Fated to Love You

Reviewed by: sukting

September 25, 2009

Rating: two-point-five

What happens when 2 strangers have a one night stand by mistake? Will
they get married? How are they going to iron out their differences to
stay together?


Cun Xi is the sole male heir to his family’s company and has been in
love with his ballerina girlfriend, Anna, for a long time. Cun Xi has
proposed several times to Anna but fails as she is more keen in ballet
dancing. Not giving up, he plans to do it again on a cruise. A
unfashionable working class girl, Xin Yi has the desire to tie down
her handsome boyfriend, Chi to be with her. She nearly slips and falls
into Cun Xi’s arms. Her heart shutters – he is so handsome. But he
steps on her spectacles to damage them instead!

Chi gets her to go on a love cruise – he even gets her to pay the
money for the tickets and lodging. She starts to ponder on how to lose
her virginity and tie down her boyfriend. Xin Yi ends up taking cold
medicine which makes her drowsy and goes into Ji Cun Xi’s room. Anna
doesn’t turn up on the cruise. She decides to take up a role to be the
beautiful swan.

Liu Liu adds drugs into Cun Xi’s drink. Cun Xi is adamant to sell his
factory so Cun Xi becomes disorientated and returns to his own room.
Xin Yi and Cun Xi end up having a one night stand. Cun Xi is annoyed
when Liu Liu and Qi Qi rush in to take their nude photos. Both men are
stunned to see Xin Yi – where is the woman they have bribed to sleep
with Cun Xi? Qi Qi is Xin Yi’s brother-in-law. The woman has found
another man to sleep with.

Cun Xi is mad and thinks that they have conspired Xin Yi to set him
up. But seeing her in tears to discover Chi to sleep with another
woman, he realises that she has told him the truth. He frowns when Xin
Yi doesn’t even have the courage to scold him for his deed. He sends
her for a makeover and is attracted by her beauty. He appears with her
at the casino. They win Chi to force him to beg for forgiveness.

Later, they are outside the casino admiring the night scenery. The
crew thinks that she is Anna and congratulates Cun Xi on his success.
He sighs and says that he isn’t successful as yet. Xin Yi then decides
to help him up by pretending to be Anna. He teaches her how to dance
waltz and she must pull herself up. Both part and decide to forget the
whole matter.

Xiu Ling and Zheng Ren are annoyed that their chance is foiled as they
have bought a replica instead. They decide to beg Cun Xi to be
reaccepted into the Ji family. Cun Xi reminds them coldly of the past
of them leaving the family when the business is in trouble. Just then
the Wu pair come with a CD, naming it the secret which can’t be told.
Cun Xi’s assistant, Anson thinks that it is Zhou Jie Lun’s movie and
wants to shoo them away.

Cun Xi recalls his one night stand and takes the CD. He has to admit
that he goes to bed with Xin Yi, mistakening her as Anna. Anson
overreacts and starts jumping around – what should they do? They
decide to consult Lawyer Chen for help. Both men do not know that Xiu
Ling and Zheng Ren have overheard them. They snatch the CD and decide
to show to Zhen Zhu the next day.

Lawyer Chen says that by right, they should not give in. But the
longer the situation drags, the more damages Mo Fa Lin will face if
this scandal goes around. The most important thing is to snatch it
back from the Wus.

Xin Yi returns to work and is still obliging as before. Many have
referred to her as the post-it girl. They often get her to work
overtime and run errands for them. Cun Xi comes to Lawyer Chen to
settle a contract and sees Xin Yi. He has wished to hide from her but
shakes his head upon seeing her agreeing her colleague to work
overtime again. Her colleague even sneers aloud that she has a lot of
free time since she has broken up with Chi.

He walks to her colleague and throws the box of documents back to her.
Who says that she is free? She has a date with him. He drags her out
and is puzzled why she vomits in the toilet. Is he that unbearable to
look at? Or is she sick? He dismisses the thought that she is

In the meantime, the renowned art dealer, Dylan manages to get Zhong
San Long’s antique piece for Zhen Zhu. Dylan visits the orphanage and
learns that Xin Yi is also a volunteer there. He longs to see this
woman who has the same name as his sister. He has been separated from
her when young. Now he is successful and wishes to provide the best
for her if he can.

Xin Yi goes to the orphanage to look for the children. Dylan is in the
confession chamber when he overhears her confessing that she is
frightened as she shows signs of pregnancy. He advises her to get a
pregnancy kit. Well, I am not really amused at the way she disguises
herself like a thief just to get this thing. The next scene is too

The alarm is triggered and the TV station runs after this ‘burglar’.
They corner her in the toilet to discover from the pregnancy kit to
know that she is pregnant. Xin Yi cries – not in joy as they think but
in misery. Dylan nearly chokes on his food while Cun Xi nearly has an
accident when driving as both men watch it on television. Dylan begins
to feel remorseful to cause Xin Yi to be in a fix as he makes the

Zhen Zhu sighs when reading a magazine. If only Cun Xi is as careless
as another shipping magnate, he could have fathered a illegitimate
child like him. Cun Xi heaves a sigh of relief when she hasn’t known
of it. He wonders why Xin Yi hasn’t known of it. He decides to
confront the Wus of the other copies at Jiang Mu island upon knowing
that they stay there.

Xin Yi finds out that she’s pregnant and breaks the news to her
family. She has thought that they have known the incident through
television but actually they have not as the island’s reception is
bad. Xi Shi demands to know who the culprit is but she will not say a
word. Cun Xi has to swim to Jiang Mu island after slipping from the
ferry. Xi Shi finds a name card and makes a call to Cun Xi’s home.

Xiu Ling and Zheng Ren show the CD to Zhen Zhu. To their dismay, Zhen
Zhu is actually happy that Cun Xi is finally having a heir. She wants
to look for the woman. Just then, Xi Shi calls and demands that Cun Xi
be responsible. Zhen Zhu replies happily – of course they will. Cun Xi
comes to the island, wet and dirty. He sees Xi Shi beating Xin Yi and
stands up for her.

They flee and both decide that Xin Yi should abort the baby as there
is no love between them. However, Cun Xi changes his mind after seeing
the baby’s scan. He decides to take up the responsibility. Zhen Zhu
comes in a big car and Xin Yi’s family are shocked to know that Cun Xi
is actually the rich guy who wants to buy over their island’s factory.
Zhen Zhu then agrees to let them get married. They go to a temple that
has Jiang Mu’s god, Jiang Wang Prince. They sign the marriage papers

Cun Xi is enraged to know that the Wus have drugged him to cause this
to happen. He thinks that all the residents are robbers and decides to
draw up a contract with Lawyer Chen. He then wants him to hand the
contract to Xin Yi. Lawyer Chen has no heart to tell Cun Xi the truth
but tells her that she can come to work for him again if she divorces
Cun Xi.

Zhen Zhu wants Xin Yi to quit and all find it unbelievable that she is
going to marry Cun Xi. They sneer at her when Cun Xi fails to pick her
up. She calls him and he snaps at her for interrupting his work. She
then decides to take a cab and is nearly knocked down. Dylan helps her
up and happens to see the contents of Lawyer Chen’s documents. He
wonders if she knows about it but sends her to Ji residence.

Xiu Ling has thought of Xin Yi to be a maid and makes her to cook
dinner. Zhen Zhu sulks when knowing what has happened and wants Xiu
Ling to do the housework from then on. She grumbles but has to accept
it. Cun Xi has gotten Zheng Ren to work in the company as a small
assistant and she wants to wait for the chance for him to get

Cun Xi tells Xin Yi to sign the agreement. She is to leave Ji
residence after giving birth to leave the baby and she isn’t to fall
for him or the agreement is void. He will give her a sum of money. Xin
Yi is in tears after knowing what the Wus have done has made Cun Xi
think lowly of her. She signs the agreement but will not want the
money. She also doesn’t want him to shut down the factory to be fair
to their baby. Cun Xi gets her to sleep on his bed while he sleeps on
the sofa.

