Justice Bao – The Blooded Cloth Mystery

Reviewed by: sukting

April 20, 2010

Rating: three-point-five


How long
5 episodes


It is rare for Kung Sai Sin to work with Ho Kar King to work in Hong Kong but they got a chance to work in this drama. Do you wish to find out more about this segment?


Monk Liao Kong and his disciple, Cheng Yin are escaping from a masked man. The masked man’s target is on the magical object that Liao Kong has - the blooded cloth. The cloth is out sucking blood from everyone. Zhan Zhao (Ho Kar King)tries to catch it but is injured instead and he faints. Liao Kong mumbles Buddhist lines and subdues it in the end. He goes to stay with Justice Bao (Jin Chao Qun).

Lian Kun’s son, Hao Yun’s illness has a relapse and he is upset. His adopted daughter, Cai Yun (Kung Sai Sin) learns that only the blooded cloth can save him so she intends to steal it. However, Kun chooses to want to borrow it. When Justice Bao sends Kun out, a masked man kills the guard and grabs the blooded cloth. However, the cloth sucks blood upon seeing it.

Zao exchanges blows with the masked person and picks up a jade pendant. The cloth doesn’t work on Hao Yun and Kun is disappointed. Cai Yun leaves it behind and wants to look for the killer who kills her father. Justice Bao, Gong Sun Che (Fan Hong Xuan) and Zao discuss on the cloth. Zao detects that someone is on the rood and spars with him. He is injured again and finds his hand numb.

A physician examines his wound and finds that it is the work of an antiseptic. The medical halls do not hae it but Lian residence has it. Cai Yun abducts Cheng Yin to force him to tell her the working of the blooded cloth. But he tells her instead that her father’s killer is Kun. Cai Yun grieves and vows to seek revenge. She hides Hao Yun in another room and wants to kill him.

However, she can’t bear to do so after hearing how he cares for her. Another dead body is found and is suspected of the blooded cloth’s doing. Justice Bao also can’t find Cheng Yin anywhere so he goes to the Lians. Zao is instructed to guard the blooded cloth. Kun requests Zao to look for Cai Yun who isn’t back after searching herbs for Hao Yun for a long time.

Zao finds that she is tied up and Cheng Yin is poisoned. He immediately tries to force the poison out of him. He is wounded by a dart in the process which is thrown secretly by Cai Yun. He mistakens that the assassin is outside and urges her to hide before he faints. She is touched by his act. Cai Yun intends to frame Kun for the 10 over murders. Justice Bao suspects that Kun and Cai yun conspire to kill them.

Cai Yun comes to the secret chamber to discover her mother’s tablet. She destroys it after scolding her for being unfaithful to her father and steals the blooded cloth. Kun learns that Cai Yun has talked to his housekeeper and comes to discover him dead and the blooded cloth sucking his blood. Justice Bao detains Kun. Cai Yun discovers the jade pendant on Zao. She exchanges a fake one with the real one.

While brewing herbs for Zao, Cheng Yin looks into her eyes and discovers that she is the kidnapper. He runs away from her in fright. She is about to kill him when she discovers a similar pendant on him. she is happy to know that he is her long-lost younger brother, Zhu Qing Yun. Cheng Yin can’t accept this and can’t tell Zao that he is drugged when he is weak after waking up. Cai Yun has drugged him, not wanting him to follow this case.

Zao wants Cheng Yin to inform Justice Bao but he can’t bear his sister from being arrested so he lies that he has lost his way. Justice Bao finds Kun’s statement contradicting and locks him up. Cai Yun visits Kun and he begs her to forget the past as her mother is a good woman. He requests her to save Hao Yun. Justice Bao smells a rat – it is easy for a person who feigns not to know martial arts skills. Could she be hiding something from him?

Wang Chao and Ma Han finally discover Zao after following her. Cai Yun brings cheng yin to Lian residence. She returns to the hut and Zao appears from nowhere. He has recovered with the constables’ help and grabs her veil. He is shattered to discover that the culprit is her and chases after her. Her sword leaves a wound on his hand. The blooded cloth comes to him. Cai Yun cuts herself to lure it back to her.

Strangely, it loses its power when her pendant is near it. Cai Yun realises that it can save someone so she uses it to save Zao. Zao has to let her go to repay her the favour. He returns to Justice Bao and admits his mistake and gives him his official hat. He wants to solve the case now after repaying the favour even though he loves Cai Yun.

Kun admits that he kills the people but Justice Bao knows that he is taking the rap. He releases him. Cai Yun chats with her father’s follower and learns the truth. Kun and her mother are engaged but her father kidnaps her to become his wife. After Cai Yun and Qing Yun are born, he still continues his bandit deeds. Her mother suffers in silence so Kun has to inform the soldiers in order to save her.

Her father dies in the attack and Qing Yun goes missing. Kun is very remorseful and treats Cai Yun like his own daughter even after Hao Yun is born. Cai Yun has wronged the wrong person. Cai Yun realizes her mistake but it is too late. Wang Cao and Ma Han capture her. Justice Bao sentences her to death. She suddenly attacks Justice Bao and Zao gives her a fatal blow on the chest.

She spills the blood on the blooded cloth and urges Zao to cover it on Hao Yun. Hao Yun recovers and Zao is very upset. Why is she doing this? She wants to die by the hands of the man she loves. She dies peacefully after asking for Kun’s forgiveness. ChengYin feels sorry to see the tragedy but returns to the temple with his master to make sure that no one can use the blooded cloth anymore. He also keeps his sister’s pendant to tie with him as remembrance.


It is a short story but yet the two leads act so well and are not affected by the length. They are matching in looks and acting. You will regret that the ending is so sad. Kung plays such an unforgettable role. She can be demure and innocent in a dress to deceive all her way through. She is also evil when she is masked to have the vicious look in the eyes. The story is intriguing and I am sure that you will like it as much as I do. Normally, we see male killers but we have a female killer in here for a change.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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