Le Robe De Mariage Des Cieux

Reviewed by: sukting

September 18, 2008

Rating: four

How long
20 episodes

What a confusing title! Who comes up with this name? I doubt many know how to pronounce it in French or know what it means. Is this move to show the classy background on modelling and designing?

This is Leon Philips first drama. How does he fare in here? With Ming Dao as his fierce rival, will he get his love in the end? Do you think Wang Xin Ling deserve to be their prize catch?


A silver Porsche runs fast on the road in Paris. Although the driver is an Asian, his richly enhanced looks attract stares from the public. Zi Hao is used to all the attraction and has a white rose in his hand. He walks near the convent when an old woman stops him – Venus will allow him to meet his soulmate. He is stunned and his heart bleeds upon recalling a pale, smiling face. His soulmate has left him long ago. Even though Venus is able to reborn, she can’t return to his life.

He tells the old woman that he has found the person and there is no way to ask him to betray her. She suddenly puts a 10 dollar coin onto his palm. It has a 6 sided star with a rose design in the centre. The words written are Venus – the love god in Roman myth. He throws it and Ai Qing picks it up after praying in the convent. She whistles the song ‘green sleeve’ and Zi Hao can only see her back as she walks away quickly. Has he thought too much? His star has left him.

Zi Hao smiles and walks to the convent. He needs nothing else except success. He hopes to win the top prize in designing – that is the highest honour. Ai Qing looks at the small wooden horse which looks exactly the same as the one that her grandmother leaves for her grandfather. The one at home is broken by her rabbit –Wulong tea so she is looking for a replacement.

She walks into the shop and wants to buy it. Zi Hao comes after her and offers ten times the price to get for Katrina. The owner frowns and curses at him – how does he know that he can afford it? This is not on sale as it is priceless. Zi Hao is angry – if so, why sell it to Ai Qing? The owner replies – it must be shared with a nice person so he allows her to take a look. But for Zi Hao…sorry! He rejects him.

Ai Qing also gets fed up – as if she can’t afford it. Zi Hao stares at her – she is rich?! So she wants to compete with him? Ai Qing gets uneasy by his glare as he speaks. Since the owner says that it is not for sale, this place sells things which worth thousands, can she really pay? Ai Qing nearly faints and the wooden horse feels like tons in her hands.

Seeing his disgusted look makes her refusing to admit defeat. Zi Hao adds on – if she can, she will not wear imitations from head to toe (That is a good phrase but too hurting to a woman.) He raises more examples – her Gucci bag spelt the word wrongly to add a ‘h’. The blouse imitates Missoni but the cutting is lousy and rough. The jeans are definitely not by Levi’s as he has seen all their designs. How can they escape his eyes? Ai Qing is defeated but still talks aloud. So what? It is an eye-opening experience for him then. (This is my favourite laughing scene.)

Just then, the bell rings and the owner decides to close the shop. Zi Hao sighs and wants to leave. Seeing her still with the wooden horse makes him amused. He tells her to come the next day. She walks out and runs back – she must get it. The owner allows her to walk around again. She takes out a cloth doll chain that she has sewn and puts it in replacement of the wooden horse to put inside her pocket.

When she is about to put it into her pocket, a big hand holds her hand firmly. It is not the owner but Zi Hao. He really despises her – now he catches her with evidence – what else has she to say? She protests as the chain is also self-made. Luckily the owner doesn’t look at them. Zi Hao’s frozen face indicates that he doesn’t accept this lame excuse. He must get it for Katrina.

The day before, he paces up and down when the winners of all the other awards are announced. All his models and Katrina are crushed – Zi Hao and they have worked so hard – have they lost in the clothes design contest? When he is announced as the golden award winner, they are so delighted. He intends to propose marriage to Katrina but she doesn’t want a diamond ring and only wants the wooden horse.

He has thought that it is easily settled with money but this Asian girl ruins his chance. Ai Qing knows that Zi Hao will not give in and can’t pull her hand from him as he is strong. She bites his hand and he feels the pain to let go of her. She runs out of the shop and Zi Hao tells the owner to report to the police. The owner only stares at him to walk to the keychain. He takes it and smiles – is this the one that she exchanges with him? It is really cute! (How unexpected!)

Zi Hao wants to run after her but she makes faces at him as a policeman is going to book him for illegal parking. Zi Hao turns and she is missing. He is troubled – don’t let him see her again. Ai Qing is happy to be on the plane and takes out the wooden horse to call it Xiao Bei Bei. (How childish!). She takes out the coin to call it her lucky star – it must have added marks to her first love later too.

She sees a classy pair bade goodbye and is stunned – this is really called a handsome man with a pretty woman. When she compares the woman’s face with the airport poster, she realizes that this is the supermodel, Katrina. When she is curious to know who the handsome guy is, she is terrified to see Zi Hao’s face. She quickly puts the wooden horse into her pocket and wants to run away.

Zi Hao pulls her back – what will she want in exchange for it? He has a stern look on his face. She lies to him that she has thrown it away because she breaks it. Zi Hao gets very mad at her and nearly wishes to punch her but lets her go to walk away. Ai Qing rushes to meet Qi Qi at Universal Groups Building. Two strangers come to her ranch to inform her grandfather that it is bought and they have to move out in 7 days.

Ai Qing is furious to know that the buyer is Zi Hao – Universal Groups GM. Qi Qi tells her not to be rash as Zi Hao has an exhibition the next day. She as a reporter will try to bring her in to find a chance to talk to him. Ai Qing can’t allow her parents’ efforts to be ruined. She walks on the road and Zi Hao nearly knocks into her. Upon seeing her, he has a shock.

He gives her a despised look again – she looks like a Shepard girl and lousy rainbow makeup. He can’t believe that a woman will make herself ugly to this extent. When she comments that he is careless to nearly kill her, his reply is her non-Chinese, non-western outlook and face will cause 9 out of 10 people to die of fright. She reminds him that he leaves her alone at the airport and he replies that he isn’t her taxi. She only realizes now that her left hand is painful and uses her right hand to hold it.

Zi Hao knows that she is putting up a forced front so he reminds her not to obstruct the traffic. She wants him to apologise and he gives her money. Isn’t this what she wants? If not enough, she can look for him on his namecard. He is rushing for time and is about to get into his car when she pulls him to throw the money onto his face. He speeds off while she tears the namecard to pieces.

But later, she picks up the torn paper and the money from the floor because she doesn’t want to get fined. Zi Hao sees this from his car mirror and smiles – she sounds grand but she is still out for money. Suddenly, her curse of him getting a punctured tyre comes true. He calls his assistant Freddie to get someone to fix it as he needs to rush to the airport. Ai Qing cycles to see this and puts the money on his car cover. He doesn’t understand what this means.

She tells him that the cash may not be enough to fill the hole so she has coins with her. He gets angry and she tells him to work hard to leave. Ai Qing dyes her hair golden to pretend to be a Shepard girl to introduce the ranch to the little children. Suddenly a motorcycle lands onto the field and the motorcyclist falls onto the ground. Hai Nuo nearly faints and sees Ai Qing running after the horse like an angel. When he wakes up, his shoulder wound is bandaged.

He can’t even stand properly so how is he going to take part in the competition in the afternoon? It is very important to her as his car company shares’ price will rise when he wins. He can’t allow despicable people – especially Jeep to take advantage. He is injured by them during the training earlier. She pokes his wound to make him feel the pain but he still goes. He doesn’t understand why he feels relaxed instead of nervous.

Ai Qing is at the competition ground, selling ice cream. Hai Nuo has won again despite his injury for 3 years consecutively. When he is asked to give a speech, he suddenly tells Ai Qing to come forward. He jokes that he allows her to touch his hair which he will not let other girls do that. She opens her mouth wide – he is so seriously injured in the morning but yet wins in the afternoon? She doesn’t like him to call her little Ai Qing as only her mother will address her. He wants her to remember his name as he is her boyfriend. She gets so mad that she dumps the ice cream over his head but he doesn’t mind it. He likes that!

Ai Qing feels that her temples are painful and is alarmed to find herself in a room. It is not hers as it has a blend of the east and the west – Chinese sculptures together with Western drawings and carvings. She is terrified when Hai Nuo walks in. This is his room instead as his family sells antiques. He looks at her seriously – has she forgotten last night? She cries so hard to want him to console her and hints that they have slept together. She is about to slap him when he holds her back.

How can he resist since she takes the initiative? She should not worry as he will be responsible for it. His servant Uncle Zhong can’t let this go on. Ai Qing is innocent so don’t tease her anymore. She finally recalls that it is her elder brother, Ya Qun to sell the ranch away. She cycles to his home to scold him but her bicycle is damaged on the way back to cause her to nearly knock onto a lamppost. Luckily Hai Nuo saves her. Seeing her upset, he gives her a treat but she gets herself drunk.

She has even scolded Zi Hao and Ya Qun to nearly break the television. Ai Qing can’t believe this – Zi Hao is the person who buys the ranch. Zi Hao demands to know why she is at his fashion show backstage. He wants Freddie to chase her away. She wants to talk to him but he is cold to her – he has no time and adjusts Katrina’s clothes. Ai Qing is upset and angry when he ignores her. She is about to lose her home and he uses ‘no time’ to answer her. Is he still a human?

Katrina looks at Zi Hao and all are stunned too. He continues working on another model and doesn’t look at her. Seeing him like this, she blurts that she is pregnant so he can’t chase her away. Katrina’s face darkens although she still looks elegant. Ai Qing regrets this but seeing Zi Hao staring at her, she returns his glares bravely. Zi Hao forces close to her – she must clarify this.

She takes out the wooden horse – isn’t this the one he says – the only one that represents their only love. Zi Hao jumps – isn’t it broken? Ai Qing swallows her saliva – will he listen to her now? What does she want? Katrina listens to them – it is as if they have acknowledged their relationship. She wants to leave and Zi Hao gets mad. Can’t she wait till the end? Is she really leaving? He will make some changes then. The designs are for her and can only show her beauty. But if Katrina thinks that he can only do this, she can open her eyes wider. His face is frozen (this scene is splendid.)

He pulls Ai Qing close to him. Don’t think only those above 175 cm can wear them. Those below 160 cm can also fit into them. Although Ai Qing is responsible for the damage, asking her to replace Katrina is really a joke. Ai Qing looks short with the dress dragging behind her when walking out. Freddie gives up hope on her – this should be called the beginning of a tragedy.

Zi Hao’s expression is unchanged. He takes his tool box and uses his scissors to create a new design. In a minute, an over large dress fits her in a new design. Ai Qing stares into the mirror and can’t believe the refined and pretty woman is her. Zi Hao looks at a different Ai Qing and gets attracted too. But the professional look is returned to his face. He gets his assistants to tell her what to look out for on stage.

Seeing that the time is approaching, she gets scared and doesn’t know what to do. An angry voice drums into her ears calling her name and she answers yes putting up her right hand. This clumsy fellow still thinks that she is a primary school student? Zi Hao tries to stop the smile forming near his mouth and tells her – has she heard him? Ai Qing has no confidence – the other models are tall and pretty. She is an ugly duckling and her knees go weak. How can she remember?

