Love Storm

Reviewed by: sukting

September 15, 2008

Rating: two-point-five

How long
20 episodes

This is another serial that has F2 acting as love rivals. Interested to see who is the winner in the end? It might inspire you to watch on.


Aunt places her favourite necklace on Jia Le’s neck and wishes her happiness when she grows up. On Aunt’s marriage day, her first lover stops the car with his motorcycle to bring her away. Jia Le is the flower girl and is touched by the scene. She also vows to marry the person who saves her when she grows up. Ai Lun and Ma Li don’t think this will happen to her in real life and bet that the loser will have to draw their eyebrows thick like ‘la bi xiao xin’. Jia Le loses 4 times – the last one is hilarious. He promises to wait for her forever but is married with a baby. (good performance by Guang Liang).

Their good friend, Bao Zhu is returning with her elder brother, Bao Long. All remember him as a fat guy and get a big car to fetch them. When they see a plump man walking towards them, they are about to talk to him when he walks away. Jia Le suddenly knocks into a man wearing dark shades. He is handsome looking and considers her a Barbie doll. However, he follows a group of men wearing black clothes behind an old man. Her friends nearly scream as they are afraid that she might offend the underworld.

Bao Zhu hugs them and the three see a dashing guy approaching them. Ma Li and Ai Lin are attracted but are shocked to know that he is Bao Long. Jia Le gives him a friendly hug and his heart beats faster. Before he can react, the other girls do the same. The siblings migrate to America but Bao Long is back to work in the Taiwan branch and is staying at his old housekeeper, Ken’s home.

The girls tease Bao Zhu being unable to get a degree for 4 years but Bao Long has obtained masters and is headhunt by many companies. Bao Long is touched to know that Jia Le always comes to keep the unmarried Ken company. Ken cries upon seeing Bao Long so thin and exclaims that he looks better when plump. He replies that he does it deliberately – in secret he is doing it for Jia Le. Ai Lun and Ma Li deliberately sit beside him to get his attention. Knowing that she dislikes carrots, he offers to eat for her although he dislikes it too.

Jia Le walks along the street with her thick eyebrows. Her ex’s baby is so terrified by her looks that it cries. Her friends even take a photo of her with the whole group as evidence. She is not that unhappy over the treatment but she is unhappy that till now, she has not been able to find a man who can sacrifice for her.

Jia Le is driving when flying papers start to block her sight. A truck nearly knocks into her car and suddenly a person blocks in front of it. Her eyes are fixed on him. He smiles to her before leaving with a lollipop in his mouth. The others chide her for dreaming when she tells them. They agree to draw their eyebrows when she wins. Only Bao Long frowns upon knowing it. He feels like telling her that he is the one! When he is fat, he does not dare to admit his feelings. Now he can but he is scared.

Jia Le asks Bao Long for his support and is so grateful that she holds his hand. He thinks of the past – he has wanted to join the girls’ band but the others think that his fat fingers can never play the guitar. They often sneer at him and only Jia Le doesn’t give up on him. She asks him to practice till his fingers turn coarse. He is about to tell her when she praises him for being her ‘best’ sister.

Jia Le asks how he goes through the slimming process. He cycles daily for 10 km and only eats vegetables. But he often can’t control himself and eats non-stop. He later vomits in the toilet out of guilt. She feels sympathy for him but doesn’t know that he nearly feels like killing himself through the process. This is to be in the best top form to face her. Isn’t this the same as risking his own life? He smiles bitterly to himself.

Jia Le suddenly sees her saviour and runs out of the café. He walks too fast and can’t catch up with him. She picks the handphone that he drops and hopes he will return. Bao Long leads her home upon seeing her injured kneecap. The man comes to look in vain for his handphone.

Ken examines the handphone and says that it is fake. Bao Long says that it is a warning device for single women to deal with molesters. If they are in danger, they can press on it. Ken adds on that he must have bought it for his wife or girlfriend. Jia Le sulks upon hearing it. Bao Long starts to feel remorseful and cites that it can be a toy too. Ken unwittingly says that the man must be very young to have a son! Jia Le decides to search him out to thank him. The others decide to help her. The search is in vain but she doesn’t give up.

Bao Long is upset but reminds that she has said that with confidence, there is nothing she can’t do. Ken happens to watch a television commercial in promoting the product. This goods promotion channel isn’t popular till a year ago when a promotion manager joins them. Within 2 months, it manages to sell the old goods from the warehouse. The profits are many times more and the staff knows that they have an invincible helper. When he decides to sell something, they will be sold out. Thus this ‘buy so much’ channel is considered a triumph card. He wears no other colour except black.