Zhen Zhu fixes an appointment with Dr Hao. Cun Xi is busy attending to
calls when Dr Hao is talking to Xin Yi. Dr Hao gets fed up – he then
says that there is something wrong with the baby. Cun Xi gets a fright
and quickly offs his handphone. Dr Hao flares up – if he is
unprepared, do not come to see him again. Cun Xi doesn’t understand
why this doctor is so popular. Later, he discovers that Dr Hao enjoys
great popularity and their sales will be brisk if he gets him to
endorse their soap products in different hospitals.

Feeling bored, Xin Yi brings the cat, Ji Bao Bei to the orphanage. It
is Anna’s gift for Cun Xi. She gets frantic when the cat is missing.
Cun Xi blames her and she goes out to look for it. She bumps into
Dylan and Dylan feels bad, offering to help her. Cun Xi comes after
her after being scolded by Zhen Zhu. He gets jealous to see them
together and snaps that they will do it themselves. They finally find
it and he wonders why Xin Yi is worried over Anna’s cat. In future,
she must not do anything to worry him again.

Cun Xi has arranged to meet Steven Zhou to sell the factory to him.
But upon knowing that Steven Zhou is going to set up a chemical
factory, he decides not to as this will endanger the villagers’ lives
and he also remembers his promise to Xin Yi. Feng Jiao quarrels with
Qi Qi and leaves home. Both sisters learn of Cun Xi’s decision to sell
the factory and decide to return to Jiang Mu island at night. The last
ferry has left so they will take the first ferry the next day.

Although Cun Xi is worried to tail them to the harbour, both are
kidnapped while he is sleeping. Zheng Ren has conspired with Steven
Zhou to kidnap them. Qi Qi and and Cun Xi manage to save them. Not
knowing of what to do as Feng Jiao is in labour and Qi Qi faints at
the sight of blood, Cun Xi delivers the baby with Xin Yi. Both are
thrilled to see the baby boy.

Cun Xi tells Dr Hao that he has read all his books and knows all the
meanings of life. Xin Yi vouches for him and hopes that Dr Hao will
give him a chance. Dr Hao has already agreed to endorse the product as
his hospital is already using the ‘chuan cheng’ – inherit product. Cun
Xi has also realised why his ancestors choose the name – to pass the
love on. He and Xin Yi look at the babies in the baby room.

Anna recalls that Cun Xi’s birthday is approaching. Cun Xi discovers
that Xin Yi has the same birth date with him and wishes to celebrate
with her. But Anna calls him to want to celebrate with him as she
intends to slip away from the troupe for the night since they are in
Hong Kong. So he arranges other programs for Xin Yi to enjoy alone.
She is down and decides to go for the Zhong San Long exhibition. Dylan
is in charge of it and it is only supposed to be open to public the
next day.

However, he makes the exception for Xin Yi to bring her in, signalling
his subordinates not to disturb her. Dylan has decided to return to
Shanghai after his search for his sister is futile. He has set up his
shop there and he is the only one not with his team although he is the
art director. Although many artists approach him to sell their works
or hold exhibitions for them, he prefers to promote the young and
undiscovered talents. He is surprised that Xin Yi loves and knows a
lot on art.

Xin Yi recalls that Cun Xi needs a fountain pen. So she decides to
sell her necklace dowry to buy it. Dylan feels that it is unfair for
her to intend to give it to him in Anna’s name. Both go to the
restaurant where Cun Xi is waiting for Anna. They are surprised that
she hasn’t turned up. Dylan has to leave as the exhibition needs him
for translation. Xin Yi can’t find a way to get out so she decides to
pretend to be a chicken to celebrate Cun Xi’s birthday with him.

Cun Xi hugs her, thinking that she is Anna. But he gets Anson’s call
to discover that Anna isn’t on the plane at all. No wonder this
chicken even refuses to remove the head to have a meal with him as she
is Xin Yi. Xin Yi passes the fountain pen to Cun Xi, lying that it is
from Anna.

Xin Yi longs to eat ginger buns so he buys a yacht to name it after
their son, Ji Nian Pin (souvenir). So she can drive it to Jiang Mu
island whenever she wishes to eat the buns. She is touched when Cun Xi
even learns from the baker on how to make the buns for her.

When making a birthday wish, she wishes that he can be with Anna for
every birthday. Cun Xi is touched but she should not have wasted a
wish like that. He wishes that she can find a man who genuinely loves
her in future. Xin Yi knows that his heart is still with Anna so she
pretends to be cold to him the next day. Cun Xi is offended when she
doesn’t look at him and keeps saying that the young priest she speaks
to is more handsome than him. Zhen Zhu gives him an invitation card to
Zhong San Long charity auction.

She urges him to bring Xin Yi along. He vows that he will show her how
formidable he is. He tells Anson to get an expensive necklace from the
safe. Cun Xi sulks when Xin Yi keeps a distance from him in the car.
He tells Xin Yi to go into the hall on her own while he will take the
necklace to the counter. Seeing that Xin Yi’s ex-colleague is nasty to
Xin Yi, Dylan comes to her aid and criticizes her for her poor
attitude. He transfers her to the back counter to register the donated
items instead.

Cun Xi gets jealous to see her walking away with another man. He is
about to give chase when Lawyer Chen brings him to the counter. Cun Xi
wants the necklace to be donated in his companion’s – he nearly says
wife, name. The staff is the nasty ex-colleague and can’t believe that
Xin Yi has such good luck. Xin Yi comes and gives her own designed
treasure box. She gives a wicked smile to make the switch. Xin Yi
wonders why the exhibition staff calls Dylan chief. It seems that he
has a lot of authority.

Dylan is about to reveal to Xin Yi that he isn’t a priest when Xin Yi
admits that she has a confession to make. She likes Cun Xi and has
spent a nice moment with him on their birthday. But unfortunately, she
still has to leave him one day. Suddenly a voice drums into their ears
– why must she leave him? Cun Xi is here with Lawyer Chen and has
overheard everything.

He uncovers Dylan not being a priest and Xin Yi’s face turns red as
she has revealed too much to him.The two guys eye each other in
hostility. Cun Xi claims that he knows what he should do with his wife
while Dylan shakes his head – it seems that he doesn’t know how to
love her.

You will like this scene. Here comes the auction time – Dylan helps
Xin Yi when she nearly trips but Cun Xi goes to hold her hand. Cun Xi
nearly goes nuts upon seeing the box’s photo and the auction price
starts from NT$100 – where has the necklace gone to? He can’t imagine
Xin Yi to make the switch in an act of folly. Dylan comments that the
box is filled with love and concern so he will ask for 1 million. The
others start to raise their prices after hearing his piece. Who will
doubt the words of a famous art dealer?

Cun Xi competes with him. Counting that the amount is enough to build
a book house for the orphans, Dylan stops and gives the chance to Cun
Xi. Cun Xi announces that he is giving it to Xin Yi. He expects her to
be touched but she runs away. She doesn’t want him to be so nice to
her and should leave him alone. He blurts that although the contract
says that she can’t love him, it doesn’t say that he can’t love her.
He doesn’t know when he starts to like her. He will get mad when she
ignores him.