Zi Hao holds her shoulders tightly – look at him. She looks at him hesitantly. His clear eyes look into her and his voice is gentle – although she is short, she is proportionate with big eyes. Her sunshine smile is also attractive and the dress suits her. His words are like magic to make her calm. She sees her reflection in his eyes – so she is pretty? She has to trust herself that she is the only one. ‘D-zire’ needs her so she is bringing his dream on stage. She doesn’t have to worry anything else as it is up to him. He plants a kiss on her forehead. She is taken aback by it and her confused feelings stops just because of it.

She ruins it again. Why is she always so reckless? Ai Qing lowers her head to walk out of the building. She just tells a group of reporters that Zi Hao is a cheat and wants to sue him. Zi Hao gets so mad and demands her to leave the ranch in 3days. Hai Nuo fixes her bicycle and sees her down. Hai Nuo doesn’t know how this happens – at the presentation earlier, don’t they look like a pair of lovebirds? Just when he is pondering how to defeat the love rival, this happens. Ai Qing also doesn’t understand – it is just like she doesn’t know why she wears his clothes to go on stage too.

She has thought of her grandfather. His medicine dosage has gone higher because of the ranch sale. Hai Nuo is reminded of his own case. He also spends lots of energy with Uncle Zhong to keep the antique shop going too after his parents’ death. A group of motorcyclists stop Zi Hao and Freddie from moving. Hai Nuo asks why Zi Hao wants the ranch for his working office. It is near to the central area but the transport isn’t convenient. Freddie tells Zi Hao that Hao Nuo is Ai Qing’s friend.

He refuses to listen to him. Hao Nuo tells him that the ranch is someone’s home. Hai Nuo’s friend, Ah Bu is angry that Zi Hao refuses to give in but Hai Nuo isn’t defeated. He knows that there is still a chance. Zi Hao patches up with Katrina and has a meal with her. She is unhappy to read the newspaper headline – Zi Hao’s new product is out and his new lover emerges. ‘D-zire’ first exhibition has his model lover being chased downstage to make way to an ordinary newcomer. The two have a close relationship.

Katrina takes it to heart but comments that Zi Hao brings an inexperienced Ai Qing out well. Zi Hao really regrets not keeping her back. Ai Qing comes with Hai Nuo to beg him to hire her as she knows Tao Ranch best. Zi Hao is impatient – so her motive is only not to move out. It is moving furniture out to him but it is forcing her to get out from the place that she stays all along. Katrina begins to sympathesize her. (Strange woman, at first she is jealous and now she wants to help her.)

Zi Hao is still not convinced. She charges to him and Hai Nuo thinks she is going to do something stupid again. She cries because of her grandfather. Hai Nuo has never seen her reacting like this and is displeased with Zi Hao. Zi Hao tells her to lift her head to look at him. His tone is still cold and no one can see what emotions he has on his face. Upon seeing her teary, he is shaken.

Does she know how to sew? She says she has done it for her rabbit. That is her serious reply but it is like a joke to him. What about designing? She doesn’t know. Upon seeing his icy eyes, she replies that she learns drawing when attending school art lessons. Is this included? She knows nothing and yet wants him to hire her? It is obvious that she wants to create a scene. Zi Hao’s face really darkens and reminds her who creates a mess to result Katrina from leaving earlier.

She admits her mistake. Who is the one who accuses him to be heartless to buy Tao Ranch in front of reporters? It is her again. Now he is having s calm mood to dine with his girlfriend and now he is having a bad mood. Who is the cause? (His fury is understandable because this woman is really a firestarter – to set fire anywhere she goes.) Ai Qing finally knows that he wants her to admit all her mistakes and agrees reluctantly. He still refuses to hire her – she has none of the talents he needs. What is the reason to hire her? Or does she think that he should be taking that he is making a donation to help her out?

Ai Qing feels shameful and furious and Hai Nuo nearly bashes him up. Katrina tries to change Zi Hao’s mind. Zi Hao wants a professional to handle it and doesn’t need a reckless fellow to tell him what to do. (We don’t blame him for thinking this way after seeing how Ai Qing screw things up.) Ai Qing gets angry – since he doesn’t accept her, don’t humiliate her and ruin her ranch. He is used to her fiery temper and can still drink coffee calmly - please remember that he has bought it.

Hai Nuo asks the price he wants to buy from him. Zi Hao’s reply is priceless. The men meet each other’s eyes and are silent. Ai Qing reprimands Zi Hao for being heartless – it is like buying insurance before saying a person from drowning. She cries when she goes out. A reporter, He Xin asks Zi Hao if the paper in his hand is his design because it is similar to a France designer, David W’s design. Zi Hao knows that this fellow likes to provoke him.

He suppresses his anger – he can ignore him and can sue him together with David W as both of them are acquaintances. He Xin comments that it isn’t important to Zi Hao anymore since his design is shown to the world and he can do anything to it. Zi Hao sees his drawing fallen into the wishing pool and the red ink spreads. He is about to pick it when Katrina pulls him back. He can draw it anytime as the initial design is right in his head. It isn’t important. Zi Hao is silent but his eyes show anxiety.

Ai Qing jumps into the pool to get it for him. She has jumped into the pool to ask for more money but gets the drawing instead. Zi Hao tells her to keep it. Ai Qing feels that it is a waste to be ruined and her expression lies with his memory of a woman. Zi Hao suddenly can’t differentiate who the person is. The past bring back anguish and his eyes turn red. He regains his composure and is clear that she is Ai Qing but still avoids meeting her eyes.

He Xin shows her another which is belonged to David W. Ai Qing despise him- if she uses a blue pen to write and he also does it at the same time, is this copying her? He Xin doesn’t know how to react. Zi Hao smiles but pretends to be indifferent. So Ai Qing can throw it away for her. She can’t believe that he can bear to throw his precious away. Zi Hao is stunned and it is like something pounding his heart. Ai Qing thinks he should protect it – doesn’t he feel like having a part of his heart removed?

Ai Qing knows that he can’t bear to let it go and walks across to give him. She slips and he gets nervous, calling her blunder fool. Ai Qing passes it to her and he stares at her in disbelief as she wipes the water from her face. His response makes Katrina insecure and she knows that he wants to handle the drawing. She leaves alone with disappointment. Her background and beauty surpasses Ai Qing but now she feels uneasy – as if she will be replaced soon.

What is wrong with him to let a wet her to sit in his car? To change clothes in his office? Has his heart softened or he feels remorseful? Or is he grateful to her for picking up the drawing? Or is it because of a reason that he himself doesn’t know? But one thing is certain – he shouldn’t have brought her to taste steak. Zi Hao finds it hard not to see the steak juice dripping from the corner of her mouth. Is she too happy? Is the steak so tasty? She looks like she is going to swallow her tongue any minute.

It is rare to eat something nice and she should enjoy it. Zi Hao is stunned again as he is used to this lifestyle. He tosses a spoon to her to let her see how she eats. She sees her reflection and licks the juice. Zi Hao is unprepared for this and sighs – why not use the napkin and watch her table manners. She doesn’t belong to the upper class and it is understandable that she doesn’t know. The cherry reminds her of his design. He loses the design in Paris and doesn’t know how Xin gets it.

She doesn’t think that it resembles David W’s work. The colours match but Zi Hao’s drawing reminds her of a rose which is red with purple colours. It is like seeing a land of roses like this to suffocate. Her description is odd but he feels good. He has heard others saying that his design is creative and daring to use loud colours. Those usual praises make him sick as he doesn’t know if they are sincere.

His background doesn’t require him to work so hard so no matter how he does, he gets the same applause. She tells her that is easy to record them down and listen to it. She doesn’t know how rich he is but he works for himself so he should clap for himself. Just like her creating different kinds of ice cream to give herself claps when she is successful. He looks at her – the few days of unhappiness vanish because of her words. It is strange – Zi Hao is going to occupy her home but she feels his loneliness and sadness.

She doesn’t expect that they have quarreled in the morning but can have a nice meal together at night. When she lifts her head to look into his eyes, she feels hundreds of butterflies flying in her brain. That is a strange feeling and is lost when getting out of his car – like a Cinderella’s day has ended. She doesn’t have the glass shoes but only the wooden horse. Why is he so nice to her?

Zi Hao has no answer for that to tolerate her this evening but this is to repay her for the design. And if she falls sick because of this to be unable to move out, he will be troubled. Ai Qing is disappointed by this but she still thinks that he isn’t unfeeling as he seems. She gives him the wooden horse in exchange for a job.

He agrees to consider and she gets so excited that she holds his hand to thank him. A strange warm feeling starts from her finger tips to reach his heart and his heartbeat becomes irregular. Zi Hao is not fast enough to react and Ai Qing lets go of his hand to run into the house. Suddenly, she runs out to get her bicycle. Zi Hao senses that she looks worried and lowers his car window – why is she out so late at night? She replies that Hai Nuo is injured. Zi Hao offers to give her a lift.

Hai Nuo’s car is jeopardized by Jeep during car racing and he is injured. Luckily, he only needs to rest at home for a few days. He looks at her – why is her dressing so different – like she has gone to work as a car exhibition lady presenter. Actually she is more likely to be a person to pass brochures on the road and she protests. He signals her to sit at the sofa beside him. He is happy that she comes to visit him but he is happier if she wants to see him in competitions but not to sell ice cream. She nods and he fondles her hair. She must be there as his woman to cheer for him.

Cold air is between Katrina and Zi Hao. The earlier happy atmosphere has vanished because of the talk with Katrina’s father. Zi Hao is weary of giving in to the old man repeatedly. Katrina is angry with his remark – he has not talked to her loudly before Ai Qing appears. Zi Hao chides her as nonsensical. Katrina knows that she is like an ugly shrew and worries that he will have a change of heart. Maybe her father is right to tell them to consider their marriage.

Zi Hao walks into his study and the silly Ai Qing calls him to ask how he has considered and the next day is the tea party for his associates. He is in a bad mood and answers that he is only toying with her and will not hire her. She gets angry and she will revert to her old way then. Zi Hao sits in front of the drawing table and looks at Ai Qing the culprit who ruins the tea party. His back still feels the pain. Half an hour ago, the goats get into the venue. They not only scare his guests and also ruin the party.

Ai Qing is like a little child waiting for punishment. He gets the injury because of her. Xin is about to throw a chair at her favourite sheep. She runs to protect it. When the chair is about to hit her, Zi Hao shields her from the attack and the chair hits his back. (Just like how Shan Cai shields Daomingsi from the gangsters.) She doesn’t know why he does this but knows that her heart is whipped when he gets hit.

Zi Hao looks at Freddie to want an explanation. Why is she still here and the blunder made? Is she trying to tell him that she stays in the small wooden hut secretly and Freddie knows nothing about it? Zi Hao’s tone turns cold and Freddie gets frightened. Katrina is pleased with what has happened. Ai Qing is scared by his tone but she offers to leave so that her animals can stay. Freddie thinks that she should not take the rap alone and wants to explain that the ranch needs her to manage.