Only one thing stands out to ruin his cold image – that is the lollipop in his mouth. He seems uninvolved but many still feel his existence because of his aloofness. He is Ying Feng, the promotion manager. He commands all to start the hotlines and as expected, the calls come non-stop. There is no surprise on his face. Bao Long gets Ying Feng’s number and arranges him to meet Jia Le at a club. Jia Le dresses like a princess and becomes nervous. Upon seeing Ying Feng, she signals Bao Long to leave. He is down.

Ying Feng looks at her in confusion as she tries to act elegantly. (Please forgive me - I can’t stand it – she simply looks so fake!) Ying Feng can’t remember where he has seen her. She explains the incident and gives him back the device. She explains that she wants to thank him personally. He leaves quickly after telling her that he doesn’t mean to save her. Jia Le has not been defeated so badly before and is dejected.

Ying Feng walks out of the lift and an earthquake occurs. He discovers a hole in his shirt pocket and something is missing. The whole building is in total darkness. Ying Feng turns back – so does Bao Long but he is stopped by the security guards. Jia Le moves around and feels a lighter. She lights it and happens to see Ying Feng in front of her. She is no longer frightened and follows him out.

Bao Long is upset to see both out together. Although he is relieved that Jia Le is safe, he feels a deep cut in his heart. The other girls eyes Ying Feng with idolism before he speeds off on his motorcycle. It doesn’t mean anything to him but he never realizes that it is going to affect his whole life. He is back in office t o think of the next project. He sleeps in the company and decides to have a rest at the beach. Suddenly a pink lady appears in front of him to thank him for saving her again.

She wants him to tell her how she can express her gratitude. He says no – he tries hard to avoid her frank looking eyes. He cites that he doesn’t mean to save her and in order to get away from her, he jokes that she can build him a statue. He thinks of her word, saviour and touches his torn pocket again. He is only returning to search for the lighter that his life saviour has given him as a souvenir. He looks at the engraved name – Ye Heng. How and when he is going to see him again?

He lights it when he goes to the beach. Now the dim light serves no purpose under the sun but it works well in the dark as unlimited hope. In the past, he relies on it to survive till now. He then recalls the Barbie doll – only a person who doesn’t suffer will trust everyone easily. He smiles weakly – the pink colour and the luring eyes should not exist in his world at all. He only loves the blue colour of the sea. Thus his wish is to buy a big boat to sail in the sea. He returns to work and is stunned to see his statue.

It not only looks like him and has a position of him opening his arms. There are words engraved – ‘brave to save others’ at the bottom. He doesn’t expect it to become true and tells her that he doesn’t like it. He wants it to be removed so she wants him to go for her birthday party in exchange. Ying Feng decides to be harsh to her. He gets a friend, Tina to impersonate as his girlfriend.

Bao Long recalls that Jia Le has made a wish to watch fireworks with the person she loves. So he gets her a card with the design. But it seems that the person who can make her wish come true isn’t him. Ken urges him to reveal his feelings to her – he jokes that Bao Long’s expression is too obvious. Since he finds it so difficult to tell her personally, why not write on the card? He believes that his young master will not lose to anyone since they grow up together.

Bao Long hesitates – will they even lose the chance to be friends if she rejects him? Ken still feels it is worth taking a risk. Not to be like him to lose his chance 20 years ago. Jia Le’s parents are on a business trip so they get her a big pink birthday cake. Many guests come to look curiously at the statue. Ying Feng takes off his helmet and is surprised to see the size of the bungalow. He knows that Jia Le must be rich but doesn’t expect to such extent.

Jia Le dresses in a pink dress to entertain the guests but waits eagerly for Ying Feng. She is going to reveal her feelings for him. Yes, he comes but with a sexy woman. He holds Tina’s waist tightly and Jia Le feels hurt. But she soon detects that he is only putting up an act. Ai Lun decides to check it out for her to make her happy. Bao Long notices that Jia Le only looks at Ying Feng and is down.

Bao Zhu spills a cup of red wine on Tina and drags her away. Jia Le gets close to Ying Feng. Her friends pretend to be Ying Feng’s ex-girlfriends to beat her up and she confesses that she is acting. Jia Le finally smiles happily and thanks Ying Feng publicly. Ying Feng is taken aback and wants to leave but it is too late. All fix their eyes on him and makes him uneasy. They start to crowd around him and Jia Le to ask them questions. He hates publicity and signals to Tina to leave with him. But she is too engrossed to dance with Jia Le’s friends. He curses Tina in secret for being leaving him in distress.