He kisses her out of impulse and both shop for baby items together.
They put on lovers’ clothes and both snap a photo of each other to
keep in each other’s handphones. Both return to the office to discover
Anna there. Xin Yi lies to Anna that she is the cat’s nanny and runs
out. Cun Xi runs after her but Anson stops him, reminding him that
Anna is present.

Cun Xi blames Anna for deserting him on his birthday. Upon seeing her
staggering with an injured ankle, he realises that she has lost her
job because of him. Her rival has heard her talking to Cun Xi and
deliberately trips her down the stairs to seize her role. No other
company will hire a dancer like her for being irresponsible. Feeling
touched, he hugs her and decides to move out with her. However, upon
knowing that Xin Yi nearly has a miscarriage, he rushes home.

When coming into her room, his heart nearly stops – has she left? He
is relieved to find her in the baby room. He chances upon the baby
diary that Xin Yi keeps. She pastes photos of him and Anna together,
assuming that they will be souvenir’s parents. Cun Xi is touched – she
has done so much while he has done too little. He can only spend the
night building the wooden horse, hoping that his son will ride on it.

Anna learns that Cun Xi is married to Xin Yi. She feels insecure when
seeing him so concerned for her and her unborn child. Cun Xi drafts
another agreement with Lawyer Chen. He will provide more money for Xin
Yi – that includes houses, a car a chauffeur, grooming and ceramic

It is Zhen Zhu’s 80th birthday and she expects Cun Xi to make public
his relationship with Xin Yi. Anna lies to Xin Yi that Cun Xi wants
her to sign the abortion papers. Just then, Cun Xi calls and she asks
if he wants her to sign it. He thinks that she is referring to their
agreement papers and says yes.

Xin Yi’s family is enraged to see Cun Xi kissing Anna and confronts
him. Dylan is equally furious and reveals that the fountain pen is
actually from Xin Yi and not Anna. He should ask himself why he gets
so nervous when he gets close to Xin Yi. Xin Yi has done so much for
him but he abandons her. Xin Yi tries running away from Cun Xi to
protect her unborn child and is knocked down by a car in front of him.

Dr Hao tries his best to treat her but he can only save one of them.
Cun Xi signs the documents in tears that he wants Xin Yi to be saved.
Xin Yi hates him after that and decides to go to Shanghai with Dylan.
Anna is remorseful but does not dare to own up to Cun Xi. She throws
the gambling chip that they have won in the casino into the sea. She
wants to forget everything but she still behaves like the post-it girl
in her previous company in doing Dylan’s colleagues’ biddings. Fed up,
Dylan tells her off.

Xin Yi runs away and wanders on the streets on her own. She passes San
Long’s studio and comments that his works are incomplete. San Long
agrees with her over this – his life is incomplete indeed as he can’t
be with the woman he loves. Dylan regrets his act and searches the
street for Xin Yi.

When he finally sees her, he hugs her. Xin Yi is taken aback to know
that the old man is San Long and she gets to learn how to make
ceramics from him. She decides to be more dependent and deletes the
photo on her handphone that she has taken with Cun Xi.

Xin Yi’s family can never forgive Cun Xi for what he has done. He
passes a CD to Feng Jiao. It has what he wants to say to Xin Yi. Xi
Shi returns Xin Yi’s wedding ring to Cun Xi and tells him to be nice
to Anna and forget Xin Yi. He tells Anna that he has really fallen for
Xin Yi but she still sticks with him. Dylan declares that he loves Xin
Yi but she thinks that he is joking.

Two years later, Cun Xi can’t help missing Xin Yi even at work. He has
become a more considerate person to help pregnant women to cross the
road. He also visits the orphanage on her behalf. There is a new clerk
who resembles her in his company. Cun Xi wants Anson to tell her not
to run errands and get a new pair of glasses. Anson shakes his head –
he must remember he is going to marry Anna. Cun Xi decides to go to
Shanghai to sign a contract but promises Anna he will return on time
on the opening of her dancing studio.

Xin Yi is now Elaine, a ceramist. She jokes she will dine with him as
his girlfriend if she gets to sell her first work. Cun Xi learns that
his partner, Zhao is considering to work with Steven’s company. He
explains that although his product looks traditional, he will not use
harmful chemicals like his opponent. This convinces Zhao to sign the
contract with him. He then goes to Dylan’s shop, intending to choose a
gift for Anna. He finds one that is named ‘swan’.

Later, he discovers another ceramic horse – souvenir. It is a belated
present of a mother to her unborn child. He doesn’t know why he feels
the sorrow. He is reminded of his unborn child and gets it too.
Although the assistant wishes him to wait for Xin Yi to pass her
guarantee card, he declines as it doesn’t matter to him. He will not
sell it.

Xin Yi is overjoyed that it is sold and wishes to meet him to give him
the guarantee card personally. Cun Xi has no time to wait for her in
the shop as he needs to catch the next flight to return to Taiwan.
Both pass each other by the road but do not get to meet as a man block
their view.

Even when Xin Yi comes to deliver the card to his hotel, he doesn’t
get to see her as he is in the shower. He only reads the card on the
way to the airport. When noticing that the creator is Xin Yi, memories
start to flood and he hurries the driver to drive him to the
restaurant when the two are having a celebration. Cun Xi is silent to
see how Xin Yi looks now. She waves her hand and he is about to walk
to her when he notices that she is waving to Dylan instead. Dylan
passes her a bouquet of flowers and kisses her forehead.

Another highlight is here. Cun Xi gets uneasy – are they an item? He
voices his disapproval to himself – why is she wearing so little? She
has tied her hair up, applies makeup, dresses sexily and wears contact
lenses. She also looks great as a 30 year old divorcee. He pays the
waiter $3000 to lower the aircon temperature to 13 degrees. Seeing how
Dylan holds her hand to give her warmth nearly causes him to burst –
she looks so liberal now. This snail has changed too fast.

Xin Yi confesses that she is happy that someone gives her
encouragement. Cun Xi has thought she refers to him but she refers to
Dylan. She thanks him for making her leave the life of a loser. Cun Xi
nearly jumps – he is the one to make her proud – has she forgotten?
Why is she stuck with this fake priest? Dylan goes on stage to
announce that Xin Yi is his girlfriend. It is masquerade night and
thus all arm with a mask.

He wants to thank 2 people – the first is the person who doesn’t
treasure her. The second is the admirer to buy her work.to let her
pursue her happiness. (The scene is funny as we see two arrows
striking at Cun Xi’s chest.) Xin Yi can’t bring herself to say that
she loves him. Dylan has known her answer all along and leaves the
stage sadly after kissing her forehead.

He tells Zhao to lure Dylan away. He puts on his mask and deliberately
lets her stain his shirt with a glass of drink by knocking into her.
He lies that he needs her to seal a contract and dances waltz with Xin
Yi, She feels that he is familiar and he asks who she wishes him to
be. (The steps are the same ones that she learns on the cruise from
him.) She stops dancing but he pulls her closer to him, dancing tango

He pulls off her hairpiece to let down her hair. If she can’t keep up
his pace, it is better for her to choose waltz instead. (He is hinting
that she should return to him.) Xin Yi discovers too late that she is
being tricked as he sneaks away quickly. He is still sore that she
hasn’t recognised him. How can she forget him as he still has her
photo in his handphone?

Cun Xi quickly gets his driver to tail Xin Yi. He is surprised that
Xin Yi drives well and isn’t like the nerd who keeps losing her way in
the past. The next moment makes him raise his eyebrows – a fierce man
quarrels with Xin Yi over a parking lot and ends up losing to her. Is
this the same Xin Yi that he knows? He walks behind her to find out
where she stays. Seeing her leaving a post-it on a broken stone to
alert others to be careful, there is a faint smile on his lips. She
still preserves her kind nature after all.

