Reviewed by: sukting

September 03, 2003

Rating: two-point-five

Ying Xiong Ben Si

How long
40 episodes

This serial is produced by the same company which produced ‘Wind and Cloud’. It is not the same ‘Hero’ that Zhang Yi Mou produces but is an adaptation of comics. But I have not seen it before so I won’t make any comparisons here. However, I didn’t enjoy it because I only recognized 5% of the cast – most of them are from China!

Moreover the story takes in many plots from other television serials. You may find so many similarities.

General Han Ling Er dies in an ambush. Before dying, he gives 4 jade unicorn pieces to his 4 most trusted men. Dong Fang Qing Mu gets the green piece, Nan Gong Lie gets the red piece, Bei Tang Mo gets the white piece while the only lady, Xi Men Ruo Shui gets the blue piece. They must combine the four pieces to get the riches from a cave. But before they can get into the second chamber, Ruo Shui demands to know who among them has betrayed their master. All deny and come to blows.

Ten years later, who will find the treasure? Who will get the Pi Mo sword with the manual to master the soul searching skill in the manual? It is said to have 3 parts. The last part is the most vicious skill of all which even the manual writer, Li Wu Ji, doesn’t dare to practice (is this borrowed from Zhang Wu Ji’s name in HSDS?) A wrong move will cause him to die by the 5 elements. Li Wu Ji is Si Fang sect’s previous leader and is well-known in the pugilistic world.

Comments on characters/story

1. Yuan Xiao Tian – Huang Shao Qi
He is the hero in the story who always has a stroke of good luck learning different skills. He learns his skills from Master Song. He and his junior, Yin He, are deeply in love.

Nan Gong Lie is 'killed' by Shui Han although Xiao Tian tries to save him. Xiao Tian befriends Xin Er, who is a Si Fang sect member. Despite her grief, Xin Er removes Lie’s red jade piece but she is found by Empress Yun’s men. In order to escape from them, she slips the red unicorn jade into Xiao Tian’s clothes.

Xiao Tian's big day marks the end of his happiness. His parents are accused of betraying the country and are killed. He is then locked up and parts with Yin He. He is later framed of murdering Master Song. Yin He hates him and treats him like her enemy. He is even forced to destroy his own skills to declare his innocence. (This reminds me of ‘reincarnated’)

Will our hero lose his skills forever? The answer is no. Concubine Yun hates him so much that she locks him up with Dong Fang Qing Mu. Qing Mu explains that his Si Fang sect is not as evil as it is rumoured. Still, Xiao Tian refuses to learn his skills. But alas, later when he escapes, he falls into a trap set by Shui Han in a cave with Xin Er. The only choice is to learn Qing Mu’s skills and escape. During this period, they start to love each other. After they escape, they start to wander around.

Xiao Tian is disappointed to know that Yin He has married Shui Han. He is also disturbed upon seeing how Dong Fang’s son, Yu, likes Xin Er. The three rescue Qing Mu and they decide to hold a wedding for Xin Er and Yu. In order to repay Qing Mu’s kindness, Xiao Tian doesn’t protest to it. But alas, Concubine Yun tries to kill him and he falls off a cliff.

Under the cliff lives a paralysed Xi Men Ruo Shui, who imparts her water skill to him. She even tells him the secret of the jade pieces. The treasure is not only money but also consists of the Pi Mo sword and a manual. Only righteous people can subdue the wild sword. (This reminds me of ‘Wind and Cloud’.)

He returns alive but finds it hard to accept the fact that he was adopted by General Yuan from young. He is in fact the long lost son of Concubine Yun. Feeling remorseful, she helps to clear the family name but he is still unmoved. But upon seeing how she protects him from being harmed by Shui Han, he finally acknowledges her.

Qing Mu is killed and Xiao Tian is framed for the murder. He escapes from Si Fang sect to get into Mortal Valley. But alas, he meets Lie’s children who think that he killed their father too. Lie’s daughter, Long Xiu falls for him and he is troubled. Yin He later dies because of him and he takes care of her son, Xiao Wu. He gets the Pi Mo sword but he has no urge to control the pugilistic world.

Xiao Tian is forced to give Xiao Wu to Shui Han because Shui Han threatens to kill Xiao Wu as he knows that his son will be like Xiao Tian under his upbringing. They combine forces to learn Si Fang Combination and ‘kill’ Shui Han.