Bao Long calls Jia Le to come out of her house as Ken has everything done. She agrees but chases after Ying Feng when he tries to leave. She jeers at him for leaving his ‘girlfriend’ alone and why must he take pains to spite her. He must be concerned about her. Ha shouts to say that she is mad but she tags him. She has forgotten that Bao Long is waiting for her. He happens to see the couple when he is about to give her the card. She confesses that she likes Ying Feng and at this time, fireworks appear. Her wish finally comes true and Bao Long places his card back into his pocket.

Ying Feng tells her to stay away from him because he is uninterested in her. Ying Feng comes to Mei Yun’s bar. One girl wants to play with his lighter and he chides her. Jia Le feels upset and asks what he will do when the person he loves doesn’t love him. He replies that he will wait. He is contented just to see her happy. For her, she will be persistent to the end.

Bao Long has no guts to give Jia Le the card. He starts his wild eating habits again. Ying Feng’s cold attitude upsets Jia Le but Bao Zhu gives her encouragement. Jia Le decides to work with him. Ying Feng gets a headache upon seeing her and becomes fierce to her to tell her to avoid him. But she wants to give him a chance to know her better. Ying Feng wants to reject her as she lacks working experience. She explains that she spends NT$23000 a day so she knows what consumers want.

She has a long record of chatting with friends so she is suitable to talk to clients over the phone. Ying Feng doesn’t know how to rebuke so he reluctantly accedes to her joining the company. He starts to guide her but guesses that a rich girl like her will not stay for long. Her friends also look down on her but only Bao Long gives her encouragement, saying that he hopes his future girlfriend will be as strong as her.

Ma Li and Ai Lun bet that she will quit in a day in exchange for his kiss. Jia Le gets Ying Feng a heart coffee in the morning to shock him instead. She breaks her fingernail too. Jia Le scolds her but feels that the coffee tastes nice. Slowly, he isn’t that fierce to her and even thanks her for the coffee. He wants his workers to buy lunchboxes but Jia Le prepares a lavish meal for him. He isn’t happy and scolds her instead. How is he going to drive with his toes when he has to handle the food with a knife and fork? He wants a simple sandwich to munch in the truck to save his time.

Bao Long consoles her and suggests her to give up. She asks if he thinks she is silly. He denies and thinks he is the one instead. He wants to be like her to voice out her feelings. Mei Yun urges Ying Feng to love someone. Jia Le tries to get close to him but he always differentiates personal affairs from work and is cold to her. She finds out his address and wants him to give her a lift. He rejects, saying that his motorcycle only has a safety helmet.

She has failed for a week so the gals guess that he must have a broken relationship before. Jia Le requests a lift with her own helmet. This time, he can’t say no. He suddenly walks to her and her heart beats fast. But he is only walking to a little girl to buy all the sweets that she is selling so that she can rest early. His kindness touches her. The next day, Jia Le oversleeps and is late for 5 hours. Her supervisor decides to dismiss her but she decides to stay because of Ying Feng.

She begs for a chance and also helps Mei Yun at her restaurant. But the bar’s business is too good and she can’t handle the accounts. So she calls Bao Long for help. Bao Long balances them easily and quickly goes home to fix a delicious meal for her. Mei Yun chats with Jia Le to joke that Ying Feng has a son to give her a fright. Mei Yun senses that she likes Ying Feng and forces him to bring her out for a date.

She calls home to tell Bao Long excitedly that she isn’t coming home. Bao Long is disappointed as he looks at the candle light – how long must he wait for her? In contrast, Ying Feng only treats her to normal buns and she sulks. Bao Long goes cycling to feel better but sees Ying Feng blowing the sand from Jia Le’s eye. From his angle, it seems that they are kissing. He gets so jealous that he cycles faster and faster to shout his feelings at the sea.

Jia Le feels that she is closer to Ying Feng now. She is too dreamy that she forgets to look for the swimming costume model. She has no choice but to be the model herself. Bao Long is angry – so is Ying Feng. Bao Long says she used to be a happy-go-lucky person and wants him to treat her well. Ying Feng scolds Jia Le and Mei Yun observes that this is the first time he fights over a woman. Ying Feng refuses to confess his feelings. Her persistence angers him and he labels her as a brainless Barbie doll.

Jia Le hides at home to cry but still refuses to give up. When she isn’t at work, Ying Feng feels lost. Jia Le finds out that he lost his parents to a flood and was hurt in a relationship before. Mei Yun tells her about the quarrel and Jia Le is delighted. She discards all her Barbie doll dressing and returns to the company. Although he says nothing, he is actually relieved that she is back. He is a proud person who doesn’t apologise but he takes the initiative to do it. She is delighted.