Xin Yi mistakens him to be a stalker and hits him hard with her
handbag. He has to escape in haste. He arranges to meet her at a
church but gives up as he doesn’t want to affect her normal life. So
he gets an old woman to send a letter to her. It is signed off as Z.
He doesn’t want Xin Yi to know that he is the buyer. However, Xin Yi
discovers his back image and reminds her of the stalker. She is so
shocked to see him that she gets knocked down by a car.

When she wakes up, she hears Cun Xi yelling that he will not let the
nurses off if anything happens to his wife. Xin Yi is mad with him and
asks him how long he has been checking on her. He denies as he is
really there for work. Xin Yi doesn’t believe him and tells all that
he isn’t her husband. The staff is confused but let her discharge. Cun
Xi takes the chance to carry her all the way up to her apartment.

He is about to kiss her when her neighbour thinks that he is a
molester to alert the police. She lies that she doesn’t know Cun Xi to
cause him to be led away to the police station. He yells - how can she
lie to Prince Jiang whom they make the promise to in the temple? He
sulks when being forced to take the criminal photos and ponders over
it in the station – there is no expiry date on the divorce document
with him so Xin Yi is still his wife. Dylan comes to bail him and Cun
Xi punches him. Return his Xin Yi to him!

Xin Yi stops them from fighting and wishes Cun Xi to get out of her
life. Cun Xi has to obey her and leaves. Cun Xi looks for San Long to
talk about the design of Chuan Cheng’s soap box design. He agrees and
tells Xin Yi to work with Cun Xi as he is very busy. Xin Yi tries to
reject the job but Cun Xi is serious – he will not let emotions rule
his head and he is betting hard for success on this new product.

Xin Yi nearly goes mad when designing the box as it reminds her of her
past. Dylan encourages her to face herself to start everything anew.
Just because she has been pregnant with souvenir before, she knows the
importance of life. He is bothered with them working together but he
trusts her. Anson sends the souvenir piece to Anna by mistake. By
right, he should be sending it to Cun Xi’s home but he hides the truth
from him. Anna immediately flies to Shanghai.

Xin Yi gets her assistants to pass the design to Cun Xi after 3 days.
Cun Xi is expecting her and the faint smile fades away from his lips
when she doesn’t arrive. It makes matters worse when they order the
food that they dislike at the café. She has to come on her own but he
keeps her waiting for 2 hours as he has teleconference with his staff.
He has not slept through the night, putting up the proposal. Xin Yi
tries to get his attention by meddling the things in his room but he
doesn’t seem to be bothered.

When he is done with his work, he asks her to have lunch with him. He
can’t thing well with a hungry stomach. She introduces a restaurant
reluctantly and he asks in jealousy if she has been here with the fake
priest before. He tells her that it is too heavy and she hasn’t taken
into account the shipping cost.

Xin Yi wants him to work with someone else but he wants her to
reconsider again – to quit the job or listen to his demand to redesign
again. Both sit down to discuss the details. Cun Xi makes fun of her,
wanting her to shop clothes with him. He keeps eating and wants her to
have a stroll with him. Xin Yi’s design papers are blown away so he
runs after them to get nearly knocked down by a car. Xin Yi holds him
tightly and both face each other to hold their hands together. There
is a smile on her face now.

Cun Xi manages to retrieve Xin Yi’s drawing from a pond but he slips
to get wet. Both go to a boutique and he is surprised that she still
remembers his size. Her taste is also better in selecting a baige suit
for him. He then wants her to change her casual dressing as well – she
has a shock when he wants her to go for a presentation in front of his
retailers. He wants to see how much she has changed. (You will marvel
on how serious he becomes later.)

Cun Xi’s retailers have no confidence in Xin Yi in designing as she is
a newcomer. Cun Xi encourages her – losing souvenir is his biggest
regret in life and he is willing to use anything to exchange for him.
She has used his initial ‘Z’ in designing the box which can also be
inferred as ‘natural’. Her design is well received and they take many
orders. They have thought that Xin Yi is a mother to know it so much.

Anna comes to Dylan’s art shop and Dylan sees through her reason of
wanting to see if anything has happened between Cun Xi and Xin Yi.
Although she claims to believe Cun Xi, he knows that she is wary as
Cun Xi is the one who buys the ceramic horse. The two of them have
souvenir to bond them together.
But Dylan is puzzled – why does he value it so much since he is the
one to want to get rid of souvenir?

Anna gets tense and shouts that Xin Yi’s miscarriage has nothing to do
with her but the accident causes it. Dylan eyes her with suspicion. He
has not said that. He notices that Anna orders a strawberry cake but
she wants the strawberry to be removed. Her taste is so similar to his
sister’s taste. He shakes his head upon seeing the ceramic horse left
behind – it can’t be so coincidental.

Xin Yi is confused – why is Cun Xi sounding so sad as he is the one
who doesn’t want souvenir? Zhao knows that Cun Xi has arranged the
presentation specially for Xin Yi. Seeing him coughing profusely, he
knows that he doesn’t have enough rest for the past few days. He
passes the contracts for him to sign and Zhao jokes that it must be
Cun Xi’s lucky pen. Cun Xi smiles faintly – it has been with him for 2
years and it is important to him as a valuable birthday present.

Xin Yi is grateful to Cun Xi for his help but he stresses that he is
doing it for his company. He is disappointed when she doesn’t answer
if she has missed him these two years. He promises to treat her like a
stranger when they meet again. He suppresses all his feelings to
himself. He wants her to carry on walking and not turn back. It is
cold so he puts his suit jacket on her.

She comes to the hotel to return to him. He is having a high fever and
is placing a hand on the wall to steady himself outside his room. He
has caught the flu after falling into the lake. She wants to stay back
to take care of him but he brushes her hand away. He will not know
what he will do to her inside the room.

Both share a kiss and he regrets not treasuring her in the past. He
describes their first encounter in Shanghai being joyful instead of
surprise. He has thought that she is so confident and she doesn’t need
him anymore but upon seeing how she gets nervous for him, he then
realizes that she has not changed. She has tried hard to be Elaine but
she is still Xin Yi when facing him.

Cun Xi falls asleep, holding her hand. Just then, Anson sends a
teleconference message over, informing Cun Xi that Anna is arriving.
Xin Yi is sad that every moment comes too late so she leaves after
covering a blanket over Cun Xi. Anna comes to find him while Xin Yi
sits at a corner of the hotel, crying. Dylan calls her and knows that
she is no longer his Elaine. San Long wants her to be truthful to
herself or she will end up like him missing the chance that he should
have years ago.

Xin Yi decides to return to Taiwan for holiday. She leaves a letter
for Dylan, apologizing to him for still loving Cun Xi. Cun Xi wakes up
to find Anna wearing pyjamas in front of him. She wants him to return
to Taiwan with her. Xin Yi discovers that many places on Jiang Mu
island are named after souvenir. Xi Shi cries upon thinking that she
is ditched by Dylan.

She complains that Cun Xi buys over the whole island. Anna brings Cun
Xi to a church, wanting to marry him here as no couples divorce after
getting here. Cun Xi is silent over it. He holds her hand as he will
not lie to her and confesses that he has met Xin Yi. He is hesitant
over marriage even though he knows that he should not probe into Xin
Yi’s life now.

Anson brings Cun Xi to the hotel to be with different women. He isn’t
interested in those sexy girls dressing as air stewardess or nurses.
But when a girl dresses up as a post-it girl, he gets drunk and pours
out his woes on how much he misses Xin Yi. Anson tries to tell him
that Anna is the one for him now. But Cun Xi is aware that he doesn’t
love Anna anymore. Why can’t he be with Xin Yi and why he still loves
her although she hates him?

