Guo. Yu Ping charges out to stand between them and gets the kiss instead! Mrs Qi is furious to see Yu Ping’s hand over Guo’s shoulder and demands to know why he can betray his best friend.

Ke Zhong clears the air and replies that he is at fault and has wished them well. Mrs Qi has wanted to look for the Yangs to ask for another chance for him. She can see that he is in agony to like Guo very much but Ke Zhong dissuades her as he has missed his chance. Duo ponders on the situation. Is she also too persistent? She asks Jia Hao back for dinner and Jia Hao discovers the designer book.

She intends to throw it away but can’t bear to do it. He knows that it is from someone she likes and shares his past experience to be out of love before. Duo has managed to help him forget her. He will wait for her to accept him. She bursts into tears and he hugs her. Bo Tong and Duo grumble when Guo wakes them up the next morning as she is too excited. Bo Tong is overjoyed when his two future son-in-laws bring him breakfast. He treats both equally.

Guo decides to look for a job but Yu Ping doesn’t want her to be out of his sight even for a minute. So he gets her to help out at his law firm. Duo shakes her head as she knows how little Guo knows. Guo also knows that she isn’t of much help and insists of looking for a job on her own. It is then she realizes that the market is so bad and she lacks the knowledge.

Suddenly, Guo gets a call from Yan Ling to work in a restaurant and the pay is good. Guo wonders why Yan Ling doesn’t take up the offer. It is actually Yu Ping’s arrangement for her to work at Hui Fan’s favourite restaurant and he has spoken to the chef. Both men wait for her to arrive but are dismayed when she secures another job at another restaurant of the same name!

Jia Hao asks Duo out for a movie and she shows no interest when he talks about his interest in law. Jia Hao then asks Guo for help. Guo takes out the book and decides to get Ke Zhong’s help to coach Jia Hao. Ke Zhong discovers that the book is his. Guo also discovers that Yu Ping is with his subordinates at the eatery too. He is there earlier to spy on them as he is afraid that Guo will rekindle her love for Ke Zhong.

Guo has a heated argument with Yu Ping. He is too much to keep tabs on her and she cannot breathe. He also walks away in a huff. Both do not take the initiative to apologise to one another although they urge to as they do not want to admit that they are in the wrong. Duo jumps upon knowing about the book. She runs to Ke Zhong and he also realises that she is the little girl. But he is not ready for romance now.

Duo has expected this answer but has no regrets since she has tried. She goes out with Jia Hao for a period of time and sees how he reads up designer magazines to accommodate her. She tells him not to force himself as she has seen how the others proceed with their lives. She is the only one still dreaming. Now she knows what she wants. Jia Hao sighs and knows what she means. But he will still wait for her and she can still return to him if she wants to.

Duo quits her job and requests to work for Ke Zhong. She cites her saving money methods and he breaks into a smile. He hires her on the spot. Mrs Qi is down to know that Ke Zhong has no chance to be with Guo so Bo Tong cooks a meal for her to cheer her up. Both meet up to watch performances frequently after that. Yu Ping goes to choose a ring for Guo.

Hui Fan calls Yu Ping to know that he has quarreled with Guo. He sighs as he also doesn’t know why he becomes like this as he isn’t like this in the past. Hui Fan knows that it is because he loves Guo too much. She then meets Guo to tell her that Yu Ping has chatted with her the whole night. It is Guo’s turn this time round to get jealous. Hui Fan helps her to know how Yu Ping feels then. Yu Ping arrives in Hui Fan’s hotel room to see her. He gets frustrated upon knowing that Hui Fan agrees with Guo that he has lots of flaws.

He is relieved later to know that Hui Fan speaks for him. Guo decides that they will be better as time goes by. He cites that this can’t continue anymore. Guo gets fed up – what does he want then? He drops a ring into a glass and proposes to her. Guo is delighted but doubtful – they only date for 1 month. Isn’t this too fast? He confesses that he isn’t a perfect man and hopes that she will understand him. He prefers to rely on her. He hugs her and Guo agrees to marry him. Bo Tong arranges them to get married within a month.

5 years later, Yu Ping punishes their son to face the wall for being rude even though it is the boy’s birthday. How dare he talk about law to him when he is so naughty? A heavily pregnant Guo comes down to see what the commotion is about as she can’t continue her overseas conversation with Yu Ting and Yu Fei. Yu Ping shakes his head upon seeing how Bo Tong spoils his son rotten.

