Reviewed by: fridaythe13th

December 08, 2007

Rating: five

Starring: Ambrose Hsu, Tammy Chen Yi Rong

After watching so much ancient (wuxia) series, I thought I would never cry at seeing a modern series. I just never had a liking for modern series, especially those produced from Taiwan. However, after watching Lavender, my views on modern series changed.

For one, this series was not boring. It teaches the viewers some lessons in life, such as the power of love, friendship and such. Lavender was a series that you never forget. Not only because the plot ran smoothly in 15 episodes, but the actors were very talented. Many people say that this is like Meteor Garden. I haven't seen that series but I guess all series in this category, idol shows, have that same touch. Young actors acting out reality of young people. The whole category is based on the concept of young people.

Anyway, because I hate going into the details of the plot, it is basically about the love of two childhood friends. My view on the plot is that one character turns famous while the other have a terminal illness, the plot seems very distorted at first. After watching the series, I can say that the plot of the series is very emotional and inspiring. Even for me, someone who usually doesn't cry at movies or series, the tears just came out without myself noticing. I didn't have a lot of tears but I felt some way connected to the series as if it was real life. The plot have inspired me to write my own story.

Ambrose Hsu is one of the hottest actor in Taiwan. Not only can he act, but he can also sing, which is very rare in the entertainment industry today. Although I dislike him for being such as self-centred person, and an idiot, he was caring and Ambrose acted out those real feelings that are in the character. It is very important for an actor or actress to become the characters. Tammy, Chen Yi Rong, was superb. No doubt she is pretty and talented. Her character was strong, yet considerate of others, Tammy really brought out that personality. Those two have the potential of being great actors like Felix Wong and Lisa Wong.

The music from Lavender was excellent. The theme song was a catchy song that gets planted in your head the first time you hear it. The end song was very touching, its lyrics were written beautifully. Plus, both being sung by Ambrose, the songs were more than just songs for a series. They were practically about life in each of us.

However, as all series have flaws, the colouring in Lavender was very light. All the lighting were very soft and it makes the series a bit unrealistic.

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