Cun Xi gets to know that Zheng Ren often patronises the nightclub.
Zheng Ren is annoyed to know that his girlfriend, CoCo is asked to
serve someone else. He doesn’t know that he is Cun Xi. Xun Xi gets
drunk but is chased out of the nightclub with Anson. Anson has no
choice but to put him up at a mortel nearby. Have a good laugh but
both are naked in bed – of a bird cage design as Cun Xi throws up on
Anson and himself.

Cun Xi is coming to Jiang Mu island to officiate the opening of
souvenir bridge. Xi Shi lures Xin Yi away but her friend blurts it
out. She thus decides to take San Long’s gift to Zhen Zhu. Cun Xi also
pretends to be drunk so that he can stay at home so Zhen Zhu has to go
to the island. Anson and Qing Xia fall in love with each other at
first sight. The two never expect to see each other again. Cun Xi
opens the door and knows that she deliberately wants to avoid him.

She asks if he is still sick since last time. He is on cloud nine to
know that she is still concerned about him. Just then Ji Bao Bei is
going to give birth so she stays. She wonders why the bedroom is still
the same. She says the first time to get cheated is innocent, second
time is ignorance while the third is stupidity. Cun Xi answers the
first should be by chance, the second is certainty while the third is

Anna returns to see Xin Yi around. Just then, the vet comes to meet
Cun Xi. Cun Xi gets very annoyed when the vet introduces different
confinement packages to him – about the same as what a normal woman
will do after giving birth. Have fun seeing singer Xiao Jing Teng
making the appearance. All know that he is a man of few words and this
is when he speaks the most so far!

The two women face each other. Anna apologises for causing Xin Yi’s
miscarriage while she answers that she hasn’t protect it well. She
promises Anna that she will not step into their lives again since the
day Cun Xi passes her the abortion papers. Xi Shi realizes the truth
of Dylan when he comes to Jiang Mu island to look for Xin Yi. Poor
Dylan – all do not know that he is the one to get ditched and find it
unbelievable that Xin Yi gives him up.

Xin Yi’s family plans to marry her off to Dylan in 2 months’ time. He
has bought tickets to Paris and invites her to join him the next day.
Cun Xi plays the recording of Ji Bao Bei’s giving birth process to
watch with Zhen Zhu. They happen to watch the part of the conversation
between the women. Cun Xi is stunned as he has never given Xin Yi
that. He is now aware why Xin Yi runs away from him that day. This is
due to Anna and he goes to look for her. Zhen Zhu gets Anson to follow

Anna has no choice but to admit to her mistake. Even though the two
are innocent, she is also innocent. Cun Xi will admit to her anything
but now he keeps everything to himself. He can understand why she does
this but he can never forgive her as she causes him to lose souvenir
forever. Anna is remorseful – this might not have happened if she
allows Xin Yi to leave after giving birth.

Cun Xi sighs – Anna is wrong right from the day she opts not to go for
the cruise. She has already given up her chance and they have a
different fate now. If she comes, he will not know Xin Yi and learn
how much she has done for him. He should have left Anna two years ago.
Anna never expects her 5 year relationship can’t match to the 3 months
he is with Xin Yi. He really can’t marry her and lets go of her hand.

Cun Xi wants Anson to bring him to Jiang Mu island. He learns that Xin
Yi is leaving with Dylan to Paris and rushes to the jetty. He only
sees her alone and he is overjoyed. He really loves her but she
reminds him that he is getting married. He explains that he has
cancelled his wedding plans but she still runs away. He is angry and
blurts that the separation papers are still with him. He is going to
put the ending date as 2100 so that she can be his wife forever. (Very
childish but hilarious.)

Cun Xi tells Zhen Zhu that he will try his best to bring Xin Yi back.
He will be the post-it this time round.
Zhen Zhu is overjoyed to know that Cun Xi has bought the ceramic horse
and it is right in his office. She hopes that he will bring it home to
show her soon.

Xin Yi becomes a temporary teacher at Jiang Mu Primary to teach
interested pupils pottery. She is overjoyed to get a flower pot from
Z. Cun Xi also signs up to get close to her. The residents flock to
take photos with him and ask for his autograph. He is pleased with
himself but Xin Yi demands to know what he is up to. He is also
indignant – she is still Ji Chen Xin Yi – belonging to him.

She points out that ceramic is dirty and unsuitable for him. He should
return to his President Ji position. He brushes the clay against his
suit jacket. His life will be incomplete without her and he will never
give up. The others wonder why she is so hostile to him. She replies
that only one person who worth her admiration – he is Z. Cun Xi is
about to reveal that he is Z when she interrupts him.

Z has nothing to do with him. He admires her and gives her
encouragement. Although he has not mentioned about wooing her, she
will accede if he requests. Xin Yi wants the others to give a 200 page
report but it is 2000 for Cun Xi. Cun Xi yells in frustration – how
can she be so unfair? She replies that he is silly so he needs to
write more.

Anna is in a bad mood and accidentally breaks a glass. A pupil steps
on the broken glass and hurts her foot. The parents want to force her
to close the dance studio. Xin Yi reads Cun Xi’s essay. He pens it
down with the fountain pen that she has given him. This is first
pottery lesson and he never dreams of attending a class conducted by a
pretty female teacher. His work is a cup – family. It shows his
sincerity and also his remorse for not treasuring her earlier.

Xin Yi finds a note among the flowers that has Z’s msn address. Cun Xi
is sore when Xin Yi answers that she has no boyfriend. Then what is he
to her then? (His expression is exactly like Xiang Zhe’s upon hearing
the same answer when Shan Mei has when on a television interview in
‘All About Eve’.) He is her husband! Although Cun Xi is scolded as a
scoundrel, he is pleased that Xin Yi still has feelings for him
although he sulks that she is so daring to badmouth him in front of a

Dylan suspects Anna to be his long-lost sister. He pays her foster
mother a visit. She hates her adopted daughter for ruining her ballet
future just because of a man. Dylan promises to look after her to give
her the kinship that she needs. Cun Xi lures the other pupils away to
steal a chance to be with Xin Yi. He comments that he has a photo of
Ji Bao Bei and her puppies. Xin Yi sees the photo he has taken with
her – it is his only family photo.

Z sends a ceramic piece to Xin Yi and asks Xin Yi to meet him at 7pm.
Dylan shields Anna from the parents and wants them to ask their
children what they think of Anna. Seeing that she is still in a bad
mood, he decides to keep their relationship from her as he wants her
to get her confidence back first. Before Cun Xi meets Anna, his eyelid
keeps blinking and he has the notion that something might happen.

Anna calls Cun Xi but he doesn’t return her call .when he does later,
she clips and falls into the river. Dylan sees this and saves her,
telling Cun Xi about it. Cun Xi has to miss the date and tells the
waiter to let Xin Yi have her meal alone. He will explain to her some
other time. Xin Yi has thought the waiter to be Z. Upon learning that
Cun Xi has booked the whole restaurant, she deduces that he is Z.

She realized that she has mistaken him all along. Can she still be
part of his family? Cun Xi learns that Dylan is Anna’s brother and he
also knows of their breakup. He is aware that Cun Xi is her only
pillar of strength so he requests Cun Xi to help Anna. Anna begs Cun
Xi not to leave her and he agrees. Xin Yi sees this and the ceramic
piece drops from her hands.