Zi Hao and Katrina never expect him to help her. When she is about to leave, Zi Hao stops her – why does she want to leave in a haste. He will give her probation for 3 months. If he isn’t satisfied, she must leave. She can’t believe that this is happening and so does Freddie. Ai Qing laughs and jumps holding Freddie’s hand. She sees the wooden horse hanging over Zi Hao’s working lamp and thanks it for its help.

Xiang Zhen is standing near the window edge - she is an up and coming model but is willing to give up her glamour for Hai Nuo. But he doesn’t want her and their child. Hai Nuo and Ah Bu pull her back so Hai Nuo uses all his might to subdue her. Ai Qing, Zi Hao and Katrina see both on the bed and are shocked. Hai Nuo releases Xiang Zhen but doesn’t know how to explain.

Xiang Zhen is raped by Jeep but he pushes the blame to Hai Nuo. Hai Nuo is afraid that Xiang Zhen will collapse upon knowing the truth so he keeps mum about it. Xiang Zhen is hostile to Ai Qing – so Hai Nuo ditches her because of her? She reveals that she is pregnant and Hai Nuo wants her to abort the baby. Ai Qing is angry over it as she isn’t aware of the whole thing.

Jeep contacts Hai Nuo as he kidnaps his men. Ai Qing is worried and follows them out. Zi Hao wants to help but looking at the unstable Xiang Zhen, he stops. Katrina and Xiang Zhen are working rivals. She tells Xiang Zhen off for trying to kill herself. Katrina wants her to return to the stage as both of them feel that it is a waste of her to give up her talents. ‘D-zire’ is going to have the spring promotion 2 weeks later and will be the target of attack again. Zi Hao hopes that Xiang Zhen can help him as in the past.

She refuses as she is worried for Hai Nuo‘s safety. Can Zi Hao help Hai Nuo as Jeep is ruthless? Zi Hao blames her for not saying sooner and charges out. Katrina looks at his shadow and feels the anguish. The person he is worried must be Ai Qing. Upon seeing Jeep wanting to attack Hai Nuo with a bat, she takes a stool to run towards him. She later gives her a punch on his face.

Jeep’s bat lands on Hai Nuo’s back and he feels the pain. He bears with it and can’t imagine what will happen to Ai Qing if he is a minute slower. (Can’t they think of other weapons?!) Hai Nuo pushes Ai Qing to Ah Bu and Jeep’s strokes lands on him. Hai Nuo wins but lets him go. Ai Qing slaps him for being loyal to friends but unfeeling to Xiang Zhen. He slaps her for being reckless to charge at Jeep. The fear of getting her hurt is overcome by his anger now.

He finally kisses her and wants her to be his girlfriend. Zi Hao sees this and he doesn’t understand why he is angry. Ai Qing meets his eyes of fury and she slaps Hai Nuo. Zi Hao stops him from running after Ai Qing and she hides behind him. He is harassing his employee so he is concerned. Hai Nuo – is that so? Zi Hao is silent but puts his hand over her shoulder to leave together. Why doesn’t he say that he likes Ai Qing? Zi Hao stops walking and ponders over his words.

Is he in love with her? Ai Qing can’t believe this and is about to say more when she feels a tight hug over her shoulder. Zi Hao signals her not to say anymore. Zi Hao doesn’t want him to push his fault on others. Zi Hao asks if she is okay. His voice is still emotionless but it gives her warmth and she sobs. Zi Hao never expects her to cry like a baby and frowns. Seeing her crying non-stop makes him stop his car to offer her tissues. Hai Nuo has robbed her of her first kiss so she feels upset.

Ai Qing asks if he thinks that there is something between them. Zi Hao is expressionless – is that important? Is she innocent or ignorant? She should know Hai Nuo’s feelings as he can see that Hai Nuo is serious about her. She asks him – actually Zi Hao can leave her alone like what Hai Nuo has said but why is he here? Zi Hao can’t answer that. This is her first day of work but things don’t go well for her. She sleeps in the shed and is late to get scolded by Zi Hao.

Seeing her clumsiness makes Zi Hao chase her out of his office. Later, even Hai Nuo comes with drinks to see how she works. Hai Nuo has expressed his feelings clearly and she only wants him as her sibling or friend. She wants him to take care of Xiang Zhen.(Stupid Hai Nuo – why not tell her the truth?!) Grandfather doesn’t notice that they have quarreled and he likes the man. Ai Qing knows why she hurts Hai Nuo. Hai Nuo’s confession makes her sure that she likes Zi Hao.

Hai Nuo sees her practicing her speech to reveal her feelings to Zi Hao. He introduces his new gal to her and she gets angry for being a two timer. Hai Nuo is angry - what is this to do with her? She doesn’t even know what is happening. He has not loved someone so much before and gets rejected. What is she to reprimand him to fit her theory? She can’t answer that herself.

Zi Hao parts with Katrina – they don’t understand each other. They look compatible but their souls don’t. After Xing Xing’s death, half of his soul goes with her to leave this world. Even though he is in love with Katrina, the missing soul isn’t back. He has thought that this feeling will last till death but Ai Qing rekindles partially each day. Is the old woman’s prediction coming true? His other half is her?

Zi Hao is angry with Xin’s report. Xin publishes David W’s pictures and his designs look the same as those Zi Hao is going to present 2 days later. Freddie is worried – they can’t change the designs in 2 days times But he refuses to give in. He looks at the design drawings and brings them out, wanting to burn them. Ai Qing stops him and her elbow gets burned instead.

What is the point of her saving the designs that have been used? Ai Qing thinks it is nothing since there are imitations around. Are all designers going to kill themselves for that? Zi Hao accidentally touches her wound and wants to apply first aid but she refuses. She picks up all the drawings and upon seeing the firm look on her face, his mind focuses on another person who has the same determined look. It is like someone pricking his heart and he walks out.

He sits on the office floor and leans against his working table. He looks at the clothes that the models wear – all of them have their designs copied shamelessly. What should he do now? He gulps mineral water but it isn’t sufficient to diminish the anger in him. He refuses to admit but Xin’s method really forces him into a corner. He hears Ai Qing walking in, telling the wooden horse to give him strength.

Zi Hao can’t stop smiling and asks her what she is doing. Ai Qing looks around and is scared upon seeing no one – has she heard a ghost? She follows his voice to find him and is startled to see his lifeless look – is he really ok? She has placed all the designs on his table. He is unhappy but his expression softens upon seeing her wound. Why is she doing something unnecessary? Is she really okay?

She knows that he is remorseful when he asks her that. He should express his apology then. Her expression looks like a kid asking for candies and he smiles. She wants a flower from him but he isn’t a magician. He walks to his table t create one. He takes a red cloth and folds it. With his nitty fingers, he uses pins to fix the sides and soon a red rose appears in his palm to give to her. He smiles when she likes it so much to exclaim that he is really wonderful.

She feels fortunate but he corrects her – don’t say it unless she likes him. She gets shy and doesn’t dare to look into his eyes. Zi Hao feels strange – is he correct then? She tells him that he doesn’t have to be responsible for her. She will make sure that it will be a success 2 days later. Seeing how fluttered she becomes makes him laugh and she quickly runs to the door. She leaves but forgets her slipper. He is considering what to do with it when he sees a hand grabbing it to take it away.

Zi Hao can’t help smiling over it. He is at first jumping in fury but now he is relaxed. He mumbles her name and smiles after shaking his head. Ai Qing finally knows the truth from Uncle Zhong and apologises to Hai Nuo for wronging him. She tries to find new ideas for Zi Hao by going to Hai Nuo’s antique shop to want him to ferry her around to several shops to take photos. She is remorseful for blaming him.

Hai Nuo doesn’t her to feel that way since she is unable to return her feelings. He doesn’t need her sympathy. He wants to remain jovial in front of her. Must Zi Hao admit defeat? He only has one more day to go. He sees the photo album that Ai Qing places on his table. He only turns a few pages and can’t take it any more – the cuttings and designs belong to poor quality. Her taste is really bad. How can this low grade inspire his creativity? He becomes impatient flipping it and is about to close it when he sees a picture.

He looks at it closely and then an idea comes to his head. He starts his action and sees a shadow at the window. He smiles and tells her to walk in to help. She comes in and sees that he has removed the clothes and has other cloth in front of him. She stammers – has the clothes become the cloth? Zi Hao throws the cloth to her and wants her to start sewing the sides. She is shy – she can squeeze mile from goats but she has never used the sewing machine before.

Zi Hao sighs and pulls her to sit in front of it. He stands behind her to guide her along. She has wanted to learn seriously but seeing how he puts the thread through the hole, his handsome face gets her attention and she can’t take her eyes off him. Zi Hao sees that she has no response and wants to turn around to scold her when he doesn’t know that she is so close to her that his lips presses on hers. (This scene is sure cute – like how Qi Tai helps Yang Shun in her drawing in ‘A joyful girl’s success.)

Both are stunned for a moment when Zi Hao regains his composure. Still, his face shows embarrassment and also panicky. Ai Qing lowers her head to sit and doesn’t dare to move. He clears his throat and wants her to start quickly. They do not realise that Katrina sees this and she leaves unhappily. They finally finish the work in a night. He returns the wooden horse to her as a return gift. The photos help him a lot – she is happy – she in the picture helps him?

He smiles and points at Klint design behind her in the photo. Zi Hao feels that the wooden horse does bring good luck by praying to it. It must have helped her and Hai Nuo to be a couple too. She yells that this isn’t it. Zi Hao takes out the paper that she has written to insert in the photo album – isn’t this hers? She grabs it to stuff into her pocket. She is about to tell him about it when he guesses it correctly.

He dismisses it as a joke – seeing how serious she is to go after him for the debt. He jokes that he feels more like a victim instead. He stares into her mouth but she can’t say out. She later reveals that she likes him. He pretends not to hear it and asks how she wants him to reply her. It doesn’t matter since she has blurted out today. She wants him to look into another direction as she can’t go on. She gives him the Venus coin and he wonders she is his soulmate.

Zi Hao tries so hard not to laugh to look into the sky. Ai Qing describes him as cold and uses money to trash her to make her miserable. But when she feels cold, he sill switch on the heater. When she is in trouble, he is there to save her. He wants to reply but she says that she knows he has Katrina as she doesn’t have the guts to be a third party. She only wants to tell him his feelings and hopes he isn’t burdened by it.

Zi Hao is pondering how to answer her when she jumps off to prepare the breakfast for the rest. Her innocent face doesn’t have the shy expression anymore. He smiles but they have not noticed a hurt Hai Nuo standing at a corner to get miserable by her words. Zi Hao looks at the venue and is pleased that everything is ready. His smile has confidence but later he nearly bursts out laughing upon seeing a familiar person. He pretends to be cold and tells Freddie to bring Ai Qing to him.

Freddie brings the Shepard girl to the back stage. She looks at the elegant dressing of others and knows that she is wrong again. (Hasn’t she learned her lesson that this dressing is inappropriate? This woman is stubborn and never learns from mistakes.) She replies that this is the best that she has. Zi Hao takes off her hat and gets Ken to take a dress while Mars to get the cosmetics for him. Both are stunned – isn’t that the dress for show? Zi Hao doesn’t hesitate and immediately takes the cosmetics to clear Ai Qing’s terrible make-up to re-apply for her.

