Green Forest, My Home

Reviewed by: sukting

August 20, 2006

Rating: four

A prince charming and an outstanding violinist return to Taiwan to look for their beloved princess. Can she recognize them? Her adopted sister acts as the villain to separate them repeatedly. Will she be successful? How does Leon Jay Williams fare for his second drama? This is the second Taiwanese drama that I bought after ‘Meteor Garden’.

Story - I shall add the interesting parts which I adore from the drama :

Yuan Fang, Susan and Sophie are transferred from Green Light school to Spencer School. Young William’s entrance into Spencer Royal School of Music – a very grand one with expensive cars.

The children running into the forest upon William seeing Sophie gets hit on her hand when giving him her book to prevent him from being punished. Both see the green light and an old woman tells William to trust his lover or she will lose everything. He gives her his family crest and tells her his name. It is so stupid of her not to tell him her name. She makes a mark on a windmill, carving ‘I’ with a love sign on the top.

Susan spoils Sophie’s chances of biding the guys’ farewell when they go for studies overseas. Susan even tells William that her younger sister’s name is Susan. William then wants Susan to pass a letter to Sophie. Sigh – what a silly guy – when he is back, it is so obvious that Sophie addresses Susan as the elder sister when they meet again. How can he not tell the difference immediately – from elder to younger? This is such a big loophole in the script!

The three meet at the airport – but for different purposes. Sophie sneaks back secretly to teach in Green Light, Owen is back to hold a concert at Spencer Royal School of Music while William is to take over as CEO of the Spencer school upon his father’s death. He believes in the teaching and motivation of Green Light. It also contains his memory so he wants to preserve it.

Sophie falls asleep with the book from Green Light and Owen plays the violin upon recognizing her. This silly woman – all clap for him but she continues sleeping!(Does she lack musical genes?! William gives Owen money but he dislikes it and buys chocolates instead. William agrees that music is priceless. It is breath-taking to see how the guys face each other. Sophie is so playful to get 2 chocolates from Owen. He is disappointed that she doesn’t recognize him and decides to see how long she takes to do that.

Sophie sees the Academic Director at the airport and tries to hide from him to prevent getting deported to Austria again. It is so hilarious when she gets into William’s limousine to hide. William is amused but has to pretend to be tired to want a rest to ignore him when the Academic Director wants him to take food as he sits in the front. Sophie then gets off the car and he smiles warmly at her. Owen plays music for Green Light students and he feels more relaxed as it has no boundaries here.

Upon getting to the school, Susan introduces herself as the art director and asks if William is back for his promise. William can’t take his eyes from her from then on. But he doesn’t understand why Susan wants to close down Green Light. He thinks that she is forced to do that and assures that he will try his best to protect it, not knowing that she dislikes it because it reminds her of her unhappy childhood. Owen’s manager, Fiona arrives in Taiwan. She is glad that Owen has found the person he wishes to meet. He promises to marry her if he fails to ascertain his importance in Sophie’s heart within 3 months.

Owen discovers William is the new CEO and both meet. (Sparks between them fly!) Sophie is surprised when Owen’s assistant, Fiona goes to greet William, kissing him on the cheek. Is he the prince she has been waiting but how can he with another woman? She dismisses her thoughts and looks at the crest. Fiona is actually only back for the night for Owen’s performance. She hugs him backstage, promising to wait for him before he confirms his feelings with his princess. Owen is cold to Susan.

Owen performs in the hall after William introduces all musicians to the audience. You will pound your chest when noticing his gentle eyes landing on Susan who is playing the piano. Sophie takes a nap when waiting to see William to stop him from closing the school. But he leaves before she wakes up. Owen passes his precious violin to Susan and leaves her to handle the press for him just to tease Sophie! Sigh – Susan takes this chance to hint to the press that she has a close relationship with Owen.

Sophie leaves her handphone with Owen during the struggle and is unhappy when Susan refuses to lend her the car for her to drive to Green Light to teach the next day. The next day, Sophie sees a big car outside her home and is annoyed that William is here for Susan. Sophie scolds Susan for competing with her for the car before William walks to them and Susan replies that she does that to spite her back. But she tells William in a sweet tone that Sophie is bad-tempered all along. William doesn’t take it to heart.

Sophie cycles and is down to see both in the car. She meets Owen on the way and is hopeless to get her handphone back when he keeps teasing her although she gets into his car. The Academic Director has wanted to talk to her but is surprised to hear a man’s voice. Sophie realizes that both are students from Green Light and Owen is here to protect it too.

Sigh – William and Sophie just do not have the luck to acknowledge each other. She shuts the door upon knowing that William is here to prevent Principal Lan from resigning. She can’t get to see his face. William states his trust in Green Light to delight all and leads Susan away, making all happy. But Sophie can only see his back when she opens the door. Susan gets nervous when William talks about seeing the green light.

How ignorant this man is – to reveal that they can only see the light when the sun sets. He pats her head playfully and wonders why she states that he is testing her. To disperse her uneasiness, he kisses her on the forehead. Owen isn’t happy when Sophie mentions her prince William as she looks at the mark she has made on the windmill. What is he to her then? He feels the tenderness rising in his heart when she mentions how he helps her when young and becomes shy.

William and one of the board directors, Brian meet outside the conference room before they walk in. (You can smell dynamite from here.) Brian is adamant to close Green Light. William bangs on the table – so what authority of him as the CEO has? (He sure looks fierce.) Both men cross swords with each other – Brian sneers he can’t survive as the fittest while William points out he hasn’t followed the Spencer belief in creating musicians. (The exchange of both in English is exciting as both speak the language fluently.)

Both strike a deal – if Green Light students come in as No.1, Brian will not close the school. If Spencer students win, William will leave and that will be the end of Green Light – including the family orchard that Mrs Spencer loves. Other directors are appalled to see William staking his future on it. Susan says that Spencer students win all along and how can they lose? William is confident that he will win.

You will crack up at the following scene – William starts to get nervous to meet Sophie after booking the restaurant to meet her for dinner when he is in the car. Is he going too fast? He asks Allen – should he return to get her a present? Should he return? It looks like he becomes silly when in love and wonders if Susan is the same. Allen reminds him that they are on the way. Sophie sees Susan being harassed by hooligans on the way and fights them back, wanting her to take her bicycle. Susan hurts her foot in the process while Sophie runs faster than her… charge right into William’s chest.

(This scene is sure funny – you must watch for yourself!) He holds her gently and teases that this is the first time he hears her thanking him. If she lands into trouble the next time, he shall not help her. Allen chases the men away. But William flares up upon mistaken that she leaves Susan alone when she is in trouble. (How his expression changes within seconds from the warm person to the stern one.) She tries in vain to explain to him as he pushes her aside, wanting to rush to Susan’s rescue.

Upon seeing her limping home with the bicycle, William quickly helps her into the house, hugging her. (Your blood will boil or probably faint upon seeing this and also later.) He demands Sophie like ordering a maid to get the first aid box to apply medicine on her foot immediately. Sophie gets so mad that she gets out of the house. William knows that Susan is confused but expresses his wish to make her his girlfriend and hopes to hear her answer soon.

He tells Allen that his heart is finally settled after saying that but Allen shakes his head. Those in love should have the feel all the time - unless he has made a mistake. William realizes that the special feeling he uses to have for her is no longer there. Sophie kicks a pebble and it hits William’s chest. William wonders why his heart pounds fast upon seeing her even if she ignores him. (Why can’t this man trust his feelings?)

William and Brian meet again. William sees the Academic Director with Brian but still tells him to help him to get Green Light students’ records to look through. The Academic Director maintains that he is still loyal to William (of course, this man can’t be trusted) when he pass him the files. Susan tells William that she has to reconsider their relationship since he dwells so much on the past. The poor man is taken aback by her reply and his smile vanishes completely from his face.

He is already heartbroken and she still mentions another person in front of him – to hire Owen. Still, he adjusts his emotions and lets her make the decision. Owen sleeps near Green Light and Sophie is alarmed to see him naked. She is too angry upon knowing that the orchard is closing soon and has thought of it to be the CEO’s idea. He drives her back to Spencer Royal School of Music.

William comes to Susan’s office – he tells her that he likes the her in the past and the present. He locks her into his arms. Just then, Sophie charges in as she has learned that the CEO is here. She is speechless to see William here and realizes his identity. She drags him out and he is impatient with her, pushing her hand away. Allen blocks her, saying that his time is very precious. (This is weird – at one instance, I see the crest on William’s suit and still on it when Sophie and Owen charge in. But it disappears when both get out. Can this thing be playing tricks on her eyes?!)

Upon seeing him walking away, she blurts out he has to trust the person he loves or she will lose everything, including her life. He turns rigid and runs back, clutching her shoulders – how does she know about it? But, no - she can’t be her. Sophie is startled by his response. William becomes calm. Sophie has to get the facts correct that he isn’t the one to close the school and the culprit is Brian. She just needs to produce a winner in the competition and he can’t think of a better person to handle it.

She runs away to get the contest form in joy. (Oh – how ignorant she is – as a teacher, she doesn’t even know the CEO’s name?!) But her heart sinks upon knowing that Green Light is the last yearly. How is she going to produce a champion? Susan tries in vain to make Owen agree to teach in Spencer – even with his precious violin. He maintains that he can come anytime and will not allow her to cut the conversation line (the megaphone that they made in the past) he has with Sophie in the past. Susan realizes who he really is.

Owen sees Sophie’s note that she has left and kisses it. (Many girls will be won over by his gesture.) Susan runs after him to try to confirm his identity. William comes again to look for Susan. Upon seeing the crest on William (this thing can play magic – it appears from nowhere again), Owen realises that it has the same design that Sophie has and he is her prince William. He gets violent to push him aside and warns him not to hurt her again. He will protect Sophie and will not give her away to him as in the past. William is puzzled – has he recognized the wrong guy? Sophie recalls the past and realizes that he is her William indeed. She gets off the bus and runs back to Spencer School.

She sees just in time as William getting into the office with Susan to read the files. It is sad when the door closes on her and she can only catch a glimpse of him. She then stands in the garden to look at him through the glass window. William sees her standing in the rain and comes to the window, glancing at her. Brian has to remind him that they are at a meeting. So he isn’t her William as he sends Allen to pass her the umbrella and not himself. She runs away although Owen offers to shelter her.

Sophie passes a house and sees Mrs Spencer there. Because she dirties her books, she offers to help her to prepare the dinner for a special guest. She doesn’t hear Owen’s reminder to meet him at the bus-stop. The poor man waits for her in vain to tell her about his identity. Laugh when Mrs Spencer gets Sophie to wear the maid uniform – I don’t understand why she needs to do that! To belittle her?

Sophie drops the safe’s key into the garden after getting Mrs Spencer’s necklace. William stares at her when he walks in and is utterly disappointed in her. He mistakens her to be a thief and pulls her hand, bringing her to the living room. Owen comes to Mrs Spencer’s home as the special guest and is annoyed to see this. Is Sophie here and forget about him because of her date with William?

Upon realizing what is going on, he demands William to let Sophie go. When he refuses, he is angry that William doubts her but he believes that she isn’t a dishonest person even though he isn’t there to witness what has happened. He sees the truth with his heart. The atmosphere gets tense when Owen grabs Sophie’s another hand and both refuse to let go! Mrs Spencer clears the air – can’t William see that Sophie is wearing the maid uniform? Sophie charges out, wanting to look for the necklace. Owen doesn’t wish to stay upon realizing that Mrs Spencer wants to introduce him to William.

He stops William from getting close to Sophie. William notices that Owen uses his right hand to attack him – the very hand that he uses to play the violin. This shows how important Sophie is to him. William assures him that he will not take her away. Owen isn’t afraid of that. Sophie will find it hard to lift her head in front of William unless she proves her innocence.

Sophie breaks into tears upon finding it (Pin Yan sure acts well.) and the guys feels a soft spot for her. William goes to her to offer his apologies but she gets so angry that she throws the key at him. (This is the second time she attacks him.) He doesn’t dodge and she is shocked to leave a cut on his face. It is his punishment and he accepts it willingly.

William returns to the study and smiles. He jokes to Sophie that he is making a confession here. Sophie suddenly puts a plaster on his wound and he yells – must she apply so much force? He suddenly holds her wrist and her heart beats fast. But she dismisses that he isn’t her William even she has flashbacks of the past. (Sigh – she should know by now that no other William is so rich.)

He hopes that she will explain to him so that he will believe her completely. He doesn’t like to be treated like a pest by her and she also doesn’t like to treat him like a pest. He has a heart to heart talk with her – Mrs Spencer doesn’t like maids and is thus staying alone. He wishes Sophie to come often to keep her company. Sophie refuses flatly – he should know that his mother is lonely to stay with her.

Suddenly, he pulls her close to him and is about to kiss her on the forehead – a form of saying goodbye. (But it seems that this man offers kisses to the sisters easily and be kissed by others too – remember Fiona’s kiss?) She pushes him aside and yells that he is a lecher before getting away. (I thought she should have an open mind since she studies overseas since Westerners do that? This is weird.)

