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February 03, 2008

Rating: five

Main Characters:
Ambrose Hsu (Leo), Yi Rong Chen, Xu Gui Ying (Maggie)

What, when, where and who

I have to say this is one of the most romantic and emotional series I have ever seen!

Yi Rong and her sister were the 'abnormal' persons, because they had heart disease when they were born. Their life is going to be short due to the heart disease, because their hearts just could not handle any emotional changes (like falling in love).

Yi Rong and Ambrose were great friends in Elementary school. In fact, they were in love. However, Ambrose's whole family moved, so they had to separate. Before Ambrose left, he gave Yi Rong a lavender bottle, and promised her no matter what, he would came back and find her when she turned 20.

Because of the promise, Yi Rong waited for Ambrose... and 20 years later, a very famous singer Leo came to Taiwan. Yi Rong knew he was Ambrose, and the two met again. However, Leo's fame and Yi Rong's normal life just could not fit well. They had many difficulties and even broke up a couple times, but they realized they loved each other deeply.

Yi Rong's condition got worse and worse as their love relationship worsened due to the fact that Ambrose's ex-girlfriend Maggie came back. Maggie tried to win Ambrose back, so she did many things to weaken Ambrose and Yi Rong's relationship. Meanwhile, there was another guy who loved Yi Rong deeply, and he wanted to win Yi Rong as well. When Yi Rong was hurt, that guy was the one who helped her, but Yi Rong's heart still belonged to Ambrose....


- Hate Factor


I hate the way she tried to win Ambrose back, it's insane! But, the good thing is that she finally realized how much Ambrose loved Yi Rong, thank god she finally gave up! Otherwise, I will hit her! Seriously!

- Love Factor

Ambrose Hsu

The first moment I saw him, I began to like him. Ambrose is handsome and very cute! He's a good actor, too. I loved the way he cried, the way he tried to win Yi Rong back, and the way he sang. At the beginning, he was the famous singer, but had no life. He did not trust love because both his parents committed suicide because of love. He was mean and cruel until he met Yi Rong, who totally changed his life. Ambrose began to know the true meaning of love, care, and the importance of life.

Yi Rong Chen

This character is so brave! She knew she was going to die soon with her heart disease, and she saw how her sister died because of falling in love... Her life was short, but she wanted to make it pretty, so she did, she found her true love. She truly told everyone: life is short, it just needs to be beautiful, so that no matter how short it is, it is going to be perfect

- Pity Factor

Ambrose's Leo, I guess

I just cannot stand the fact that Leo lost his love after all that he and Yi Rong went through... it's just so sad. But, both of them learned the miracle of love, I guess that is the most important thing

- How Come Factor

Oh my god, I totally loved the ending, but this ending is the saddest ending I ever seen in my life! Okay, if you don't mind I give away the ending, please read:

We all know Yi Rong was going to die. Ambrose won her back and helped her survive and hoping a miracle will happen. Well, for a while they did live happily, then Yi Rong became pregnant, everyone tries to convince her to go for an abortion. Yi Rong told Ambrose that she was afraid she would die soon and leave Ambrose all alone. She didn't want that to happen and she wanted to leave him a baby, so that he would not be alone. Ambrose felt so sad, and was begging her to go for an abortion, as he didn't want to lose Yi Rong. However, Yi Rong convinced Ambrose to have the baby. But, a couple months later, BEFORE THE BABY WAS BORN, Yi Rong died!!!! Oh my god! I cried my eyes out! I can't believe the producer decided to let Yi Rong and the baby die! It is so sad! All Yi Rong wanted was to leave Ambrose something, but she could not... why did the producer have to be so cruel!

Best Scenes

Here comes the list:

1. Everytime Ambrose and Yi Rong together, this couple is so cute

2. Every emotional part, for example: Yi Rong's sister's death, Yi Rong's death

3. When Ambrose tries to win Yi Rong back, even though he knew Yi Rong is going to die

4. When Yi Rong and Ambrose first started to date

5. Everytime you see how the lavender bottle relate to Ambrose and Yi Rong, I want that bottle!

6. The ending, when Ambrose is singing the song he wrote for Yi Rong in the studio, and meanwhile Yi Rong was in the hospital and dying...


- The Performances

Ambrose can cry very well! He is so cute, I have to say, he's got a great voice, too. Love the theme songs sung by him, those fit the story well. Yi Rong is really pretty, too. I think she is very good, love the way she cries... Every single star in this series did an excellent job, their performances made the series very emotional and romantic...

- The Storyline

The story is excellent, I enjoyed the chemistry between Ambrose and Yi Rong. They look great together. The story is very emotional, so get ready lots of tissues, I promise you that you will cry (if you are sentimental like me ~.~) The story is memorable, you will never forget it after you watch it.

- Worth Renting?

I never cried so much in my life watching a TV series. This is the most emotional series you will ever expect. A very romantic story, and excellent acting by Ambrose, who is really cute! Everyone who enjoys watching love stories should have this series!

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