All the fools make a stupid decision to the bury Pi Mo sword at the same spot. Xiao Tian becomes leader of the supreme world. Shui Han is only disfigured and wears a half mask, seeking revenge. Later Yu and Gang are mysteriously killed and Xiao Tian is framed AGAIN! Luckily the women realize their mistake and practise the Si Fang combination with him. With Lie’s help, they manage to kill Shui Han in the end.

This actor’s acting is only passable although he has a physique similar to that of Chiu Mun Chiok's. I am curious to see him in here as he acts as Lang Huet in ‘The Young 4 Constables’. But I am quite disappointed with his performance. He is too gentle in here. And I am very sick of the arrangement – must this man be framed all the time?

2. Yi Shui Han – Gao Shu Guang
He is Concubine Yun’s adopted son and her planted agent to harm Master Song’s sect. He truly loves Yin He but jealousy makes him an evil man. He is frustrated when Master Song says that he will forever lose to Xiao Tian. He frames General Yuan, causing him to be executed on Xiao Tian’s wedding day with Yin He. He kills his master to frame Xiao Tian so that Yin He will turn her love to Shui Han himself. He then chases Concubine Yun away upon knowing that Xiao Tian is her son.

Why? Because he doesn’t want her to hinder his chances of becoming a high-ranking official. He later becomes the pugilistic leader. He is successful but he can be over suspicious. He even doubts that Xiao Wu is his own son and makes a dreadful mistake to kill Yin He by mistake.

To get Mo’s trust, he wants to marry Xin Er – only a few months after Yin He’s death. He also feigns failure in mastering Song’s skill but in actual fact, he is also eager to get the sword and the manual. In the end, he only snatches the manual and the sword ends up with Xiao Tian. He can be so evil to change the contents of the manual after getting it. He then grabs the sword from Mo. Although he loses all his men, he still retreats to a cave to practice the skill.

He hypnotises Xiu to hinder the group’s training. He nearly succeeds, but fails when Bai Shi sees through his plot. Then he tries the same on Dan Dan again (what a boring arrangement!) and she injures Gang this time. He acknowledges his father just because he needs his help but later develops respect for him when he risks his life to save him. But Bai Shi later dies and he vows to seek revenge. He kills to get all the 4 jade unicorns. He becomes supreme with the sword again but still gets killed in the end.

This man isn’t good in acting and does not have the looks to be the swordsman too.

3. Dong Fang Qing Mu – Sonny Chiba
He is a righteous man and doesn’t mind Xiao Tian learning his skills although he isn’t a member of his sect. Unfortunately, he dies at the hands of a traitor who has been cheating him for many years. The only disgraceful thing he has done in his life is to have an illegitimate daughter who nearly marries his own son. He can’t bring himself to tell them at first – he lies that he looks down on Dan Dan’s poor background so they can’t marry. But later, both elope and give him no choice.

His performance slackens slightly as compared to the Xiong Ba character in "Storm Riders". I still prefer him to act as evil roles. Still, he is a cut better above the rest.

4. Dong Fang Bai Shi – Sonny Chiba
He is Qing Mu’s twin elder brother who is equally wise and alert. He roams around the world searching for martial arts manuals to learn. Upon hearing of Qing Mu's death, he rescues Yu from being killed by Shui Han too. By pretending to be Qing Mu, he successfully deduces that Mo is the murderer.

He is keen on martial arts, but is also a righteous man. Knowing that he cannot control the Pi Mo sword, he still brings it out to practise because he simply can’t resist the temptation. He brings his men to hunt Shui Han down. All are disappointed when the sword scholar dies without telling them how to combat the soul searching skill but he doesn’t give up. He modifies that Si Fang skill to combines all their powers together.

Knowing their plan, Shui Han hypnotises Xiu to prevent them from practising. Bai Shi is the first to discover it and together with Mo, they cure her before she hurts others.

Bai Shi is shocked to know that Shui Han is his long-lost son. He starts to help him to make up for it but this is really a stupid move, to the extent of being killed for his sake and doing evil deeds.

At first, I am disappointed that Qing Mu died so fast. What to look forward to if there are no ‘star’ faces to look at? What a surprise to have him back in 2 episodes!

5. Nan Gong Lie – Li Wei
I feel cheated after looking at his BIG picture in the poster. He is only appearing in 5 episodes! He gets ‘killed’ by Shui Han but is rescued by a monk. The monk is actually Li Wu Ji, who became a monk to atone for his sins. Lie masters a new skill under him. He later recovers but it takes about 35 episodes for him to appear again. No wonder his children think that he is killed by Xiao Tian. His disguise is really not old enough.