Allen notices that William has more smiles with Sophie but he doesn’t realize that. He only finds her interesting. But he wonders why he has the familiar feeling whenever he sees her. He jumps upon seeing what he has for dinner – instant noodles! Mrs Spencer blames him for chasing a good helper away. She has waited for a long time to see Owen again and Allen has to help her in that. William jokes that only he can tolerate her naggy behaviour and the long kitchen is too empty with her alone.

Mrs Spencer is overjoyed that he is moving back to stay with her. This shows that he has taken Sophie’s advice. Mrs Spencer has also thought of him liking Sophie and she is his girlfriend. She is disappointed that he likes Susan but still tells him to invite Susan over for dinner. Owen leaves his car to Sophie to drive home as he has no courage to ask her if William is the only one in her heart.

The poor man later calls Fiona – Fiona knows that he fails and he breaks down. (This is so sad!) The two have strike a deal to see if things can work out within 3 months. If he doesn’t, they can consider to be an item. William asks Susan if Sophie is back as they are together earlier. She doesn’t listen to him clearly as she later confronts Sophie. Owen sees this and is disgusted when Susan blocks his car with his van.

He has no intention to hide his identity from Susan although he doesn’t want Sophie to know. He finds that Susan hasn’t changed. She is still the same person who wants to grab everything from Sophie – including him. When she threatens him with the violin, he replies that it doesn’t belong to him. The Spencers have loaned it to him for the performance and it is right of him to return.

He will not leave his precious violin with her and she must drive his van properly back to him the next day. (He surely treats her like a maid. How different this is from treating Sophie! How wise of him to see through her completely …but how can Susan not knowing that he borrows the violin since she is one of the performers? – I really cheer for him for hitting the nail right on her head!)

William and Brian meet again. William is reminded of the contest and both guys cross swords again. There are only 5 days left to the countdown but William is still calm. Sophie leaves a letter at William’s office. He is amused upon reading it. As her teacher has told her to love her enemy, she likes him and wants him to sign on the agreement as she appeals against Green Light’s closure. Susan is a judge in the contest.

Brian approaches Susan, wanting her to ensure that Green Light loses. (He gives commanding air with his assistant, Kevin standing beside him.) He knows that many will not like his conservative style but he is past caring over it. Allen notices the broad smile on William’s face and nearly can’t close his mouth when William tells him to send his luggage home in his car. He will take the public bus to Green Light instead. Sophie is shocked to see him on the bus – and sitting at her favourite seat. Has he read her letter to decide to be a commoner for a day? He thanks her for understanding Mrs Spencer.

Sophie is surprised that he listens to her. William replies that the whole bus had many seats and she has no proof that it is hers. Seeing her tongue-tied, he is amused that he can talk to her righteously for once. (It is funny when they look at each other.) She wants to teach him a lesson but ends up falling into the seat beside him when the bus jerks! William quickly places his hands on her shoulders, asking her if she is hurt.
She blushes – as usual and William realizes why Sophie chooses this seat.

It gives splendid view and both are reminded of the lesson they have in the past. William likes the surrounding and promises to keep the school as it gives both of them beautiful memories. He thanks Sophie for making his trip enjoyable. This is the first time that he has taken public transport. They do not know that Shi Yu has taken their photos and to show to Susan later, reminding her that both of them are the same kind and she is not going to get William.

Sophie later runs into a bird to make it unconscious. William picks the bird and tells her to carry on with her lessons. He then releases the bird into the air – he also doesn’t know why but he feels that he is like a bird being set free when with her. Owen warns him that he will not give Sophie to him. William doesn’t understand why he says this again as he likes Susan. Owen gets fed up – how can he not tell the sisters apart? Even if he doesn’t recognize Sophie, he should use his heart to feel her. Just then, Sophie informs them that the children refuse to sing.

Susan threatens to let Green Light lose if Owen rejects the offer to teach at Spencer School. Owen intends to trash things out with her but Sophie stops him – what is she going to do if he is away? William doesn’t understand himself but he tells Sophie to let Owen go as he will stay to help her. Why is she so dependent on Owen? (He shows his jealousy unknowingly as he sees her pulling Owen’s hand.) The students think that one of them who died earlier will not allow them to sing.

William quietly takes Da Jie’s marker to write ‘ok’ on his palm before transferring to one kid’s palm, making them believe that they have gotten the approval. Of course, Principal Lan and Sophie see through the ploy. Sophie asks why William doesn’t help them openly. William doesn’t want them to come to him for help every time and they need to sort out their own problems.

Education also implies independence in learning. Allen assumes that Sophie is the goddess in William’s eyes to turn the students from stone to gems. William smiles and then signs the agreement in the car with his fountain pen. (It really shows that he is educated overseas as we don’t see people using it these days.) He gets Allen to send him back to Green Light School to pass the paper to her.

Upon seeing the lively methods she uses to teach the children, he has the urge to join in, much to Allen’s amusement. He then decides to give the agreement to her the next time. Mrs Spencer is startled to know how Susan really is when she overhears her making the call. Susan makes the same demand to Owen, wanting to make him hers. Owen reprimands her again – she doesn’t love him but only wants to own anything that Sophie has. Brian overhears it and is grim.

He walks in, touching her shoulders wanting to give her consolation. (I am sure many will melt at this because we have not seen him so nice to anyone else but…..)The haughty Susan reminds him to watch his behaviour as William will make her his fiancée soon. (Is she sure about that?! I nearly feel like breaking her nose for hurting him and being so sure of herself!)

Mrs Spencer is amused to see Sophie’s letter and jokes that William gets a love letter. William denies as Sophie is only asking a favour from him. She is startled that William arranges her to meet Susan but she still gives in to him. William knows that it is too fast for Susan but he wishes to let her know how important she is to him. Susan deliberately tells William that Owen and Sophie grow up since young and he is very possessive towards Sophie. So William should also avoid talking too much to Owen. (Oh……he believes everything she says!) Mrs Spencer’s attitude towards Susan is polite but lacks warmth.

Mrs Spencer tells William what has happened, trying to let him know that Susan isn’t as easy as she seems. He doesn’t believe her and even goes with Susan to meet Sophie for dinner. She shows them the photos. Claiming that a reporter takes them and she has to pay money to dismiss the rumours, William shakes his head. She should not have done it and if Susan is unhappy, he will keep a distance from Sophie. (That is sure a silly thing to do.) Susan announces to Sophie William intends to marry her soon and she is affected.

Owen gives an astounding performance by playing the sad pieces well. He is affected by Susan’s words and decides to tell Sophie that William is the guy she is waiting for and Owen is in love with her. His colleagues finally realize why he can’t proceed with Fiona further with Sophie in his heart. But Susan tells Sophie before him and deceives Sophie that William isn’t the person she loves. Poor Owen – he bursts into tears when Sophie tells him off, throwing his song sheets in the air and crying when he walks out of their house. (Jing Tian does exceptionally well with his blood shot eyes and right tone.)

William gets Allen to pluck flowers to appease Mrs Spencer’s anger. She is still angry with him to make Susan his choice. Owen decides to give the two one more chance. (He is so selfless to consider for them.) He picks flowers and passes them to William with a letter. He is only supposed to open and read it in front of her. He tells William about Susan threatening him and he recalls Mrs Spencer’s words. We can see that his protests are getting weaker although he claims to trust Susan.

Sophie is surprised to see William waiting for her with the flowers. He reminds her of the child William. He cites that he doesn’t know what Owen is up to and reads the letter. He has a shock of his life upon reading the line ‘I am the William you have been waiting for so long.’ Unlike normal women to get touched, Sophie feels betrayed, thinking that Owen is making fun of her dream. She even throws the flowers into the air and pushes William’s umbrella away.

What is wrong of her to wait for a man of her dreams? Even if he may be the same William, he is no longer the William she knows. William tries in vain to explain as she runs away. She gets angrier when she can’t find Owen at the forest. William is equally speechless – so is the girl Sophie instead of Susan? He panicks and calls Allen, demanding him to get his car ready to get him to Spencer School with tears in his eyes. (Leon shows splendid acting in here – unlike Pin Yan looking like she is only a kid throwing tantrums.)

Owen tells Susan that he has disclosed the truth to the two. Susan is annoyed as she thinks that he is here to report for work but he is only here as he respects the school. She gets so mad that she calls Brian, agreeing to make Green Light the last. William comes to the office and she isn’t there. He reaches the music studio and hears the conversation. Before Allen can react, William closes the door and hits Brian for wanting to rig the competition. (I never know that a gentle guy like him can deliver such powerful force when he is angry. It is not just once but two blows into Brian’s stomach and onto his face.)

William exposes Susan’s lie. He feels betrayed by placing so much trust on the wrong person. So Mrs Spencer and Owen are right about her. Susan admits – that is why she confesses. And this woman says without remorse that she hasn’t admitted that she is the one he is looking for and that is why she wants him to look at the present her. William should have trusted his own feelings.

He can’t forget the promise he has made to her. William lashes out at Susan for lying – how can she be leading him on with her lies? (Unlike the two women who scream at the top of their voices to vent their frustrations, he speaks with a stern tone which is more convincing.) She can’t stop it because she likes him. He makes it clear to her that it is over between them but Susan still refuses to face it. Be tongue-tied when Brian comes and support her. (How can this be even though he loves her so much?)

The men remind each other of their deal again. William reminds Brian that he is the CEO – that indicates that he has higher authority than him. Brian also mentions that he has influence on the board of directors and they can kick him out when they wish. William can see that their views are different and only one of them can stay in Spencer. He tells Susan – she has to be fair in order to make him believe in her again.

When William walks back to his office on the way, he ponders over Sophie’s words. He quickly wants Allen to inform the Academic Director to send Sophie’s records to him. He reads the agreement letter carefully and finds that the ‘I’ for Sophie’s name is different. Susan is relieved to see that. But she is dismayed later. How can this be? When he looks through the records that the Academic Director passes to him, he finds the familiar ‘I’ in her signature – the very same ‘I’ that she carves on the windmill.

He notices it is being tampered with when he touches the agreement letter – Susan has tried to get rid of the love sign when Sophie is sleeping. (Phew – luckily he isn’t being fooled twice.). William is overjoyed – so Sophie is the one he has been looking for. Usually, Allen will be driving his car but this time round, he gets so anxious that he drives on his own to Green Light. Susan is shattered upon seeing him leave so this despicable woman tells Sophie that William has proposed to her and she agrees to break her heart.

But alas – Owen is there before him to confirm with Sophie that William is no longer in her heart. (She lies of course and is still waiting for William to fulfill his promise.) She is looking forward to the future. William misunderstands that she has accepted Owen and leaves. Owen makes a new megaphone and tries to hint to Sophie that he is Yuan Fang. Laugh when she keeps making the wrong guesses and he nearly explodes. But later he smiles upon knowing that she is making fun of him.

Susan is unhappy when He Yu creates a scene at Spencer, reminding her of her past. She gets hysterical when she sees Li Xiang and keeps denying. William comes and tries to fend He Yu off. He doesn’t want any trouble in his school. He Yu becomes violent and tries to stab William with a knife but Susan protects him and gets hurt. Brian gets concerned and overpowers He Yu as Allen sends Susan to the sick bay. But Brian makes no attempt to follow as he stays back.

Luckily the wound on her waist isn’t deep. William is still cold to Susan. He does this not because of her but because of the school. He nearly doesn’t wish to see her again because she causes him to be unable to poach the past to Sophie. Since she is happy with Owen, he decides to let her go. Allen deems it unfair but William also forbids him to tell Sophie about it.

He sends Susan home and you will be amused that he asks Susan for the letter back. He doesn’t want it to fall into the wrong hands and he wants to clear the air. Now everyone is having the wrong impression that they are dating. He wants to stop the distress caused to others – including Sophie and himself. Susan is mad with him – she yells that she has torn the letter.

Be shocked when William nearly wants to slap her (His palm should land on her face but just too bad….) Susan has never experienced being loved and she likes William’s affections. She hugs him tight and Sophie sees them in the embrace. William also wants to love someone and be loved but Susan isn’t his one and only Sophie. Sophie avoids them to walk out and is surprised that William runs after her. She can see that William is going to mention about the past but later he stops saying. This breaks her heart, thinking that he wants to forget the past. Actually, William has wished to start with her all over again.

He wanders outside her home till dusk. Owen is startled when he comes with flowers. As usual, he vows not to be a loser again. And William loses out to him because he knows music more. You will laugh when he passes to William the flowers as he plays the violin. Sophie hears the music and throws the megaphone down, hitting him on the head. Owen grumbles that she should blow him a kiss or throw him a present. William tries so hard not to laugh. Sophie is surprised that William is still here. He tosses the flowers to her but is fair to tell her that they are from Owen before leaving.

Owen asks if he should play her another song. She looks at William hesitantly. William’s back turns rigid as he is about to leave. Is he going to lose her or to wish her all the best? He decides to win her heart back. The next day, Green Light students appear at Spencer, feeling very uncertain of winning. William waits for them at the entrance to give them support. Owen holds Sophie’s hand but she releases his hand when William looks into Sophie’s eyes. (How their eyes can speak to each other and how sad Owen is!) Owen warns Susan not to cheat. Mrs Spencer treats Susan coldly, hoping her to make the contest fair.