Cun Xi hears the sound and sees the piece. He quickly runs after Xin
Yi and reveals that he really wants to start afresh with her. She
refuses to listen to him so he wants Dylan to help. Dylan has a
condition – he has to help Anna till she stands up. Cun Xi finds him
to be selfish and Dylan is even willing to give up his life for Anna.
Cun Xi is a softhearted person. He will do it even though he has not

Xi Shi has a worse impression of Cun Xi after knowing that he is Z.
Cun Xi feels dejected upon returning home. His 70 calls to Xin Yi have
been rejected and Xin Yi is down when he doesn’t call back again. Cun
Xi pretends to be Anson to ask Zheng Ren, the playboy for advice. He
gets Anson to send roses and chocolates but her elder sisters take
them away.

Dylan goes to the parents, hoping that they will give Anna another
chance. Anna doesn’t want Cun Xi to sympathsize with her and rejects
the dancing shoes that he gets for her. Shi Xi gives the ipod to Xin
Yi to let her listen to the speech that Cun Xi has recorded 2 years
ago before deciding if she should forgive him. She bursts into tears
upon listening to it.

Cun Xi relates how moved he is to see how much effort she puts in to
decorate souvenir’s room. Initially, he dislikes the existence of
souvenir but he slowly looks forward to it. He also starts to blame
himself – how can he be so heartless to separate the child and Xin Yi
if she gives birth to him? He also learns that she is the one for him.
She calls Cun Xi but his phone is faulty after dropping it and can’t
get through.

Cun Xi overhears Zheng Ren and Xiu Ling talking. Xiu Ling is grateful
to Zhen Zhu for providing for them and asks Zheng Ren to work hard.
Cun Xi answers – how to get a promotion when Cun Xi pays him
miserably? Cun Xi advises Zheng Ren to work hard and he will give him
a raise. So he should not waste the money that Xiu Ling has given to
him on the nightclub girls. Zheng Ren replies that he goes there as
only the women there respect him. Cun Xi will try to treat them as his
own family from now on.

Xin Yi is moody when Cun Xi doesn’t call her. Xi Shi gets a lucky lot
for them from the temple that indicates that both are each other’s
destiny. Dylan reminds Cun Xi to take away the strawberry from the
cake and she is surprised that he knows. Cun Xi also knows that she
lacks security. To please her foster mother, she tries hard to dance.
Some things are never lost after gaining.

Although both are not lovers now, they are not strangers. Her white
swan is still the most beautiful to him although she can’t dance in
Lincoln Hall anymore. Anna regrets losing the baby due to her
selfishness or she can teach him ballet. Cun Xi gives her the shoes
and she dances for him. The parents and her pupils also clap for her.
Anna isn’t afraid of falling anymore. She has noticed that he looks at
his watch 7 times when she dances. This shows that his attention is on
someone else. She thanks him and he reveals that Dylan, her brother,
is the one who finds the parents for her.

The two acknowledge each other. Anna calls his Chinese name, Jian Ren
while he calls her Xin Yi. Both of them do not hear people calling
them by their Chinese names for a long time. Anna hugs him and thanks
him for helping her to dance again. Dylan wants her not to become
upset over Cun Xi. He will be her future support. Anson passes Cun
Xi’s handphone back to him after repairing. He is overjoyed that she
calls him 86 times. Xin Yi is angry that he hasn’t replied her calls.

She goes to the riverside to bury the biscuit tin that contain their
memories. The two meet to pickle again but get kidnapped by Steven
Zhou again. Steven accuses Cun Xi for toying with Coco to make her
pregnant and Xin Yi kicks Cun Xi. This is not the first time he sleeps
with the wrong woman. Steven also thinks that Cun Xi is a heartless
man, judging from his looks.

Coco later tells Steven that he has made a mistake. Cun Xi agrees to
give Zheng Ren a chance to be the factory owner of Shanghai branch if
he is repentant. Zheng Ren then agrees to be a good father and Steven
apologises for his mistake. But now, Xin Yi is locked up in the
warehouse and he must rectify the error. Steven is fond of dismantling
factories but he doesn’t want to break up families.

Steven then adds colours to Cun Xi’s face, pretending that his men
have seriously injured him. But Xin Yi sees through his scheme to
scold him. Before he can retaliate, she kicks the barrel – with him
down the hill. He is later sent to hospital and the doctor announces
that his eyes have a stroke and he can still see if he recovers the
next day. If not, he will be blind for 10 years. Xin Yi promises to
take care of Cun Xi. Cun Xi wakes up and asks why they do not switch
on the lights and he can’t see a thing.

The doctor concludes that he will recover within a day, month or 10
years. Cun Xi doesn’t blame Xin Yi for the ordeal and Xin Yi promises
to be beside him till he recovers. He has a nightmare of her leaving
him and wakes up with a start. He is glad that he still hugs her and
later gasps – he can see her – why is he so unlucky? He is about to
tell Xin Yi about it when Dylan asks Xin Yi to go to Shanghai with

Zhong San Long intends to introduce Xin Yi to the others to raise her
status. Cun Xi doesn’t want her to leave him so he still pretends to
be blind. He requests for a discharge so that she can take care of
her. Xi Shi offers to do acupuncture for him. The poor man suffers the
pain and grips Anson’s hand, leaving marks on it. Xin Yi feels that it
is hot as the air con isn’t working.

Thus she removes her jacket, thinking that it shouldn’t be a problem
since Cun Xi can’t see her. Cun Xi is delighted – there is finally a
benefit of being blind after all. However, he has a nose bled after
that. The next day, he staggers to the table and grumbles. If this
goes on, he will need a walking stick after Xi Shi’s continuous
torture. Meantime, Dylan smells a fish – how can the timing be so

Zhen Zhu opens a box that Zhong San Long has given her. It has his
contact details. Xi Shi teases Zhen Zhu for being open. She urges her
to go to Shanghai to meet San Long. She will help Cun Xi to recover.
Cun Xi places a proposal ring in a glass that contains milk. He hopes
that Xin Yi will marry him after seeing it. He is annoyed when Dylan
comes and exposes his scheme.

Dylan takes Cun Xi’s breakfast away from him and he grumbles about it
– how can he do that besides snatching his wife? Dylan chides him for
too selfish to prevent Xin Yi from pursuing her dreams. Xin Yi notices
the milk has expired and wants to pour it away. Cun Xi stops him and
this indicates that he can see again. All are mad with him but Xin Yi
soon forgives him. Cun Xi arranges to meet Xin Yi at a restaurant.

Xi Shi urges Xin Yi to go to a hospital for a checkup. She goes and
later gets the news that she can’t be pregnant again. She cries and
asks Dylan out. Cun Xi feels that something bad is going to happen
while waiting for her. She comes and reads the post-its that she has
written for her 3 wishes. The first is for Cun Xi to be better
tempered. On the reverse, he writes that he has changed.

The second is to make Zhen Zhu happy. His answer is she will only be
happy with Xin Yi around. The third is to be happy again. Cun Xi’s
response is he hopes to be with her again so that she can give birth
to another souvenir. Xin Yi tells him that she is going to Shanghai
with Dylan. She will not give up her career. Cun Xi promises to go
with her as Shanghai can also helps him to expand his business but she
snaps that she doesn’t want to have babies as yet but she doesn’t
think that Zhen Zhu can wait.

They should stay as friends as she now likes Dylan. Marrying him will
face a lot of pressure as he is the only son. Moreover, he is also
childish and bad-tempered. A puzzled Dylan comes but wants her to tell
the truth. She only tells Cun Xi to look for other women. He has tears
in the eyes – he will invite her to his wedding dinner then. He tells
Anson that he will not propose to another woman anymore. He can help
him to call all the women from influential families to meet him.

