Justice Bao – The Lightning Fury

Reviewed by: sukting

April 17, 2010

Rating: three-point-five


How long
10 episodes


This drama brings a strong cast. Do you wish to see how Kar King and Goon Chung pit their martial arts skills against each other? The others include a singer, a Hokkien drama actress and also a famous television/movie director. Do you wish to watch them in their younger days.


Xiao Shang marquis, Zheng lodges a complaint to Justice Bao. He accuses Yang general family’s second son, Jia Bao of pretending to be a woman to kill his daughter, Wen Ting. Justice Bao feels that something is amiss and investigates the case.

The real thing is Zheng’s son, Wen Yi is a lecher. Jia Bao’s elder brother, Jia Sheng is a general. Jia Bao is weak so he knows no martial arits. Jia Sheng’s fiancée, Yu Lian is a stunning beauty who is going to get married into their family soon. Wen Yi sees her and wants to get her. Jia Sheng prevents this from happening and beats him up badly to teach him a lesson. Jia Bao and Zao are good friends so Wen Yi is also sore that Zao sides for the Yangs.

However, he will be sent to the borders soon so he worries for his family. Jia Bao then suggests that he can pretend to be his sister-in-law to stall for time. Sure indeed, Wen Yi comes to seize ‘Yu Lian’ away to be his wife. Jia Bao pretends to have chicken pox so that he will not get close to him. He lets down his guard when he is alone.

Wen Ting is concerned when the ‘bride’ says nothing and intends to console her. She decides to give her a surprise by coming through the roof. She has a shock of her life when she sees Jia Bao undressing himself. She takes a sash and hits him hard. After knowing what has happened, she feels sorry for them. She also finds herself falling for him.

Jia Bao gives her his family dagger as an engagement gift. Wen Ting accidentally cuts herself and Jia Bao is afraid that this is a bad omen that they can’t be together. In the meantime, Wen Yi gets suspicious and is angered to find out the truth. He is then on his heels to kill Jia Bao. He grabs the dagger and it flies towards Jia Bao. Seeing him in danger, Wen Yi blocks him and gets killed instead.

Zheng hears the commotion and Wen Yi lies to him that Jia Bao has wanted to violate Wen Ting. When he fails, he kills Wen Ting in rage. Jia Bao doesn’t wish to explain himself as he wants to die with Wen Ting. Zao learns about this and clears the air. Jia Sheng also returns to protect Yu Lian. He and Zao have new assignments so they have to leave the capital soon.

Zao writes and leaves a couplet, hoping that this will scare him away. (The handwriting on it has strong strokes – which shows how he is like in person too.) Wen Yi is still bitter over what has happened. He wants a post so the emperor sends him to Da Tong to be in charge of the cell. Jia Sheng is so unlucky to be in the province. Wen Yi secretly gets assassins to kill Jia Sheng and frames him of betraying the country.

Jia Bao is mourning for Wen Ting at her tomb as he has made her his wife and is shocked to know what has happened. He hurries home with Zao but it is too late. Zao discovers the torn couplet. Wen Yi has returned to the capital before them. He even violates Yu Lian in front of Mrs Yang. Mrs Yang is killed and Yu Lian turns crazy.

Justice Bao detains Wen Yi for questioning. A cult leader, Qing Ying brings her daughter, Lian Hua into the capital. Lian Hua looks exactly like Wen Ting as she is her half-sister. Zheng has not wanted to marry Qing Ying then because of family pressure. He is still cold to her now. Lian Hua gets interested in Jia Bao but Wen Ting is still in his heart.

Knowing that Wen Yi is in trouble, Zheng asks Qing Ying for help. Qing Ying uses her magical powers to harm Justice Bao. One of her disciples is in the form of a poisonous butterfly. Lian Hua then kills herself to stop her senior from harming them. Jia Bao is sad that two sisters die due to him. Zheng and Qing Ying grieve over her death. They wonder if they have done the right thing.

All evidence is against Wen Yi. Wen Yi still wants to distort the truth and save his own skin. He hints to Zheng to pass the position to him. Zheng has no choice but to kill himself so that Wen Yi can take over his position. Still, Justice Bao isn’t afraid of authority and removes Wen Yi’s official robe. He even has the dragon head chopper ready for him.

The emperor suddenly appears. As the Cais have done lots of credits to his ancestors, he is set free. All view him with disgust as he steps out haughtily. However, justice has long arms. Wen Yi’s notorious deeds have angered heaven. The lightning appears and strikes him to death right at the Kai Feng entrance. All sigh when seeing his body.

Introduction on characters

1. Cai Wen Yi – Li Ya Ming
He is Zheng’s only son who is arrogant, wicked and also inhumane. He has full of evil plots in his sleeves. In order to achieve his aims, he can harm his loved ones. He doesn’t repent when so many sacrifice for him. It is a daring move for the director to choose a singer to be the lead but this is a brilliant move. Ya Ming shines in this drama and you will hate him so much that you will to skin him alive. A pity that he chooses to focus on his music career and also groom young talents.

2. Cai Wen Ting – Di Ying
She is Wen Yi’s younger sister but she is so different from him. Although she knows martial arts, she is gentle and also wise. She doesn’t side her brother’s deeds. It is love at first sight for her towards Jia Bao but too bad they can’t get married as a couple. Who will imagine that she is a Hokkien drama actress now to take up motherly roles? She is so young to be elegant and has the poise when coming to fighting scenes.