6. Bei Tang Mo – Yuan Pei
He is the traitor among the four. Knowing that Ruo Shui is in love with Ling Er and not with him, hatred burns his heart and he betrays them. When Qing Mu knows his motive, he kills him to silence him and then makes use of the gullible Yu to surrender to the court.

After killing Qing Mu, he is shocked to find his ghost appearing to haunt him. He also tries to marry Xin Er off to Shui Han to get hold of the other 2 jade pieces. Upon opening the cave, both men try to grab the 2 treasures but Xiao Tian is faster than him to grab the sword while Shui Han gets the manual.

Because he has the baby Xiao Wu, both men have to exchange with him. Shui Han throws him the fake manual while Xiao Tian gives him the real sword. He goes berserk after learning the wrong skills. Xin Er takes care of him. In order to regain his senses, Bai Shi has no choice but to destroy his skills. Serves him right when he wakes up finding that he can’t harm others again!

However, he becomes a changed man. He even tries to cure Xiu when she loses her mind and helps the young ones to practise their skills. Knowing that Ruo Shui will never forgive him, he kills himself to atone for his sins.

7. Dong Fang Yu – Huang Ge Xuan
He is Qing Mu’s son and has inherited his kind nature. One day, he is injured by Concubine Yun’s men and has to seek refuge in a brothel. A courtesan, Dan Dan, takes care of him and falls for him. He doesn’t mind that Xiao Tian masters his father’s skills because he knows that he can never master it as he lacks the talent.

However, when it comes to love, he is very persistent. Can you believe that he can even beg Xiao Tian to give Xin Er to him? he says that he has loved her for a long time and forces the poor man to give up. But Xiao Tian’s ‘death’ stops their wedding ceremony, which is a relief to all.

But after knowing that Xin Er loves Xiao Tian to the extent that she can die for him, he gives up. He later falls for Dan Dan. They even elope to be together but on their wedding day, Qing Mu stops them in time. They are half-siblings (This reminds me of "Reincarnated"). He has to nurse his broken heart.

Later, he finds out that Mo killed his father so he plans to reveal his evil nature. He tries in vain to convince Xin Er that her father is evil. Knowing that Mo forces Xin Er to marry Shui Han, he abducts her on their wedding day.

He joins forces with Xiao Tian to deal with Shui Han. He falls for Xiu (which is too fast in 2 episodes) but he gets killed before their wedding day.

I can’t believe that such an actor is being selected to play this role. He’s ugly – like Xing Mang San in ‘Wind and Cloud’. He has Ng Doi Yung’s eyes but they’re as lifeless as a goldfish. I simply can’t stand his presence. No wonder Xin Er only treats him like a brother and never falls for him.

8. Long Gang – Liu Hen Yu
He is Lie’s son who thinks that Xiao Tian killed his father. So he treats him coldly when he stays in Mortal Valley. His love for Dan Dan is genuine but he is stupid to believe that she loves him enough to marry him. He can steal the manual for her to practise upon knowing how eager she is to kill Xiao Tian to avenge Qing Mu’s death. He finally wins her love in the end when she is seriously injured and he begs his grandmother to save her. He really protects Xiu and that is why he can’t help mastering the Si Fang formation as he detests Xin Er very much. But he later settles their differences and masters it in the end.

He can be impulsive in believing that Concubine Yun killed Yu. He is so easily deceived by Eunuch Shan that he helps him to capture her, but causes her to be killed indirectly by Shui Han when she is locked in the cellar and there is no place for her to escape.

This time round, Xiao Tian believes that he is the killer despite his protests. He is stabbed to death by Eunuch Shan who thinks that he isn’t good enough for Dan Dan. This actor is slightly better-looking than most actors in here but his acting is stiff.

9. Ah Fei – Gao Jing
Dan Dan’s friend who is secretly in love with her. Despite knowing that she loves Yu, he still helps them. Later he dies when protecting her. An extra not worth mentioning.

10. Song Ling Xiao – Wang Gang
Shui Han and Xiao Tian’s master. He can see Xiao Tian’s talents so he imparts more skills to him although Shui Han is his first disciple. But he is later killed by Shui Han in the end. Although he writes the ordeal in blood, his stupid daughter still marries him in the end.