Bao Zhu mentions to Bao Long that Jia Le cries over Ying Feng. He is furious that Ying Feng hurts her so often. Bao Zhu is puzzled on why he is so angry which is different from his gentle self. Jia Le shares with Bao Long her experience and he realized that he has wronged Ying Feng. He is lost when she regards him as a brother and even asks him what a fight over a woman implies. Bao Long says clearly that that means he loves her. But she doesn’t get the idea.

Jia Le is arranged to work with Ying Feng. The weather is cold so he gives her his sweater. Now, he knows how to joke with her. Because of this, he catches a cold and she visits him. She wants to cook him a meal but her clumsiness disturbs his sleep instead. He can endure it no longer and decides to do it himself. She accidentally trips on the bed with him and she shyly runs away. Ying Feng starts to smile in his sleep. It seems that love is approaching him.

The swimming float doesn’t sell well but the sales improve when Jia Le changes the design. She works very hard and sleeps on the sofa. Bao Long covers her with a blanket. He kneels near to look at her innocent face. He nearly kisses her on the lips but Jia Le awakes at this time. Luckily, she isn’t aware of what nearly happens. Ying Feng starts to view Jia Le differently after the success but still thinks that cost is too hard. She bets on a meal to win him over.

Bao Long can’t bear to see her work so hard so he helps her out. He then wants to buy supper for her and meets Ying Feng. Ying Feng feels uneasy when learning that and touches the pocket that Jia Le has mended the hole in there. He decides to return with Bao Long to give her a surprise. But he is still a man who is poor in sewing to prick his finger. He and Jia Le touch the needle together and look like a couple.

Her friends are dismayed to imagine that they are going to lose the bet to draw their eyebrows to look like ‘la bi xiao xin’ – the Japanese manga character who has very thick eyebrows. Jia Le gives Ying Feng the best ingredients that she can find in the supper, making him blush. Poor Bao Long has to pretend to be happy in front of them. The success wins her a promotion to work with Ying Feng. This time round, he doesn’t look moody but welcomes her with a smiling face. She is too happy that she falls down the stairs to sprain her neck. This is the price that she has to pay.

Jia Le invites Bao Long for a meal to thank him. Now Ying Feng looks at Jia Le with a smiling face and is concerned about her neck. She feels no pain now. Soon it is time near the Chinese Valentine’s day – Qi Qiao festival. Ying Feng only treats Jia Le to hawker food and has to treat her to another proper meal to please her. Bao Zhu discovers the card and wonders who should get it. Bao Long grabs it back and denies to be in love. He tears it to hide his sorrow. Ken reveals to the girls that he likes one of them.

Ma Li and Ai Lun are overjoyed – Bao Long could have loved one of them. Bao Zhu believes that it can be Jia Le too but they dismiss the thought as he helps her to woo Ying Feng. Ying Feng decides to sell the red blankets. Jia Le tries to bargain the price with the owner and listens to his sad story to get a 50% discount. Ying Feng still thinks that it is expensive and she is displeased with him for being money-minded.

The girls decide to find out who Bao Long actually loves. Ai Lun splashes water at him and chides him for hiding his feelings. He feels uneasy and thinks she knows the truth. Ai Lun tells her to reveal it on Valentine’s day. Ying Feng gets the goods at 10% price and Jia Le writes an anonymous letter to tell the owner not to agree to the deal. The owner sells the blankets at a low price but he sells the blankets and bolsters at a high price. This is Ying Feng’s shrewd way of doing business.

Jia Le feels ashamed of herself. The owner mentions the letter and Ying Feng says the fellow is brainless. Jia Le asks him out and he realizes that it is Valentine’s day. Should he go? Bao Long goes with an unsteady heart to wait for Jia Le at the café. Ai Lun deliberately gets him to wait for her. It is coincidental that Jia Le is also late for the date for 45 min due to a traffic jam. She wants the lovers’ meal but he declines. He jokes that he is meeting another girl later so they must eat quickly.

He still continues to act – she can meet her boyfriend if she wants to. Both quarrel as she knows that he is forcing her to leave him. It suddenly rains and she cries. She is trying not to be a Barbie doll anymore and what must she do to make him like her? She then runs to the centre of the road. Ying Feng saves her and they finally kiss. He confesses that he doesn’t want her to get hurt.

Bao Long sees Ai Lun and thinks that she is there to console him as Jia Le isn’t coming. She is half-angry and half-amused. She points out that he is still the lacking confidence fatty who doesn’t dare to face up to reality. Jia Le suddenly asks whether she can wear minimum pink colours on her clothes as she misses it. Bao Long runs out from home when Bao Zhu tries to console him and meets Ying Feng at Mei Yun’s bar.