Zi Hao’s handsome face comes so close to her again to make her blush and her heart flutters. (Good grief – can’t she do something to herself – her first make-up at the office building already causes terror and now again!) Soon, Ai Qing is elegant to help out. Freddie praises her to look presentable now. Ai Qing sees Emma and grabs her hand. How can she betray Zi Hao to help Xin? She must apologise to all and not to ruin it. Emma sneers - who will trust Ai Qing who just joins them?

Katrina and Xiang Zhen are on stage but Ai Qing guards against Emma. Emma then throws marbles on stage when no one is watching. Ai Qing can only see an empty bag and picks it up. Ai Qing runs to the stage and sees that Katrina has sprained her ankle. All are stunned. Zi Hao comes to the front stage and wants Ken to bring all the models to the back. Ai Qing exclaims that Emma and Xin are behind this.

Xin says that she has no proof and accuses her for putting the marbles instead since she has the bag in her hand. Zi Hao tells the two to go backstage and Ai Qing is anxious upon seeing that Zi Hao doesn’t trust her. Zi Hao is worried but the media is around but looks at Xin. He must be happy to ruin the event. Hasn’t Zi Hao promised him that he will retreat from the designing world when the event fails?

Xin is waiting for his retirement announcement. But Zi Hao remembers that Xin mentions that he has the ability to arrange a promotion. Everyone has seen it and he has made it. So Xin should eat his shoe instead. All turn to Xin for an answer but he leaves in haste. Ai Qing cries upon telling Grandfather what has happened and cries in his arms. Zi Hao comes and clears his throat – he only tells her to move aside and not to get away. Ai Qing is shocked to hear his voice. Grandfather sees that Zi Hao isn’t angry at all and walks back into the house. Zi Hao sits beside her – she has remembered wrongly and cries till this extent but he doesn’t wish to be responsible. He has tried so hard not to laugh aloud.

Ai Qing thinks it is still a blow to her. Zi Hao can’t help it anymore and smiles broadly. He trusts her and looks into her eyes. It is most impossible. Seeing her still tearing, he is stunned and isn’t sure how he hurts her again. She has thought that he doesn’t trust her and wants to chase her away and tell her that he doesn’t wish to see her again. (This scene reminds me of how Shan Mei is afraid that Xiang Zhe will not want to see her again to cry into his arms in ‘All about Eve’ but it is done beautifully.)

Her crying manner is like a child and he automatically stretches his hand, wanting to hug her shoulder. When his hand is about to touch her, his instinct makes him retreat. He looks at her and tells her that although the event doesn’t end well, she has helped him a lot in it and he wants to give her a treat. At the same time, he will tell her how he thinks of her declaration. He is going to reply her.

She is overjoyed and says not as she isn’t prepared. So she postponed it to the next day. She wants to shake his hand to seal the promise. He hesitates for a while and gives in to her. Seeing how Hai Nuo is, Ai Qing finally knows how it is like to be helpless. His antique shop is burned together with Uncle Zhong. All his tears have dried. He is too calm and all get scared when he fixes his motorcycle. Will he collapse soon?

He does when hearing Uncle Zhong’s message on his handphone. He asks him to come home and not to quarrel with him. Hai Nuo breaks down – why is he so bad-tempered? This might not happen if he stays at home. Ai Qing can’t find Zi Hao at the restaurant and weeps. Hai Nuo sends her here and both walk to the car park to see if he is still around. She tells him that she is fine and wants him to return home but he insists of staying with her. Both hug together and hold hands.

Zi Hao’s car stops near them and alights. He is about to talk when seeing them together and his expression freezes with his tone. It seems that Ai Qing has forgotten their date. He is not going to say anything about her love declaration as it is only a normal dinner to him. Ai Qing asks if he is not happy because she is late. (This woman is so retarded not to notice that she is still holding Hai Nuo’s hand. He will be insane if he isn’t angry.) Zi Hao senses that she is upset but he can’t swallow his words and only looks away.

Hai Nuo is angry to give him a punch and Zi Hao returns him a punch too. Ai Qing is startled – how can the level-headed man becomes like this. She tries to stop them and Zi Hao is too late to stop his fist from landing on her face. Ai Qing is held by Hai Nuo but she looks at Zi Hao in tears. She wishes to be alone. Zi Hao finally learns from Hai Nuo what happens and runs after her. He pulls her close to him and apologises.

Is she dreaming? Why is his tone gentle now? The way he looks at her seems that he feels the pain she is going through. He is angry waiting for her the whole night but when he sees her, he is happy. He is helpless and sighs gently – why has she turned him to be like this? She hesitates - can she interpret that he also likes her? He smiles silently and gives her a tight hug. Zi Hao obeys and she feels that it is so tight that there is no distance between them. Ai Qing clings to his chest and tears form in her eyes.

The street lights drag their shadows to be as one while the dejected Hai Nuo leaves. Debtors come to Ah Bu’s home to demand Hai Nuo to pay the debts. Who is the loanshark, Eagle? He has no idea at all. So this tea is to force him to subdue. Zi Hao looks at the people around and his cold glare is fixed on Katrina. No, he rejects – no matter if it is his job or his love, he wants to make his own decision.

He maintains that he has parted with her to be friends and the engagement is only a joke. Katrina is angry and stares at her to tell others that parting is only a joke. Zheng Guo also tells Zi Hao not to joke anymore. Zi Hao interrupts that he has won a prize ‘heavenly wedding dress’ during his school days. He has announced that time that he will never design any more wedding veil. But now he has the thought again. Someone gives him the inspiration and he likes the word ‘heavenly’ because it represents unruined happiness. This will be the true love and the only design for this lifetime.

The words leave Katrina and Zheng Guo baffled. Xin asks if she is Ai Qing as stated in the papers. Zi Hao admits that she is his present girlfriend but she isn’t the main reason for him breaking up with Katrina. Katrina can’t stand it anymore and staggers out with her injured ankle. Zi Hao runs after her. She never expects their 2 year relationship to be ruined by a month with Ai Qing. He is apologetic but can’t keep it from her. She wipes away her tears – if she can die for him, will he still love her?

Zi Hao is stunned and gets insecure – is she serious? No matter what his answer is, he wants her to know that he has never wanted things to turn out like this. He can’t deceive others and himself. She knows that his character is never to change when he makes up his mind but she has hoped to change him. He tries to stop her from driving away by standing in front of her car.

Zi Hao only looks at her and doesn’t move aside. He gets into her car – she can leave but he can’t let her leave like this. She drives very quickly and Zi Hao feels very insecure as the speed increases. He wants to stop her but she doesn’t stop – it looks like she is possessed by a devil. She doesn’t listen to him and drives into a wall. It is too late as both pass out. Zi Hao walks in the rain and he hasn’t the chance to see Katrina the last time. She is dead and his chauffeur, Stan tries to shield him with an umbrella.

Ai Qing calls him using Freddie’s handphone. She has seen the news and is happy with his declaration. But this act kills Katrina. Zi Hao hears her happy tone but tears start to flow down his cheek. Can she wait till he is back? She also hopes it but he isn’t back and she has suspected that both are not together the day before. Zi Hao sits on the bench and listens to her happy tone. He becomes calm now. She asks if it is still raining and she can pass some of the good weather over. He smiles as the rain stops.

Only when Freddie gets Mrs Lu’s call to ask about Zi Hao’s condition, Ai Qing only gets to know of Katrina’s death. She is upset to see Zi Hao sitting motionless under the tree. She blames herself – she must have called him at his weakest moment. It seems that she only brings him agony and trouble. She hugs him from behind. Zi Hao feels the warmth and turns around. He tries to conceal his sadness. Why is she crying like a kid again? He hasn’t told her to get lost or move aside so don’t cling to him.

His gentle words make her feel worse and her tears fall even more. Zi Hao doesn’t know what has happened and pulls her towards him to wipe her tears away to look at the little goat beside him. He jokes that he knows that she is afraid that he will bully the goat but be rest assured that he doesn’t like lamb barbecue so it is safe till now. Ai Qing can’t say a word – why is he still so gentle towards her now? If not for her, this will not happen to Katrina.

Zi Hao still wants to make her happy to touch her face. Why are her eyes flowing like water taps till the rabbit and the goats don’t recognize her swollen eyes. Freddie tells him that Ai Qing knows everything. The hand which touches her stops and looks at her. She looks gently at her and nods. Zi Hao retracts his hand and weeps but still controls himself to look elsewhere. He tells her not to blame herself and grips her shoulders. His eyes look deeply at her and he is serious.

The person who makes the decision is him and not her. Ai Qing opens her arms and hugs him tightly. She feels bad to make him undergo so much pressure. Hai Nuo agrees to Jeep’s idea to take part in illegal car racing to pay off his debts. Ai Qing is worried about Zi Hao but at Zi Hao’s insistence, she tries to tell Hai Nuo to abort the plan. Hai Nuo blames Ah Bu for telling her. He only wants her as his girlfriend and not normal friend. Since her boyfriend is so loaded, she should let him go.

He knows of their relationship but she tells him that Katrina is dead. Can he understand how Zi Hao feels now? He is afraid that she will worry and tries to be relaxed. He wants to handle the burden alone and she doesn’t know how to console him. Hai Nuo feels bad over it. She tells him not to risk his life for nothing but he can’t promise her that. Zi Hao has thought that he is a wise and level-headed person. After loving Ai Qing, he realizes that this is his false nature.

The real love can’t be controlled by wisdom. Even though he knows, Mr Lu can never agree to accept Ai Qing but Zi Hao is willing to fight for her. Even though there is only a slight chance, he still believes that he will understand after meeting her. But is this his wishful thinking? When Ai Qing misses their date because of Hai Nuo again, the confident him becomes unsure now. Maybe he isn’t her only one.

Ai Qing sees Zi Hao burying his sorrow in work. Yu Hong tells Zi Hao that Katrina’s death is only a ploy that she cooks up with her father, Cosmo. After the accident, Cosmo takes the slightly injured Katrina away and wants the doctor to lie that Katrina is dead. Freddie verifies this with the hospital and Zi Hao tells Ai Qing about it. Ah Bu is angry with him for disregarding Hai Nuo’s feelings. Xiang Zhen gets to know that Jeep rapes her and has a miscarriage. She can never forgive him.

Zi Hao has no intention to meddle with him over this but he still comes to his home to demand for his giving in so he has to reveal his lie. Cosmo leaves angrily. Zi Hao tells his parents that he intends to let them meet Ai Qing. Zheng Guo is angry that he hasn’t wanted to give Ai Qing up. Zi Hao is mad with him too – how can he allow Katrina and Cosmo to deceive them and not to give Ai Qing a chance?

Zheng Guo doesn’t blame Cosmo but Ai Qing. Zi Hao is angry – this has nothing to do with her. Katrina is with him for 2 years and their difference drifts them apart. This is the main reason and Ai Qing only appears at this time. He hopes Zheng Guo knows what he is doing. Zheng Guo teaches him to choose his own life and he wants to show him his choice. Zheng Guo only gives a chance.