Jia Hao and the others come with presents. Jia Hao is still unattached while Duo is dating Ke Zhong. Ke Zhong has a chat with Yu Ping while Jia Hao talks to Duo. Duo still has not said yes to Ke Zhong as she is still working hard as an interior designer. Yu Ping jokes to Ke Zhong that he must watch Duo as Jia Hao might not have forgotten her. Ke Zhong laughs – does he want him to behave like the past him. Just then Guo yells that she feels painful and the two guys carry her to rush her to hospital.

Introduction on characters

1. Xiang Yu Ping – Yan Cheng Xu
Yu Ping is 27 years old. He is an expert divorce and inheritance lawyer. He is seen by others as cold, selfish and ruthless due to his parents’ divorce. After his older brother dies in a car accident, he has little choice in taking in his brother's two orphaned children, Yu Fei and Yu Ting. Every nanny he hires to care for them is either scared off by the mischievous children or ends up falling in love with him. Fed up, Yu Ping asks his secretary, Yang Duo, to find a nanny that meets his requirements.
Yu Ping slowly falls in love with Yang Guo but she doesn’t believe that he is in love with her as he has cited that this is not possible. Although he has the intetnion to give her to Ke Zhong, he finds out Ke Zhong’s ill intention to help Hui Fan. Thus, he fights for his chance. He has to try doubly hard to convince her. You will laugh when seeing him following whatever his subordinates suggest in wooing Guo.

Love blossoms between them but he becomes over possessive. He doesn’t relax and keeps stalking her. He learns that his strict ways will seriously affect their relationship so he changed himself. He is so insecure as he nearly loses her to his buddy and he doesn’t trust them. I laugh hard upon seeiing how he relies on her.

We see a different Yan Cheng Xu here. Cheng Xu is obviously having fun to let his hair down in this drama. Although he has the tough task to look like a lawyer to be very sarcastic, eloquent till Jia Hua can’t outtalk him as he knows the law too well and looks stiff initally, he is capable of playing the comical scenes well. I have never seen him talking so fast before! You will also be amused at how Yu Ping mellows down to become so insecure instead of being confident at all times.

2. Yang Guo – Chen Jia Hua
She is 23 years old and is often jobless as she doesn’t have much education and experience. She is very tomboyish. She makes a lot of blunders and keeps coming up with silly ideas to help ideas. She is kind at heart and thus the two children are very attached to her. But this woman can be so clueless to know how men feel about her to be often kept in the dark to need others to tell her about it. Although she is often rejected, she hopes that she will be loved one day. Her dream comes true finally like a fairy tale.

Many do not really like the way that she ignores her appearance. How can her hair be so messy when one side has a small strand curling up? Is it that tough to straighten it? It definitely reminds me of the late Fei Fei. Is the producer trying too hard to be funny?

Like many others, I shake my head over Jia Hua’s poor performance. She is just being herself and her acting is so pretentious. She is already 28 years old but she still wishes to look innocent to be 18 years old. This doesn’t fit the character at all. How can a person be so gullible? My colleagues comment that they nearly puke when seeing how she tries to be funny or cute. Although I don’t think she fares that badly, she certainly lets many down with her bland acting.

3. Qi Ke Zhong – Zhang Xun Jie
He is 27 years old and is an interior designer. He doesn’t inherit his family business although he comes from a rich family. Hui Fan, his ex-love, tries to win back Yu Ping's love to go to him for help. Ke Zhong set up a scheme to make Guo his girlfriend so that Yu Ping will not be able to have a chance at her. Later on, Guo finds out about the scheme and leaves Ke Zhong. It is too late for Ke Zhong to fall in love with Guo now so he becomes a couple with Duo. Zhang improves in his acting as compared to other dramas.

4. Ding Hui Fan – Chen Zi Han
She is a 25 year old successful actress and her love life is smooth sailing. Unlike the boyish Guo, Hui Fan
is feminine and attractive. Her job takes up the first priority and Yu Ping dislike to often to date her secretly. Sometimes, they even have to book a hotel room like an adulterous couple.

