Love on the Aegean Sea

Reviewed by: mermaidmelody33

January 21, 2005

Rating: three-point-five

How Long:
40 episodes

Alec Su - Lu En Qi
Peter Ho - Li Yao Xiang
Chae Rim - Guan Xiao Tong

(Warning!! Spoilers!!)

Love on the Aegean Sea begins with a girl named Xiao Tong (Chae Rim) who is going to Greece for vacation. Instead of going with her cousin, Xiao Tong ends up going with a drunk stranger named Li Yao Xiang (Peter Ho). And when they arrive in Greece, they accidentally split up. Yao Xiang then meets a girl named Yi Qian who helps him to get to his hotel. And Xiao Tong accidentally meets a young man named Lu En Qi (Alec Su) and he gives her a present before he left, which is a bracelet called Plato's Eternity.

The day after, Yao Xiang and Xiao Tong get in a fight because Yao Xiang lost her bracelet and she decides to return home. But she meets Lu En Qi again and together they decide to set for the Aegean Sea. On their way, En Qi plays sad music on the piano. Xiao Tong feels pity for him and asks if he was lonely. En Qi doesn't answer her, so Xiao Tong plays the piano with him. And on their trip to Aegean Sea, both Xiao Tong and En Qi develop feelings toward each other.

En Qi returns home the next day, leaving Xiao Tong in the island with some money to get back. Knowing that she has lost her passport, Xiao Tong heads back to her hotel. Xiao Tong then decides to stay since Yao Xiang has found her necklace. En Qi goes to see Xiao Tong at night but is told that she is asleep, so he leaves a message for her to meet him the next day. Xiao Tong is very happy but disappointed when En Qi doesn't show up, and she ends up crying on Yao Xiang's shoulder. The truth is, En Qi did show up but Xiao Tong didn't see him and he had to go due to his family problems.

Disappointed, Xiao Tong and Yao Xiang leave as well, but the three meet again in Shanghai. And Xiao Tong and En Qi begin to date each other. Yao Xiang, on the other hand, feels sad and left out because he likes her as well. And unknowingly, Yao Xiang works for En Qi, not knowing that he is Xiao Tong's boyfriend. En Qi even teaches Yao Xiang to get Xiao Tong on a date (though he doesn't know that Yao Xiang likes Xiao Tong). But then En Qi later figures out that Xiao Tong is Yao Xiang's dream girl. After the truth is revealed, Yao Xiang lies to En Qi that he doesn't like Xiao Tong in order for them to be together.

But it's really hard for En Qi and Xiao Tong to be together because of En Qi's mother and his future fianc? Yi Qian. En Qi's mother dislikes Xiao Tong because she's not rich enough to marry En Qi and because of her cousin's affair with En Qi's father. So she tries every way that she knows to separate them. For instant, she embarrasses Xiao Tong in front of her teachers and she even kidnaps her and almost kills her if it weren't for En Qi and Yao Xiang. Still Xiao Tong doesn't give up, thanks to her faithful friends, Wei Wei and Xiao San. And after En Qi's father, Liang Ping, leaves with Xiao Tong's cousin, En Qi's mother tries to get En Qi back by faking a suicide. En Qi loses, he breaks Xiao Tong's heart and goes back to Canada.

Five years later, Xiao Tong has become a bright pianist. Yao Xiang has also found a new job delivering flowers. En Qi has become more successful in Canada and now he is engaged to Yi Qian. But because of some problems, En Qi and his mother, along with Yi Qian return to Shanghai. Yi Qian hires a pianist to play in the party that she has set up. And En Qi is surprised when he sees his ex-girlfriend playing their song on stage. Yao Xiang is there as well, he is on the middle of his job delivering flowers but is really surprised to see En Qi. After Xiao Tong finishes her song, she is greeted by Yi Qian. Yi Qian doesn't know anything about them so she introduces her fianc?o Xiao Tong. And Xiao Tong lies that she has been going out with Yao Xiang and they leave.