Owen sees that Sophie is worried – she knows Susan too well. Seeing them lacking confidence backstage, William gets the marker ready and passes to Sophie. Sure enough, she repeats his trick. Susan quarrels with Sophie when the two schools’ students pickle, William drags her out – if she’s unhappy of the past of him with Sophie, he will apologise but she says that she is the leading judge and need not explain to him.

The Green Light students appear barefooted on stage and all of them crack up…except William. He knows that the students are just displaying their natural flair. The audience has not noticed that they have the backing of the best orchestra – Owen’s colleagues and Owen himself. They win loud applause and come in first with Spencer students. William congratulates Brian – this is the best outcome. But Brian refuses to shake his hand, wanting only a champion.

Mrs Spencer leaves the choice to Susan. She declares Green Light as the winner, reading William’s mind. William and Mrs Spencer then feel that they have wronged Susan. Susan tells them that she has to trick Brian so he will get another judge to replace her. William’s mother starts to view her differently and starts to agree with William to accept her as her daughter-in-law. (This is so strange, at first she likes Sophie and later, she condemns her like some kind of disease and keeps pushing Susan into William’s arms. Now William is clearheaded and she isn’t. )

Brian is angry for being betrayed – how can she be thinking this way to secure William’s position? He grabs her hard and William tries to stop and he gets punched. Well, he also fights back and he tells Brian that he has the responsibility to protect her. William knows that he will be bombarded by parents and by the directors’ board the next day – so is Susan for making such a big sacrifice over the result.

Susan melts into his arms and Brian asks how long she will like William. She replies her whole life leaving him shattered. Laugh when William reminds Brian of his promise and he expects to see the resignation letter the next morning in his office. Sophie is down upon seeing William helping Susan in and Susan deliberately puts her hand over his hand. Seeing Susan staggering, Sophie helps her home. Owen knows that William needs to take care of Susan although he loves Sophie. William tells him to treat Sophie well or risk having her taken away.

Brian doesn’t keep his promise (what a sore loser) – saying that Susan is marrying William soon and he will protest against the result to reporters. He Yu provides him with the photos he has taken. Brian gives him a $50,000 cheque instead of $30,000 to silence him. William and Mrs Spencer expect to see Green Light getting the champion as the top news the next day. They are stunned to see that ‘Spencer School CEO is a two-timer’ as the headline, showing his photo with Sophie. It even mentions that he courts Susan to influence her decision as a judge to let Green Light win.

Mrs Spencer is concerned that Susan might get affected while William is only worried that Sophie will get upset. He calls Sophie but she leaves her handphone at home as she cycles to the bus-stop. He only asks Susan briefly if she is fine in a formal tone. Upon learning that Sophie has left home, he gets Allen to drive fast to the bus-stop. Sure enough, she is swarmed by reporters and Allen has to fend them off in order to let William and Sophie get on the public bus.

When shown the newspaper, she bursts out laughing, much to William’s relief. He worries that the news might upset her and can finally smile now upon seeing her grin. He smiles rarely as he seldom meets her. She always has the ability to make him laugh. She is more worried that this will affect the children.
But both of them can’t appear in the schools so they have to go to the forest to hide from reporters. He is amused that they are like a couple on the run – but they are running away from their feelings. They have put up with their families’ expectations for too long and they need a break.

To stop the reporters’ harassment to the Green Light children, Owen lies that he is Sophie’s boyfriend but he is genuinely back for the Spencers’ performance for Sophie’s sake. Brian also brings Susan along to declare that Green Light cheated the contest but to his dismay, Susan claims that the result is true but the person who spreads the rumour is Sophie’s ex-boyfriend. He Yu is very annoyed with her too. Owen gets angry with Susan for framing Sophie. So he drives the van with her to reach the cliff. It is not only her who can do scary acts – he can also do it. (This is sure a daring act.)

William and Sophie reach a river. He tells Sophie to trust him to jump to him. Sophie notices that he is like the boy when young and she feels secure with him. He opens his arms to her but she accidentally slips to fall into the river. She nearly drowns and her head hits against a rock, struggling in the water. William dives in and his heart nearly stops beating as he sees her drifting away from him. He immediately throws out his tie for her to hold it. When she manages to hold it, he immediately hugs her close to him.

During that instant, the fear reminds him that he can’t afford to lose her and he can’t let her go. No matter who she chooses, he will use his life to protect her forever. He helps her to shore and quickly brushes her shoulders to keep her warm. (If Sophie has this similar encounter when young, she should have learned swimming long ago.) Then he hugs her and apologises between sobs for nearly causing her death. Sophie doesn’t know why she doesn’t push him away and rests her face over his shoulder. She can sense his warm heart under his cold exterior. (This scene is marvelous – you should not miss it!)

William wants Allen to come quickly. Sophie searches through her clothes and is shattered to find the crest torn. William is silent and feels her grief. He immediately puts his coat on her and notices she feels giddy after her head is hit by the stone. He gets the first aid kit and applies the medicine on her head upon seeing it swollen. He also touches her head gently to reduce the swell. Allen tells him of the disaster and he frowns – Sophie has an ex-boyfriend? But it is still more urgent to send Sophie back first to Green Light. Owen is shocked to see their disheveled state but doesn’t see the need of William to explain to him.

William tells Owen that he can’t let go of Sophie now. Have fun when the guys have a persimmon plucking competition and they refuse to give in to each other. The children also give a whole box for Sophie to get home. Owen lets William send Sophie home. He sees the radiance in Sophie when she is with William. William doesn’t know why he lets them together but thanks him. Still, the two guys will not give her up. Mrs Spencer poses the suggestion of Susan marrying William on the Spencers’ Anniversary day to disperse the rumour and she agrees.

William sends Sophie home and carries the box of persimmons for her. He is about to tell her about him as the person from the past when Susan interrupts. She tells them to be prepared with reporters going after them. William leaves and Sophie is shattered to know of their coming engagement. Just like from young, she is late in running after him in his car. Is she losing her chance again?

William makes it clear to Mrs Spencer that he rejects getting engaged to Susan. He likes Sophie all along.
Mrs Spencer is annoyed with him for getting involved with the sisters. He also turns up at Sophie’s home late and night to tell Susan angrily that he is apologetic over Mrs Spencer’s suggestion. But he doesn’t understand how Susan can agree to it.

She says that she loves him but he points out in a rage that she is lying the first time he met her as a child.
By saying that she is Susan, he seeks the wrong person out. It is also his fault as he is too elated to notice the mistake. Even with Mrs Spencer’s help, he will not allow her to separate him from Sophie. He will not commit a second mistake. He will let the public know who his future fiancée is.

No matter who the person is, it will definitely not be her. If not for Sophie, he could have wanted her not to appear in front of him again. (A nice guy finally showing his disgust openly.) He walks out angrily and Sophie is back. He apologises to her for returning home right now and she must turn up at the Spencers Anniversary Day. (Although he is like Cheng Jun doing the planning in ‘Staircase to Heaven’, we will soon know that his plan will be doomed in no time.)

Susan deliberately throws a tantrum as William humiliates her and knocks her head against the tea table, threatening to kill herself. (This suicidal act can work for centuries.) Sophie agrees to help her. Owen wants to stay with Fiona but wants to make sure that Sophie becomes his girlfriend soon. All turn up for the event and as usual, Brian and William cross swords again. Brian expects William to do a good presentation and William replies that he will try to make it so interesting that Brian has no chance to stay as a director.

The Academic Director announces The Spencer School as the winner – due to his habit and disappoints the Green Light children. William makes the clarification and says that Brian will not step out. Their bet is only a form of encouragement for each other. Brian respects his choice. (I think that he is actually glad that he is keeping his post and William is too magnanimous.) The sisters are elegantly dressed for the occasion but Susan’s boots is distasteful – they are white with woolen balls sticking around.

She hands out a glass to William but he doesn’t accept it. She asks – so friend or foe? He is alert this time – that depends how she treats Sophie and with honesty. Don’t hurt Sophie or……he is about to add on but she wants him to trust her as they are sisters. He gets the glass from her and Mrs Spencer gets the wrong idea that they are patching up and she can announce their coming engagement.

Reporters ask Sophie about the contest results and her love problems. Mrs Spencer decides to announce William’s engagement to Susan and tells Sophie about it in advance. (How this woman turns to be so unfriendly, I have no idea.) He worries about it and tells all that his princess is long in his heart and he will want to protect her forever. He walks to the sisters and you will definitely curse or swear as Sophie hides behind Susan. Susan never expects him to walk past her to put his hand on Sophie’s shoulder. When it rains, Allen passes him an umbrella to shelter the couple, secretly cheering for his success.

But alas, He Yu comes at this time to yell that Sophie is his ex-girlfriend. Susan also signals to Sophie to help her – keeping showing her the wound on her head. Sophie then has to admit that and drags He Yu out. William can’t believe his eyes that this is happening and Mrs Spencer quickly puts his hand over Susan’s, declaring their engagement soon. William stares at Susan and she is uneasy with his stares. He has no choice but to chair a board meeting later, retracting his hand off hers in disgust. (Sigh - why is he as submissive as Cheng Jun in ‘Staircase To Heaven’ to accept his fate?!)

He Yu drags Susan aside, demanding to know what is going on. He slaps her and Brian defends her. He Yu finds it stupid of him to protect her as she has betrayed him in the past. Brian has forgiven her as he loves her. He knows her path of loving William is a tough one but he will help her. (We feel his sorrow but the three, including Sophie are crazy to be her helpers in this insane plot.)

William gets tense when Mrs Spencer is mad with Sophie for causing such a big roar on this big day to tarnish the school’s reputation that she wants to dismiss her. Many directors have left before the meeting as they are fed up with the negative attention she gets from the press. When Mrs Spencer presses Sophie for an answer, William drags her out with Allen following him.

William forces Sophie into the car – how is Sophie going to react if Mrs Spencer keeps forcing her – to agree or disagree? Although he knows that he is rude to do this, he has no other choice. Thanks to Allen being his accomplice. When Sophie demands him to stop the car, William reminds him who the boss is. She then walks out of the car and keeps insisting that He Yu is her lover.

William should not pester her since he is getting engaged to Susan. Why is he following her? He replies that he is not behind her but is standing in front of her now! (This is so funny!) Just look into his eyes – who is he to her? Will she reject him wooing her – why not ask her own feelings? Why is she so angry?
He leans close to her on the car and Allen quickly passes him a small ornament box to give to her. She yells – she will not accept it even if it is a wedding ring and gives him back. She is not going to open it.

He stresses that he doesn’t believe it but when she keeps repeating on how they go on dates and how many kisses they share, William gets jealous and kisses her right on the street! (This will remind you how Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei share their kiss too in ‘All About Eve’.) How can a person remember everything so well? She slaps him for stealing her first kiss and nearly gets knocked down by a car but he pulls her back. He is stunned to know that – that affirms that she is really lying to him all along.

She is so stubborn to refuse to get in the car again. Allen’s hopes brighten up upon seeing his boss going after her. William softens for while upon seeing her walking barefooted as her feet feel painful. But when she rejects him again, he has no patience and tells Allen to drive off. He is angry that she has not paid attention to what he has said to leave in a huff. (But I can guarantee she will give if he suddenly carries her into the car to catch her by surprise.)

William is too angry for words – how can she not open the box to find out who he is to her? He is about to give her a new family crest. (Alas – why doesn’t he just wear it to save all the trouble?!) Upon seeing Allen hesitating, he asks Allen – does he want him to drive himself? Allen has no choice but to obey him. (But I support William this time as Sophie is too childish.)

A reporter surrounds Mrs Spencer and Susan, showing photos taken of William and Sophie earlier. Mrs Spencer announces that William and Susan will get engaged on the coming Saturday to disperse the rumour. Susan is hesitant – can this come true although William has rejected her earlier? Brian has come up with this plan to help Susan to attain her wish. (He is too noble to give her up – how can he do this?!)

William gets Allen to check out He Yu’s address and goes there. Owen has been there earlier and scalds his hand in hot soup to prove that he loves Sophie. (That is very moving to show that he treasures her more than his own hand.) Sophie quickly tends to him to drive him back. William watches them leave in silence. He Yu is impatient when William comes – why is another man coming for Sophie again? Is he going to boil his hand like Owen?

William can agree to any request he states….but if he hurts Sophie again….., see how violent he becomes to use his fist to hit He Yu when Hu Yu strikes at him – just like how he hits Brian. William storms out and suddenly tells Allen to stop the car to walk continuously on the pathway. Allen sees no necessity of him getting worked up over He Yu but William confesses that he is angry with Sophie. Allen shakes his head – William is firm in decision making in every area but when it comes to Sophie, he becomes an idiot.

William stares at him and he quickly changes his statement – his decision is obstructed. William doesn’t understand Sophie - he has built a house for her in his heart. He has even opened the door – why hasn’t she entered? Allen pointed that he has not told her or ask her to walk in! William has only loved Sophie and he will never give up on her. Allen smiles at his insistence.

Fiona is furious that Owen hurts his hand and scolds Sophie. How is he going to perform the next day? His assistants send Sophie back, afraid that there will be conflicts between the two women. Sophie feels that the two has not proceeded despite being together for 5 years because of her. Owen keeps on stressing that he wants to search for his princess since Day 1 they know him. (Both William and Owen treat her as their princess – isn’t this sweet?)