She takes Yu Ping for granted and thinks that he will wait for her forever. Things change after she rejects his wedding proposal. She then sets to break Yu Ping and Guo up by making use of Ke Zhong. Yu Ping finds her despicable but forgives her after knowing that she is ill. Hui Fan knows her mistake and helps to bring the two together. This actress is beautiful indeed and matches Cheng Xu well in many scenes.

5. Yang Duo – Zhang Yu Xian
She is 25 years old. She is Yu Ping’s secretary and is considered to be a miser as she is concerned in saving money. She may seem harsh to Guo but she is very close to her. Her colleagues grumble about her but Yu Ping relies on her as his capable assistant. She doesn’t like her job that much as she dreams of becoming an interior designer. She is influenced by Ke Zhong.

She is shattered to know that Ke Zhong is Guo’s boyfriend but keeps her feelings under wraps. Duo tries hard to dissuade Jia Hao to woo her but gives in when he requests. Both are unsuitable and she is finally with Ke Zhong after working with him. Jia Hua acts poorly but this actress is marvelous! It is a pity that she is given this supporting role instead.

6. Xu Yan Ling – Zhou Xiao Han
She is Guo’s buddy and shakes her head on how Guo is oblivious to love. She gives her many tips – although most of the time they do not work. She is a true friend indeed when she bashes Ah De on Guo’s behalf for betraying Guo.

7. Xiao Lei – Qian Wei Cheng
He is Yan Ling’s boyfriend. He has betrayed her to be with another woman before but returns to her upon knowing how much he needs her.

8. Liang Zhi Hao – Yan Yi En
He is down to earth and is trustworthy. He comes from Hong Kong and is the only son in the family. He looks like a bookworm but he has an intellectual brain. He is top of his class since young and becomes a lawyer, passing the bar with flying colours.

He is attracted to Duo on his first day of work at Yu Ping’s law firm. Duo can’t stand him being made usedof the other colleagues so easily to complete their tasks. He doesn’t give up wooing her and often thinks for her. Soon, Duo changes her impression of him but their romance is shortlived.

It is helped that this actor was born in Hong Kong but he still blends well with his Taiwanese counterparts. He is quite natural in his acting although it can be weird of him to pair with Yu Xian as she looks older thanher and Xun Jie is more suitable for her.

9. Yang Bo Tong – Gu Bao Ming
He is the women’s irresponsible father who runs away when in debt. He has not changed and returns to cheat people of their money. He finally turns over a new leaf for their sake. He is scared of Duo but protects Guo fiercely as he knows that she will be hurt easily.

10. Xiang Yu Ting – Xiao Xiao Bin
He is Yu Ping’s nephew who is easily influenced by his elder sister to chase their nannies away. It was said that he was the main attraction of the drama instead of the leads as the ratings soared whenever he appeared on screen. How I adore this boy! He is 95% replica of his father and has inherited his acting abilities.

11. Xiang Yu Fei – Ji Xin Ling
She is Yu Ping’s niece who is harder to tame than Yu Ting. She demands for Yu Ping’s attention by forcing the nannies to go crazy. She finally learns of their uncle’s concern towards them through the kidnap. He just doesn’t know how to express his love for them and their relationship improves.

12. Mrs Qi – Rong Rong
She is Ke Zhong’s mother who is on bad terms with her husband and son. Her husband leaves her as she is too overbearing. Her son also doesn’t stay with her as she intrudes too much into his life. She often finds fault with Guo. When she accepts her reluctantly, she forces her to go through all kinds of training to be ladylike. Guo finds her to be a lonely woman so this changes her impression of her. Although the family business fails, this brings her closer to Ke Zhong when she returns to Taiwan after her divorce.

13. Su Fei – Liu Li Yang
She is the girlfriend whom Mrs Qi has in mind for Ke Zhong. She is talented in singing and knowledgeable. Yet, she is also snobbish so Ke Zhong can’t stand her to cook up excuses to get away from her. Although this is her debut, she is excellent as the unlikeable Fei.

14. Ah De – Zhou Ding Wei
He is Guo’s ex-boyfriend. He is a jerk to make use of her and doesn’t see how she takes pains to knit a sweater for him. He only loves money so Duo also can’t forgive him. Thanks to him, Yu Ping gets to know that Guo is not a lesbian and he is delighted.

15. Hui Fan’s agent – Du Shi Mei
She manages Hui Fan’s schedule and is like a sister to her. She can’t bear to see how Hui Fan suffers over her breakup despite putting her career on hold for a year for Yu Ping’s sake. She urges Yu Ping to show her more concern. Also thanks to her, Guo gets to know that Ke Zhong has tricked her all along.