If he can’t marry Xin Yi, it makes no difference of him marrying any
other woman. Dylan helps a drunk Xin Yi home and Xi Shi searches her
bag to find the medical report. Cun Xi holds meetings with other
women, wanting to find a woman who likes ginger buns but none of them
fit it. Anson sighs – he might as well look for Xin Yi. Xi Shi shows
him the medical report. Cun Xi then issues a lawyer’s letter to Xin

Xi Shi regrets letting Cun Xi know the news but Xin Yi is prepared to
sign the divorce papers before leaving for Shanghai. Lawyer Chen is
the only person there as Cun Xi has arranged him to handle it. Since
she has not been a good wife for 2 years, she can’t ask for alimony.
The conditions are weird indeed.

No.1 – if they quarrel, Xin Yi must apologise. No.2 - If he is in a
bad mood, she must dance for him. No. 3 – they can’t say that they
want to divorce easily. No. 4 – Xin Yi must be truthful to love him.
No. 5 – Xin Yi must let him kiss her in the morning. Lawyer Chen feels
goose pimples running when reading it. If Xin Yi has no questions, she
can sign on it but it is up to Cun Xi to renew the contract. So Xin Yi
remains to be his wife. There is a post-it – she must wait for 100
years later to divorce him.

There is a chicken that appears and she runs after him. Actually, she
is Feng Jiao. Her mother, sisters and Anson lure her to eh church. Cun
Xi is there with flowers. He truly loves her and that doesn’t matter.
Zhen Zhu has rushed back from Shanghai upon getting his call. Cun Xi
reprimands her - she should have discussed the matter with him
earlier. Upon knowing the truth from Xi Shi, he nearly swears.

Does Xin Yi treat him as a child bearing machine? This is the last
time that Dylan will call her Elaine. It is destined that she belongs
to Cun Xi. Cui Xi has placed his fate in her hands despite being the
sole descendent. Xin Yi appears in the wedding gown and both finally
get married.

Cun Xi wipes off her tears and redeems the necklace to put on her
neck. He also sheds tears of joy when putting on Xin Yi’s father’s
ring on her ring when she recalls that she hasn’t gotten the ring
ready. The two thank Dylan. Anna has wanted to come but she is very
busy with her dance performance. Now 5 guys are wooing her and she
sends a card to congratulate Cun Xi.

Zhen Zhu peeps at the couple who are having their first night. Zhen
Zhu protests – this isn’t their first night. She reveals that Cun Xi
has kept all the things in the baby room to prevent giving Xin Yi
pressure. Angry with Cun Xi, Zhen Zhu turns to chat with San Long
online. Cun Xi looks at Xin Yi – he has not gone to the wrong bed this
time and consoles her although she feels bad for letting him down to
become childless. Qing Xia is pregnant and Anson admits to be the

Xi Shi sighs – why isn’t the person supposedly to get pregnant doesn’t
have the luck? Now even Feng Jiao and Ji Bao Bei are pregnant the
second time. Zheng Ren also becomes a father too. Xin Yi continues
her career. She feels pressurized and She feels pressurized and
suggests to Cun Xi to sleep with other women. Enraged, he tells her
off to dismiss the thought. She then prays to the ancestors and Lord
Jiang, hoping for a baby. She asks Cun Xi why she doesn’t have a child
yet and he has to console her.

Soon, her prayers are answered when Doctor Hao congratulates Cun Xi
over the good news. He yells – how can this be? Doctor Hao informs him
that the hospital has cheated many other women so that they will sign
up packages with it. The doctor is his senior whom he despises and is
now on the run. Xin Yi bursts into tears happily. If not for it, she
will not know how much Cun Xi loves her.

The 3 sisters have a picnic at Jiang Mu island with their husbands.
They go into labour at the same time. Qi Qi faints while Anson is at
his wits’ end. Cun Xi commands him to be his assistant. This isn’t his
first time delivering babies. Both help the sisters. Each child is
named as prune juice (Wu Mei Zi), An Tai Sui(the Tai Sui deity) and
anniversary (Ji Nian Ri). Xin Yi bears more children after that,
breaking the sole descendant curse.

Dylan furthers his studies and discovers another post-it girl so he
plans to groom her. He teaches Anna to use Xin Yi’s method to get
pregnant so that her boyfriend will marry her. Qi Qi and Feng Jiao
gamble away their fortune but all forgive them. Zhen Zhu marries San
Long and they hope to have a child soon. Anson and Qing Xia are
worried that Tai Sui will be sissy as he picks up a Barbie doll during
his year old celebration. Unknown to them, he has wanted to pick the
playboy magazine under it. Ji Bao Bei becomes famous after being the
spokesman for Chuan Cheng.

Introduction on characters

1. Ji Cun Xi – Ruan Jing Tian
Ji Cun Xi is the president of Mo Fa Lin. This company produces
cleansing products – from shampoo, detergent and also soap. He is a
capable businessman who is systematic. He will not pull strings to get
what he wants. But being brought up by a rich family and is an only
son, he is extremely arrogant but he can be childish at times. Under
his good management, Mo Fa Lin becomes the biggest Holdings in
hygienic care.

He seldom associates with people and thus doesn’t mingle well with the
masses. He doesn’t drink much. Thus, he is not sentimental when
dealing with business matters. However, he is very dedicated in love.
He has promised Anna to wait for her for 3 years for her to establish
her career.

I must say that Jing Tian has improved a lot in his acting. Cun Xi is
sensible and mature at work or with Anna but yet he can be so childish
when with Xin Yi. And yes, he proves to be an excellent crier. Jing
Tian shows his complicated personality well. It is fair that he is
finally recognized for his hard work.

2. Chen Xin Yi – Chen Qiao En
She works in a law firm as an ordinary worker. She is born into a
normal family. Being always obliging, they call her the post-it girl.
She is very indecisive and doesn’t say no to others. She has never
expected to marry a prince charming like Cun Xi to get into a rich
family. After leaving him, she follows Dylan’s footsteps to transform
into a strong person.

Although bespectacled as well, she has switched her glasses to trendy
ones. That attracts Cun Xi to her again. Being let down by him for
many times, she is unsure if she should accept him again. Luckily, his
tolerance and persistence pays off when he wins her back.

I don’t think a 28 year old will wear black socks to match with white
shoes to work and can be so stupid not to know that she is pregnant.
Qian En makes Xin Yi to be a brainless nitwit in the beginning. She is
very annoying. Luckily, she improves towards the end with the more
mature scenes.

3. Dylan Dai Jian Ren – Chen Chu He
He is an orphan who is separated from his younger sister. He returns
to Taiwan, hoping to find her. He is a cheerful and kind person to
help out at a orphanage when he is free. He hopes all children will
have a complete family. He is a successful art dealer – whatever he
touches will turn into gold. However, he often gives the chance to

He is kind to Xin Yi as she has the same name as his younger sister.
Although he is a loser in love, he is glad to get Anna back. Acting
wise, he is quite acceptable. Initially, Chu He looks attractive like
Takuya. But I don’t like his look 2 years later – whose idea to add
plaits to his hair to make him look so girly and looks like a juvenile
delinquent?! How can a businessman look like this?

4. Anna Shi / Dai Xin Yi – Bai Xin Hui
She is a pretty, smart and confident dancer. She is daring to reject
Cun Xi’s wedding proposals to pursue her own dreams. She returns to
Cun Xi but discovers that everything has changed. Cun Xi is no longer
in love with her but she still sticks to him. Knowing that she loses
in the end, she lets him go. Xin Hui’s acting is slightly better than
Qiao En but her crying scenes can be improved.