William is reluctant to return home and jumps upon getting Mrs Spencer’s call that she has raised the engagement to Susan with Sophie’s parents. He is adamant not to give in and loses his respect for his mother. Sophie has insomnia over the matter and is surprised to see William at the bus-stop. He nearly tears his hair when she refuses to get into his car again but is pleased that she is jealous upon seeing the newspaper on him getting engaged to Susan – acting like a big sour lemon.

She snaps that he doesn’t need to help her. He gets impatient – why is she always acting the opposite of him? He is becoming overbearing because of her. Allen is very amused – although William looks fierce, he is sure that he will follow her up the public bus in the end. True enough, she is annoyed when he stays and wants Allen to stop William from being irritating but Allen’s answer is – William is his boss and not the other way round! William warns her to stop warning him.

She shields the sunlight from her eyes and William jokes that she is saluting to him. He assures her that he will not allow her to leave the school. He becomes eloquent now as he gets on the bus with her – this is public transport, isn’t it? He even chooses her favourite seat and she gets very irritated. The same thing happens again, she slips when the bus jerks again to fall onto the seat beside him. William is amused as he holds her again and they are destined to be together. This time round, she moves to another seat opposite him and refuses to sit beside him although he calls her name repeatedly with a broad smile. (It is funny to see both quarreling with each other.)

When Sophie gets off the bus, she gets so mad that she kicks a stone at William. But she ends up kicking her shoe off and he catching it before he gets into the car. He grins – is she going to be his Cinderella? He assures her that he will try his best to keep her job. William rushes back to Spencer school for a meeting and ignores Susan. Brian can’t accept William ignoring Susan.

He doesn’t wish to talk to anyone now but is pissed off with Brian when discovering that he is the mastermind behind the engagement issue. Brian doesn’t want William to ruin Susan or Spencer school to do this for his own good. William doesn’t think he is wrong and grabs the paper to toss it into the air. You will feel the tension between the two. He should have disposed Brian of his position then. He only wants to get engaged to the woman he loves. Brian points out that he disregards Susan’s feelings.

William asks – what about Brian’s own feelings? Is he in love with Susan? Brian admits that love comes in different ways and he will help Susan to achieve her goal. William was an idiot in love before yesterday but now he really appreciates of him doing so much for Susan. He is about to instruct Allen to inform the PR department to clear the air with the reporters when he gets the news that Mrs Spencer and the board of directors have decided to dismiss Sophie. Now the dismissal document only lacks his signature.

He rushes to Mrs Spencer immediately and tries in vain to change their mind. She is adamant to protect the school – so is William. If so, punish him then since he is the CEO. Brian agrees and since he is the organizer. The Academic Director is shocked – so William needs to leave his post? But Brian decides that William has done his best so he should get engaged to Susan. William has no way out when other directors and Mrs Spencer agree but hopes to race against time to search for a solution.

He ignores Susan when she begs to talk to him for 5 minutes. Susan has lost the right to speak to him from the time she doesn’t explain on the Spencers Anniversary Day. She replies that she regards him important and doesn’t want to upset him. So she agrees to explain at a press conference. William softens and thanks her. He has not learned to face love and handle it properly. He tells her to shift her attention to Brian who loves her deeply. Susan tells Brian not to help her although he insists.

He feels that she has the right to be loved and puts his hand on her shoulder. (How gentle he is now!) Seeing them together, William intends to spread the good news of canceling the engagement to Sophie. Susan then continues that it is fortunate to be loved but she only learns to love someone. She still wants to maintain her feelings for William as he allows her to love him.

William gasps in despair. Allen then asks doubtfully – is this the good news that his boss expects? William then decides to look for Sophie is still the most important thing to do now. He gets magnolia flowers which indicate apology and making up to her. He also holds the crest in his hand. Allen drives fast, knowing that he is eager. But alas, they are just on time to hear Owen’s proposal to Sophie. William is heartbroken and thrusts the things to Allen. He doesn’t need them. Who says this is the perfect timing? Allen sighs – why is he too late in his declaration to her in the first place. Unknown to both, the two are just playing a game in front of the children and Sophie has not said yes to Owen.

William and Susan turn up, seeing Owen and Sophie coming together at Owen’s presentation. The two stare at each other. Sophie thinks – William stresses that he isn’t engaged with Susan and yet he is with her. She quickly hooks her arm with Owen’s. William refuses to admit defeat – is she here to boost that she has a suitor? Does she think that he will not follow her example? He also pulls Susan’s arm to hook with his. (How childish both can be to spite with each other! But I think Fiona suffers the most.)

CBC’s boss, Ed meets the two couples. William is tongue-tied when Ed asks if Susan is his fiancée. He gets jealous when Owen describes Sophie as his goddess to Ed. Owen has to prepare for the presentation and wants William to take care of Sophie. William nearly bursts when Owen gives Sophie a peck on her cheek. (You should have seen William’s face when Owen gives a victorious smile.) Owen even laughs – seeing them on bad terms gives him the best assurance.

You never know what Sophie wants – she rejects William’s company and yet yells for his attention when he walks away, deliberately putting his hand over Susan’s shoulder. Seeing them together, she mumbles that she has never seen someone so angry and arrogant. William observes that she gulps two glasses of champagne and gets concerned. Allen is about to move over when William decides to get the cakes himself. Allen sighs - William likes to show anger but later regrets his behaviour. What is the point?

Lets not miss the exciting challenge between the two. William has not seen a drinking so much and she insists that this is champagne and not liquor. Getting annoyed, he gives up – then drink more till she gets drunk to embarrass herself in front of the crowd. She mumbles – he doesn’t want to look at her but yet he is here to get cakes as a man. She gets moody upon knowing they are for Susan. She goes after him and this clumsy woman slips into the pool. William stretches his hand without thinking but instead of making her stand still, she drags William into it! (I really have a good laugh at this one.)

Fiona gets them the dry clothes and knows Owen will ask Sophie to be his girlfriend soon. She leads them into a room for changing. (I still can’t accept this arrangement – don’t tell me this place has no extra toilets?!) She knows she is the only one to make Owen happy. (Poor Fiona – why no one spares a thought for her?)William can’t contain his jealousy anymore and stares at her fiercely. She then retorts that she doesn’t drag him into this on purpose and he snaps back – who will like to jump into the pool with her?

These two will make you shake your heads. They quarrel over who should change first and she sits down, letting him to change first. She blushes upon seeing his reflection from the mirror so she sits on a sofa behind it. William undresses – but do relax - he is only changing his shirt. It is so funny when he trips and falls on top of her when he comes to get his tie and nearly kisses her when falling on top of her!

Feeling equally shy, he turns to another direction to wear his tie and suit with his back facing her. Sophie says a lot of both lacking coordination to end up like this and wonders why he doesn’t answer. He doesn’t have any thoughts on this? His only conclusion is he is ready and she can change now. Owen waits for Sophie outside and William tells him that she is still changing.

Owen is amused that he is acting like her protector. William has the right before Sophie says yes to Owen. They keep gunning down each other, saying each other has no chance of winning. William smiles confidently, if Owen really thinks so, there is no need to convince him that she is his. Owen laments that Sophie is low-witted to get into trouble when he isn’t with her.

William is already unhappy with Owen boasting about his princess to look elegant in anything. William is burning with fury when Owen plants another kiss on Sophie’s forehead before performing. He sits beside her and he nearly can’t take it when Owen makes eyes at Sophie during his recital. (He does it very romantically.) Owen suddenly stops playing and asks her to be his girlfriend. He then runs away with her. Ed gets so mad that he decides to stop sponsoring Owen. William is calm to think that they are still not a confirmed couple as Sophie has not answered Owen.

Owen knows Sophie’s answer upon seeing her hesitation. He doesn’t cry but try to act unaffected by it. She is still worthy to him to forsake his career. (This is sad as they have gone to a performance square where a clown has his face painted – which just depicts Owen’s feelings now.) Pao Ma (a student’s mother) informs Sophie that she manages to retain her job because William gets a demerit point from other directors in order to keep her. She is touched but panicks upon knowing that William is attending their BBQ session.

She is too late to hide from him and is sarcastic to say that she never knows the upper class William likes BBQ. See how ungrateful this woman is to get intimate with Owen in front of him! William can’t take it anymore and goes to them to barbecue the food with them. Upon Pao Ma’s urge to thank him, Sophie reluctantly offers William food. Seeing how the guys fight over the food is an eye-opening experience.

Owen snatches it back – this is what he has barbecued. William claims that it is HIS since Sophie passes it to him. The guys quarrel non-stop and the others watch in disbelief. This is not the kind of behaviour they expect from a world-acclaimed violinist and a CEO. You Mei wants to reveal her love for Da Jie so she pass a note to him, sticking to a drink to tell him to meet her at a hut.

Sophie comes at the wrong time to hear her recital declaration so she charges out. Sophie then picks the note to read – she has been treating him coldly but this is unintentional as she really likes him. William smiles but later freezes when she tells him to stop. Turn off the light to kiss her if he likes her. Which he follows! She regrets her words and retreats from him. William is puzzled – isn’t this what he is supposed to do? She scolds him till he gets so startled to sit down. She then runs away and William follows.

Owen shakes his head and follows – these two are worrying. Sophie demands for an apology but he doesn’t see the need. He likes her so he kisses her. But if he kisses Allen, Owen or Da Jie, he will definitely have to explain to her. Owen smiles – he never knows that he has such a good sense of humour. So do we. She then claims that William should reveal his feelings to her – even though she mentions to Owen that the past doesn’t mean anything to her since he loves her so much.

William sighs and sits down– how is he going to do that after hearing that? He is back not because the school, his mother or Susan but for her. His feelings for her have never changed. This Sophie is terrible – he says so much but she doesn’t answer if she loves him! Getting disappointed, he walks away in the rain. (Poor Owen is so devastated upon hearing that outside the hut.) She then bursts into tears and yells – she loves him but doesn’t know how to put it into words.

William hears her and returns. Both hug and kiss passionately in the rain. Poor Owen has to nurse his broken heart. All know what goes on between them upon seeing them holding hands. Sophie is shy and wants to avoid but William holds her hand firmly. He will start wooing her now. Owen leaves and entrusts William to take care of her. But alas, He Yu suddenly comes with his gang, wanting to kidnap William as he is bitter with William’s treatment against him. During the process of running, Sophie’s finger is cut by a plant. William decides to lure Shi Yu away so that Sophie can escape. She refuses as she only gets to be with the person she misses now and doesn’t want to lose him on the first day.

When they reach a hut, she shivers because of a storm. Despite with the blankets covering her, she refuses to change her clothes. (She should trust him but Leon’s fans will not mind seeing him undressed for the second time.) So William changes his shirt and hugs her to keep her warm. She blushes while William is startled to know that she feels hot. This Sophie is sure oblivious – he has hugged her so closely – how can her face not turn red? William discovers that she develops a fever. She must have in association with water in the pool and the rain.

He is startled to see her fainting and he is cut off from his telephone connection when trying to get Allen. He manages to find some panadols and coaxes her to swallow them. (You will laugh when it seems that he treats her like a little girl to force the pill down her throat.) He promises to protect her like in the past. Fiona is frustrated that Owen is giving up his career because of Sophie.

Shi Yu can’t find William so he returns to tell Sophie that William has knelt in front of him to admit being a loser. He has forced him to retreat to the forest and he will see if he can survive there. Seeing that Susan is badly shaken, he handles the case. Owen believes that the attempted kidnap is connected to Susan.

Owen and Allen are worried when both are missing but the irritating Pao Ma prevents them from conducting a search team as she thinks that they are having a romantic moment. The next day, both pull the blanket towards them but later push it to each other. Both can’t recall how they sleep with each other. What can they tell each other? William is more worried what she will think of him.

He sits up, asking if she is awake. You will laugh non-stop when she pretends to yawn and lie back. He smiles and decides to take a look outside to see if they are. She is concerned that he wears little and follows out. He touches her forehead and seeing that she still has a fever, he quickly puts his suit jacket on her. He will not want to waste his efforts to take care of her the whole night. She also adds her scarf around his neck – she will not want to waste her effort to give him the blanket too.

He is touched and hugs her but she retreats again. Why is she keeping a distance from him? She is troubled on how to face Susan. William decides that love must be selfish and she will feel the importance of being loved. She takes off his suit jacket and he puts her scarf back on her. They must face everything together. She recalls his words and he is amused that she takes so long to digest the words. Owen is right to say that she is very slow. William jokes that he must thank the owners for providing them a place to sleep together for the first time. Owen can’t rest his mind and conducts a search to finally meet them.

Susan is angry to know both are trapped together for the night. Although Shi Yu fails in the kidnap attempt, he only agrees to let Susan go if she jumps off a van with him. She jumps and yells why she is always entangled with him. He replies because they both belong to the lower class. Brian doesn’t like them to look down on themselves. His father was a commercial criminal but he works hard to achieve the status today.