Both are drunk. Bao Long says he was fat long ago while Ying Feng confesses that he was from the underworld. His foster father is a ganglord and he has a problematic daughter, Jing Jing who will make all his girlfriends suffer. At the same time, Jia Le is kidnapped. The next day, Ying Feng wakes up to find Jia Le’s handphone beside him. Jia Le isn’t home for the night. Bao Long is worried and calls. Ying Feng frowns as she is kidnapped by Jing Jing.

Jing Jing loves Ying Feng too much and will not let any of his women go. She says that only she is qualified to be his girlfriend. Bao Long beats Ying Feng – is he the one who harms her? Ying Feng tells the truth and wants him to pretend to be Jia Le’s boyfriend. Jing Jing tries to sound Ying Feng out and he lies that Bao Long is Jia Le’s boyfriend.

Jing Jing sneers at Bao Long for being magnanimous. He is hurt but still puts a forced front. He even kisses Jia Le to save her out. Jia Le is confused and Ying Feng isn’t happy too. They are released but Jing Jing isn’t convinced. Jia Le is back again. Ying Feng decides to save her on his own. Jing Jing shouts that she doesn’t want to be his younger sister and disappears with Jia Le. Bao Long offers to save her but Ying Feng wants him to trust him and he decides to ask Uncle Ma for help.

Bao Long can’t sleep because he dreams of Jia Le being slapped repeatedly by Jing Jing and calls Ying Feng. But he never answers his calls. Ying Feng nearly faints when Jing Jing asks why he is against her when he is trying to reason with her. If he gets to beg her, that means that he is hating her. He is indeed cool and arrogant in his way. To test if Ying Feng is trying to save Jia Le, Bao Long tails him by disguising as a delivery man. Jia Le gets slapped by Jing Jing repeatedly. She is sarcastic to say that Jing Jing is unreasonable and over-possessive to have low self-esteem so no one likes her. Why not pit single-handed?

Jing Jing and Jia Le fight and both suffer bruises. Even after knowing Ying Feng is indeed from the underworld, Jia Le isn’t afraid. Jing Jing informs her that his ex left him because of this. Bao Long finally knows the location but he is caught by Jing Jing. She wants him to help her to break the couple up. He refuses and gets beaten. Strangely, she doesn’t dislike him. Bao Long ruins Ying Feng’s plans but he admires his guts. Bao Long is trapped with Jia Le and he faints due to serious injuries.

He finally admits his love for her. However, she can’t accept him. Bao Long hides a penknife under his shoe and both manage to get to the balcony. He jumps to the opposite building but Jia Le decides to stay in order to let him leave. Ying Feng is anxious that Jing Jing might harm Jia Le and the girls blame him for bringing Jia Le trouble. Jia Le ponders why she is so retarded to neglect Bao Long’s feelings for so long.

Jia Le receives Ying Feng’s note for the escape plan and is delighted. She pretends to have a stomachache and disappears. Jing Jing’s men are confused when they get to see her friends in the same outfit as her. Jing Jing gets hysterical when he still doesn’t accept her. Bao Long returns home with Jia Le and her parents think that they are a couple. Bao Long continues the act so that he can protect Jia Le openly to work.

Ying Feng starts to reconsider the relationship – should he continue or give up? Ying Feng tells her about his past. After he became an orphan, he became a gangster and offended Uncle Ma. He admires his guts and adopts him. Knowing that Ying Feng wants to be a normal person, he arranges him to work in one of his lawful companies. Jia Le is stunned to know that Uncle Ma owns the commercial channel. She still decides to stick by him and he is touched.

Jing Jing suddenly comes to Bao Long’s home. She wants to make friends with him but also ends up being Ken’s friend too. He still refuses to help her but offers to fix her computers in exchange. She jokes that they can become a pair and he says that he feels neutral to her. She is angry as he implies that she is inferior to Jia Le so she kisses h im. Both are stunned as they feel each other’s warmth but they still deny.

Bao Long gets drunk at Mei Yun’s bar. She is stunned to know his identity. Ken is angry and comes to fetch him to discover that she is his secret love. Mei Yun is actually Bao Long’s mother and is contented just to see him. Uncle Ma comes to the company to see how great Jia Le is. Bao Long manages to rescue Jia Le many times but she doesn’t notice it. Upon seeing a van is trying to knock her down, he tries to defend her but is surprised that it turns away. It is actually Jing Jing’s ploy to trick him that he is really going to harm Jia Le. The poor man thinks that he is a hero but is actually her chess piece.

