Reviewed by: Dagger Lee

June 12, 2004

Rating: two

Alternate Title: Wind and Cloud 2
Chinese Title: Ying Xiong Ben Se

# of Episodes: 60

Huang Shao Qi as Yuan Xiao Tian
Shui Ling as Bei Xian Er
Gao Shu Guang as Yi Shui Han
Sonny Chiba as Dong Fang Qing Mu, Dong Fang Bai Shi
Li Wei as Nan Gong Lie

This series is not related to Jet Li's Hero whatsoever. It is supposed to be based on comics like Wind and Cloud, but I've never heard of it.

There are 4 jade keys that will unlock a hidden passage in the desert. There, it contains valuable treasures and lots of gold. Also, a powerful sword with a manuscript is within there. These 4 keys were given to General Han's 4 most trusted men before he died. It appears that one of the four men is a traitor who got the general killed. But which one of them is the traitor?

Huang Shao Qi did all right in his role. The long haired wig and costumes made him appear kind of girlish. The one thing I really despised was his character. He was way too soft to be a swordsman and was kind to every single person he meets. In addition, he is framed for every murder that occurred in here!

Shui Ling did pretty well. She brought out her character with life. She had good chemistry with Huang, but they didn't really look compatible together. She was also very pretty as usual in most of her ancient series. I just didn't like her hairstyle and costume that much. It looked as if there were small snakes on her head and the dress is modern-looking.

Gao Shu Guang did badly in his acting here. When he lied to others, any normal person could tell he was hiding something evil. He looked too old to be a stepson of Concubine Yun. He appeared more like a brother to her instead. He had the same style that Huang is given and looks girly as well.

Sonny Chiba acted quite well. It was kind of strange to picture him as a righteous person as he usually stars as a cold-blooded person. I thought he couldn't do it, but I was proven wrong. He portrayed both characters very well.

There's not much to say about Li Wei's character as he only appeared in 3 or 4 episodes. I couldn't believe this because he had a very big image on the poster. He was supposed to play a 50 or 60 year old man but looked barely 30.

As in most Taiwanese series, there was more talking than fighting. That was one aspect that made me dislike this series a little. Even when there was a fight scene, it was less than 5 minutes and only included special effects.

The opening theme by Rafael Caballero sounded exciting and refreshing. Though it didn't sound traditional, it did fit the theme of the series well. The ending theme sounded boring and made me sleepy.

This series is quite boring and I don't think it's worth watching. Please note that this is NOT the real Wind and Cloud 2.

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