To make sure Ai Qing leaves a good impression, he comes specially to Universal holdings ‘Di-zire’ main shop to choose the clothes. When walking in, the window clothes and match make him frown. His cold tone comes again – the blouse only matches well with long slacks – who matches it with a short skirt? The manager bows to him – he has no choice but to listen to the stylist director. Zi Hao jumps when a tall pretty lady walks in. Freddie tells Zi Hao that she is Ya Xi, the stylist director that Zheng Guo hires from Europe.

Zi Hao looks at Ya Xi and is silent. He finds her familiar looking. Ya Xi gives him her namecard and shakes his hand. She asks him why he is unhappy. He suppresses his displeasure to tell her about the mismatch. She replies that Di-zire is his brand but he has no right to interfere how she matches. Zi Hao’s face darkens but she smiles to add that she will remember his advice.

He looks around the shop and looks for the suitable dress. He sees a gown that suits her and wants the manager to bring it to him immediately. The manager looks at Ya Xi nervously – Ya Xi has ordered it. Ya Xi still gives it to him for his girlfriend. When he nods, she gets it packed. The moment he thinks of her wearing it, he smiles and is about to leave.

She then reads the lines – he must remember her happily. If he is sad because of her, he must forget her. This is the note that Xing Xing leaves him in a note. Zi Hao is stunned and stops walking to look at her in disbelief. How does she know it? She gives him an old diary – her younger sister is Yun Xi but she likes the name Xing Xing that Zi Hao gives to her. No wonder he finds the resemblance.

He remembers that she can’t speak when he sees her. The diary records the first day they meet to the last. Zi Hao only drinks the bitter coffee without showing his emotion. She pushes the diary that she knows him from to him but he returns to her without reading. This is his unforgettable first love but that doesn’t imply that he must carry this burden all his life. She is going to stay at his home. Although she is uninterested to visit the ranch, she is curious to know Ai Qing so he brings her to see her.

Ai Qing’s eyes turn red although Hai Nuo wins the race. (This is like ‘Staircase to Heaven’ – where Tai Hua already damages Jing Shu’s chances to be with Cheng Jun.) He has broken the rule of a racer to go for illegal racing. If found, he will be removed from the list and lose all sponsors. To stop him from racing, she has to back off her meeting with Zi Hao’s parents, leaving her handphone in the car. It doesn’t matter to him as long as she is present. She blurts out everything and he feels bad.

Zheng Guo isn’t happy with this and Ya Xi pretends to put in nice words for her. Zi Hao is unhappy when he is unable to contact her. Ya Xi stays with Zi Hao to wait for her. Ai Qing cries when she sees no one but decides to wait outside the restaurant. She uses Hai Nuo’s handphone to call Zi Hao but he doesn’t pick up the call. She doesn’t want the same misunderstanding to happen but he insists of keeping her company. Zi Hao doesn’t turn up and he follows her to the ranch. Does she know that she is his angel? He leaves.

She turns around and there is Zi Hao watching them again. She doesn’t see that his expression has darkened and exclaims how early he is. (This woman is not worth saving and loving for being so blur.) He only maintains his silence. He has searched her the whole night and the uneasiness turns into a ball of fire to burst any minute. It is only now when she knows something is wrong. Seeing her untidy look, she wears back the high heels and says how pretty she looks to earn praises.

Zi Hao asks if she remembers their date in anger. He knows it is because of Hai Nuo again. Is she really serious? He knows that Hai Nuo needs her and since she can’t leave him, why doesn’t she go steady with him or she thinks that he doesn’t need her? She doesn’t think this way and she promises not to be late next time. He tells her that there is no next time as he has seen how she leans into Hai Nuo’s chest to accept his consolation. Jealousy and uneasiness overcomes his wisdom. (I will call this a normal reaction as Ai Qing really goes into another man’s arms easily.)

Ai Qing can’t believe that Zi Hao is so firm this time. Zi Hao leaves angrily and doesn’t want to look at her again. He is afraid that he can’t control his emotions to say hurting words again. Suddenly, fear overcomes him. He is scared that Ai Qing’s position in his heart will be so important that he can’t take it. Or, she is already too important to him. So he can’t tolerate her to have a Hai Nuo by her side. He is always calm and cool but not any more since the day he loves her.

Xin reports that Hai Nuo and Ai Qing is a pair and Zi Hao only announces his romance on his wishful part. She doesn’t care Universal Holdings and be the young mistress. Ai Qing nearly faints upon reading the news. She scolds Xin earlier and he tapes their conversation to twist the meaning. All employees crowd around her to demand an explanation. Ai Qing maintains that this is not what she means.

The office door opens and Zi Hao walks in. She doesn’t care what happens to her but she doesn’t wish Zi Hao to be implicated because of her. Emma shows the newspaper to Zi Hao but he only gives a glance before walking to the drawing table. When Ai Qing is about to explain what happens the other night, Zi Hao wants Ken to remind her what an employee should do.

Zi Hao is shocked when all the orders have been cancelled but still tells all to continue working. Ai Qing wants to console him but knows she has nothing to say so she leaves him alone. Suddenly, someone hears the sound of a pencil being broken into two. Zi Hao puts it down and looks at the ‘heavenly wedding dress’ design in tears. He doesn’t bother how Di-zire will end but he will be affected if he isn’t the only person in her heart. Can’t she just leave her heart for him and not for anyone else? (This is like Xiang Zhe who isn’t happy with Shan Mei liking You Zhen in ‘All About Eve’ too.)

Zheng Guo wants Ai Qing to leave Zi Hao. Her presence brings disaster to him and he will pay her any amount she wants. Ai Qing knows he hasn’t asked Zi Hao of she will not ask her for the amount. Zheng Guo has not expected this reaction. She refuses to give in. Zheng Guo points out that they don’t match and Zi Hao is also clear about it. The words from her cause him to lose all the orders. If Universal doesn’t give a helping hand, Di-zire will become an empty shell.

So Ai Qing is forced to leave him. Grandfather grabs the cheque from Zheng Guo and agrees to the request. Only when getting the money will dash all her thoughts to be together with Zi Hao. Xiang Zhen also warns her to avoid Hai Nuo. She finally explodes and bark at her – so what can she do if she wants to be together with Hai Nuo? Hai Nuo is happy and prevents Xiang Zhen from slapping her. He will never let her go. He tells Xiang Zhen that he has never loved her.

When Xiang Zhen runs out of the ranch, Hai Nuo sees Jeep going after her. He realizes that Jeep sincerely loves her. Ai Qing can’t bear to tell Hai Nuo that her words come out at the spur of the moment so she keeps quiet to cry into his arms. (No wonder she keeps giving Zi Hao the wrong idea all the time.) Hai Nuo tells Zi Hao about this when he brings Ai Qing to see him.

Zi Hao wants Ai Qing to tell him that as his eyes are fixed on her. Ai Qing then relates that what Hai Nuo says is no different coming from her. She admits that the words in the newspaper are from her and she hates the careful way she has to be when facing his parents. Zi Hao’s face changes and holds the star necklace in his hand tightly. So how is she going to convince him that this is real. She forces herself not to cry.Freddie tries to dissuade her and she says that it is not so tough to be together with Hai Nuo.

Hai Nuo sees her tears and deliberately lands his hand o n her shoulder. Zi Hao asks if she truly loves Hai Nuo. He isn’t afraid of Hai Nuo’s challenge but wants to know her thoughts. She charges out and the guys are about to go after her when their shoulders brush so they stop. Hai Nuo wants him to keep a distance from her. Zi Hao knows that her heart belongs to here and even if he brings her away, it is useless. He looks at the Venus necklace that he has. The cold eyes have a sad, misty feel.

Zi Hao wants to talk to Hai Nuo. He doesn’t fell that he has lost her as the reports don’t damage the confidence he has in Ai Qing. He doesn’t understand how she changes in a night. Hai Nuo replies that that is because he loves her more than Zi Hao. Zi Hao scolds him – he has been removed from the racers’ list to have nothing now. Hai Nuo can’t even protect himself. How is he going to protect her. This is the knife that stabs his heart and beats Zi Hao. He reprimands Zi Hao for having everything but no ability to love.

Zi Hao has not done anything for her and only knows how to package her like a Barbie doll. This is not love. Zi Hao neglects the blood flowing from the corner of his mouth to return him a punch. Don’t Hai Nuo forget why the important dates he has with Ai Qing every time are ruined because of him. Seeing both guys quarreling, Xiang Zhen blurts that Ai Qing accepts Zheng Guo’s cheque to leave Zi Hao. The rain falls on the guys and it is like ice freezing their hearts.

No matter if she accepts the cheque or what Ai Qing tells Hai Nuo, Zi Hao will not change his mind to get engaged to Ai Qing to give Hai Nuo any chance. Hai Nuo weeps – it doesn’t matter if Ai Qing makes use of him as he only wishes to protect her. Ai Qing wants to leave the ranch and Zi Hao tries to dissuade her with his soft voice. He has told her before that she should stand behind him if anything happens. The thought has never changed and can she trust him? Ai Qing yells in her heart that she is willing.

But she closes her mouth. She is so frightened that the words will come out of her mouth and Grandfather shakes his head upon seeing her struggle. Zi Hao wants to get engaged to disperse any rumour. He takes her hand and puts a box into her hand. That is what he gets his friend to redesign the Venus star necklace. Half will be hers and half is his. Both will combine as one.

This is the promise he gives her – only love her this lifetime. Ai Qing holds the box but pushes him aside and he has to step back a few steps to steady himself. She rejects him and returns the box to him without opening it. Hai Nuo wants to lead her away with Grandfather. Zi Hao feels the stab in his heart and when all think that he will give up, he pulls her into his office.

He takes out ‘heavenly wedding dress’ design to her. This is the design that he has prepared for someone who doesn’t have the chance to wear it before leaving this world. After this, he can’t design the second one. To him, the wedding dress is the same as death till he meets her. Because of her, he has the thought of designing the wedding veil. He puts the design down and takes out the new design has done for her. Because of her, the second ‘heavenly wedding dress’ has a different meaning.

It is the joy in life and a nice surprise. This is what he has changed for her. She is the first and his last and only one. Ai Qing nearly goes nuts over it as tears flow down her cheek. Her hand trembles and almost touches the drawing but she remembers Ya Xi’s words. Zi Hao will lose everything if this goes on. Ai Qing
tears the ‘heavenly wedding dress’ design and her heart is also broken to pieces. But this is for Zi Hao’s own good to preserve his adorable Di-zire. No matter how she is reluctant, she has to bear with it to make him happy. She will lose him forever but the wedding dress is imprinted in her mind and heart to show that both have loved each other deeply.

Zi Hao’s eyes are fixed on her back when she leaves. His handsome face shows no expression. The wound in his heart is too painful and deep till he doesn’t know how to react. When Freddie wants to help him to pick up the torn pieces, he tells him to leave them there. He can only do this – his abandoned love can’t be kept. What is broken isn’t the wedding dress but his heart.