Ying Long invites Jia Le to have dinner with Uncle Ma. Before they part, she acts as if she is going to kiss him. He stretches his head and is embarrassed when she only tells him to fasten his helmet. He is disappointed but she suddenly gives him a goodbye kiss. Bao Long is down to see that. Jing Jing calls him to ask him how he feels to provoke him. Jia Le is innocent to tell Uncle Ma’s men to wear red ties so that they don’t look so stern. Ying Feng nearly faints by her remark.

Her surprise comes when she sees her parents. Uncle Ma reveals Ying Feng’s background so as to let Jia Le give up. To his dismay, they have all along wanted a ‘godfather’ as a son-in-law and welcomes the situation. The couple is relieved. Jing Jing tricks Bao Long to believe that she has placed a bomb in Jia Le’s car. He rushes to her car and pulls the car keys away. He sends her away in a cab and lies that he needs to use it. He then gets a police explosive expert to remove the ‘bomb’ to discover that it is only a toy.

The police arrest him for making a false report but he doesn’t tell them that Jing Jing is behind it. Ken reprimands her for being insensitive and childish. He says that she has no friends and no one will love her. Jia Le promotes a health tea product on her own and Ying Feng is unhappy because it has not gone through medical tests to certify the safety.

Uncle Ma discovers that Bao Long is Mei Yun’s son. Mei Yun hasn’t wanted to acknowledge him because of her past. Jing Jing ponders over Bao Long’s words and searches for Ye Heng to make Ying Feng happy. She finally feels happiness for once. In coincidence, he is Jia Le’s uncle. Ying Feng wants to return him the lighter but he lets him keep it.

Although it is from Ye Heng, he treasures her who is with him now. Ying Feng is grateful to Jing Jing and gives Jia Le the lighter as a love gift. Uncle Ma extorts 500 million from Mei Yun to keep the truth from Bao Long. She asks Ken for the money. Bao Long finds it suspicious and comes to her home. He finds a photo of him when young with her. He recalls being kidnapped when he was five and accuses her for being the kidnapper. She admits in silence.

Jia Le makes a yacht model for Ying Feng and he is amused to see it in pink. She wants to make his wish come true. She likes pink and wants to name is as ‘Jia Le trademark’. Uncle Ma makes Jia Le believe that Ying Feng is behind the extortion. He wants to make Jing Jing happy but Jing Jing dislike the arrangement. She wants to win Ying Feng over openly. But she starts to understand Bao Long’s feelings. She wants him to give her a last hug. Unknowing to them, Jia Le sees this and gets the wrong idea.

Ying Feng is angry with the extortion and decides to leave Uncle Ma. He knows that he owes him too much so he stabs on his left hand before leaving. Uncle Ma becomes ill and his henchman decides not to let Jia Le off. He decides to kill Jia Le but Bao Long becomes the victim to block in front of her. He is stabbed in the stomach but survives. Mei Yun visits him secretly.

Ying Feng hugs Jia Le but she feels nothing. She is numb that misfortune happens to her friends after loving him. He wants to explain to her but she doesn’t listen and throws her necklace away. Ying Feng picks it up after she leaves. He decides to give up on her. Jia Le removes the statue from her home and Yign Feng keeps the model yacht in the cabinet. Jing Jing is concerned that her ‘toy’ is hospitalized. Bao Long decides to forgive Uncle Ma’s man so as not to implicate Jia Le. She is touched.

Ying Feng suddenly disappears but sends the cheque back to Mei Yun. Jia Le requests 3 min from the commercial channel. She draws her eyebrows thick on television and admits defeat in love. She eats Ying Feng’s favourite buns and is in tears. Bao Long tries to cheer her up by getting the band to perform for her. Bao Long doesn’t believe that Ying Feng is responsible for the extortion. He finally knows the truth from Uncle Ma’s man. He has wanted to tell him that Mei Yun is his mother too when Ken stops him.

Bao Long is agitated and tears his stomach wound. He is worked up upon seeing Mei Yun coming to return the cheque to Ken. He refuses to acknowledge her as she isn’t qualified to be his mother. She is upset and leaves. Ken tries to change his mind by bandaging his wound but fails. Jing Jing wants to leave Taiwan as she can’t get the man she loves. Uncle Ma is sick again upon knowing her decision. She then regrets her willfulness. Jing Jing wants Jia Le to inform Ying Feng about it but she tells her that they have parted.

Jing Jing tells Jia Le the truth about the extortion and she realizes that she has wronged him. She finally recalls that Ying Feng hurts his handwhen he sees her on the other day. She tries to retrieve the necklace in vain. Ying Feng is now at Ye Heng’s home and sees Jia Le’s apology sms. Ye Heng tells him to cherish what he has. Uncle Ma requests Ying Feng to bring Jing Jing away from Taiwan. But Ying Feng’s condition is Uncle Ma must continue living healthily. Jia Le’s health tea is discovered to be of inferior quality and receives many complaints.

