Fabulous Boys

Reviewed by: sukting

August 11, 2013

Rating: two-point-five

How long: 20 episodes

This is adapting the storyline from the Korean drama 'You're So Beautiful'. How does it fare? Since all know the story well, I shall not elaborate too much.

Story/Introduction on characters
1.Wang Dong Cheng as Huang Tai Qing
He is bad tempered but talented. He doesn’t know why he keeps helping Mei Nu but he gives in to her all the time. Wang's interpretation of Tai Qing isn’t that good as he sulks all the time. The Korean version has some sense of humour but he has none – looking doubly fierce with the dark eyeliner.

2. Cheng Yu Xi as Gao Mei Nu / Gao Mei Nan
As Mei Nu, she is demure and isn't ambitious. Mei Nu is the opposite. Her performance is okay as the newcomer but she keeps whining and I can't take it. As Mei Nan, I find her not aggressive enough.

3.Hwang In Deok as Jiang Xin Yu
He is gentle and cares for others. Whenever Mei Nu is in trouble, he comes to her aid. He is the first to know that she is a girl. His acting is passable too although he can do better in emotional scenes. He is half-Korean as his father is Chinese.

4. Cai Min You as Jeremy
Being careless, he is the last to know that Mei Nu is a girl and is thankful that he isn't gay after all as he discovers that he likes her. His acting is over the top – his singing is definitely better than his acting.

5. Wang Si Ping as Liu Xin Ning
She isn't the sweetie pie as she looks to be. Her target is Tai Qing but he is blind not to notice her. That is why she is mad with Mei Nu and keeps framing her. She does have the vixen look but she looks older than the others – that is a disadvantage.

6. Chen Wei Min as Mark
He is Mei Nan's manager and seeks Mei Nu's help to impersonate as Mei Nan as Mei Nan's plastic surgery fails. He is thankful that the other guys take very good care of Mei Nu.

7. Bao Wei Ming as An Shi Jie
He is the recording company boss. Being an ex-singer himself, he knows the rules of the entertainment game well. Still, he is deceived that Mei Nu is Mei Nan.

8. Tian Li as Mu Hua Lan
She is Tai Qing’s singer mother who abandons him to go after the twins’ father. That is unrequited love for her and she doesn’t feel remorseful towards Tai Qing till much later. This is horrendous – this actress has not improved in her acting all these years.

9. Zhang Qin Yan as Ke Ti
She is the make-up artist and is the only person beside Mark to know Mei Nu’s identity. She can be considered as Mark’s girlfriend. She often finds excuses for her to go to the dressing room cubicle to change her clothes apart from the guys.

10. Liu Liang Zuo as Jin Da Pai
He is the entertainment news reporter who likes to dig secrets. Mei Nan has close shaves from him.

11. Da Mu as dancing instructor
He is a demanding person – the four watch their diet and take up vigorous lessons from him to keep fit.

12. Gao Yu Shan as Gao Mei Ci
She is the twins’ aunt who abandons them at the orphanage when they are young. When Mei Nu becomes famous, she comes to acknowledge them.

Interesting facts
The line-up was decided after 8 months. The Hung sisters also came and had praises for Dong Cheng. Park Shin Hye came to Taiwan to be the guest star for the debut episode. Yu Xi was thrilled when she praised her for acting well. In Deok would arrive at 9 am daily to read newspapers and his script to work till 7pm. All were touched by his diligence. Min Yu fought hard to get this role and was overjoyed he got the chance.

Most favourite character
Xin Yu, I think he protects Mei Nu better than Tai Qing. Too bad he doesn’t win the gal.

Most hated character
Hua Lan, due to her stupidity, she causes hurt to all around her.

They are all by the main cast. They have tried their best to bring out the band's coordination.

I still feel that Taiwanese dramas should come up with their own stories. Korea should not translate too many Japanese ones too as the result also did not turn out well. As I know the plot too well, there is zero amazement for me. For this one, I do not sit through half the time. Still, I am won over by the hard work that the four leads have put in for singing. If this is an original story, the effect might be better.

Sukting's ratings :
On acting : *** (Scale of 5)
On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)
On song : *** (Scale of 5)

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