Hana Kimi

Reviewed by: Tee Kayi

February 20, 2007

Rating: three-point-five

Wu Chun
Jiro Wang
Tang Yu Zhe
Tang Zhi Ping
JJ Lin

Ella disguised herself as a boy to enter Kai Ying University, (an all-boys school) in hope of meeting her crush (played by Wu Chun). Fate seems to be on her side when she ended up being his roommate. However, that seemed to be the only good thing that actually happened to her while being at the school. She now has to deal with keeping her love a secret as well as the secret of her being a girl from the boys.

Wu Chun is the idol that Ella is looking for. He is the first to discover her true gender. He also finds himself falling in love with her but cannot tell her because he is afraid that his confession would result in her leaving him (I didn’t understand this either).

Jiro is the soccer star at the university. He is the first to befriend Ella and is the first to fall in love with her. He eventually thinks he is gay.


Ella as Lu Rui Xi
She is supposed to be the cutest guy there (because she is a girl) but I did not find her that cute and her voice was deeper than most Taiwanese girls in my opinion, so I did not think she was right for the role (she was supposed to stand out from the boys) but she did kind of change my opinion. I mean she did not rise to my favorite character but I was eventually able to stand her. Her crying was ok but she could have showed more emotions. Despite all that, she did make me laugh so that is why I will not give her a bad rating. 7/10

Wu Chun Yi Quan
I have to admit that he looks cuter in here than he did in "Tokyo Juliet". But aside from the looks, I didn’t like him that much. He was always so serious and it took him forever to accept that fact that he likes Ella. He was so boring! 6/10

Jiro Wang as Xui Yi
He is my favorite character! If it wasn’t for him I would have lost interest in the series after the first 5 episodes. He is so funny and cute, it made me pity him when he lost the girl. Every time he is in a scene, he made me laugh so hard - like when he argues with Nissa because he thinks that she is Ella’s girlfriend and when he gave Ella flowers saying that he has came out of the closet. I was laughing so hard! Personally I think he is what makes the series so fun to watch. 9/10

Tang Yu Zhe as Liang Si Nan
This character was kind of weird to me at the beginning. I honestly thought he was gay because he told Ella’s character that he was really cute. Later he seemed to be really shallow. But eventually he made his way to the good side of me by standing up for the other students. His performance was not one of the most exciting or the most memorable but it was decent. This is my first time seeing him so I will just say that he is not bad at this acting thing.

Nissa Marion as Julia
I did not like this character at all! She really annoyed me. I am sorry to say but she can not act. She has the same expression whenever she talks to the other actors. When she was supposed to be mad, she looked like she was confused. When the storyline made Xiu Yi fall in love with Julia, I was not satisfied. I’d rather he end up all alone.

Tang Zhi Ping as the doctor
The doctor was really weird. I thought he was gay like the students said but then he acted like he wasn’t. He kind of scared me sometimes too. I have to admit; I do enjoy him in here more than in "Tokyo Juliet" though. He did have some funny scenes which made me laugh and some serious scenes where he made me liked him.

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