Easy Fortune Happy Life


Section:Taiwanese Dramas

Genre:Romantic Comedy


Chinese Title: 福氣又安康

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"Easy Fortune Happy Life" is adapted from the novel by the same author, Liang Yun Ru, who brought us "Fated to Love You" and "My Queen". The story is about rich, cold-hearted bad boy Yan Da Feng (Lan Cheng Long) who meets country girl Xie Fu An (Joe Chen) and is supposed to marry her as his grandfather's wish before he can inherit the family fortune.


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11-07-2010 10:40 AM


I haven watched it yet but based on the reveiews i can predict the whole show is going to be nice. and joe chen in the show 'you are my destiny' is also quite good too! you should watch it.

Suet Seung

07-01-2010 03:54 AM


This drama would've been better if Roy Qiu Ze and Joe Chen Qiao En were paired up. It's a waste to focus on Lan. I pass this drama after some episodes because I don't like the main guy character.


05-19-2010 06:09 PM


I really liked this drama and thought it had a lot of great parts to it. It was interesting to see Blue transform his role throughout the drama in which I think is amazing (plus he is FINE! :P) and why I rooted for Blue while my friends rooted for Roy. Roy is a sweetheart and a cutie pie though. Overall I think this drama is really cute and yet it has the right mix of sorrow to add to the flavor. :D Which definitely makes it more interesting.


12-14-2009 05:34 AM


i like this drama, Chiao En was really good portraying her role.. the entirety of the story was really worth to watch!!!

Elika Nguyen

07-19-2009 07:22 PM


this drama is really good.
u can watch this at www.mysoju.com

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