Most favourite character
Yu Ping. He is actually a warm person under his cold exterior but he doesn’t know how to express himself. He shows his feelings openly after Guo manages to open his heart.

Most hated character
Hui Fan, Yu Ping and Guo could have been together a long time ago if not for her. She doesn’t treasure Ke Zhong’s love for her too so she ends up with no one.


The opening theme song is the title of the drama就想賴著你by Yan Cheng Xu. I don’tthink his voice improves much. He sounds like he is talking and he has a very weak voice. The ending theme song is falling for you愛上你 by S.H.E. They sound so much better than him as it is very lively.

Interesting facts

It was Jia Hua’s return to the tv screen after two years. She admitted that she loved acting with handsome actors. That was why she jumped at this chance immediately. Those who rose to fame because of her include Lan Zheng Long ( Magical Love), Zheng Yuan Chang, Huang Zhi Wei(both from ‘The Rose’), Wu Chun (Hana Kimi )and Guo Yan Yun(Reaching For The Stars).

The others needed pointers from her as they were new in facing the camera. Cheng Xu was the only one already famous to act with her here. He might be the one guiding her instead. This gave her extra pressure as both of them did not even know each other before the shoot. However, both looked forward to work together. So excited that they lost sleep before filming started the next day.

Jia Hua lost touch on how to act and moreover Cheng Xu was a strong opponent. Luckily, both have friends to know each other well to understand better. Cheng Xu was glad that Jia Hua was a simple person who did not give anyone pressure and that made him talk more in real life. Jia Hua knew how to play basketball well but she had to act as if she knew nothing about the game in the drama.

Cheng Xu had many NGs to make sure that the ball got into the ring. Jia Hua would laugh at him several times – why this boss did not improve much after acting ‘Hot Shots’. That made him more determined to do well although he protested that the ring was too small and his ball was too square. He admitted that he lost sleep when asked to do a perfect turn to shoot the ball into the net. That was really a high level of difficulty and he was afraid of not doing well.

Many were impressed on how Jia Hua handled the crying scenes well. She could stop crying and joked with the film crew after the director shouted cut. She said she was often reminded on how her parents scolded her when she was young to get punished then.

What chemical reaction would there be to put Cheng Xu and Jia Hua together? One was an introvert and can be very cold while she was outgoing. Whenever Jia Hua made fun of him, many shivered for her. He was an iceberg and many did not dare to provoke him during acting. That was why many of his female co-stars complained about his nature which was hard to guess.

Many were curious on how they worked out. It was said that she melted him totally and he smiled so heartedly throughout the filming as he took her jokes well. Even the filming crew praised him as this could be his drama that showed the most smiles. His character was cold so he was serious. But his expression soon softened when she cracked jokes. His impression of her was very cheerful and lively.

Her most hated scene was carrying the fridge on her back. Although the producer had promised that it would not be as heavy as it looked, it was 20 kg. She protested that she wasn’t treated like a woman. had the producer forgotten about it. She had hoped that the director would find a substitute or get a fake fridge and nearly fainted when she saw it.

She had to carry it along a street and moved up the stairs. All clapped and called her superwoman when she completed the scene. However, her most challenging part was to help Cheng Xu up when Yu Ping faints due to gastric pains. Cheng Xu tried so hard not to laugh when she failed several times.

She told the reporters that there would be a hot kissing scene to be shown soon and Cheng Xu became shy. They shot many times from many angles to create the effect. Cheng Xu made the initiative to start the kiss. They only required 2 takes. Cheng Xu then joked that he would be flattered if people rumoured her to be his girlfriend. It became her turn to become shy. She recalled how she felt like a slut as she appeared to be hot towards his kiss for the first take!

Jia Hua said she would try her best to make Guo lively (but many said she did not put in as much effort as the others) while Cheng Xu went to understudy from a lawyer to learn on how to play his part. He wanted to look convincing as a lawyer in body language. He even went to a language class to improve his pronunciation after knowing that he had very long lines to speak.

That training was helpful as he could talk fast and did quarreling scenes well. This was so different from his usual quiet nature. He complained on why the children were given names that were hard to pronounce and it would be easier to refer them as nephew or niece. But he took up the task eagerly. He returned to his own self after shooting the drama.