Mrs Lu tells Ai Qing not to leave since she can’t bear to leave the ranch. Ai Qing thinks she is as hostile as Zheng Guo and offers to return the cheque. Anyway, Ya Xi has come to tell her that. Mrs Lu recalls seeing the declaration that Ai Qing has written to claim that she has nothing to do with Zi Hao from now on Ya Xi’s table.Ya Xi likes Zi Hao and they are more compatible to fit the upper class.

Mrs Lu thinks that they should stay as she trusts Zi Hao’s judgment. He is never wrong but she insists of leaving. She starts walking and…bumps right into a person’s warm chest. She is about to say sorry when she lifts her head to look into Zi Hao’s warm eyes. Zi Hao wipes off her tears and tells her that they will be engaged in 3 days’ time. She hardens her heart upon seeing Hai Nuo waiting for her. Zi Hao knows that she is lying to him and wants her to be with him.

She still leaves and the sky has dark clouds – just like his feelings now. Hai Nuo’s words drum his ears – is it true that he has not done enough? He is later surrounded by a group of racers. Hai Nuo sees them and wants to save him. One uses a bat and hit Zi Hao. The necklace drops to the ground and he quickly runs to the grass to search for it despite the people beating him. Zi Hao feels the pain and falls to the ground but he still moves his way to look for the necklace. Hai Nuo wants to lead him to leave but Zi Hao’s chauffeur, Stan comes to save his young master on time. He single-handedly defeats them.

Soon a storm arrives and Hai Nuo looks at Zi Hao still kneeling and looking for something on the ground. What is he looking for and ignores the beating? Zi Hao’s stylish clothes are stained with mud but he still searches for the necklace. Suddenly a shiny light catches his attention and he picks it up happily – like a child getting his present back. He tells Stan that someone has given him this coin at the convent to tell him that it brings him to his soulmate. This necklace brings Ai Qing to him.

It is the thing he shares with her. He can’t lose it even in death. Hai Nuo has thought that Zi Hao has not loved her as much as him. But upon seeing how Zi Hao tries to protect the thing which he shares with Ai Qing, his confidence is shaken. Can he do the same? Hai Nuo’s face changes and gets into the ranch with Ai Qing’s breakfast. Grandfather hints to Hai Nuo not to take love too seriously to hurt himself.

Ya Xi pretends to cry to hope that Mrs Lu doesn’t hate her and she has thought that she will confess to Zheng Guo that she is in cahoots with Cosmo to leave Universal Holdings. But when Ya Xi is in front of Zheng Guo, she pretends that Mrs Lu thinks that she has become Zheng Guo’s mistress to be jealous of her. What makes Mrs Lu angry is Zheng Guo trusts Ya Xi instead of her.

She vows to find the declaration letter that Ya Xi has kept. Ya Xi is more confident to make Ai Qing go to Hai Nuo so that Zi Hao’s lonely heart will go to her. Cosmo will then help her to ruin Universal Holdings to make them beggars overnight. Ai Qing returns the engagement ring to Zi Hao – what does this mean? He looks at her but doesn’t accept it. He has booked the hotel for their engagement party 2 days later.

He will not waste time to understand her lies. She reminds him that she is materialistic to accept Zheng Guo’s money. Zi Hao’s sharp eyes look deep into her. A real vicious person will not say that. She must be firm that no one can defeat them. He believes in that because he has given all his might. She tells him that she is moving out soon and she has not given him anything. Zi Hao smiles as he trusts her more now as she has too many excuses to reject him.

She turns aside to avoid facing his tenderness. Zi Hao stretches his hand and forces her to face him to meet into her teary eyes. He sighs – what must he do to make sure that she truly loves him? He feels her sincerity but she hides from him. Her heart goes fluttered – please don’t use his sad eyes to look at her. She returns the ring to him and he throws it into the lake. Since she doesn’t want it, it is meaningless even though it might be able to exchange for the world. She runs away and can’t face him anymore.

His every move makes her hard to breathe and she can’t defend herself any longer. She can only leave the ranch earlier. Zi Hao sees her leaving and his confidence is shaken – to be replaced by deject and failure. He knows her purpose in doing this and knows her feelings towards him. But she is so cold to him and his firm wall is going to break down any minute.

Freddie reports to Zi Hao the development of the engagement. He has informed the press about it but Ai Qing has rejected him. Zi Hao listens and suddenly coughs profusely. Freddie looks at the pale Zi Hao and gets anxious. He has heard from Stan that he has been in the rain earlier to look for the necklace. He feels very unwell but tells Freddie to continue reading to him. Freddie can only obey him to continue reading and Hai Nuo charges in. Zi Hao still sits on the chair to look at him.

It seems that Hai Nuo doesn’t know that Ai Qing is moving to Zi Hao’s apartment – he has indicated that his woman should not stay in another person’s home. Zi Hao looks into his eyes and stands up – he will not allow her heart to have any change of mind and refuses to spar with Hai Nuo. Ai Qing isn’t a commodity as their prize. But when Hai Nuo mentions that Ai Qing is going to be his soulmate, Zi Hao is angered and agrees. They are both on motorcycles.

They are supposed to stop by the edge of the cliff. Both guys wear their gloves calmly. Stan tries to persuade Zi Hao to give up the crazy match as he isn’t experienced in riding the motorcycle. Zi Hao is cold to tell him to stand aside. He is at first lagging behind but later Hai Nuo turns aside to knock into Zi Hao as both nearly reach the cliff. Both fall and stop the race. Zi Hao pushes Stan aside to stand up by himself. He feels really ill but asks Hai Nuo the significance behind the race. He wants to tell him that what Hai Nuo has done can also be done by him.

He turns to his car but he has a spinning spell and nearly falls to the ground if not for Stan. Stan is upset – Zi Hao is already unwell since morning and why he still wants to compete with Hai Nuo. Hai Nuo hears Stan’s words and fees bad. What does he want to prove from this meaningless match? To prove that he loves Ai Qing more than Zi Hao? But the fact proves that Zi Hao doesn’t love Ai Qing lesser than him and perhaps even more than him……

The day after tomorrow is the last day. If he can finish the design, he can let Ai Qing face her true feelings to him. Zi Hao feels very unwell but he still cuts the cloth materials. Freddie comes to him – is he sure that he is alright? Zi Hao stops using the scissors and uses his two hands to support his body by leaning against the table. What is wrong with his staff – hasn’t he said they can leave? But all stop upon seeing his tired look and the sweat forming over his forehead. He doesn’t want to repeat his words and they have to leave.

After they leave, Zi Hao is about to cut the cloth but he has reached the limit and can’t continue anymore. He feels dizzy and faints. Ai Qing can pretend to be heartless but she isn’t. She struggles with herself upon knowing he is sick. She shouts outside his office door - he should see a doctor since he is ill as this is not doing him any good. She is about to close the door when she can’t resist looking into it.

She has a shock of her life upon seeing him lying on the floor. She runs to him and holds him, urging him to wake up. He breathes but it seems that he doesn’t even have strength to open his eyes. Ai Qing feels his forehead and the high temperature scares her. She is so panicky that she can’t remember the home’s telephone number. Finally Grandfather gets a doctor to visit Zi Hao while she takes care of him.

Ai Qing puts the wet towel over his burning forehead and covers him with a blanket after putting him on the sofa. She watches him sleeping and scolds him for being silly. How can he force himself to work so hard till he doesn’t care his health? What if she doesn’t come to visit him……? When she thinks of the possibility, she weeps again. She takes out the wooden horse and hopes that it will help him to recover soon. When saying this, Zi Hao’s right arm clings from the sofa.

She holds his hand and touches his wound. He frowns and this scares her upon folding up his sleeve. She sees a large bruise on his arm. She touches it with trembling fingers and weeps more now. Zi Hao is half conscious and feels tears on his arm. Who is crying beside him? Is she Ai Qing? Is it her? He fights hard to open his eyes but the image is still blurry. The familiar face which should appear in his dream is now forming in front of him. He can’t believe this is happening and raises his right hand.

He touches her soft hair gently and the real touch makes his pale lips form a weak smile. This is not a dream – it is really her. Ai Qing sees him opening his eyes and finally bursts out crying. Even though the dinosaurs go extinct, she has not seen a bigger fool than him. Does he know that he nearly dies? Why put up a forced front when ill? He says nothing but smiles and looks at her tenderly.

How can he still smile now?! She finally clings to his chest and cries non-stop to release her uneasiness and also horror. When she sees him lying motionless earlier, she is so scared that he will not wake up again. She will not know what to do. Zi Hao controls his tears and holds her shoulders tightly and tries to smile. Isn’t he okay now? Don’t cry as she will turn ugly and will not look nice in the heavenly wedding dress. Can she really look at it? He shakes his head. He has not finished it but she must wear it.

Seeing his concentrated and serious look, she forgets the harsh reality in store for them and nods. She will wear it only for him. After getting her promise, he smiles broadly to plant a kiss on her forehead to hug her into his arms. They remain like this till dawn. Ai Qing knows that she has to leave when Ya Xi is here. She comes because Zi Hao hasn’t returned for the night and he doesn’t answer his handphone. She gets worried and comes. Is he sick? Her elegant dressing makes a good comparison with Ai Qing’s lousy dressing.

Ai Qing tells her that Zi Hao has a fever earlier on but he is fine now. Ya Xi is proud and tells her to leave as she will take good care of him. Ai Qing leaves reluctantly after giving a last glance at Zi Hao still sleeping on the sofa. Ya Xi sits beside Zi Hao and puts the porridge near him. She is attracted by the sleeping, attractive features on his face. She hesitates for a while before putting her hand into his hand.

Zi Hao thinks that she is Ai Qing and holds it tightly. But his instinct tells him that something is wrong so he opens his eyes. Upon seeing that she is Ya Xi, he quickly releases her hand and tries to sit up in difficulty. Ya Xi quickly helps him and he asks if she is here the whole night to care for him. Ya Xi never expects him not to know that Ai Qing takes care of him and admits that he holds her hand for the night. His face turns moody – has he taken her for Ai Qing? Is yesterday’s happening only a dream? Why does he feel that something else is going on?

These thoughts run in his mind – Ai Qing, after the race with Hai Nuo, he finally knows that he is not the only one to love her. His soulmate is her but is her soulmate him? The star necklace brings her into his world and fills up his empty soul. He really hopes that she will stay in his life forever. Although he doesn’t understand what makes her refuse him repeatedly but he believes that she loves him.

Because of this belief, he can ignore the beatings by the bats from the racers. Because of it, he can overcome danger to compete with Hai Nuo in racing. Because of it, he can brave a feverish body to work hard to sew ‘the heavenly wedding dress’.

Because of it, he can risk to become the laughing stock of the world to hold an engagement party for her despite all odds. He knows his persistence might look stupid to others but he is willing to do all this for her…..(This reminds me of what Xiang Zhe says to Shan Mei in his car when he sends her home after the handphone incident in ‘All about Eve’ but equally touching.)

Grandfather tells Ai Qing that the new home is bought by Zi Hao so she decides to find a new home. Zi Hao is upset by her indifference. Hai Nuo asks Freddie for help when Eagle wants to harm his family. Ya Xi wants to show Zi Hao concern but he ignores her. Yu Hong wants to tell Zi Hao that Ai Qing is the one taking care of him all night but is stopped when Ya Xi pretends to faint.