11. Eunuch Shan – Xu Min
He is in cahoots with Concubine Yun to throw General Yuan in prison. Dan Dan gets close to him in order to save Yu from danger. He falls in love with Dan Dan and I practically throw up upon seeing how this old eunuch hugs her. Although he loses power later in court, Dan Dan never leaves his side and remains loyal to him.

In return, he also imparts his skills to Yu, lying that he wants to punish him for not liking Dan Dan. Too bad he still turns evil and becomes Shui Han’s accomplice to kill Yu and Gang because of his desire for power. However, his conscience pricks him and he gets killed by Shui Han after trying to protect the women from being killed.

12. Bei Tang Xin Er – Shui Ling
Beautiful, cheerful and talkative, she steals Xiao Tian’s heart easily. She is furious with Xiao Tian for giving her away to Yu but impulsively agrees to his wedding proposal. But on their wedding day, Concubine Yun hits Yu down the cliff and he is believed to be dead. (This scene reminds me of what happens to Gong Sun Lu'e and Yang Guo in ROCH) Stricken with grief, she jumps down the cliff after him. They meet the disabled Ruo Shui there.

Both then escape together. But she trusts her father too much. She is stupid enough to be tricked into believing that Mo wants the treasure for the Si Fang sect so she agrees to marry Shui Han. But later when she doesn’t wish to let Xiao Tian down and wants to escape, she is imprisoned. Luckily Yu saves her. But still she doesn’t believe that Mo killed Qing Mu till Yu and Bai Shi show her the evidence.

Thinking that she can handle her father alone, she wants to grab the manual back for Xiao Tian and persuade him to apologise to all other sects for his wrong doings. But she softens so easily that she is forced to guard for him when he wants to practice the Soul Searching skill. My blood boils every time she defends for him.

She can even beg Xiao Tian to let him off. Xiao Tian agrees but says that he can’t stop others from doing the same. As a filial daughter, she takes care of her father when he loses his skills. His death upsets her but she believes he is free from agony then.

Xiao Tian is injured by Bai Shi in protecting Shui Han and is dying. Even when he is in a coma, she goes through the wedding rites with him. She also risks her own life to save him upon knowing that the antidote is right on a cliff.

She marries Xiao Tian and is pregnant. She is then hynpotised by Shui Han to deal with Xiao Tian. Xiao Tian can’t bear to hurt her and gets injured instead. He is even prepared to get killed. However, she breaks the spell after giving birth and helps in the Si Fang formation.

Shui Ling’s acting is only passable here. I find her character too weak and easily deceived. I don’t know why. I find her having more chemistry with Chiu Mun Chiok in ‘Wind and Cloud’ although she and Shao Qi are acting as a married couple in here.

13. Dan Dan – Wang Yu Jie
She is a courtesan who never gives up pursuing Yu, the man she loves. But I really dislike the thick-skinned way she tags along with him. She can’t face him upon knowing their parentage. Still, she vows to seek revenge for her father after knowing that Xiao Tian killed him. She marries Gang although she doesn’t love him. She is so eager to practise the snow skill that she injures herself.

While trying to steal medicine from Grandmother Long’s room, she is hit by the old lady, who thinks that an intruder has come in. Dan Dan is on the verge of death and when Gang begs Grandmother Long to save her, she is touched and accepts him. Upon knowing the real murderer’s identity, she then decides to assist the gang in their revenge. She is also another stupid woman who thinks that Xiao Tian murdered Yu.

14. Long Xiu – Wang Xin Yue
She is Long Gang’s sister. Unlike her brother, she is level-headed. She searches for the truth and finds that Xiao Tian is innocent. She forgives him and falls for him. Xiao Tian has promised to make her his future wife but that is because he wants Grandmother Long to die in peace. She knows of Xin Er’s existence but still doesn’t give up. She treats her as a friend and consoles Xin Er when Xiao Tian and the others treat Mo.

Upon seeing that Xin Er and Xiao Tian are deeply in love, she turns her attention to Yu. However, she gives the wrong judgment upon seeing the killer’s clothes together with Concubine Yun’s silk dress. She decides to remain single all her life and tells Dan Dan to be her witness.

15. Song Yin He – Ruan Dan Ning
She is a gullible character. (The arrangement of her being the only female in the sect reminds me of ‘Reincarnated’ or ‘State of Divinity’ too). She loves Xiao Tian deeply and is jealous when Xin Er gets close to him. Later, she marries Shui Han and is deceived that Concubine Yun is her aunt.