There were rumours of her being hard to manage and uncooperative. Jia Hua was hurt by the rumours as she never had this complaint in her 10 year career. She had been very accommodating when coming to acting to be punctual and also tried as much as possible to appear in all promotions. She was fine to make her character ugly in a drama but she could not bear untrue remarks.

She did not mind if it was just a rumour to raise the viewership but it could be too much if the retort was baseless. She felt so bad that she cried backstage after the promotion. Cheng Xu had hardly showed concern openly to other co-stars but he immediately went to console her right after he cleared the air for her. Many even thought that romance had blossomed between them but they did not verify this.

Any normal guy would be uncomfortable if were to be kissed by another guy. The scene was smooth sailing for Cheng Xu and Xun Jie as it only took one take. Both of them knew each other too well from their modeling days and they had discussed on how to portray it during their rehearsal.

They had previously acted in ‘Hot Shots’. Xun Jie was puzzled on why they were arranged to act as rivals each time. Luckily for this drama, they were true friends but only love rivals for a short while or both of them would get sick of the repeated arrangements.

Many compared Cheng Xu and Jian Hao as lawyers in different dramas. Jian Hao was acting as Guang Xi handling sexual harassment cases in Autumn’s Concerto while Cheng Xu’s Yu Ping was in charge of divorce cases. Both guys gave each other calls to provide encouragement to each other as they were too busy to meet each other.

Cheng Xu watched Autumn’s Concerto but he would not compare each other to say who was better. Their dramas were shown at different times on the same day but Autumn’s Concerto scored better at viewership at 8. Although both of them were not as rich as in other dramas, their dressing was still very sorted after.

Viewers also compared the brands. Both men drove Volvos in the dramas. Sponsors provided Jian Hao an LG phone and a CK watch. Cheng Xu was given a Nokia handphone and a Cartier watch. All were green with envy when he could touch the Cartier rings in the shop in the scene Yu Ping choosing a ring for Guo as they looked beautiful under the light. And indeed the proposal scene took everyone’s breath away.

Jia Hua had wished to act as Yu Ping as it was so different from her real life. Cheng Xu could also be outgoing in real life. Cheng Xu admitted that this drama made him more cheerful and sociable. Their most unforgettable scene would be at the iron house for the kidnapping scene. It was so hot that Jia Hua had to go for a bath immediately after that.

It was also Cheng Xu’s first time to be hospitalized on the second day right after the shoot. They shot overnight for days in order to meet the deadline. His left eye suffered from an infection but had to bear with it to seek treatment the next day. Even though the leads were always busy, they tried to make time for promotions. If they could not do it, their card images would follow the others.

Jia Hua had problems handling the children but not for Cheng Xu. He admitted that he was a big child at heart and had many ideas to cheer them up. Jia Hua felt that the other two S.H.E. members could handle children better. She was better in dealing with babies.

True enough, the children grew very attached to him as he often brought toys for them to play off screen. Xiao Xiao Bin was extremely close to him – he was too cute and loved playing computer games with him. Whenever he ran to him, he would forget his lines. He even forgot to get off his car when he was supposed to! Jia Hua also made sure that she would shelter Xiao Xiao Bin from the hot sun when he needed a break.

Zhi Han was grateful to Jia Hua for lending her sunblock when she forgot to bring her own. Cheng Xu was also a helpful actor. He was polite, gentle and observant. It was easy for both of them to get immersed into the role. Even though she leaned on his shoulder and was unable to see his expression for many scenes, she could feel his tenderness through his gestures.

Zhi Han stayed in Taiwan for a month to shoot it. For the first half of the month, she stayed in the hotel. The second half brought her to all streets in Taipei and kept shopping till she had to borrow money from Huang Xiao Ming who happened to be in Taiwan too.

She felt weird that her voice was dubbed and did not fit her. She was down when she could not act well in a scene and cried. Cheng Xu massaged her shoulders to cheer her up. He wanted her to relax and be happier. This touched her and called him ‘Old Yan’. This was how a mainland Chinese would address a close friend. Jia Hua heard this and called Cheng Xu ‘Xiao Xu Xu’ instead.