Yu Hong encourages him to trust his own heart and not be deceived by his eyes. Zi Hao doesn’t understand what she means. Yu Hong warns Ya Xi not to ruin Zi Hao’s engagement party. Hai Nuo promises to bring Ai Qing to the venue but he mustn’t upset her again.

He leaves unhappily and Yu Hong is too late to warn him about Ya Xi and Zheng Guo as Ya Xi interrupts her again. Hai Nuo consoles Ai Qing with 99 candles. He is reminded of Uncle Zhong and cries. She consoles him instead and Zi Hao sees this. He returns to office and decides to pay the debt for her – wanting Eagle not to harm Ai Qing.

Yu Hong warns Zheng Guo not to use Ya Xi to replace Ai Qing but he insists of doing that. Cosmo regards Ya Xi as a chess piece to replace Katrina to seek revenge on the Lus. Ya Xi isn’t a person to be controlled although Cosmo promises to make her the chairman of a new company once she depletes Universal Holdings’ funds and ruins Di-zire. Ya Xi knows he is seeking revenge for Katrina.

She doesn’t wish to ruin both companies but to take over them. She doesn’t want Zi Hao to hate her. The person who offends him is Katrina and not her. Cosmo is angry that she is defiant. If not for him, she will still be begging on the streets in Milan.

She reminds him that she has shielded him from a bullet in Paris to have a scar near her neck. It is obvious that Cosmo has not educated Katrina well or she will not lose so badly. Although she comes up with lots of tactics, it is too late. All are clear that her leg is still fine after the trip but she only wants to keep Zi Hao with her. The accident is real but her death is a stupid ploy so Cosmo must confess that he is too old.

Ya Xi reminds him that he is running for election in Italy but has ties with the underworld. She has photos of their deals and their documents. She must do everything to protect herself and her beloved Zi Hao. Ai Qing and Hai Nuo look at the stars. Hai Nuo has promised Zi Hao that he will send Ai Qing to the hotel for their engagement. Ai Qing doesn’t know why Hai Nuo stresses that it is a princess’s day and she should go for a makeover. After she is brought in, a person brings gowns to her through Hai Nuo and he is Zi Hao!

After trying a few dresses, she feels odd – the way Hai Nuo eyes clothes is so different – has he gone mad? He smiles and cites that he has taste as he has sold antiques before. She nods and finally it seems that he is pleased but she doesn’t know why she must beautify herself today. He leads her to his motorcycle and carries her over it. Ai Qing suddenly sees Zi Hao’s reflection from the mirror. She turns around and sees no one. Has she thought too much? How can he be here?

She can’t contain her disappointment. She must get used to life without him. Hai Nuo lies to here that she is brought into the hotel for a meal since they start dating. She looks at her watch – it is 2 plus and too late for lunch but too early for dinner.

Upon seeing the signboard that it is her and Zi Hao’s tea ceremony, she tries running away. Hai Nuo is afraid to miss the hour and shouts at her – she should know who she likes and why do this? Ai Qing is angry that she is forced to come in this ‘torn’ dress. Hai Nuo replies that the ‘torn’ clothes are chosen specially by Zi Hao.

Yu Hong is angry with Zheng Guo conspiring with outsiders to deceive their own son. Zi Hao has no confidence to make Ai Qing stay with him when Grandfather approaches him at the hotel. Someone lies to Ai Qing that Grandfather has a heart attack so Hai Nuo informs Zi Hao.

Hai Nuo challenges her – does she dare to kiss him if she doesn’t like Zi Hao? She gets to him but fails in a few attempts. Suddenly she runs into the engagement venue without looking. Zi Hao is stunned as Grandfather just leaves. Yu Hong tells Ya Xi that Zi Hao will not love her even without Ai Qing. Ya Xi is so angry that she pushes her down the stairs. Yu Hong faints by the staircase and Ya Xi leaves quickly.

Xin sees this. Ai Qing is stunned – even the gown is by him? No wonder she find that it is so different from Hai Nuo’s taste. She sees Mrs Lu lying on the ground and she is seriously injured. All the guests rush out to surround her. Zheng Guo gets fluttered while Zi Hao tries to calm his nerves. Xin suddenly accuses Ai Qing for causing this. Zheng Guo loses his senses to confront her. Reporters start taking photos.

Zi Hao blocks her from them and declares that he is sure that she isn’t the culprit. Hai Nuo sees him getting there before him so he blends into the crowd. Xin then points out that Ya Xi also witnesses it. Ya Xi is silent but when Xin mentions that someone quarrels here and one person pushes Mrs Lu.

Ya Xi then gets hysterical to say that Ai Qing does it. Zheng Guo slaps Ai Qing. He is angry that she takes out on Mrs Lu because he opposes to her dating Zi Hao. Zi Hao tries to explain in vain as Zheng Guo kneels near Mrs Lu. Tears flow down his stern face as he begs her not to leave him. A well planned engagement party ends up in confusion.

Zi Hao holds Ai Qing’s hand tightly – as if being afraid that she will disappear anytime. He asks gently – is she the one taking care of him the whole night in his office when he gets sick? She is stunned – she has thought that the fever turns him goggy but never expects him to be able to differentiate her and Ya Xi. Zi Hao smiles as the way she looks at him now is exactly the same she looks at him that night. The glance is so real and not like the feeling in a dream.

Ai Qing’s eyes turn red but tries to avoid looking at him. After this incident, Zheng Guo will not want to see her again. Even though Zi Hao trusts her, what can she do? She suddenly sees Hai Nuo, Ah Bu and Xiang Zhen getting away from racers to flee from them. Ai Qing demands Stan to stop the car and slips her hand out of Zi Hao’s hand to get away. Zi Hao says nothing and sees her getting out in despair. Stan sees how sad he is and interrupts – why doesn’t he try to keep her? She will stay if he asks.

Zi Hao then continues that he will get to see how troubled she is over Hai Nuo’s affairs. His mouth forms a troubled smile. The pain will be more difficult to tolerate and become deeper then. He wants Stan to send him to hospital. Those racers are people from the international police unit. Hai Nuo has wanted to clear his debt with eagle so he agrees to help eagle to send the chips to the buyer but this causes him to be eyed by the police. The four jump into the sea but Ah Bu gets shot in the leg to be in critical condition.

Hai Nuo sends him to hospital and weeps. He has lost Uncle Zhong and he can’t afford to lose Ah Bu. Reporters surround her when she is about to get coffee and Zi Hao hears the commotion as he is about to send Zheng Guo home. Zheng Guo asks Ai Qing whether she is here to see if Mrs Lu is dead. Zi Hao also believes her and not Ya Xi. Zheng Guo will wait for Mrs Lu to wake up to know who the real person is. If Ai Qing is the one, he must not see her again and return to Universal.

Zi Hao promises and Zi Hao quickly gets Stan to send Zheng Guo and Ya Xi home as he runs after Ai Qing…right in front of the reporters, past caring what he is doing. Ai Qing sobs to thank him for trusting her but she doesn’t worth his effort.

He wipes her tears away but since she faces elsewhere, he has to put down his hand – he will trust her forever no matter what happens. She tells him that she has decided to be with Hai Nuo so he needs not trust her. He endures the anguish – is this really her decision? She twists her mouth and gets to be the others, not daring to look into his eyes.

Ah Bu is out of danger and Mrs Lu wakes up after Ya Xi begs her as Zi Hao and Zheng Guo sleeps. She has lost her memory and points at Ai Qing as the culprit under Ya Xi’s instigation. Actually Ya Xi is so nervous that she overturns a glass of water.

Hai Nuo and Ai Qing are stunned by the accusation. Hai Nuo hugs her to console her. Zi Hao runs after them to see this and he gets very upset. Is there a wall between them now? No matter how hard he tries, they are drifting further and further apart. Zi Hao lowers his head and turns back. Grandfather wants Zi Hao to stop asking him since they are leaving the ranch soon.

He knows Zi Hao loves Ai Qing but they belong to different worlds. From the day they are together, her face shows no smile and he feels bad. Freddie takes out the design that Ai Qing tears to prove him wrong – Ai Qing loves Zi Hao. Zi Hao is stunned that she has pasted the pieces together. Although Ai Qing has said that she doesn’t love Zi Hao anymore, but if that is real, she will not bother to do that. Freddie takes out another metal box. This is the box that Zi Hao throws into the lake and Freddie gets men to spend a few days to hunt for it. The box still contains the wooden horse to prove that the drawing is jigsawed by her.

Zi Hao looks into the box to see a few stones in it. He suddenly understands why she puts the design and the wooden horse together into the box to sink into the bottom of the lake. The determination to leave him is the same as the stones to help the box to sink. Since she wants to leave, why must he make her life difficult? Since his love makes her tormented, he should end it. Zi Hao suppresses his agony and walks to a model placed inside a box. He takes out a pair of scissors to cut the wedding dress to pieces.

He then puts all the torn cloth with the wooden horse and red cloth rose into the metal box to walk out of the office. Freddie can’t help worrying and follows but Zi Hao shouts at him to leave him alone. Freddie sighs upon seeing him taking the box to the lake. Goodbye his love. Zi Hao closes his eyes and throws it into the middle of the lake. Goodbye his soulmate.

He also takes out the star necklace, divides it into two to throw into the lake. The sound of it is like the last sigh from his heart to forgo his true love. From now on, heaven is far from him. His heart can never have ‘heavenly wedding dress’ again.

Ai Qing tenders her resignation and Zi Hao accepts it, emotionless. Freddie jumps upon seeing him nodding his head. They are a couple and why it turns out to be like this? Mrs Lu asks Ai Qing if Zheng Guo forces her to leave. She admits that is the initial reason but now it is because of Hai Nuo as he treats her too well. Mrs Lu is not resting at the ranch after her ordeal. She wants to say no to her question if she loves Zi Hao but she can’t say it. Mrs Lu wants her to marry Hai Nuo to kill Zi Hao’s thoughts on her.

Zi Hao is in low spirits upon reading the news of their coming marriage in the newspaper. Zheng Guo reminds him that the scandal of him with Ai Qing causes them to lose many deals. So the best way is to marry Ya Xi. Zi Hao agrees but wants Zheng Guo to reinstate Hai Nuo’s status as a racer. He wishes Ai Qing all the best. Ya Xi overhears their conversation and knows Xin’s past. She will help him to get what he wants. Freddie wants to tell Zi Hao but is alarmed to know that he is closing down D-zire.

Freddie tries in vain to help Yu Hong remember the past. Ai Qing wants Hai Nuo to have more courage by remembering her name when racing. Something goes wrong with the fire alarm system and all D-zire clothes are getting wet. Ya Xi tries to salvage the situation and Zi Hao helps her. Zheng Guo is apologetic to Ai Qing when giving her the red packet for her wedding and breaking the news of Zi Hao’s coming marriage too. (She should know it since she hurts him too.)