She escapes from death many times because Concubine Yun has wished to kill her but stops after deciding that she still has some usefulness. She hates her for causing her father’s death but still forgives her. She is truthful to Shui Han after marriage. To prove that, she shields Xiao Tian from Shui Han and dies in his arms. Quite a tragic character.

16. Concubine Yun – Jia Ni
She is evil as she has plotted for Master Song and General Yuan’s deaths all along because she thinks that her own son was killed by them. You will marvel at how she plants Shui Han as her spy for so many years. But after ‘killing’ Xiao Tian, she ransacks General Yuan’s home and finds out that he has been raising Xiao Tian as his own after killing her husband. She then regrets her choice and wishes to die with him. Upon knowing that he is alive, she tries to acknowledge him but to no avail.

She tries to win him back by proving General Yuan’s innocence. Xiao Tian forgives her in the end upon seeing that she is repentant. She helps Bai Shi in acknowledging Shui Han as his son. She tries in vain to save his wife and brings Shui Han up as her own. She even gives up her status and desire to seek revenge. Unfortunately, their happiness is short-lived as she dies in Shui Han’s hands.

This actress is so artificial in her acting. The way she cries really puts me off.

17. Xi Men Ruo Shuo – Wang Qun
She is the only female among the 4 elders. She is alert to know that there is a traitor among them when her beloved master dies. The 4 quarrel in the cave and she leaves them. However, she is ambushed one day and falls down the cliff. She becomes disabled and loses her trust in men. Upon seeing that Xiao Tian and Xin Er displaying Qing Mu’s and Mo’s skills, she treats them badly. Somehow, both manage to melt her heart and she treats them better, even imparting her skill to Xiao Tian.

But when she gives her blue jade to him and tells him to find the traitor for her, she still knocks Xin Er out. Why? She knows that Xin Er will believe that her father is innocent but she doesn’t trust anyone. Since Xiao Tian is a righteous man, she believes that he will be impartial. She refuses to leave the cave because she doesn’t wish to face any of them (or rather to be harmed by any of them.)

Qing Mu and Mo are surprised to see Xiao Tian displaying her skills accidentally. The former looks overjoyed while the latter looks disturbed. Xiao Tian can’t see the difference but he is still smart to tell them that he only sees her for a few days. Later, all seek refuge in the cave when Shui Han is hot on their heels. By now, she has recovered and her skills have improved.

Seeing how Gang and Yu protest for their fathers’ innocence after Xin Er says that her father is innocent, she deduces that Mo is the rebel and wants to kill him. She doesn’t feel happy that Mo kills himself and feels regretful instead. She decides to take care of them and Xiao Tian becomes her godson. She dies when trying to help all to defeat Shui Han in the finale. What a pity!

18. Grandmother Long
She brings up her two grandchildren when her son-in-law is missing and her daughter is dead. She dotes on Gang and although she dislikes Dan Dan, she still imparts her the snow skill. But Dan Dan is too eager to obtain success and even attempts to master the highest level which even Grandmother Long has failed. By persuasion by Gang, she agrees reluctantly to save her but dies in the end as she loses all her skills.

Favourite character

Most hated character

Music by Rafael Cabeliero is quite heroic. Amazing that a foreigner can do it so well. The sub-theme song ‘Oh, It’s You’ (????) is by a new singer, Ah Lun. I presume that this female singer is from the Mainland because I have not heard of the name before. It is quite a slow song that fits the mood.

Interesting scenes

The war scene when Ling Er and his men fend themselves against the soldiers. No wonder the serial is arrogant to have "Hero" as the name. I still have to admit that this scene is impressive with all the spears thrown with special effects.

The 4 combine their jade pieces to open the cave. It is an impressive sight to see the unicorns of different colours flying in the air before the cave is opened.

The way Master Song imparts ‘Jing Tian Yi Jian’ to Xiao Tian.

How Shui Han combines forces with Xiao Tian to deal with Nan Gong Lie. This is an unfair duel when two are against one. Moreover Shui Han kills Lie when he is offguard.

Xiao Tian spars with Shui Han because he is forced to. He defeats him but keeps quiet.

Xiao Tian destroys his own skill. It's quite sad when no one believes that he is not Master Song’s killer.