She bravely admits her mistake on television. Ying Feng feels pained upon seeing it as he has wished to share the responsibility with her. Jing Jing senses that Ying Feng is unwilling to leave with her. Bao Long can’t forgive Mei Yun but can’t deny the blood ties between them. Ying Feng wants to return to Jia Le but stops upon seeing her with Bao Long. Maybe Bao Long is a better choice for her.

Mrs Wan returns to Taiwan to tell Bao Long the truth. Mei Yun gives him to her unwillingly to provide him a better life.She keeps it from him because she is afraid of losing him. Mei Yun kidnapped him because she misses him too much. Ken fixes her a warm breakfast to eat before she leaves and promises to visit her in new York when he is free.

Mei Yun decides to leave Taiwan and Bao Long sends her off. He finally calls her ‘mother’ for the first time. Jing Jing tells Bao Long that she is leaving and has placed a bomb in the office. He jumps but Ken calmly tells him that it is just an empty threat. Jing Jing gets Bao Long to eat ice with her. The fault doesn’t lie with her since Jia Le gives Ying Feng. Bao Long asks if she is happy to disregard Ying Feng’s feelings.

She eats the mango ice greedily because she might not get to eat it in future. Bao Long gets the ingredients for her so that she can eat it anywhere. She is touched as this is the first time that someone shows her concern. If she hasn’t known Ying Feng earlier than him, she might fall for him. Bao Long bets with Uncle Ma. If Bao Long wins, Uncle Ma has to admit the tea mistake. If Bao Long loses, he will marry Jia Le. Bao Long wins and even Jing Jing smiles. Uncle Ma deliberately lets Jia Le on Ying Feng’s coming departure.

She bravely congratulates him to leave. Bao Long scolds Ying Feng for upsetting her. She returns home to play with the lighter, only to discover Aunt’s name there. She visits them and gets t he answer why the lighter is with Ying Feng. Does the couple know that they will be together to give both their belongings? Aunt encourages Jia Le to fight for her happiness. She wants to rush to the airport to hold him back.

However, the company wants her back at work. Bao Long agrees to send her to the airport. It is Uncle Ma’s idea to call her back and Jia Le is angry but she refuses to give up. Ying Feng sees a child playing with a yacht at the airport and wonders if he should give up his dream. A robber holds Jia Le hostage before she tries to leave. Ying Feng feels Jia Le’s necklace from his pocket and decides to stay.

Jing Jing has expected the outcome and accepts it calmly. Perhaps because her heart now has someone else. Bao Long doesn’t see Jia Le and calls Ying Feng. Both men rush to the company and Ying Feng gets stabbed on his back while trying to defend her. Uncle Ma finally gives his approval after his recovery. Bao Long bets again with Uncle Ma over chess. He jokes that he wants Bao Long to be responsible for Jing Jing’s future this time.

Jia Le and Ying Feng rest on the yacht that they finally build. She is contented to be with her hero at last. He tells her the truth of the truck incident. His papers flew with the lighter on the street when he was on the motorcycle to rush back to office. Thus he blocks the truck to retrieve all the things back. So he is the culprit responsible for the near-accident. It doesn’t matter to Jia Le now on who should be the hero.

Introduction on characters

1. Lu Ying Feng – Zhou Yu Min
Can you believe that he has a dark past? He is loyal to his boss but still stick to his beliefs. Chewing on the lollipop makes him childish at times, though. It is a breakthrough for Yu Min as he is often cast as a weak role in the past.

2. Wan Bao Long – Zhu Xiao Tian
Bao Long works in Le Sheng technology company and is a computer expert. He has low self-esteem as he is plump in the past. No one will suspect him unless he laughs to snort like a pig to expose his past. All will be touched on what he has done for Jia Le. Xiao Tian’s acting has improved but I get bored by his hair length. It looks like he isn’t acting at all.

3. Zhao Jia Le – Xu Ruo Xuan

The first day she turns up for work, she wears in pink. This is bad enough. Later, she decorates her table with a pink lacey tablecloth, pink cups and pink stationary. She even gets a pink lamp. She colours her nails and screams when she breaks one accidentally. The producer has overdone it – I have never disliked pink and I never know that it can become an awful colour in his hands. The way that she pesters Ying Feng is not having perseverance but this is harassment.