But thanks to Yi Qian, Xiao Tong and En Qi always see each other. Yao Xiang also wins the photography contest and his friend wants to throw in a party for him. So they rent a house where Xiao Tong used to live for a few weeks and Yi Qian and En Qi are invited as well, without Xiao Tong and Yao Xiang knowing. Feeling sad seeing her love with another woman, Xiao Tong is sad and she almost drowns in a river nearby. En Qi rushes to the river and jumps into the water to save Xiao Tong. Yi Qian is shocked, especially when En Qi tells Xiao Tong that he will never leaves her again. Finally, Xiao Tong wakes up and without any explanation En Qi carries Xiao Tong away, leaving Yi Qian dumbstruck.

After the accident, En Qi has a big fight with his mom and he moves in with Xiao Tong. Yi Qian is very mad and she becomes a very evil woman. But En Qi's mother does not give up. She ridicules Xiao Tong even more, causing her to lose her work partner. Xiao Tong's big concert is ruined as well and En Qi is not there to help her since he is dealing with Yi Qian. Finally, Xiao Tong quits her job as a pianist. She locks herself up and that upsets En Qi. Listening to Wei Wei's idea, En Qi cuts out thousands of hearts for people to sign them. He did it secretly to surprise Xiao Tong, but Xiao Tong figures out after Wei Wei told her. Xiao Tong is touched and she gets back with En Qi again.

After Yi Qian's condition worsens, En Qi's mother gave up. She finally accepts Xiao Tong and advises them to leave Shanghai for the moment. They go to Greece and En Qi proposes to Xiao Tong there. But Xiao Tong doesn't want to be married yet; she discovers that Yao Xiang has sold his necklace to buy her a new bracelet. And he's on emergency so Xiao Tong wants him to get better before she is married and they return to Shanghai. Back in Shanghai, En Qi discovers that Yi Qian has entered the mental hospital and Xiao Tong spends her time talking with Yao Xiang. Somehow, Yi Qian manages to escapes and she stabs En Qi at his house. Xiao Tong doesn't really know until En Qi mother tells her. En Qi also donates his heart for Yao Xiang. Xiao Tong then hugs Yao Xiang because she wants to listen to En Qi's heartbeat. Yao Xiang also tells Xiao Tong that he'll take care of her from now on. But they don't end up together because Xiao Tong still loves her En Qi and years later she returns to see the Aegean Sea to finish En Qi's and her dream.

1. Lu En Qi - Alec Su
En Qi is the only son in the Lu's family. Therefore, his mother puts a lot of hope and effort in him. And he doesn't really have any freedom to choose what he wants. After he goes with Xiao Tong to see the Aegean Sea, En Qi falls in love with her. So he leaves a message for Xiao Tong to meet. But he has to return to Canada due to family problems. En Qi is still determined to see Xiao Tong the next day but he can't find her. He returns to Canada, leaving Xiao Tong crying on Yao Xiang's shoulder. Not long after, En Qi and his mother return to Shanghai to visit his father. He meets Xiao Tong again and this time they date each other.

He gladly accepts Yao Xiang as his driver and even teaches him how to get his crush, which is Xiao Tong. En Qi is also stuck between his parents, who are divorcing because of his father's affair with Xiao Tong's cousin. Because of that, his mother needs En Qi more, pressuring him to dump Xiao Tong. At last, En Qi gives up Xiao Tong when his mom fakes a suicide. He breaks Xiao Tong's heart using sharp words. And he leaves Shanghai for Canada.

Five years later, he meets Xiao Tong again. This time he thinks that she is going out with Yao Xiang. But after her accident, he decides to stay by Xiao Tong's side, supporting her. Until the moment he dies, he still thinks about her.

Alec Su had a perfect role as Lu En Qi. He had this sad look in his face most of the time because of his mother (who is really his foster mother). I think Alec looked great in this series than all of his other series that I've watched like: Princess Returning Pearl I & II, Romance in the Rain, Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, etc. He looked much cooler and cuter with his new hairdo and outfit. He looked great most of the time before Peter Ho stepped in. (No offense to Alec's fans). But I think he looked kind of short and fat when he stood beside Peter, who is tall and skinny. Alec was also good at the crying scenes, where he looked so depressed. Overall Alec is one of the factors that make this series worth watching.

