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May 07, 2012

Rating: five


Li Qing Chuan and Liang Yi Xin are childhood sweethearts. She has a heart disease that unables her to do physical activities and he is her only friend. On her birthday, he tells her that his whole family is immigrating to the USA. He promises her that they will meet again on her 20th birthday. He gives her a lavender bottle, identical to his own bottle.

Time passes, Yi Xin is about to turn 20 years old. She works at a greenhouse in a farm. Her boss, Xiao Tong, secretly loves her. She meets Qing Chuan again but he is a different person due to hurtful experiences. He is now Leo, a famous singer with cold personality. They have few misunderstandings but eventually meet in her 20th birthday.

They start a relationship. However, Leo's celebrity status doesn't fit with Yi Xin's simple life. Then, comes Maggie, Leo's ex-girlfriend who is trying to mend their relationship. Yi Xin's mom also opposes their relationship as she sees Yi Xin's older sister dies with the same heart disease.

Against all odds, Leo and Yi Xin decide to continue their love. They are happy and she becomes pregnant. He begs her to have an abortion for she can die because of the pregnancy. But she insists that she doesn't want him to be alone when she dies. After a few months, she dies with the baby.


This is the third Taiwanese drama that I watched. The other two were "Meteor Garden" and "Amazing Twins." I first saw this when I was in high school and I love it a lot. It was so popular here in my country that it was broadcasted a number of times.

I love the mood and texture of this drama. The colors are light and pleasant to the eyes. I wish I could visit Xiao Tong's farm, it's wonderful. I love seeing Yi Xin's riding her bicycle going there.

The OST is just amazing and very catchy. I recently downloaded the opening song "Hua Xiang" (Flower's Scent) and the closing song "Xing Fu De Shun Jian" (A Moment of Happiness). Both are sung by Ambrose Hsu, who is an excellent singer. I both love these songs, the melody is wonderful. I have the opening song as a ring tone. I just hope I can have an English translation of the lyrics.

I love the child actors here. The young Leo being so sweet and caring to young Yi Xin. They are just so adorable and they acted well. I just wonder what happened to them, hope they continue acting. Ambrose Hsu is really hot, especially in the later part of the drama, when he lost the hair and the attitude. Well, this was early 2000s but I can't forgive the hair! It made him 50% less handsome. Anyway, he cries well and conveys the emotions effectively. I feel for him. I watched his other drama "At Dolphin Bay", (well, not the whole drama because I can only tolerate one melodrama) and he really looked hot! I think he got better with age.

With Tammy Chen, based on what I watched here and the glimpses of her other dramas, I can say she is a solid actress. She did a good job bringing out Yi Xin's personality, her softness and strength. I always admire Tammy's simple beauty and innocence. So while in the process of writing this review I searched the net for some info about her and was shocked to see her photos wearing lingerie and underwear. Well, time passes but she is still the sweet Yi Xin to me.

I caught glimpses of Ambrose's other dramas like "Acquired Beauty" and Tammy's "Star Wish," etc. but I say this is far their greatest work individually. "At Dolphin Bay" is I should say also pretty good and Ambrose is far hotter there, but "Lavender" has a charm that will never be subdued. And I hate Angela Zhang, I don't know why. Maybe, because I really like Ambrose to be with Tammy. They have incredible
chemistry together, it's really magical. They have a reunion drama after four years entitled "Mouse Loves Rice" it is pretty entertaining and has a different vibe for it is a romantic-comedy and they look better there.

Penny Lin is also a solid actress and she's also very pretty too. I just can't understand how bratty her character was. Good thing, she finally gave up getting Leo back. I saw her in other dramas and I like her, specially in "100% Senorita" with Wallace Huo. I didn't care about Wang Jian Long or Xiao Tong. Probably, because he is not handsome and he also acted bluntly. He is just the requaired second lead in almost all dramas. He bored me to death.

This story is definitely not my thing, melodrama about first love and illness. But this drama has a magical charm that really got me. Maybe it was the setting, the music, the characters or the actors. I first saw this almost a decade ago and it remains my favorite Taiwanese drama ever. I read that it has a sequel, still with Ambrose Hsu with Rainie Yang. I am not really interested for in my mind Leo is only for Yi Xin and I want to leave it that way.

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