Xiao Tian learns skills from Qing Mu. Both are imprisoned with chains and yet both can still move around with ease.

Xiao Tian and Xin Er being trapped in a cave. He hugs her to keep her warm. They are trapped in the cave for 10 days so he is forced to learn the skills in Qing Mu’s manual (although he is reluctant) to get her out.

Xin Er jumping off the cliff to be with Xiao Tian. Very shocking to see her in her red bridal gown.

How Xiao Tian manages to master the water skill.

Fights between Xiao Tian and Shui Han over Xiao Wu.

Bai Shi using the Pi Mo sword. He really does it with style, unlike Xiao Tian.

How Shui Han tries to master the Soul Searching skill. He uses an ordinary sword and the candle flames are still there! I really laugh at this scene – this shows that he must use the Pi Mo sword.

The four practicing the Si Fang skill. Please forgive my poor memory as each of them is practicing a skill with such a long name that I can’t be bothered to remember. Gang is angry with Xin Er for preventing Xiu from marrying Xiao Tian that all their powers can’t be combined. Yu, Bai Shi and Xiao Tian have to persuade him to put aside personal grudges. When they combine successfully, they reach the first stage...in a few seconds. The colours are quite impressive.

Shui Han using the hypnosis skill. At first, it is quite refreshing. But when he uses it more than once, my interest dies.

The combat between the four and Shui Han.

Xiu and Dan Dan discover that Xiao Tian is framed and want to retrieve Pi Mo sword from the cave. But Shui Han is already there. Ruo Shui is smart to grab the jade unicorns but they have to speed up their practice in mastering the Si Fang formation as he can come out anytime.

Xin Er is hynpotised and loses her senses. Dan Dan has to trap her in a cocoon using her freezing skill. This is the last straw that I can take. I just walk away from the television set! How can they just get every single skill from ‘Reincarnated’?? Shui Han is mad that he can’t see anything except white when using the hypnotising skill! He decides to kill them personally.

The final combat with Lie’s help. Ruo Shui is killed and the four are defeated. The four jades are stained with their blood when they sprawl on the sand. Shui Han is about to kill them when the unicorns protect them from getting hurt. Later Lie appears and says that he still hasn’t seen the most powerful stroke.

The four combine skills together with Lie standing in front of them. The four coloured unicorns combine into one to attack Shui Han. Shui Han is then broken into pieces and the sword is returned to the sky for good. Lie leaves and all decide to lead a roaming life.

My first impression when watching it – confused and giddy!!! There are too many characters that appear from nowhere which don’t help much in the development of the plot. And I am so furious at the story writer’s lack of originality. Why not think of a story on his own?

Moreover, he comes up different names for the different skills each character practices in the end that I get so giddy and forgetful about them. It is so bad that I wanted to stop watching it initially. But to give a fair review, I forced myself to complete it. It is said that Singapore is the first country to air it. But within a week, the VCDs are out in the market.

I am sorry that I have no mood to write it as detailed as ‘Wind and Cloud’ because this serial simply lacks the glamour and the cast of the former. It is confusing too as it is difficult to follow the story in order to write a proper review.

It has so many Mainland artistes as the cast but they don’t have the screen presence or acting to lure you to continue watching. Their stage-like performances annoy me – the way they present the characters is so wooden. Please do not think that I am biased against Mainland productions – I am actually quite impressed with how ‘Wu Lin Wai Shi’ (also a Mainland production) is done.

Actually they should have stopped at episode 35 when Shui Han is killed – he should be dead for good. Normally one will learn the lesson when the skill is used once. But the group is so stupid to get tricked thrice when Shui Han uses the skill repeatedly. That's simply unforgivable.

The last 5 episodes are too slow-moving and predictable. They don’t produce any impact. I am sorry to admit that most of the time, I watch with my eyes closed and only listen to the Mandarin dialogues because I am simply too tired after work!

I don’t think this serial is worth your time. I was attracted at the beginning with the special effects but after 2 episodes, my interest died there. Even the last episode fails to capture my attention except the great finale in the last 10 minutes. There is too much talking and although Huang is quite impressive in fighting scenes, his opponent Gao isn’t. We can see that they rely too much on special effects - they are definitely overused.

Nowadays, period dramas disappoint me. I find myself missing old drama serials and writing reviews on them instead. Are recent period dramas coming to an end???

Ratings :

On acting : * * 1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : * * 1/2 (Scale of 5)


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