2. Li Yao Xiang - Peter Ho
Li Yao Xiang and Xiao Tong go to Greece together but they fight a lot. First Yao Xiang loses Xiao Tong's bracelet and then he sells his precious necklace given to him by his late mother to buy a new bracelet for Xiao Tong. Yao Xiang is always there for Xiao Tong, but Xiao Tong never realizes how many things Yao Xiang has done for her. Yao Xiang isn't rich as En Qi, he is really poor. He lives with his father and foster brother, Xiao San, since Yao Xiang's mom died from a heart disease. Yao Xiang tries to change himself ever since they returned to Shanghai. He gladly accepts becoming En Qi's driver when Xiao Tong introduces the job to him. Knowing that En Qi is Xiao Tong's boyfriend, he decides to give her up.

Five years after En Qi has left, he still stays by Xiao Tong's side. He always pretends he is Xiao Tong's boyfriend to chase away guys that Xiao Tong has to date. And one time he gets beaten up real bad and Xiao Tong thought he fought again. If it weren't for Xiao San explaining, Xiao Tong won't understand what kind of trouble she has gotten for Yao Xiang. He never really wished to become a couple with her; he just wants to stay by her side protecting her. Too bad that even after En Qi dies, he still doesn't have a chance with her. But his dream of becoming a photographer does come true.

Personally speaking, I liked Peter's role more than Alec's. He was really kinder and more caring for Xiao Tong more than En Qi could be. The problem was that he never really had a chance to become a couple with her. Maybe I pitied Alec a bit, but I think that Xiao Tong should go with Peter. The character that Peter portrayed was kind of sad. He couldn't be with Xiao Tong even after En Qi died. And his father died because he tried to get money for Yao Xiang's photography studies. He even had heart disease and almost died if it weren't for En Qi's heart. Overall I think that the series wouldn't have gone so well if it weren't for Peter.

3. Guan Xiao Tong - Chae Rim
Xiao Tong is a girl who stole both En Qi's and Yao Xiang's heart. But after a lot of fights with Yao Xiang, En Qi impresses her. Good for her since En Qi returns her love. But afterwards, there are a lot of troubles waiting for her and En Qi. First is En Qi's mother then En Qi's fianc? Her relationship with En Qi becomes more difficult since Xiao Tong's cousin has a secret affair with En Qi's father. And they are selfish enough to run off together, leaving troubles for both En Qi and Xiao Tong. Xio Tong is also kidnapped once by En Qi's mother and would have died if it weren't for En Qi. Not long after, En Qi break her heart and leaves for Canada.

Five years later, Xiao Tong becomes a successful pianist and meets En Qi again with Yi Qian. She tries her best to hide the truth from Yi Qian until the day she almost drowns in a river to get her bracelet. En Qi then decides to stay by her side and they live together in her apartment. But there are more challenges ahead of her. En Qi's mother spreads rumors that she stole someone's fianc?She loses her work partner and the big concert is ruined. She totally loses hope and gives up the piano until En Qi does something stupid to make her happy. Even after En Qi's mother approves of the relationship, the happy ending for the couple never arrives because En Qi dies by Yi Qian's hand. And Xiao Tong decides not to stay by Yao Xiang's side, meaning that she'll be alone for the rest of her life having En Qi in her mind.

Chae Rim was okay. as Guan Xiao Tong. I didn't really like her role that much because she cried way too much and she never seemed to appreciate Yao Xiang. And I really disliked her hairstyle and outfit at first, thought it got better after the "five years". The truth is (no offense to Chae's fans) I don't think that she's pretty at all, except for her eyes, since they look kind of watery and brown. So how come En Qi and Yao Xiang fell for her? I don't think that Xiao Tong had a great personality as well since she cried most of the time or yelling at Yao Xiang. But I do think that she looked funny in the first part when she first arrived in Greece. They were on the bus and Yao Xiang was yelling "I love you" at a blonde girl who waved at him. Chae then showed this funny look and thought that he was embarrassing but then when they saw a white building, Chae screamed like crazy as well and Yao Xiang shook his head. It was so funny.