Owen gets mad – why this happens once he hands her to him? William promises to protect her and he is sending her to hospital. Owen gets anxious and grabs her hand. So is William on the other side. When she is about to open her mouth, they snap at her to keep quiet. Both guys look at each other fiercely. William is concerned that Sophie’s fever comes and goes.

Owen puts his hand on her waist. The nurse asks for her IC for registration and you will be amused again when their fingers land on it to stare at each other again. Sophie asks William to do it – she feels more relaxed with Owen and uneasy with William. So she loves him more. The nurse gets Sophie to have a blood test. Owen even calls his uncle, who is the hospital director to come personally. He promises to take care of her since he is so concerned.

William notices that it is Sophie’s birthday the next day when filling the form. He gets Fiona’s call about meeting Ed at 1pm and promises her to bring him to see Ed. Sophie decides to go with them. Susan sees Sophie with the two guys and nearly bursts upon seeing how William adjusts her scarf. Knowing that it is windy, they bring her in instead of waiting at the entrance for Allen’s car. (How thoughtful they are!)

She runs away while Brian and Shi Yu run after her. Shi Yu (What a coincidence! Both sisters are with 2 men who love them so much. But the contrast is Sophie cherishes them while Susan tortures them.) Shi Yu and Brian agree to help her out. Brian asks if Sophie feels bad for hurting Susan. Owen points out that William and Sophie will have been together if not for Susan’s lying.

Brian still insists that William is the culprit to hurt both sisters. William gets so impatient that he pushes Brian. He hasn’t agreed to the engagement but Brian does. They return to Spencer School but are too late to change Ed’s mind. The reckless Sophie talks back at Ed, not knowing that he is the sponsor that Principal Lan has been looking for to sponsor Green Light to be independent. Owen consoles her, saying that he has belief in her saying that music has no boundaries.

Mrs Spencer sees the two holding hands. William doesn’t wish her to oppose again and formally introduces Sophie as the woman he wishes to marry. Mrs Spencer sighs – this is not giving her a chance and she wants to be with Sophie for a while. The Academic Director is curious to peep at them. He jumps upon getting a pat on the shoulder by William and both hide behind the bushes.

Mrs Spencer teaches her manners on how to sit properly and to smile gracefully. She wants her not to be impulsive as there are more rules to come. She is willing to change but she doesn’t want to do it. William and startled and stands up. If she changes, she will not be the person he loves. She asks her heart and it says yes to stay beside him forever. Upon hearing her answer, William is so overjoyed that he jumps out to give her a long hug. Mrs Spencer is amused – he will have a long life ahead to do that. Laugh when she detects Allen and the Academic Director from the hiding place.

Mrs Spencer invites Sophie for dinner. William drives the car to send Sophie home. She is touched to know that he has arranged Allen to send her parents home from the airport and also apply a day’s leave from Green Light for her. Before going home, he brings her to a jewel shop. He chooses a modern necklace that represents love from a start. Sophie gets impatient and walks out. She is amused to see him there.

Men are sure unoriginal. He should have given her goldfish or a tortoise since she likes animals. Upon seeing him choosing an old design, she walks in. He should shop with her. He cracks up – yes, he buys it for her to pass to his mother. How can she go to his home empty-handed? She is really slow as Owen says. She is a little disappointed but is also glad that he is so considerate. He informs the Sus of the decision. They dislike him to hurt both daughters but Susan pretend to let it pass as William finds it hard to explain.

Mrs Spencer likes the necklace. (Her son knows her taste well.) She tells Sophie to get something from the safe. She recalls how she is mistaken and he jokes that he will catch the thief later. Mrs Spencer finds Allen right that William is only happy when with Sophie and she is glad. (But I find it unbearable and unbelievable that Allen gets the uncultured Bao Ma to be the chef for the day. Laugh when the Academic Director follows suit to tie her up to cook in order to get into Mrs Spencer’s good books.)

Sophie finds a letter for her in the safe. There is a brooch for her – it is for Mrs Spencer from William’s grandmother. She welcomes Sophie to the Spencer family. William teases her that she can’t run away now. He also has something to give her. He shows the necklace and puts on her neck. It is her birthday the next day but he finds it more meaningful to give her today as it represents his promise to be with her forever. Mrs Spencer suggests them to get engaged. William is eager to clear the air with Susan the next day to celebrate Sophie’s birthday at Green Light after that.

Both have a stroll. Sophie is amused that Allen follows them. William replies that is from young till now. He then holds her hand. Both happen to see Owen performing at a restaurant. He is down and has dinner with his assistants. They play a piece for the diners and all clap cheerfully. Owen smiles, this has proved that music has no boundaries and he can survive anywhere. Owen gives the couple a congratulation piece. He will put the three words in his heart forever. (How touching!)

Fiona will search for another sponsor for Owen as his manager. But since she is no longer his girlfriend, he will have to handle his own monetary issues. Owen gives her a farewell hug. How sad she is! William turns up with a bouquet of roses, wishing Sophie happy birthday the next day and fetches her to the bus stop. He knows that she is going to be late again and has gotten breakfast for her. Susan is bitter over it as she is forced to turn up for the press conference later – it casts such a negative effect on her that she cuts the roses from the stalks. There is finally something that William doesn’t know.

He doesn’t know how to cycle and by pushing the bicycle clumsily beside Sophie hurts her leg instead! He grumbles as he doesn’t know why she always doesn’t want to get into his car. She gets annoyed and blames him. He protests that she is too heavy and she has a round face. When he is about to comment on her fat legs, she becomes angrier. He even adds that she is often late and forgets things so she isn’t a good teacher. (I must say that I partly agree with this statement.)

She demands him to say a rap. He says with difficulty, much to the amusement of Allen and the Academic Director. Later, he has to come up with a praise to appease her anger within 3 seconds. You will sprawl on the floor when he mumbles that he likes a round face. (He is so funny in here!) She is touched when William moves the windmill to the bus-stop. She touches the mark she has made when young. He hopes that it keeps her company if he isn’t around with her.

She is finally happy while he goes to meet Owen to want his blissful congrats as he cares most for Sophie. William is even willing to let him punch him to appease his anger. Of course, Owen will not use his right hand to hit him. William is startled when Owen wants him to make megaphones (which he doesn’t know) and to tell him the Cinderella story. He thinks Owen is trying to make his life difficult.

He is annoyed with the first request but decides that he will learn it. When he starts telling the story, Owen stops him – Sophie will confide in the megaphone when she is upset and her spirits will be raised if someone tells her another Cinderella story. (How can this man be so nice to tell William everything about her likes and dislikes? He knows Sophie so much more than William!) William jokes that with him as a friend around gives him pressure. Owen replies his presence is to make him to treat Sophie better or he will grab her from him. Both shake hands.

Brian wants Shi Yu to abduct Sophie to the press conference venue and kiss her in front of all to prove the rumour. Shi Yu doesn’t want to do any more discredit to Sophie but Brian wants him to show his support for Susan so he obeys. William refuses Brian’s request to engage to Susan and is disturbed by his threat to harm Sophie. He knows that Brian isn’t a rash person and he will have made preparations.

He heaves a sigh of relief when he hears Sophie’s voice. Still feeling insecure, he enlists Owen’s help to protect her at Green Light as he has to handle the press conference. Owen immediately charges fast in his car to foil the kidnap attempt. William is relieved but also furious over it. He is about to cancel the conference when Owen advises him to announce his engagement to Sophie. William smiles – just as he has promised earlier – he will never allow Owen to have the chance to hit him. Owen will make sure that that Sophie reaches him soon. William then informs Mrs Spencer about it.

William looks sternly at Susan. If she can’t wish them well, tell him then and stop using lowly methods. What he has to do is to issue a press statement. He agrees to hold the conference because he respects her. He is astonished to know that she isn’t involved in this. Brian admits to cause this but William doesn’t care what Brian thinks. He will not cancel the conference. Brian promises to let William watch a great show.

Brian can’t wait anymore. He must strike first so he tells Kevin to show the photos. Susan doesn’t want Brian to do anything for her. He replies that this is his freedom. He will not regret once the choice is made - just like how she chooses William. William calls Owen and he is on his way. Sophie dozes off beside him in the car. Owen has bought the same necklace and is looking at it.

William clears the air but Brian stops him, wanting to show the photos which are better off and closer to the truth. William still sits on the chair, undazed because Sophie’s photos appear instead. There is even a photo of them together besides her single photos. The reporters exclaim that she is pretty so they have made a mistake – his future fiancée isn’t Susan.

Have a good laugh when Allen sneers at Kevin. He should have better crop photos as the skills putting Sophie and Shi Yu together are terrible. Luckily he switches them. Brian nearly explodes when William thanks him for preparing them to let others know that Sophie is his fiancée. It truly explains better than his statement and she is arriving soon. He jokes that he knows Brian is very concerned over him. Brian wants him to explain why Sophie claims that Shi Yu is her ex-boyfriend on the anniversary day.

William states that it is a misunderstanding. But if someone wants him to tell what Shi Yu is doing to Sophie now, he will willing to do it. Once he makes the promise, he will live up to his word. Brian is now the one being threatened this time – really serves him right as William is no pushover.

Before walking into the hall, Sophie gives Owen a warm hug. Owen can’t play with her anymore and she thanks him for making her happiness complete. She is fortunate to have a prince and a knight. She hopes that she will be his music notes to compensate for his sadness. (Who will not get jealous over her encounter?) Owen changes his mind of giving her the necklace upon seeing it on her neck. But she discovers it and takes it from him. She knows the significance and thanks him.

He turns to leave after leaving her at the door. The door opens and William smiles warmly at Sophie with the cameras flashing behind him. But he is startled when she suddenly passes out into his arms. He immediately carries her out, praying that nothing must happen to her. Owen’s car passes and he isn’t aware of what has happened. Allen and William reach the hospital. William touches her forehead and it is burning hot. The nurses ask him – how long has she been like this? Does this affect her appetite and sleep? Has this happened before? He can only answer ‘no’ sadly. (Leon projects the sadness well.)

He gets anxious and charges into the room when he sees no doctor. She might be a normal patient to the nurse but she is his fiancée. The hospital director promises to examine her. Allen leaves messages on Owen’s handphone when he can’t get him. William reproaches himself for knowing so little of Sophie. He can only do so little for her and he gets very distressed. (Leon is at one of his best here.)

Owen reminds him of what Count Spencer has said. No matter what happens and how terrible the situation is, they must believe in love. William also has this belief to return and meet Sophie again. William feels more assured. Sophie has no other symptoms besides having a fever and feeling weak so she is kept in the ward. Allen handles the admittance so that William can take care of Sophie.

When seeing William running beside Sophie, Allen sighs. Even if William is the CEO, he can be so fluttered easily when facing his love. He is so innocent like a boy. The hospital director is confused – why is Owen so anxious over Sophie the last time since William is her fiancée? He feels sad for him. Owen gets so panicky over the news that his colleagues shake their heads upon seeing him leaving his precious violin with them as he runs out. (Remarkable performance from Jing Tian too.)

It is strange that the hospital director wants to disclose Sophie’s condition to him before to William. Owen snatches the records from him as he can’t wait for him to explain. He gets bad-tempered – why are the terms in words that he doesn’t understand? The hospital director sighs and tells him that Sophie has contracted Pseudmonas. This reminds Owen that his mother has died of the same disease when he is young and his uncle is the same doctor who treats her in vain.

Owen can face the same tragedy the second time. William holds Sophie’s hand till she wakes up. He slaps her hand playfully – who asks her to try to lose weight to faint to give him a fright? She twists her mouth – he is the one to feed her with a heavy breakfast enough to feed a pig. It is so unfair now to call her a pig. He jokes that he likes a Miss Piggy.

William feels so sorry to make her stay in the hospital on her birthday and he promises to give a Christmas tree so that she can put the star right on the top. Owen’s mother says the same to him in the past before dying and he is so upset when he overhears them. Seeing the two sharing an intimate moment when William brings her to the window to watch the scenery, he fights off tears to control himself. He Yu cries when those at Green Light treat him well and he decides to visit them often as he feels their warmth.

Sophie breaks a glass and bumps into William’s head as both lean to want to pick up the pieces. William decides it is best for her not to move as she is so clumsy to indicate danger. William has thought that Owen will not come after leaving 10 sms and he doesn’t reply. Upon seeing William picking up the broken pieces, Owen knows William is cautious. He is neat to even putting a pen at the right position. How can he be careless to break it? She is annoyed – how can the guys get along so well?

Of course, they do when it concerns more. Owen gives them the megaphone. Sophie can talk to William with it. William jokes he chooses not to as talking too much will know too many of her flaws as it is tough just to accept them. Owen wishes that time will stop when in love – will it stay the same for Sophie? The academic director pushes He Yu to go to the bus with her. Brian will push the proposal to close Green Light. The directors agree with him – they are already like this even when Count Spencer is alive.

Now as CBC has withdrawn his support, they can move ahead. William reminds him sternly that he is the CEO and not Brian. Mrs Spencer has reminded Brian of the meeting. William can stop being a child. ( Although he sounds nasty, I agree with him because William is born indeed with a silver spoon and without his family’s wealth, he will not reach this position. Unlike Brian slogs to get to this position today.)