Zhi Han discovered that Taiwanese were natural as if they were in daily life. She could not learn this so she also tried to be as down to earth as possible. She did not have many expressions in the drama but the dubbing artiste’s voice was too lively. She hoped that her own voice could be heard when the drama is shown in China. As for Li Yang, she was attracted by Hang Zhou’s scenery and felt that the boating scene could have been shot longer as she loved it!

Cheng Xu’s biggest breakthrough was to appear in a singlet in one scene. He admitted that this was like him in real life – wearing a simple t-shirt and shorts. They were loose and made him comfortable. He loved to shoot photos with Jia Hua using the photo sticker machine and was no longer camera shy. He did not have the time to do that as he was often busy.

As for Jia Hua, most of her photos were taken with her elder sister and S.H.E. They were all pasted in her bedroom and wallet. She hardly took with her dogs as they kept looking away from the camera and wasted all her money.

Cheng Xu and Jia Hua had rehearsals for the proposal scene. Cheng Xu stammered and she could not stop laughing. He could not get a wife like this. He suddenly told her to look in another direction and later brought out the ring to propose to her. She still yelled that it was not good enough so he also could not stop laughing at himself. The real scene came when he brought a glass of water to put it in front of her to propose to her. Jia Hua was touched – so was the female filming crew. All wanted him to propose to them!

Jia Hua complained about the pregnant scene. It was so hot for her at 38 degrees to stuff such a big pillow. The whole pillow was wet after a few hours. Cheng Xu and Xun Jie kept carrying her up to make fun of her and she complained that they were ill-treating a pregnant woman. Yu Xian also commented that anyone could have miscarried by the way they carried Jia Hua.

The cast turned up for the last promotion as Yu Ping and Guo’s wedding. It was so real as both exchanged the rings and someone also officiated the wedding. Jia Hua was tense. As for Cheng Xu, he was very composed. Probably because he had acted in too many wedding scenes. The children looked more excited than he was. All were dressed as if they were going for a real wedding dinner. The reporters from Asia were invited to the event as well.

Cheng Xu admitted that he felt like getting married but he had no one in mind for now. Although he enjoyed the process, he preferred his wedding to be a simple one. Jia Hua was unused to wear so feminine. But she did not want Cheng Xu to feel that he was marrying a man so she wore very high heels and a gown to suit him. She also preferred to register her marriage and invite her close ones to her wedding to make it simple and avoid all the trouble.

When looking at the wedding posters, all found them to look romantic. The weather was bad before the shoot but it was sunny on the actual day. Yu Xian also shouted that the photos really looked good. She also hoped that her wedding would be as blissful through a simple plan. She will definitely invite her close friends and relatives to witness it. Xun Jie imagined a parachute wedding since marriage is one in a life time to make it unforgettable.

Cheng Xu and Jia Hua were busy but they tried as best as they could to attend the promotions. On occasions when they could not make it, cardboards of their images were brought together with the other artistes. Many seized the chance to take photos with them. The TV station also booked 300 public buses in Taipei to promote the drama by pasting their photos on them. Cheng Xu saw some passing by on one day. He joked that he was tired to run here and there endlessly.

The ratings went from 2.63 to 3.17 which were only considered average. Many found it to be underscoring as Yan and Chen were A listers in the drama scene. Yet, the drama book broke the record of 10,000 in printing. The drama novel, necklace and mirrors were also hot collectables. Many hoped that an ost would be released but there were no news.


It is a mixture of ‘Coffee Prince’ and ‘Cinderella’. It is not a love triangle but a love hexagon as it involves so many people. Yet, it isn’t as confused as it is expected as everyone has a strong presence. The ending is predictable but it still has the luring power as the cast did a good job.

The biggest breakthrough is Cheng Xu as he has totally immersed himself into the role. Xun Jie also proves to be a strong opponent. The others also placed in their best. The only disappointment is Jia Hua. The producer has too much to worry to put Jia Hua to act as herself on the safe side. I believe that her standard should not be so low. She was just being her usual boyish, bubbly and talkative self.

Many must have loved ‘Ping Guo’ – apple’s wedding promotion than their love life after marriage. All had the delightful twinkle in their eyes. The TV station should have added this romantic scene than the real life after marriage as it was more exciting. It is a romantic drama with a happy ending (although not that complete as Jia Hao and Hui Fan have not found the other half.) Anyone in low spirits will have their moods lifted after watching it.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On songs : *** (Scale of 5)

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