4. Yi Qian
Yi Qian is En Qi's fianc? She loves him very much, so that's why she always asks Yao Xiang questions concerning En Qi's ex-girlfriend, who later that she discovers is Xiao Tong. After En Qi dumps her, she practically goes berserk, becoming even more evil than En Qi's mother. Showing signs of mental problems, her father puts her in a mental hospital. But she outsmarts a nurse, escapes and kills En Qi. When the police question her, she tells them the stories of Plato.

This actress was cheerful in the beginning but turned into a psycho in the end. She didn't really show her emotions for En Qi at first and was shock to find out that he didn't love her. But they got back together thanks to En Qi's mom and they all returned to Canada. During the five-year period, En Qi was nicer to her and she finally accepted the engagement. I think that Yi Qian looked way better than Xiao Tong, especially on her engagement day. So how come En Qi thought of her as a sister? This actress looked great in all of her outfits and hairdo and I like her way better than Chae since I've seen her before in Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, another series starring her and Alec. Why couldn't En Qi stay with her and Yao Xiang stay with Xiao Tong? If they did, then this series wouldn't end tragically. And she was smart enough to escape from the mental hospital. I guess I would have liked her more if she hadn't killed En Qi.

5. Xiao San
Xiao San is Yao Xiang's foster brother, since Yao Xiang's parents adopted him. He always helps Yao Xiang and his dad when they are in trouble. He even willingly lets the two to live in his house (not exactly a house). Xiao San likes Xiao Tong's friend Wei-Wei, but I never see the two in any romantic scene. Xiao San really cares for Yao Xiang and his foster father very much and this can be seen when Yao Xiang's father passes away. He dislikes Xiao Tong because he thinks that she is nothing but trouble to Yao Xiang. Xiao San is also the comedian in the series. There are a lot of scene with him and Yao Xiang's father where he does funny stuff.

I don't know who this actor is since it's my first time seeing him. Anyway, I think he really looked funny most of the time wearing his hat. And I couldn't believe that he liked Wei-Wei, who was much taller than him. What happened if they end up together?? I think that if it weren't for Xiao San, Aegean Sea would be a boring series.

The Ending:
(Major Spoilers!!)

Okay, from my spoiler above anyone should've known that Yi Qian killed En Qi. And in this section I'll go into major detail.

It was after they returned from Greece to see Yao Xiang. En Qi left the hospital and Xiao Tong formed a shape of heart in the hospital's window and then called En Qi. En Qi then told Xiao Tong that he couldn't form a heart anywhere so he owed her, then took off to his home. Yi Qian was waiting for him and stabbed him in his stomach. In Xiao Tong's scene, En Qi came in and hugged her. He then made a heart shape in her hand and Xiao Tong fell asleep in his embrace. En Qi looked so sad since he was already dead; I assumed that it was his spirit who visited her. Xiao Tong woke up the next morning and was surprised to find herself in her bed. And then she asked where En Qi was and En Qi's father took her to his home. There Xiao Tong found En Qi's mother on the couch crying, and she told Xiao Tong that En Qi had died. Xiao Tong ran to his room where she found a lot of heart-shaped papers glued together. A scene then replayed itself when En Qi was in the ambulance. He was holding his mother's arm and sadly told her that he owed Xiao Tong a heart and then he passed away with tears rolling down from his eyes. Xiao Tong then visited Yao Xiang. En Qi had donated his heart to Yao Xiang. And then she hugged him. En Qi then appeared in Yao Xiang's place, telling Xiao Tong that he didn't leave her since his heart was still beating. He then asked Xiao Tong to let Yao Xiang taking care of her instead of him. Yao Xiang also asked the same question. Years later, Yao Xiang was a photographer now and he was taking pictures of the Aegean Sea. From afar he saw a woman alone staring at the Aegean Sea. But he didn't know that the woman was Xiao Tong. She then headed to a little chapel where she asked for En Qi's forgiveness. Xiao Tong didn't want to have Yao Xiang taking care of her since she always loved En Qi. En Qi's spirit then appeared, though Xiao Tong couldn't see him. And she asked him if he wanted to marry her and En Qi's spirit nodded. Xiao Tong then took the bracelet and put it around her hand with En Qi's help and that's how Aegean Sea ended.