Ya Xi doesn’t mind if Zi Hao loves her – she only wants to stay beside him. The sunlight in the church lands on the handsome face of the groom which is totally expressionless. This wedding is the starting point of another life. He looks at Ya Xi’s beautiful face and smiles. But this smile is the courtesy smile and not a loving smile. Mrs Lu sees that he is distracted and feels bad. The priest is about to announce their marriage when Mrs Lu suddenly remembers that it is Ya Xi and not Ai Qing who pushes her down.

She shouts and tells them to wait to reveal the truth. Is heaven joking with her to make her lose the chance in this critical minute? Ya Xi has to admit to that. Mrs Lu only wants Zi Hao to know the truth and even if he wants to marry Ya Xi finally, she has no comments. Zheng Guo can’t believe this is happening.

All wait for Zi Hao’s decision. He looks at Zheng Guo – what does he want him to do? If he wants him to marry, the ceremony may continue. Zheng Guo looks at his only calm face and senses his unhappiness. How can he be so stupid to think that this is for Zi Hao’s good and rob him of the right to love others? He tells him to get Ai Qing back as he doesn’t want to force him to do the things he dislikes anymore.

Zi Hao turns around to leave and Ya Xi hopes that he will hate her to leave a mark in his heart. He tells her that Xing Xing has told him that she isn’t afraid of death and is not worried that he will get upset over her death as he has his family members with him. Xing Xing is only concerned about her only elder sister as she dislikes loneliness. When he sees that Ya Xi never lets the diary leave her, he understands that she doesn’t love him. She only wants to look for Xing Xing’s shadow on him.

Zi Hao tells Ya Xi to release Xing Xing and free herself too. It is painful to carry this burden her whole life. His words are like a hammer that breaks her outer pretentious self. She falls onto the ground and cries aloud. Zi Hao only looks at her pitifully before turning to leave but Freddie stops him. He gives him the star necklace and laments – please don’t throw it into the lake anymore. It is tough to find someone to search hard for it. Zi Hao is startled and thanks him with a smile while Freddie is so touched that his eyes turn red to tell him to grab Ai Qing fast.

Ai Qing wears a simple wedding gown. Is she going to marry Hai Nuo? Hai Nuo tells Ai Qing that Zi Hao helps him to retain his racer’s license. She can stop the ceremony if she wants. She weeps but still chooses him as the right choice. Hai Nuo stops the ceremony as he knows that he can never make her happy. She leaves and wants to call Zi Hao but his line is engaged. They meet at the fountain and hug there. He asks if she is willing to wear the heaven’s bridal dress. She nods and both are married.

Zi Hao thanks Hai Nuo after the ceremony and hopes he represents their company to win the race. The couple finally kisses and dances for the first time in front of the crowd as husband and wife. One month later, Hai Nuo wants to go overseas for competition. He accidentally loosens the bracelet that Ai Qing gives it. A famous singer picks it up and Hai Nuo helps her to shield from the reporters to give it to her. Both are going to Japan and they chat as they walk to the custom.

The novel’s arrangement :

The priest is about to announce that no one objects to them getting married when a voice is heard that he opposes to it.

A shiny object is thrown in and she catches it – it is the necklace and soon Zi Hao walks to her. He opposes to giving up without a fight and opposes to give his soulmate to another man. Mrs Lu has recalled everything. Hai Nuo also objects – the others are shocked. He is the bridegroom and what is there to object about? He objects to win without a fight and his angel to think of another man when marrying to him.

So since both guys are here, she should think of her heartbeat’s real voice to make her truthful choice. Is it him or Zi Hao? She closes her eyes and walks to the person she chooses. Can you believe it – all yell – has she gone nuts? How can she walk to the centre?! Does she choose Zi Hao or Hai Nuo? Ai Qing opens her eyes and smiles at both. Both guys also look at each other and smile. Zi Hao asks what they should do. Hai Nuo claims that they should take a ruler to measure. If the distance is closer, that is the winner. Well, as much as you have guessed, Zi Hao emerges as the winner.

Introduction on characters

1. Lu Zi Hao – Leon Williams (or Li Wei Lian in Chinese)
He is 28. He is an arrogant perfectionist. Being aloof and unapproachable, he can also be very sarcastic. All will marvel at his creativity to set things right even though something will go wrong. Ai Qing is a troublesome accident to him. After engaging her as his assistant, he begins to appreciate her. From being insensitive and harsh, he becomes caring to others.

Leon was the winner from ‘World Model contest’. That is why he is like a prince charming walking out from a book. But alas, the way he conveys his Mandarin lines is like memorizing a text as little feelings are injected. Still, we can’t fault him for his first attempt.

2. Cheng Hai Nuo – Ming Dao
He is 21. Being impulsive, he gets into different kinds of trouble. However, his love for Ai Qing is real. After losing his only family, he indulges in dangerous motorcycle racing. He even challenges Zi Hao to show his love. Thanks to him, Zi Hao becomes more open to reveal his feelings towards Ai Qing.

Ming Dao’s performance here shows why he shines to be the lead in every drama he stars in later. This is his debut drama but he does so well. His natural acting is inborn. Unlike others who are very exaggerating, he portrays an earnest showing.

3. He Xin
An unscrupulous reporter who goes all out to dig out dirty reports. His main pleasure is to ruin Zi Hao as he is very jealous of his success.

4. Freddie – Qu Zhong Heng
A homosexual but is gentle and delicate. He often nags but he is very concerned about his boss. Knowing that he truly loves Ai Qing, he tries to pair them together.

5. Grandfather – Zhao Shan
With Ai Qing as his only granddaughter, he is contented to let things remain the original state. However, money is a big issue so he is often troubled by it.

6. Tao Ai Qing – Wang Xin Ling
She is 19 but she is a scatterbrain. She is the impulsive type who often lands into trouble to make others clear her mess. All will be shocked by her poor dressing sense and also her insistence of buying imitation products. That is why Zi Hao despises her at first glance.

Does anyone have a gun or a bow and arrow for me to shoot at her? I find her very irritating. She has to be coaxed repeatedly like a child by the 2 guys! What makes them love her so much? I don't have the answer. Probably love is very blind for both of them.

Xin Ling’s performance is over the top. She actually does well in love scenes but unfortunately the producer decides to make her to become a bimbo from the start. Luckily, her role turns better later. Her make-up is also too thick. Guan Ying looks elegant in her natural make-up but she doesn’t.

7. Katrina – Guan Ying
She is only 20 years old but is mature for her age. Her father is a manager of famous models to train her to be a model. She believes that she is the best match for Zi Hao but in reality, she has never entered his heart. Thus, she is very jealous of Ai Qing when she wins him from her. Well done from this newcomer!

8. Qi Qi – Qu Min Jie
She is Ai Qing’s close friend who is a reporter. However, most of the time, she can’t salvage the damage that Ai Qing has caused. Telling her all the latest news have caused more harm than good.

9. Sun Xiang Zhen
A famous model who is willing to give up everything for Hai Nuo. She has mood swings after knowing that she is pregnant, believing that Hai Nuo fathers the foetus. Hai Nuo keeps the truth that she is raped by Jeep and not him as he fears that she can’t take it. It proves that this fatal decision keeps affecting him as she repeatedly haunts him.

10. Lu Zheng Guo – Tao Chuan Zheng (All will recall him as the notorious Yun Shang Principal in ‘MVP valentine’
He is Zi Hao’s father. He sees How Zi Hao uses his own status to conquer his own world as a fashion designer. But he still prefers him to take over his company and he truly loves his wife.

11. Jeep – Liu Xiu Hao
He is always in the second place after Hai Nuo in car racing. He considers Hai Nao as his arch rival and likes to belittle him.

12. Pei Ya Xi – Zhang Hong
Her younger sister, Yun Xi fell in love with Zi Hao in the past. Her death left him a big blow and he is unable to love deeply again. She returns to Taiwan to become his stylist director. Her presence reminds Zi Hao of her as both resemble each other in looks. Ya Xi clings on too much to the past. She finds herself falling for Zi Hao so she sets her mind to break him and Ai Qing up.

13. Mrs Lu/Yu Hong – Wang Yue (as Shan Cai’s mother in ‘Meteor Garden’)
She is Zi Hao’s mother who can never agree with his father’s overbearing ways. She often disguises as a poor woman to sneak out of home to have fun.

14. Cosmo
He is Katrina’s father who is evil but will do anything to protect his only daughter. However, money is still most important to him.

15. Ah Bu – Cai Li Quan
He is Hai Nuo’s close buddy who gives him support whenever he needs it.

Favourite character
Zi Hao – his initial behaviour is unacceptable but that is with a forgiven cause. After knowing Ai Qing, he is transformed from a Iceman to a warm person.

Most hated character
Ai Qing – please – can you stop behaving like a spoilt brat? Seeing how she shoots her mind without using her head makes me feel like blowing her into pieces with a bomb. She has done enough destruction to hurt the two men.

Interesting facts

This serial became the top most watched serial during autumn 2004 in Taiwan when it was shown. This was the first serial ever to be shot in Paris. Leon looks every inch a rich guy but he stays in a 3 room flat in Singapore. As he seldom uses Mandarin, during his school days, he had a hard time digesting the script. He wrote in ‘Hanyu Pinyin’ for most words and memorized the script by heart.

This drama shot him to stardom which was beyond his imagination. He was worried that he would ruin the whole drama as this was his debut. Xin Ling was reluctant to dye her hair but later give in due to the essential arrangement in the drama. Many stars had said that she was hard to work with as she would make many demands. But still, she is very sought after for dramas.

Ming Dao did not know how to ride a motorcycle before shooting this drama. So was Kuan Yin who seldom did catwalk on stage. Thus both worked hard for their roles. Their efforts were paid off, isn’t it?

Leon and Xin Ling came to Singapore to promote this drama on 27 April 2005. The response was good as many ran to get their autographs after buying the vcds. Many people (including me) were proud that another Singaporean managed to become the lead in a Taiwanese idol drama besides Michelle Siram. I went to have a look and found that Leon was earnest and obliging. He also took time to think over his replies, unlike Xin Ling who chose to avoid answering. Now wonder he is still so popular after these years.


At first, I was hesitant to watch it. Is it a tearjerker like ‘Staircase to heaven’ since 3 words from the title is the same? I nearly want to give up watching Taiwanese idol dramas after so many disappointing attempts. However, I decided to try so I got the dvds at S$10 during a sale. It came as a pleasant surprise. The story is predictable but attractive. This proves that if Taiwanese set up their minds to do it, they can still come up with a good drama. But yet we are mostly greeted with mostly low grade or childish works.

This drama has a refreshing cast that inspires me to watch on. How can I not give my own local Singaporean fellowman support? I am won over by Leon’s diligence. Although he struggles with the Mandarin lines, his weakness is overcome by his improvement in acting. He started giving a rocky and stiff but it gets smoother along the way. He matches well with Xin Ling. They are a compatible pair.

They have a lot of chemistry and the love scenes are romantically done. The addition of their love rivals added lots of spice to the love war. The lavish sets are not spared and it is very entertaining. The cast did a marvelous job as they acted competently. The catwalk segments are realistic to make all see how models and designers work behind the stage. It was also a joy to watch how the young and capable artistes pit their acting skills against each other. I strongly recommend this drama. You will not regret getting it.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)
On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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