5. Wang Zhen Zhu – Tan Ai Zhen
She is the chairman of Mo Fa Lin Holdings. She is wise and considers
matters from every viewpoint. As there is only a male descendent for 9
generations, she has hoped that Cun Xi will be as lustful as other
rich men to have illegitimate children but he remains faithful to
Anna. However, she doesn’t like Anna as much as she doesn’t want to
marry Cun Xi as yet. She even gets a dog to call it ‘Ji Bao Bei’ –
baby to satisfy her crave to have a grandchild.

When young, Zhen Zhu has loved a young ceramic artist. They leave each
other because of their families. She can only ask Dylan to support his
works. Her wish is to be with him till old age. Her wish finally comes
true in the end.

6. Liu Xiu Ling – Wang Juan
She is Cun Xi’s stepmother. After Cun Xi’s father’s death and the
family is in crisis, she leaves the family. She is a practical person
and is very thickskinned. She returns to Ji family after knowing that
their career is reestablished. She often tries to help Zheng Ren to
get the inheritance rights. She pretends to be kind to Zhen Zhu but
Zhen Zhu treats her coldly as she knows her motive. Later, she knows
that she is wrong and is finally accepted as one of them.

7. Gu Chi – Li Pei Xu
He is Xin Yi’s ex-boyfriend from the law firm. He is boastful and is a
playboy. He likes branded goods but is very dependent on women to let
him spend their money. He looks rich but he often utilized his credit
cards to the fullest. He often deceives Xin Yi of her money. After
wooing other women, he will return to her and ask for more.

8. Ji Zhen Ren – Tian Jia Da
He is 29 years old and has no blood relations with Cun Xi. He looks
like a dog which obeys the master but in reality, he is a wolf which
can’t wait for Cun Xi to be disposed. He is very sociable, unlike Cun
Xi who insists to follow the book. Thus he often uses dark schemes to
get what he wants. Thus, Cun Xi often reprimands him for being

This made him think that he has lost all self-esteem. He plans to stir
trouble by building up his own power base. A person whom Cun Xi looks
down is now most dangerous to him. He finally realizes his mistake
when Cun Xi forgives him and lets him manage the Shanghai branch.

9. Anson – Na Wei Lun
He is Cun Xi’s girlish special assistant and PR manager. He is very
dedicated to work and is loyal to him. In his eyes, he always feels
that Anna is most suitable for Cun Xi. So he nearly faints upon
knowing the old-fashioned Xin Yi is marrying Cun Xi. However, he sees
how nice Xin Yi is, he turns to help her instead. He is frustrated
when Cun Xi ruins all his dates with women by calling him up and
pouring his woes.

There is once Cun Xi even comes to his home when he is online looking
for a prospective match. Even though Cun Xi asks him to ignore him, he
can’t concentrate! Luckily, he gets to know Qing Xia and marries her,
ending his bachelor days at last.

10. Chen Feng Jiao – Zhong Xin Ling
She is Xin Yi’s second sister. She has a fiery temper and often
quarrels with Qi Qi. She is materialistic like Qing Xia so it is easy
for Cun Xi to buy her over with presents.

11. Chen Qing Xia – Song Xin Ni
She is Xin Yi’s eldest sister. She marries young but divorces soon.
She moves back and is a gold-digger. She is such a shrew that no man
dares to get close to her.

12. Mrs Chen-Lin Xi Shi – Lin Mei Xiu
She is Xin Yi’s mother who often nags. Still, she is a capable
housewife and brings up 3 daughters after her husband’s death. She is
sad when Xin Yi’s marriage doesn’t work out and encourages her to go

13. Zhong San Long – Yue Yao Li
He is Xin Yi’s teacher and Zhen Zhu’s past love. Both lose in touch
due to war and do not get to see each other again. Thus, he encourages
Xin Yi to treasure the time he has with Cun Xi or she will end up
regretting like him.

14. Dr Hao – Qu Zhong Heng
Zhen Zhu books an appointment with him for the young couple to visit
him when Xin Yi is pregnant with souvenir. He is enraged with Cun Xi’s
attitude for interrupting him with phone calls and doubt that he is
ready to be a father. Seeing that he becomes a better person, he
endorses Mo Fa Lin’s soap products.

15. Wu Liu Liu - Luo Bei An
He is the hair shampoo owner on Jiang Mu island. He doesn’t know how
to manage a family. Upon knowing that Cun Xi intends to close his
factory, he then decides to buy over a woman to lure Cun Xi in bed to
snap nude photos to force him to give in. However, he doesn’t expect
Xin Yi to be the victim instead.

16. Ji Bao Bei – Miu Miu
She isn’t Cun Xi’s sister but is his cat. Anna gives it to him,
wanting him to take care of it when he feels lonely without her. Zhen
Zhu grumbles as she wants a great –grandchild and not this animal. But
she still treats it well. Cun Xi is touched when Xin Yi is also kind
to the cat too.

17. Wu Qi Qi – Wei Min Ge
He boasts of being a rich man and controls the whole Jiang Mu island.
He often makes mistakes and thus Cun Xi often outwits him. He is Xin
Yi’s brother-in-law as he marries Qing Xia. Cun Xi gives him a Benz
when his company finally earns profits.

18. Steven Zhou – Shen Meng Sheng
He is Cun Xi’s business rival who loves to buy companies and later
demolishes them. knowing people from the triads, he often kidnaps

19. Lawyer Chen – Da Bing
He is Cun Xi’s law consultant and Xin Yi’s ex-boss. Although he is
like a shrewd businessman, he is kind at heart and offers Xin Yi a job
in case she is divorced from Cun Xi. He handles the divorce documents
so he feels sorry for her.

Favourite character
Cun Xi, this man is complex indeed – serious, wise, devoted, bad-
tempered, childish, sly, frank and also rich. It is hard not to love

Most hated character
Qi Qi, this character is totally redundant as he is very foolish.

The themesong ‘99 times I love him’ is by Yuan Ruo Lan. She duets with
One Million Star Season 2 finalist Wu Zhong Ming for the end theme
"Dream Post-It" referring to Xin Yi's "Post-It Girl". I still like
Jing Xiu Pair’s ‘My happiness’ more. The two other songs sound too

Interesting facts

I agreed with many others – Jing Tian should be well known long ago -
especially when he had done well in ‘Green Forest, My Home’. It was
bad timing that he revealed that he had a girlfriend then. That made
him a second fiddle in the drama instead although he did excellently

Jing Tian and Qiao En drank a lot of wine in order to master courage
for the bed scene. Jing Tian also spent a lot of time for the ginger
bun making scene as he confessed he was no baker. Both also had sore
legs after practicing the dances for too long. Due to the success,
they went to China and Hong Kong to promote it.

All drool over Jing Tian’s perfect figure when he swims in the pool.
He was in top form at most times as he was a former national team
swimmer. He had made a promise to swim naked in the sea if the drama
garners more than 10 points for later episodes to become the most
watched drama in 2008. He kept his promise when it did but many were
disappointed as they could not see a thing because he went to the deep


Frankly speaking, I have no answer to why this drama is so well
received. The story is trashy. The mood is inconsistent – the starting
is sad and boring, the middle is nonsensical and longwinded while the
ending is also absurd. I get very impatient - come on, how many
obstacles must the two clear in order to get together again? There are
simply too many deliberate misunderstandings to test my patience.

There must be some kind of mistake to become the most watched drama.
Only watch if you are a true ardent fan of Jing Tian or Qiao En.
Otherwise, you will have to suffer like me to watch most of the
characters offering shallow acting.

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