Allen slips something into Brian’s suit pocket. William wants to visit Sophie to rest his mind before the meeting. Allen has done something that he should not have done. The object is a toy cockroach that gets out from a chewing gum wrapper. Brian is so furious that he bends his fingers before telling Kevin to get the deficit reports of Green Light ready.

Sophie is about to discharge from the hospital but Owen objects to it. Sophie is upset – why hasn’t William done anything to stop Green Light from closing? He should promise but he will not confirm what he can’t do except to try his best. Owen is worked up when Sophie comments that he sounds as if she is dying. This isn’t a simple matter and she can’t mention the word again. Sophie is startled by his uneasiness.

Owen tells William to let Sophie rest in hospital but he gives him a punch. As long as she doesn’t develop a fever and eats antibiotics regularly, she should be fine. Why mention death to scare her? But Owen doesn’t want to go through the same agony of losing his mother suddenly right after 4 hours. William thinks he is unfair to them to say that so Owen gets angry to hit him back. They quarrel but pretend to be friends when she walks out. You will laugh – they grab a sweet that she gives but realizes that it is broken.

Count Spencer is the founder and Mrs Spencer is the founding director/ But Director Zheng is the head of the parent club so Brian hopes to combine efforts to strip William off his CEO post. The academic director is in a dilemma. Should he inform William or bootlick Brian? Why give him such a difficult choice?

Seeing them together makes her feel that there is hope for Green Light. The academic director finally tells William what has happened and he demands to read all the recent files on Green Light. The academic director boasts about his ability and reminds William that he is late. William replies coldly that the main issue here is not to close Green Light but to dispose his position. As long as he isn’t there, the meeting will not start. How sure he is!

The poor man sighs. The directors hate latecomers so William is losing the battle. He mumbles that he should have joined the rest instead. Just as Brian is about to lock the conference room, William arrives in the nick of time. Brian asks how many think William should stay on the post by raising the hand but none does that. Mrs Spencer feels that William isn’t wrong to side Green Light as it is part of Spencer School but Brian says she should not side her son and running the whole place as their own property. Brian has the right to protect the belief to give the best to Spencer students.

William shows 2 drawings from the different schools. One shows only the forests while the other shows trees locked behind walls. He criticized Brian for over-focusing on the students’ academic results but not their sports abilities. The two finally have an agreement – the children from both schools will have a race. If Green Light wins, the directors will have to give William a signed agreement letter. If he loses, he will have to give up his post.

Mrs Spencer is glad that William knows Count Spencer’s belief so well. William isn’t alone as he believes that his father’s spirit is with him. Mrs Spencer knows that he will not give in easily so she can let him handle the case alone and retire to put Spencer School into his hands. She allows Allen to help him out instead of sending her back home.

The students think that William wants to close the school with Brian so they smear superglue on a chair. There are several times he nearly sits on it when there are interruptions in the conversations. Well, fear not. A boy feels so remorseful that he races past William to become the victim instead. Owen wants William to propose to Sophie when the students win. He hopes that Sophie will not blame him for joking with her because he knows only William can provide her happiness. (How sad he looks although he is calm!)

Owen is about to ask William why Sophie looks so exhausted lately when he sees William making calls medical institutes to ask about Pseudmonas. William gets impatient when they can’t provide him a cure and they are only at the research stage. Owen then realizes that William has not dismissed the matter as he seems earlier. He looks also tired to him. William isn’t naïve to believe that she will recover automatically. He tries to keep calm by saying that he is only taking precautions.

Owen tells him not to act tough anymore. He is worried, isn’t he? William isn’t happy – does Owen hope that Sophie will end up like Owen’s mother? Owen is not a judge or doctor to give her a death sentence. Owen flares up – if the antibiotics don’t work and she continues to have a fever, she will die. Owen gets so angry that he throws the research papers at William.

Susan overhears them and feels remorseful over her treatment towards her. How can the guys keep such a serious matter from her and Sophie’s parents? Although Owen knows that it is best for Sophie to get quarantined, William knows that it is impossible to ask her to do that. William wants Owen to trust Susan to treat Sophie better now. But Owen still doesn’t trust her as he has seen how she takes advantage of her in the past. He will not allow her to hurt Sophie.

But the guys later discover that she is concerned to pass her warm water to go down with her medicine. Sophie is touched that Susan treats her better now. Owen is relieved while William is glad that his judgment is right. Green Light gets support after winning the race. All the directors, including Brian sign the consent form for Green Light to go independent.

To their surprise, William tears it – he already has Director Zheng’s approval – he doesn’t need it. The main reason is he wants Spencer students to exchange with Green Light students to embark on learning. William even invites Brian to the school’s Christmas party. Brian doesn’t indicate if he will go although William has invited 6 Spencer students to go.

Owen and the children press William to propose to Sophie. Sophie tells him to do it now or the people will pester them further. He is amused – when has a woman asks him to do that? He isn’t voluntarily doing that. She yells – what? William then assures her that he will do that. He holds her hands nervously and some students who walk pass exclaim that he is romantic. But to the dismay of all, he tells her to lose 5 kg before he proposes to her! You Mei tells Da Jie that she will kill him if he does the same to her.

Sophie stands dumbfounded while William leaves quickly with Allen. William doesn’t know why these words come to his mind at that instant. (This is sure a classic scene.) He asks Allen anxiously – is Sophie angry? Allen replies he doesn’t know. Is she exploding like a volcano? Allen replies the negative impact will be greater than he expects. William has a headache now – that means she feels like killing someone now. She will not definitely let him off.

Sure enough, her voice is so sweet but and pretentious that he steps backwards as she confronts him. It is bad enough to hear the remark from him and what’s more when he says it in front of everyone? She demands an apology and calls him a MCP. William gets provoked and since she tells him to shut up, he will not say sorry to her. He turns to leave so she feigns to faint.

William turns around and his heart nearly stops beating. He rushes to her and wants Allen to call for the ambulance immediately. He looks into her face anxiously, hugging her in his arms and wishing her to open her eyes. No matter if she wants him to apologise a thousand or a million times, he will do it. She is pleased when he says sorry but he gets so furious of being tricked that he pushes her. She vows not to marry him even though he kneels in front of her while he declares that he will not marry her unless she sheds 5 kg. Allen shakes his head when they walk in different directions.

William starts to worry – will she really reject him? She also fears he will not want her too so she steps into the slimming shop. William paces up and down on the track – should he call her? What to tell her? Allen urges him to apologise. He calls her but she tells him not to come. Sophie doesn’t want him to know where so she tells the shop assistant to be silent. William mistakens her to tell him to shut up. He has lowered his dignity to give in to her but how can she do this to him? He will be a pig if he turns up at the mall to get presents for the students. She says they can meet again – zai jian – but he takes that she is saying goodbye.

Allen sighs – how things turn out to be like this and he is acting like a blockhead? William doesn’t know how he turns out to be like this and who can help him? An idea comes to Allen’s mind. William rehearses how he is going to say to Sophie with flowers. He gets impatient when it doesn’t seem natural. Is it that tough to make her say yes? Is he going to dance and sing for her or to read her a poem?

Allen comes in with Mrs Spencer – isn’t she experienced enough to give him tips? She recalls how Count Spencer proposes to her with the song ‘Forever’. He should take off….he gets nervous – what? Mrs Spencer only wants him to remove his mask. He should not hide his weakness, fear or his arrogance. They are going to get married soon to be together forever. They should only give themselves to each other.

He has been thinking what he can give to Sophie. He has forgotten that the important thing about love is to be caring and understanding to each other. Although Sophie isn’t exactly a romantic, it will be a bonus if he manages to give her a surprise. He thinks he should not get troubled – he has the support from Green Light and also…Owen. He calls Owen to help him. Isn’t he scared that he will ruin his proposal? But William trusts him – to make a crystal ball for him and he needs Owen’s music. He draws the crystal ball and tells Allen to pass it to Owen and he will know what to do. Allen thinks the easiest is to tell the 3 words.

William and Sophie wait for each other at the mall. They worry that each other will not come but smile upon seeing each other. He jokes that he will still become a pig so that he will not let her wait in vain. He wants both of them to be frank to declare their own thoughts. He will not hide his uneasiness to reveal his true self. Allen has everything ready.

She wants to play with the machine – to get the egg. She gets it and is about to read the note in it when the academic director opens it to find the note ‘I love you’. Allen is angry that his attempt fails. Owen gets the children to make the crystal ball for Sophie. Sophie drags William to take instant photos with her. You will crack up seeing that he doesn’t know what the machine is but feigns to know it. He doesn’t even have small change with him and the academic director inserts the coins.

He even has to act cute with her but he grows to like the photos taken. He admits that he has never taken that before. Anyone can say that he is cute except the academic director so he immediately shows his cross face when he says that. Sophie coaxes him and brings to a roadside stall to taste red bean soup. The academic director shakes his head – all of them belong to the upper class and how can they come here? The other two men don’t mind, though.

The hawker teases Sophie that she will not add too much sugar since she is tasting sweetness with her boyfriend. William smiles at the comment. The hawker teaches William to buy some lilies or both will pin for each other since ‘red bean’ signifies departure. The flowers can also be used for proposal purpose – bai nian hao he to be together. William gets tense over her remark – so overly anxious to want to get them right now. The hawker jokes that he is too eager to marry Sophie and she has prepared lots to sell to him!

The next scene has him running after her with the flowers – he really doesn’t want to miss each other but she playfully avoids him. Doesn’t she want to be with him? She smiles – he is really serious. He has never been so serious before in his life. Before she gets the flowers, she faints into his arms. A bicycle passes by and crushes the flowers. A glass breaks and Owen feels disturbed, thinking that it is a bad omen.

Sophie has skipped breakfast and William is unhappy that she doesn’t take care of herself. She doesn’t do it on purpose – he is the one to mention about the 5 kg. He holds her hand - he doesn’t really mean it. He is just too shy to admit in front of others the day before that he likes her. He likes a healthy Sophie - even though she adds on 50kg! She is touched and will do that if that is really his wish. He smiles to her reply.

Her fever never subsizes so the hospital director tells her the truth. Sophie is badly affected but upon seeing William walking in, she doesn’t want him to know that she needs to be quarantined. She wishes to be alone for a few minutes and William senses a change in her. She runs out and bursts out crying. What must William do if she dies? She has overheard the guys talking and breaks the sweet then.

William is anxious when she doesn’t return. What has the hospital director said to her? Why has she vainished? When he can’t find her, he is frightened that she will walk out of his life. Seeing William searching for her, she quickly hides herself and feels sorry that he will lose an important part of his life due to her. She calls him and lies that she loses her way and tells him to wait for her at the entrance.

She disallows him to look for her. He senses that she isn’t sounding right but still waits at the entrance. She then pretends to be cheerful to meet him. He chides her for worrying him. In the last second, she was talking to him and suddenly she vanishes from his sight. She wants to have an agreement with him – don’t worry about her when she disappears. Just believe that she will be back. Even if she fails to do so, just transfer it into trust in her. Allen and William are startled by her words.

Of course, he doesn’t agree to it and wants Allen to check her medical report. Seeing her smiling cheerfully, he really hopes that time will not end like this. Laugh when William stammers when giving Sophie the crystal ball. All really shake their heads and they close their eyes in despair when he trips when revealing the drawing that the children have prepared for them. She then realizes that the egg is also from him and he admits that he isn’t romantic enough but he will try to change.

He then sings the song ‘forever’ for her and she recalls their happy times. He will wait for her and he shows her the ring – it indicates that he is giving all his love to her. Luckily unlike other lousy dramas of the heroines hiding in recluse, she agrees to his proposal. Owen weeps upon seeing this. She asks - what if she flies away and never returns? He is adamant that she will never leave his side and she agrees to fulfill the promise. He slips the ring into her finger and kisses her. All are happy but Owen senses her sadness.

Brian also turns up and congratulates William on his success. Susan confides in Brian her feelings for Sophie and he consoles her. William is worried when getting the report from Allen. He wants to spend time reading it so he gets Owen to send Sophie home. But Sophie’s asking him of his mother’s passing makes him suspicious and he becomes very uneasy when she disappears suddenly to buy presents from a shop.

The hospital director tells Owen what has happened and he worries for Sophie. He grabs the violin from a street performer and plays sad music. Sophie packs 60 presents for William and pulls them to William’s home. It is up to him whether he wants to open them up one by one or all at once. She wants to see the happy expression on his face so she chooses not to let the post office mail them yearly.

William believes that she must be nearby as the presents are heavy. She ignores Owen’s calls so he calls William when he is looking for her. Owen is worked up - how can William still sound so easy-going when it comes to critical moments? Is he calling to reprimand him? Owen tells him that Sophie knows everything. He realizes why she gives him so many presents. Sophie faints when taking her medicine.

She wakes up and lies that she wants to have a nap outside while he knows that she stays overnight to get the presents ready for him so he carries her in. She wants to sleep for a while before digging the glass bottles at green light. He wants to delay his meeting with Brian. He asks for Allen’s opinion – should he send Sophie for quarantine or up Green Light for the last time? It seems that he has no answer too.