Favorite Scenes:

1. Yao Xiang and Xiao Tong's trip to Greece. Yao Xiang was drunk in the plane, and everyone else protested.
2. Yao Xiang who ran away when he saw police. That's how he first met Yi Qian.
3. The first time En Qi and Xiao Tong met in the middle of the road.
4. Yao Xiang lost Xiao Tong's bracelet and Xiao Tong was so mad that she planned to leave. Yao Xiang then told the housekeeper/owner that Xiao Tong would be back since she forgot her passport.
5. Xiao Tong and En Qi's trip to see the Aegean Sea. They almost kissed too when the lights went out.
6. When Xiao Tong and Yao Xiang returned to Shanghai, this time it was Xiao Tong's turn to be drunk.
7. En Qi and Xiao Tong met again in Shanghai. They were standing at the same spot admiring a picture and then went in opposite directions. En Qi then look back and called Xiao Tong's name. Xiao Tong then asked him questions and after he answered them, Xiao Tong went away. En Qi chased her and they hugged.
8. Xiao Tong and En Qi sneaked to Xiao Tong's school to play the piano together.
9. Yao Xiang wore Xiao San's girls-wooing-clothes to see Xiao Tong. He was then mistaken by Wei-Wei to be a pervert, who was really Xiao San.
10. En Qi giving advice to Yao Xiang to woo a girl of his dreams. It was funny to see how En Qi advised his rival to woo his own girlfriend, even though he didn't really know that it was Xiao Tong.
11. Whenever En Qi wanted to introduce Xiao Tong to Yao Xiang, there were always obstacles and the two never met.
12. Yi Qian, En Qi, Xiao Tong, Yao Xiang, and the others went to celebrate Yao Xiang's victory. Both Xiao Tong and Yao Xiang didn't know, along with En Qi. Wei-Wei said that it was kind of scary how the four met again.
13. The time when Xiao Tong almost drowned in the river and En Qi saved her.
14. The days where Xiao Tong and En Qi lived together. Both of them cooked together, making heart shapes for each other; they looked so sweet like a pair of newlyweds.
15. En Qi having people sign his heart-shaped papers for Xiao Tong. He kept it a secret until Wei-Wei told Xiao Tong and she went there to see him. Xiao Tong called En Qi from afar and asked where he was, En Qi then told a lie. And Xiao Tong yelled out, "En Qi, you big dummy!" En Qi then asked, "Why did you yell at me for no reason?" He looked back to see Xiao Tong and they ran toward each other and hugged.

I think that Love of the Aegean Sea is all right for a modern time series. It manages to create a fantasy such as how En Qi appears as a spirit, and Xiao Tong's dream of being rescued by her prince. This series is supposed to be very sad, though I didn't think that it's that sad. And I think that the ending doesn't provide much information on the other characters. So does Yao Xiang go with anyone? Does Wei Wei end up with Xiao San? And what happens to En Qi's family? Especially what happens to Yi Qian? Will she stay in the mental hospital or be arrested, persecuted or enter the prison? The ending doesn't really provide any answer on these questions.

Overall, I think that this series worth your time. The only reason for me to watch this series is because it's popular, the main cast is Alec and Peter whom I'm familiar with, and the DVD box set is very beautiful. But if anyone really wants a very touching series that could make you cry, this series is not. It is mostly about a couple who have to go through a lot of things to be together. It is kind of sad that the two still can't be together at the end after all the hardship that they go through. The only scene that I think is touching is when Yao Xiang's father dies. I don't know why but I felt sorry for the old guy, he died trying to support Yao Xiang. It is very touching to see Xiao San and Yao Xiang looking so sad. Other than that, don't expect any touching scene otherwise you'll be very disappointed.

P.S.: Please don't e-mail me for any info on how to get this series, etc.

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