3. Wei Lian Hua – Di Ying
She is Zheng’s illegitimate daughter who has no clue of her parentage as she takes on her mother’s surname. Unlike Wen Ting, she is direct and also open. She has no idea why she falls for the scholarly Jia Bao. Perhaps his love for Wen Ting moves her. She tries in vain to win his heart but she is determined to protect him at all costs – even if it means paying with her life. Even though Jia Bao urges her to stop, she doesn’t as she doesn’t wish him to come to harm.

We have seen many actresses acting as sisters of different personalities. Ying has done an outstanding job to let us distinguish between the two. She wears a Yun nan costume here to make herself look equally stunning too.

4. Yang Jia Sheng – Ku Goon Chung
He is an upright general who will not be tempted by bribes. He is very experienced in war and the emperor trusts him very much. Many will think that a general is boorish but he changes all people’s minds about him as he can also be gentle to his fiancée.

Zao admires his bravery while he also admires Zao’s impartiality. Both often meet up when they are free to spar with one another or drink wine together. Zao is very badly affected to see Jia Sheng’s family being broken up so he tries to help him out. As expected, Ku puts up a memorable performance although he is being deprived of screen time.

5. Yang Jia Bao - Niu Cheng Zhe
He is Jia Sheng’s younger brother. Although he has wished to share out Jia Sheng’s workload, he is unable to due to his poor health. He can only help out in the home affairs. But he blames himself when things go awry and he can’t protect the women in his household although he is the only man left.

Wen Ting’s death leaves him a deep scar. Lian Hua’s death affects him even further. He links their deaths to Wen Yi and becomes stronger, not wanting to let him off again. Who will expect him to go far after that as an actor and also director?! He is so raw then but he manages to build up experience over time.

6. Wei Qing Ying – Li Xin
She is Zheng’s lover in the past. Zheng dumps her to marry an aristocrat. This turns her into a bitter woman for revenge. But she can’t control her feelings when she meets him again. Zheng knows that Lian Hua is their daughter at first glance as she resembles Wen Ting. But unlike the special treatment Wen Ting gets, she is regarded by him as second fiddle. Thus, Qing Ying is determined to fight for their rights. But it turns out that Zheng is only making use of her all along.

7. Cai Zheng – Lin Zai Bei
Like Wen Yi, he is also a Casanova. He has several relationships with several women before getting married. However, he changes his ways after his children are born. He spoils them rotten and showers most attention on Wen Yi. That turns him into a brat and also costs him his own life.

8. Zhang Yu Lian – Zhao Yong Xin
She is Jia Sheng’s fiancée who have known each other from young. She is dedicated to him all along and her simple wish is to be his wife. She feels apologetic when jia Bao gets into Cai residence on her behalf when the marriage sedan comes. Her beauty ruins his family and she blames herself for it.

Being raped by Wen Yi is a big blow to her. He isn’t interested in her anymore but is only treating her as his play toy. She can’t save Mrs Yang from being killed on time so she turns mad. However, she is able to mumble the details to Zao so that he can seek redress for her. This actress is often seen in Qiong Yao dramas so we know that she will definitely do well in crying scenes.

9. Bao Zheng – Jin Cao Qun
He is a normal magistrate but he doesn’t bow to authority. He is also close to the Yangs and is sad that he can’t prevent the tragedy from taking place. Thus, he tries his best to set things right. No one will be more suitable than Jin to act in this role. His consistency in acting and clarity in speech is a good example that juniors should learn from him.

10. Zhan Zao – Ho Kar King
He is Zheng’s bodyguard and also constable. He is a close friend to Jia Sheng and like him, he will teach Wen Yi a lesson when things go wrong. Thus, Wen Yi also views him as a thorn in the flesh. He is dedicated to his job and often helps to look after the Yangs under Jia Sheng’s request. He is often away from the capital to check on cases.

Unwilling to let Wen Yi off the hook easily, he forgoes sleep and rest to track for evidence. When Qing Ying stirs up trouble, he also risks his life to protect Justice Bao. Just like Jin, no one can do a better job than Kar King. He slips into the role effortlessly, with his eyes full with vigour.

Most favourite character

Jia Sheng, he doesn’t think that loyalty should throw their weight around. Have fun to see him spanking Wen Yi’s bottom with a pole when he tries to get fresh with Yu Lian.

Most hated character

Wen Yi, this jerk should be whipped to death for his actions. He is an unfilial son to drive Zheng to his grave. No wonder even heaven can’t condone his act.


The theme song is in the trend for decades! I believe many will know it well. The subtheme song als o becomes an instant hit for many to sing in the karaoke till now. It is ‘new yuanyang butterfly dream’ by Huang An. The lyrics are very well-written and Huang sings it with feel. Definitely one of the best songs that many have heard of.


This segment is a must watch part for all Mou Hap fans. The chance is rare to see how two swordsmen spar in the same drama. It is a highlight to see how they exchange pointers with one another. As for the story, it is gripping and so unlike other boring or predictable segments. It tells on how retribution is done justifiably – no one can escape from the destiny.

It doesn’t fall short in the number of beauties too. The cast throws in their best and I am captivated by Li’s performance. I have not seen him in other dramas before. Yet, he can’t be a spoilt brat so convincingly with his irritating and scheming smiles. Most singers do not act that well and he is exceptional. Credits must be given to him for making it so successful.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On songs : **** (Scale of 5)

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