Before he makes a decision, he prefers to keep her beside him. Allen pats his shoulder when William puts a blanket over Sophie. But is there nothing else he can do within this time? Will she hate him for sending her to hospital? Brian jokes that William is as weak in the game as his work performance – he will win in the next strike. William jokes that he can go ahead. How can William smile even though he loses – Brian laments that even though he wins, he loses the sense of achievement.

This is the first time Brian invites him to play the game so William isn’t bothered by the outcome. William invites him to go to Green Light to see how the children dig out the bottles and Sophie will be putting the star on the Christmas tree. He agrees to consider. Susan bursts into tears when Sophie thanks her for being her sister as they have a hearty chat.

Owen and William have a quarrel – Owen doesn’t like the idea of William having Sophie beside him all the time and not mentioning on the quarantine. William is looking for a chance to tell her that as he doesn’t want her to be at the hospital in shock. Owen says that William is too soft and is speechless as William knows that Owen has no other way too. Brian agrees to accompany Susan to go to Green Light to face her past. She is now looking for security – she often dreams of someone stretching his hand to hold her.

Brian wants to know who the person is but she says that she can’t see the person clearly. That indicates that he still has the chance to try out. He puts out his hand – he will make sure that she will never fall. She accepts him and he is delighted but she lets go upon reaching the marriage agency but Brian manages to make she reconcile with her mother.

Sophie is startled when Owen and William decide to send her for the quarantine. So she runs away. But the guys manage to get her. (Seeing how they block her from both directions amuse me – like wolves cornering a lamb.) Seeing her neglecting her health like this pricks them and they wish her to accommodate them. See where she runs – she is so stupid to run to the entrance. This is the first time she can celebrate Christmas with the children so she doesn’t want to miss it. How to make promises later?

She insists that she is fine and uses their hands to touch her face. What she needs is 2 hours to be with them. William is shattered – Owen gives up everything because of her. He is together with her after so much hardship and Susan has just changed for the better because of her. She doesn’t want to spend her life on the bed – what if she can’t get cured? William is shattered - does she think that she will not survive so that is why she sends him 60 presents? How can she treat him like this? She doesn’t have confidence at all.

She begs William but he avoids looking at her. She then turns to Owen but…..the two guys force her to get into the hospital despite her insistence or rather her yelling. The two step out and sit at the park. Owen blames William for being too harsh on her to scare her but William reprimands him for always giving in to Sophie in the last minute. Owen still feels that William is too stern – if not, Sophie will not beg him so pitifully. She must be upset now. William has no choice but to do this as Owen softens.

Both know what will happen to her – their imagination runs wild. Sophie will refuse to see them and get too upset – she might escape from the hospital. Even though she is sent back by force, she will reject treatment and hate them because they cause her to feel the regret. The guys exchange terrified glances with each other so they run back to the hospital to take her out. (Sigh – how can they give in to her like this?)

Seeing that Susan is worried, Brian consoles her. Sophie passes out into the guys’ arms before putting the star on the tree. One year later, William opens the present that he should open when he is 29 years old. He decides to open up one yearly to experience the joy. It is the crystal ball that he gives her during the proposal. She returns to him as she wants to see the warm smile on his face.

It is the present she treasures most as it witnesses her joy. William is attending the celebration event of merger of Green Light and Spencer school. Brian and Susan hold hands while You Mei feels uncomfortable as she is pregnant now. The guys don’t see Sophie at all and Owen confesses that he misses her. William stares at him – Owen replies that she is his princess forever.

Both leave for Green Light and William leaves, requesting Brian to conclude his speech for him. So both are frightened when seeing the ladder falling down. Sophie is still unable to put the star on the Christmas tree despite tying herself with a rope. William attributes to her failure for refusing to turn up for the merer event. Owen sides with William this time. They have waited for her to recover for 8 months.

She still insists on putting the star herself despite their offer to help. William jokes that she is more touoght to handle than before and Owen says that is why Da Jie marries You Mei before them. Even Susan is engaged to Brian now. How can they be getting married 3 days later? William asks – hasn’t he received their wedding invitation card? They were married 3 days ago!

Owen has forgotten the date and William is unable to contact a busy Owen who is too involved with his charity concerts. They still help her. Music is still Owen’s girlfriend and Fiona is also married. Sophie is happy when she finally puts the star successfully. (Pin Yan tries too hard to act cute here. Still loud and reckless as before. Isn’t a married person supposed to change? )

The car finally arrives at Green Light orchard as William leads Sophie out. They welcome all to come and William chides her softly. They are late because she oversleeps and is so slow to apply make-up. Isn’t he the same who seems unmoved? She is the teacher but William reminds her that he is the CEO. Who has delayed who? Allen shakes his head – they quarrel non-stop still marriage but they get closer after that.

Introduction on characters

1. William Spencer – Leon Jay Williams
William is 28 years old and comes from a rich and powerful family. He was educated in aristocrat schools. After his education in Austria, he returns as the CEO to take over Spencer Royal School of Music. He has an air of elegance and has artistic and literacy talents. He shows great interest in music and arts.

William is cautious with his decisions and is rational. He is also persistent in love although he expresses it with control, taking everything in consideration. He is an introvert and trusts the person he loves. He shows all his empathy and care towards her. Many warn him of Susan but he has complete trust in her. But he showers more love to Sophie upon knowing that she is his real beloved princess. He also shows great understanding to take care of her well. He has the gentleman and also the gallant knight’s side to charm all. (You will be blown away upon seeing how he punches Brian.)

I have no idea how his performance is in ‘Heaven’s Robe’ but no matter how poorly he has done there, he has redeemed himself in here. He is the right person for the role as he has the poise and aristocrat look to be authoritative and assertive. His clarity in speech and depiction of William’s feelings from an introvert to an extrovert is well done. Many can feel his sincerity in acting as he can also relate the comic scenes well – to indicate how William is so clumsy in romance.

2. Owen Jing Yuan Fang – Ruan Jing Tian
Yuan Feng is a famous violinist but believes in creating music in the nature, getting his inspiration there. That is why he has many fans in the world but he leads a wandering life in his van. He is talented to win a scholarship for CBC to study music overseas since 7 years old. He dislikes the media. He loves Sophie with his heart and wants to protect her at all costs. Unlike Brian or William, he has no concept with figures (to the extent of forgetting Sophie’s wedding day.) so Fiona has to manage his finances.

Jing Tian is such a talented actor! Like Leon, this is his second drama too. He makes this self-sacrificing role come alive. I like all the scenes of him with Sophie together – natural and touching. The shades that he wears during performances make him cool and entirely different. But one minus point is he is too fair and it is hard to believe that Owen enjoys coming into contact with nature in writing his music.

3. Brian Shang – Chen Yu Fan
He is the most influential among the board of directors as they look up to him as their leader although he is young. He often makes the correct judgment and is confident. Unlike William who is fortunate from young, his father is involved in scandals and he has to depend on himself for success. Knowing the tight knot in Susan’s heart, he manages to help her to reconcile with her mother.

He never mixes personal feelings with work. He will link figures with results. He believes in giving the outstanding Spencer students the best. That is why is he doesn’t believe in giving in to the weak. His belief is entirely the opposite of William and he seems arrogant so he is always against him. He admires Susan’s talents and supports her in everything she does – including winning William over despite her betraying him in the singing competition. But his earnest and forgiving nature finally gets her heart.

I find Yu Fan’s performance here not much difference from acting as Iceman in ‘My MVP valentine’. I also like his scenes with Susan that shows the soft side. But he shows maturity in his acting as the man with few words but is actually a warm person to allow Spencer students to mix with Green Light students in the end although he refuses to admit it. Probably that is why William gives him a chance to conclude at the merger ceremony to voice his thoughts.

4. The Academic Director – Pu Xue Liang
He is in charge of assigning the teachers to different branches or departments. But he is sure a double-edge sword – or rather a double-headed snake. He seems to be William’s supporter but he also tries hard to please Brian. It is hard to trust him but he finally makes his stand by supporting Green Light.

5. Allen – Liang Xiu Zhi
He is the helpful housekeeper in the Spencer family and is like a father figure to William. William always goes to him for advice and he will remind William of minor events. He helps him to woo Sophie and also deal with Brian which is a tough nut to crack.

6. He Shi Yu – Cai Li Qun
He is the Su family’s gardener’s son. Knowing Susan’s real identity, he thinks that they should be a pair as servants’ children. They have gone steady for a while but break up because Susan is eager to climb up the social ladder. He stays with Li Xiang to manage the matchmaking agency and treats Sophie like a younger sister. I don’t understand why he and Brian can conspire together to hurt William or Sophie just to please Susan since they can’t get her. It definitely doesn’t make sense to me!

7. Sophie – Liu Pin Yan
She is the Su’s only daughter but treats Susan as her natural sister. Although Susan is adopted. she keeps from the rest and suffers alone – to the extent of losing her beloved to her too. She teaches in Green Light. This role is too nice to be true. I find her irritating to cut the guys off when they try to talk to her. In fact, she can be brainless not to check the facts first before jumping into conclusions.

This role is as reckless and clumsy as Lan Yu Li in ‘Westside Story’. I agree with many others that she is still acting cute but we can’t blame her as she is still very young. I also can’t stand her repeated shouting. I don’t see much development in her character here but she does better in intimate scenes with Leon. She also improves in crying scenes.

8. Susan/Luo Shan – Song Zhi Ai
She is the chauffeur’s daughter. Like Yun Xi in ‘Prince Turns into a frog’, she is also an adopted child after her father’s death and is inferior of her status. That is why she doesn’t wish to come in contact with her mother. She becomes Sophie’s elder sister and is now the Art Director. Thinking that the whole world owes her, she seizes whatever belongs to Sophie – including her beloved. She is scheming to get what she wants but later she is a changed person after discovering how important Sophie is to her.

Zhi Ai also has a sharp voice and her make-up is too thick. Her acting is passable, though.

9. Mrs Spencer / Xie Yu Yin – Lin Xiu Jun
She gives her artistic genes to her only son, William. Being wise, she manages the director board as the honourable director but lets go when she discovers that William can handle on his own. It is puzzling that she is deceived by Susan easily and treats Sophie hostilely. See how desperate she is to push Susan into William’s arms, I shake my head. Doesn’t she care for him at all despite all the unfavourable reports? No wonder William also has poor judgment because he is her offspring.

10. Principal Lan Chi Yun – Huang Ruo Bei
He is the principal of Green Light and teaches all that music has no boundaries. Owen remembers his teaching to go far and he fights hard to keep his school.

11. Fiona – Feng Wei Jun
She is Owen’s assistant to plan his concert schedules and is also his girlfriend. She is hoping for a chance but knows that Sophie stays in Owen’s heart. She tries so hard to get Ed’s recognition in sponsoring Owen and is disappointed with Owen’s public declaration of his love for Sophie. Still, she concentrates on her job and finally finds her own happiness. Wei Jun should switch roles with Zhi Ai. She acts better than her(see how concerned she is when Owen hurts his hand? )and is more classy looking.

12. Xie You Mei – Lin Ke Wei
She is the PE teacher at Green light. Can be reckless but also daring to take the initiative to write the letter, hoping that Da Jie will kiss her. All must thank her for it or Sophie will keep on giving William the cold shoulder and both will continue suffering.

13. Sun Da Jie – Kido (K-one member)
He is the male nurse in the school. Although quiet, he also plays a part to keep the school.

14. He Li Xiang – Yao Kun Jun
She is Susan’s mother who abandons her when she is young to run away with another man. She later opens a marriage agency with Shi Yu. Susan never wants to acknowledge her because she reminds her of the past being a chauffeur’s daughter. She works amends and saves her from Shi Yu. Susan finally forgives her.

15. Van - Fan Zong Pei
He is Owen’s colleague. This cellist only needs to be himself. Well, he is also the person who plays the nice music throughout the serial.

16. Pao Ma
How I hate this woman!! She is uncultured – I can accept that but her attitude and her loud voice is sure unbearable! How I wish to kick her out of the picture whenever I see her. When the children face setbacks, she overprotects them and scolds the other adults. When Allen wants to look for the missing William and Sophie, she stops them. Allen must be nuts to hire her as the chef to prepare the important dinner. I am so happy that the academic director ties her up to cook instead. He has seek revenge on my behalf.

17. The Sus
They are Sophie’s understanding parents to treat Susan even better than Sophie. They even tell Sophie to keep the truth of her being adopted from others and to give in to her all the time. It is so unfair of Sophie to think that they still treat her as an outsider.

18. The children
Sad to say, none of them try too hard to be cute so I hardly find them adorable.

Most favourite character
William – he seems cold but is warm not only to the woman he loves but also to the students to fight for their benefits. A close second will be Owen for giving unconditional love to people related to him too.

Most hated character
Who else but Pao Ma? You will dislike her as much as I do when you watch this drama.

The theme song is ‘the brave happiness’. It is sung by Yu Fan, Jing Tian and the female pop group, Sweety. Somehow the females’ voices overpowered the men. Jing Tian tries his debut singing with Zeng Zhi Qiao on ‘Three Words’ and the result turns out well. Leon sings the English song ‘Forever’. Still the best songs come from So Wing Hong – ‘unable to open the mouth’ and ‘a person’s starlight’. I like the former most – it really makes you sad. An experienced singer is still the most dominant after all.