The Barbie doll look is an exact Oriental version of ‘Legally Blonde’. We know that Ruo Xuan is 28 when filming this serial. Playing an innocent (or gullible) and young girl is a job too tedious and tough for her. The fact I know she is older than Yu Min and Xiao Tian doesn’t help to make things work. I feel so sorry to see her trying so hard in vain trying to act lively. It doesn’t suit her at all.

4. Wan Bao Zhu – Jin Xiu for the singer group ‘Jin Xiu double’
She is a talkative person but she cares for her friends. She is quite fine in her debut attempt.

5. Ma Jing Jing – Xu Wei Lun
She is willful but she always gets her ways as Ying Feng and Li give in to her. When she discovers that her brother doesn’t love her, she gets enraged. I feel very sorry that her life ended so fast in real life as she proves that she can act fairly well.

6. Mei Yun – Jin Yan Ling
She is quite competent as the senior among all. She owns a bar and is very independent on her own. She is actually Bao Long’s mother but tries to hide his parentage from him. The young often go to her for advice. This veteran actress acts more in Hong Kong dramas now which I find it more suitable for her.

7. Tang Ken – Chun Pui
He is a great cook and has been in love with Mei Yun for a long time. He takes care of the Wan siblings like his own children. He is secretly in love with Mei Yun but has no courage to admit it. As usual, he delivers an unforgettable performance. It is very rare to listen to him speaking in Mandarin. His fluent Mandarin will surely put many to shame.

8. Ye Heng – Qian Wei Shan
She is Ying Feng’s life savour and stays in his heart for a long time.

9. Uncle – singer Wu Si Kai
The singer at the bar. I still don’t know why they call him uncle as he is so young!

10. Uncle Ma
He is a ganglord and isn’t afraid of admitting it. However, he tries to get into legal business for the sake of his daughter. Little does he expect her to behave more like a gangster than him.

11. Ma Li
She is Jia Le’s close friend. Very easily deceived.

12. Ai Lun
She is also Jia Le’s close friend. Another brainless woman.

Favourite character
Ken, he is very self-sacrificing. He considers everyone above himself.

Most hated character
Jia Le, trying to act cute or innocent to always land herself in trouble.

Interesting facts

Ruo Xuan found the most unbearable thing is to wear high heel shoes as she is used to wear sneakers and jeans most of the time. For Xiao Tian, the most unforgettable thing was to pretend to be a fatty. The costume takes him 2 hours to remove it. He was badtempered because of the heat but Xiao Xuan always succeeds to cheer him up.

Yu Min found the kissing scene in the rain most unforgettable. In the beginning episodes, he only kissed Xiao Xuan lightly. But this scene caused him to mix the saliva with the rain. The producer even joked that Zai Zai was too rough with women.

There was the sewing scene where she accidentally stepped on a needle. The needle pierced her foot through the shoe sole. The others didn’t dare to remove it for her. Only Yu Min did it for her. He wasn’t surprised at all and she found him mature.

Compere Tai Jing Ying visited Yu Min on the set and commented that he was darker now. He replied that that was because he was acting as a guy from the underworld.

Zai Zai loved cars and when Cai Zhi Ping gave him a BMW car model on his birthday, he was greedy to say that he wished for a moveable one. He often mentioned cars to Ruo Xuan. When she asked him whether the wife or the car was more important, he replied the former. We can change cars but wecan’t change wives easily.

Yu Min ate lollipops when it was not his turn to film and the crew wanted him to use one hand to hold the mirror. He complained that it was hard work.

Jin Yan Ling acted as the bar owner and there was a scene where she had to be drunk. Zai Zai was supposed to hold her. But his response was so slow that she fell on the ground. The next n.g. he was too fast and stepped on her foot. She acted as if nothing had happened although she was in pain. She only burst to tears after the scene was taken.

It was rumoured that both men were interested in Xiao Xuan. Do you think so even though both denied?

It is a tremendous torture for me to see everything in pink. The story is totally ridiculous and childish. No wonder F2 can’t save this drama with their presence. The main focus is Xu but she makes Jia Le to be a total nutcase. Even a sixteen year old will not behave like her.

What pushes me to carry on watching is because of people who rarely act. They rope in singers to act but yet they did a marvelous job! Who will expect Guang Liang to be a single father here? Wu Si Kai and Jin Xiu to act too? They prove to be the saving elements of the drama.

Jin Yan Ling and Chun Pui turn in the finest performance. Although their scenes are limited, they glow in the drama. The young have a lot to learn from them. It is rare to watch them in a Taiwanese drama so do catch it if you have the chance. This drama is also strictly for F2 fans.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5) (for the sake of the special guest stars.)

On story : ** (Scale of 5)

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