Interesting facts

Leon’s mother sometimes kept Leon company and made burgers for the working crew. William gave to all personally and smiled when all ate hungrily. He loves to smile – which is very different from William Spencer. William is a successor of riches but his parents have little time with him. Thus he is lonely since young to keep a distance from all. He can only reveal all his thoughts to Allen whom he grows up with and smile freely in front of his beloved Sophie.

The William in the serial is so strict that many find him unapproachable and is very cautious in making decisions. He is also conservative in revealing his feelings. This causes endless misunderstandings between him and Sophie. Because of him keep denying the fact that he loves Sophie, he causes the dilemma of finally recognizing her but can’t love her.

Leon is very sociable off screen. He joked that William wasn’t entirely different from him. That William had mixed blood from 4 countries. So is he but only one country is different. Although the home background is also entirely different, all agreed that this role is tailor-made for him. He has the born rich look and is attractive to become the perfect Prince William.

Leon is grateful to the tv station but he thinks if he is asked to handle a challenging role, he might not be able to digest the lines and can’t predict if he can act better then. But he tried hard to improve his Chinese and hopes to act as a villain or he will be stereo-typed. He showed his script and all saw notes on it. The manager would explain to him the plot and taught him to read word by word.

He added hanyu pinyin on words which he did not know to rehearse repeatedly. Some lines were long and hard to understand so he would add English translation to remind himself how to deliver the feelings. After work, no matter how late it was, he would finish reading the script before sleeping. If lines were too many, he would get nervous to have nightmares.

That was why he improved tremendously from ‘La Robe De Mariee Des Cieux’. He can converse fluently in Mandarin now and the director did not require to talk to him in English. He was happy that his n.g.s did not take more than 3. Seeing how William being so stubborn towards love, Leon declared that he would guard against a childhood promise if the same happens to him. He has a few friends he knows from young and their friendship has not changed till now. So if he gets to meet someone he loves, he will search like William to protect it too.

Pin Yan did not know why she was always asked to act in mature roles. She admitted that sometimes she could not continue acting as she felt Sophie stupid. She hated the crying scenes. There are several times Sophie faces William and feels an unspeakable grief to make her tear unknowingly. But she could make it too obvious and she found it tough. She often reminded Jing Tian to watch for films and both became good friends. Jing Tian also found Owen resembling him as he is also a person who will think and do a lot but will not voice it. Many think he is stern but he likes to joke.

Remember the part where Owen tries to tell William that Sophie is his long-lost princess in front of his car? Owen is angered to tell him off for being stupid. He got so nervous that he took 3 hours to shoot it. He was grateful to Leon for consoling him all the time to tell him to relax. In the end, the director shot Leon’s scenes first before coming back to him.

Yu Fan regards Brian not as a villain but a businessman. There are many conflicting scenes between Brian and William. He designs his image – to add a big ring to show Brian’s authority. He also observes how highhanded people work. He might never have the chance to be a director or entrepreneur in reality but it is a nice try. To act this overly calm character is a big challenge to him because he is chatty and lively in reality. Telling him to conceal all his thoughts is a high difficulty.

Especially when Director Shang is not really a stern person and not that hard to get along. His image is quite unclear but we can never guess what he thinks so Yu Fan observed how Lai Ming acted in ‘Internal Affairs 3’. But the more he watched, the chiller he also became in the serial. Yu Fan also can’t understand why Brian loves Susan and yet wants to help her to get William. Many asked for Susan to return his love as they felt sorry for him. Luckily, the director agreed to spare us the heartache.

It was tough for Zhi Ai to act as Susan as she has a one track mind and is so different from the scheming Susan. The director told her that Susan isn’t wicked by nature but she always thinks the whole world owes her so it is rightful for them to treat her well. But Zhi Ai comes from a happy family and she had many n.g.s at first for going over the top. She did not dare to approach the director for days and the director would tease her. But she also wanted sleep – she could doze off within 10 seconds.

Wei Jun is like Fiona, not easily defeated by setbacks. She has stayed in the U.S. for 13 years as a software designer and is an only child. She gave up her higher job to return to Taiwan to act as she could not face the lifeless computers anymore. Li Qun had a headache to depict Shi Yu’s jealousy and madness. There was a part where Shi Yu got so angry that he threw an ash tray to hit the television. He was frightened that he could not act well. Well, he did well but the problem lied with the television. It just would not be damaged and he had to use a lot of force.

Xiu Zhi never tried acting as Allen that had so few lines and he had to include lots of hints in it. He would discuss with the director over the script when having breaks instead of mixing with the young cast. Leon was the exception as they had lots of scenes together so they became good friends off screen too. Xiu Jun was only requested by the director to add an air of elegance. Mrs Spencer is a proud lady who will not admit that she is lonely. She loves the clothes that were prepared for her.

She had always wanted to work with Leon - she and her friends are his fans. They have asked why she didn’t request to ask with him but she thought the chance was hard to come by. But she never expected her dream to come true so soon. So when the director approached her, she agreed quickly. This was also Xue Liang’s first time in a meater role in a serial because he also got caught up in hosting variety programmes. It was also Shu Jian’s first time acting as a caring and not a stern principal.

This was also Kido’s first not acting with the other k-one members. He got so tense that he could not eat well till the shooting was over. Kido worked well with the children to understand them better. Who wasn’t impressed by the famous celloist, Teacher Fan Zhong Pei? The cast was delighted upon knowing that he agreed to act in here. Of course, all envied him as he only needed to be himself.

Leon enjoyed playing with the parrot which was supposed to be the matchmaker for William and Sophie. It even knew how to get warmth by hiding into his jacket. The bird reminded him of his pet dog which died after being with his family for 10 over years. The parrot had no training and often flew to the wrong places during the shoot. Although all were scared over the bird flu, Pin Yan was confident that they were safe as the birds were with the trainers all along and did not have contact with other animals.

It was summer but the setting was autumn. The poor cast was forced to wear woolen clothes. The three guys could not take the heat. When the director shouted cut, Leon immediately took refuge under the tree. He was so overjoyed that he could avoid wearing the tie and the coat in the later part of the serial, much to the envy of the other 2 guys – one still had to wear the scarf while another needed to wear the tie.

Yu Fan perspired the most and they labeled him as the ‘sweating god’. He had to keep eating ice to make himself cool. Jing Tian seemed to enjoy himself when he spread out his arms on the top of the car.
But it took him 2 hours to film it and his legs went wobbly after that. The left shoulder was stiff and swollen after holding the violin for a day.

The three guys were love rivals in the drama but they are as close as brothers. Pin Yan joked that all other serials had rumours of the leads being lovers. But for this one, there was nothing to say as the guys often go out for meals together and they stayed away as far away from the actresses after work. Pin Yan was happy that Sophie got into a coma for some scenes so that she could have more time for sleep. You never expect under the blanket were her textbooks as she took every chance to study hard for her exams.

Leon was labeled as the rain god. It always rained with strong winds when it was his turn to act. Strangely, it stopped when filming was over. He joked that heaven must be having pity on him since he wore the most clothing. He was frightened of the change of script in the last minute. That was his nightmare as he did not know how to read most of the Chinese words.

Jing Tian and Pin Yan took a long time to shoot the scene when they rolled down the hill. Both felt giddy after that. They could also doze off within seconds during breaks and Leon was very impressed. He was slowly affected by them later (as you read later in my review). The rest would curse and swear if they had n.g.s but Leon always smiled when he had n.g.s – only said ok, let’s try again!

Many adored the lake scene where William comes to rescue Sophie as Sophie slipped when jumping on a stone near the lake. Jing Tian did not need to work on that day but he brought hot coffee and coco for his friends. Can you believe it – when waiting for the camera to get ready, Leon dozed off when sitting on a rock!!! All laughed at him for being a sleeping god while leaving his beloved to struggle in water.

Leon hurt himself in the lake scene when he dived into it. He was professional in the pose but his stomach was still hurt by sharp pebbles. He is a good swimmer since school days. He was also in the water polo team to represent his school for contests. He had to console himself that they drip blood and sweat for it. The audience could see how Pin Yan drank the water and could see how he came out from a shower.

This role fitted Leon perfectly. William Spencer has mixed parentage from German, England, China and America. In reality, Leon has mixed parentage from England, German, Japan and Singapore. He also won ‘Mr Singapore’ modeling award in 2001.

Pin Yan is only 17 but has to act as 25. The part where she acted as a temporary maid at William’s home to make him mistaken as a thief – she looked very pretty. The two guys commented her to be beautiful and cute. And they treat her like her like their beloved younger sister. (Leon is the youngest at home but I am not sure for Jing Tian’s case.) When she is free, she will pull them to play games aside. When she raises her voice or throw a tantrum, they will give in to her immediately.

Did she have problems working with Leon who is so much older than her? She doesn’t find it a problem as she has worked with Sun Xie Zhi in ‘Westside Story’. Sun is also 10 years older than her. Leon praised her for acting well and did not look like a 17 year old kid to him.

Pin Yan complained that she was always with lizards and spiders when shooting scenes in the forest. Sure enough, Jing Tian often saw how snakes swallowed pigeons. Leon also mentioned seeing wild boars running around. It would not be surprising if he got to see their shadows when the serial was out. They joked that they did not have to watch the Discovery channel since they have the ‘live’ experience.

Jing Tian is a model and this is his second serial. Many thought he did very well. Many rumoured that he was an item with Pin Yan. He denied – Pin Yan borrowed his shades to cover her dark circles around her eyes when she fell asleep. Upon seeing her shivering from the cold in the scenes, how can he so harsh not to provide her warm water from his flask as he treats her like a younger sister?

The television station spent millions to build the Green Light school while they use Dan Jiang University as
Spencers Royal School of Music. The cast traveled from Xin Zhu, Miao Li to Tao Yuan. Eating times were irregular and this posed a great difficulty on Leon who has been used to a normal life. He must have 3 meals daily and will complain that he lacks electricity when he is hungry. Pin Yan could only see how he helped himself to the food eagerly as she had a toothache for days.

William’s elegance and Owen’s yuppie make a sharp contrast. All female fans are obsessed with them. Jing Tian’s boss described Leon being different from others, especially with his warm smiles. Jing Tian may be talkative and cheeky by nature but he can be so serious in work. A writer also commented that Jing Tian is attractive while William has the royalty air. Any woman to be wooed by both at the same time will find it hard to make the choice. How do the two respond – if they encounter the same problem, they will let the other guy have her. The others protest they have not given the woman the chance to make her choice.

You can find handsome men and beautiful women in this drama with nice scenery. Why didn’t this drama do well as expected? Many attributed it to the lack of starlit cast. The audience was only familiar with Leon and Pin Yan. The others were newcomers. Plus Leon’s role was not that much and some found his rich man’s image boring. It wasn’t as attractive as Jing Tian.

Those who went on the net criticized Pin Yan for trying to act cute and not pretty enough. Even so, when it was faced with tough competition from S.H.E.’s ‘Reaching for the stars’ and Zheng Yuan Chang’s (he is as Kui from ‘The Rose’) ‘the mistake made from a kiss’. But it could still lucky to manage to get into top 3. (If I am not wrong, it was second as S.H.E.’s drama was really bad. All may read my review to find out.)

The story was unoriginal. The Green Light school had nice scenery but there was not a nice plot to help it. It started with the couple meeting from young but they do not recognize each other when they grow up. Their love is put under test with the third party and when they finally get together, the female lead gets an incurable disease. How many times have all of us seen this in idol dramas or Korean dramas? Thus the serial only brought popularity to cause the places to be hot tourists spots but did not bring popularity to the cast.

The ratings were low at first and it did not do as well as ‘The Prince turns into a frog’. Many attributed it to the fact of Leon speaking too many English phrases which they did not understand.


Those who like ‘My MVP Valentine’ will certainly love this one as it is produced from the same tv station. I thought the producer there is daring enough to give Prince the English name William. In here, they do the same to the lead and call his father Charles. Plus the surname is Spencer. I am speechless over their daring act! (The evidence is clear to all where the idea comes from.)

The many confrontations William has with Brian will remind you of ‘Staircase to Heaven’. Both guys have a big horde of men following them all the time which make both look formidable. Allen is just like Director Zhang there too, helping his young boss in his work. The young William and Sophie – also reminds you of Cheng Jun and Jing Shu too.

It is already luring with 2 hunks. What’s more with 3 in here? I am sick of watching sappy dramas for a long time so this drama gives me a refreshing feel. The actors do their part well. Their towering heights and looks show that they do not lose out to Korean actor. The heated arguments and competitions they have really inspires me to watch on. I have delight watching the conflicts between William and Brian. Both actors are terrific to spur you to look forward to the next scene they are together again.

The romantic chemistry between the leads is good. They do not disappoint you despite their young age. This serial is highly entertaining despite the sappy plot. I find the children artistes dragging the pace and I tend to skip all the plots which involve them. I also find the part Sophie dying an overly deliberate attempt. If not for the cast, it will still be an ordinary drama. All should give it a try instead of watching Korean dramas. Some Taiwanese dramas are still watchable after all.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : **** (Scale of 5)

On songs : **** (Scale of 5)

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